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There is a phrase in the Lord's Prayer which sometimes is lightly passed over - "For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, for ever and ever.'' If we were suddenly asked to prepare ourselves to enter into the Presence of One Who is the Creator of all things, what would be our feelings? Would it not be with a deep sense of humility; would not our first desire be to offer Him thanks for all He has done for us?

To-day the world needs more than ever a practical approach to Religion and a practical answer to questions about the After-Life, as well as evidence of the power of the Spirit to work and transform human life. If this power was able to change history through a handful of earnest men and women working with their Lord and Master nearly 2,ooo years ago, we can be certain that, given the same degree of sacrifice, similar miracles of Divine grace are just as possible in these times.

In every approach to God, surely our desire is that the Divine Power may be so released on earth as to be able to overcome the materialism of this age.

The Forms of Service given in this book have been built up out of knowledge and experience of Spirit Communion. The Holy Spirit must find dedicated channels through which a living witness can be proclaimed of the realities of the Life to come. Only when it is realised that the servants of God, free from the flesh, can link up with us on earth, can our religious life take on that constructive aspect that God intends shall be made our own.

We must try to realise in our worship that between ourselves and God there is a vast unbroken chain of Ministering Spirits, which include Angels and "just men" made perfect, and in this way the Divine Law of Service is worked out.

It will be noted that an effort has been made to achieve simplicity in the construction of the Services, and to make them self-explanatory. The truths embodied will be found applicable to all members of the Christian Faith, and the book is offered for the use of Churches and Chapels and groups of people at home and abroad.

The Service for Animals is something new, and is the result of the wider vision which is being given to Mankind. Our responsibilities extend far beyond our own kind, and the full expression of love includes other forms of Creation.

In thus breaking new ground let us remember that these Services are but a contribution to a living and active Faith, and provision must always be allowed for each one to express his inspiration in his own way. But the written word is valuable as guidance and this Book is for the special use of those who feel they can be helped by it.

June, 1952.

Because of copyright issues, a portion of each Church Service has been removed.
However, it is possible to acquire a new Book of Services from:
Bookshop of the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association (G.W.C.S.A.)

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