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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 5th April, 1925.

"FATHER of all Love, we Thy little children ask Thee tonight to reveal unto us a little more of Thy wondrous thought in regard to humanity. We ask Thee to instruct us how to proceed - how best to release the spirit which is within. Teach us how to grow; teach us how to think of the things which, in Thy sight, are good; teach us how to express ourselves to others...

"O most Understanding Mind, lead us on out of the twilight of comprehension, into the full sunshine of revelation. And as we climb, let it be our prayer, let it be our most earnest desire that we should bring others into the Light. Yes, grant that the consciousness may come that this gift, which Thou hast bestowed so freely, is but a trust - a trust to be used to help, to encourage, to enable those who are going through their physical experiences...

"In Thy most perfect way, Thou wilt make all things plain; Thou wilt level the rough places, and clear the undergrowth which still remains in the minds of those who wish to love Thee. And we pray Thee tonight that we may be responsive, mentally and spiritually, to the guiding Voice, that most loving direction - the direction which Thou hast laid down for all to follow who wish to grow nearer to Thee in likeness, both in thought and in action...

"Father, bless us all. Bind us still more closely to the things of the Spirit, and grant that the Silence, the Holy Silence, may gather us in. We ask it in Thy Name, knowing that Thou waitest, ever to bestow Thy good gifts... Amen...

"...Well, my children, tonight we have much to do together, and I want you all to give out as much strength and power as you can. You will see in the days to come that this evening typifies constructive work, and, therefore, in the measure that we can use it for God's most holy purpose so the blessing will rest on you, the little children who contributed to that which the Father had already provided.

"This evening we are in tune in many ways. I would like some of you to go back on the events of this little day, and you will see that harmony and peace held and maintained their place. This was the preparation - the necessary preparation - so that your minds might be in suitable condition to listen to the Voice of the Spirit, to take in, in some measure, what God has directed me, and others, to impart.

"Well, dear children, in the first place, I have a little to say in regard to those: 'Spiritual Laws' to which I and your loved ones have referred in a general sense. I cannot tell you much tonight because you are scarcely experienced enough, but unless I put in the first few bricks then you will have nothing on which to support the bigger and more beautiful construction, which is only waiting your readiness to be your own.

"In the first place, dear children, as you have suspected, these laws - which are intangible and indescribable, for the most part - these spiritual laws have an importance which cannot be over-estimated.

"As a crude illustration of their working I would refer you to what is called the 'wireless.' Yes, to the physical mind the wireless is inexplicable, except by results. You see my point? Certain rules are followed, certain equipment is used and 'result' is obtained; but no one can tell you why, or how such simple mechanism can produce such gigantic results. The thing itself eludes entirely the physical mind of the most highly-trained.

"This is indicative, to a degree, of those same spiritual laws which govern your life and mine, your world and all the bright and glorious Realms in which holiness and happiness reign.

"My children, I want you to consider this: That if you send a thought to another - whether they be on the earth, or whether they have laid the physical covering aside - that thought, unimpeded, reaches their spirit with a rapidity impossible to put into words.

"Again: you have been told that in regard to prayer, the listening God hears not only as the words arise, but even as the thought is being gathered together in the mind.

"There are many such illustrations of spiritual laws - of those multitude of spiritual laws which are worked out in rather a beautiful way in the flowers, in the growing things, in the power which nature shows on every side.

"You must remember that when God created - and I am speaking of creation long before this little world of yours was concerned - that when God's thoughts were manifested in form - even before that time these marvellous detailed spiritual laws had been set into being. They were the first thoughts, they were the preparation for the Life - life unlimited and unending - the Life which was to follow.

"It is a little difficult to make this clear. You are bound by finite thinking; you are bound by that indication of time which is connected with the inhabitation of your little earth, and it is difficult to take you outside its borders in imagination.

"Yet, dear children, I want you to do your best and I want you to consider, among other things, the body with which you have equipped yourself. The power of the limbs, the wonderful mechanism, in a physical sense, of the blood and nerves, bone and muscle; and the harmony - yes, in spite of conditions of civilisation - the extraordinary harmony between all the organs, and how they, sometimes against enormous odds, work out on to the side of health and strength and beauty.

"You see, dear children, I have always given the body its rightful place; yet I have never allowed it to over-step that position and to approach upon the domain of the spirit within.

"In illustration of this I want you to consider the relative importance of the strength of the body and the power of the Spirit, which it seems to guard even as a prisoner whose freedom has been forfeited.

"In the hands there is much power, much that causes amazement when looked at from the physical point of view. You had it described that the most marvellous piece of machinery, the greatest invention of man, is as nothing compared to the perfect mechanism of the hand and what it can do.

"Yet, dear children, I should be misleading you if I did not take you on from the thought of the powers of the body to those greater, stronger, far more wonderful powers of the spirit. In comparison again - only enlarged to an extent you cannot understand - is the difference between the power of the physical hand and the power which lies in that hand when the body has been cast aside...

"And this brings in again another spiritual law which has far-reaching results. You will remember that there have been some who have passed through your lives who have possessed what you regard as marvellous healing power in the physical fingers and the electricity they are able to throw out.

"Well, dear children, this lies within the reach of all. Many there are - and again I think of the mothers - many there are who have soothing, who have peace and healing in their touch.

"Christ, of course, illustrated the power of healing in its highest form; but I have told you before that being sons and daughters of the Most High you are asked - you are entreated by that which is Love itself to develop those same powers - the powers which Christ showed for all time could be transmitted through the physical covering if the heart and mind were pure. Yes, that is the key, that is the solution of the power: Purity of heart and mind and the wish to serve.

"I want to instil into your minds, if I can, that within, entombed in some, imprisoned in many, fettered in varying degrees in others - there is power, there is that marvellous controlling force - a gift direct from God, which is your own possession, to be used when you are ready to be true to your trust.

"You see, dear children, where I am trying to lead you in thought. The physical, to you, presents enormous barriers; the body is like a high and impenetrable wall which lies between you and the garden of your desire - which is to be able to do and to think through the spirit, in its sweet and precious liberty of action.

"Yet, dear children, I want you to try and grasp that the body can be triumphed over, that although it may blunt those finer perceptions and feelings - the most sensitive side - yet in spite of this, in spite of that sense of restriction, if you have the courage, the faith, and the patience, you can bring out those hidden powers of the spirit for use among those with whom you come into contact...

"Children, I know quite well that the outward demonstration of these gifts - in the way of impressing others - presents no temptation to you at all. But over and over again, comes that deep longing to help, to lift up, to be able, really, to do something that is concrete - something which, in your own sight, will show you that you are getting a little nearer to the things which are of God.

"I take you back to the illustration of the 'wireless'. You may say that, in searching through your mind, you find nothing there to warrant the assumption that you possess this power. But although you cannot explain from whence it comes or how it is able to act, yet I can promise you that if only you will set your mind to the vibrations of holiness and of love, you shall find, in a way you cannot grasp now, that the gift is there, that you can be used even as a channel to pour out power direct from the spirit, that you can - by simple thinking, simple living, keeping as close as possible to the injunction of Love Divine - you can, even as Christ said 'follow' Him, not only through the dark valley of sorrow but up on to the heights, where He is able, through you, to send down a visible manifestation of that power of healing which is of the Spirit...

"Children, there is so much to be said in regard to those laws which God instituted for the benefit of His children; but tonight I want to turn your attention to another aspect - which is in regard to the strangers who have gathered here, and, in speaking, have brought in the names of many more who had not before passed through your physical minds.

"Yes, you have queried not only the reason but sometimes the advisability of such strangers demonstrating their presence in this way. It has seemed to you, perhaps, the introduction of names well known on earth, savours a little of that deference to fame and popularity which is so common a characteristic amongst the majority.

"Well, dear children, I can understand these thoughts; I can understand that what you would shrink from doing in your daily life, naturally rouses a little doubt in regard to those uninvited guests at these evenings.

"Yet, dear children, when you come here, it will all seem so plain and clear. It is the operation again of a spiritual law, which, ignoring entirely the physical aspect of things, links up whom it will - links up those who are likely to be of use in the work which God has entrusted to those who will undertake it.

"I want you to clear out of your mind such thoughts because they hamper those who wish to speak. You have been told that in the Spirit, distinctions or differences of any kind - all those many man-created barriers - that those cease to exist. The one thing which separates is spiritual aspiration, and that divides only to the extent of the depth of the sleep of the spirit within.

"I put it that way, dear children, because I want you to realise that those who wish to rise - wish to work out the past - have every help it is possible to conceive; and the nearer we get to the Father so we see, so we understand, and so we long to succour.

"By that same spiritual law - by that wish to climb, by that wish to know the Truth - your lives are weaved and interweaved again with many who are quite outside your range of thought.

"So, dear children, attune your thinking to this view, which is the view I am instructed to impress upon you: That common aim, that unity of purpose, that desire to serve, bridges all gaps. And, more than this, there are those drawn into these vibrations, who, as yet, have been able to make but little progress, but, even so, are striving to work out the past...

"So you see you get both sides of the picture; and it will comfort you to remember that not only are you linked to those who have done better than you have been able to do but also, by the same spiritual law - so entirely of love - you are bound by sympathy, by the wish to help, to those who are finding the struggle back into purity, into health of soul, a difficult problem indeed.

"On another occasion I will try and show you how you, and nature in all its forms, are, as it were, interlocked with the celestial beings who have been working for God since away back in that dim and distant past which you find it impossible to think about. I should like to explain that as all that has been, and is, is of the Father - so you and the messengers of Light, you and those disciples who were used to reveal Truth to the world, you and Divinity Itself - are linked, are interlocked, in a way impossible to be broken or severed...

"Yes, dear children, it is a little complicated just now, but as we go on so, fragment by fragment, you will get a little nearer to a conception of things as they are.

"It all comes down to this - so simple and yet, in some cases, so difficult to put into practice: That by thinking of Christ, by holding on to the thought of His companionship - you are setting into operation, in the most perfect way imaginable, not only the working but the life-giving power of those spiritual laws, which, at this time, seem obscure indeed.

"Everything created by the Perfect Mind is simplicity itself; and Christ, during His sojourn on earth, showed, in an indisputable way, how it was possible to make the communion between man and God complete - perfect in every sense there could be.

"And if you would remind me that, even so, it led Him to the Cross, then, my children, I would say at once that only through the death of the body can the glorious resurrection - that resurrection which is of so stupendous a nature - come to you or to any of the children of the earth, those children who at one time or another will realise the quest of the spirit within...

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a little while. Remember that this is an evening of work in a spiritual sense, and, by sympathy and love, help those who wish to speak to you - those who wish to contribute something towards this gigantic test of revealing Truth to a half-listening world - the Truth which one day will have to be faced by all, faced and made their own possession, in order that the spirit may come into its own..."

(Others then spoke...)

(Stage actor)

"It is Melford - Austin Melford - and I'm happier to be here than words can express.

"In the first place, I want to speak to you in regard to my life on earth and my experiences of life, of human nature, and, of course, of the stage.

"It would seem strange to certain minds that an actor should be allowed to come back like this, that he should be considered fit to work for God. Oh, I know that in the past we were considered a sorry lot - it was another name for rogue; certainly respectability and 'the profession' walked wide apart.

"But you know, Mrs. Moyes, that no one is as black as they are painted: And I'd like to say tonight, that, so far as I was concerned - well, I found them all a very decent crowd. You see, the outsider doesn't know everything, and so they fill in the blanks in a way which suits them best, and there's not much left of us in consequence.

"But what I've come to say this evening is this: That whether the world likes to believe it or not, the individual will find when he goes Yonder that, taking them as a whole, those who presented certain aspects of life to others - the players, the pretenders, the impersonators - that these have not done so badly as might be expected.

"You see, there is one point which is often forgotten, and that is that those who spend their lives on the boards - seeking to please, adapting themselves to many different conditions - they are very teachable, extraordinarily teachable. And when that shadow-life is laid aside, then to be teachable counts in a way I can't explain...

"Those who are held back, those who can't get on, are the rigid - the ones who thought that their way and their way only was right - those who sat in judgment upon others. These are hedged in by their prejudices, by their uncharitableness - by all that narrow, bitter, blackening condemnation. And because, when they were on earth, they thought they were the only ones who were right, so when they pass out they can't learn - they've never learnt!

"It gives me more gladness than words can say to put in a plea for the girls and the boys of the stage - for the puppets, for the entertainers of the idle minds of others. And, Mrs. Moyes, I'd like to make this clear: That those girls and boys, taking them as a whole, have got hearts of gold.

"Yes, I am not denying that in many ways they fail the best that's in them; but if you could see - as I saw then and as I've seen so terribly clearly since - if you could see the temptations, the struggles, the awful poverty with which so many are faced, you would not only understand but you would see that - in God's sight - they are not so guilty as the world judges them so freely.

"In my time, as you know, it was the solid melodrama which held its own, and I'd like to say a word about this. I want you to know that God doesn't disdain to use the theatre for His work; I'd like you to know that even though the men and women who portray the parts may have failed to do their own part, yet God does not disdain to use them to get through a little of the beauty of goodness, a little of the happiness which courage makes its own.

"Today, my name goes on (son - writer, director), and because the one who bears it is my own, I will not say more than this: That it were well - that I wish it with all my heart - that the good old melodrama still held its own. You see, even though we blundered ourselves, yet we were used - in the way I explained - to get into the immature mind right-thinking, right-living. And in the measure that we helped others, so is the gain to us now.

"You see why I regret the change in public taste? It worked both ways: In the measure that we drag another down, so also that damage is entered up to us...

"Yet there is much to be thankful for, and you have noticed, as well as others, that while in some respects the stage has failed in the teaching of the people, so, to a certain extent - and it is growing - the crowded picture houses are used instead.

"Mrs. Moyes, God doesn't disdain the film either. Of course, you've got that trash - unfortunately, the vast majority still cling to the trash - but you have seen also that that which is good, that which is holy, that which shows nobility in men and women, has its place.

"And we of the old profession, who paced the boards and said our little say, well, now we've got work to do - it's laid out before us in a way which can't be put into words - that work of influence, and more than that, Mrs. Moyes, the work of preparing those who are on the stage today for what awaits them here. Yet in many cases I can say, and I thank God for it, that their hearts and minds are not so unprepared, as the world may think.

"Remember this: That above all things - even if your life has been of the highest - above all things, in righting the wrong, is to be teachable, is to be responsive, is to allow yourself to be guided into the way of truth..."


"...I'm afraid you will be rather disappointed at my coming; but they told me it would be all right... It is Lily Bennett, and my coming is so different from the last one, who, of course, was a friend, and such a splendid character as well.

"And yet, Mrs. Moyes and Dorrie, I'm sure you'll think of me sympathetically when I have spoken, and I think you will understand why they sent me tonight.

"Mrs. Moyes, those old days - those happy days, when I thought that life was just a toy, just something to be made the most of - those old days have taught me a lot, which only coming here could make plain.

"Will you tell Eva that I send her my love and all sorts of remembrances; and tell her too that I'm changed - yes, I know I'm changed, because of all the wonderful things I've seen and heard.

"You see, Dorrie, when some of us are on earth, we are like little kittens - we just want to gambol in the sun and never to grow up - in the sense of responsibility - at all. I know I was like that. I know too that I didn't use the gifts I had - I am not saying that they were many - but I didn't use those gifts as I was intended to.

"You know, Mrs. Moyes, I had no sense of responsibility in regard to womanhood. I put it that way because you can't act unwisely without hurting - in addition to yourself - other girls as well. You know how it was! We were such a jolly party, and I thought - I say it frankly - I thought that the boys and the men were there just to amuse me... I mean I thought it was a natural thing that the boys and the girls and the men and the women should use each other to get as much fun out of life as possible.

"But I am allowed to say, Mrs. Moyes, that although I did act rather unwisely at times, there was no evil in my mind. I know you'll believe that, Mrs. Moyes. I didn't want to do wrong, I only wanted to have a lark; and to flirt - well, it seemed the only thing I was expected to do, or I expected others to do.

"And then, after playing and never giving real life a second thought, Mrs. Moyes, love came to me in rather a terrible way. And because I found it rather hard to get over it - it was so unexpected - I felt like a child who had got into an unknown country; and when that came, it hurt so much that I tried to play all the harder to forget...

"I'm sorry to have to go into all this, but you'll see why later on. They told me not to trouble about saying it nicely but just to tell it as the thoughts came into my mind.

"Well, of course, I never got over that in the way of forgetting; but I married and went abroad, far from home, far from all those associations - the dear old Church, the dear old Mission Room, and the dear old green beside it. I was alone in so many ways. I am not complaining: I had not much to give and I had no right to expect very much in return. But I would like to say this: That when my first baby was born, why, all the wounds and the memories healed up as if by magic. That was funny, wasn't it? And then, after a time, Mrs Moyes, I came here.

"It seemed so strange to you; such a young, healthy girl, so full of life and vitality - you couldn't imagine me dead; and yet, oh, it was wonderful to come here and to find real love all round!

"You see, Mrs. Moyes, when we pass over, mercifully, those many mistakes are hidden from us. At first it was just joy and brightness; because I never was wicked - only careless and heedless and rather, yes, rather coarsened by my lack of understanding of the finer side of life... Oh, Eva won't understand this message, but I told her I was changed.

"After a while, Mrs. Moyes, I began to think, and as I thought, then the consciousness of the waste of opportunity slowly dawned upon me. You remember what was said about the girls influencing the boys - I saw that in a terrible way, and, as the realisation came, I thought my heart would break.

"Oh, even now I could cry and cry and cry!... It seemed to me, then, that nothing would ever wash me clean. I turned from myself with loathing, because I saw that my attitude, my disregard of the sacred side of womanhood - in the sense of lowering the ideals of others - I saw that nothing could ever make that good in the minds of all the boys that I had played with in such an absolutely irresponsible way...

"Mrs. Moyes, I want you to understand I am not excusing myself - I couldn't. But I never realised the dignity of womanhood; although I meant no harm.

"Well, I am afraid this is rather a long message. When I was so sad - and the sadness went deeper than words can express - do you know who came to me, who helped me, who changed the whole aspect of things? It was Dr. Hughes, Winnie's 'dear Doctor Hughes'...

"Oh, I know you'll love this - and he tells me I can say what I like. He just came up to me and said: 'You're an old St. Mark's girl - I used to be at St. Mark's as well'. And then, seeing and understanding how miserable I was, he told me about his college days, and this is what he said - only I can't say it in the same beautiful way:

"He said: When I was at College, I found I was up against a big problem. I loved God with all my heart and I intended to go into the Church. On the other hand, I had always found that women were very attractive to me - attractive in so definite a way that I realised I had got to come to grips with it and get it into its right place.

"He said, Mrs. Moyes, that he knew that in his ministry he would be brought very much into contact with women, and he realised that it wouldn't be God's will that he should fail in his duty to them. So, he said - but oh, he said it in such a lovely way - he said he started to study Christ's attitude towards women, and he used to pray constantly - never forgetting to pray - that he might be able to regard women in the Christ-way.

"He said the more you read the Scriptures, the more you realise Christ's love and understanding of women, and how He never ruled them out of His life but, in many cases, sought them out and bound them to Him by the ties of the Spirit...

"He said that after a bit of a tussle, he managed to work through to something of the Christ-way of regarding women. And you know he told you last week how he loved the girls and how they loved him in so perfectly natural a way...

"Do you see, Mrs. Moyes, why he told me this? He said to me: I know all about what you call 'the past' and I understand, and because you didn't understand then, Lily, you're going to work for God now in helping other girls to understand before they come here.

"Wasn't it beautiful? You know, Mrs. Moyes - I can't help crying when I think of it - if you could have listened to the way he tried to comfort me, and how he showed me that I could make good, and that God didn't mean me to be so unhappy over it...

"And then I said to him: 'Do you think I shall ever see Christ?' - and he said to me: 'Don't you know that whenever anyone wants to see Christ, they can see Him at once?' And I just lifted up my head, and there, close beside us, was the most wonderful Spirit; and yet it seemed so human - just like Christ in every way, only much more like Him than we can imagine when we are on earth... You know what I mean. I knew at once it was Christ, only the vision - and yet it wasn't a vision - the Presence seemed to stop my heart for very joy...

"Yes, the tears come; but they are different tears now, they are the cleansing tears which take away the pain, instead of being an expression of pain.

"I thought it was so wonderfully simple - Dr. Hughes saying that when we want to see Christ we can always see Him at once. And he showed me how it applied to people on earth, and how those who knew had to try and teach those who didn't know it was a fact - that the reason they couldn't see Christ in their lives was because the desire wasn't there...

"Oh, you can imagine how I long to help, how I long to be able to grow; and how such a one as he is able to help people like myself when they come here and see the past and its mistakes laid out before them.

"Yes, as Dr. Hughes said: It is the girls that have got to be bound to the things of God - the girls who don't yet understand. And because I was one of them, I've been allowed to come tonight and to tell you all about it. There's heaps I could say, but I'm afraid I may have stayed too long already.

"When you think of me, Mrs. Moyes, don't think of me sad like this, but think of Lily, full of happiness - the right happiness now - and ever so happy in working out those foolish days, which might never have happened if only there had been someone to give a hint - to point out what I was doing. But there wasn't, Mrs. Moyes, and it is the case with so many. Those who might help, are immersed in other things, and the others haven't got the gift; and so we muddle along, and when we come here, only tears and suffering can wipe out those influences of the past...

"Good-bye Dorrie - thank you so much for taking it down. You little thought, in the old days, that Lily would come back like this. I know I couldn't claim you as 'friends', yet I'd like now to think that you are my friends, because I intend to try very hard indeed to grow bigger, to do better - and it will be awfully nice to think that you count me in with all the others."

"Goodbye, and thank you so much..."


"...It's Daymon - Dr. Daymon - and I've come tonight to tell you what I promised - a little about the work which doctors do on this side.

"First of all, I'll just say that I hope my old friend (Mrs. Shepherd) won't think, because there's no direct message for her, that there is any lessening of the ties between us. My brother and my sister are here tonight and we all send her our love. But, as the others said, there is work to be done and she - who always put God and duty first - she will understand...

"Well, my dear young people, I've got rather a strange message to give tonight; but you've got to understand a little of the gigantic task before each one when they have laid aside their little jobs of physical daily life.

"Mrs. Moyes, I said that to the young ones, because what I am going to speak about may sound to you a little - well, rather strong meat for those who have not yet reached the age of maturity and experience.

"Well here goes:

"My work, Mrs. Moyes, is among that class which the world calls, in its contemptuous way, the 'bad women'. And I'd like you to think about this when those poor creatures - God's creatures - leave behind that body which has been so terribly maltreated.

"When they come here, it is difficult work indeed; but you can understand that as they came to us in their dire need upon earth, so, instinctively, they turn to the doctors when they pass out of that horrible existence which they called 'life'.

"And our work is of a two-fold character. You have been told that the diseases of the soul-body are infinitely worse than the most terrible diseases of the physical body. And we've got not only to heal up that soul-body, but what is more difficult still, we have got to do this - it's like the most awful operation you can imagine - we've got to release the spirit from all that terrible accumulation of thoughts, of influences, and of horrors, which their experiences on earth have gathered to them...

"But listen to me! This is the point of view which we get when we are allowed to work for God: Each one of these is a child of His... and mark you this: That when the purest, the 'sinless' come here, before they can get into touch with Christ, they have got to be able to say and to feel: 'This is my sister!' And that's what the world today - as well as yesterday - forgets.

"Oh, I know I can talk to you here. Thank God, you've thrown aside - if you ever had it at all - that devilish condemnation which some of the untempted ones bestow upon these weaker vessels...

"I'd like to tell you something else as well: I take your mind back over the years when this girl (medium) was living in the heart of London. Do you remember the incident of the girls on Christmas Eve; and the women of the streets, withered and hideous with disease, stopping those young girls and telling them to be 'quick home'?

"A little trivial incident; but that woman is here tonight. Mrs. Moyes, that woman, sin-stained though she might be (Note: See 'Missionaries', Good Friday, 2nd April, 1926), showed the mother-heart over those your girls out in the London streets late at night.

"Do you see that there is no one who can say: 'There is nothing of God in such as these'?... The Christmas bells were ringing; they rang not for her, yet the memory of the Christ-Child had crept back into her mind and had quickened the mother's heart...

"But when she came here, she found that once more the Christmas bells were ringing, and this time they rang for her as well...

"I want to teach you, I want to show you and others, that, in God's sight, these poor, broken, miserable - yes, and sometimes physically repulsive girls and women - are the same of which it was said: 'And the Good Shepherd sought for the sheep which was lost, and sought until it was found.' That's what I want to get home. That is the Christ way, and that's the way we've got to learn when we come here... So if we are to be used by Him, then we too have got to seek - to seek for the spirit, which is behind locked and entrenched doors, perhaps - but we've got to seek and work and pray until the Voice within answers...

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, the evening seems to have flown, but, as I intimated in the beginning, much good work has been done. And if to some it seems a little strange that on the eve of Easter - with all its joy and promise - if it seems a little strange that the messages given tonight should have been selected, then I would remind you that in each one - however far they may have wandered away from Love - in each one must that resurrection come, when the things of the earth and all they represent will be left behind, and the soul, born into understanding, shall show itself of the Spirit indeed.

"I want you, dear children, to think of this aspect of the resurrection. Because it is God's will that in thinking of Him, you should not allow your thoughts to rest there, but should send them on His mission upon earth - to the whole purpose of His coming, His physical death and the rising again - the purpose of releasing man from sin, of showing him, by example, how new life, new possibilities, new freedom lies before each one.

"I want you, dear children - and, of course, I refer to all who read these records - I want you to get more and more into the way of thinking with the Spirit, untrammelled by the physical mind. For once the Spirit commences to act, then your sympathies widen and widen, and over humanity as a whole your love is spread, gathering in each individual, whatever the conditions, whatever their life may be, because of the realisation that you and they are each children of the same Father, bound for the same Bright Land. And if some loiter by the way, then it is your part to call them on, to encourage them, and to point out the glories which lie in front.

"My children, there is much to do - you see it on all sides - much to do. And I want you to prepare your minds more and more, so that they may represent truly a garden in which flowers of all descriptions can bloom, without crowding out each other.

"And in connection with this I would emphasise one point: That in the cultivation of the lily in your mind, you should not forget the varied colours, the beauty and the fragrance of the rose. Yes, the rose. And if some of you, with sadness, should think that even in regard to the lily you have not been able to produce more than the root, then, dear children, I tell you - with so much happiness - that the spotless purity of the lily shall be found your own when you are free.

"I know that purity of heart and mind seems, of all things - to you - that which is farthest off. But when next time you sing that old familiar hymn: 'Blest are the pure in heart', then recollect that Zodiac, instructed by his Master, has told you that when the body is laid aside, you shall see that the lily opened its petals and shed its fragrance even during those times when it seemed so far beyond your reach...

"Blessed indeed are the pure in heart, but let not the sadness come because the ideal this represents seems even as the stars above. Remember, that in God's sight - those who strive, those who wish to do better - are even as they who, in robes of spotless purity, minister unto others.

"Yes, dear children, in the garden of the mind many flowers must bloom if you are to understand the meaning and purpose of life here and hereafter. And so I remind you to save a place for the rose, and to be certain that in doing so you are following God's will, that you are working out His most holy purpose - the purpose which concerns your lives, and which, in its turn, belongs to the great plan for the raising up into glory and power the little children of the earth - when they can understand the gift which is being offered to them by that which is Love Divine...

"And now I leave you. You have helped us much tonight; you have done your part, and in saying this it is the highest praise I can give... it should bring comfort indeed to feel that in this holy communion you have done your part...

"God's peace is here - it has been shown in many ways tonight - that peace which is a direct manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit, which God has gifted to His children in unlimited measure... Goodnight, my little ones."

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