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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Good Friday, 2nd April, 1926.

"Blessed Redeemer, we thank Thee with grateful hearts for the gift of Thyself, and we ask that, imbued with the Holy Spirit, we may be able to give out from ourselves that which will be acceptable to Thee...

"Father, grant on this Day of Remembrance that we, Thy little children, may be enabled to see the beauty of sacrifice, to see how sacrifice not only can influence the present, but indeed can send forth shafts of light over the future, illuminating the way for others and showing a bright path into that peace which has no end.

"O Christ, let us learn of Thee; teach us that patience, that understanding, that love towards others, which Thou showed so freely to all, not only during Thy earthly sojourn but from the beginning, and will unto the end. Patience and understanding of the needs of others - let this be as a star in front so that we, journeying with our eyes upon the Light which symbolises so much, may forget self in all its many forms, and may indeed, in miniature, imitate our Christ and our Redeemer.

"Father, we leave all things in Thy Hands tonight, and we ask Thee to so inspire us that ere we part we may feel in very truth we have contacted with Love and with that purity which Love expresses... Amen...

"...My little children, so sweet it seems to me that you love to gather together in this way. Yes, so welcome to my heart, for I have watched over you all, not only during the years of physical life, but long, long before the opportunity to undertake the earth experience was presented to you... And in 'my children', I include not only all those present but all those many who look forward to the written word, for they are my very dear children, although some forget it and others they know it not; but the Father, the great Parent of us all, conscious of my need and longing, has given me many to take care of. So you will see that when I speak of the sweetness of this communion, it is not an exaggeration but indeed is a pale reflection of my deep feelings in regard to my own, under Christ...

"My children, today is the great Day of Remembrance, but as I have already taught you, that Day symbolises not sadness but hope and a spiritual victory which no words can describe.

"And Christ, our Beloved Master, bids His little children ever to look beyond the clouds into the radiance of that sun, which expresses the Light that one day shall illumine even the darkest corners of the darkest plane.

"Yes, during those few hours devoted to the memory of the One we love so well, we can, as it were, detach ourselves from worldly things, and enter into the inner sanctum of thought, which indeed opens the door to that spiritual consciousness which, one day, will be our own in the magnitude which it is offered to us by our Father.

"Children, you cannot think of Christ without unconsciously releasing that which is Divine within; you cannot visualise the incidents of that Day without immediately crossing the threshold of things material and penetrating into those which are spiritual in every sense there could be. And if some of my children wish that they could have entered more completely into the sacredness and the sadness of that long-past Day, then for them I have words of comfort:

"It is not the Father's will that grief should wring your heart in thinking of the gift that He made; and again, the Father understands that though the heart, the mind, and the will, wish for the very best, sometimes, because the physical mind is the instrument used during the earthly experience, it is not easy to entirely shut off the world in which you live. But, dear children, as you desire, so indeed it is in the Spirit; as you wish to love your Heavenly Father, so indeed that is solid fact in those conditions which are Reality.

"Oh, remember this, remember that while you are undergoing the physical experience, you are, as it were, a target for many thoughts which are not your own, and the sensitive - those more conscious of the greatness without and the limitations within - these are as a magnet for those alien thoughts by the very fact of their sensitiveness to vibrations.

"But listen to me: Though this may seem hard to you, yet God's mighty purpose is being worked out thereby, and because you wish to do the right thing, so those thoughts which come from others, perhaps of the second best, these but test your resolution. Let your attitude be this: Say to yourselves: 'I not only wish, but I am determined to keep close to God, and dismiss those other thoughts even as the teasing fly which, though brushed aside, returns, yet in the end retreats and disappears.

"Tonight, dear children, the subject of our little talk together is one which will, I think, appeal to you all, because indirectly each and every one of my children is concerned.

"Tonight then, we will think for a little while on a portion of that great subject: 'Missionaries'...

"Yes, the word calls up in your mind those who go to far distant places, and in spite of difficulties of language and of custom, work on, hoping that their efforts will bear fruit in time to come.

"Children, these men and women have taken on an enormous responsibility, but the greatest responsibility is in regard to themselves. When the heart and mind is pure, then God can take their words and their actions and their mode of life, and by the miracle of His love, use these things to demonstrate Himself. But alas, though you know it not as we who are free, there are some who not only misrepresent their Master but indeed fall prey to the many temptations which are around...

"My children, mistake me not. Those who go forth to labour in the untilled fields of humanity, who seek to sow the good seed, who are forgetful of self - these have not only done a work for God amongst others, but they have provided for the Father, in themselves, an instrument which can be used throughout Eternity.

"Yet, there are those who have failed - and I speak with a knowledge which is hidden from you - there are those who have gone amongst the spiritually ignorant, and, under the guise of sowing good wheat, have indeed scattered tares in all directions.

"My children, I want you tonight, in thinking of that word 'Missionaries', to take a wider aspect altogether, to give honour where honour is due, and before I have led you very far, you will find to how many that honour is due.

"You see, dear children, that the world - so extensive to you, so crowded with human souls - needs many shepherds, for the flocks have strayed; and that straying is not confined to those countries which you deem foreign. All around in your daily life, you see the sheep who have gone astray.

"This then, dear children, is the main theme of my talk tonight: To point out that missionary work is wanted on every side, but it is not wise for anyone to take upon themselves that role unless they are prepared to do the Master's work in the Master's way. Yet, dear children, you will think to yourselves: 'That rules out so many', but not so, not so.

"I want you to contemplate those in your own circle of friends: Are there no missionaries? Is the work of restoring and retrieving left entirely to the avowed representatives of the Most High? Ah, no - and in order to help you in your thinking, I want to show you the Christ side.

"Children, have you ever realised that it is impossible for you to give a helping hand to another, a sympathetic word, a thought of real compassion, without - not indirectly but directly - doing missionary work for God? Have you ever thought how much work of this kind goes on in the home or in those many places where the work of the world is carried out? Have you ever gone over in your mind, the events of the day, from early morn until sleep claims you, and counted those missionary acts done by others, not necessarily to yourself but to their neighbours?

"Curious it is that the mind of man finds it more to his liking to count up the irritations of the day, to count the things which went wrong, and to put aside the many blessings which have been his own if only he could look beneath the surface and see things as they are. Children, in the home where young children are, so the parents, by their wise guidance, by their self-sacrifice - by even the responsibility incurred - can, and do, do that missionary work which God has asked from all.

"And then, dear children, I take you a little further into greater simplicities, and I bid you watch the little maid as she fondles her doll - her care, her motherly touches. You say to me: 'But the doll is lifeless!' Yet, these acts have a life which shall last for ever. Keep your vision clear. Go back once more to that question of values, and then you will find that Christ can be expressed, in degree, in that kindly attention of the doll, or the kitten, as the case may be...

"Children, you see to what I am leading your thoughts; you see that by describing this and that, in so many words, I am showing that you too can not only be missionaries sometimes, but every day of your life. Wherever you are, however limited your circle may be, you can be the finest thing that a man or a woman can rise to - one of God's missionaries, doing His work in His way.

"And then, dear children, I want to take your thoughts out of this little plane of yours into those conditions which you call 'dark' - and it is impossible to describe them otherwise, for where Christ is unrecognised, there indeed is a darkness no words can express.

"You have been told, you have been brought into contact with those who, though bound by the body, have placed their spirit in the Hands of God, to be sent at His will into those dark planes on rescue work. And, but a little while ago, there was a loved friend here (Mr. Meads) who has worked for a long time, so it seems to you, amongst those who have bound themselves, and, as yet, know not the meaning of freedom, even in its faintest sense...

"Children, this work for God needs much experience, yet on the other hand, I must remind you that experience materialised, what does it represent? - Purity of heart and mind, and the desire to serve. Yes, dear children, paradoxical though it may appear, the simple faith which can undertake the seemingly impossible - that expresses, in its fullest sense, experience.

"In regard to the missionary work in what you call the 'spheres' of ignorance, I am instructed tonight to tell you a little concerning this, but not in a sad way, not in a way which is going to fill you with apprehension, but in a way which will draw out from within courage and hope and the gladness which is of God.

"My children, you have been taught that it requires much training to be able to penetrate into those conditions which have been brought into being by the disobedience of man during the many involutionary stages through which he has passed. Yes, it is necessary indeed that lessons must be learnt, that the heart and mind must be anchored to Christ, before those who would do this work can mingle with safety among those bound and fettered by the memories of the past.

"But, children, I want you not to confuse this. It is possible for anyone who has come to himself, who desires sincerely to rise to the best within, to go amongst his fellow creatures and to struggle literally - aye, physically and spiritually - with those who indeed seem as possessed.

"In regard to this, I would remind you that you have had those speaking to you, during these quiet evenings, who have told you that for a short or a longer period, they have striven to rouse some consciousness within such as these, who regard each other and everyone as an enemy, as a danger to themselves. But, children, from whom do these get their power? - And the question must be answered. So much it seems they have to do themselves in order to retrieve the past; how then can they find that inner resource to rescue others?

"Well, dear children, this brings us to those many whom you name the 'holy ones of God', and I want you to follow me carefully over this point. It is true that those who have come into consciousness of their sonship and their daughtership with the Most High, are divided by 'conditions' from those, who, as yet, have not commenced to climb. But can you not see how impossible it is that the ones who love God should not work amongst those of His sheep who have so strayed? So this is what goes on, and it reveals once more the miracle of God's Love:

"Because, dear children, those so ignorant of their heritage are antagonised from holiness, it is necessary that the men and women, who, as yet, have not attained to that same spirituality as the 'holy ones', should be used as instruments; not that those who love God would not gladly and willingly minister unto them in person, but the invalids - the crippled and the maimed, spiritually - cannot bear their approach.

"And so, dear children - and this shows once more, not only the magnitude of God's laws, but their supreme simplicity - each one who works among those bound by their earthly thoughts and their disobedience long ere the physical experience was undertaken - each one has it within their scope to call upon the power of those, who, over the ages, have held close to their Father God.

"You see, dear children, 'borrowing' in the Spirit World, goes on in a gigantic way. There is not one of us who can say: 'I work on my own power alone'. First and foremost, of course, we cull from the Great Source, but excluding that - which we take as a natural thing - from the purest to the weakest, the borrowing goes on.

"Children, from this you can understand that even so-called undeveloped characters, if they wish to hasten their development, can work for God; and there are countless ones who have bought and earned their power by service, who so gladly, so joyfully, give of that power to replenish that which is missing.

"Yes, and the comradeship, the fraternity in the Spirit, is such that ere the desire is formed in the mind of the worker, so that power has been provided; for as knowledge comes, so the vision is extended, and so those who have loved God over the ages have anticipated the need, and have provided just that which shall turn defeat into victory, for Christ's sake.

"My children, I want you, in regard to this, to apply it not only to those in the body, and those out of the body who are in the dark spheres, but to apply it to yourselves. Limited you may be - and the growing consciousness of this is in itself a sign of advancement - limited though you may be, there are those in your vibrations who long to pass on of their power to you, in order that God's will on earth may be done. And in this connection I want you to make no reservation at all. The mere fact that there are those whom you call 'holy', is but another way of saying that they have arrived a little nearer to the aspect of Service as presented by the Holy One Himself.

"Therefore, children, never limit yourselves nor seek to impose those limitations on the Love of God. Where the desire is to serve, where love wells up in heart and mind for those pilgrims who have gone on before, lo, the centuries are as naught. The only barrier between the weakest and the strongest is imposed by the weak one and not by the strong. Instantly within the heart, the faintest desire for Christ arises - that second - the veil of material things is torn asunder, and even in their loathsome conditions, they see Christ if they will.

"That is the point which must be understood. Between the Father and His children the word 'barrier' is impossible; yet, those who have strayed have piled up obstacles so high that the Light is blotted out. But that is man's will, totally antagonised from the will of God.

"So then, my little ones, when others tell you that it is impossible for the missionaries of God who loved in a far-off time, to come and speak to you, then condemn not but rather send out your compassion to them, for they have made the barrier in between.

"Those who love God have never forgotten the Master's injunction: That he that would be greatest, let him be as the least. And you will remember that the Lord God of all knelt before His creation and bathed the tired feet of His children, setting for all time that great example which we strive and strive again to make our own.

"Oh, my children, can you not see that the mere fact that we have seen Christ, and that we take from Him our directions, aye, even from the Sacred Lips - can you not see that we must be missionaries until that great time comes when all the lost sheep have been gathered in?...

"Yes, it needs not to concentrate on this or that mode of life; it needs not the withdrawing from the world into cloistered quietness; it needs not the separation from love and from the intercourse of friends; yet, mark you this - that in all those conditions the missionary work can go on, if the heart and mind is dedicated to service.

"That is what I want you to grasp. It is immaterial where you are, or what are your circumstances, whether you are on the physical plane or in one of those multitude of conditions which you call 'planes' - when the body is no more, the missionary work is not only necessary, is not only part of your experience, but it is the law of the Spirit.

"And I want you, my children, to remember this: That even the weakest and the frailest in those planes which are dark, can, in degree, be a missionary; for lo, the moment a slightly better condition of mind takes place, by the mere fact that he is a little less blind than before, so he can show others that it is possible to extricate themselves from one of the chains which bind.

"And think you like this: That in the bringing about of that slightly better condition of mind, perhaps thousands have added to themselves one grain more of progress, for indeed they have been used by the great Worker, the great Missionary which Christ represents for all time - they, in turn, have contributed just a fragment towards that waking up of the one who before slept as in death...

"Oh, my children, you cannot think of that word 'Missionary' without instantly thinking of Christ, yet forget not this: That before man had Christ in the body, so the Lord God of all, throughout the ages, had been doing missionary work on a stage too gigantic for the human mind to grasp... Go back to the Source, to the Great Spirit, who has waited and waited for man to forsake his wilfulness and to help Him in the completion of the perfect plan.

"The Lord God of all, when He created humanity, knew that in front, over the ages, that missionary work must go on. And when, as Christ, He came amongst His little ones, it was but to show them, so that their physical minds could see and could grasp, that His part was that of the Redeemer, His part was that of the great Saviour of us all...

"So then, my children, in thinking of this Day of Remembrance, we will not only get back to the Great Purpose but we will look forward to the completion of the Perfect Plan; and you and I and all those countless millions who love God, why, we are thankful to be used by Him and in His missionary work, amongst those who indeed must be saved from themselves...

"My children, there are many other aspects of this great subject, yet I must not keep you too long tonight, but ere I go I want you to consider what that word 'Missionary' typifies in its fullest sense: It is service, yes, that is granted, but it is more than that - it is the giving out of one's self, that which is Divine within; it is that which, in its most comprehensive sense, is the laying aside of self, the forgetting of self in the thought of others, the eliminating of even the desire to further your own progress in the more spiritual desire to further the progress of another...

"And when we have reached that stage, so, slowly but surely, we are getting closer and closer to the Christ ideal - Christ, who found it impossible to think of Himself. Yes, that is the ideal: Impossible to think of ourselves, because the whole of our vitality is focussed on bringing another back into that state of unity from which he has departed over the years which have sped...

"So, my children, while I love to talk to you in this way, I will leave you for a while; but I am treating you tonight as missionaries, as those who are not only willing, but desirous, of laying aside self in every form in order to minister to others. Therefore, my children, because this day commemorates the Day which showed man God as He is, in His selflessness, so we too will lay aside our natural longing for those we love to speak to us direct, and will concentrate on our missionary work for God... And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...My little children, it is one who loves you well, even John who was honoured by his sacred Master. Tonight, I have been sent to speak to you - nay, that word 'sent' scarcely expresses the intense gladness of my heart in receiving the commission to come and tell you that Love, Love reigns supreme.

"Yet, you will ask me as to myself, and because I understand the human heart and the human mind, I am going to tell you that even as was prophesied, the Master has allowed me to carry on His work on earth - that tiny portion which the great Bestower made my own.

"Little children in Love, how can I teach you what Love means? Little children in faith, how can I show you what faith creates? Little children with such big desires to serve God, how can I reassure you that the Father takes the fragments and creates that which stands for aye?...

"Over the ages, so my name has stood as the one linked to Christ, but have you ever thought of the responsibility?... Ah, my children, Judas, and that faithful one called Peter, how often have they been arraigned before the judgment of man's mind? John has escaped that persecution, and because persecution is as a ladder to the missionaries of God, so in order to make good that omission, I have worked with those who have spurned me from them, I have linked myself to those who have hated me, knowing not who their companion was...

"My little ones, so wonderful are the ways of God, that in a thousand, thousand ways, it has been gifted to me to make up for that lack of suffering which those endure, who, long since, have repented and repented again - that suffering which man never tires of putting upon them...

"So strange it seems to me that this view should be overlooked. Can you not see that the One who was reviled, that the One who was pursued from point to point by mind and mind - that He showed the Way which all must follow if they would be in any degree like Him?

"My little children, because love and praise was associated with my name, so I withheld, from myself, this privilege of coming and of telling you direct, that not only is your work accepted, but it is preparing something which you could not grasp at this stage. I stayed away in person - in Spirit - ah, we are as one, but it was the Father's will, and therefore my will, that Judas should come first...

"My work on earth: Well, it is concerned with those little things which create - by the grace of God - the big ones, which never pass away. And so it is that holding on to that simplicity, which, while the body bound, gave me an unlimited freedom in the Spirit - so in holding on to simplicity and using simple means, I go hither and thither; and remembering ever the injunction of the Holy One, I serve - yes, with a gratitude no words can express - I serve those who want none of John and know not the meaning of Love...

"Tonight, it is a joyful occasion, for as I speak, I look into the future, and there, centred in peace and sweet content, I find those same ones who, now, heed me not. That is the privilege of service. Never the past, not even the present, but always the glorious future; and because of that glorious future, so the present is perfect in its peace and in its confidence.

"From this, my little children, read something for yourselves. Dwell not upon that which has gone, for lo, the tents have been packed away and the camping ground bears no sign of life... And as for the present, remember this: That travellers are ever on the move, they cannot build their house furniture of the life which must pass away. The pilgrims have their staff of faith and their cloak of love, and they can walk through lonely or dangerous places, certain of the companionship of their God.

"So, my little children, fix not your eyes upon the present but always upon the glorious by and by, when the little seeds you sowed with doubt and diffidence, have taken root; when that which you sought to put together has been weaved into the Perfect Pattern...

"Aye, with those who know God, it is the future - it is that future which is His. So, my little children, once more I bring in myself, and I tell you that while I work amongst those who know not and love not John, yet such is the will of God, at the same time I am in touch with those who hold my memory dear. Yet, such as those who have not grasped this great Truth, I entreat, in the Name of Love, to let it not be my memory that they love, but their companion, their fellow-worker, their friend, because God has blessed me with a gift of friendship which has no limits and whose borders are unknown.

"Amongst my loved ones I am my true self, simple - ah, forget this not - simple in my love, simple in my faith; and because of that simplicity, ere the body was laid down, God drew aside the veil which hid those realms which are Spirit, and bid me enter in...

"Thank God for simple faith, thank God for simple love - for this only can allow us to enter into that Purity which is of Him.

"Now, my little children, I must leave you, yet in the days to come, think not to yourselves that John was the beloved of the Master, but rather that the Master, out of His great Love, has used John, has allowed him to do some of those things which He could have done so much better Himself. But because He is Love, He gives to others and relinquishes Himself, for our joy is His joy, and our liberation is the desire of His heart... Farewell..."


"...It is an old-fashioned woman, so you will think, but as you know, we are all linked together by the same tie - the wish to serve. And so, dear friends of mine, I will introduce myself at once, and before I say: 'Goodbye', I want you to feel: 'Ah this is a woman I can understand'... It is Elizabeth Fry, and my name is a little familiar, but the woman as she was is a stranger to you.

"You see, dear friends, I was one of those who, by the grace of God, had managed to get a step in front of the multitude; and because I was not content to be seen and not heard, well, I heard a great deal that perhaps went rather hard. But tonight, there is no complaint in my heart, only an overwhelming gratitude because Christ came to me, and I was able to hear His Voice and to follow His injunctions.

"You see, dear sisters, when women want to be pioneers, it is inevitable that they must be prepared for criticism and for all those many forms of slander, which they cannot refute because they have no proof. You see, it was no use my saying: 'I feel I must do this and I do want to be a good woman' - they had made up their minds that I was not a good woman and that I wanted to meddle out of that curiosity with which my sex is credited... I can laugh now; oh, and at times I laughed then - but it was not the laughter that had Christ in it.

"My work on earth (prison reform) - it created a little as I see things now; yes, a little for the benefit of those I wanted to help. But when I was free, I found that it had created a kingdom which was bound by nothing but love... Oh, the kingdoms of the Spirit have to be seen and felt to be understood. I stepped into Light and Love, and on all sides I found the power to do - ah, that which I wanted to do and failed to do when on earth.

"And so you see, dear friends, there are many kinds of missionary work, and when one or two strike out in a new direction, very often it is not called missionary work but interference... And so it is. We interfere with the order of the day, we try to upset old customs and old habits, we want to turn the world upside down, so they say; but all the time, although we ourselves only half understand, we are trying to rescue not only the body but the spirit within, which is in a prison house which has no light or air.

"And when I came Here, into that little kingdom which my desire to serve when on earth had given to me, I found that this time I could open those prison doors and let the prisoners free... So you see how naturally I chose to work amongst those bound and fettered by themselves. Sometimes they will listen to me, sometimes they pretend not to hear, but my experience on earth of the same thing has given me now a faith which is unshakeable; for when I was free, I was able to look back on the lives of those I had tried to help, and, do you know, I found that not one seed had failed to find a root.

"That is the position of things, and that is why I come tonight to speak - as one who knows - to those who are willing to stride on in front of the rest, who are willing to listen to the Voice which says: 'Do this for My sake'...

"Ah, to the pioneers - to the pioneers, so the vision comes; and though the world may deride and misunderstand us, there is One who understands us through and through. And the Sacred One never gives way; the Lord God of all never comes to the end of His patience, the Suffering Christ never fails to heal those others who are suffering too...

"Stranger I was, but friend now, I hope, for ever. And when you think of me, do not say: 'How terrible to work amongst those in the dark planes', but rather: 'How fortunate to have such a glorious opportunity of being used by the Master in His work of love and redemption'.

"Goodnight... I hope I have not made you sad..."


"...I am very sorry to have kept you waiting. It is only by the efforts of others that I am speaking to you in this way, and I'm afraid you will think I ought not to have come, especially on such a day, but they told me that if I found sufficient courage to talk to you, that I should be doing God's work... So I hope you will forgive me in advance.

"I must explain that I am that woman that your daughter told you about so many years ago (see 'Spiritual Laws'), one who would be called by all 'a sinner', and I want that name to be used instead of my own, which wasn't even my own when I was on earth.

"Your friends have been very good to me, and the doctor (Dr. Daymen) particularly helped me when I thought I was beyond help; and he tells me that I am not to speak to you expecting blame or criticism; I am to say, with faith, that I know you welcome me here although so different from yourselves.

"You see, my life on earth from the beginning was all wrong. I was one of those chance scraps of humanity, and before I was more than a child I was left to fend for myself... I am not excusing anything, but they told me to explain. You see, it's rather different when you've got parents who trouble about you. I didn't know anything about all those (in the Spirit) who tried to look after me. If I had, things might have been different.

"I am not going to tell you the depths into which I sank, because I feel somehow that you are saying in your minds: 'Well, you are safe now'. But oh, if people on earth only could understand what was meant by the saying in the Bible about searching the highways and hedges and forcing the people to come in. They apply it, if they do at all, in such a limited way, and they are not always quite approving of even that limited way in which the work is carried out. If only those who want to be missionaries had more faith in us, things sometimes would be different. I don't say always, because our circumstances seem to make the weight too heavy on the wrong side; but with the younger ones...

"Of course, you don't understand what it feels like to be regarded as 'bad'. It makes us worse than we are - that attitude of so many, especially some of the very religious... It's the sheep and the goats, and by their eyes they dare us to cross the space in between. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I woke up over Here. I suffered terribly on earth; I paid the price - yes, and I'm glad of that; but when I woke up, the first thing I saw was a woman - she had an angel face - leaning over me with so much love in her eyes that I thought it was a beautiful dream...

"You see I was used to people shrinking from me with disgust, especially towards the end; and somehow, the mere fact that she didn't shrink made me feel that I wanted to protect her, and I pushed her away. I said: 'Get away, you mustn't touch me!' But she laughed in such a curious way, and said: 'Oh, that's all over now, and I'm going to take you away for a holiday'.

"You see, my punishment came later - and the punishment was that first understanding that she, and others, were acting by the will of God. At first I thought they were doing it on their own, and yet all the time the sense of dreaming remained, but the dream was so sweet that I prayed that I might never wake again...

"And slowly they taught me, and as I grew stronger, so my punishment came. People don't understand on earth what it feels like to be loathsome inside and out, and yet to have someone wonderful enough to love you all the same. I'd like some of those people who don't take the trouble to understand the meaning of love, to see me now.

"Of course, it took some time to get rid of all that connected with my life on earth, but I was so unhappy there - I was tortured, and those Christmas bells, as I see it now, they foretold of the Love which lay in front... Yes, on earth my torture was lack of love, and when I came Home, then I had that greatest torture of all - unlimited love and the consciousness that I was the last one to deserve it...

"But they tell me I mustn't talk like that. Everything is so wonderful to me now, and yet as I stand here, going back over the past, it comes again and again to me, that impossibility of ever paying back what others have done for me... And, do you know, they didn't keep the children from me. That almost broke my heart, yes, and it broke in my mind something which had been there right from the beginning - the sense of injustice over life. When the first little toddler came to me so trustfully - well, in those tears, much was washed away...

"But I mustn't keep you. It seems so curious that we are linked together after all these years; and I want you to think of me as a sinner whom Christ has saved, one who didn't understand, and one who now understands in part, one who was estranged from Love and now one who is supported by Love on every side...

"The missionary work for God. I was a sinner, and now I love the Saviour as only a redeemed sinner can, for, like another, He had much to overlook... when I asked for forgiveness, He gave me Love instead...

"Goodnight, and thank you so much..."

(When all has spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, I want you, in thinking over this evening, to place it in your minds as a night of service. I want you further to realise this: That once the missionary spirit is born in a man or a woman, it never dies; and those who try to serve while bound by the body, ah, they indeed shall do the Master's work when those restrictions of effort and of outlook are removed...

"Let your thoughts be ever thus: That today provides for tomorrow, even as yesterday prepared you for today. And think you like this: That as we see a little more of that which represents Holiness and unlimited Love, so, dear children, the garment of service is more firmly closed around us, and under the Master's direction we not only set to work anew but indeed we train others for this future joy which awaits them...

"That is the thought I leave with you ere we part: Missionaries though the holy ones of God may be, what does their missionary work produce? Ah, little ones of my heart, does it not make it possible for those they teach to be missionaries in their turn? And, again, when these have learnt, what does their teaching work out in those who are weaker still? - The strength to rise.

"And you cannot think one good thought, you cannot do one unselfish act, without sending out on the vibrations that which, in miniature, represents Holiness; and those thoughts, wending their way hither and thither, whose strength is for ever added to as they progress, in turn they are making it easier for others to be strong as well...

"This linking up one with the other, this great spiritual responsibility, is at one and the same time, the greatest gift and the greatest hindrance that man can have. So, my little ones, beware of your thoughts - beware of the weak thoughts, beware of the sad thoughts. Think instead: 'If I cannot do, I long to do' - and that right desire shall enable someone else to do that which he could not find within himself sufficient resource to accomplish...

"Yes, and carry that a little further. Cannot you see that because, unconsciously, you inspire another, so to yourself must come that added gain? And each time you think a pure thought, a kind thought, a thought of helpfulness, so indeed you are doing missionary work for God... Its branches cannot be revealed until you are free, yet when the body is no more, so you shall stand with that great gift of sight and trace the influence of the good thought - what it did, and what in the far future still it can accomplish, for that is the law of God...

"Oh, remember: Once a missionary - always a missionary. Yet, as you progress, so your methods change, and as you grow nearer to the Christ ideal, so love occupies more space, and so the old theories and doctrines regarding this and that slip from you, unnoticed; for as you have been told tonight, a simple faith and a simple heart is best fitted for the Master's service; for when spiritual sight is our own, we step out of the intricacies of physical thought into the grand simplicities of knowing and seeing God's Love at work.

"And now, my children, I bless you in the Father's Name. Oh, be happy because He has gathered you in. Rejoice with me and with those many others who love you, for indeed you shall be used as missionaries of the Most High for ever and for ever... Yes, the little children grow up yet they never grow old; and as we shed those encumbrances of self, so the Spirit - in its great freedom - gives us that youth which can never fade...

"God has blessed you with the desire to serve, and in His service, not only shall you retrieve for others that which they have lost, but you shall retrieve for yourselves even that Holiness of God, which once was your own... That is a promise from God, with His blessing, to those who love Him and to those who are ready to work for Him in His way... Goodnight, my children."

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