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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 26th April, 1925.

"Divine Spirit of Heavenly Love, pour down upon us tonight Thy blessing, Thy peace, and understanding of Thy ways.

"O most merciful Father, we thank Thee again and again that ever Thou hearest the requests of Thy children, both on the earth plane and in Thy Bright Realms. We thank Thee for Thy ever-listening ear, for all Thy understanding of those deep spiritual longings which are urging Thy children on.

"Grant tonight that indeed we may contact, Spirit with Spirit; that we may be able to lay aside the garment of the flesh and to penetrate into the sanctuary of holy thought, into Thy peace and all that means.

"Inspire us with love - love towards Thee, our Saviour Christ; love towards our dear ones, separated by the physical alone; love towards each other - all linking us to Thy Divine purpose, to the working out of Thy infinite plan for the raising up of the children of the earth, out of darkness and twilight into the Divine Light, when the realisation will come as to who they are and to whom they belong...

"Into Thy Presence we enter with humble hearts, with the wish to learn, with the desire to be a little nearer like Thee; and, trusting in Thy Love so confidently, we hand ourselves over into Thy Father-care. Grant that we may give out of ourselves thoughts of holiness, of strength, and of faith - we ask it for Thy dear Name's sake... Amen...

"...My children, this is one of God's evenings, and I want you to attune yourselves to the things of the Spirit in every way you can. I want you to realise that the Holy Spirit is upon you all, and to make the thought your own that much has been vouchsafed unto you, which has not come to the majority.

"Into the Silence of the Spirit we enter; and the world and all those distracting thoughts connected with the earth - they must be banished beyond the portal.

"Tonight, dear children, I have called you together for a special purpose, and I ask those who think they are strangers (Miss Owen and Miss Rowe) to lay desire at the Feet of the Master, and to listen with the mind of the spirit to the little I am able to teach at this stage.

"In the first place, it would seem to you that, looking at things from a physical standpoint, you have much in common, but I want you to get away from those standards and to take it as literal fact that, in the Spirit, you - my little children - are linked to many; and the linking together is for one purpose and one purpose only: To rouse the dormant Spirit in slumbering humanity.

"Not, my little ones, merely to gather the flowers of remembrance and reunion yourselves - that is the personal privilege which comes to all who are willing to tread the steep and rugged road to God - but the main purpose is bigger - immeasurably - than that.

"You, the little children of the Light - although it is but a glimmering which, as yet, has been made your own - you are entrusted with the Truth, with this revelation of Love Divine - and I speak most lovingly to you all. I say that you have been found worthy, in God's sight, to be used as tools; and could you but grasp what this privilege implies, then indeed would you kneel and thank the Giver of all good things...

"This little life - so fleeting, so dwarfed, so in miniature, compared to the Great Life which flows on and on - this little life can, if you will, produce something which nothing else can make your own possession. It is for you to prove yourselves trusted children of the Father - to say to the world: 'We have nothing in common', but to say to the children of the earth: 'We have everything in common'.

"Humanity calls to humanity - those who have passed over, and those who are yet unborn. Each are linked to the children of this little day. The 'trinity' once more dominates and controls. You must remember that those who have passed hence, who have wished to know the Father and His Love - they have retraced their steps; have, for the time, relinquished those glorious gifts and beauties which are their own; and taking but the power of Love as the instrument with which to work, they have come back and - in humble places, amongst the suffering, the broken-hearted, and those sore beset by the enemies of the body - so they have worked out, again and again, the deeds they did on earth...

"And with the unborn, this goes on in a way impossible to describe. Those in the Spirit - fettered to the Christ, seeing the glorious future in front - they too work amongst the sorrowful; go down into those planes which, as yet, are hidden from your physical minds - and by patient understanding, have learnt their lessons, so that when the opportunity presents itself to take on the physical habitation, in their hands are the good gifts of the Spirit to lighten and to brighten the lives of others.

"And thus it is, dear children, that there are those among you who call forth your love; who, as it were, open the gate between the earth and the Spirit; and, by their 'understanding', you will pass through and see the Light - the Light of Love which never fades, which never dies, and which no suffering can quench.

"And that Light, shining through the darkness of the physical mind, rouses that which is of God within, when you, too, shall be torch-bearers to others, showing the lighted way, showing the safe and secure path, showing the glories which await all who have the courage to climb...

"Yes, dear children, it is a great mission; it is a wondrous call; it is indeed a gift of the Holy Spirit - that comprehension of the meaning of Life, its purpose, and the wonderful plans conceived and weaved by the Mind of Love.

"My children, there is much we have to do together, and tonight is a night of work, not just as food for the physical mind, but as manna for the soul. To you, little ones, I can talk, but there are many who are not ready yet, and so the power of the Spirit - that marvellous, unlimited power, gifted to the children of the earth when they are ready to take it - has, for the time being, to be withheld, lest it should be a danger indeed.

"Oh, my children, never be deceived. After the mutterings of the sky, after the physical demonstration of power, then came the small Voice, the hushed Voice of the Spirit - and that - that was God.

"Children, I have something to say to you all, and tonight I am going to break through a custom of mine and speak direct to the two children I have gathered here. Therefore let not your thoughts go seeking others in this room. They are all here - those you love so well, those you wish to serve - but they have entreated me to take the leadership tonight, and this being God's will, I obey.

"Yet there are things I would talk over with you ere we bring in the personal again.

"I want you to concentrate your thought on the marvellous power of the Spirit which dominates - though men think it not - this little world in which you dwell. 'Body' you may be, Spirit you are - and this applies in that same proportion to everything in the world around.

"Yes, dear children, although it may seem strange to you, even the pavements on which you walk are charged with Spirit power; and if you could see with the eyes of the spirit, you could read the life's history - nay, I speak not only of the little life of the earth - but the life's history of those who had worked upon it: The effort, the lack of effort, the striving, the weariness, the giving up, the despair - and, worse than that - the indifference; the ignoring of God, of His laws; the ignorance of their duty to others.

"Yes, dear children, in a small space of the road or the pavement, there is a volume of fact, an unending mass of information, not only of the man who worked thereon, but of his life before he entered the physical body, and of those lives which have come into touch with his own.

"And then, dear children, I take you on, out of the 'uninteresting' road, as it is sometimes called, to the green of the hills - if you will - or just to the little commons, which are for those to play upon who have not gardens and green grasses of their own.

"Yes, dear children, it has been noticed by many, that in walking over the soft green grass, refreshment, both of mind and body, as well as of spirit, came as a natural result. Yet, as is so often the case, the human mind is content with the surface only, and very few remember to render thanks to the Creator for the benefits received.

"My dear children, again I say to you: Could you look with the eyes of the spirit, you would see that above the green grass, a foot and sometimes more, there is Spirit-power - a gift from God, to recharge His weary little ones as they go on their way. And should you ask me why it is that in spring-time the sense of refreshment is greater than later on, then I would remind you of those same spiritual laws, working so accurately, so beautifully, for all.

"Children, during the winter-time few there are who tread the soft green carpet nature provides, and thus it is that the grass is able to store its energy; it is able to lay up that which will be wanted in the days to come, that which will be called upon to an exceeding great extent.

"My children, think you like this: During the winter-time, when nature, as it were, has closed its petals - shutting in the beauty and the sweetness that is a gift to all - then the human mind grows rather weary, and that same vitality of the body is lowered to an appreciable extent. Yet when the sun shines, when the voice of spring is heard echoing through the spaces until it reaches the listening ear of those on earth - when that call comes to be up and out, to feel God's sweet breeze, to breathe in the pure air, to expand the body and the mind in the sunshine - then you see the task which awaits the green grass beneath your feet. The children of the earth are badly in need of replenishing those forces, and so nature, in springtime, gives and gives again.

"And it would seem to you, dear children, quite reasonable that as the months pass on, and more and more go out into the open, so that power of replenishing grows somewhat less. And so it is not only nature's law, but the law of the Spirit as well, that autumn comes - that time of re-harvesting, of drawing in fresh forces - necessary to nature in order to help man.

"That brings me to man's part, which tonight I am anxious to impress on all:

"Has it not seemed, in regard to yourselves, or those whose lives have touched your own, that winter has been long indeed, that spring - the spring of happiness - dallies by the way? Then, dear children, I would tell you, directed by my Master, that those also are the ones who are to be used for the replenishing of the spiritual strength of others; that that barren time - the time when no blossoms were to be seen, no birds heard singing in the air - that that time was the time of storing, was the time of gathering in those spiritual resources, without which indeed, when the brightness came, their powers would be soon depleted, their store exhausted.

"It is God's will that those so equipped - equipped by training, I mean - shall be adequately equipped with the power of the Spirit - the power which does not fail and which changeth not, except to grow stronger, more dominant, more directly a tool to be used by the Most High.

"Again, I turn your attention to nature. Here and there, dear children, you see trees and shrubs which are - as you put it - 'backward'. And why is this? It is because something of the earth - some structure - comes between them and the sun.

"And so it is with life. There are some who show no sign of bud and blossom, in a spiritual sense; but are these - as some would have us believe, yes, as some teach - are these to be rooted up and cast aside for ever more? Nay, this is our work, this is Christ's work - by effort to pull down those obstructions of the earth, to banish those walls of materialism, and to let the sun of revelation shine upon them.

"Yes, dear children, the trees are in a more helpless position; they are in shady places, put there by others; but here again you have your parallel, yet not to the very end.

"I say there are many in the world today who, by their actions, by their callousness, by their spiritual indifference, have indeed erected before the untutored, a wall, which they call 'reason' - the reasoning, the theories, the deductions - which block out the Light of the Spirit.

"So the child - as the plant - is 'backward'; yet this is the hope for all: The tree is the victim of the thoughtlessness of man; yet to the individual soul you can go, you can say with confidence, that walls can be banished; that they, in their humble position - hemmed in by a multitude of duties connected with the world - they, by the power of the Holy Spirit, can be as beautiful, as fruitful as the loveliest that can be imagined.

"That is God's law. Ignoring conditions, trampling down those physical restrictions, tearing aside those false obstructions - you can go to these and you can say, with certainty, that they in their squalor can be glorious indeed. And many demonstrate this, in spite of teaching - or the absence of teaching - in spite of the lack of the helping hand.

"Yes, the body may be worn and old, that garment of flesh may be drab - and, perhaps, unlovely to look upon - but once the little physical cabin is laid aside, so they will emerge into the glory which fades not, because God has said: 'Those who seek to do my will, to them will I reveal that which is of Myself' (John 14:21)...

"Children, there is so much I want to teach you, so much I want to instil, so much for you to learn, so much to do; and yet, little ones of my heart, I should not be portraying the Mind of the Divine if I did not tell you that by simple faith, by the wish to serve, all those great gifts of the Spirit can - and will be - your own...

"Dedication, concentration, retreating into the silence of the Spirit, shutting out the world and its many voices, and trying - ah, yes, trying to reach that which is your own - the Spirit of God, within and without. That is the way to unravel the secrets of the Bright Spheres; that is the way to make Wisdom your own - the Wisdom of the Spirit, which shall permit you not only to enter into revelation yourself, but to demonstrate that revelation to others.

"There is no other way. Many have tried, many have got through the first portal, and then, intoxicated by success, have forgotten the quest - the quest which demands consecration and devotion.

"Indeed they have gathered up gifts; but when they come here they will see that those gifts were but misrepresentations of the real, but travesties of the powers. In that day they will go back - yes, even to the portal gate - and by service, by prayer, by faith, make that which God holds out to all, their own.

" Without service, prayer and faith, the work that is done has no stamina, dear children; and that is the difference. Sometimes, from the outside, it would seem that the results are greater. But go back to nature - plodding nature, to the slowness of the growth - and then you will see how only the spirit can emerge; and until the spirit is free - in some measure - from self, from the world's way of thinking, so the work done passes away and the power has been wasted.

"Children, I can't speak too seriously in regard to this (spirit phenomena). The power of the Holy Spirit is used extravagantly in order to demonstrate, not the Love of the Father, but rather the powers of the physical mind - those powers which walk hand in hand with popularity and success.

"This, dear children, has a harmful effect on that which is Divine within. Never think that Christ, the Great Understander, does not enter into the natural wishes of these, His little ones; but when they come here they will see - to their anguish - that the good gift, which is indeed of the Spirit, was not used to demonstrate the Divine but rather to catch the attention of the idle passer-by.

"Oh, think you not that I judge others; yet, being a servant of the Most High, I should be failing my mission if I did not seek to instil the one little word of warning. When you come here, seeing things as they are, you will find it hard to forgive your lesser selves if that power was not used solely and only to bring the revelation of God's Love to suffering humanity.

"Yes, the ways of the earth and the ways of the Spirit often run in opposite directions; and yet those on the Other Side are concentrating their powers, in order to bring the greater vision to all who know the Truth. Yes, they know the Truth, but they understand it not; they take, but they are scarcely willing yet to give; they use it not for the furtherance of God's work, but rather only to comfort their own aching hearts...

"Cannot you see the difference, and cannot you see the responsibility as well? Only spirit can contact with Spirit; only the God within can reach out and find the Great God who made us all. Yet the things which stand for all time are passed over, and the pretty toy at hand - the poppy of consolation, striking in its brightness - satisfies, and they go no further.

"Yes, the patience of God is infinite, but the patience of the Divine within you is another matter. And there are many who, when they are free, will be anguished indeed to see that they had the jewel of price in their hands - but they used it for their own adornment instead of holding it high, so that the Light of the Sun might shine upon it and others might see.

"My children, I hope I have not saddened you, because I know that in your hearts the wish to be used as God desires is foremost; and because of this, a blessing - an unending blessing - rests upon you.

"Now I have a personal word for my child whom you call 'Louise' (Miss Owen, Lord Northcliffe's private secretary for 20 years).

"My child, you were directed here because there are those in the Spirit who wanted to seal the links between you and this great work. And I have been instructed to say tonight, that if you keep the faith - in that higher, greater, nobler sense - then not only shall you reap on earth the joy which does not fade, but also those greater joys in the Spirit which no words can portray...

"And I would underline what you have been told before: That not only has the story of your life run thus, but even before that body was your own, so the links were made, so I too was there and was shown at what hour your life would be intertwined with my children here. Yet, dear child, there is this to be said - and I want you to face it with that courage which is your own:

"That faith untested is only half-faith; that love untried is not love indeed; that because you have accepted office under the Great Captain of us all, so you must arm yourself for war. Yes, and remember that sometimes, in your own ranks, hidden enemies are to be found. Sometimes even nearer still, in your own thoughts, that which is not of God alone may seek to creep in. In your own heart there may come - ah, it must be, if you are to prove yourself of God - there must come coldnesses and a sense of estrangement. Yet, tonight I have been entrusted with this message to you: That ere the enemy approaches, even as you hear it at the outer gate, commend yourself to God, and recall my words.

"As in the Scriptures of old, God permitted, sometimes, that a warning should come to His faithful servants - so tonight I put you on your guard. Even as a soldier, armoured by truth, with the staff of faith - not a sword - in your hand, so indeed you shall battle for Christ, so indeed shall you conquer, if you remain true.

"And I pray God with all my heart and soul that when the struggles come, so shall the Comforter come as well, so shall you look forward with calmness and resource, saying: 'Christ goes in front and I will follow, where'er it may be'.

"And then I have a word for my little child, Marjorie (Miss Howe, Miss Owen's secretary) and it is true that I asked that she should be gathered in tonight...

"Child, it may seem to you that the little boat of your life has passed over dangerous waters indeed. But I would have you know that when Christ is the Pilot - though storms may blow, though the forces of evil may seek to wreck - with Christ as the Pilot, the rough waters are just as safe as the calm.

"Nay, more than that: Have you not heard that when too pleasant the aspect, too still that which is beneath, so craft becomes becalmed and the harbour is not reached? Yea, that harbour which God has provided for all. And so tonight, I would say that the boat which rides over the rough seas - being guided by Christ - reaches the safe harbour long ere the other is half-way on its road.

"Christ is here, and with His exquisite tenderness and understanding, bids me speak tonight with confidence and with sureness. So I tell you that the harbour is in sight, that the storms and the perils and the loneliness shall be forgotten, because God, using the tool of the loving hearts of others, works out His wonderful purpose, works out that which you, little Marjorie, came into the world to bring to pass... and that great response to the Divine within shall be fulfilled...

"And now, dear children, I will not keep you much longer, but it has been ordained that I should tell you this tonight: That he whom Jesus loved, John by name, is here - and he tells me to say, to remind you of the Master's words: 'If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? (John 21,22)' And, dear children, the beloved of God has tarried, and will, tarry, till His Master comes. Here you get the explanation of his entry into the Bright Realms while still the physical body was worn - it was to prepare him so that when that tabernacle of flesh was laid aside, without interruption, he should carry on his work on earth for God.

"And I must add that too often are the words of Christ misconstrued; yea, even John himself saw the danger of the statement - a statement which could be twisted by the enemies of the Light; and so thinking - and how human this is - to protect that which he loved so much, he added: Christ did not say I should not die; but, if I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?

"The laying aside of the physical garment - to one who knew God and the working of the Spirit - was, dear children, just as the throwing off of a heavy garb would be to you in your daily life; and he, recharged with power, with strength and with illumination - he tarried, and tarries, till the Master comes.

"No words can adequately express all that underlies this brief statement; yet I am constrained to tell you that there have been many who, voluntarily, out of love of God expressed to humanity, will, in turn, tarry on earth until the Master comes. Yet the preparation for this work must be got in first; and the understanding of what life - real life implies - this must be made your own; much must be seen and heard and understood in person, if you too, choosing the harder, the greater and the nobler road, would tarry until the Master comes.

"I send this word to Ralph: I tell him that the work he has been asked to undertake - that of penetrating into the Spheres of the Spirit - is essential if he would be numbered among this throng. This work on earth stands as the highest, because it is even as that of Christ Himself, in endeavour - Christ who works and walks among you, as in the days of old; Christ who bears the burdens, lifts you out of the pains of the body, soothes the mind, quietens the nerves. Yes, this is the Master's work, this is the work which has been going on since creation started; that individual service, that personal, intimate companionship with the weakest and the frailest, as well as with the strongest and the purest.

"The great army of God needs many, many to swell its ranks, to increase its power, to enlarge its scope of influence, to raise the broken-hearted, and to protect the children. Therefore, my little ones, prepare yourselves - aye, and again I say prepare yourselves to work for God, with God. And, by His power, even to undertake those same miracles which Christ demonstrated personally upon earth.

"No barrier lies between you and them but the sleep of the Spirit. Awake then, yes, awake - and take what is your own; accept the privilege, the honour which has been conferred upon you, and go forward, not only in courage, but in certainty of the promises of God...

"And in His good time, you shall see a glorious harvest indeed; you shall be amongst the gleaners, yet, as you glean, so you shall re-sow. And that goes on for ever and for ever. Because only by service can we contact with Christ; only by understanding, can we help our fellow-beings; only by releasing the spirit within, can we demonstrate the glorious liberty of Spirit which is all around, which is charging us and the world in which we live, and which is an outward and definite expression - as near as we can ever reach - of the Holy Spirit which is the Source, which is as a Fountain sending out its beautiful waters everywhere, bringing life and hope and emancipation... The Holy Spirit which is upon you all tonight, cleansing your hearts, lifting up your thoughts, imbuing you with courage, and creating understanding, so that the illumination may come...

"And thus I leave you. Send out thoughts of help to those who would speak, and remember that I have said this is an evening of work for God..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...My dear friends, I hope you will excuse me coming on an evening such as this, but it is God's will that I should speak - that I should send out one word, not only of explanation in regard to myself, but as a warning to others.

"It is one who is a stranger and yet not a stranger; one who has been present at these little gatherings for many a year, and before that worked and prayed so that the preparation might be there when the opportunity occurred.

"It is Darwin, and I come tonight not only to ask the forgiveness of the world, but indeed to show God my contrite heart... Yes, in coming back like this, the memories are almost too much. Those days on earth which might have produced so much, which were given to me - as I see now - to bring the joy that has no end, have brought thoughts and memories which cannot die.

"And yet if I talk to you like this, it would seem to you that God's mercy was missing. But, in going back on that little journey on earth, do you know what helped me more than anything else? It was that 'wretched' old body of mine, which gave me a pretty lively time; and how I hated it! I used to say to myself: 'If only I were strong, if only I wasn't held back by these physical disabilities, what I could do!' It was working against the grain, 'willing' myself to go on when the body cried for rest and for attention...

"The earth view - and the view when the realisation has come: That body of mine was my salvation; by its pangs, by its weakness, by its weariness, so I was able to get free; so tonight finds me here amongst you.

"Yet my message is just this: That had I concentrated one degree of all that thought and research - in connection with the origin of species and the descent of man - on finding God, then I should have a very different story to tell you...

"What fools we are - what accursed fools. And I thought that it (his intellect) was given to me in order to contribute something to the knowledge of the world.

"Regret? No words can wipe out that past; yet I would like others to know that their cleverness - that their great mission in regard to tutoring the minds of others, of educating the masses - it counts for nothing when we are free - if there was not God behind it.

"It is an extraordinary thing to me. And yet do you know that I am positive that half of my unhappiness - that depression - was caused by the spirit within, which knew I was on the wrong track; knew that by examining the things of the earth, I was - in the measure that the earth came between me and my Maker - I was shutting it off from that which was its right.

"As I stand here. I would to God the name of 'Darwin' had been linked to Christ...

"Oh, of course, we can't go back; yet we can go forward, and by climbing over those boulders of physical thought and theories and deductions, at last - yes, at last - we can get back on the road to God.

"Tonight, I am here for one reason only, and that is to implore those who have made their minds their god, to repent before it is too late - to save themselves from the anguish of remorse.

"When I passed over - after I had been taught by the children - I saw, all too clearly, that God had given me my mind to penetrate into His Truth; to get beyond the earth and to understand and to teach others something of what lies in front.

"Yet, so characteristically, back into the past I went, digging and delving, unearthing this and that and the other - immersed, bound, encaged in the 'glory' of the mind - a mind which was chained to the earth indeed.

"You must excuse me friends, this goes so deep...

"What I want to say to others is this: That in regard to all those theories and speculations over the past, the truth can and will be revealed to them even as they pass over, if they have tried to keep in touch with God. Yet man, in his pride, gives up a life-time to trying to explain what will come to him in a second of understanding, when that same 'clever' mind of his is no more...

"And for the scientists I've got one word. The activity of the atom - all the endless discussions, those unprofitable discussions and the waste of vitality which they entail - the activity of the atom: That is Spirit power; but they won't believe it.

"Go to your God, I say to them. He will explain to you the secrets, the so-called 'unknowable'. But they prefer, as I preferred - and I do not forget it - they prefer to burrow through the earth, and as they dig, they get farther away from the Light and freedom which is of God...

"Well, friends, I am sorry I've let myself go tonight, and yet if you knew all, you would understand. I've seen so much of the wonderful love of the Father, that I feel if I had a thousand lives to give to Him, still should I be without a gift. You cannot understand it until you come here; and then the joy of the understanding will break down every barrier, will loosen those gates which have locked your own love so tightly inside; and I can promise you that you will feel the same as I, but, thank God, without the regret... yes, thank God, without the regret... Goodnight..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Children, you may not be able to perceive it but, from the Spirit point of view, this evening indeed has been gifted to us by God. I am referring to the nature of the messages you have heard. Each one was wanted just at this moment.

"My closing words will be few, but before I leave you I want to draw back your thoughts to The Purpose which should dominate the hearts and minds of all.

"I want you to conceive that a gigantic machine is being put together, piece by piece, and if there is one who thinks her, or his, part is insignificant, then I would tell them that when they come here, they shall see that the tiny screw they represented held - yes, held together more imposing parts.

"Children, I cannot impress upon you too definitely the importance of small things - of the half-thoughts, of the tiny desires which seek to gain an entry into the physical mind. Those who are out to destroy have many means and many ways of working; and even tonight - yes, I must say it - those same destructive forces sought to enfeeble my children by thoughts of failure, by playing on the delicate mechanism of the nervous system... (nervousness over presence of strangers). And had it not been that power direct from God was given in a lavish manner, so those enemies of the Light would have been in a position to congratulate themselves.

"My children, never think that Zodiac does not understand; yet have I not said, again and again, that the protection is complete if one grain of faith remains.

"What you sow in blindness during these sacred hours when we meet together - what you sow in blindness, shall be garnered and used by God; and I pray you to be firm in the days to come. I have promised, in God's Name, that if you are obedient to this Call, the power shall be given; and if it were not for the weariness of the body, there are those in the Spirit who could speak the night through. We are strong in the strength of God, and where Christ stands, that which is of darkness cannot approach.

"The blessing of the Holy Spirit is upon you. The power comes from the unlimited Source; and God is demonstrated and manifested through the tabernacle of the flesh, unimpeded by the restrictions of the mind or those many destructive forces which assail the physical. Free, triumphant, emancipated, so we go on - and again and again shall the enemy be trod under foot, if only my children will obey with as much willingness as they can muster.

"And now I bid you Goodnight. I ask you, as you take your homeward way, to hold on to the thought of the trust - the trust of the Holy Spirit, which is gifted to each one if they will tread the rough and uphill path. And I ask you, too, to make a practice of retreating into the silence; to listen for the small Voice; to get away from the roar of the world and to contact, spirit with Spirit - and thus to break down barrier after barrier, to throw open door after door, so that ere the body is laid aside, the Light of revelation may shine upon you...

"God's peace is here; hold it fast. God's Love is here; hold it fast. And let ever your one thought be: 'Not my will but Thine be done'; and this shall bring you into harmony and joy and power past all belief.

"What the Father has promised, that He fulfils.

"...Goodnight, my children."

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chronologically-ordered scripts from the Zodiac Circle before the first public appearance
(New Revelation, 1923-1928)

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Download an executable file of every Zodiac Message on this website to read on a computer
(ranging from 1923-1957)

The Zodiac Messages © 1965 - 2024 incl.
The Greater World Association.

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The Greater World has sole copyright for the Zodiac Messages and came into existence as the Greater World Christian Spiritualist League in 1931 (U.K. Registered Charity No. 212369). The Greater World was originally established purely because of the Zodiac Messages and their introduction into earthly life by the Christ Messenger Zodiac and the further revelations of the Christ Mission expounded therein. The inception of the Greater World was for the preservation, as received, of the Zodiac Messages and the prudent dissemination of the spiritual philosophy, consequently perpetuating the incorruptibility, distinctiveness and uniqueness of the Zodiac Messages and the teachings contained therein.

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