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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 1st January, 1928.

"Most tender Shepherd, gather these Thy sheep into the Fold of Thy Love, and grant that each one may feel the protection around them; that the anxieties of physical life may be swept away by the sweet breeze of the Spirit, and that all in this little circle of peace may be conscious of Thy ministration, of the messengers which Thou has sent, and of the little ones gathered here to distract and to console.

"Christ, the beloved of our hearts, we give that which is ourselves into Thy care, and we ask Thee to take of our little gifts, and to show us how we can give more from ourselves, and still again, how we can teach others to present their gifts in turn, and to win for themselves that sweetest name of all - Thy servants as well as Thy children by heritage and by right.

"Commending ourselves into Thy care, certain that the power is all around, conscious that Thou hast called us and Thou wilt give just what the spirit needs, so, O God, we thank Thee with grateful hearts, and we commence our work, rededicating ourselves to Thy service. Amen...

"...My little children, it is hardly necessary to say that those who love you well have brought you into these conditions; it is not necessary for me to add that each one has been in my love for many a year, aye, before the physical body was donned. You ask yourselves as to that before stage, as to the stage beyond, and I answer - because the Master is here and directs me to speak with assurance - that in the stage before the physical, you sought to find the Light; in this stage, so you have made your own a measure of Light; and in the stage to come, so you shall find that the Light which is of the Spirit is all around.

"Does not this explain what the physical journey has held? Does it not make clear the pangs of the body? Does it not reveal the mighty purpose under all those things which, by the circumstances of your life, you have been forced to do without? You, little ones, are in this position - You are: 'Witnesses of the Light of God'.

"But before you can show to others anything of the Light which is Divine, so that which is all-holy within must have a measure of freedom, it must have found a degree of release from all those things which bind.

"So think you, my little ones - and I speak to many, to that great throng composed of the children of God, who, only lately, have called back to remembrance that they are the children of God and heirs of everlasting Life. To that great crowd of souls I pass on encouragement from the Redeemer Himself: I say, out of darkness, you have found the strength to seek a little Light, and by pursuing the difficult road, so, in time, you too shall be witnesses of the Light which never fades - the Light of God, of the great controlling Spirit, the Creator of all things, the One who trod the earth way and gave out that He was the Light of the World...

"Oh, think you of this great and grand link between ourselves and the Source of Light. Think again of those in the far past who knew so little, and yet, in this time, are recognised as prophets inspired by the Holy Spirit. Aye, and think of the many who worshipped not the great Spirit as you understand the Godhead, yet these, out of the release of the Divine within, amongst their own people they spread a measure of Light; they instructed that by sacrifice the true man or woman was expressed; they taught that by denying the desires and the weakness associated with the physical garment, that this was preparation for a higher development, when greater gifts and powers should be their own.

"You may call such as these by strange names, but those in distant countries today regard that which is Mahomet or Buddha, even as the great representatives of the Most High. We, my little ones, criticise them not, but we say, because we know, that their smaller Light shall be turned into greater Light, and by that which their lives has held - the hardships, the physical suffering, the imposing upon them of the will of others, the famines, the droughts - ah, all this shall make it possible, when the physical garment is no more, for them not only to see the Christ, but to recognise in the Christ the Creator of all Life.

"And those whom they followed, what of them? Oh, I have told you before that the bigness of the Mother and Father Heart of God has made due provision; and there is not one teacher, one seer, one prophet in any of those countries which seem strange to you, who - in the measure that they have raised the thoughts of another, that they have given consolation, that they have taught the sweetness of sacrifice - there is not one of these who shall not reap a harvest which is of the joy and peace of God Himself.

"The Father's Love is universal; the Christ-spirit is not reserved for any peoples or any tribes. The so-called 'savage' who protects the one who bore him - that is the Christ-spirit, and God recognises it as such, and it remains imperishable through the aeons to come. The so-called heathen, who, by self-denial, gather together a little gift as a token of obedient love, and present it to the one they regard as their God, this, dear children, is taken by the great Creator as a gift unto Himself, aye, even the tiny offering of the goat's milk, that brings refreshment to the great God of all, for love inspired and sacrifice was in the gift...

"Oh, I implore the teachers and the preachers to cast from them the narrowness of the physical viewpoint, which indeed is a manifestation of the lovelessness and the cruelty of man's mind. I ask them to think of the Christ, the One who announced that He went forth to seek for the lost sheep, and sought until it was found (Matt. 18:12-14; Luke 15:3-7); to believe that the Master spoke the truth, the literal truth. And the great God - the One who holds within His Heart and Mind that which is Life in every stage - the great God seeks for the straying sheep, aye, and when the lambs, out of their ignorance, wander into the lesser fold, so He protects them until they pass into conditions where there are shepherds to lead them into the fold of illimitable Love. That is God.

"And so, my children, precious to me and to the Father, forsaking the things of the world and cleaving to the things of the Spirit - you have been drawn here tonight, to have reassurance and comfort over the present, and to have that great gift of knowing that you, in time to come, through that which you have endured, shall be counted among the witnesses of the Light of Eternal Love. What a future! Yet, the future could not be worked out without the past, without the present.

"There is this coming upon the face of the earth - yet no dismay should approach the minds of anyone who know their Saviour - there is coming upon the earth the cleansing breath of the Holy Spirit, which shall follow on the heels of suffering, and not only triumph over suffering, but, in the measure that the awakened rise to the mission entrusted to them, so sorrow shall be conquered for ever.

"And though suffering may touch the individual, its companion shall be joy, for each pang represents nearer to God, closer to the Crucified; and does that not mean the resurrection of the Divine within never to know death again? For, the only 'death' which has any meaning in the Spirit, is the crushing in and the suffocation of the attributes of God. They die for a stage, yet, what is given by God has life imperishable; and though they seem to be wrapped in the sleep of death, after the winter time of experience, so the glorious spring heralds them into life once more, and that life shall be linked to All-Life, and, in turn, give out life to others, yes, call them out of the tomb of self...

"So, my children, I bid you rejoice. I entreat you never to go back in thought upon the sorrows of the past, except to exclaim: 'How fortunate I was, how great a gift was mine; for my spirit was sufficiently aroused to take the hard path which leads into the vibrations of the Christ Himself'.

"The witnesses of the Light in the dim and distant past - they have gathered here to greet you, to cheer you, and to promise that never in any experience nor in any stage, will they forsake you; for you are bound together by the unbreakable cords which have been blessed by God.

"Each one I entreat, yet it is within my knowledge that this night the individual will make a compact with himself or herself, and the compact is further dedication to the Master's work. You have entrusted to you, a mission; and what you do, what you believe, what you hope, though it is individual to you, yet it is a trust to pass on to others.

"God gives to the one who responds to His Love, but the only way to worship God is to bring Light to those in darkness, to be His shepherds, and to concentrate on gathering in those many who know not that there is a Fold where protection from the enemies within and the enemies without has been provided by the One who loves them best...

"So to you, and to all, I voice the entreaty that the coming year shall be even as an epoch in your spiritual life; that what you have given of yourselves in the past shall be doubled; that your faith in God shall be trebled; that your certainty that His promises will be worked out for all mankind shall not only be as heretofore, but shall represent a wave of spiritual power which shall batter down the doubts and misgivings of others.

"Yes, to promise the Christ within that each day encouragement and consolation shall be given out to others; that each day you will demonstrate your own faith, and so bring into being the flickering flame of the faith of another in your surroundings; that each day you shall raise your heart and mind to the Christ, positive that He is listening and bestowing; that each day you shall pray less for yourself and more for others.

"This is the beginning of a new era of work for the children of the King; and the One who holds within His grasp that which is the destinies of all creation, the Father thinks it not beneath Him but rather as a revelation of how He feels towards His own, to beg His children to give unto Himself that which I have put into words.

"The Christ spreads over us all that great volume of love and understanding which only He possesses, and He asks you, each one, at the beginning of that which is a new year to you, to come to Him in love, and to spread the message of His Love to all within your vibrations, whether in a physical body or in a body less developed than your own. By your thought, by your faith, by your certainty, to be witnesses of the Light in darkened places, to be witnesses of imperishable Love to those who have bound themselves in that which represents the chains of self.

"This is our work, and when you pass hence, so you shall look back over the pathway of your physical life, and by that Light which you have cast out from yourself, so, dear children, the glory, the radiance of the Holy Spirit shall be made your own.

"We work amongst the blind, we work amongst those who are indeed crippled by the past; we work among the deaf, aye, and amongst the dumb; those deaf to the sweet voice of the Spirit, those who can find naught within from which to give out a message either of hope or of love to others. We are linked to the great, great Missionary, the Christ; and we, in our degree, are redeemers under the great Redeemer, healers under the universal Healer, life-bringers under the great Source from whom springs all Life.

"What a prospect! And the way to make our travelling safe, the way to ensure that we stray not from the path which leads into the Eternal Home, is the simple way. Man finds not God through the tools of the mind, but always through the sweetness of the emotions and the trueness of that which you name the heart.

"And the ideal - in any state, in any stage of development - is that the mind should be governed by the spirit, and from the spirit, so, dear children, springs love and compassion, the desire to help, the prayers for the downtrodden, aye, and the linking up, out of the strength within, with those who are frail and weak. The spirit supplies those tender emotions; and in each stage, if it be progression, so the mind is governed by the sweeter kinder self.

"And now, my children, I will pass from you for a space, but I ask you to think over what I have said - to hold in your mind that the gifts you have, the wisdom which you possess, that is to be used in the Christ way to draw in and to inspire others. Not to say: 'My heart so controls me that I wish your life to be easier, to hold more of physical joy than it does'. That is not of the heart in the Spirit sense; indeed it is an echo from that stage when you were far more bound than now.

"The giving out from the heart in the Spirit sense, is that certainty of the working out of Divine Love; and so you can go to your brother or your sister and say with truth: 'You suffer today, but think of the joy of tomorrow. You go without in the winter time of your experience, but the winter time is preparing the beauty of spring. And when that time is present, even as the blossoms upon the tree so shall be your gifts, so shall be your powers, for God's laws govern man's laws, the Holy Spirit works on in spite of that which is done contrary to the Divine will; and the harvest grows, and the granaries are getting filled, and the future is glorious to behold'...

"And then, before I leave you, I speak to the guides of those gathered in (Mrs Wood and Mrs Penrose, healer). I say to them that the Master's blessing shall be worked out even as a pattern beneath their hands. They are witnesses of the Light, and out of their holy desire, so they have gathered here and brought their instruments with them; and, the Light which has been purchased by effort, shall grow and grow, and the cross no more shall be a cross that represents pain, but a symbol of the resurrection which follows suffering borne for the Master's sake...

"Friends, I clasp your hand. Beyond you and behind, there are the children of the Father, craving the care and the guidance of those who know. With me, thank the great God, for His mercy is everlasting, and His blessings are as the grains of sand upon the sea shore...

"The symbol of resurrection: Freedom from the past and the opening out of that magnificent future prepared by God, yet, won by the individual through His grace and in honour of His most Holy Name...

"So I leave you but, my children, thank the great Giver for that which has been bestowed..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...A stranger, yet one who loves you well. When I trod the earth way, I was among the despised, aye, and had the scorn of men. My name is Bartimaeus, and I come into your presence, sent by the Master, as a witness of the Light - the Light of God...

"My little children, bear with me for a few seconds while I narrate something as to the past. I was born of humble folk - the spirit's choice - and I came into a body which was imperfect from the physical point of view, but it was to work out the perfect plan of God. Take that truth and make it your own. There are countless thousands who have come into physical life with the burden of a faulty body, but out of that which was missing, out of that which was awry, so the Divine purpose was worked out, and their tiny part of the pattern was worked in.

"Little ones, a poverty impossible for you to grasp was my portion and the portion of many of my kind in those far-off days to you. The blind and the lame were as the litter on the highway, and there were countless thousands. We dragged ourselves from spot to spot, wallowing in mire, oft covered with disease, and those who were whole shrank from us. Those who had compassion tossed us their charity, and many, when they passed out, found that that charity was the only thing in the nature of a gift which they had to show...

"Childhood passed in darkness, manhood passed in a darkness which was greater still, for the child was conscious only of the little world around him, but, as I grew, so within me that which you call imagination spread its wings.

"I lived upon the dusty road, so far as the body was concerned, but my real self soared out of the physical into realms which I know now were of the Spirit itself. And oft, in the stillness of the night, when I was alone with my thoughts, the man forgot his manhood and sobbed as a child over that great celestial city which he sensed, yet could not make his own.

"But the tears were even as the life-bringer to the greater self within, and the time came when the real man was conscious in a definite way of the Love of God, of something of the compassion of the great God Jehovah, who once had seemed so far away. And in a dream so the Light was given, for an angel stood before me and my blindness was not. I could see the beauty of her demeanour and the radiance around. The angel blessed me and commanded me to watch for One. And though my eyes were holden, I watched by night and I watched by day, for the blind have eyes that are within. And when the Master crossed my path so those eyes instructed, and so I raised my voice and claimed my gift (Mark 10:46-52).

"The past is present. I feel even now the tender Hands, and the crowd, hushed by curiosity or by love; as the blind man received his sight...

"Little children, that was neither the beginning nor was it the end, as I see things now. The child, the boy, the man - that was one incident, one tiny incident in the life that was my own. And, when the Master gave me sight, so also He put upon my shoulders the yoke of service; and, in a little time, the inner vision was opened and I saw the future, what must be my lot. Oh, think not that e'er (ever) a pang came nigh my heart. I took the gift, and though the enemies of the Christ tore the physical garment from me, I had witnessed the Light, and it was my joy to be, in turn, a witnesser of the Light which never fades.

"So I bless you and I leave you; so I console you and I remind you that the one who speaks through this instrument, (i.e. himself through Winifred Moyes), once felt the Hands of the Master upon him, and received his sight. This gift is for all. Call to the Master and lo, His Hands shall rest upon you, and the sight of the real self within shall be made your own never to depart...

"My gift this night to pass on out of my own experience that which is applicable to you; my gift to underline once more that the height and the breadth and the depth of the Love of God is immeasurable by the standards of man. Farewell..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Now, my children, only a word in closing. Each one who has spoken tonight has witnessed to the light of God. I want you to take that which you know of the Love of God and let its bright beams shine down upon the incidents of your daily life, and, under its radiance, so you shall see beneath things temporal those which remain for ever.

"The beautiful pattern is being worked in. The voice of the spirit was not ignored by you, but, to the best of your ability, you responded, and the miracle of the Holy Spirit has done the rest. That creates a witness of the Light. You listen for the Voice of God, and then in faith and trust, leaving explanation to the by-and-by, you do the next thing and the next, and have the inexpressible joy of looking back and seeing that what has been done is according to the Father's will...

"I bless you with the Light which streams from God. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, I endow you with greater illumination, wider understanding, and the faith that can meet life and all it holds, with confidence in the protection.

"The blessing of the Christ, the Love of the great Father and Mother God, and the power and the strength of the Holy Spirit be with you now and for ever. This is the will of the One who loves you best...

"Goodnight, my children, and remember how we are linked to each other, and how the past has built up the great gift that we have in the present, which shall be multiplied again and again in the days to come. Farewell."

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