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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 3rd August, 1924.

"Father, just as we are we come to Thee - as little children resting on Thy compassion and looking to Thee with eyes of trust - certain, so certain that all is well, and that Thy great and overwhelming love is able to gather everything in and to do that which is needful, so that the strength may be forthcoming to carry this evening through to a successful conclusion.

"O Christ, help us - help us both in the morning and when the sun goes down. Help us in the hours of night when loneliness makes itself felt and Thou dost seem very far away, and in all those phases which recur in the memory so often and whose echo is as bitter as the phase itself - in those times of need, of spiritual weakness in the sense that touch with Thee seems incomplete - in those times, O Lord, gather us up and bestow upon us Thy kiss of pardon, and grant that the power of the Spirit may carry us through - carry us through and leave behind the light of achievement and of that progress which suffering has purchased as its natural right...

"Grant us these blessings, O God, and help us - help us to be free. Sadness has no place where Thou art - joy and peace only can be present - therefore we hold out our hands tonight for joy and peace, banishing the shadows beyond the borders of this room.

"It is sufficient to want to be with Thee for Thou to be amongst us; it is only necessary - as Thou hast taught - for the wish for communion to be in the hearts of Thy children for the channel to be open, to be kept clear of the obstacles of the world...

"It is in Thy power, and within Thy love, to give so that the Spirit shall have full play and that Thy work may be carried on; therefore, with joy we meet together - joy and peace - and with joy and peace we shall take up our lives once more, certain that Thou leadest all the way and where Thou art the enemy cannot approach...

"Thy blessing, O Christ, O suffering Christ, Thy blessing...

"...My children, once more we meet together in this sacred way, and once more I ask you to give me of your aid, to lend yourselves entirely to the Spirit, so that those little gaps which might cause trouble may be filled in expeditiously, and we shall be quite sure of an uninterrupted evening - quite sure that God only waits to do that which we desire.

"My children, it must seem to you sometimes that life - physical life -is a very complicated thing. And so it is - so it is, because the children of the earth cannot work on simple, straight lines, and, for the most part, they cannot keep their eyes on Christ and allow everything else to go by.

"Life in your world today is a very different thing from what God intended in the days of creation. God did not mean that there should be so much unnecessary suffering - unnecessary, because the same progress and the same development could be brought about in a different way altogether: It could be brought about by the gentle acquiescence to the Divine Will - just that taking up of the burden and handing it over to the Saviour - when joy would be your companion instead of sorrow and all those many stages of grief which some of my children have come to understand far too well.

"I wish I could do more, but that does not mean that God will not allow me to do more. Many of you think that - but I would have you recognise the truth over this great matter, now and forever.

"God does not stand between anyone and joy and peace and happiness; but the evil has been given such licence by the disregarding of His laws during the many centuries of time which have elapsed, that the plans of Love are seriously maltreated before His will is done.

"I know, to the majority, it sounds curious that evil should have this power - and yet just think for one minute. Take the average person - the ordinary, so-called 'good' person - and you will find that even they contribute something to the side of weakness, something which has to be fought against and overcome, not only by themselves but by others.

"It is, dear children, by thought that so much damage is done. It is, as it were, as if a tiny stone obstructed the path of the pilgrims on their way to the Better Land. And each one - or nearly each one - in passing, leaves a thought of regret, of rebellion or, perhaps, of sadness. And on that site is added many other small stones - some so tiny that you would think they were of no importance at all - but collectively they hang together and, in time to come, instead of a small hillock which can be stepped over without a second's hesitation, lo, there is a column of stone - immovable - which has to be passed one way or another. And the path is narrow - narrow, as you have been told before.

"You see, my little ones, how it all happens. You cannot lay the blame on this or that generation, far less on this or that person. Unconsciously, influenced by what they see with their physical eyes, thoughts are put into action, and these thoughts have such power that they become tangible, definite things - which have got to be reckoned with by all who wish to climb.

"I just explain this to you because I do want you to try and understand that it is all 'cause and effect' - stretching away back over the centuries - and you, individually, have not only to fight your own thoughts, but in reality are up against the countless thousands which have been left behind by others.

"And here you get the dangerous element with those who are what you call 'highly strung' or 'over sensitive'. You get the signal of danger here because, of necessity, no individual can be sensitive to one set of vibrations without responding equally to others of a less favourable kind. It can be done, of course. When they get a little further on, they are able to shut themselves up in the cabin of the spirit - inside which nothing of the material world can penetrate. But it all takes time.

"I want you to try and look at things in an unbiased way. You have got to reckon not only with present conditions - with the power of the shadows, which power, of course, is enhanced by your own thoughts - but also you have got to reckon with all that has gone before. And to the uninitiated it sounds so hopeless a task - so stupendous, so utterly beyond human effort - that hope sinks very low indeed.

"Ah, my children, you see we have got away from the simple into the complicated, and the complicated is not only difficult to understand but very hard to grapple with, in a physical sense, as well. I led you on in imagination because I wanted to show you how easy it is to get off the straight and sunlit path, into the mazes of the wood which lie on either side.

"I have told you that many, many times - I have told you that the path to God is like a long ribbon stretching away out into Eternity Itself. And all who are able to keep their feet on that, which at once is so definite and so lovely, they are protected from sorrow in every form there could be - protected not from the experiences of physical life, but from the grief they bring to the understanding mind.

"And I warned you - yes, many times I have warned you - of the wood on either side. I said, as I say tonight, that although conditions may entice you into its shade, yet the Voice of the Spirit will call you back again and yet again, because you belong to God and God knows how to look after His own.

"The straight and simple path is the only safe one for the pilgrims of the Light. And so tonight, dear children, I think you will be able to agree with me that, after all, the mazes into which the physical mind lead you so often, bring far too much bitterness to justify their exploration.

"Remember this: That Christ is on the 'high road', and although His love is able to reach into the densest thicket of physical experience and lift His children out, yet it is only when they are treading the high road that they can see Him. You see the difference? You are never out of sight of your Heavenly Father, but you, being limited by physical restrictions of mind and faculty, you cannot see Christ unless you are on the straight and narrow path which He has laid down for you.

"I wish I could comfort you more; I would that I could link your arm in that of joy, and see you happy in mind and in spirit. But, my children, only God can do that. Much as I love you - and I love you in a way you cannot understand even in the dimmest way - much as I love you, my powers are limited, because you have yet to learn, yourselves, what Love is like.

"There is no reproach in these words - no hint of reproach - only deep, deep understanding of the trials which beset your path at this stage. And I tell you - tell you in definite tones - that although I cannot do what I desire so much, yet Christ can do it now - or at any moment - when you can find within yourselves the faith and the confidence to ask it... I almost said: 'to demand it', because, my little ones, it is your right - it is your right, and Christ is the first to recognise this with joy.

"There are several little things about which I wish to speak to you tonight, and the first of these is that big problem of: 'Today and Tomorrow'. I put it in that way because it will be easier for you to grasp.

"Today is always with you in an unpleasant sense, and tomorrow - that glorious tomorrow, when gladness will take the place of sorrow - that glorious tomorrow seems for ever beyond your reach. Yet, dear children, if I agreed with this, I should be denying everything that I have told you during the years that we have been together in this personal way. Yes, I know you think you have very good grounds for viewing today with repugnance and tomorrow as a beautiful dream which will only be realised when your physical bodies are laid aside...

"My children, it is often so during the earthly pilgrimage. The majority start off with high hopes - they draw out from their hidden resources so much power and effort, that it seems to the looker-on - and sometimes to themselves - that they are going to take the hill at a run.

"That stage, dear children, is a very lovely one, both for them and for us. We cherish the remembrance of their enthusiasm, of their selflessness, of their desire to do the best they can. We love the remembrance of this, and during the stage we collect each little golden thread and put it into the safe keeping of our heart, for it is a gift of worth indeed.

"But we know that by-and-by the tests will come - we know that the first spurt of energy cannot last if the hill is to be climbed to the top - and so we start preparing them for the inevitable disappointment in themselves that follows.

"You see, dear children, there is nothing in the nature of a spiritual tragedy about this - it is just commonsense - so natural, so entirely to be expected.

"Take yourselves: You see a beautiful high hill and there is a long way to go before the top is reached. The young ones - spiritually, as well as physically - they say: 'It's no use thinking about it - let's get on!' And up they go, taking big strides, entirely disregarding the strain on muscle and sinew. And soon, very soon, they have to pause and rest.

"The old campaigner - he who has climbed many hills and has always found it well worth while when he has reached the top - he goes to work in a systematic way. First he sees that he travels light, and then that he has a strong staff in his hand. He is practical, he knows he has a long way to go, but he is going to get there in the end. And the youthful ones, breathless with their exertions, are passed by the more experienced. But in passing them does he criticise or condemn? No, he is full of understanding over their enthusiasm - it takes him back to his own early experience, and he thrills with sympathy over their courage and the wish to do so much in a short space of time.

"And then, leaving our hardy traveller, we go back in thought to the younger ones. Mind you, they intend to get there in their own way in the end, and they do - and really there is something to be said for their method of tackling the obstacles in their path. Heedless of tumbles, of physical damage - even of danger - they scramble up, and if they have to rest awhile, well, if they keep their eyes off the valley, there is plenty to be seen on either side. But notwithstanding that, soon, very soon, again they turn their back on it all and grapple with the hill once more...

"Very often, dear children, the experienced climber is found resting on the top, drinking in the revelation which he has purchased. And then it is with greater sympathy still that he makes room for the exhausted younger ones, bidding them stay awhile. And in the comparison of experiences - which differed only in the way in which they were taken - they are happy together. And perhaps he gives them a little advice as to the easiest way to tackle the next hill which they are ambitious to scale.

"That, dear children, is a simple illustration of your position and mine. I want you to try and look at it in that way, and not to feel that I am criticising your big spurts and little rests and the exhaustion which you feel over the steepness and the difficulty of the climb. I am perhaps a more experienced traveller, that is all. But you know that if I have gone up a hill or two in front of you, yet God has allowed me to retrace my steps - just as you would do to a little child - to give you a helping hand over the rough parts, and to tell you that, after all, it isn't so bad, because I have been all the way and know it for myself.

"Oh, I think that view does place me on a different footing altogether. It is such a natural attitude between us; there is so much understanding, so much sympathy - the sympathy of remembrance between us. And just as you would pity someone in difficulties and wish to give them a helping hand, so do I feel towards you. And I wish you could regard me in this way - and not as one who, standing safe and secure above the boulders, hurls them down so that you may lose the little advantage that you have gained.

" It sounds a cruel picture to you, but even so the shadows have represented things on many occasions. They have, in so many words, cried to each one of my children in their hour of need: 'Where is your companion now?' I would answer: 'Your companion is in the only place where a companion could be - by your side!'

"There is pain in this for you and pain for me as well - but my pain, dear children, is only because you suffer so in your isolation. The shadows cannot cause me one pang direct; but through the torture of my little ones, indeed they torture me...

"There you have in outline: 'Today and Tomorrow'. And although you may think that the beauty of tomorrow is held over until you have reached the summit, yet I would remind you that in the climb to God there is beauty all around, there is a revelation of the Spirit which nothing can surpass, because during the training stages you are allowed to look upon much which is denied to those who are at the top - denied in this sense: The whole vista is laid out before them - so much to look at, so much to make their own - that the exquisite details of this or of that bit of beauty from the Divine Mind, those exquisite details are lost in the whole.

"And then, my children, there is another point - and tonight I feel I have got you in such a very real way, which is so dear to my heart - there is another point on which I should like to touch, and that is in regard to the encroachment of pain on the physical body.

"It is like the incoming tide - I can think of no better simile than that. The tide of pain comes in sometimes very fast. As you stand and watch the ocean, wave after wave comes creeping up the shore - and even in regard to nature's sea, the thought comes as to the pitilessness of its power and the remorselessness of its approach.

"Yes, in some cases pain is like that to the physical mind and physical sight, but what so many forget - and it is hard to remember when the waters roll so close - they forget that when the tide is full, then the retreat sets in.

"I want you, dear children, to carry this simile a little farther still. Take your own characters as a broad stretch of sand which in time will be covered by the sea. Before the sea approaches, much has been done with the sand; erections of all sorts have been hastily put together, many footsteps have left their mark, and sometimes untidiness is evident as well - not only due to your own thoughtlessness, but very often to the carelessness of others. That is what the sand looks like when the tide is out - rather a disorderly appearance which even you yourselves are glad to think will be obliterated by the cleansing tide which is fast coming in...

"And then from that, dear children, I take you on to my reminder that, in due course, the waters recede leaving oh such a clean smooth surface. And beautiful and glittering in the morning sun are many precious stones - precious to you, dear children - because it was only the force of the water that washed them free from the sand and made them apparent to your eyes. Yes, and there are other treasures as well. Nature is very plentiful - and God with the things of the Spirit, is more generous still.

"That is the picture which I would leave in your minds tonight: The cleansed shore and the sun shining on that which might seem to you as tears, finally drying it all up and giving you space on which, if you will, you can build again.

"My little ones, don't forget - don't forget these simple little illustrations. Turn them over in your minds and see for yourselves if they don't ring true - true to your physical and spiritual experience, and true to the love of God as well...

"And now I will go - but must give one last word and that is: As I prayed that joy and peace should be here, I can say now with a full heart, with absolute certainty of mind, that love and peace reign supreme and sorrow is banished beyond these walls.

"Happiness, happiness, dear children, fills my heart and mind - and happiness, my little ones, keep in your hearts and minds as well. You are the children of the King, wherefore then are you sorrowful? You are the children of the King, wherefore then are you sad?...

(Others then spoke...)

MRS. ALDER - Extract...

"...It is my privilege to be the last one to speak this evening, and I have been told to give you a little message, of three words - one of those mottoes that you can tuck away in your mind without squeezing anything else outside... I had a little trouble because, as so often is the case, the shadows wanted to prevent me from going on... The three words are these: 'Trust in God!'

"And we want you to make that your motto, because in it everything is included. And I have been instructed in a most marvellous way - through the power of the Spirit - to give you these three words, and they come straight from the Throne of God into your midst: 'Trust in God!'

(Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...So, my children, all is well, and tonight I am going to close this sweet converse with just a few words on Peace.

"We all love that word so much because it expresses, to us, relief from physical conditions, release from the tyranny of the physical mind, and harmony with the things of the Spirit. Oh, let it sink into your very being tonight; will yourselves to grasp it; ask in faith that you may be strong enough to hold it, and be certain that the Peace of God is not up there - held just beyond your reach - but is here to be grasped, to be made your own possession, because it is God's gift to His beloved.

"Say not to yourselves ever again that the way is too hard, too dark, too long. Say to yourselves instead: 'Though the darkness seems to surround me, yet I know I am treading ever further towards the Light - the Light of full revelation, of the realisation of God's love, the recognition of the quest of the spirit, the unfoldment of Divinity within, the recharging with the power and the love and the joy which comes from God, the sanctification and the dedication of life - physical, spiritual and eternal - to the Maker, the Creator, the Giver of all'.

"Never, never, despair if your prayers appear to remain unanswered. Remember that this is only because God has chosen the best for you, and the little space - that little trying of patience, the further preparation - is making that not only possible but certain to be worked out in fact.

"Oh, remember, my children, that you are not crying to a Deity above and beyond you all; you are asking as children of their Father, whose very greatness is shown by His capacity to walk with you - by your sides. You are not interceding for the happiness and the liberty of those you love - you are as one, children of the Father, the Great Heart, who is seeking always and for ever to bring you on, to give you of those gifts of the Spirit as soon as you can hold them, and finally to establish you in homes of your own, exceeding anything that you could conjure up. And in that happy time, this little span of earthly experience will seem as a cloud passing over the horizon, leaving only light and sunshine all around.

"This is the Great Hereafter, and such is the will of God, that something of this radiance shall be thrown across your physical lives, and you shall indeed say with all your hearts: 'My trust in God has been justified up to the hilt!'

"Now I go from you for awhile because the strength of my child is exhausted - go from your presence in a physical sense - yet to be with you in a far more definite way in the Spirit, where the physical is powerless to make any barriers at all.

"Turn your hearts - turn your gaze back to Christ, and know that there is security, comfort, joy and protection; and in His sheltering Arms you are safe from all adversity for ever and for ever.

"Good night, dear children - 'Good night' in this sense only but 'Good morning' in every other sense there could be - the good morning which comes as a gift from God Himself."

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