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This order of Service is intended to assist those who are undertaking the work of Spiritual Healing. The object has been to provide a substantial and helpful guidance in the work, based on the revelation of Christ's Healing Ministry as given in the Gospels. It is not intended to be more than guidance; and it must be left to each one to decide what part or parts of this Service can most usefully be adopted.


All healing is from God. It is not the means that are used which heal us. It is God Who heals us through the means; and God is ever opening up fresh ways of giving us greater spiritual freedom and health. The Healing Mission of Jesus, which is the one with which we are principally concerned, was based not on natural remedies but upon the direct and immediate operation of the Power of God. It is this same Divine Power which we are urged to accept and to use for our well-being and the well-being of others. It does not mean that we ignore other means of help and healing. Medicines and the skill of the doctors and surgeons are of great value in our present experience and growth, and we gratefully avail ourselves of them in times of need. Our Lord, however, neither used not despised natural remedies for His healing. What He did was to focus our attention on the true Source for the only permanent healing, which is God. In the work of healing, the health of the soul is of primary importance. Healing which concerns the body alone cannot be permanently effective. The life within the body is spiritual, not physical, and the virtues of healing and wisdom and perfectness are attributes of God and of the Spirit within. It is the soul that needs first to be cleansed of its sins and sicknesses and spiritual darkness. The Will of God is not sickness or disease or infirmity, but health and wholeness.

Behind the healing ministry of Jesus were the forces of the Kingdom of God; but it was the purity of the spiritual life of Jesus which kept wide open the channels for the manifestation of the Divine Power. God has not changed. The same power that Christ used is available to us if we will have it, and it is the Healing of Christ that we are called upon to seek and to pass on to others. Christ's work was that of a Teacher and a Healer. The Gospels tell us that: "Jesus went about…preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing all manner of disease among the people."

There was no sickness or disease or infirmity that Jesus did not heal. The ears of the deaf were unstopped, the eyes of the blind were opened, the lame walked, the lepers were cleansed and the unclean spirits were cast out. Christ healed them all. When Christ laid His hands upon the sick and they recovered, it was not the physical contact of His hands that healed them, but the power of the Spirit that went forth, of which the laying on of hands was a means and symbol. There are instances of healing in the Gospels where our Lord did not come face to face with the sick. His word was sufficient. The "prayer of faith" is the essential and indispensable requisite, and may or may not be attended by the laying on of hands, or other sacramental act.

In Spirit we can bring the sick to Christ today, and Christ lays His hands upon them as He did when on Earth; and the Divine Life which healed of old is able to touch and to heal them now. With Christ in our lives we live in the clear Light and Life of our Heavenly Father.

With Spiritual Healing we are concerned with the prayer life of the soul. Through effective prayer we can draw near to God and be refreshed and strengthened and healed by Him. God is able through the working of His Grace and Power to accomplish in us the conquest and dethronement of sin and disease. Even where bodily healing does not follow at once there is a quickening and a new spiritual strength and understanding which challenges the whole tone and outlook of our lives. As the soul is illumined and strengthened by the inflowing graces of God, so the Divine healing, cleansing life of the Spirit, takes possession of the outer temple of the physical body. All things are possible with God, and God alone is strong enough to keep us and to deliver us from the bondage which holds us fast. Let us believe Christ's Gospel of healing; and in God's tender Love for us, that would see in us, His children, all wholeness and purity and strength.


The place where we meet together to pray and to give thanks to God is holy ground. We meet in the Name and in the Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ to Whom we bring the sufferers. In faith we see our Lord and speak to Him. In faith we see the sufferers and pray for them. In faith they receive new life for their comfort and strengthening; and for their cleansing and healing.


It is only reasonable, that, if we wish to undertake the work of healing and prayers for the sick, we must first of all set to work to put our own spiritual house in order, by avoiding and overcoming habits of thought and conduct which are at variance with the Divine standard of life and service in the Gospels. Substances which influence the mind and body to become befouled must be strictly avoided.


Healing through prayer and the laying on of hands upon the sick for their recovery, is perhaps the most spiritual part of the healing work; since it is essentially an exercise of the prayer-life of the soul, and of faith in God. The prayer-service which precedes the healing is the necessary spiritual preparation; and the prayers used are for cleansing, and for God's Grace, and for our spiritual renewing. It is well, therefore, to begin the Service with a few minutes silence, and to enter into the Sanctuary of the Spirit, to receive the purifying Grace of God; and for the removing of any defilement which may hinder and obstruct the work of this sacred healing ministry.

Those who need healing will go up and kneel before the Altar or Holy Table. The Minister or Healer will lay his/her hands upon the head of each in turn, and will pray over them for their recovery. Such prayer may be a silent petition and be directed for such particular help as is needed. Some healers prefer not to refer specifically to the nature of complaints when administering healing, but others may find it helpful to do so. In this case a card may be used, filled in previously by the patient, giving very briefly the nature of the complaint, and the name of the person for whom the healing is required. The card will be handed to the healer at the time of healing.

This system is also useful for giving absent treatment where those who cannot attend may be represented by others. The card, giving the name of the sick person and the complaint will be suitably noted to this effect. If complaints are mentioned they should be circumscribed by using only such terms as "internal suffering", "nervous breakdown", "debility", "effects of operation", "fear", etc.


There are diversities of the healing work as with other gifts, and it is not possible or desirable to attempt to limit the healing treatment to any particular form. Every healer will have his/her own particular gift and inspiration, and will be guided to work accordingly. Some healers may prescribe natural remedies such as herbs, or even medicines. Many doctors, apart from their medical knowledge and skill, are natural healers, and they bring a healing atmosphere with them into the sick rooms. It is not the healing methods employed which matter so much as the spiritual urge and motive and the response to the Divine Will. There is nevertheless a grave responsibility to act worthily and purely in these things.

The Church or room should be clean, reasonably well lit and ventilated. Proper arrangements should be made to ensure that the healing work is carried out with all spiritual purpose and dignity. A bowl of water and a clean towel should be placed for the use of the healer, who should dip his/her hands in the water after each, or any special treatment, so that a clean fresh healing condition is brought to each patient. Where healing is given other than in a public place before an audience, a third person should be present.


It is not so much the words we use which are so important as the manner in which we pray. Prayer which comes from the heart expresses simplicity and reality. It cannot be hurried. It is something which must be felt to be effective. It is a matter for meditation and quietude rather than the mere utterance of words. In our prayers we need some periods of silence; and it is helpful if these silences and pauses are introduced between the prayers, and between the parts of the prayers; to allow for some time to be given for the thoughts being dwelt upon, rather than to run them on in an unbroken sequence.

The practise of the pauses and silences is very revealing in the spiritual conditions these help to create. In the silences, our thoughts go out for the cleansing and healing of the world, and for our own healing and strengthening.

Prayer is God's great gift to us. In prayer we commune with God and speak to Him. There is a time both for audible prayer and the silences in our worship.


**This Service for Divine or Spiritual Healing, which by its very nature is a sacred and very holy occasion, should be conducted with such order, dignity and reverence as befits the approach to receive the benefits of Divine Grace. Those entering the Church, centre or special place, should do so quietly. The rule of silence should be observed. Punctual attendance is desired to avoid disturbance, and those who can do so, should remain until the end of the Service.

(Appropriate: "At even ere the sun was set"; Psalm 23, 27, 77, 85, 103, 142, 146).



IN the Name of the Father, Who loves us and cares for us; in the Name of the Son, Jesus Christ our Saviour, Whose love redeems us; and of the Holy Spirit, the Indwelling Light, Who guides us, comforts us and strengthens us, we make our prayers; and we bring to Christ those who are known to us, because Christ is with those who gather together in His Name.

LET us humbly confess our sins before God our Heavenly Father; that His All-Pervading Love may enter into our hearts. Let us visualise and attune ourselves to God as Jesus revealed Him to us; the Almighty, All-Loving, Compassionate, Healing Father.


Let us pray that Christ may illumine our hearts with the Light of His Divine Love; for it is the Love of Christ that heals us, cleanses us and strengthens us.


Christ has said: "Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

We turn to Christ, and we bring the sufferers to Him.

BLESSED Lord, we bring to Thee for Thy healing and Thy merciful help the sick and suffering; the poor, the homeless and friendless; those who live in the shadows and in the darkness; those whose minds are sick and troubled; and those who are absent from us and need Thy Love, we bring them to Thee in Spirit and hold them before Thee. Thy Love never changes or fails us. Thy Touch heals every disease, every sickness and every infirmity. Lay Thy Hands upon us, gracious Lord, and heal our minds, our souls and bodies with Thy Divine Power. Comfort all the sick and the afflicted of Thy people, and to every soul in trouble, grant Thy healing and Thy peace. Amen.

Let us in silence remember those we know, who at this time are in trouble, sorrow, need, sickness or any other adversity. May our thoughts be as angel-messengers of the Father, to bring them the healing, comforting, refreshing Love of Christ.

**Here follows a moment or two's silence.

WE ask Thy blessing O Heavenly Father, for all who minister to the sick, in the hospitals and in the homes; for all doctors, healers and nurses, that they may be the instruments of Thy Healing Love. Grant to them all the graces and virtues which shall prosper their work of mercy. Amen.


OUR Father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we for-give those who trespass against us. When in temptation Thy love sustains us, and deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory; For ever and ever. Amen.


**A brief address based on Christ's healing work in the Gospels can now be given.



Let us now pray in silence for those who are absent, who have desired that we remember them in our petitions to Almighty God. Let us hold each one in thought for a moment as their names are mentioned, knowing that with God all things are possible; and that even as we pray the power goes forth to accomplish that which is the Father's Will.

**The names of the sick should be read slowly aloud. A slight pause should take place after each name is read out, and such remembered in the silence; in faith visualising the outpouring in mercy and love of the Holy Spirit of God, recharging them afresh with spiritual strength and power, and restoring them to perfect health of mind and body, to the glory and praise of God. When all the names are read out conclude with: "AMEN".



Thy touch has still its ancient power;
No word from Thee can fruitless fall;
Hear, in this solemn evening hour,
And in Thy mercy heal us all.

LORD Jesus, Divine Physician, Whose healing is the healing of Love; Who art ever breathing into us the Power and Love of Thy Holy Spirit; and ever-cleansing, strengthening, healing and guiding us. So cleanse us, that this day we may be a channel and a mirror of Thy Divine Life. Amen.

**Those requiring healing will go up and kneel before the Altar. If any are prevented through infirmity, the healer can go and minister to them where they are. As his/her hands are laid upon the heads of each one, he/she will quietly say or hold in thought these or other appropriate words:

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