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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 22nd January, 1927.

"Into the Silence, O God, we enter. Hold out to us, by Thy Love, that which the spirit within craves to make its own. Grant that each one, conscious of who they are, to whom they belong, may give out of themselves that which is of the spirit within...

"O Christ, train our minds, blend our wills with Thine, and give us the power to love. Create within us a renewed purpose, a stronger faith, and the peace which only knowledge of Thee can bring.

"Commending ourselves into Thy loving care, certain that Thou wilt send down the power, we commence our work with happy hearts, confident in the direction of our Father and Mother God... Amen...

"...My little children, tonight we meet in joy - and why is this? Is it necessary for me to put it into words? Each one gathered here in this little room is controlled by love - love for the One they seek out and endeavour to contact with, and love amongst themselves. Because the Holy One has given us His guidance, I speak to you on that which I would name: 'Service'.

"You and I, dear children, in degree, we are conscious of the great call which has come to us, conscious that the Mighty One is our Father first of all, conscious that though we may have a body, physical or otherwise, yet we are Spirit, linked to the Great Spirit, because we are of Him...

"You, little ones, so it seems to you, are a long way down the hill; yet, if you were conscious of your advancement, so then I could not pass on these sacred truths to you; for the man or the woman who is conscious of self, who takes unto themselves credit for this or credit for that, that one is bound by their ignorance of spiritual laws.

"You have been taught - and the truth has found a lodgement in the mind of the body - you have been taught that you are instruments; instruments used by God, in varying degree; instruments used by those who seek to follow the example of the Holy One, and you claim nothing for yourselves.

"But I want to show you how blest you are by God, how in your daily life, in that which you name routine, God is using you to pass on strength, comfort - and a thousand things which have escaped the physical mind.

"My children, I want you to take life as it is today, and to review it mentally as we converse together... I speak, but your mind responds, and the love in your heart is as a personal gift of power to me.

"Review the world as it is today: There are those who are bound in a way which is sad indeed; there are those others, who, though unconscious of Christ, yet in miniature do the work which the Saviour would have them accomplish.

"And then there are those others who - dimly, perhaps - but who have a glimpse of that Light of revelation which is shining upon them. These, dear children, are blest by the fact that, in a measure, illumination has been made their own; they know from whom they draw their strength, their powers, their gifts, and they render honour where honour is due. The man of God, the woman who is conscious of Christ, these claim naught for themselves; they are instruments - imperfect instruments, it seems to them - yet they hold their bodies and, more important still, they hold their minds, ready for use by those more experienced than themselves...

"But tonight, because Love is in our presence - blessing us, recharging us with power - tonight because Love is here, so I wish to show you and the many others I have gathered in, how in little things, in the mundane things - so it seems to them - they are bringing together that which shall form a foundation, a firm foundation for the days to come.

"Little ones, you think of Service in ways comprehensive, in ways that are outlined boldly against the horizon. The man or the woman who has dedicated their lives to others - ah, that you recognise as 'service', and it is service with this one reservation:

"Children, those who earn what you call their daily bread by that which you name service, that is service, but the test is this: How much, after their working day has sped, do they give to God for the sake of the Christ within?

"Think you as to this, for all must work, and it is not possible for the majority to support themselves, and those dependent upon them, by that which is direct service to mankind. I speak of the preachers, I speak of the healers, and I say that God's blessing rests upon them, but they must face this fact: That the daily round, the routine of their lives, that stands on the one side; and the free gift from the Divine within during those hours which they may rightly call their own, that stands on the other.

"But some will say to me: 'Is this wise? Am I called upon to strain the body to breaking-point? I fulfil my day, I do my duty, I give out of my knowledge all that is within me, and I must have my rest when that is o'er'.

"Children, we are practical ever, and I say it is not possible for a man or a woman, when they have completed the toil of the day, to take on that which represents 'service' during their brief hours of rest; but I show them that even while they rest they can work for God.

"You see, dear children, we are dealing with things as they are and not as they seem. The human machine is subject to physical laws. Yes, but remember this: That before you were physical you were spiritual; that you have within you all-power, all-strength; and, by preparation, you can bring up those powers which are your own to that high level when the physical cannot rebel.

"Yet, dear children, I would say to those who feel that the body must have its rest and recreation, that even so, they can build, they can construct. Have you not heard, have you not been told as to the power of thought, and the healing strength which is within each one? So then, while the body rests, let the tireless spirit work on.

"Remember this: That though the limbs ache, though the eyes are tired, and the physical mind seems to have expended its force, that beyond that there is the real self - that great and glorious being which was built in the image of God; that that 'you' is never separated from its precious contact with its Source, that that 'you' can step in when the physical has done its best and work on untiringly, unconscious of the body and the weakness it represents?

"To those who wish to live the Christ-life I give this guidance, passed on from the Saviour Himself: I say to them that during those hours of rest, they can set into motion a power, an influence, which shall never die. I say to them that during their hours of recreation, they can create health for others, health for those who cannot rest, strength for those in circumstances where all their physical strength is taken from them...

"But some will say: 'Is this fair? Am I expected to give out then even though I have done my best during my working day?' And I answer that their Father and Mother God 'expects' nothing and commands nothing; but I say to them, because it is truth, that when the brief physical stage is o'er, they will not forgive themselves because they wasted such precious opportunity.

"My children, you in this little room who have attached yourselves to this most sacred work - who lay aside, week in and week out, those hours which rightly you could claim for the body and the mind of the body - do you realise what you are doing, what you are creating, what will be the conditions into which you will pass when the physical tabernacle is cast aside?

"You know not, and I dare not pass the knowledge on, for if I put into words that which is fact, I should be robbing you now; because blind and bound, you go on day by day, unconscious of what it all means, unconscious of the Spirit's constructive work.

"Service, dear children. Oh, grasp this truth: You cannot think one thought of compassion without directly rendering service to the Divine within. You cannot wish to be better, to be stronger, to be purer, without sending out on the vibrations purity and strength and goodness. And though, at the time, you are unconscious of gain to yourself, the spirit has gathered up its treasure and is holding it fast for the sweet by and by, when you, as your self, will be made acquainted with the laws which govern all life - life on earth and in those conditions which as yet are beyond your comprehension.

"Children, God has called us not only to a great and mighty work, but, because we wish to serve, so He would use us to pass this knowledge on to others; to show them how they can serve in the little things, when the hands are busy, when the mind is occupied; how in the daily toil, in the mundane task which is well done, the individual can build for God...

"Those of you who are in touch with the so-called common people - with the toilers, with those who are strangers to rest, and yet their labours seem physical in every sense there could be - to those of you I speak and I say: Pass on the good news. Tell them that Christ has sent them a message direct - that they are helping Him; that they are creating harmony - and harmony is power - by the humdrum task well done, by the rising in the morning, day by day, to face many hours of toil; that in the overcoming of the body's desire to rest, they are showing themselves disciples of the Holy One...

"Yes, and when the physical veil has been rent, those of the world with the gifts of the mind, with their many tools and equipment, they must face things as they are; and then, with their greater knowledge, they will turn back to labour on earth with the humble people, in the tiny crowded homes, with its drudgery, with its many trials, with its unending weariness - for they will see that service as service, they knew it not.

"My children, I cannot teach you as I would for one reason alone: It is not wise to force on the mind of the body too far out of its environment. While we meet together in this way, I can open many doors, and sometimes the sorrow comes because after the night has fled, it seems that once more the doors are closed, and regret and loneliness is your portion.

"Yet I must build in God's way, which is the only sure way, the only safe way. I must see first that the mind of the body and the physical frame is trained for higher vibrations by those processes of development which have been gifted to us by God our Father. So to those who feel the lack of this and the absence of that, to such as these I say: Have confidence that God knows best. Yet, remember this: In that development of the physical mind and the physical organs, so you are releasing that which is Divine within, and you cannot make one effort towards that release without raising the vibrations of the physical world that much higher; and through that, making it possible that others may soar as well...

"Is not this service? Again, it is that which is covered up from the physical but so apparent to the spirit within. Is it not service by your effort and dedication, to make the world one point purer, one point nearer to that which, in time, it must become?

"Service, little children. You cannot grasp the deep import of this word. You understand the surface, and, because you wish to penetrate into wisdom, just the edge of the beauty which lies beneath the surface; but the real meaning, the scope, the unlimited continent which lies beyond, you know it not.

"Here and there, you call in one soul and another; at night in your prayers you seek to aid someone who is more beset by enemies than yourselves; the eyes of the body pass over the lot of those whom you meet in daily life, and instinctively you send out that sympathetic love which has Life in its folds... So little, such trivial things - but God does the rest.

"Yet, my little ones, because we are workers, because God has honoured us by using us as His instruments, so we see before us fresh effort, greater opportunity, and unlimited strength within that which seems so frail. I cannot emphasise this too emphatically: You who are used by God, can call upon the Holy One for that strength direct.

"You who have committed yourselves to the healing of others, have you not thought that because you wish to be generous, you have opened the unlimited generosity of the Ruler and the Controller of all power? Then take fresh heart; hold not in your minds: 'Can I bear this, can I do that?' But rather: 'I am an instrument of God, and All-Strength will pour into me the strength that I need'.

"Little ones, if you were wise as the spirit is wise, no misgivings would ever find a lodgement in the mind of the body. If you had that sight which the spirit possesses, that which you name the enemies of the physical would be seen for what they are - merely as trials of strength; and the disciple of the Holy One, so long as he remembers that he is a disciple of the Holy One, must conquer every time.

"The body is subject to physical laws - aye, but what of that? A passing breeze, a swift shower and lo, the sun comes out again. If there were no tests, how could you show your faith? If there was no weakness, would you require to call upon the mighty strength of God?

"Face things as they are - reckon up not your losses but your gains, and each encounter that is not failure, is success; for once more God's Love is in action and the body continues the work which lies at hand...

"My children, again I remind you of the valiant heart, of the understanding mind and of the obedient will. There in your hands you have that which can defy all the powers arraigned against the Christ... In your hands you have the gift, and the gift is holy, and Holiness is of God. Therefore, thank Him for tests, thank Him for the opportunity of showing that you love Him in very truth, and fear nothing but be confident within that on either side the protection is complete.

"In the measure that you have given of yourself to God, thereby you limit the protection or you expand it at will. God is not mocked; His angels have charge over you but your Home is not here, your possessions and your treasures they are elsewhere, and the time is hastening when the sight will come, and you, as you continue the physical path, will not only seek to obey the Christ, but will look into His Eyes and gain your guidance in that wise. A look from you and a look from Love, and the past and the present and the future is explained.

"It is to high and holy things that you are called. The second-best - ah, we pass it by. We are linked to our Creator, to our God; we are conscious that we are made in the image of Mightiness Itself, and as children we turn to the Father and know that all is well.

"Service? Little ones, you understand it not. Love? It escapes your comprehension altogether. But because you are bound, so you are building trebly strong; because you are chained for a space, so, when limitations are removed, bondage no more will be known by you, for God gives to the generous that which the generous have desired to give to Him...

"There is much which I must leave this night but, as is my custom, I open channels of thought and I say to you individually: Explore - but not with the mind of the body. In silence and in meditation, will that the gate between the mind of the body and the mind of the spirit is thrown open, and the sunshine of wisdom shall penetrate into recesses that knew it not before; for God gives to those who seek, and the door is opened to those who knock...

"To the strangers present (Mr. and Mrs. Rice) I would speak, directed by those who love them well, aye, and directed by the Sacred One who overlooks nothing, either of the physical or of the mental:

"Children, take from me, as from one who is a little farther along the road of experience, guidance for the days to come. Regret nothing, fear naught, but put God first; and, in the Name of the Holy One, I say that the clouds o'er your path, menacing though they may be, shall, as you advance in faith - in faith - be seen as the smoke from an earth fire and nothing more. The breeze of the Spirit - that power which is at your disposal - shall show you the golden Light beyond...

"But forget not this: The spirit within you has chosen the difficult path. The things of the world, as regarded by the world, they are not for you. The things of the spirit, as regarded by the Great Spirit, that is the choice of the Divine within. But the needs, the essential needs of the body, shall be provided. If one here or there tempts by promises or tempts by illustration as to those delectable things of the earth, say, as Another said before: 'Get behind me - thou art not of God'.

"Children, I speak as to this, for when the body is no more, if I held my peace, so you would name me traitor. You have started on that journey which will lead you home to God; then look not to the right or to the left. Give out of your gifts; give out of your physical strength, and leave the rest to God.

"There is much coming in the little tomorrow which, ah, which shall prove as the testing of all. Those instruments of God who have failed their better selves, who have been deceived by the world, in that day their hearts will be broken. Remember ever that your Home is not on this plane at all.

"Even at this stage, there is that built up for you, permanent, unshakeable, which shall exceed your highest expectations; but you cannot have it now and here. And the spirit within - with sight, with that practical foresight which is Divine - the spirit within has made its choice, and all that remains is that the mind of the body harmonises itself with the desires of the spirit; and in the measure that you can blend your wills with God's, so you shall see God's Hand at work...

"And now I go. Keep the peace; keep the silence; keep the holiness which is around, for though we work today, we build for tomorrow..."

(Others then spoke...)


"Greetings, friends. Once again it is the one you name Francis of Assisi, and I am led into your presence to give another example of the grace of God at work...

"Friends, in that far off time when the knowledge came to me that the life of the body was not all, so in prayer, in meditation, I sought to cleanse my filthy heart and mind; and at the dawn of a winter day, this vision was vouchsafed to me, by the grace of God.

"In the twilight of early morning one crouched at my feet, loathsome and horrifying and, it seemed to me, foul and unclean. In horror I shrank from such a one; the cold without and the cold within shook my limbs as if an illness had fallen upon me; and in my trembling, I questioned the shape whence he came and for what purpose he had visited me...

"Out of the depths of horror so a voice replied: 'Brother, once on a time I was even as thyself, yet when God's Voice called me I heeded not; when the world beckoned so I followed, and during the days of my youth I squandered that which had been my endowment'.

" - 'But whence the change?' - I asked. And the voice replied: 'Canst thou not understand? This shape I wear, these horrors which compose me, they are my thoughts, my actions in the past'...

"I trembled greatly and I prayed that the Holy Mother would keep me to her dear Son.

" - 'What would you have from me?' - I asked; and the answer came: 'Brother, to be even as thyself'...

"Listen while I recall my thoughts there in the loneliness and chill, beset, it seemed, on either side by that which I knew not; fearing my God had left me, for this presence was not of God but of evil itself. As I strove to disentangle my thoughts and my feelings, at last my guidance came. As it were, opening before me, was a picture of the Sacred One, with the bowl and the towel, bathing the feet of His servants. And as I saw, joy tore through my heart, and I stooped and dragged up that which was so vile and held it close...

"Brothers and sisters, children of the Lord, by my side tonight, beautiful, radiant, and charged with power, is that one who came to me for salvation, and brought me salvation as well...

"The Holy One bids me continue: As I held horror to me, so I felt myself change from a man into a beast, yet instinct - Divine instinct - never wavered. In despair, I held him close, and anon, so the beast departed and I became a man again; and in my arms horror bore some resemblance to a human form...

"The vision faded but the truth remained. And when I walked among those stricken with disease, so I clasped them, and each wound I healed, healed another wound in my heart and mind. For those who save are saved themselves; those who minister, in the very act, are ministered to by God.

"It is enough. Read my words and ponder thereon. As yourselves, I was one who would be an instrument of God - ah, an instrument - yet in the very act, the laws of God were put into action for myself. I gave but I gained; I healed, but I was ten thousand times more healed myself. It is enough. God works in ways not understood by us while bound in the body, but as we progress, so He unveils His purpose. It is for us to watch and to wait, and, when we see, to act upon it.

"Brothers and sisters, so many gathered here tonight. I speak to the multitude beyond. Brothers and sisters, let me help. A sinner myself, one who was saved in spite of himself, one who can go amongst you and say he understands... The Light is beyond. You can see it, it is there - and God's love is around you where you stand. We are one, and our Creator calls to us to hurry on...

"It is enough. I come again and yet again, and I will put into words those visions which I held so fast during the earth stage, for each one teaches its lesson, and, having learnt the lesson, it is mine to pass it on...

"Farewell - yet we are pilgrims on the same bright and beautiful road. Farewell - yet we walk together. And as I speak, I see the ribbon of Love which binds us all together for ever and for ever. Farewell..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, this evening perhaps you have seen that which the physical mind did not anticipate, but the spirit has seen God's Love in action. The spirit within - rejoicing in its renewed strength, in the great purpose, in the happy tomorrow - the spirit within has thanked God with a gratitude you cannot understand.

"So tonight, my little ones, remembering that each one here has been used for that service to God which leaves its mark on the vibrations for ever, so we take up the little tasks again - the daily round, the many tests and trials of patience; but we take them up with a little more knowledge, having pursued the path just beyond the physical border and having caught the glow of the mighty Beyond.

"And the wisdom which is of the Spirit, shall, like a fountain play on the mind of the body, cleansing it, recharging it - ah, harmonising it with the Divine within and without - harmonising the mind of the body with the perfect Mind of Love; because Love, out of love, has not only given us being, but waits, ever waits, to give unto His children the powers the Father longs to bestow, as the children make ready for their gifts...

"This is the mighty purpose, and God has placed before us all the tool which will give us our heart's and our spirit's desire - that work which is sanctified into service; and that service, building for the individual and for those around it, the peace which cannot pass away...

"Goodnight, my children, and hold fast to this close contact with God. Be certain that, as you gather here tonight, as always, the power of the Holy Spirit is upon you, giving, giving, giving - because out of your little you sought to give to God.

"And now I go, yet the Master bids me pass on a blessing to His little ones so dear - the blessing of courage, the blessing of understanding, the blessing of the consciousness of His Presence.

"Goodnight, my children, and be joyful as you go your way..."

Note: Mrs. Rice, who is an experienced medium, gave a detailed description of Zodiac, but added that he seemed a long way off, in Spirit realms. Not understanding why this should be, the following evening we asked Zodiac to explain:

(Zodiac speaks...)
Sunday, 23rd January, 1927

"...The Circle of protection is complete. Zodiac speaks in answer to his children's query, and he delights to give that which they seek, because love provokes the question.

"It is as this: When I am amongst you for the purpose of passing on God's Truth, it is possible for the instrument to hold only a part of that which I represent. (Spirit is not confined to the limits of the physical body, its emanations reaching far beyond).

"In order to convey something to the eyes of the body, pictures or representation of myself are prepared. Some have seen me within a hand's stretch of space; others think they have seen me as I was during my sojourn on earth; and, again, the child who was gathered in (Mrs. Rice), an instrument herself, thought that much space stretched between me and those I love so well.

"Pictures, every one. Can you not understand that even in prepared conditions such as these, the eyes of the body cannot dwell upon that (his spirit) which is part of the Holiness of God?

"Remember this: That within you, as within myself, there is all-purity, all-love, and as we progress, we throw off those coverings which overlay the real self; and as that which is dense is thinned, so, in order to continue our work on earth, we take up other garments, because these garments are, as it were, the necessary equipment for the mission which has been entrusted to us.

"At will, I can show myself in a physical guise to those who have the gift of clear sight; but is it reasonable that that old man represents that which is my real self, for have I not instructed you that the Spirit is imperishably young?

"When the call comes from any of my children for Zodiac's help, if he were not certain of the help penetrating the density of the physical envelope, he would minister in person - even to the extent of using his hands - to soothe a pain or to safeguard from that which you name an accident...

"To speak of distance between those who have put their love into action by mutual work, is not only an absurdity but an impossibility, taking into consideration the immutable laws of the Spirit.

"I show myself in the way that I believe will meet the requirements of the one concerned, and the child who saw me, so it seemed to her, far from you in realms of Spirit, she has received on the receptive mind of the body that invitation to leave the physical and the trials accompanying physical life, and, in her self, to soar out of the material into the Spiritual, at Christ's call.

"You, my little ones, you naturally rebel at the thought that you are here and I am There, so far from you, so out of touch with the conditions of your daily life. When Christ puts into our charge a flock to guard in His Name, He sends the shepherd into their midst, for there are enemies who are all around; and were the shepherd up on the hillside and the sheep and the lambs down in the valley, how then could the shepherd be called a shepherd in very truth?

"We are as one. What powers are mine are God's, yet are His gifts so generous and so bountiful that you could not look upon me while bound by the body and retain that body, for the shock would be too great...

"I bring you up as far as I can, and you shall soar to heights as yet undreamt of by any amongst you; but, children of my heart, you are under my protection, and when the body is no more, because love has met love, and effort has sought effort and found its sweet response, so as a gift from God you shall not only see me gifted with that which the Father has passed on to His servant, but in my arms you shall receive your welcome, for the protection will be complete.

"Oh, little ones, joy in your gifts. Thank the Gracious One that He has not only called you to rise, but has given you the grace to answer, for Love's sake.

"I speak to all, and to the child to whom the star was passed (Mrs. Whittaker) I give a special word, for much lies in front - much lies in front.

"I tell her that her spirit has not only seen God, but understands something of the almighty purpose, and though the world may throw out a thousand ropes, the silver cord of Love between her and the Father will be stronger than them all. It is enough...

"To all - and I include the child, Margaret, and little Marjorie as well - to all I pass on reassurance and again reassurance for the days to come. Could I draw aside the veil and show you what is your work, then as the children you are, you would hide your faces, for you would feel you were unprepared. But Christ has set into motion a great wide force which is putting in the necessary preparation for His holy work; and He chooses you, and you, and you, and many others beyond your knowledge now, to do that which is appointed at this period of earthly time...

"Truth shall not only find its counterpart in fulfilment, but faith shall build truly that which the physical mind cannot grasp.

"I go, yet I remain. I remain, yet my work lies in many quarters. In the farthest corner of your little world, if a child should ask for help, lo, I am there. If in this little home, some slight danger threatened, lo, I am here, yet I am there as well. To us, time, space, distance, has no meaning - for God's laws are stronger than all. Where He directs so we work, and where He bids us linger so we wait; yet, even as I speak, I am lending power to others far beyond this little plane, in conditions which as yet you cannot understand.

"Thus I act and thus the Master uses the instrument at His command; but as I have told you oft before, no word, no thought, no strength, no power, comes to me but from the Divine...

"Sweet children, I must go, yet let the love-influence linger, and anon, as you think of love, oh, think of the One who loves you best.

"Christ yearns for the hearts of His creation, and often yearns in vain..."

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