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'The Life Beyond The Veil'

Received By The Rev. G. Vale Owen

The first four volumes are called:

"The Lowlands of Heaven"

"The Highlands of Heaven"

"The Ministry of Heaven"

"The Battalions of Heaven"

A fifth volume is called:

"The Outlands of Heaven" *

*(Combined continuous narrative of "The Children of Heaven" and "The Outlands of Heaven")

About the Scripts by the Rev. G. Vale Owen

The Rev. G. Eustace Owen writes about his father

An Appreciation By Lord Northcliffe

Introduction by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The following was written by the Rev. G. Vale Owen concerning the Scripts that he received from the Realms of Spirit which make up "The Life Beyond The Veil" series ...

The Rev. G. Vale Owen

"This Script - transmitted by automatic or, more correctly, by inspirational writing - falls into four distinct sections, all, however, forming one progressive whole. It was all, quite evidently, planned out in advance by those who had its transmission in hand.

"The link between mother and son was, no doubt, considered the most likely avenue through which to open up communication in the first instance. It was my mother, therefore, and a band of friends who transmitted to me the first part.

"The experiment proving successful, another teacher was introduced named Astriel, one of higher rank and of more philosophic mind and diction. The messages given by my mother's band and Astriel form the first book of the Script, the Lowlands of Heaven.

"Having passed this test I was handed over to Zabdiel, whose messages are on a higher level than the simple narrative of my mother. These form the Highlands of Heaven.

"The next phase was the Ministry of Heaven, given by one who called himself 'Leader', and his band. Subsequently he seems to have assumed, more or less, sole control of communication. Then he speaks of himself as 'Arnel'. Under this name his narrative, which forms the fourth book, The Battalions of Heaven, is the climax of the whole. His messages are of a more intense nature than any of the foregoing, which were evidently preparatory.

"It will be obvious that, in order to obtain the true perspective, the books should be read in the sequence given above. Otherwise some of the references in the later volumes to incidents narrated in the earlier may not be quite clear.

"As to the personages concerned in the transmission of the messages: my mother passed into the higher life in 1909, aged sixty-three. Astriel was the headmaster of a school in Warwick in mid-eighteenth century. Of Zabdiel's earth-life I know little or nothing certain. Arnel gives some account of himself in the text. Kathleen, who acted as amanuensis on the Spirit side, lived in Anfield, Liverpool. She was a seamstress and died, at the age of twenty-eight, about three years before my daughter Ruby who is mentioned in the text and who passed over in 1896 at the age of fifteen months.

How The Messages Came

"There is an opinion abroad that the clergy are very credulous beings. But our training in the exercise of the critical faculty places us among the most hard-to-convince when any new truth is in question. It took a quarter of a century to convince me - ten years that Spirit Communication was a fact, and fifteen that the fact was legitimate and good.

"From the moment I had taken this decision, the answers began to appear. First my wife developed the power of automatic writing. Then through her I received requests that I would sit quietly, pencil in hand, and take down any thoughts which seemed to come into my mind projected there by some eternal personality and not consequence on the exercise of my own mentality. Reluctance lasted a long time, but at last I felt that friends were at hand who wished very earnestly to speak with me. They did not overrule or compel my will in any way - that would have settled the matter at once, so far as I was concerned - but their wishes were made ever more plain.

"I felt at last that I ought to give them an opportunity, for I was impressed with the feeling that the influence was a good one, so, at last, very doubtfully, I decided to sit in my cassock in the Vestry after Evensong.

"The first four or five messages wandered aimlessly from one subject to another. But gradually the sentences began to take consecutive form, and at last I got some which were understandable. From that time, development kept pace with practice. When the whole series of messages was finished I reckoned up and found that the speed had been maintained at an average of twenty-four words per minute.

"On two occasions only had I any idea what subject was to be treated. That was when the message had obviously been left uncompleted. At other times I had fully expected a certain subject to be taken, but on taking up my pencil the stream of thought went off in an altogether different direction.

"The effect of what, perhaps, we might term the more mechanical operations, as these impinge upon the organism of the human brain, the transmitters themselves describe in some detail.

"Vibrations, initiated by them and projected through the Veil, find their target in the mentality of the human instrument and are reproduced, on this side, in what is, in effect, a kind of inner clairvoyance and clairaudience...That is, he sees these scenes in his imagination as he, by similar process, is able to visualize his garden or house or other well-known place, when at a distance.

"The words of the messages seem to travel on a celestial-mundane telephonic current. He can hear them interiorly in much the same manner as he is able to hum over a well-remembered tune, or to reproduce a speech he has heard with all its inflections and cadences, pathetic or uplifting - all this interiorly, and without himself uttering a sound.

"In addition, however, there is a deeper content in the operation. It is that effect upon the human instrument produced by the more or less intimate contact of spirit with spirit. This is actual 'Spiritual Communion', and is recognized in the Creed of Christendom in the article 'The Communion of Saints'.

"So intimate and so perfect must be the sympathy of aim and affection existing between transmitter and receiver, that whenever any thought comes through which seems to be at variance with what is true, immediately a shock is felt, and the instrument faces about, as it were, with a query in his mind, which on the part of the communicator is a immediately observed and noted. "

G. Vale Owen.

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The Rev. G. Eustace Owen (Son Of The Rev. G. Vale Owen) Speaking About His Father

The Rev. G. Eustace Owen gave the Greater World Association a few details about his father, which shows that he was a practical man with a sense of humour and a great tolerance for the weakness of others, which means that he was a very good companion as well as a good Christian. The Rev. Eustace Owen writes:

"In his book WITH NORTHCLIFFE IN FLEET STREET, J. A. Hammerton alludes to the Rev. Vale Owen as 'that typical visionary of the half-Christian, half-spiritualist sort.' That view is held by many people who knew him through his writings; but it is not a true portrait. My father was a visionary without being a crank. While having a clear view of life's spiritual basis, he was most practical and methodical in all his ways.

"I remember how gently he dealt with others, how broad-minded he was in argument, his tolerance of opponents, and how he endured persecution with immense patience. Many an opponent's sword was blunted by his understanding of the one who wielded it! Yet he could be severe when necessary. Cruelty in any form roused his indignation. To bullies and schemers he became a very Elijah!

"I have never known anyone more direct in thought and words, or one who so detested shams. Beneath his graciousness lay the hard-ness of a good soldier of the Cross, so that he bore scorn and persecution without wavering. Quietness sometimes conceals a rare courage.

"In the book HE LAUGHED IN FLEET STREET, Bernard Falk describes a meeting between Lord Northcliffe and my father, in 'The Times' office, when the former asked him to accept £1,000 for publishing extracts from the Script in the 'Weekly Despatch.' He continues:

'Vale Owen shook his head. For this part of his writings, he said, he could not take any money. He had been well paid by the publicity given him, and by being able to carry out the sacred duty of placing his revelations before the world. Knowing well Vale Owen's poverty I was genuinely sorry to hear him refuse payment, but he was not to be dissuaded...'

The Rev. G. Eustace Owen Adds:

"All our family are pleased that the Script is not to be allowed to remain in oblivion. The rising generation particularly need the comfort and illumination of its message. We are all so glad that 'The Greater World' have so keenly and so boldly taken up this re-publication. May their confidence be justified and their labours blessed!"

June, 1947.

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An Appreciation By Lord Northcliffe...

"I have not had an opportunity of reading the whole of THE LIFE BEYOND THE VEIL, but among the passages I have perused are many of great beauty.

"It seems to me that the personality of the Rev. G. Vale Owen is a matter of deep importance and to be considered in connection with these very remarkable documents. During the brief interview that I had with him I felt that I was in the presence of a man of sincerity and conviction. He laid no claims to any particular psychic gift. He expressed a desire for as little pub-licity as possible, and declined any of the great emoluments that could easily have come to him as the result of the enormous interest felt by the public all over the world in these Scripts. "


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The Following Is The Introduction To
The Life Beyond The Veil Series...


By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"THE long battle is nearly won. The future may be chequered. It may hold many a set-back and many a disappointment, but the end is sure.

"It has always seemed certain to those who were in touch with truth, that if any inspired document of the new revelation could get really into the hands of the mass of the public, it would be sure by its innate beauty and reasonableness to sweep away every doubt and every prejudice.

"Now world-wide publicity is being given to the very one of all others which one would have selected, the purest, the highest, the most com- plete, the most exalted in its source. Verily the hand of the Lord is here!

"The narrative is before you, and ready to speak for itself. Do not judge it merely by the opening, lofty as that may be, but mark the ever ascending beauty of the narrative, rising steadily until it reaches a level of sustained grandeur.

"Do not carp about minute details, but judge it by the general impression. Do not be unduly humorous because it is new and strange.

"Remember that there is no narrative upon earth, not even the most sacred of all, which could not be turned to ridicule by the extraction of passages from their context and by over- accentuation of what is immaterial. The total effect upon your mind and soul is the only standard by which to judge the sweep and power of this revelation.

"Why should God have sealed up the founts of inspiration two thousand years ago? What warrant have we anywhere for so unnatural a belief?

"Is it not infinitely more reasonable that a living God should continue to show living force, and that fresh help and knowledge should be poured out from Him to meet the evolution and increased power of comprehension of a more receptive human nature, now purified by suffering.

"All these marvels and wonders, these preternatural happenings during the last seventy years, so obvious and notorious that only shut eyes have failed to see them, are trivial in themselves, but are the signals which have called our material minds to attention, and have directed them towards those messages of which this particular script may be said to be the most complete example.

"There are many others, varying in detail according to the sphere described or the opacity of the transmitter, for each tinges the light to greater or less extent as it passes through. Only with pure spirit will absolutely pure teaching be received, and yet this story of Heaven must, one would think, be as near to it as mortal conditions allow.

"And is it subversive of old beliefs? A thousand times No. It broadens them, it defines them, it beautifies them, it fills in the empty voids which have bewildered us, but, save to narrow pedants of the exact word who have lost touch with the spirit, it is infinitely reassuring and illuminating.

"How many fleeting phrases of the old Scriptures now take visible shape and meaning?

"Do we not begin to understand that 'House with many mansions,' and realize Paul's 'House not made with hands,' even as we catch some fleeting glance of that glory which the mind of man has not conceived neither has his tongue spoken?

"It all ceases to be a far-off elusive vision and it becomes real, solid, assured, a bright light ahead as we sail the dark waters of Time, adding a deeper joy to our hours of gladness and wiping away the tear of sorrow by assuring us that if we are only true to God's law and our own higher instincts there are no words to express the happiness which awaits us.

"Those who mistake words for things will say that Mr. Vale Owen got all this from his subconscious self. Can they then explain why so many others have had the same experience, if in a less exalted degree?

"I have myself epitomized in two small volumes the general account of the other world, drawn from a great number of sources. It was done as independently of Mr. Vale Owen as his account was independent of mine. Neither had possible access to the other. And yet as I read this far grander and more detailed conception I do not find one single point of importance in which I have erred.

"How, then, is this agreement possible if the general scheme is not resting upon inspired truth?

"The world needs some stronger driving force. It has been running on old inspiration as a train runs when the engine is removed. New impulse is needed. If religion had been a real compelling thing, then it would show itself in the greatest affairs of all - the affairs of nations, and the late war would have been impossible. What church is there which came well out of that supreme test? Is it not manifest that the things of the spirit need to be restated and to be recoupled with the things of life?

"A new era is beginning. Those who have worked for it may be excused if they feel some sense of reverent satisfaction as they see the truths for which they laboured and testified gaining wider attention from the world. It is not an occasion for self-assertion, for every man and woman who has been honoured by being allowed to work in such a cause is well aware that he or she is but an agent in the hands of unseen but very real, wise, and dominating forces. And yet one would not be human if one were not relieved when one sees fresh sources of strength, and realizes the all-precious ship is held more firmly than ever upon her course."


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Contents Of The Life Beyond The Veil Series:

Volume I - The Lowlands Of Heaven

i . The Lowlands Of Heaven

ii. Scenes That Are Brighter

iii. From Darkness Into Light

iv. The City And Realm Of Castrel

v. Angelic Ministry

vi. Astriel's Messages
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Volume II - The Highlands Of Heaven

i. Introductory

ii. Men And Angels

iii. The Earthly And The Heavenly

iv. Earth, The Vestibule Of Heaven

v. The Science Of The Heavens

vi. The Summerland Of God

vii. The Highlands Of Heaven

viii. Come, Ye Blessed And Inherit
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Volume III - The Ministry Of Heaven

i. Angel Ministry To Earth

ii. The Cobbler

iii. Concerning Communication

iv. Angel Ministry In The Lower Spheres

v. The Sacrament Of The Christ, Of Mar- Riage And Of Death

vi. Arrivals In Spirit Life And A Manifestation Of The Christ All-Conquering

vii. The Descent And The Ascent Of The Christ

viii. Towards The Land Of Darkness. A Manifestation Of The Christ Sorrowful And Glorified. A Lesser Christ

ix. Into The Greater Darkness. The City Of Blasphemy. The City Of The Mines

x. The Return To The Temple Of The Holy Mount. A Manifestation Of The Christ Regal. The People Of Barnabas
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Volume IV - The Battalions Of Heaven

i. The Temple Of The Holy Mount

ii. Angels Twin. Stillborn Children

iii. The University Of The Five Towers

iv. Some Principles Of Creative Science

v. The Creative Hierarchies And The Christ Creative. Earth, Mars And Other Planets. The Christ Sphere

vi. The Heavenly Armies Of The Christ

vii. How The Battalions Of Heaven Dealt With: Earth Science - Religion - Christendom - The Earth's Christ

viii. Why The Christ Came As A Man And Not As A Woman. The Future Of Woman- Hood. The Young Conqueror And His Beloved

ix. The Future Evolution Of Earth. Cosmic Psychometry. Etheric Planets. The Manifestation Of The Christ Consummate
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Volume V - The Outlands Of Heaven

"The Children of Heaven" (Book 5) and "The Outlands of Heaven" (Book 6), the two forming one narrative, are the continuation of the series of four volumes entitled "The Life Beyond the Veil".

Book V is concerned with the training of children for citizenship in the spiritual spheres. In the most intimate way, and with a wealth of detail, we are shown how their characters and powers are developed by a course of mingled pastime and learning. As we watch this panorama of the Future State unfold, we notice how the tone of the composition becomes ever lighter and more beautiful. Through the graphic presentation of the theme we are brought directly into contact with the merri-ment of unspoilt childhood.

Many instances are given of what one would call "spiritual physics", and a great deal of light is thrown upon the operation of spiritual laws; for instance, laws governing Creation. This and other matters are given to us in light vein, and information of a very significant kind is presented in the simple guise of child-life. But not all the picture is so care-free.

The first four volumes were received at a time when Mr. Vale Owen was surrounded by the quietude and privacy of the Vestry in the little Church at Orford-then an obscure Lan-cashire parish quite unknown to the public. But when the strong light of publicity was turned upon amanuensis and parish alike, the former peace of retirement was broken by the stream of letters and visitors that came to Orford, and by the thoughts of thousands whose attentions were focussed upon its Vicar. Under such unsettled conditions these later messages were received.

Tranquillity is the chief condition to be observed by an amanuensis in writings of this kind; and tranquillity was lacking.

Mr. Vale Owen, who had always sat to receive the messages in the Vestry of Orford Church, where the strong spiritual atmosphere of the place aided transmission, found that frequent interruptions made it necessary to sit in the Vicarage. This change of venue probably affected the conditions somewhat.

The surest criterion by which to judge a message is the effect that message has upon the persons who receive it. Whilst these messages were appearing in th press Mr. Vale Owen received a large number of letters from those who had "lost" their little ones. This correspondence clearly showed that, apart from the considerable knowledge these mourners had acquired as to the after-death condition of little children, there was a new light cast on the Future, which brought immediate comfort to many who had thought they would never regain the happiness they had lost.

Book 5

The Children Of Heaven

i. Introductory: Parable Of The King's Highway

"Let the Outlaws Make it" - "A Slice of History" - Children as Pioneers - The' Road of Progress

ii. Christmastide: A Heavenly Sanctuary

Presence Form: The Christ Child - A Sleeptime Memory - Castrel's Description - Within the Sanctuary - The Spirit Brain - Spiritual Atmosphere Intensifying - Castrel finishes His Narrative - Arnel Resumes.

iii. Festival Of The Christ Child

"There is but one Religion" - "Glory to God in the Highest" - Parable of the Boy and the Owl - The Christ Child and Israel - Flowers, Channels of His Grace - Parable of the Globe of Light.

iv. Worship And Service

The Maid - A Transformation in the Glade - The Lesson of His Coming-Shonar - "Greater than His Station" - A Call to Service - Wulfhere.

v. The Fountain Episode

"The Perfect Service of Man" - The Fountain in the Pleasance - "Where be the Children?" - The Riddle is Solved - A Daring Experiment - An Unforeseen Plight - "There is no Sin Here" - The Meaning of Clothes.

vi. Creation And Growth

The Song of the Bird-Evolution - The Little Girl and the Bubble - Externals and Essentials - "Alice in Wonderland" Enacted.

vii. How Children Are Trained

"An Impossible Knot" - A Hard Qualification - Creating by Will Power - Reversing the Process.

viii. Games The Children Play

Two Aspects of this Generation - "Aerial Flight" and "Balancing the Ball" - "Manoeuvres in the Air" - Work Blent with Pleasure - An Exercise for Older Children - What the Boy Raoul Saw - "We Will Mingle our Knowledge" - Combined Interior Vision - What Perplexed a Young Maid - Looking into Other Spheres - Another Experiment in Creation - Arnel as a Greek Knight - The New Jerusalem - A Relic of the First Crusade.

ix. "The Gate Of The Christ His Realm"

Sensitive Substance in the Sphere Seven - An Interruption in the Messages: Explanatory Note by G.V.O.- Afrelda, Angel Mother - The Golden City - A New Aspect of Distance - Spiritual Transmutation - Rivers Traversing the Atmosphere - Beauty, Stern and Sweet - "Golden Wings Vibrating" - Stirring Motherhood.

Book 6

The Outlands Of Heaven

i. Wulfhere's Power Subdues Rebellion

Complaint and Defiance - "A Child who Needs Wise Leading" - "A Smack of Eastern Magic" - Pain, the Surgeon's Knife - Dipping into the Past - The Fruit of Heartsearching - Behind the Scenes - "As in Heaven, so in Earth".

ii. Man And His Environment

Mind-waves Produce the Atom - Human Energy Affects Surroundings - Conditions in the Sphere Three - Presence and Omnipresence - Materialising Thought - "Everyone Goes to His Own Place" - Heaven and Hell.

iii. The Aftermath Of An Earth Tragedy

Mother and Child - "Memories of Yesterday" - Different Ranges of Sight - A Colony of Rest - "Is He an Angel?" - More Love than on Earth - James and his Work - A Tragedy of Life.

iv. Diagnosing Newcomers From Earth

Shonar Sends for Habdi - Meeting at the Stony Port - A Helpless Multitude - How to Avoid a Panic - Free-will in Favourable Conditions - Error Means Disaster - Awakening the Children.

v. The People Of The Glade

The Bishop - "I Can Aid You in This" - A Difficulty - "A Child Shall Lead Them" - More Newcomers Diagnosed - Habdi's Wisdom - "Follow the Drake" - Pain - Two More Groups Disposed of - The Residue Return to the Earth-Plane - "Pray for the People of the Glade."

vi. Earth's Religions: A Deathbed Scene

Parable of a Garden - A Love Stream - Earth's Religious Systems - Lights Round a Death-Bed - Habdi Receives a Newcomer - The Mother's Vision - "No Bitterness or Sense of Loss."

vii. How A Colony Progressed

The Colony in Council - Two Plans for Betterment - "Blend them Together" - A Guild House is Built - The Young Interpreter - His Appearance - "A Sprinkling of Soft Radiance" - Initiation into the Sphere Four - Gradual Advance - Transmuted Surroundings: Changed Condition - "Jesus Stood in the Midst."

viii. Enlarging And Building

Messages Projected - Science and Art Departments - The Glade is Enlarged - "Your Achievement shall be Crowned" - A Delegation of Five - Working to a Model - The Structure Complete - War in the Lower Spheres - Others Beautify the New House - Shrine and Mirror - A Message from the Christ Sphere - James, the New Leader.

ix. Work In The Dark Outlands

Shonar's Fortress, and its Purpose - Inside the Fortress - Claire's Joyful News - Contrast - Two Souls Akin - A Mission to the Outlands - "The Way is a Sure Way" - The Blacksmith - Revolt - "Bitterness of Word and Heart."

x. The Blacksmith Makes Amends

Consulting the Records - "Will you come with us?" - A Mighty Riddle - The Rescuer - Records Cease - "That Man is your Friend" - Onward through the Dark Lands.

xi. Life Within The Fortress

Welcome - Recognition and Reunion - Back to the Outlands - How Dwellers are Acclimatised - The Doctor is Perplexed - "Taste" - "God knows."

xii. Out Of Bounds

Turning the Key - In Danger - Sacrifice - "I have Promised to Go" - Courage Overcomes Fear - The End of the Escapade.
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