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'A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands'

By Franchezzo (Farnese)

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A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands

"Everyone may receive the things done in the body,
according to that which he has done, whether it be good or bad."
2 Cor.5:10

Please note that this book is recommended here
only with the provisos further down in this review.

“A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands” is a book delivered through Spirit Communication, that has the ability to encourage the recognition of the intrinsic truth of perfect Divine Law in the heart and mind of any sensitive being – it talks to the soul.

This book demonstrates not only the reality of life after death but also the existence of a part of the Spiritual World that has, within its composition, the precise and inescapable operation of the Law of Retribution; this is combined with the Law of Redemption through Expiation, which begins, in the worst cases, only once pity and mercy have made a showing through retribution.

This book shows plainly and simply how God's Love has accounted for all things, especially how the freedom to choose - freewill - is never interfered with; thus making the hideous horrors of the hells created by the evil in man (note: his own doing) a necessary mercy for those who delight in cruelty - for redemption could come in any no other way.

This is another script given to humanity by a spirit who has been through a painful period of retributive purification, yet being personalised because the characters of both spirit and amanuensis, of necessity, play a part in the manifestation of the message. This said, the underlying all-important message - that all selfish thoughts and actions are accountable.

Four Provisos Whilst
Recommending This Book

Concerning the depth of spiritual knowledge possessed in “A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands” (or by transmitting spirits for that matter), the following should always be borne in mind:

It should be remembered that many redemptive scripts are transmitted by relative newcomers (so to speak) to the Spiritual World, in relation to those emancipated spirits who passed from Earth directly into purer spiritual spheres, who perhaps return with Divine missions to humanity accordingly.

The message of the spirit who was once the man Franchezzo, should be received with the deepest gratitude by all who read it. Yet, it should also be remembered that although a spirit has wandered through parts of the Spiritual World, it does not make that spirit omniscient – far from it. Rather, as the spirit-author's discourse displays, there is a never-ending path of spiritual growth and knowledge.

Because of the language skills and confident knowledge passed over by transmitting spirits, it might be easy to assume that there can be no "inerrancy" in what is given. However, this is far from the case, and one must review any manifested spirit communication with both "spiritual discernment" and "the discerning of spirits" (which are different spiritual abilities).

(i) The book states that there are two different schools of theoretical thought regarding soul-evolution. It is said that one school of thought teaches that there is usually only progression through the spheres, either lower or higher, and no reincarnation. The other school of thought proclaims a mixture of the former which includes reincarnation back into the earth world.

The Greater World philosophy explains in quite a thorough manner that the soul has never been in a body on this planet earth before, but it is also explained that there needs to be different approaches or teachings to spiritual development because there are so many different characters in existence, and one teaching would not be suitable for all of these characters. Further investigation concerning this may be found in the following avenues of thought…

"Why Different Teachings Come From The Spirit World"

"Explaining That Humanity Is Not Subject To Ever-Recurring-Earthly-Reincarnation

It should be noted that in all of the recorded wanderings of the spirit-author, neither he nor his (Eastern) teacher, ever claim to have witnessed or known a spirit to have been reincarnated back into the earth life – it remained a theory in the discourse. This should be held in the mind while reading about the clear reality of the spirit-author’s experiences themselves. Furthermore, as freewill is never interfered with, a spirit sets its own course, some being more circuitous than others. Thus a spirit can develop for a long "time" and yet not be inclined towards other truths to which other spirits may be inclined.

NB: Regarding ever-recurring-earthly-reincarnation: The freewill is sacred and is never interfered with. Spiritual teachers who help to raise others from baser material thought to higher spiritual aspiration and attainment, continue to believe what is firmly habituated in the mind when they pass over. They find themselves with many others who also have similar habits of the mind. Then, perhaps even after centuries (as it were) in the Spiritual World, having made contact with mediums on Earth, their beliefs are still passed on to those in the flesh - hence a self-perpetuating spiritual teaching beneficial to the soul, even if not strictly accurate. This is a generalisation and should be treated as such, yet grasping the underlying truth may help answer other questions, such as those regarding the course taken (after physical death) by millions from a variety of religions. The Spiritual World is enormous; and there is Eternity in front. Christ's patience is beyond understanding ("In my Father's House there are many mansions").

(ii) Another point which may be of interest to some, is that there are references to "physical materialisations", and a declared interest is such by the spirit-author. It should be noted that the Greater World philosophy asks us not to encourage spirits to perform physical materialisations because to highly developed spirits this is likened to spirits covering themselves in filthy dirt. We are told that all such privileges will have to be accounted for, and that it is a thousand times better to continue in faith in the love of God rather than faith in "seeing" a physical materialisation.

Witnessing such a physical materialisation does not mean a soul is closer to their God in any way, not at all. A great danger lies in desire resting in the astonishment of the phsyical mind of "physical" marvels - and naming it truth; yet Truth for Truth's sake is never sought. (Also see "Spirit Teachings" ).

If we were to sit together with enough faith, we could see our loved ones in spirit form without physical materialisations. As Christ informed us: "Blessed is he who has seen and has believed. But more blessed is he who has not seen and yet has believed". Faith is the miraculous power that we are here on Earth to develop for the sake of the Hereafter.

(iii) Another point to consider is this: It is insinuated in the text that the guide of the spirit-author created a test for the author by manipulating the environment and adding a burden for the author to carry with his already heavy burden. It should be no surprise that a spirit can manipulate the spiritual environment; this book shows that even powerfully-willed debased spirits in the hells can manipulate their environments to affect the senses of other spirits.

However, it should be clearly established that a highly developed guide would never add to the burden of their charge even if it were to benefit him. A spirit from the "outer spheres of Earth's own solar system" (an analogy used for the guide in the book) might presume to create a test for their charge, but a spirit from more rarified spiritual spheres (using the analogy given, this would be the stars) would never deceive their charge. The more developed guides already know that the laws of God are in place for such an undertaking, and would, where possible, take on the burden with their charge rather than create one. The tests are already there - God's laws are perfect.

This is a good example of how the freewill is never interfered with and how it is allowed to run its own course. It is also very instructive once again as to the enormity of the Spiritual World and how it encompasses all courses taken by free-willed beings with the until mate goal of spiritual purity.

(iv) It is stated in the book that guiding spirits choose the experiences that an individual soul will undergo. However, in Greater World philosophy, this is not the case. The spirit within the individual soul is Divine and pure, having come from God who is Spirit, and having been given individuality. It is this spirit which chooses its own experiences, and other spirits do not choose experiences for the spirit. An individual spirit will work with God and other spiritual beings but ultimately it chooses its own experiences. The soul (and soul-body) carries the pure and unchanging spirit within. The soul undergoes purification according to the choices of the spirit within, and none other.

In summary then, this book is recommended only after establishing the following provisos:

(i) The need for careful discerning of "re-incarnating" theories and why some spirits are drawn to such theories;
(ii) Highly developed Spirit Messengers urge sitters not to encourage spirits to manifest using "physical mediumship";
(iii) Highly developed guides never add to the burden of their charge by setting the tests themselves;
(iv) The (Divine) spirit within the individual soul chooses its own experiences and other spirits do not choose them for the soul.

This book is reviewed here because:

Firstly, knowing that varying degrees of information and teaching come from the Spiritual World, depending on the understanding of the transmitter, is in itself educational to the seeker of truth;

Secondly, it is a real set of experiences of inestimable value to mankind because of the severest warnings concerning inescapable retribution for unrepentant selfishness and a definite accountable existence after the end of earthly physical life. Humanity deserves to know, and we thank those involved for their great efforts in bringing us this script.

Tony Bisson.

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