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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 14th September, 1924

"O God our Father, our stay in trouble, our Guide through storm and trial, we come to Thee tonight as little children in necessity, asking that Thou wilt bestow upon us that uplifting grace which shall banish the world for this short sacred time when we meet together, and shall link us still more firmly with Thee, our Saviour and our King.

"O God, remember not our frailties; grant also that we may forget the pain they leave behind; that we may think thoughts of strength instead, knowing that when Thou commandest, nothing that is of evil can step in - if only the faith is there.

"Christ, give us this faith; let us, like little children, take the good gifts that Thou hast offered, without question, without hesitation - certain that what the Father gives belongs to us...

"In Thy mighty Heart of Love, there is all understanding, all compassion; and Thou wilt tonight, out of that great Fount of Love, heal us, soothe us, and recharge us with courage to go on.

"Thy sacred Name is our watchword, our talisman, our protection: Christ - Christ Who came to earth to bear the burdens of mankind - Christ Who is linked to us through the body which cost so much, and who understands so well the meaning and the power of pain...

"O Gracious Spirit, open the doors of the mind so that Thy precious Light may shine in; and where doubt and darkness held chief place, grant that the light of comprehension, of spiritual vision, may be there instead and remain for ever more...

"In Thy Hands we leave it all. Send down the power and strength to do Thy work this evening, as Thou hast done always in the past...

"...My children, although at this moment I cannot call upon the power that I require in order to use my child as I intend later, yet I would reassure you as to this. There is no division or void between us at all - that is impossible - when it is a question of a child and her guide. This dimness, this lack of what you call 'control' will be made good in the shortest time possible, but I must go a little carefully just at first so that the strain will not be too great, in addition to the physical strain which has occurred.

"Now, my children, I want you, as always, to think thoughts of love, of wide-open sympathy - and to allow those thoughts of yours to go out on the atmosphere, and in so leaving you to get recharged with all the love and sympathy that is here tonight.

"You have had your little disappointments. The day has not turned out, perhaps, as you anticipated. But I am here to announce once more that God's ways are best, and that what has happened was no idle 'chance', but was by the direction of the Most High - entrusted to His servants to be carried out without mishap of any kind.

"Yes, dear children, you have been told again and again that the Father uses us in this way in preference to doing the thing direct Himself. He is training us - He is training you, and the only way in which to train and to test anyone is to give them responsibilities. But, mark you, there is a great controlling force in regard to the things of the Spirit, which rises up at the smallest hint of power being misused, however innocently it may be. That is what I want you to try and grasp.

"It seems to you all sometimes - and to those who suffer, very often - that plans go awry, that this or that was not thought of - that there had been heedlessness or lack of attention by those who had the work in hand. Upon earth this happens very frequently. The human mind is not always reliable; and when you find a person is unreliable, well, you don't choose them, if you can help it, to carry anything through.

"On our side, dear children, there is not even that half-chance of proving that, at times, we can be depended upon. No, the servants of Christ have been tested and tried again and again; and when it is a question of the care of souls, then only those who love the Master with all their being are allowed to have this governance in their hands. You see, we are deputising for Christ - and it would not be possible to assume that most sacred role if we were not to be trusted in little things as well as in the big.

"I tell you this because I long, not only for my own sake but still more so for your sakes, for the trust and the confidence to be there - for you to feel, with never a swerving thought, that: 'Those I love and who love me could not, as well as would not, fail me whatever might betide!'

"Oh, you must get this conviction in your minds if you are to get on in the way of growth and happiness - for these two things are one. As you grow - which means as the gift of understanding is developed within you - as you grow, so does joy fill your being, so do you realise that between you and the brightness, the harmony, and that sweet companionship of the Spirit, there is no division, no separation of any kind. And as this realisation comes to you, so you can throw off the world - step free - independent of those destructive forces that wound and wound again - step free into your sonship and daughtership with the Most High, and know that where He is, naught can harm you - naught can steal that which is your own.

"My children - all of you - have more faith; have more trust in the tender regard of your Father. Say to yourself: 'Yes, this may seem an unwarranted blow; that like a stab in the back - but I know - I know that God is my Father, in the sense that He protects, and that in the by-and-by even that which struck the hardest will be revealed as Love, and the wonderful purpose shown beneath!'

"One more word on this subject, and that is on the question of pain, which, as you know, so often strikes those who love God best; and to the outsider again and again the thought comes surging up: 'Why does God not prevent the torture of one who has tried to do their best?'

"My children, it is a very serious subject indeed, and I can only entreat you to ponder on it with the spiritual side of your physical mind - which is as near as you can get to the spiritual mind itself - to dwell upon this thought: That those who are out to climb have seen, in spirit, the glorious vista in front, and ignoring the complaints of the body, have clasped to themselves that most effective of all weapons - pain - and in this I include the torture of the mind as well.

"You see, dear children, that God cannot rob the spirit of anyone of that advantage - that advancement which they long to make their own. But the Father can do this: While the pain is borne, if only you can hold on to the thought of Divine Love, then something, something of the realisation and revelation will come of what that pain is working out.

"Oh, cast from your minds that distorted thought that God stands aside and allows the evil to do its worst. Gather in instead this consolation: That Christ who suffered so much Himself, out of Love, dare not tear from the individual soul the treasure that pain can purchase...

"We are here in great numbers tonight. All around you are the spiritual forms, not only of those you love but of the countless host who love you so well. And, dear children, you sometimes forget that love on this side does not require, of necessity, love from the object on which it is focussed on the earth plane. You see, it would limit things to a very serious extent if we only loved those who were able to love us. I should feel very lonely indeed if I was restricted in this way.

"Love, with us, is such a comprehensive thing - it is not bound by the same rules as when we are in the physical body. Over and over again, you hear of love being 'killed', of love turning to indifference and then to dislike, or, again, of one person loving another with all their heart and the other being rather impatient over the affection so bestowed. Well, my children, I quite understand the earth point of view. It is not easy always to love the majority; in fact, I have heard many of my children exclaim that it is very hard indeed to love those even in their own surroundings. They say: 'It is easy to love those on the Other Side, but very often it is as much as I can do not to detest people here!'... My children sometimes have rather an exaggerated way of speaking - I have noticed it before, and I know you will agree with me on that.

"Now, let us see what it is all about, but first of all, dear children, remember this: That we acknowledge that, having spiritual sight, it is quite a different matter for us to love humanity as a whole... I will come back to that a little later.

"With the children of the earth, the chief cause of lack of affection is want of sympathy in the way they look at life - sympathy in opinions - and you would be surprised if you saw how the evil uses this lack of sympathetic understanding to turn what was once regard into positive dislike.

"I want you to listen to me as kindly as you can. You see, dear children, I, being in your midst in this way, am privileged to look into your hearts and minds, and the chief thing I notice with all my children is that very often it is the slightest phrase - the most casual remark - which starts the first vibration of antagonism.

"Now, let us see what happens then. I have said that looking into the hearts and minds of this one and that, I find there is no intent to harm or to cause distress; but words are dangerous weapons. How often is it that, even to yourselves, the conviction comes that you have put into words that which but faintly represents what was in your mind - and you say: 'Oh, I didn't mean it exactly in the way I put it!' but the words have gone out - they have found a lodgement in the mind of another, and the first little bit of damage has been done.

"My children, I never fail to recognise that so long as you are in the body, so will these things happen unless - unless you can so fetter yourself to God that the danger will be evaded.

"Why I am speaking of this, is to show you - if I can - how it is that people you once liked, you do not care for now. Could you go back, as I can go back, you would find that a careless phrase, a heedless remark in the beginning, was the source of that which now has turned into a mighty stream, so wide that you stand apart.

"Now, dear children, you understand why it is so much easier for us to love people who don't love us. We see what has happened - and we see also that it has exacted a far bigger price than it was worth. And so in our love is sympathy - and compassion too - compassion in the sense that we long to soothe and to cover up all those unnecessary wounds, and to assure each one that it wasn't intended and the wound never should have been there.

"I said just now that there were many here from the bright spheres. They are pouring down upon you this evening a great volume of love, of brightness, and of happiness. And all they ask from you is this: First, to be allowed to love you - and then for you to recognise their love as personal. The moment you can do that instinctively, you will want to give back something from yourselves.

"Love, I have found always, is a very humbling thing. It brings with it a sense of unworthiness, a humility that instantly raises in the mind that query: 'I wonder why they love me!' Yes, and more than words can say, does not this apply to that great and overwhelming love which the Saviour bestows upon us all? Doesn't it make us humble to feel that we - who sometimes forget how much we love Him - that we are the recipients of so much love, unasked for, unpetitioned, so much love in its completest form?

"Oh, do try and gather this closer - closer to that self within which does understand a little what Divine Love represents. Have you not said to yourselves: 'I wonder how God can love me!' All, all who are His acknowledged children think that - and the answer comes at once: 'Because you are My own!' That, dear children, should tell you a little, it should explain something of that wonderful tie there is between you and the Father - that unbreakable tie; which means that for ever - for all that Eternity which your mind has to leave untouched - that you are bound to Him and, what is more wonderful still, that He - the Great Spirit of Love - is bound to us. Inseverable are the links, and it is our glorious privilege to claim, not only as a gift but as a right - that care, that protection, which is our own.

"God, looking down upon His little children, sees them struggling with temptation and their many sadnesses, and if you would but allow it, He could gather all into His Mighty Arms, when grief could touch you no more. But because you cannot always do that, He does not stand aside, but ever and ever again wards off the enemy, and brings into the very surroundings which hurt you most the brightness and the sunshine of His Presence. All will acknowledge that at times, if not always, they feel the warmth of His most blessed Love close unto them, and they marvel that anything could be strong enough to come in between.

"Little children on a long journey - that's what you are - and if only you wish to do the right thing, it is not more serious than that. It is only if the influence could be great enough to turn you from the light to darkness, that real evil could come.

"As it is, you are little children on a long journey. Sometimes you delay yourselves by stopping for this and for that; it is like plucking the red berries which have danger in their beauty - but we are there, and just as the mother would watch her child, so we loosen the fingers and cast the temptation aside. 'Come along', we say, 'there are lovelier things in front' - and in a moment, that which so attracted has passed from the mind in the anticipation of what lies ahead.

"Again, sometimes children are rather heedless - they carelessly run on, and in spite of warning, lo, the stone in the path is unseen - and down they go. Of course, we are distressed because they suffer, but a child's wounds soon heal, and taking the lesson to heart, for a little while they are content to walk by our side.

"These things happen in the life of all, however great or important the position held by the one concerned - these things occur, and all the superiority about being experienced and 'grown-up' avails nothing. When they come here and see things as they are, they will say that it was even as I said: Like a child on a long journey that grows very tired, that stumbles and falls; but the parent brings that child safe home at last - and that is the only point that counts in the reckoning up. The child is safe home at last in her Father's House, and the Great Father of us all knows how to wipe out sad memories and all those things which we would forget, and in their place gives joy and peace and understanding.

"And so, my children, I leave you tonight, hoping that you - on thinking over these simple words - that you will gain comfort, and also comprehension of what physical life really represents, and above all, to make your own the thought of the mighty, overwhelming Love of the Father, who never loses patience with His children, who never wishes He had left them behind. No, the great Father is different from the earthly father in many, many ways; He knows that in time the child will recognise the link between them, when He can do for that child and give to that child all that His Heart longs to - and then the love between them is complete..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...I haven't been for a long time, but I do hope you are glad to see me. Tonight I have come to speak particularly to Dorrie and to Margaret. I have managed, once or twice, to get a message through which was helpful at the time, and I want to speak to you tonight - only a few words - on the wonderful vibrations that thinking thoughts of harmony can build up on this side.

"You know, I did tell you before something about the music and the conditions which are in the Spiritual World, in so many different spheres, and I do want you to understand me tonight. I will try and do my best but Winnie is very tired tonight.

"Music, which is such a limited thing on earth, is so comprehensive, Margaret, over here. In the soul of each individual there are wonderful forces which, for the want of a better name, I will call peace, harmony and creation... I want you to follow me if you can: When you are able to think on lines of love - which means sympathy and understanding with others - you set up directly a certain set of vibrations, not only in your own soul but in those around you, which creates the music of the spheres - the music which is quite independent of instrument or note, or things like that, as I told you before.

"It is very difficult to explain. Dorrie, perhaps you will understand me better on this point. You love music and you know that some people, directly they take an instrument in their hands, can what you call 'harmonise' - that is to say, they can produce without notes (printed copy) something which expresses a thought of beauty.

"The great musicians of your world are all controlled by us to a certain extent. Their reveries - those times when the physical mind relinquishes its hold and the spiritual mind takes full possession - in those quiet moments, Dorrie, when there is a big inrush of feeling - in those times they are expressing the essence of the soul, and the music they produce is only the outward and the visible and, really, the least important part.

"To all who love music and who are denied the expression of it, who are limited by circumstances or even lack of knowledge - to all these I bring comfort because I can say, in a positive way, that the sweetest music, the grandest chords of all, are never played upon an instrument - they are born in the soul.

"And each time you can send out a thought of love, you are creating something that will last, and not, as with music on earth, cease to be when the piano is closed or the instrument is laid aside... When a thought of love goes out from you towards humanity, in your soul is set into action the forces of peace, harmony and creation, and this 'materialisation' of power sets into permanency the thought so sent forth. I wish it were possible to give you some faint conception of the permanent beauty you are creating by thoughts of this kind...

"Dorrie, it seems to you that you labour against overwhelming odds with the writing (the writing down of the messages, as spoken) and because, in your mind, there may be distress instead of harmony, you imagine that that is on the loss side. But I am here tonight to say - and I am told by our great leader to say it - that away and beyond the most beautiful composition which could ever issue from the mind of a musician - away and beyond that, is the beauty of effort, effort to do the best you can.

"You will remember, Mrs. Moyes, that once before you were told that the most beautiful flower was colourless in comparison with the beauty of effort. I am told to remind you all of this. Sometimes effort brings to the person concerned a sense of stress and strain, even of failure - failure to keep the mind on that high level which they desire, because the effort takes too much out of them, physically, to make it possible.

"Well, in regard to that sense of failure, which those who do try know so well, I am told to say, to reassure you, that effort - and the effort that exacts the biggest price, of course, counts for the most - that all this is creating music in a spiritual sense, it is creating those vibrations which, hereafter, you will find have been absorbed on our side, and now mingle with the melody of the Spirit in the Bright Realms.

"Nothing has been forgotten in the Home provided for you. Here is a perfection of sound, of sight, and of hearing - which no words of mine can convey... And I want you all - especially those who do try and are so conscious of failure - I want those especially to remember that by their efforts now, they are creating that which is Eternal. And if you can, before you come here, send out those thoughts of love towards others, then, as I have said, the three-fold gift is yours, and you in the days to come, will be amazed that so simple a thing was overlooked and unheeded by many... Simple, for even a child can, by its thoughts of love towards its mother or father, set into action these great powers...

"I am sorry I have not done better, but I think on reading it, it will be plainer, and, anyhow, I will do my best to get the meaning through to your minds... Goodnight..."

(Note: After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, if you only could see things as they are you would know that tonight we have done wonders. Now I use that word with due reserve, but you must remember that I see things as they are and not as they appear, and I say tonight that, with the conditions - more particularly in regard to my child - we have done wonders, and the peace shall lay upon you all throughout the week, if only you will allow it.

"And now for my closing words - they are these, I have used them before but they are very opportune tonight: 'At eventide there shall be Light', and I want you all to take this as referring directly to your own lives. It is true indeed that as you pass through the various experiences of life, age, so far as years are concerned, matters very little - the age of the soul rests entirely on the experiences which it has been through. Some when quite young in years, are as old as those who have reached the allotted span of physical life. To you all then, I say: 'At eventide there shall be Light', and I want you to take from this, not only a prophecy, but a promise that will be worked out in minute detail, if only you will do your part.

"Remember this: That for the most part, you have worked through the hot noon-day of sorrowful experience, and as the twilight sets in, a sense of peace and of rest should be there as well. But in your world the twilight is followed by the night, and to you the very word brings about a sense of captivity, so I want you this evening to translate it in this way: 'At eventide there shall be Light' - that instead of the night closing in with its crippling restrictions, the Light of the Spirit will shine in upon you all, illuminating the way, making all things clear, and turning age - as you call age - into the realisation of the meaning of life itself, when you shall find that the years shall fall from you and the perpetual youth of the Spirit be your own.

"Have I not promised, dear children, joy, brightness, peace and harmony shall be yours - and unity as well, because, though not understanding, you kept on and you tried to do your best. And because the way has been long and dreary and beset by perils, I say, in God's Name, that: 'At eventide it shall be Light' - and in that one word is expressed all the joy, the revelation, and the recognition of the Divinity within.

"Rest you then content. Keep a watchful guard over your thoughts, and remember this: That to those who have faith much shall be given. But you have got to do your part, and only by the showing of faith can you have those good gifts of the Spirit, which shall turn faith into sight, and hope into certainty - for ever and for ever...

"I bless you in the Name of the Father, of the Son, and the Holy Spirit - bless you with His peace and His love, as He directs me tonight and always. Amen."

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