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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 11th June, 1927.

"O Beloved of our hearts, once more we raise our minds to Thee, stretching out from the physical to the spiritual, certain that it is Thy will that we should meet and greet those we love who are free from the body. Teach us how to still further put self aside, and to concentrate on Thy Holiness, on Thy Love. Teach us to come to Thee as children, putting away that built up by the physical mind, putting everything aside, and coming to Thee in faith, positive that Thou hast overseen all things...

"O Christ we feel our unworthiness before Thy overwhelming Love, yet Thou hast taught Thy children that Thou art our Father, and that a Father's Love is showered upon us. Give us the understanding and the realisation that our lives - whether in the body or free from the body - that our lives are protected by Thy messengers, Thy workers; that the purpose and the plan is for the raising not only of the individual but of humanity at large, and that each one is a tool which Thou needest for Thy work...

"We thank Thee, O Father, that Thou hast brought us so far, and by dedication and service to others we prepare ourselves for the next step and the next. We know that in front revelation lies before us because Thou hast promised, and to Thee, Almighty One, we give our hearts and minds, praising Thee that Thou hast made it possible for us to give and that Thou waitest to take. Amen...

"...Little children, why are we here together tonight? Oh, you answer me yourselves: Because something within, strong, irresistible, has brought you into these conditions where you are conscious of the Spirit of God at work.

"Some there are who doubt that the gift can be bestowed in this literal sense; they doubt because they stand aside and have not the will to go forward and find out for themselves.

"But you, my children, over the past - and I speak not of this little physical span alone - you, over the past, by much grappled with and overcome, you have purchased for yourself the gift of understanding something of that most precious gift which God would bestow upon all. You have purchased it by that which has been put aside, by that which has been relinquished, and this gives you your direction for the days to come. You give up of the world that which is worldly, and you take of the Spirit those things which remain for ever.

"You, little ones, have many friends; yes, and why is this? Because in the One who loves you best, you recognise the sweetest Friend of all, and the Master gathers close to those who call to Him by their love.

"When you think of Christ in that yearning way, when you seek to go back on His sojourn on earth, going into that which you can grasp of His trials, of His temptations, and all that sorrow for others which claimed His Heart; when you seek to try and understand the Man, Christ, could your eyes see into Reality, you would find that between you and the Sacred One - the Lord God of all - there was even a golden cord, and along that golden cord you were receiving power direct.

"Yes, my children, when the babe listens to the story of the Child Jesus and thinks of that Child with love, lo, I say that between that babe and the Creator there is nothing which can intervene; indeed at that moment they are one.

"This unity can be established between the weakest and the strongest, by love and by love, alone. You look over the record of your days and dismay seizes your mind because of a weakness here, because of a rebellion there, because you failed that which you hoped you might attain, and in your distress your thoughts go to Christ, even in this wise: 'What must Christ think of me when I have been taught so much!'

"My little ones, the Master bids me tell you this night what His thoughts are concerning His little ones who stumble over many stones, who find so often the tears rising to the eyes over that which the physical experience represents. What does the Saviour think of His children?

"My little ones, with God, thought is action; never forget that. Those who are bound by that which has been built up over the past, they think, perchance, good thoughts, and these thoughts have their influence in the degree that they are sincere. But the thought is not put into action, and so those in their surroundings are conscious of a chill, and that chill remains until the physical tabernacle is cast aside and they go back on that incident and see the love-thought, whereas at the time they only heard, if not the harsh word, then the word which hid the love beneath.

"And in that hour so the culprit, so the one who held back that which was the right of the other, so these suffer anguish impossible to be explained. They cheated their own, and you cannot cheat another, whether they are your own or not, without ten thousand times cheating and robbing yourself. Forget not this.

"But the Tender One, the Beloved, immediately translates His Love into action, and when you think: 'Oh, what must Christ feel about this!' - before that, aye, even while the test was taking place, so the One who regards you as so much of Himself that your sorrows are His sorrows, so that One was building up round you comfort for tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes the anguish of yesterday is covered over, and you raise your eyes and the sunshine of the physical world completes your cure.

"Christ's Love in action. Oh, try and grasp this on your dark days, on those days which are so out of harmony with that which you long to make your own. Think of the Comforter, the Beloved, and all that which He has built around you; aye, even as a Mother, so He holds you fast; and when your burden is lightened in thankfulness, you claim Him as such. No pride is there, dear children, where the Master is concerned. Pride is of the earth and those conditions less evolved than the earth. The Lord God of all is humility itself, and He delights - delights - to minister to the least of His creation, for they are His and He is theirs for ever and ever.

"This evening, my little ones, having drawn in your thoughts, having placed them on the One who guides, who controls these gatherings, so I would speak to you on that which I name: 'Spiritual Intervention'.

"And I want to put in here that the words I use, the phrases and the expressions, are chosen solely so that they may convey to the mind of the body a measure of all the meaning which lies beneath. I search your minds to find something which, in a measure, reflects Reality, reflects those things which are of God.

"The words I use, they are merely tools, yet, they are blest for they have done their part; as it were, they have raised the curtain an inch or two, and beneath the edge you have caught just a glimpse of the glory which lies behind. Not more, yet as we proceed, by your effort and concentration, lo, another inch of the curtain shall be raised.

"And hold fast this thought: It is the will of the Almighty that that curtain should be gone for aye. Humanity, by its disregard of Divine laws, has brought into being that which is physical and dense, that which obscures the loveliness of the Mind of God; but it is not the Father's will.

"The Father's will is that all that He has, shall be passed on to those who represent His joy; yes, His joy and His peace; for neither God as Christ, nor God as the Father, can know pure joy and peace, while His little ones are sorrowing far from Him in thought, and tortured by those enemies which they themselves have brought into being by their actions over the past.

"Think of it, children - your responsibility to your Maker. That you - everyone - have it within your power to give gladness to the One who has created unspeakable beauties and gifts for His creation...

"But this night, I would take you with me in thought just a little span, as to the working of the Christ on earth, as to the intervention by the Lord God of all when, ah, when those of His children allow the Gracious One to do that which He longs.

"In the world through all ages, there have been the doubters and there have been those who cannot count themselves even as such, for they have never attempted to find out whether Truth is true but have acclaimed it false out of the ignorance which holds their minds. Yet, the Holy Spirit has done a mighty work in spite of this.

"Some there are - and I am thinking of the good physicians - some there are who instinctively turn to God when the need of others has passed beyond their aid. They have stood beside a sufferer and have said with sorrow: 'I can do no more; we must leave it in Higher Hands', and as they have watched they have prayed, and their prayers have provided the necessary conditions so that those charged with power by God, who are free from the body, can carry through their work to a successful conclusion. The crisis has come and passed, and the sufferer is at peace; sleep has claimed them, and those around say with a thankfulness which comes from the heart: 'A miracle has been worked'. And the good physician goes on his way, his weariness forgotten in the sense of the Presence of God, which has turned sorrow into joy.

"These are blest of the Father, for they provided a link between the patient and those mighty healers who have worked over the past to relieve the sufferings of humanity upon the earth plane. These are blest of the Father, for without them those in the Spirit could not have worked out God's will; without the physical link, without that dedication, without that stretching out to God, though their powers would have been poured down, no connection or insufficient connection would have been made...

"Then, dear children, we think of others, and they, alas, represent the great majority. They are instruments in part; they call upon the skill of the mind of the body and they do their utmost to relieve, and much unseen help is gathered to them.

"But when a sufferer comes under their charge and they are at the end of their resources, they think not of God; and if the sufferer also is a stranger to the Great Healer of all conditions, so the destroyers carry through their plans, and the lack of the physical tabernacle - which in itself is a precious gift for the experience which it brings - the lack of the physical tabernacle, as it were, builds between the soul and better things many obstacles, which only time can overcome.

"Then, dear children, there are others still - and we know these well. They are the ones who explain everything that happens entirely on physical lines. They use their knowledge, and after due consideration, they exclaim that a case is hopeless, that it is too late to rectify what has been done. But sometimes the sufferer is in close touch with God, and the spirit within, because of its grip on the great Spirit Power without, is able to do that which is beyond the mental skill of man.

"A miracle of grace is wrought by the one concerned, or, perhaps, by those in their surroundings who also know God as their Father. But the physician explains it in a way more satisfactory to himself. He says that he has been wrong; that the patient never had that which seemed so apparent, and he dismissed it in that wise. God is out of his scheme of things, and he would rather mark himself a failure than acknowledge that there is something greater and stronger than that of the earth, which is the Holy Spirit at work...

"Each one of you, dear children, have had experiences such as these, if not in regard to yourselves then with others. But oh, think you how ungenerous is man towards his all-Generous God. God is the Creator - that the individual acknowledges, but no more. And those things which happen, they are grouped under that which is called 'coincidence' or an error of judgment on the part of the delineator at hand.

"Such as these forget that over each one is even as an arch of protection, of power, and from this arch pours down upon the individual that Life which comes from God Himself. But many are as this: So encased are they in the materialism of the world, in that which they have erected between themselves and the Spirit, that though this Life-giving shower is poured down upon them, they cannot receive it, for that which is as a cabin of ice shuts them off from the warm Love of Christ; and so sorrow creeps into many a home and no explanation is vouchsafed, for no one knows the truth...

"Children, purposely I have touched upon these physical things, for they go on all over the world and are disregarded in their true meaning. 'God is so far away and His children are separated by that which is too great to be bridged' - so they reason; but they have shut off from themselves the power of the Holy Spirit on earth.

"And then, dear children, another point I would touch upon, for it rises in your minds: 'How about those who have turned to God in their extremity and yet, apparently, no saving grace has come?' Little ones, you cannot build a bridge in a few seconds of time; you cannot pass by on the other side those who are sent to minister to you and then, when you fall, call to them and feel their presence at once.

"Such as these are placed in the position in which they find themselves by the heedlessness of the past. They call to God, but they have built up between them and His many gifts that which must be destroyed before the help can come; and their child passes over, but God's Love never fails and never falters. Out of that very cry - even if it came only because of the robbing of self - out of that cry, a link has been made, and the child or the husband or the wife, uses that in time to come, to hold the spirit of the one on earth, and slowly - sometimes very slowly - a change takes place. They are not the same - a little graver, a little more thoughtful; and the happy day arrives when they cast aside that which once held them and stretch out and find their Christ.

"Spiritual intervention in a way which seems perhaps rather covered up, but if that anguish had not come, so even that link would be missing; and the individual would pass out of the earth into conditions less enlightened than the earth, and much would have to be endured to regain that little which they brought with them when the physical experience was commenced.

"But now, dear children, I would take you away from the physical, and I would give you all a mighty reassurance as to spiritual intervention over the lives of those who cleave to the highest and the best. Yet, read not my words amiss. You point out to me that the sweetest souls seem to have the hardest life. Well, my children, isn't that another aspect of spiritual intervention in very truth?

"This physical stage - so brief, yet so important - can work out only a fragment which the Divine within you intended when it first clothed itself in that which it must wear in order to endure other conditions. Cannot you see with a wider vision, with the greater you, how the spirit has interfered over the events of your life? At one time, the future promised much which the world could give; but lo, the scene was changed and the valley was left for the heights - the level path for the steep.

"The spirit within, released in that measure that it had contacted with God, interfered with the desires of an undeveloped physical mind, saying: 'Not that, not that'. And trouble came; the horizon before you seemed full of clouds, the sunshine of God's Love flickered and then appeared to die away. As a lonely soul you stood in a world that wanted you not. And then came the helpers - the spiritual intervention - and the Master pushed the clouds aside and claimed you, by experience, as belonging to Himself...

"Oh, my little ones, confuse not that phrase. Spiritual intervention is of God and it must be the highest and the best. Much intervention goes on in the lives of the majority, but is it not by the destroyers who point out so invitingly the easy path, the third and the fourth best? And those who listen congratulate themselves, out of their blindness and bondage, and as they turn from the rough path they relinquish the very gifts for which the physical stage was undertaken.

"This is Truth as all see it when the body is no more. Then they count their gains and their losses, and that which they named 'good luck' on earth, it is even as a burden on their shoulders, for while they took they were giving away one of their priceless possessions.

"Yet, my children, have no misapprehension as to God and His control of your individual lives. Sorrow is borne because it leads on to joy; the pains of the body they mean the freedom of the soul; the troubles which beset your path, those many things which have been taken from you, what do they represent? They represent even a ship prepared for action; all the unnecessary furniture banished from the scene and only the weapons for fighting God's battle retained. For we are out on Holy warfare, and only those who have the strength and the will to give up the superfluous can fight and overcome. Mark you, that in the time that is near approaching they must fight, because all must fight, but many will find themselves burdened by that which weighs them down; they will fight but they will be the ones who will be overwhelmed...

"Think then in this wise: How great must have been the spiritual intervention over your lives, so that at this stage you can stand and look back over the past, can view your troubles with a dry eye, and can thank God for them, for they have brought you sight.

"I speak to many; I speak to a vast concourse whom I have gathered in, and I tell them that over that which they failed to do - because suffering has resulted - so they have fastened to themselves weapons with which to fight for God. They have suffered, and, in the suffering, the past has been wiped out, and they have gained a strength for the present; and that strength, by striving, can be trebled for the big test which lies in front...

"And then, dear children - and this is my last point - remember, oh, remember always, that when the heart and mind is dedicated to the Most High, around you are gathered those you name the bright ones, the messengers of Christ, and they work in conjunction with the Divine within. They can fence off the enemies from you, they can preserve the purpose of your life and the furtherance of God's plan; and the time comes when the enemies of the physical and the enemies of the Spirit no longer have the strength to resist the power which is all around.

"And the path in front is opened, and those you love, and those who love you, gather to your side, and a mighty rejoicing goes up from all, not only from those you see and feel, but from many beyond your conception now; for the linking up means - by the fact that it is unity - something which God can use to help another who is like placed and cannot get free.

"Your happiness, your freedom, is a step over which the weaker ones pass into their heritage, and so on and so on. For power is not only a mighty constructive force, but the power brought into being by the dedication of those on earth and the linking up with those who are free - that power accumulates and grows and expands, and even one such has an influence beyond your mind to grasp, aye, even beyond the mind of many who are free.

"Spiritual intervention has taken place, and God's will is done on earth, and God's will relates not to one here and one there, but to all; and when you, my little ones, have made it possible for the Spirit of God to be evinced in your lives, so you have brought it into possibility also for that to take place with someone else, unknown to you, ah, but known to God.

"We are one - your sorrows are my sorrows, your joys my joys; the stranger in the street - their sorrows are your sorrows, and until their weakness is turned into strength, you are responsible in the measure that you are all children of the same Father; you belong to the same Home and the Home is incomplete until all are gathered in.

"Think you, little ones, of your mighty gift; how you can demonstrate the intervention of God in the individual lives of those on earth. In your seeking to help, Christ is manifested immediately that thought is put into action; your desire to soothe and console, the Comforter is shown in conditions material in every other aspect; your prayers for the strengthening of another's body sore assailed by enemies in many forms, what have you done? By your concentration, you, and you alone, have made the last link which is essential, between the great healers in the Spirit, the healer upon earth, and the sufferer. You have made the last link, and God has interfered in that life and the danger is past...

"Oh, think you of this more closely: Cannot you see how, in that one act, spiritual intervention has worked through many sources and channels? And to each one this applies in turn. So your thoughts go back to the mighty Mind of God, to the Divine plan whereby the physical pangs of one of His little children, when relieved, have brought help and spirituality to countless others unknown to them or to you.

"You pray that poverty in its fiercest form should be kept from the one you love, but the test goes on, and you see no sign of that help which is essential, coming to them. And you pray again, and then the good news comes - that which was most pressing has passed, and you thank God. But do you remember, do you take into consideration what that spiritual intervention has set into being - the power it has created, the many sources through which it has come? And each source is that point nearer to God, as well as yourself.

"Oh, my children, send out that which is the real you, and with all your heart render thanks for understanding, thanks that the way in front has been clearly shown to you; thanks that, while you may, you can use your opportunities, and that you - child as you are - can help your God to do that which the Father-Heart and the Mother-Heart so longs to set into being - that you can help your God to bring His little ones nearer to Him, nearer to Him so that He may protect them from all that which would intervene...

"My children, tonight you feel amongst you the Love of God, even the wings of that which you name the Holy Spirit. Indeed, the power is poured upon you; indeed, my little ones, you have within your grasp that which would be astounding if the physical mind could understand. But it is here for one purpose alone - so that you may go out and show others that Christ is with them working upon the earth, and that in their troubles and in their trials there is spiritual intervention - that spiritual intervention which shall show them that between the Father and His creation the link is held intact.

"So, my little ones, be joyful over the future, and out of your great assurance, give assurance to others; out of your experience in the past, and the saving grace of God over even the material things of your daily life, be examples to those who, as yet, have not been taught, or, if they have been taught, have failed to grasp the meaning. Say to them: 'Think of me. If God is shown in my life, He must also be shown in yours. Have faith for the dawning, for remember that I, in turn, passed through a night which was dark indeed, yet even in the darkness the stars of hope were shown to me as a promise of the brightness held in store until I was ready to have and to hold'.

"And then to the stranger present (Mrs. Murray-Chapman), I speak: My child, it is but a few words I am constrained to pass on this night, but there is a test in front, and it is direct spiritual intervention which has made it possible for you to be gathered into this quiet retreat.

"Little one, have no fears, but the test must come - 'the world or the Spirit' - even in greater measure than the test has been put in the past. God has called you to high and holy things. We are on the edge of a great advance, and every soldier is needed to fight under their Leader, Christ. The preparation has been put in; your heart and mind long to be safely fettered to the One who loves you best, but the test lies in front as to the measure, dear child, that this Love-call will influence your life. Yet remember this: that whatever the choice, nothing changes God's Love.

"Around you there are many; some you name your loved ones, some who are strangers to your physical mind. They are there for one purpose - to polish the instrument, to refine, to throw away that which is an impediment, so that when the call reaches your physical ears, no chains will be there, and you will say to your God: 'All that I am and all that I have is Thine'. And in the giving up, you will take of your spirit's desire; yes, you will take of your spirit's desire.

"Think of the future and forget not the past, but make your choice, even as that which the Divine within instructs, for you have work to do and God has blest you in a way you little understand... Feel on your forehead, my child, the Cross. It is there, it has been marked upon you, and only yourself can make that impression disappear. The Cross of service - a sign of the ark of Christ.

"And now, my little ones, I will leave you, but we must work out certain things which have been laid down for this night. So I entreat you, each one, to keep your minds from the personal, and to make your gift to God perfect by the desire that everything should be as He intends. Yet, forget not that to those who give, so the Father can give in treble measure. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"......I must ask your forgiveness for this long delay. It is a stranger, as of course you well can grasp. My life on earth... I am so full of memories, that in coming back in this strange way (control of trance medium), it seems as if yesterday was today, and a wretched man was I - a wretched man was I...

"I would speak, yet the words, they scarce can come; for in my heart only anguish finds a place; and yet when I give my name you will give me a welcome in the Name of Christ.

"You call me Pilate, and I stand in your presence, full of vague alarms. The past, it has passed, and yet this night it stares me in the face; but I would put it from me for the portion which I contribute must be made ere time has fled. Think you as to this man when sight was made his own.

"I passed into a condition curiously like the city I had left; in it there was a mighty throng and they acclaimed me as a king, but discomfort held my mind. I looked me on all sides, and there were none who found favour in my sight, and fear fell upon me. They pressed me with their mocking gifts. I struck them from me, and in my horror of what I knew not, I called upon the Lord God Jehovah, and silence fell upon them all...

"So strange it seems that yesterday is as today. In my sore discomfort I found a friend, and that same friend, bearing a beggar's guise, entreated me to follow him; but still conscious that those around were antagonistic and out - so it seemed to me - to kill, I questioned him: 'Whither?' He answered me: 'Across the threshold'; and the beggar and the so-called king walked side by side.

"Sometimes he fought and sometimes I fought, but we held to each other, and at last the worst was over. On the threshold this faced me - and I would I were back even in that venomous throng - the 'threshold' seemed to me as if it was the edge of the world.

"I turned to my guide: 'What fool's errand is this?' And he answered: 'It is the only way into peace and calm'. A most unhappy man was I during the life of the body, for not only were the enemies all around, but there was that greater disturber within. I had suffered much, and as I looked upon that which he named 'the threshold', despair seized me and I exclaimed: 'If this be death, then let it come'.

"I stepped across, and as I fell something heavy was scattered from me; and in my vision - for it was that - I saw a man, yet scarce a man; and as he fell, fell also from him chains and coarser garments; and even in the anguish of my most terrible fright, I saw the beggar was changed to an angel, and the angel was surrounded by a glorious light...

"Friends I know not why I speak to thee in these tones, nor why the past so assails me now, yet it is God's will that I continue...

"And the angel travelled with me far and left me, so it seemed, upon a sandy shore, and in my great relief I abased myself before the great Creator, and prayed that a sign might come. As I waited, so night turned to day, and day to night again, and still I waited for a sign to come; and lo, upon the waters a boat was seen, a humble boat, not one with grand array, yet I knew it was in answer to my prayer - it was the sign.

"I raised me upon my feet and ran towards the water's edge, and as I plunged into its depths, the boat assumed... nay, how shall I express that which was? The boat drew nearer, a humble boat it was, even as the fishing-boats upon the Galilean shore, and in the boat was the One I had condemned to death.

"Children, bear with me for I am sore assailed by memories of the past. In the boat was the One who, out of the weakness which held me in the past, I had condemned to death. Nay, alter not my phrase; mine was the guilt. I speak in these tones for I would instruct that the way to Christ is open even to those who deserve it least; and at His feet received my baptism, at His feet I found my God.

"And so I leave you. The past has been worked out in a way so strangely inconceivable to the mind of man, yet this night, as I stand here, the memory of that physical garment rushes o'er me. I am conscious even of the formation of my face, long since forgotten and buried in the past. As a soul purified by Love, I claim myself as a disciple of the One I only knew in part; yet methinks - for remembrance is so keen - that as I looked upon that gracious Figure, the truth was forced into my mind. He stood before me, I in my array and He in a degradation impossible for you, in times such as these, to grasp; and as our eyes met, so the message was sent and received; but the world it held me tight, so many chains were mine that I let peace pass from my presence and happiness was mine no more...

"Yet think of me not in those times of old, but rather as one who has been purified by that which has been worked out during the long, long past. This night, as a servant and a disciple, I come into your presence, and I claim your love even as I have given out of that love to you. The links are here, and the Master stands by me as I speak...

"I pray your kind consideration, for I am beset by much, and the anguish of the mind, it causes that faintness of the body while I speak. The only thought which holds me is that the chance was mine, and I cast it away, even as the Water of Life.

"Farewell, and yet we shall meet again, and when I come at the time appointed, so this band will be removed and I shall speak as to that life which has been permitted me upon this little earth over the years since the body was cast aside. I go, but I come again, and I fain would have you recollect that the Master came to me out of the graciousness of His Love, Farewell..."

(Note: The distress of this spirit was acute; but after the circle Mrs White was given the vision of a vessel with many sails, each sail charged with power, and on the vessel was the radiant form of Pilate.)

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, it is true that this night has been a little difficult for the instrument I use, but I want you all to regard difficulties not as something to shrink from, but as a step into greater things. The difficulties of the physical world are the opportunities of the Spirit World. And when you look at life thus, a mighty understanding steals o'er you, for you know that only the trained can be used in this way. The untried have the easier path, yet, in time, as experience comes, so they too must grapple with the difficulties which lie waiting to be overcome.

"So, to each one of you I say: Shrink not from the future or what it holds. In the little tomorrow, as the big work comes, so the great strength will be poured down upon you; as your responsibilities grow, so, shoulder to shoulder with you, will come those to whom the burdens of the physical world are even as a tiny stone. What then have you to dread?

"I gather in each one, and to my child, Margaret, in tones charged with love, I speak: You have naught to fear, for as the steepness becomes more apparent, so that which is holy, that which is imperishable strength, shall meet you, and the sense of struggle will be past. Spiritual intervention shall give you that which you long for most.

"I bless you with high ambition; I bless you with the courage which grows firmer and firmer; I bless you not only with love, for that is yours, but with the capacity to give out love in unstinted measure.

"And with high ambition, with your great, great courage, and your unlimited love, so as happy pilgrims you shall leave the shadows behind forever, and walk and talk with those you name the Watchers and the Keepers - the servants of God, working out the Divine plan on earth and in those conditions where only Love abounds...

"You shall walk and talk with the Watchers and the Keepers of God's plan. Rest, little ones, in the Arms of Christ. Let no misgiving cast a shade over your paths, for you have fought and overcome and you strive to overcome again. God as Christ has said: 'I have overcome the world', and being linked to Him, so in very truth you shall see for yourselves that the world, as the world, has been overcome, and you are the heirs of Everlasting Life.

"Goodnight, my children, and thank God for your many gifts..."

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The Greater World has sole copyright for the Zodiac Messages and came into existence as the Greater World Christian Spiritualist League in 1931 (U.K. Registered Charity No. 212369). The Greater World was originally established purely because of the Zodiac Messages and their introduction into earthly life by the Christ Messenger Zodiac and the further revelations of the Christ Mission expounded therein. The inception of the Greater World was for the preservation, as received, of the Zodiac Messages and the prudent dissemination of the spiritual philosophy, consequently perpetuating the incorruptibility, distinctiveness and uniqueness of the Zodiac Messages and the teachings contained therein.

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