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'The Ministry Of Angels'

By Mrs Joy Snell

Ministry of Angels

Mrs Snell writes with a simplicity and honesty that is undeniable to any discerning reader. Her autobiography deals specifically with her lifelong experiences of witnessing spiritual phenomena, including many transitions, and communication from the Life Beyond since early childhood.

Her life was devoted to nursing the terminally ill, and Mrs Snell's writings show that she is no stranger to hard work and dedication. Her gifts enabled her to provide enlightenment and comfort to many during her time, and this book has continued that ministry by bringing comfort to countless thousands since it was first published in April, 1918. Although this book can bring comfort to all who are broken hearted, it is particularly helpful for those who have had a young one depart for the Next World.

Clearly, as Mrs Snell had been told, her gifts were meant to be used to provide instruction and information about the great Unseen for mankind as a whole, and in the production of this book, that enlightenment has been provided for many future generations. Through the gifts of Mrs Snell, Divine Love offers this wonderful little book to those who 'mourn their dead' - to those who have hitherto been left in the shadows of melancholy and dejection without a clear explanation of the glorious destination and position of their dearly departed. For this book is truly charged with the power to raise the hearts and minds of those bogged down in the awful and, as this book shows, unnecessary, Slough of Despond.

Tony Bisson

The Following Is The Foreword To The Ministry Of Angels Given By The Rev. Arthur Chambers...

The Rev. Arthur Chambers

"Every believer in the statements of the Bible and in the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ is committed to an acknowledgement of the truth that there is a Ministry of Angels.

"Angelic interposition in the affairs of mankind, and, in particular, in the circumstances of Christ's life on earth, is so a part of the Christian religion as to be inseparable from it.

"But there are many Christians whose grasp of this inspiring truth is very indefinite. They believe - and would be very upset were anyone to hint that they do not believe - that Angels manifested at the Birth, Temptation, Transfiguration, Agony, and Resurrection of Jesus; that Moses and Elijah were seen and heard, on a mount of Galilee, long after they had passed into the Arisen Life; and that a 'fellow servant' of the aged St. John appeared from the Other-Life to him in his exile. (Rev.xxii, 8 and 9).

"But all this happened a long time ago; and so the professed belief in Angelic Ministration is viewed as having little or no practical value as far as the experiences of mankind living in the twentieth century are concerned.

"The average church-going, or chapel-going, Christian who sings:

'Angels of Jesus, Angels of Light, Singing to welcome the pilgrims of the night!'

looks very incredulously at anyone who testifies that he has seen a messenger from the World of Spirit.

"In regard to such, and to others whose ideas are dim and shadowy, this work will do much good, I think. It will set some thinking that there may be 'more things in heaven and earth than they had dreamed of in their philosophy'; that in respect to Spiritual Realities the words: 'As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be' have a greater signification than they had hitherto supposed, and that Angelic Ministry is no less a fact of present day experiences than it was in the time when Bible writers lived.

"I think no careful and open-minded reader will peruse this simple and impressively written narrative of personal experiences without obtaining a fuller idea of the love and concernfulness of the All-Father God for His creatures here on earth; an extended view of the possibilities of existence; and a comfort and inspiration, which arises from the knowledge - inborne upon us from so many sources - that as we pass through the educative and restrictive life of the Physical to the higher and fuller life of the Spiritual, we are not left unattended and unaided; that whether seen, or unseen, by us now, there are with us those Spiritual Ministers of God who 'do His pleasure".

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