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Received by J. B. Wheatley

Spiritual Realms

The following is part of a foreword by P.D. Rommaynne:

"...It may well be that a communication on this subject has been delayed until sufficient people on earth could accept it, and in order for it to reach others who will be engaged in the same work as Eustace. His experiences have, appropriately, been set down by a lawyer.

"Since much of the work carried out by these advanced beings is that of rescuing the least spiritually developed people in the grey zones and the dark ones (the modern version of Hell) we learn more of the nature of the people in those areas. As in the days of Vale Owen, powerful speakers still try to lead weaker ones further astray. The great strength and power possessed by the advanced beings is necessary to cope with the worst characters and we hear less of the grey zones where people from the third heaven worked. A point of interest is that these people are considered as dangerous, and anger has sometimes to be used. It requires great clarity of argument and a quick brain to outwit some of the leaders but, it is stressed, such people when by their own free will they have turned towards the light will become more useful than the indecisive and spineless folk. When whole hordes mass to attack, angels, who have even greater strength and power of light, have to intervene and ensure victory in an exhausting struggle.

"What is also stressed is the link between all regions; no one can work without divine aid in the dark regions, no one can work except in a group.

"The message is one of spiritual progress ever upwards; very slowly though it may be, and much personal effort is required. Christ has helped and continues to do so but since freewill cannot be overlooked personal effort cannot be dispensed with.

"The beauty of the country and the 'cities' in the Spiritual World is clearly presented. They, too, are individual in character, the city of wisdom, the city of beauty, the city of martyrs. Everyone is beautiful to behold and seems taller than those in the lower parts. They wear robes in pastel shades, bespangled with shining jewels. They enjoy art and music. Dolphins and horses are mentioned as pets, though they too must be helped to progress.

"These highly evolved people are never sentimental nor emotionally religious. They are poised, always courteous and grateful, always ready to listen to others and to say they have derived help from what has been said. They are always orientated towards others and their only desire is to serve. They (the men) may be governors of communities in other realms in order to aid their spiritual development. The women seem to deal more with individual cases or to work with groups in the Lower Realms.

"The message to the general reader is that we are free to choose our path in the next world once we are there, though we, inevitably and quite automatically, arrive first in the realm to which the vibrations of our spiritual body are attuned. We must accept the spiritual laws which are simplicity itself: one of the principle ones being that of cause and effect. Each of our deeds and words brings its own consequences. 'Do unto others -' 'Condemn not -' 'Give -', as Christ Himself stated in the simplest terms. Unfortunately mankind has not put them into practice even now but the message in this important communication is not one of discouragement but that in the end the Light will prevail over Darkness..."

PD Rommaynne.

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