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Some Errors of Dogmatic Religion

Perspective by Tony Bisson

Thoughts Concerning Theological
Concepts, Comments And Objections

It should be remembered that when we are firmly established on the Other Side, we shall find no difficulty in sinking our differences in service to others. The irony is that many think that they are the only ones who will find themselves on the Other Side, and indeed many are not even aware that they will be carrying out service in a far more effective way than they do here now on earth. It is these who think that they are the 'only ones' to pass into God's Realms, who also think that the majority shall not be with them in the Realms of Spirit but rather in their concept of Hell.

The 'key' which opens the door to peace and love between religion and religion, spiritual pathway and spiritual pathway, on this little earth - is Love and Service to others. The real enemies are those who have banded together to keep the light from penetrating into the hearts and minds of God's children. We should remember at all times where our real enemies lie and Who guides and directs us, and that His tools are Love and Service to others.

The difficulty in answering criticisms and queries about Greater World philosophy, is that we should never try to destroy the work of another. We may not do this consciously, but we should never bring down what someone else has built up so carefully, even if there happens to appear many, many flaws in it. The reason for being careful in what one says about others is this: God loves creativity when it is motivated by spirituality - anything which has love in it, anything which brings His children closer to Him. Creativity is precious to God and should not be destroyed. Something may be flawed, but God takes it and turns it into something which is flawless in the Realms of Spirit. Add to this the fact that God blesses anything that induces an individual to adopt a healthy self-discipline and one can see that that one must approach this subject with great care.

And so essentially, answering criticisms concerning the Greater World philosophy will inevitably involve talking about the way others see Truth as a point of reference and balance (because often that is part of the question and cannot truly be ignored and still satisfy the urgently questioning mind). However, the main thrust should always be to point out the similarities that we all have - which, with most religions, is generally a belief in a loving God. Then with the various divisions such as Evangelists, Jehovah Witnesses and Catholics for instance, there is an acceptance of a loving and beneficent Father, of the special and holy Being Jesus, and of the workings of the Holy Spirit. That would then be the way forward, the way into the 'sinking' of differences in Love and Service to others and therefore to the One God Who we adore. We should, on the whole, seek the 'ties' which link us all together and not descend into acrimony about the differences between us with regards to the way we perceive God's Truth. A bitter spirit is not one that is keeping close to Christ.

It has been necessary to state all of this in this manner, because having collected together so many answers to queries concerning the differences and criticisms between Greater World philosophy and other ways of thinking, it may seem somewhat over-critical. But this is not the purpose at all; the purpose is to have a concentrated point of reference to which a person can come to gain an understanding of something which hinders their way forward into peace and into the understanding of God's Truth.

If it is the case that this thesis seems to be somewhat critical in the way in which spiritual philosophy is explained in relation to beliefs held by opposers of Christian Spiritualism, it is only because a comparison needs to be made in order to achieve a truer perspective of Literalist thought in the light of the Greater World philosophy (and therefore, occasionally, some shadows lurking in Literalist theological tenets are revealed for what they are). So much has been said (by those who are generally expected to know about spiritual matters) against what Greater World Christian Spiritualism considers to be wholly sacred, and thereby throws many an obstacle in the way of enlightenment; the difference is that Christian Spiritualism does not condemn the various "Literalist" Christians but indeed embraces them. We should be united against the shadows of evil. The interested reader, then, is asked to view these pages in a neutral, equitable and objective manner.

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Good News

Does it matter what others believe?

What are the differences between Fundamentalists and Universalists?

Christians can be the nicest people in the world

"If Satan rises against Satan his kingdom shall be divided and shall fall"

Spirits are here, and they are here to stay

Spiritual ministers to mankind

"Consulting 'spiritists' is forbidden"?

"Saul died for consulting a medium"?

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Earthbound spirits

"Seducing" spirits

"Familiar" spirits

New Testament Christians are led by the Spirit not Mosaic Law

The uninitiated assume true mediumship is witchcraft

"Cursed" for "adding to scripture"?

Do not ever fear the God Who is Love but have faith and trust in Him

"Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven"

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Divisive doctrines do not explain the true love of God

A tiny finite physical world in an immeasurable World of timeless Spirit

"Born again"? - "But the 'dead' sleep"?

The soul exists in the conditions which reflect its state of health

"There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body"

The last days of the individual?

Sleeping and the Day of Judgement?

Looking at "Christ's Return" with spiritual eyes

What being "Born Again" really means

A hypothetical possibility which blasphemes Christ

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Dogma does not want humanity to know about Divine Law

Probably the saddest mistranslation in history

They have robbed humanity of the Aeon of aeons

What is meant by "Repentance"?

Freewill has a greater purpose than accepting one particular dogma

A selfish and unthinking attitude which denies the Mission of Christ

Perfection comes after aeons of evolution and not instantly

"Christian Spiritualists are denying God's sweetest gift"?

"Even if a shining angel should preach a different gospel"?

They are preaching their own gospel

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Following the "doctrines of devils"?

"I am the Way"

False prophets in sheeps clothing?

"God loves us so gives us everything of the world"?

Inspired does not necessarily mean perfect

"It's not what I want. If it's in the Bible then God said it"?

Fundamentalist inerrancy: "Don't you think God could get it right where the Bible is concerned?"

The Holy Spirit shall provide the answers to those who seek, ask and knock

Those with astigmatised views are blessed if they are sincere

Man is not simply a physical being having spiritual experiences, but he is also a spiritual being having physical experiences

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"Jesus said 'Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way' - so accept our way or perish"?

Moral Right Christianity is better than none?

Christ was always a Redeemer from the beginning

Dogma does not want humanity to know who its God really is

God's Justice and Holiness demand that there is Universal Salvation!"

The Fundamentalist's idea of "hope" is actually depressing

The "Be Saved Or Be Damned" dogma prevents people from seeing the universality of salvation in the Sacred Record

Lazarus and the rich man: "Jesus said the dead and the living cannot communicate"?

"But some Spiritualists openly deny Christ?"

Genuine trance mediums would be disintegrated if truly 'taken over' by the Soul of Jesus of Nazareth

The only real peace, hope and joy, is to know that God's Plan includes peace, hope and joy for everyone else too

"God detests astrologers therefore the Greater World is misguided because of the use of the name 'Zodiac'!"

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