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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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Most of An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at The Beacon of Light Christian Spiritualist Church, Enfield, Middlesex, on Sunday, September 22nd, 1946

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

..."I want you always to remember that the Holy Master taught you to pray for your daily bread; but did He not say also that man shall not live by bread alone? There is a wider interpretation of 'bread' than a mere livelihood. And some interpret 'a livelihood' as having as many comforts as can be obtained upon the earth plane.

"These things are not wrong; if they are possible, man is entitled to have them, but the whole point is this: what is it that comes first in his life? Are his energies concentrated upon drawing to himself those things which are material and which will have no place at all in the next state of being - or does he desire the things of the earth that have a future?

"And you must remember, dear-children, that the character of that future will make all the difference to happiness when this short stage of experience is past. Physical things have a future in this wise: there is left upon the soul-body the imprint of desire; and if the desires of man were but for those things that pander to the body and bring material credit to his name, then there is something to be obliterated from the soul-body in time to come.

"So I want you tonight to consider your own position, and I think you will realise that all who have the gift of discerning spirits (1 Corinthians 12:10) have not necessarily spiritual discernment. There are those who are content with the scavengers from the astral planes, there are those who desire guides who will help them on purely material lines; there are men and women who seek the aid of mediums for the sole purpose of extricating themselves from experiences which they do not like.

"And the mediums who pander to such as these, may have the ability to discern the spirits which are around them, but by the very act they are showing that spiritual discernment has not yet been released.

"dear-children, I would speak in urgent tones, for I know that there are so many who would barter all to have clairvoyant-sight opened, or to hear those voices which belong to the denizens of another world. But the point is this: With whom are they contacting? Who are they listening to?

"Cannot the use of these gifts spell danger for them and others? And this, indeed explains why at times, false messages seem to come through from the Spirit Realms. You are surrounded by a host of witnesses, witnesses to the light and witnesses to the bondage which holds them fast. But free-will cannot be interfered with; that which man seeks he must attract, for good or for ill.

"I speak thus, dear-children, because it is your part to warn others, to put them on their guard before it is too late, too late to save them from making grave mistakes and having to suffer for them in a way that cannot be grasped while the body holds; for this communication was meant by God to be holy, to be regarded as something to be approached in a reverent spirit and to be used for the spiritual education of the masses.

"And I would remind you of the reassurance which you find in the Holy Book - that if you put the things of God first, those things which are necessary will be added unto you (Matt. 6:33). God is your Father. God knows you must have your daily bread - did He not supply the manna to the thousands in the wilderness? Has it not been said that not one sparrow falls to the ground and the Creator is unaware of it?

"This is the interpretation of 'taking no thought for the morrow'. It seems to man that nothing could be more unpractical or more against commonsense; but it underlines that when the things of God are put FIRST and the energies of man are concentrated upon doing his duty in the place where he finds himself, he has no reason to worry about the morrow. One step enough for him, for there is the Light-Bringer to lead the faithful servant out of the gloom into the sunlight of revelation.

"Oh, bear this thought in mind! Those with spiritual discernment put God first, and His Mission upon the earth plane. But that does not mean forsaking their daily toil or their responsibilities in the home. These duties are part of putting God first, and although their physical eyes may seem blind to the spirits who are around them, they are in closest touch with the holy ones, they are God's own mediums interpreting for Him the way of life, which is the protected way of salvation.

"And I ask those mediums, and there are many of them, who desire with all their being to serve God and to be His faithful servants, to remember that in so doing they have accomplished that miracle of grace which God intended - the discerning of spirit has been linked up with spiritual discernment, and their way Hereafter shall be found open, with no barriers to stem their progress, and with joy and peace as their natural right.

"Hold fast, dear-children, to the thought of spiritual discernment during the daily round and the common task. When you read as to the events of today and as your mind seeks to forecast the future of your nation, remember that many who read and who speak, are but expressing the tarnished views of those who, when in the flesh, were bonded by self.

"There is no time for pessimism, no room for doubt. Faith is wanted today as never before, and the pioneer spirit. And you who love your country have to rise above party politics and set the little boat of your life by the example of the One true Pilot, Who will be on board if you will invite Him.

"Times change; what is considered right today by the materially-minded is wrong tomorrow, and vice versa. Man is caught up by waves of enthusiasm for this and for that, to be forgotten when something new comes along still more attractive to the physical eye and the material mind.

"Therefore, beware how you are influenced by those in the body unless they are Christ-men or Christ-women, unless spiritual discernment has been released within. For those who stir up strife, those who seek to divide brother from brother, those who poison the minds of the little children ere their own judgment can be formed, these, if they could discern the spirits who are around them tempting, and succeeding, would by fear alone turn back to the old wooden Cross, and seek peace and health from the memories of the past.

"Again and again as I take my way up and down the countryside ever I emphasise that you are all mediums for good or mediums for ill; mediums expressing your close companionship with the bright and glorious ones, the saints and martyrs of another age; or those so undeveloped that every passing event, with evil in its fold, finds a lodgement in the mind and oft an expression from the lips.

"But tonight I bring the best news that man could ever have. Through suffering many of the young have become emancipated, they have weighed in the balance the things of the earth which have betrayed them, and the things of God which will last for evermore - and to such as these there will come the cloak of discipleship.

"They may have given their material all, they may be forgotten by ungrateful countries, they may search for work and find it not. But their quest is a holy one; in Spirit they have made their choice to suffer now for the sake of the sweet by-and-bye, believing in God's promises, knowing that the law of compensation cannot be destroyed by material law or human injustice. And such as these in time to come will be seen as the leaders of communities in that Bright and Better Land where self-deception or the deceiving of others is impossible to take place.

"I want you all, dear-children, to review your own lot, your troubles and trials, the pains of the body, the failure of so-called friends; to get clear from the mists of this material world. Yes, to take your guidance from spiritual history, from those countless numbers who thought the world well lost for Christ, and found as physical death took place that not only was faith justified, but they were inheritors of many kingdoms, they could go where they would; they could, by the exercise of the Divine Power released within them, heal and recharge. Because they overcame their little world of suffering by trust in a loving Father, they have overcome also all the barriers, and there is none to forbid them going into other spheres and ministering to God's children direct.

"So many during the earthly stage have made a god of power, but when you are free, dear-children, you will see that the power so loved by those while in the flesh is but a tawdry toy, it is like a bubble blown by a child - beautiful are its hues but in a second of time it is gone, leaving no sign behind.

"The ones today who are taking the hard way, who find on either side difficulties to be grappled with, troubles to be met, these are the power-holders, and these have shown - although they may never see a spirit while the flesh holds them - that their spiritual discernment has been released. And this enables them to be companioned by the angels of the Most High, not only for their own benefit, for the benefit of the earth world, but for the benefit of many spheres. For the Law of God holds good; that which is sown in the darkness is reaped in the Light, but there is no mind of man which can conjure up the nature of the harvest.

"So, dear-children, I want you to feel recharged with hope and to come to grips with any desires in your mind that may have to be overcome in the days that lie in front, to realise that although the discernment of spirits, rightly used, brings a blessing to the seeker and to the receiver, there is no blessing greater than that which comes to the one who walks by faith alone, who is willing to admit that God knows best, who is able to turn to the humble task, to the preparing of the room, to the tending of the flowers, or to be a doorkeeper in the House of his Lord and to listen unto others. These tasks done to the best of one's ability bring a blessing that cannot be surpassed by any gift that man may possess and express.

"And I want you all to realise that those with spiritual discernment are amongst the greatest healers of their age. They may say unto me: 'I have never healed anyone!' They cannot judge, their eyes are closed to spiritual realities, they do not know the many who are brought to them while they are doing the mundane task, preparing the food for the children, tending their garments, ministering unto Mother Nature; they do not know at this stage the healing power which is pouring out from them, not only for those upon the earth plane, but for many bonded ones who have lost their way through the wilfulness that held their heart and mind.

"Oh, remember, dear-children, that although these seem to lose so much during this short physical stage, they are gainers in a way no earthly words can express; they have seen this world well lost for the desire of the Christ within to express itself in sacrifice and service.

"I want you to visualise those many young folk who were slain in battle coming back to such as these, and to you as well, seeking ever to release within you that spiritual discernment that shall make the future joyful and constructive, so that you shall find around you the gifts of the Spirit, your spiritual equipment, and thus work out the desires of the real self to build, not only for yourselves but for others to inherit the beauty of that other state; and, gathering up your gifts, to come back to the heavy-laden and seek to pass on that holy manna to those who are starving for spiritual food.

"And the reason for this starvation is this: there have been so few to interpret aright the Will of God and the teachings of the Christ. But you, dear-children, by treading the humble way, perchance the uncongenial path, will so release that priceless gift of spiritual discernment, that the inspiration shall pour through you and the word of comfort and illumination shall come, and others shall bless your name."...

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