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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 3rd September, 1927.

"With grateful hearts we come to Thee our Father and Mother God, and we ask Thee, because Thou hast made us and because Thou hast claimed us as Thy own, to help us to be more fitting sons and daughters, nearer to Thee in love and understanding.

"O Christ, help us to imitate more closely those qualities which Thou showed in perfection; give us the humble heart, lead us out of the thicket represented by the mind of the body on to the great continent of wisdom, that wisdom which is part of All-Wisdom, and that which it is Thy will we should release within and recognise as our own. Teach us as to Thy Love, as to the purpose and the plan, and grant that as we learn ourselves we may ever remember to pass on the Truth to others, that as we climb so we may show the way to those who are misled by the things of the world; and as we gather up our gifts we may indeed give of those great possessions to the ones who are without...

"O Christ, help us to follow more nearly Thy great example. We ask it because we belong to Thee and Thou art our Saviour for ever and for ever. Amen...

"...My little children so dear, so precious to me, I come into your midst tonight with a deep, deep thankfulness, for I look within that which represents yourselves at this stage and I see that many seeds have taken a firm root, and I know that in the by and by - aye, even in the tomorrow - those seeds shall grow and be of utility to others. I look into your heart and I find there love for our Saviour Christ; I look again and I find real love for each other; and I look still again and, to my joy, I find there love for this one, who, under Christ, seeks to lead you up the steep, steep path.

"Oh, children, let not any misgiving touch you as to the steepness of the path or the difficulties which it represents. Rather, draw to yourselves that feeling of deep congratulation that you are sufficiently awakened to be on that path, for in addition to difficulties there are splendours, there is illumination, there are powers which, as yet, are hidden from your physical consciousness.

"Think to yourselves like this: 'The way may be steep but that in itself is a stupendous gift, for only effort can bring my spirit's desire'. You cannot have that which represents even a tithe of the Christ-mind without following in His steps in the degree that you wish to make something of Himself your own.

"You cannot be free as the disciples were free, unless, my little ones, you are travellers - travellers out of the valley, out of ease and comfort, out of allowing the things of daily life to slip by, or your opportunities to remain opportunities and not be turned into your own possession. You cannot be as disciples unless you turn from the so-called pleasures of this little world and climb, yes, climb, so that you may take of the imperishable joys of the Spirit.

"Oh, let not any deceive you as to this: You cannot take unless you are willing to give. They say to you: 'Look at what my life holds. I can do this, I can have that; happiness is all around. God does not mean us not to have a good time as we go along'. Many have heard this, and sometimes they have been impressed by what seemed so obvious. Trouble, as they regard trouble, passes these by. They awake to a day which holds much that represents their heart's desire; they attract to themselves a variety of toys, and when one ceases to hold the attention another arises to take its place.

"And those who have little, who work and know what weariness can represent, they ask themselves: 'Is that right? Have I made a mistake? Have I taken on too much? Perhaps it is not God's will that my life should be laid down on such grey and dreary lines?' So the thoughts come, and sometimes there is no one in their vibrations to speak that which is the Truth...

"Little ones, God wants His children to have happiness and joy and freedom, but the things of the world represent a bondage, an imprisonment, which, in the days to come, will exact much before it can be cast aside.

"Oh, listen and learn for God fights for the real you within. The world's way and God's way, for the most part, are in opposite directions, and each step that the ignorant take towards the satisfaction of their lesser self, is a step farther from the release of the Divine within, of that which lives on long after the physical garment is forgotten (Gal.5:17-26)...

"Tonight, my children, having drawn in your thoughts and despatched a shadow here or a misgiving there, I would speak to you - for the Master has instructed me - I would speak to you on that which I name: 'Spiritual Affinity'.

"And I want you to free yourselves as much as possible from your ideas and theories, from that which has accumulated in your mind over the past. I say not to you lay all this aside, but I ask you to listen for this brief time, and then, when my words have penetrated into your consciousness, to take that which was already your own and see how it bears upon this fragment of Truth which I am directed to pass on...

"I have told you oft before that no one can convince, yet they can explain. You take that which you have heard and that which you have seen; you weave it in with your own experience, and sometimes, after many days, realisation comes as to that which is permanent for ever...

"Little ones, during the evolutionary stages, perforce there is much that is thrown upon, as it were, the sensitive plate which represents yourself, and the only way, the only way to get that vision which the great Father and Mother God desires shall be your own, is to sift and still to sift, holding in your mind Christ, God or the Holy Spirit - that aspect of the great Godhead which, at the time, affords you most help and comfort.

"And you will find this as you progress: That more and more of the so-called knowledge of the world - its theories and its ideas - you will discard. Slowly, it is true, and at times with surprise, you will find that this is absent and that has been left behind. And as you go on, concentrating on the One who loves you best, so simplicity will take the place of complex thought, and, at last, the day comes when, with a sense of indescribable youth and liberty, you wake up to the consciousness that you are indeed - in the measure that you yourself allow - a son or a daughter of the Most High.

"Then you listen for His Voice; you say not to yourself: 'I will pray and perhaps God will answer'. Nay, with a certainty that is immovable, you go to the Father and ask, and you wait, positive that He will reply. The link between has been made in a way that nothing of the earth - its treasures or its knowledge - can sever; the affinity between you and your Maker is established for all time...

"Now, my children, I want you to go back, in thought, to the first pages of the Sacred Record (Bible). I have told you before that you were created in the likeness of your Father and Mother God. There are those entangled in the knowledge which they have torn out of the earth, those enmeshed in the so-called secrets of science, who say that man and the animal are the same...

"Little ones, there is this affinity between you and no more - that the animals, in every stage, are a responsibility from which you cannot separate yourself, for man was given dominion over that which was created for his use, yes, created for his use, and for the development of itself.

"Keep that thought clear. I know how these theories beat upon the physical mind. Some unwillingly, others unconsciously, are swayed by that which is given forth by those who think they know. When such as these pass hence, if apart from their theories they have done their duty to their neighbour - have succoured the weak, have been kind in thought and action - when such as these are free they will have a demonstration of Life in its wider sense, before which their little knowledge will crumble even as the dust...

"I have told you that man was created in God's own image, and that is stated plainly, to those who have the will to understand, in that which is a record of the past, presented in parable form. Little ones, it is difficult - being confined to the language of the physical world - to speak to you of the great Creator or to instruct you beyond the first span concerning the mighty Mind of Love; yet, it is the Father's will that I seek to impart something of that which, one day, out of these dense conditions, will seem to you so clear, so wonderfully like that which is Perfection itself.

"Remember always that the words I use are solely to convey something of my meaning to the physical mind. Words, as words, have no existence to us, but you associate certain things with certain words; and, in thinking of this, forget not the different tongues in your little world. You call that which is in this little room by one name, and each of those others use a term peculiar to the country to which they belong. What is the value of a word? Nothing, little ones, except to those accustomed to the association of the thing or the feeling with that word.

"I speak to the many strangers who read these records, and I ask them to bear in mind that the words I use are culled out of the physical mind of the instrument, in common with that which is named the language of the country, and I use them to convey something of the great meaning which underlies all Life.

"Children, in regard to the controlling Spirit, the great Creator, I tell you once again that to use the word which denotes the masculine or the feminine is entirely misleading. To say that God represents the highest form of man or the highest form of woman is incorrect. The Creator is the perfect balance of Perfection which is represented by the finest qualities of the woman and the finest qualities of the man; God is Father and Mother combined.

"The use of the masculine pronoun is entirely a result of man upon the earth plane being the dominating factor. Man, by his strength of limb, had power; therefore All-Power must be represented by the masculine...

"Again, those who have penetrated into wisdom realise, in all its beauty, that God is not more our Father than our Mother. I use the word 'He' solely because it is familiar to your minds, but I warned you in the early days we met together that this was not correct, any more than it would have been correct for me to use the feminine pronoun in connection with All-Life...

"Little ones, perhaps I have laboured this over-much, but it is of great import, bearing upon that which I am seeking to impart.

"Sex, as you regard sex in connection with the formation of the physical garment, that, as you know well, is relative to the plane or planet which you call the earth. Now, think as to that to which I would harness your thoughts: Our Father and Mother God - perfect in a way which no one can comprehend - our Father and Mother God created us (Gen. 1:26,27) in His own likeness (Spirit - John 4:24) in the beginning of things. Within the individual, there was a fragment, a spark, an atom - use what term you like - of that Divine duality which is one; and remember, that before duality was, 'one-ment' of necessity existed (Gen.2:7).

"Listen, dear children: Though difficulties are around in presenting this grain of wisdom, yet I am undismayed, for I draw my power from the Master, the Christ, who, when on earth, experienced exactly the same difficulty in presenting Truth to those who loved to listen to Him. I am undismayed, and what is not clear shall be made clear in time to come.

"Children, housed within you all is the highest of the 'feminine' and the highest of the 'masculine', and one day that must be released in all its glory. But think you as to this: The great creative Mind, the One who is All-Wisdom, desired that the journey should be shortened in the measure that was possible, desired that the long, long journey of experience might be eased for His little ones.

"And so, dear children, there was that created which, in your language, represents a counterpart - a pair (Gen.2:21). I use that word for I can find no other. And with that which was, as it were, two halves - yet each complete in itself - it was ordained that the circle of experience should be traversed by a different process as regards the predominance of the qualities within... It may seem complicated to you as I speak, but that was the beginning of that which you name sex or individuality...

"Children, you are conscious that the spirits around you - who are free from the physical tabernacle - that they vibrate to that which you recognise as the masculine or the feminine, and you have been told by me and those who have passed over for centuries of time, that this distinction is maintained. But oh, confuse not my meaning. The great Father and Mother God represents, on a gigantic scale, Perfection, not only of the qualities that you know, but of a myriad which are beyond your comprehension.

"In that which is of Himself - that fragment, that vital spark - it was an act of mercy that certain qualities should have a greater strength or influence than others. And also there is this, which I underline with all the power I possess: That had each one been as the other, there would not have been that same priceless opportunity to help, to be a complement, to contribute that which the other had in lesser part.

"Cannot you see that the very mainspring, as it were, of progression, right from the beginning of creation, was founded on mutual service - service one to the other?

"Oh, remember, that in the perfect Mind each quality is as perfect as the other; no quality is of greater degree, no quality is of lesser degree. Perfection represents completion in every sense of the word. Therefore, in bestowing on One a greater measure of strength or power, and on the other, feeling and understanding, so that which was as the dual yet the one, as the half yet the whole, started on its journey of experience; and in time to come, within you, within me, must be released not only the full 'masculine', as you regard that word, but the full 'feminine' as you regard that word as well... Canst understand?

"These affinities, complete in themselves, yet bound to each other through the aeons and through a multitude of stages and experiences, they belong to each other, yet each is complete as a separate individual; and when they are joined together at last, they lose not their individuality. In their tiny degree, they are as their Father and Mother God; but remember, the son or the daughter cannot be as the Father and Mother God; the branch cannot represent the Source. Yet, when those two, by experience, have attained that which God has ordained, so then they represent, by the combination, something a little nearer the great Father and Mother God from whom they came...

"Oh, remember this: That though the two spirits - who are as a complement to each other, yet are individual and complete in themselves - that though the affinity between them is great, it is less than the affinity between the individual and its Maker.

"And this brings me to an important point. Children, it happens that, during certain stages, those two spirits do not meet in a conscious way; and, in regard to the earth period, I would instruct that though the days may hold no communion from your point of view, yet the spirits have communion.

"Think you as to this: Aeons of experience may separate those two spirits; the one may have striven and the other may have been worsted in the fight, yet God's plan and purpose is maintained throughout. You may be going through the earth experience, and that which is as your other self may have taken it in the long ago; or, again, the other may be chained to conditions far more dense than these...

"And this, my little ones, explains why it is that certain spirits, wearing the physical garment, take upon themselves the care or the responsibility of another who indeed represents a cross which must be borne. You have marvelled at this among yourselves, but think not that it denotes spiritual affinity between the two; oft the tie is physical alone. But it does denote this: A consciousness, a remembrance of that other tie; and though conditions may separate, yet the aspiring soul works on the material at hand, and what is done for this one (physical tie) is done for that other (counterpart), and, again, doubly for the one who endures.

"Oh, ponder on my words. I have called you together tonight - just this little group - because special conditions were required to deal with that which is a reaching out beyond the physical comprehension into something of that wisdom which one day will be your own...

"Children, I must underline another point: Perhaps there is one on earth whom you love with all your being. You say: 'It is affinity, and without them unhappiness will be my portion'. Sometimes, little ones, that 'tie' is engineered by the shadows alone; and I must lay down the truth that when the attraction is of the body and not of the spirit, you can be certain that it is connected with those who seek to wreck...

"Again, I instruct you further: There are those who love each other with the spirit, those who are conscious that the other appeals to the best within. Such as these are very often surrounded by enemies who are determined to keep them apart. Listen and learn. That is not God's will but an attempt to hinder the purpose and the plan.

"Then I would draw your attention to that which goes on on all sides: Two love; the one wishes to rise but the other prefers the things of the earth. To the aspiring soul I give this word of warning: Forget not your affinity is God.

"My little ones, how much I must leave untouched, yet I have planted in your minds a few tiny seeds. They shall be tended by those who love you well, and presently you shall find that blossoms are your own, yes, your own to pass on of their purity and sweetness to others.

"Oh, children, pray for those who would instruct that man was of the beast, and send out to all those who will listen that affirmation of faith that the source of man was God; and that you and they in the far, far past, were created in the likeness of Perfection...

"And now, little ones, I will leave you for a space. In talking of that which I have imparted, hold in your minds this thought: That what I have said is as the edge of the fringe of that which is Truth itself; but remember to thank your Father and Mother God that you are sufficiently awakened to desire to grasp the edge of the fringe of that wisdom which was and is for ever... And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Brothers and sisters, it is the one you name Lazarus, the brother of Martha and Mary, and I have prayed for this opportunity over a time beyond that which you can grasp. Tonight, it is the will of our great God that I should speak as to that incident, that miracle which is associated with my name (John 11:1-44), yet I would instruct you a little as to my unworthy self.

"In that olden time, to you - and I see the sun as it shone upon the little home we called our own - in that ancient time, the body was assailed by much. As a child I was ill-equipped; like a reed I was bent by the turbulent wind; in winter-time I shrank from the awesome chill; and my body resented much. So, though grief was shown in so generous a measure, it was scarce with surprise that that which is called 'life' sped on its way into the great unknown...

"Three days 'I' laid within the tomb - that body which indeed represented to those who loved me all that was myself. Brothers and sisters, the cross is upon my brow as I speak, for I feel, once again the Saviour as we stood face to face; the cross then was upon my brow - you understand its deep import - and thenceforward my work upon the earth plane lay clear before me.

"But this night I am instructed to speak of that which befell me during the three days my body lay in the tomb. It seemed to me that suddenly the fever which held me had departed like a cloud that obscured the sun, and joyfully I arose from my couch to see on all sides that which represented a glorious throng, and in that throng were the familiar faces of my father and my mother.

"Canst understand if I tell thee that surprise held not my mind, only joy, a joy which could not be expressed in words? My pains had gone, the weakness had departed, and I was transported into the Realms of Bliss. Yet, the throng it parted as one stood there... His garment was as the inner circle of the sun; his eyes were as the stars. I knelt me at his feet but he bid me arise. 'A servant as thou am I' - that fell as golden rain from the majestic lips. 'Who art thou lord?' I asked. And he answered with a sigh: 'Knowest thou not thy father Abraham, oh, my son? Knowest thou not thy father Abraham?'

"Fear fell upon me, and in my mind the cry arose 'Oh, what is this?' And then all else departed and the great and glorious one drew me to his side and instructed. He spake in this wise, yet so bald my words nor can I portray the joyousness which was all around. He spake as to the purpose and the plan, and as I listened so the consciousness came that something was required of me. 'Speak thou O father, for all that I have and all that I am belong to the great God Jehovah, Ruler of us all'. And he answered: 'Think well. That which is required is the surrender of all that you long for most. You are asked to re-open the gate and to return into the dungeon of the physical body, so that the One you adore may use you in His work'...

"Oh, anguish was mine. Surely never man was tested so terribly before, so I communed within myself: Return to that body so fraught with pain and weakness? Go back to the fierceness of the burning sun and the icy winds of winter-time? Leave my mother and my father? And, above all, separate myself from the one who was second only to the great God of all, for our Father Abraham was of our very selves?

"But the great and glorious one spake again, revealing to me that which All-Love must suffer in the little time to come; and as I listened, so loathing of myself seized my mind: 'God would give all, but I withheld from Him one flower of that garden which He had promised as my own'.

"So, brothers and sisters, Lazarus was 'raised from the dead'. So brothers and sisters, say rather: 'Lazarus was taken out of Life into that which seemed as a death of all that he loved best; but God's mighty will on earth was done'.

"Oh, read within these halting words something as to the truth. A little while you linger here, chained, it seems, to that which represents imprisonment; a little while, so that the purpose and the plan may be worked out, so that the great Almighty God who strives for us all, can use you as His tools on earth. A little while the gate is shut, yet lo, when it opens, so through the strength you have bought by that which you have relinquished, you shall penetrate further still into the glory which is of God.

"I speak to my brothers and sisters who have suffered during the earth experience for the sake of the Christ within. Regret naught nor let sorrow find a place with your mind. You die to beauty, to light and to joy - and for a little while - so that when you rise again, the beauty, the joy, and the light, may be nearer to the spirit's desire..."

(When others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, I have been comforting the spirit who has just spoken to you. Remember this: That in the eyes of God each one is His dearly loved child. Sometimes His children, because they are children, lose the straight clear road; but what happens? In your little world it is worked out again and again. A child has strayed out of the ignorance which holds its mind; Love despatches messengers here and there, and oh, the joy when the restoration takes place.

"This has occurred to each one. There is no one so strong, so close to God, who can look back and say: 'I swerved not'. They look back over the road of the past and they see it illumined by the Light which shines from God's Love; and they see also that which fills them with shame - that again and again they wandered from the Light, and the darkness swallowed them up. Yet, our Father and Mother God found them and found them again; and, each time, so joy came to Love, for they are of Him and their sorrow is His sorrow, and their restoration is as a gift to Himself...

"Oh, children, be big in your thoughts, be big in your hearts. Look not around on this one and that with any eyes but the eyes of a father and mother combined; for though they may be strangers to the mind of the body, inasmuch as their progress is less than your own, so, as a parent - a loving understanding parent - your attitude should be towards them...

"Never forget that you have 'parents' in plenty, and as you arise in strength so you draw to yourself greater strength in turn, and remember ever that the great Source of power is also the great source of Love. To us those words are as one; as our love, so is our power; and our power is limited according to our love.

"So, little ones, with cheerful hearts continue your way. Remember that your part is the 'next task'; and, in the next beyond that, you impinge on that which belongs to the Creator. Do your part, and have faith that God will not only do His part, but, out of His overwhelming Love, will lighten your part; for every effort made enables the One who loves you best to transform that effort into fact, into that golden harvest which shall not only feed your spirit now, but shall be as reserved nourishment for the future, to do that work which is your one desire then...

"In the Name of our Father and Mother God, I bless you with confidence. Through the grace of the Lord God of all, I draw down the power of the Holy Spirit. Take of this healing of the body, the mind, and the spirit, for the spirit suffers in its struggle to get free... The blessing of confidence I bequeath to you in the Name of our Father and Mother God.

"Goodnight, my children. We shall meet again, sooner than perhaps you expect."

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