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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 2nd April, 1927.

"O Understanding Mind of Love, we present ourselves before Thee, asking that Thou wilt instruct us in the way that we should go. We call upon Thee as our Father and Mother God, and we are certain that because we wish to be as Thy children, Thou wilt not only send down the power this night but wilt show the way in front; and that we, as happy pilgrims, conscious of our affinity with Spirit, we may pass out of things material, things physical, into those which remain forever...

"O grant this night that the spirit within may be released in the measure that it can find its Christ. Grant that Thy children, because they are children, may reach out and clasp their elder brothers and elder sisters, those who followed the road in a far-off day; yet, because each is linked to the other, so the barrier of conditions may be struck down forever, and together we may worship at Thy Feet...

"Father, for all Thy good gifts we thank Thee again and again. Amen...

"...My little children, once again we meet together to learn a little more about those things which are of God; and you who gather here are conscious that it is the Father's will that you should stretch out in Spirit and contact with that which is Holiness itself. Yes, years may pass, season may take the place of season, times may change, but the heart of man, dedicated to His Maker, remains the same.

"Therefore, in faith, putting aside doubts and misgivings, we gather on the threshold of those things which are permanent, and we ask our Father God to teach us in the measure that we can understand.

"Tonight, my little ones, because it is the will of the Holy One, I take you just another step into that great wide continent of Life beyond the grave; and once more I ask that, as you listen, to be certain that the gate, the door of knowledge and of infinite wisdom shall, in time, be thrown open to all; and the children and their children shall pass into that condition of Understanding, when they will realise what they are and to whom they belong...

"Yet tonight, we can progress but a little way. The preparation still goes on, and though, in the Name of God, I have promised that to the seeker so the mysteries and the inner wisdom shall be revealed, yet I must first prepare my charges or else damage would be done.

"So, once more dedicating ourselves to work, putting aside self in its many deceptive forms, we ask to be used by God to further the revelation of this great Truth to those who, as yet, scarce hold even those few fragments which others, by effort, have made their own.

"Tonight, little ones, I speak on: 'Signs and Wonders'.

"But I ask you all to put it from you that I am instructed to speak on that which holds the minds of many. Over the ages, the prophets have raised their voices, they have declared this and they have foretold that. The few have listened, but the great majority have continued their course, have culled for today what today had to give, leaving tomorrow to take care of itself.

"Children, the wise ones who spake, those who issued the warning, they found it impossible, even as in this day, to focus the minds of their listeners on the one thing that mattered - not only the preparation of their own heart and mind, but indeed the bringing on of others, the putting in the foundation, so that when the storm burst they had a God to whom they could cling.

"My children, prophesying and foretelling the future, this from the spiritual point of view is weakening rather than strengthening to the individual - and why? Why, because the mind of the body is concentrating on the things themselves; it cannot grasp that the purpose and the plan of those things is to release the Divine within, is to link up the individual with the only One who, in time of need, can give the help so sorely required...

"This point, dear children, is overlooked again and again. There are the ones who have probed beneath the surface, and, in a measure, have tapped knowledge, yet they have not wisdom. For wisdom concerns those things which are of God, while knowledge is concentrating on those which are of the earth - its storms and its tempests, its famines and its pestilences.

"The mind, hypnotised by the dramatic, has failed to grasp the great lesson which underlies it all - that lesson which comes to you as it comes to me: To seek for the heedless and the lost, and to bind them to God so that in their time of trial, peace - like a cloak - folds them in; they belong to Christ, and nothing matters except to do His work.

"Little ones, you have had that foretold which, in a measure, and perhaps under different guise, shall come to pass; but I entreat you to harness the mind of the body to the spirit within, to do the next thing, which is to explain to those so ignorant that life upon the earth plane is but one brief stage; that they had their life, many experiences, ah, ties sweet indeed, long before the body of flesh was donned; and lo, as it is laid aside, having served its purpose in great or little measure, so once more with greater knowledge - please God - they take the next span and the next.

"For what are those things like war and pestilence to teach? Is it not how little is physical life, is the folly of placing so much weight upon that which, in a second, can be taken away?

"Children, it seems to some perhaps that I have laid aside, this night, my love-attitude towards my children; but what is real love? Is real love to give out to those in their spiritual ignorance that which pleases the mind of the body? Is not love rather to speak, to fight for the spirit within?

"My little ones, since the beginning of time as you understand time, so man, in his fetters, has grasped the little and allowed the great to escape his grip. Yes, for the mind of the body needs toys; and when those toys have ceased in their attraction, the mind of the body seeks for those things more complicated and difficult; and thus it is that great ideas, so-called, for warfare, for destruction, these find favour, and the creators are hailed as the great men of their time.

"The Christ-mind, the quiet laying aside of self, the following of the steep path perhaps in loneliness, perhaps despised - this holds no attraction to such as these. The world, as the world, demands signs and wonders; and according to their development, each one calls to themselves that which they desire, and across the earth is written: 'self' - the wonder of a life of abnegation finds no place...

"Little ones, by the Father's direction I speak, perhaps in tones a little harsh, yet the harshness is fear for you. Can you understand? Fear for my children in the sense that you here, and those many others, may grasp the tangible, so-called, forgetting that the Christ-way is the simple way, the way of faith, the way of trust, the way of helping those others who are ignorant as to that great Eternity which lies in front. The putting in of the seeds not only in springtime but every day as you go on; the preparation of the ground, the toil, the effort, leaving the big things as hailed by the world for those bigger ones connected with God.

"Children, I understand you so well. You are bound in a physical body; your view, of necessity, is limited, is restricted in a thousand ways. You say: 'We must prepare', but you are prepared in the measure that you wish to do God's work. The prophecy or the warning, what will that avail when trouble comes? My little ones, you cannot build in a day, you cannot construct as the storm bursts upon you. No, it is for all to follow the Christ path amongst the lowly people and those others who are willing to leave their possessions and to come and learn.

"The signs and wonders of today - aye, gather all up that this little life of the earth has held. What are they? The aspiring soul, when the body is no more, sees greater signs and wonders within the first few hours of its freedom.

"I bring you back and I implore all to hold on to their sense of proportion. Around you, every second of your life, there are signs and wonders infinitely greater than those spectacular events which have taken place and which lie in the tomorrow. The 'sign' in the worker of patient faith; the 'wonder' of a life given up for Christ; in nature, in the skies, in the coming of spring, there are signs and wonders too big for the mind of man to grasp. For think you as to this: Who is there who has the power to follow the life of a flower in that mighty 'before' and in the grand Hereafter? Who is there, so skilled in the knowledge of the world, who can read the history of effort in the stones beneath their feet? Who is there, so wise, who can tell the work of the wind, or of the rain, or, dear children, of the earth which produces that which keeps man's body fed?...

"Signs and wonders - oh, go back to God, for in the measure that your minds were held by that which appertained to the earth, so sorrow, like a cloud, in the days to come, will descend upon you, for Christ had shown the Way.

"Oh think you, my little ones, of the Master, think of that inner knowledge which by effort and concentration He had released; what He could have told His listeners; how He could have been acclaimed the master of all knowledge and that which you name magic. And then, go back to His words, His simple lessons, His humility, His mighty reservation of those gifts which were His own. What did the Saviour teach? The lowly heart, the patient striving, the unremitting effort to get nearer to God, yet in that effort, never forgetting those who were too weak to help themselves.

"That is God; and when you pass hence - out of that spiritual recognition of something of the purpose and the plan, you will go back over the past and you will marvel at yourselves; aye, dear children, and, in degree, joy and happiness shall fill your hearts. But you will see this and fear will hold you: How near you came to making the great mistake of focussing upon that tangible to the physical mind and eyes, and almost forgetting the seemingly intangible, which are the permancies forever...

"My little ones, as the spirit leaves the body, a great sign will be shown to you all, and that sign is of the merging of the Cross into a glorious Star. You will find that what represented anguish during the physical stage, that that will be power to create; you will look over all the disappointments, and in your hands you will have eternal hope; and those pains of the body which went so hard and which, in a measure, came between you and the Love of God - those pangs of the earth body will be the strength of that next body in which you find yourself... There will be 'signs' upon you, there will be signs upon all those whom you meet; and the consciousness will come that each, in great or little measure, is a sign of one thing and one alone - the unlimited Love of your Creator, of the understanding Mind of God.

"And the 'wonders', my children - I cannot take you very far as to these, but you have been told that each thing created by the All-Mighty One - each flower, each insect, aye, each grain, has had its history, and as you make ready so the wonders and the wonders will be unravelled before you; for you are the sons and daughters of the Most High, and what the Father has, that He longs to give into your keeping.

"But no one can have and no one can hold if the preparation has not been put in over the stages which have passed. The preparation - the holding on when despair claims the mind, the hoping ever when failure seems all around, the clinging to love though hate in a thousand forms seeks to strike you, and, above all, remembering those who are less well equipped than yourself.

"Over the ages, gently, slowly, that wonderful foundation is brought together, but only by individual effort, only by harnessing the mind and the will to the uncongenial task, only by focussing on Christ, trying to make your own that sweet humility which He showed to all, endeavouring, because you have been taught, to so teach others, and to teach them thus: That the Christ-way is in the little things, is in that concentrated desire to get nearer to God, to be purer, firmer, stronger, and still more loving, for only those who love can enter into the realms which are Spirit.

"And so, my children, this night, as ordained in the far, far yesterday - aye, before the physical body was donned by you - this night, once more, I point out that in order to understand anything of the wonder of the Life that is Life indeed, you must be taught and you must be trained.

"And if, when sorrow comes, there are those in your own vibrations who can plead ignorance and rightly, then in that day you will understand what Calvary means...

"Wars and rumours of wars, Nature turbulent and unrestrained, and the children without a shepherd running hither and thither, knowing not what lies in front, unconscious of the God who made them, unaware of those free from the body who are working for and suffering with them every second of their existence. These are as little children, aghast, without an anchorage, without anything firm to which to cling.

"This great responsibility - aye, and those who call themselves Christ's servants must face this great responsibility - this great responsibility will bring to those who could have known, an anguish past all explanation...

"Christ, when He walked this earth, He taught His disciples how to teach. He instructed that they should go forth in faith, rid of furniture or embellishment, and should speak to the crowd, the masses; and by the power of the Holy Spirit fetter them to Himself.

"Times may have changed; the simple words of the Master have been construed and misconstrued so that man may find excuse for himself; but I say that when the body is no more such as these will have to answer to the Divine within, as to those sheep who strayed and strayed and had no shepherd willing to enter their conditions and bring them back...

"Little ones, think within yourselves how great a gift is yours. Think when trouble comes, even in this present time, you can go to this one and you can go to that, and you can say: 'I have explanation - the spirit within you has seen its God'. When greater troubles come, there will be thousands who will ask why as to this, why as to that, and those who ought to provide the explanation will have nothing to give forth.

"So, my children, concentrate ever on the learning and leave the spectacular, the dramatic alone; for the need which is coming is the need for Explanation, and how can you explain unless you have been willing to go through the tedious first stages yourself? The vast majority - ah, their spiritual ignorance is great; they are not ready for signs and wonders in the Christ sense; but in their pangs they will ask each other: 'Where is God?' - and those who know can answer in perfect faith: 'God is with you in your joys and in your sorrows; in your pains and in your freedom; in your greatness and in your weakness, the One who made you will never let you go'.

"And the Christ-spirit within you shall awaken the Christ-spirit in those who are bound. What 'wonder' could be greater than this? - and when their courage returns, what 'sign' could be so great?...

"God has called you to the highest and the best; God has entreated those of His children who know that this great gift is possible - God has entreated them to use it as the Master taught His faithful followers to use it - not to gather to themselves knowledge as to the world, but to gather to themselves the wisdom of the Spirit, so that they can relieve the necessities of others, so that they can pass on the Bread of Life to the famished, to those hungry for comfort and enlightenment...

"This, dear children, is of such great import that I have emphasised it again and again; but as we go on, so you shall see that Zodiac can be loving as well as stern; that Zodiac - because the Christ who redeemed him has passed on from Himself something of that wonderful Love - that the one who ministers to you, by the grace of God, can lead you out of sorrow into that sweet content which nothing of the world or of those conditions impinging on the world can wrest from you.

"You belong to God, and though the past has held its sorrow and though the present still seems somewhat overcast, lo, beyond is the glorious morning; and that morning, with its sun, shall not only shine upon you but you shall take its warmth and comfort to others; for God has blest you through that which the past has held. God has blest His little ones because in the measure that they understood, they were faithful to those things which will remain...

"And now, my children, I will leave you, yet, to the stranger present (the Rev. G. Vale Owen), perchance a few words would I pass on first:

"One thing, brother, has been hidden from you. Your mind will echo: 'Many things are hidden from me at this stage'; but one thing I underline, because, in a measure, it shades the perfect glory of the love of Christ. That thing is this: Oh, place no limitations upon the Father and Mother Heart of God so far as your individual life is concerned. Yesterday and today - for what were these things? What have they held within their folds?...

"Children the Master is here and He has bidden me cease. He gives once more those words which He gave before: 'Where I go, there my children can follow. Where my children go, there I follow'.

"And He asks you all to believe that no conditions can divide; that in very truth the One who gave us being, out of that great humility which is His own, has come to bless us, and to gather us closer, closer still into His Love.

"And to the brother that I addressed, I am constrained to pass on this great Truth: That the one thing he lacks is that consciousness that Christ, again and again, has not only protected him, but in His very Person has stood side by side with him; for in the measure that he understood, he has given up all to follow Christ.

"Children, let not your hearts shrink from this great gift; let no misgivings remain for one second within the mind of the body; for had you 'sight' so you would see at this moment the wonders and signs committed to you. Drawn into this little room - so humble, almost outlined by poverty, as some regard poverty - drawn into this upper chamber, so the Master comes again and again. Stretch out that which is yourself and take the gift, as a child takes the love of the mother it adores.

"Children, I will leave you now, but hold fast to these conditions, for there is another of so-called 'ancient times' who would speak to you, through the grace and by the power of the Holy Spirit so gifted to us. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Brothers and sisters, it is one who has been before, named John, John of the wilderness, John who, in his little way, as it were opened a path and prepared the minds of the few for the One so great who was to follow...

"When last we met in this sweet way, I told you of that which was my portion in the dungeon that was my last home upon the earthly plane. I told you that the Saviour of the World forgot not John, of the sweet converse we held together during the short hours of night, and how He gave to this one explanation, and how this one - so limited, so bound - sought to hold the threads of explanation...

"Tonight, I am commanded to reveal that next stage which was my own. In our companionship, one with the other, out in lonely places seeking great Truths, as it were, buried beneath the garbage of our lack of understanding - in those quiet places we sought to hold converse with those who had gone on before; and thus it was that no stranger was I to life beyond that which you call the grave.

"I speak thus for a purpose. One boon I asked of the Holy One as we conversed together - one boon I asked, and Love granted that boon in the measure that I was strong enough to bear.

"Brothers and sisters, those times to me are as brief yesterday. As I speak, so I am in a country not your own, Judaea - with its strangeness to you - is not only familiar but associated with my very being during the earth stage. I knew my people. I knew those who would attack, those who would deceive, those who would be faithful unto death.

"And when the Beloved came, seeking to unloosen the fastenings of my mind, out of my ignorance I addressed Him thus: 'One boon alone I crave. When the body is taken from me, permit me to follow Thee in Spirit until the end of Thy life on earth'... Out of my ignorance thus I asked, knowing naught, and yet I was judged worthy to share something of that which had been foretold that He must suffer...

"And the boon was granted in a measure. Christ, the Messiah, the Saviour of the world, allowed me to follow Him until the last day. We parted when He stood before His judges before the scourge was used, and I slept, I slept until the third day; and then once more I came to be as His servant, and I finished with Him that which you name His ministry upon the earth.

"These things God wills shall be revealed, and, much of those visions which were mine in solitary places, I am bidden to pass on. But, little ones, brothers and sisters, think of the 'wonders' which I saw, think of the 'signs' to one out of the body, yet linked by Love to our God, who dwelt within the body for that brief space.

"And when those who read my words ponder on John, then I send them back to that great, great gift of mine, and, as they think, so 'martyrdom' will pass from their minds forever. My death was the greatest gift that any soul has ever had. Bound, ignorant, obscure, despised by many, hated by a few, loved only by a little group - the greatest gift given to any soul was mine because I went before and, in a measure, prepared the ground...

"That is all. I feel constrained to speak much, but this night Holiness holds all spaces... The memories surge back and the man as he was, so unworthy, will not be refused. That man asked of his God, out of his blindness, that great boon; and God, out of His understanding and humility, gave to the one who was His servant his spirit's desire...

"I shall come anon, and then I will speak as to the vision in that which you name the wilderness, which foretold my end; I will speak further as to the fountain of refreshment which is in our midst tonight; again, I will speak as to the serpent and the temptation, as to my weakness and as to my repentance.

"But tonight, I leave that which I have passed on - revealed only through the intervention of the Master Himself - and I ask you when praying for yourself, to pray for John; for he was saved from much - from much because he did not understand... Farewell..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, this evening we have passed out of that which seemed so serious, through the channel of love to the simplicities of little children. Oh, take from this the message which your spirit came to gather. The attitude of the little child, the sweetness of faith, the simplicity of trust, and say within yourselves: 'Not only is all well, but, because it is well with me, I will not rest until I have made it well for others too'.

"And so I leave you with the blessing which is all around. In taking your separate ways, remember this: That though to the physical mind much may happen which is beyond its comprehension, that which takes place on the physical side is but a fragment of that wide knowledge which once you consciously possessed, and which is now hidden in the spirit within. Therefore, enlarge the borders of your thoughts - open your minds to those wonders which are of God...

"In the Name of the Father I bless you with that great pioneer spirit - the Saviour-spirit, the spirit of the Redeemer - bless you in your mission amongst those others who know not God in the God-sense... And remember the Cross which turns into a Star - Hope eternal, Love unchanging, unquenchable, the Love of our Father and Mother God.

"Goodnight, my children, and rest in peace."

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