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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 11th January, 1925.

"O most loving Saviour, once more we meet together in this sweet communion, and we ask Thee to send down to Thy children tonight the peace and the brightness, the faith and the understanding, which they pray for...

"Grant that their eyes may be opened and that they may see - even if it be but afar off - something of the glory of trying to serve Thee...

"Grant that during these early stages, the understanding may come that that which is not strong within may be made strong, and that that which is half holy may be made as holy as is possible while the body remains. Thus, more closely knit unto Thy Love through Thee they may contact with the knowledge of things unexpressed - all those many things which cannot be put into words but which are heard and comprehended by the mind of the spirit...

"O Father, we entreat Thee to lift us up, to separate us more and more from the sad side and the dark side of the physical world; to enable us to emerge out of the material shell which still seeks to hold us and to feel that we are one for ever with those who are in Thy Bright Realms, even as they feel they are one with the children of the earth who seek to follow Thy Will.

"Father, once more so gladly, with such a sense of relief, we leave everything in Thy Hands, and we ask Thee to make that which is yet incomplete so perfect that the Spirit may be able to demonstrate itself unhindered tonight... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children, and in the very beginning I am going to say that the darkness and the density of conditions outside is not apparent in this room tonight. Here, could you but see things with the eyes of the spirit, you would find beauty and brightness and holiness past all belief. I say 'past all belief' because with the finite mind of the body it is impossible to grasp that which is of God.

"So, dear children, banishing for this short time when we meet together the remembrance of the physical world and its many discomforts, we enter into brightness which is of the Spirit, and those good gifts of the Spirit are being poured down in an unlimited measure upon you this evening - as they will be for ever more - although sometimes you forget it.

"Tonight, dear children, we have several little things to talk over, and I want you to give me your complete attention; but first of all I must rid myself of the covering my child has put on upon herself. You see, dear children, that when those come into the physical body of another under any conditions there is a sense of restriction, of being compressed into a space which is not adequate - in fact, as some of your friends have expressed it, side by side with the joy of coming is the sense of being suffocated, from a physical point of view.

"Now this is rather an interesting subject, for many there are who are puzzled - looking at things from a purely practical point of view, they are puzzled as to how it is possible for those who obviously are taller and broader in proportion to occupy the physical body of another built on a much smaller plan.

"You have to remember that the body is material - it is not only physical but it is related and keyed and built for use in a material world - while those who are free from the flesh are, on their side, adapted solely to spiritual or immaterial conditions. They have a body, it is true, but although it is solid from one point of view, in no sense does it represent flesh and bone and muscle. Yet I have said that in coming into the body of another a sense of restriction - sometimes of suffocation - is experienced...

"Now, we have got to harmonise these two points and to bring them to a logical conclusion. I send your minds back on my remarks in regard to the 'aura' and the breadth of the emanations which are possessed by those still in a physical body. You can understand, dear children, that that reflection of the spirituality within, of necessity, gives an impression of size which is not borne out by the form of the owner. But I told you that those emanations were an expression of the soul-body, which, during its earthly experience, is cabined within the tabernacle of the flesh.

"Well, those who have passed out of physical existence have it in their power to do this: In order to enter into - and I use this term in its literal sense - in order to enter into the physical body of another built on a much smaller plan, it is necessary to, as it were, draw in that which represents themselves until the body is actually occupied.

"My children, I want to make this quite clear. This process - which is at will - the process of repressing themselves is necessary only in order to get a lodgement in the body they wish to speak through. When that is accomplished - in the same way as I described to you the emanations surrounding the physical body of those who love God - just in the same way, those emanations which reflect the personality are able to come through that which is physical and expand themselves round the body so occupied.

"Now, dear children, you can understand from this that the difficulty, the test of endurance - and it is considerable - is confined to the act of what you call 'Taking Control'. It explains also how it is that even the inexperienced, after they have once, as it were, got their bearings, are able to speak through and use the body of another with freedom. The body being occupied by that which is of the Spirit - in the sense that it is not physical - is able to spread itself beyond the body and gain ease in that way.

"You will ask me then, why was it necessary to discard the little covering that my child had put on to protect her from the cold? Well, that covering would accentuate the sense of repression and lack of space, and I was thinking of those who had to follow. It would have been impossible for one who was inexperienced to have overcome that added handicap.

"And then I pass on to this: I want you always to take a perfectly commonsense view of the process whereby those who have vacated their own physical bodies are able to come back and speak to you in person. In your world communication of this kind is graded under many headings, most of them entirely misleading.

"For instance there is that word which has almost lost its original meaning which is used as a matter of course - I refer to 'mysticism', which in the mind of man today does not express close communion with God, but rather dabbling with that which is a danger to himself and the community at large.

"You see, dear children, that simple truths, as time goes on, can be lost in a conglomeration of thoughts entirely unconnected with the Spiritual World. In the days of old, a 'mystic' was one who was trying to get into direct touch with his Maker; today it is a term used mostly in contempt to describe those who are unpractical, who are dreamers merely, and who involve themselves in a mass of theories or intellectual entanglements. I am not denying that the word holds good and will for ever, but you and I have to take things as they are and you would not dream of describing an earnest, diligent follower of Christ by the term of 'mystic'.

"Therefore, dear children, tonight we will make things clear as to what we are and what this sacred communion represents. We are the children of the Master, following as closely as possible the teaching of Our Lord Himself, given through the physical body which He took on to demonstrate that God could control that which was of the earth. Our precepts are His precepts; our very actions in seeking to break down the barriers between the two worlds is but following in His steps and endeavouring to obey His will. And I say to all - all who read these records - that they have only to turn to what is called 'The New Testament' to find illustration and example of what we are trying to do, in Christ's Name.

" - Mysticism - as the word is interpreted nowadays, has no part in the work on which we are engaged. As in the days of old, Christ, Our Lord, directed His disciples to seek God and to find Him, to allow themselves to be guided solely by Him, through direct contact with the Holy Spirit - so you and I, in our humble way, are trying to do likewise, and, thank God, are succeeding far beyond the comprehension of the minds of the children of the earth.

"I think I have made our position clear, and I want you next time you hear anyone refer to such communication as coming under the heading of 'mysticism' - I want you to say: 'No, but as followers of Christ, trying to do His will - as laid down by Him during His earthly experience - seeking to obey, wishful to be used, we offer our hearts and minds to the One who is Love Itself'.

"And then, dear children, there is another point which I wish to talk over, and that is in regard to the 'sensitiveness' to which I referred the last time we met together. Children, that same sensitiveness is given to you for a great and glorious purpose: Not only is it an accompanying gift with the shedding of the material, but far more so it is the gateway into spiritual consciousness - by which I mean the understanding of those things which are connected with the Bright Realms and with many spiritual laws which are in operation both in your world as well as in our own.

"Now, you know it is impossible to plunge into anything suddenly without due preparation. From the beginning I have tried to show you that not only must we build brick by brick, but, first of all, must the grains of the bricks be brought together and made into a firm whole, in order that they may be used.

"It is no use, with the things of God, to build hurriedly; we build with care, with great painstaking, and, sometimes, we build and rebuild again. So, dear children, in regard to the uncovering of your spiritual consciousness, of necessity it must be a slow process. The means by which it can be done have to be gathered together in minute portions - in that steady building up of character and of self-control, and, what is more, by the even balance of the physical mind.

"It does not need me to tell you that self-control is perhaps of all things the least practised by the children of the earth in their general every-day life. I am not referring to those big - and sometimes devastating - impulses which occur very often when least expected; I am referring to self-control in daily life.

"Now, dear children - it will make you smile perhaps - but do you know that you have been building up something which is going to mean a lot in the days to come, by the mere fact of your concentration and the control of your physical mind during the hours when we meet together? Look around - few there are who have sufficient control over their nerves and physical minds to sit still for ten minutes together. It is a little point but it is a most important one.

"Gradually I have trained you so that now for two or three hours my children can forget themselves in listening to the things which are of God. You have been told - and I emphasise it more and more as we go on - that repose of mind, the quietening down of physical thoughts, and the controlling of that network of nerves connected with the body - that this self-discipline is not only going to bring you much in the days to come, but is essential for the carrying on and the expansion of this work.

"You see, dear children, this is another point which you have not taken into account. In the beginning, out of ignorance of spiritual laws, you did not realise that quietness, that stillness, that the control of that most natural desire to 'fidget', was essential in order that we might build up the conditions required.

"The moment the understanding came, you started immediately to train yourselves and to obey my injunctions to the best of your ability. Soon the sense of effort passed away, and now I can say that my children are able to do that which the vast majority in the physical body find it quite impossible to accomplish: My children can be still, my children can control those nerves, which, from long habit, it would be thought had the upper hand.

"You see, dear children, what can be done when the will is there. Only in the silence, only in the quietness - in the quiescence of that which is of the earth - can the spirit be released. So long as the tug of this and that is hearkened to, so the door between you and the Greater Wisdom can be no more than just opened.

"It is essential as we go on, that you should cultivate - not only during the time we meet together but during your daily tasks - that you should cultivate the habit of mental repose and of keeping the physical mind as much as possible under control - under the control of the spirit. And the moment you can do this, that sense of worry - the fret, the ever-repeated desire to anticipate the future in an adverse sense - all these things will gradually but definitely fall from you and you will be untrammelled by the physical in its most hampering form...

"You see, dear children, that I am obliged to urge you on. It is not for me to say that you have got so far, and you have done well, and now you can rest and enjoy! Indeed, I should be your worst enemy. And tonight I speak to Margaret particularly, in this sense - I ask her a simple question: Has she not, during these months of preparation, asked to get on, to get nearer to those things of God which now hold her heart and mind? She will answer: 'Yes!' and so, without beating about the bush, I tell her - as I tell you all - that for the children of the Light there is no lingering at this spot or that - it is upward and onward, ever and ever again.

"And if at times the weariness grows great, yet I would remind you that God provides, when the need arises, those resting places into which you can retreat, getting recharged with courage, with strength, and with determination to continue the journey whatever may lie in front. Yes, I repeat - whatever may lie in front! And tonight, dear children, it is my great pleasure to tell you that what lies in front is brightness surpassing anything your minds could conjure up - brightness and that ineffable joy which is of God alone...

"That is the future, and the past - with its entangling sorrows, with its haunting sadness, with its questionings as to why this should be so and why that should be so - these things shall be left behind; they belong to you no more, they are of the valley beneath. And strengthened with the strength of the Spirit, we go on, fired with the inspiration which comes to all once they have seen and felt the Love of God. Weariness is unknown, because on either side there are those Messengers of Christ who are there to warn, to guide, to protect; and all you are asked to do - although even this may sound hard to you - is to listen to the Voice of the Spirit...

"And that brings me back to that same 'sensitiveness' to which I referred just now. Only by and through that sensitiveness, can you hear the Voice direct. And to those who hear not the Voice of the Spirit as a Voice, I say: Be of good cheer, for there is that within you which listens and understands; and if the Voice fails to penetrate the mind of the body, yet in your heart there is the wish to do as God would have you do, you cannot go astray. Unconsciously to you, you are hearing, with nothing in between, the Voice of God - nothing in between, for when the greater you is attuned to the Divine, the physical mind ceases to exist in any sense there could be, as intervening between you and what is your own.

"So, dear children, I leave it here tonight. On another occasion I have much to say about the unfoldment of 'spiritual consciousness'; but, first of all, you must enter in through the door of that 'sensitiveness of perception' before you are in a sufficiently responsive condition to take on the next step...

"Therefore you see, dear children, that the experiences you have been through - and are going through - are not that which has gone wrong, not something which you had overlooked, or that which you had stepped into unaware. They are part of the training, part of the preparation, and not one incident in your life at this stage is not there for a purpose - a Divine purpose: The attuning, the refining, the harmonising, so that when the time comes - only waiting, dear children, for you to be ready - you may take the next step in confidence and there may be no retracing at all...

"On, on we go; slowly, it is true, but surely; which is best - and that is my last word tonight before I leave you to enable others to come - slow and sure, and that which is best in every sense there could be; to look around on your conditions, on the routine of the day and to say: 'In this and in that I see God's Hand, and all, all is wonderfully well!'...

"Faith shall be justified, hope shall be turned into fulfilment, blindness into sight, misunderstanding into comprehension - that spiritual comprehension when you shall find that all doors shall be opened to you - and welcome, sweet welcome, on either side...

"Father, we thank Thee for all Thy many good gifts and protection. Father, we thank Thee again and again..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...I want to talk to you this evening about 'Names' because to you they represent so much, and it seems to me that perhaps I may be able to help you - to help you to look at things a little more in the way they are presented to us.

"Now, in your world you all have names, and some of you quite a string of them. For instance, the sons and daughters of kings and queens – why! they have a great big burden to carry, for this one and that has to be got in, and it is a serious thing to forget to include the name of someone who matters - matters from the earth point of view.

"Names to you are the only way to distinguish certain personalities - but think you for a minute: When the name of any person is mentioned, what happens? Immediately you think of them, quite apart from the name they bear - their kindness, their hardness of heart, sometimes their distance from you in thought both in act and sympathy, or - and I like this better - you think of all they would do for you if it were in their power, and how in a limited way they have done much in the way of love, in sending thoughts of strength when you were a little out of heart.

"Well, as we have admitted this, I think it won't be difficult for you to follow me when I say that over here names are not necessary at all. You were told that speech is purely a matter of convenience for those bound by the limitations of the physical mind - that it is possible, it is the usual rule in the Realms of the Spirit, to hear and to answer the thoughts of another.

"So you see, that if I wished to attract the attention of anyone in the particular conditions I am in, all I have to do is to think of them. Or, for instance, in regard to yourselves: There is no need for me to think of you by name in order to enlist the help of another who is free from the body; you are there in my mind, my thoughts are concentrated upon you; and my companion, hearing, and, if he wishes, seeing my thoughts - well, immediately you are in his mind also - and so the chain of thought gathered together link by link, can be passed on in an unlimited way.

"But then you will say: 'How about those who guide the lives of people upon earth? - they have names and are recognised not only by those on earth through those names but also are so described by others who are in the Realms of the Spirit'.

"Well, we have got to be logical, and I admit that this is a reasonable attitude to take up. But you see, my dear young friends, that we are trying to impress ourselves upon the physical minds of those still in the body, so adapting ourselves to the habits of the physical mind we assume certain names so that we may be distinguished one from the other - and you must remember that some of those who have laid the body aside are still in a very untutored state so far as the things of the Spirit are concerned. Instinctively they fall back on the earth habit, and they want to know - they question us - what is this one called and what is the name of the other! So names are adopted on our side to please certain members of the family - as a complement or as an act of expediency.

"We are named by that which we long to be, and the words chosen are purely symbolical of the quest of the spirit at the stage it has reached, and as we pass on, so our name changes and changes again - but only in this sense: Each stage passed through is expressed in the name, and, as I said before, that by which we are called is necessary only for those who are still bound by the habits of physical thinking.

"It is a beautiful thought - it should be to you as well - to feel you are able to express yourself by the radiations in which you are surrounded - to express yourself to those to whom you are bound by ties of love in the Spirit...

Note: At this time and till the termination of the meeting, great inconvenience was experienced by the medium - and consequently by those who spoke through her - owing to the light from the fire, which flamed up and which it was found impossible to screen effectively in the dim light in which the circle is held.

"My dear friends, do not worry. The conditions are against my speaking tonight, but I have perfect faith in God, and I know that what I have been unable to accomplish, that will my Father do far, far better than I could have done... The Name of Love - that to us is the sweetest, the dearest Name of all, and 'Father' and 'Love' are one..."

(Note: After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued.)

"...My children, I ask you to send thoughts of love and of gratitude to the one who has tried to speak under such adverse conditions. His love and his faith are great indeed, and with unruffled mind and untroubled heart he took that which has been broken for him and did his best to weld it into a perfect whole.

"Not until you come here will you understand the difficulties which we have to encounter; not until you come back yourself, speaking through the body of one whose attitude of mind perhaps is totally different from that which was your own - only then will you realise the faith and the trust, the determination and the courage, required to demonstrate God upon earth in this way - God, who out of His beneficent goodness, seeks ever and ever again to bind His children to Him by every means that Love could think of...

"We have fought a good fight tonight, and we do not intend to relinquish one inch of the advantage so gained. Send us your thoughts and all shall be found to be - if not as well as might be - still far more complete than would be possible if God had not sent down His power and protection in order that we might work through...

"My children, I must curtail this evening because the conditions have been rendered too difficult for those who are less experienced than myself to work against. But, as I said in the beginning, beauty and brightness and holiness are in this room tonight, and I don't want this incident to be remembered by you in future except in that precautionary way which is necessary to ensure the successful carrying through of these evenings - the evenings we spend together trying to understand a little more of that which lies within each heart and mind, a little more of that which belongs to the self which is always in touch with God.

"There is no need for me to underline my love. Last week it seemed to you I had slipped a little out of my favourite place - that of your loving companion as well as guide. Tonight, dear children - because you forget so soon - I remind you that only by love could I speak to you and demonstrate my presence again and again in this way. Not one who speaks to you comes except by the pathway of love. To you, many seem as strangers, but no stranger - in the world's sense of the word - could come and give a message in these conditions of love, which have been built up by the Grace of God.

"You see, dear children, I come back again and again to that all-absorbing theme of 'Love'. In the first place, only by the Love of the Father can this sacred communion be held. Secondly, not one who has not love for you - personal love expressed by service - not one could come and give their message. It is the only road, the only link, the only power which is used or will be used in the work which we have undertaken. And I want you to remember this in regard to others: That what it has not been possible to accomplish with the physical mind, can be done - and will be done - by love and sympathy sent out to contact with the spirit within...

"You have said again and again that it is easier, far easier, to love those in the Spirit than your companions upon the earth plane; and I tell you tonight that you will only be following out this experience - and enlarging upon it - if you send thoughts of kindness, of strength, and of healing to the spirits of those imprisoned - yea! I say 'imprisoned' in the physical body, which acts as a jailer indeed...

"You see, in regard to our position, we are able to put aside that which is of the earth and to speak to the spirit direct; and if, as often is the case, this companionship and communication is unknown to the mind of the body, still, when the body is laid aside, the remembrance of what has taken place - the work done, the preparation, the attuning - all this will have full effect.

"So, my children, my last words are these: That you can do much by thought and by prayer... Ignoring the encumbrances in between, you can work directly on the spirit, and, in so doing, you strengthen our hands enormously.

"Tonight I leave you not with sadness or with a sense of having failed to do your part, but just with this determination - that in future you will make doubly sure that nothing shall come in between you and direct communion with those who are free...

"Rest then in peace, in the thought of the strength and the resources within, laying the weakness of the physical mind, the weariness of the body, the heartaches and disappointments - laying these at the Feet of Christ when they will exist no more...

"God's Love be with you and the Spirit of unity and tranquillity hallow your days, preparing you for what is to come... Amen...

"Goodnight, my children..."

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