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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 5th June, 1927.

"O God our Father, we thank Thee with grateful hearts for this great gift which Thou hast bestowed upon us. We ask Thee to accept that which we proffer in humbleness of heart, and we pray Thee to extend that little so that the Divine, which represents our real selves, may be released in the measure that we can meet at Thy Feet and obtain Thy blessing direct.

"Most tender Saviour, enlighten us as to Thy ways. Bestow upon us the faith which shall not give when the clouds of physical life obscure the brightness of the sun of Thy Love, but give us that faith which can pierce the seeming darkness and be certain that all is well - well with the body, well with the mind, and well with the soul.

"Out of our ignorances, our many misunderstandings, we bring upon ourselves that which causes the heart to ache - that burden which is against Thy will, but, O Father, make it possible that we can take Thy promises as literal fact, and can turn to Thee in every need, aye, and in our joys, certain that in Thy Holy Self we shall find that sympathy which is complete...

"We thank Thee and thank Thee again, and we ask Thee to teach us how to express our gratitude in acts, not only in the works of the mind and the body, but also by that reaching out of the real self and demonstrating to those around the power of the Holy Spirit upon this little earth. Father, we take Thy blessing as we are gathered here tonight. Amen.

"My children, let no thought enter the mind of the body that some little thing may have gone awry, for when the will is given to Almighty God, so the events - even those which seem as trivial events - these are governed by the great Spirit of Harmony which is working amidst the disharmony of this little plane. (re. invitations).

"Tonight, for a special purpose we meet, and that purpose at this moment is beyond the mind of the body to grasp, but we meet to carry on this sacred work; we meet in those close ties of love and understanding and mutual aims, and this harmony is essential for that which the Father has laid down to transpire during these hours we are together in this way.

"You and I, dear children, look back over the past; a little 'past' so far as you are concerned, a long, long 'past' where I am drawn in; for I see not only that which has transpired since my sojourn in an earthly body, but the Lord God of all has parted the veil which hid much which lay before that time, and as I stand in your presence this night, I look back and the past is as vivid as the events of this same hour. For lo, when that which you name spiritual sight is bestowed, at a moment's inclination - if that inclination be pure - we can call up as in a vision the details concerning the spiritual history of mankind.

"But here, my little ones, I emphasise a most important point: Those details which do not relate to the freeing of man's spirit, to the evolution of that which he represents, those incidents which are of the earth, earthy - or of any other sphere - which have no connection with the freeing of the spirit within, these, as it were, are gathered together and are burnt, even as the rubbish which you place apart and seek to destroy. This is the mercy of God. To you, bound by the physical mind, it seems that those who are free from the body are burdened with much in the shape of memories.

"Little ones, no individual, save God, could bear the contemplation of all that wasted effort, all those missed opportunities, all the folly which has made up the past. God alone has that poise, that strength, that vision, which can take and hold the details of the past, the present and the future of His many creations. And God has taken upon Himself that burden, otherwise there might be one here or there who could exclaim with truth that He was an incomplete Father of those He had brought into being.

"Where we are concerned, those things which contribute to the plan, and, in a measure, those definite actions which thwarted at any point the furtherance of the plan, these things are held by us - but no more. So much belongs to that which is as dust, and the sweet breeze from those realms which are of the Spirit comes sweeping across our minds, and that which is as dust is gone... God's mercy in very truth.

"And so, my little ones, I want you, in looking back over your short past, to hold this thought in mind: Mistakes may have been made - 'Oh, many blunders', you will exclaim - but in the measure that those blunders were not intentional, that it was not out of turning from God that you did this or that, then, dear children, all that shall be swept beyond your horizon, and when you stand face to face with the One who loves you best and feel His Hand upon you, it shall be taken from you to recall such things as these.

"I underline this because so many fear that which they name self-revelation when the body is cast aside. They say: 'That in which I have failed, it presents now so ominous an appearance, what shall I do when I am faced with the accumulation in those conditions where forgetting is no more?'

"What will you do, dear children? Why, you will look around and you will say to those who gather to you: 'What of my past?' And they will answer, instructed by the Holy Spirit who rules their hearts: 'The past is past; the future lies open before you in all its glory, its wealth of experience, its unlimited opportunity. And with the tools which you yourself have bought by that which you have endured, there shall come no sorrow to cast a shade over the perfect Love which has closed you in'...

"But, dear ones, you will say to me: 'How does this fit in with the regret so oft expressed by those who return and speak to us through instruments prepared for service?' And I answer that everything that relates to God is worked out on exact, logical, and closely reasoned lines. If you come back in this way (full control), during that time you speak, so, as it were, the sensation of the physical body which you don will bring its memories; but how long do you wear that garment? A few minutes at most, and as you leave, so by the past recalled, you have gained a fresh impetus to effort, a higher and nobler ambition by the consciousness of the bounty of God and the rays of His sympathetic understanding, which have made those mistakes and blunders fade almost entirely from that remembrance which is your own...

"I speak thus for a great purpose, for there are many gathered into this room tonight, who turn one to the other with looks of hope, with a sense of comfort. They are those, dear children, who, by unspeakable struggle, have aroused that which is their lesser selves, and, in a measure, have released the Divine within. These, in the past, turned away from Light to darkness; many inflicted grievous wrongs on others; but now they stand before you and before God as ransomed souls, inspired to reach the highest and the best.

"That which they did in ignorance, that which they did apart from ill-intent, that has been blotted out long since; but between them and the realms of Light lay many boulders of deliberate ill, many acts which were carried through with determination by the mind associated with that which they wore in the past. And these things cannot be lightly put aside, for lo, an act is but an outward expression of the bondage that is within. They did and they thwarted, they hindered and they held back not only themselves but many in their vibrations.

"Yet, such is the mercy of God, that a way has been found; and that way, dear children, although you know it not, that way for these many strangers has been provided through the link you have made yourselves. And what is this link? Not in the gathering together, evening by evening, to listen to God's direction passed on through us. No, not that, but the dedication, the thought, the sustained effort over the years which have passed. This has built up a bridge where before there was no bridge.

"Many, beyond the power of the physical mind to grasp, have slowly but surely gathered closer and closer to us, and tonight I speak to countless thousands and I tell them, instructed by their God and Father, that in the little tomorrow they shall retrace their steps, but this time to save others; this time they shall enter that darkness which so gladly they have left, and the power shall be vouchsafed to them to draw up the weakest and the frailest.

"This most holy work of ours has been carried on, for the most part, unknown by you; indeed, my little ones, fear would have held the mind of the body had you known for what purpose those conditions between you and the Spirit World were opened.

"Oh, think of it and rejoice. You look around those upon the earth plane and you say to them: 'A gift is ours, come and share and have the gladness which this holy communion so freely brings'. You send out your thoughts to strengthen a weak one here and a sad one there, but sometimes it seems that so much you long to do and so little have you accomplished.

"Yet pause and think. During the years you have given yourselves to God's work, slowly I have drawn aside the veil, and you have been astonished at the growth of the influence of this little gathering; you have exclaimed amongst yourselves: 'How wonderful are God's ways; how many have been gathered in; how far these words are read'; and humbleness has crept over you because you realise that out of your little gift of service, a mighty return has taken place.

"That is the view presented at this stage to you, my little ones so dear to me; but tonight I ask you to get beyond the physical, to get beyond those vague allusions regarding the rescue work which I have set on foot, and to open your hearts and understanding to this demonstration of the Spirit at work over areas and conditions beyond the mind of man.

"You, my children, have achieved your heart's desire all unknowingly to yourselves, and this night I speak upon the widespread influence, power, and love of the Holy Spirit, which represents so faithfully the great Creator of us all.

"Go back on the Sacred Record and read, dear children, as you have done so often, read as to those you name the disciples of the Master. How they - listening to the Voice, obeying the guidance - how they met in quiet places, even as you and I; how they gathered together those prepared by suffering, by work, by dedication to the Crucified One who had risen again. How they withdrew from the cities, and out in some lonely spot they gathered together to draw down upon themselves that great, great power, which the Beloved had promised in so definite a way.

"What think you as to their thoughts? They knew that in front - aye, and all around - were enemies in plenty; they knew that there were those amongst them who would drink of the same cup as the Master, for Love's sweet sake; they knew that upon their shoulders rested the responsibility of carrying on the Truth which the Messiah had come to bestow upon a doubting world; and, like the children they were, they were alarmed; yet, they were obedient to the Voice.

"They gathered together in some quiet spot and one or the other, used in precisely the same way as I use this child, received the gift of the Holy Spirit and drew down the power upon the little group who listened. And by that power, so the will was hardened, so the courage was strengthened, and so that which was Divine within was released, in that measure which allowed them to look into the chaos of their future upon earth with calm and quiet reflection.

"They knew not, little ones, what they were doing. How could they? They knew not what you know at this stage. All that was in their minds was to obey. Their life upon the earth plane - it was for a purpose, part of the plan. And the Master who had departed from them in clouds of glory, had told them that He would prepare a place for them, and in their minds that 'place' was so connected with the glory of the Christ, that life in the physical body was as nothing in comparison to the joy which lay in front...

"These, dear children, you name the holy ones - and why? Because they listened to the Voice, because they tried to contribute their little portion towards the succouring of others. But while they listened to those who spoke to them - through the power of the Holy Spirit, and through that power alone - they too were gathering those, who, in the long past, had turned from God in every aspect, and had sought only that which was detrimental to His work on earth.

"Here the point of similarity between them and you is very strong. They knew naught, and you can grasp scarce a fragment of what I would unfold; but God's ways are not as man's ways, and the pattern is worked in, for out of the little a great refreshment of soul and spirit is brought to pass.

"My children, you will remind me as to their lives and yours, and I answer: I know it all, yet in these days there is much which causes the heart to ache. In that far-off time, because of the stronger forces to be counteracted, so, in that measure, greater strength was provided by those who were free, even as today when the strain is great, so the power bestowed is great in proportion; and thus the conditions of that time had drawn to us a resistance and a stability which was even of those holy ones who worked and suffered with us.

"I want you all to take the happy aspect of effort, of doing, of constructing, and of bringing into being that which shall remain forever. I want you, in thinking of the gift of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts and minds of humanity, to take the wide view, not to limit it to any season, to any period of history, but to realise that this power, in its unceasing flow, is poured down upon you, not only for the purpose which is apparent, but by the very blindness and limitations of the instruments upon earth, so, through the grace of God, it accomplishes a hundredfold more than you can understand...

"Little ones, the gifts of the Spirit, as enumerated, seem so wonderful to you, and you long to make them your own; but can you not grasp that by the withholding of some of the most attractive of these gifts, you have put into motion the greatest and finest gift of all?

"In the Sacred Record there has been promised that to the faithful so the gift of grappling with evil shall be given, so the gift of raising the 'dead' shall not be withheld, so the gift of healing the sick and of consoling the broken-hearted shall be given to those who have dedicated themselves to the Most High.

"You, my children, and all those who devote themselves truly to the service of God, all the many who have succoured the weak upon earth; who have tried to heal and yet have drawn disappointment to themselves as to the incompletion of their work; who have sorrowfully stood aside from the so-called dead, knowing that the power is missing within - to you, and to them, I say that in a sense ten thousand times greater than the physical sense, all these deeds have been done by you again and again.

"You have grappled with that which is venomous and poisonous; you have passed through evil untouched and undefiled; you have gone to those so bound by the past that not only in outward semblance but even as concerns the spirit within, they have seemed as dead in very truth, and you have called them back to life - that life which is consciousness of what they are and to whom they belong.

"And the healing of the mind, the straightening of those deformed garments in which they are encased, the purification of the emotions - that which you name the heart - this, little ones, has been done by you all, unconsciously to the mind of the body which you use during your waking hours.

"Can you not grasp how, over the past, man has limited his God, and yet the great Mind of Love, all the while, has been pushing aside those limitations and has built for unbelieving mankind that which shall never pass away?

"Those upon the earth, except for the few, they are blind to that power of the Holy Spirit which, even now, is at their disposal. Bound by restrictions of thought, chained to all that which has been built up by the mind of the body during the centuries, they take the written Word - aye, and many who call themselves Christian - take one portion only of the written Word, and seek to apply it in their daily life and in regard to those around. So little are they that they have built up a conception of the littleness of God; but even in their vanity and disbelief, God shows how great He is by saving for them that which they, in their folly, have thrown away.

"The few take the written Word as it is in the Sacred Record, they enumerate the gifts of the Spirit laid down therein, and they say: 'This has been given by God to me and to all. I will prepare myself, I will take the steep road, and the Father will not withhold that which He has promised'.

"These, dear children, are what those of the world call them, 'advanced', and many add that which is detrimental to that word. They accuse them of taking too much for granted; they call after them: 'Come back ere it is too late. Those things were meant only in an allegorical sense, and danger and evil will assail you if you seek to make the gifts your own in literal fact'.

"This, dear children, has been spread far and wide by the teachers and the instructors; yet, they know not of what they speak. And the 'advanced', the 'reckless', the ones who are 'tempting' the evil forces by taking upon themselves that which is reserved for God - they but seek to put into practice what the Master laid down for all to read; yet, even these little ones, have gathered but a fragment of the Truth, only the edge of all that which lies within the gift of the Holy Spirit, which can be bestowed upon everyone when the instrument is ready to receive it.

"So, in pondering as to this meeting together, have no thought but this: That what you have received is, as it were, a preface to all that mighty volume of power, of doing, of opportunity, of achievement which shall follow. While the body binds certain limitations are necessary for your protection, but even while the body binds, the spirit can dominate and control. You have found, you have seen, you have proved that, under certain conditions, the body and its weakness can be cast aside, and that the spirit can manifest itself in a way which is staggering to you.

"That is but a preparation for Reality. You know not what you are, nor the powers housed within. You know not that which you construct as your thoughts seek those things which are of God. You know not what your thwarted instincts have had the power to build, those instincts which make you long to leave the task at hand and to go out and grapple with the weak and those who are named the evil ones, and by the power which God has promised, to draw them in and to save them from themselves. In so little measure can you do this holy work - so you think; in a measure beyond the mind of anyone upon the earth to grasp, you have done that for which your spirit so longs...

"Little ones, how much you have to learn, so it seems to you, as you listen to my words; but I would have you think on lines like these: I bid you to trust to the Father and Mother Heart of God, for out of the little so the great Creator has wrought a mighty thing...

"The gifts of the Spirit: My little ones, let no misgiving ever approach you as to those which are withheld at this stage. By the mere fact that you have given of yourselves - your earnest thought, the toil of your mind, the toil of your hands, so, could the eyes of the spirit transfer sight to the eyes of the body, you would see a splendour of achievement which would aghast you by its length and breadth...

"Oh, I would encourage you and console. The Comforter is not only working in your hearts and minds, but through that which you have given out, so refreshment has been brought to thousands beyond your ken.

"This is the way God works amongst His children upon earth. I entreat all who read these words to try and take the bigger view, to extend vision beyond that which indeed is limited in every respect. I entreat them once more to judge not God by physical standards, but to have faith in His promises; to seek to probe beneath the words in which those promises are framed, and to try and get a glimpse of the spirit beneath that which was expressed in the language of that time.

"Holiness so oft, dear children, escapes us when we talk in words familiar to those on earth; but because it escapes our capacity to convey it, never think that Holiness escapes you or the ones on whom it is bestowed. The Spirit of God is as an arch across this little room, and its rainbow tints are there to express understanding of every individual, as well as every race.

"Yes, like a high arch across the physical world is that which you name the Holy Spirit, and the time is coming when its rays shall be so irresistible that over the world those in any measure spiritually awakened, shall arise and proclaim aloud - not the mystery of the Godhead - but the unquenchable, unlimited Love of the Creator of us all...

"Mysteries? These things remain because, my little ones, so few are willing or have the desire to penetrate into 'mystery' so that they may discover for themselves what is there - and explain to others...

"Yet always over the past, there has been one here, one there, and they, putting aside self, according to their light, they, with humble hearts, have stepped forward into 'mystery', and have found - not the clouds which obscure, not the horrors which some prophesied, not the dangers which beset those who are 'over-bold', nay, little ones, they have entered the mists of that which was unknown, and, according to their courage and their faith, they have found streaming upon them the sunshine of the Love of God.

"This is our future. What has been, represents twilight; and before us is that radiant dawn of understanding. And when, my little ones, the light and the warmth and the comfort of that stage is reached, the past will be forgotten in the joy which holds your hearts; the past will be forgotten for ever and for ever. Out of the courage you have shown, out of the work you have put in, out of the hopes and the strivings, the mistakes of the past have been worked out; and the seeming blunders of the present, when the will is given up, even these blunders shall represent a mighty gain.

"And thus, my children, I leave you for a space. As you think over my words, oh, lay it upon your heart that I - your guide, your instructor as to the things which are of God - that I, under the direction of the Most High, have sought to give you cheer; not cheer founded on the wish to comfort alone, but that cheer which is Truth, and that Truth shall be worked out in the tomorrows which are to come.

"You are even my own children, gifted to me by an understanding Father. We are bound together by such cords of love; and what you are and what you hope to be, that, my little ones, is not only my own desire, but God has promised to me, and to you, that it shall be accomplished, and that all shall be worked out even as the spirit within demands...

"I speak to all those who have rendered service to this little branch of the great Work. I gather in the many who have lent their thoughts and have sent their prayers, and in the Name of the Most High I address them, I say: Blessed are they who thirst after righteousness for their thirst shall be quenched, and their souls shall be filled with holy joy. Thus the Master speaks through the servant at His command: Blessed are they who thirst after righteousness.

"And now, my children, I will leave you, yet, even while I seem to be absent in this way, my work goes on, not only with those who speak, but with you individually, every one. I am with you, giving of that which God has bestowed on me; and because I know that you long to pass on those gifts to others, so the gifts shall all come back, in time and in turn, to the One who loves us best... Mighty is the Mind of God and most loving the Holy Spirit at work.

"And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Gentle sisters, I am here in this strange guise to speak to you of the One we love so well. It is my great gift this night to give out to the world that which has been withheld from many, because they found not within the faith to take that which was so freely proffered.

"It is the one you name Mary, the sister of Lazarus, and in my hands I bring with me that which would seem to you as a tiny key. It shall illustrate my message as I continue. Very often, as you talk together, the women of that far-off time pass in and out amongst you, drawn by your talk of the One they love so well.

"My own portion seems to you, perchance, one which was to be envied in the right way. I was permitted to hear from the Sacred One great and mighty truths. In that little home removed from the noise and turmoil of the city, we were privileged to listen to Our Lord and, moreover, to minister to His needs. My sister, Martha, perhaps finds greater favour to your minds. She was, so it appears to you, cut off from that same free intercourse which was mine. She bids me pass on a sister's love to you all, and, in the time to come, she herself will explain, for I would speak of that which is nearer than all to your hearts.

"Curious it seems to me as I stand here. The garments of the earth, they are as a cumbersome weight; the body it feels as an armour which is stiff and unyielding; even the bones of the face seem to me - so long free from that which binds - as though they compress my thoughts and stem my deepest feelings; yet, I do scatter the precious moments by this idle talk.

"In that far-off time to you, we lived lives curiously unlike your own. There was much which had to be accomplished by methods which would have appeared arduous in these so easy times. The appliances were few; that which you name machinery was, in your sense, unknown, and we worked in a manner which would have seemed strangely complicated and laborious compared to that which appertains today.

"So my memory goes back as to the baking, as to the preparing, as to the seeking of those materials which could be converted into use, and when the Master came there was much ado. Only the best was for such as He; but in the turmoil of planning and contriving He stepped into our presence, and peace fell upon me as a great cloak which encompassed me round about. Thereafter, I could do naught, but like a little animal follow at His heels. The world and the things of the world, that which sustained the body, the meal and the wine, for myself I cared not yet for Him it was, ah, the best for Him...

"Gentle sisters, bear with me, for the memories they crowd so fast and I seek to pick out here and there that which shall convey to you something of the atmosphere of that little home.

"The Master, when He came amongst us, thought naught of those things which we had so lovingly prepared. His tired body and His weary mind, it seemed to me that He forgot or, rather, that remembrance was taken from Him. Oft I wept and sorrow assailed my heart because of the weariness which followed Him from place to place; and like a true woman I mourned over all those things which He went without.

"Canst thou understand? The women of that far-off time, their love was not as your love today. We were very humble in our love, and there was naught that any one of us would not have done for the man we loved; and for the Messiah we would have laid our bodies upon the ground so that He could walk over them and save His feet from dust. I put this into words for it is hard for your minds to grasp, and yet He of all was the One who put us in a place of honour...

"So little I could do, for that strange stifling of effort held me in a vice while He was beneath our roof. I longed to do, but I did not know what to do or how to do. Sisters, as a little stray lamb I huddled at His feet, drawn by a love impossible to be described in words, and He understood...

"Canst thou understand? And when He passed from us, then this anguish was always my portion: His disregard of comfort, of the needs of the body, of the necessities of the day and still more the necessities of the night. How little He recked that which He carried or that which He went without.

"We pressed upon Him the little comfort at our command, but we knew that when the first beggar was passed, lo, the beggar would be filled and the Master would go hungry. And so it was with His cloak and that which was essential, as you would say, to protect Him from the nightly chills. The Master thought not of Himself, indeed He seemed to forget He was in a land where fever was rampant and where there were enemies of the body on either side.

"So, dear sisters, feeling once more that sense of failure and the inability to do or to think, I have put into words so bare, so incomplete, something of those days of ours upon the earth plane. One thought alone I would that your minds could hold - that of the Master who could not think of Himself, for all His thoughts were upon others, their needs, their necessities, their comfort, and the reassuring of their friends.

"As He passed from our door and I watched that loved form fading from my sight, tears gushed from my eyes, and in my parting is pain indeed. Rumours were on all sides, the enemies they were thick and complex in their working, and the Master passing from us seemed as though He entered into the lion's pit itself...

"Next time we meet in this most intimate way, I will relate some little portion of the conversations which He had with us at the close of day; for what is mine is thine, and the love you have for the Saviour of us all, this love, dear sisters, has opened many gates and naught is closed to you concerning the tenderness He showed to us in that far-off time.

"We meet - we of yesterday and you of today - but, the past is past and the present is a symbol of that great linking up when the body is laid aside; for in this room tonight there is a gathering even as of that which you name the Holy Supper; and each one speaks to the other, yet, as they speak, so the power is sent to those conditions where, as yet, the Beloved is unknown...

"Forgive me, dear sisters, for this so halting message. The name of Our Dear Lord brings over me, as in those days of old, that sense of inability to collect my thoughts or to put into action that which I so long to do; but we are linked together, and upon us all there lies the chain of office, and on that which you name the end, the key it rests. I hold it in my hand - the key of effort and holy desire which opens not only conditions, but the hearts and minds of those who have gone on before.

"Farewell, yet think of me with love and with excuse, for though in much I failed, my God and my Saviour was all in all to me, and it was love which held my actions, and it was His love which understood...


(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I am going to close this happy evening because I do not wish to unduly strain those who, so willingly and gladly, get out the written word (records). Yet, remember that while you are all together, it is God's will that if you wish anyone you love to speak to you, the instrument is at hand to be used. This gift you have bought by service; and because the Holy Spirit governs your lives, and you only use the gift after turning to the One you love so well and seeking to gather whether it is the Divine will or not.

"In this, dear children, read your reassurance for the days to come. Because instinctively you turn to Christ for direct guidance and act according to that guidance, so you shall find that no doors in regard to spiritual things shall be closed to you. You shall knock, and as you knock, so the door shall be opened.

"Therefore, have faith in all things, not only over those which appertain to the Spirit, but over the material conditions of your physical lives. Be certain that the plans of God are never delayed when the will has been given up to Him; the delay is as this: The Divine within you, communing with the Great Divine, is satisfied that God's time is not only best but sweetest.

"So, my little ones, in thinking of patience, let it not assume an aspect which is cold and threatening; rather, let patience seem to you even as the thin veil which is protecting the loveliness within, yet a veil that can be thrown aside when the appointed time arrives for you to make your own that which God has bestowed.

"Patience is faith, and faith brings a patience which no enemies can disperse. So, my children, I bless you not only with patience, but with the capacity to see how great a thing patience can bring to pass. It is protection - protection - so that your spirit's desire may come to you even as God intends, with unsullied beauty, and with a power which is perfect in all those things which count.

"Therefore, under the protection of the patience which is faith in God, I leave you tonight, blest in very truth by the One who loves you and who shares your life... I bless you in the Name of Christ with those things which shall not pass away...

"Goodnight, my children, and be very happy over all that which has been given to you, by the power of the Holy Spirit in your midst."

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