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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 5th September, 1925.

"Understanding Father of Love, abide with us and hold us fast. Grant as the days go on that each one of Thy little children may feel Thee ever closer still - that they may learn to hand over their lives, with its many problems, into Thy tender care.

"Oh, may it be possible that those who have dedicated themselves to this sacred work, that those who have striven so much, that those who have laboured early and late - that these, Thy chosen ones, may realise in all its beauty, strength and power what it is to be a child of God, what it is to be linked to the Saviour who understands...

"In Thy sight all created by Thee are equal, but to those who have followed the hilly path, to those who have laid aside the things of the world - to these the angel messengers come, on these the great comfort of the Holy Spirit is being poured down, for these there is no darkness which cannot be turned into Light.

"And so, O Father, we ask Thee to teach them why sometimes the twilight must come - how that which is strong within ordains that certain tests shall be faced and conquered. Yet teach them also the glorious Truth which is of Thee - that though the way may be drearsome, though the stars be hidden from their sight, yet the Light of the World walks with them, and dark though the way may seem at times even so, Thou our God, will illumine the path and will show that just in front is the Golden Glory, when doubt and misunderstanding will be no more...

"For this and, above all, for the consciousness of Thy Love which has come to some, we thank Thee with grateful hearts; and we commend to Thee those others who have not yet obtained this great, great comfort, knowing that Thou hast provided all that is necessary to bring them through... Amen...

"...My little children, how I have longed to greet you tonight. Yes, the days which have passed have seemed many to me, and why was this? Because, loving you as I do, I longed with all my heart to be able to drive the shadows away...

"Oh, my little children, as you pursue the earth-path, never let the thought gain place in your mind that we retreat when the shadows advance; that we lessen in any measure our hold upon our own because sadness lingers, and, perhaps, is not bidden depart as quickly as might be.

"In this, dear children - and I address to all these words of comfort - I would not that you should imagine that we - centred in the Light which is of God - that we are unmindful of the horrors of darkness which sometimes shut you in during your brief sojourn on the earth plane.

"These tests must come, but what does it mean when, again and again, you return to the Feet of God, and continue your work in spite of the obstructions of these fierce enemies which are on either side... What does it mean? It means that you, here and now, are taking those struggles - rather than postponing them until the body is laid aside.

"Ah, then - then, there are many enemies to face and overcome, but, by the Light bought and purchased by sadness while on earth, so centred in that Light, strength and faith and courage will be your own, and the enemies met in this spirit cannot linger.

"Tonight, my children, I wanted to make this a little clearer than it was. Bound by the physical mind, many thoughts flit through it which are not founded on spiritual truth - many mistakes arise, many heartaches are caused - but when you come here, it will all be so plain to you; and because you have suffered thus, back you shall come to others like affected, and, by your understanding, lift the cloud which has settled upon them.

"How often it has been noted with some, that in their power it is to drive sadness away in others, to recharge them with hope and enthusiasm, and such as these are loved because they have the power to heal the mind. Yet, mark you, seldom - aye, it must be so - seldom have they the power to heal themselves; but within this lies a wonderful law, perfect in working, God-like in conception...

"Children, cannot you see that with the strong soul, with the brave soul, it does not attach to itself those useful props; yet it comes not empty-handed for others, and while it is within its scope to cheer and to sustain them during the periods of darkness which assail itself, it is conscious of loneliness and isolation.

"But, dear children, lest I should leave a false impression on your minds, I want to remind all those who are concerned, that Christ is there beside them, with them, in them, in a way impossible to describe, and He understands - He understands that to go on the pathway of life, unconscious of the Love which surrounds the soul, that indeed is a crucifixion in itself...

"Yet, I pray God as I stand here, that each in their separate sphere will remember that it is more blessed to give than to receive... more blessed to give than to receive...

"And now, my children, having weaved you all into my love, and having bound you to the things of the Spirit and to those many of the Spirit who are here tonight, I want you - each and every one - to give up yourselves to that mighty Love which is closing you in.

"Love is the highest expression of God, never forget that. However the mind builds and gathers together conceptions of The Divine, yet I say to you that until you can realise something of what the Love of God is, so, dear children, you have missed that which expresses God in the nearest and most intimate way.

"Tonight, I want to talk to you just for a little while about: "Self-Expression". It is a large and comprehensive subject, yet at this stage I remind you that I used the word 'intimate' in connection with the Most High, and, as I go on, you will perceive that that word is not misplaced.

"Today, perhaps more than at any time in the period of this little world's history, you hear much talk of 'personality' - of developing that which is individual to yourselves. Yet, dear children, the earth view has rather obscured the true view, and this evening I want, as it were, to throw just a tiny beam of light from the Spirit, over that which so often forms the basis of conversation amongst the children of the earth.

"In the first place, once more we bring in the trinity of experience. As you know, there is the personality which is of the body alone - you call it 'animal magnetism', and that expresses it in its lowest form. Yet, as I have taught you, that which is physical need not be of the earth; it can be directly or indirectly a reflection of the Divine which is within...

"Children, there are two kinds of personality. There is that which is of the senses alone, that which concerns form and bodily attraction; yet, dear children, even this can be spiritualised in a way so intensely God-like that it can do good both on your little plane, and incalculable good in those great realms which lie beyond.

"Still, dear children, you have come into contact with those who, as you say, are repellent to meet - there is something about them which affronts that finer sensitiveness which is of the soul. When these cross your path, be on your guard. It happens - and it is sad to relate - that sometimes such a one, caught off his guard, is indirectly or directly dominated by some force from the dark spheres.

"Yes, such as these often succeed in material life, but what they gain of the things of the earth, so they lose of the things which are of God, and pitiful is their plight when they come here and see to whom they owe their fleeting success...

"Then, dear children, there is the higher side of this bodily attraction - and I use the word 'body' in its sacred sense. I want you to realise that that which is flesh can be a vehicle through which the stronger self can express that which it has built up during long ages of struggle. Such as these you call attractive, you scarce know why, but there is something about them which makes you remember them, and which makes you long that they may think a little of you in return...

"Children, this capacity for drawing out the love of others is a great responsibility, and some there are who would rather that that responsibility were taken from them. They feel - and this is of the spirit, although so sorely distorted by the physical mind - they feel that it is not fair to take that which they cannot return in like measure. But love was gifted to us all to give and to give again, yet I said there was responsibility here, and it is in this wise: To those who have the power to charm - irrespective of the actual beauty of the body - to these I say: 'Never forget the effect that you leave upon the minds of those so drawn to you'.

"And remember this: That sometimes the mind and the heart are fixed on other things, and so, perhaps, the love does not rush out so freely from you as you would like; yet you are giving not only the 'next best', but something which, under the circumstances of the earth life, counts for greater work for God even than the love which you would had been there, because, until the greater consciousness comes, love sometimes is a little unwise, a little unguarded, and those adverse forces are able - because of the lack of understanding - to use it for the detriment of the one concerned...

"Yet, dear children, you will see the point when I explain. Those who have it in their power to draw out the love of others - what effect have they on them? Is it to raise or is it to lower? Is it to make strong or is it to weaken so that damage of the soul is done?...

"Yes, that's where the responsibility lies, and those so gifted - and it is a gift if used in the way God meant - those so gifted, leave their mark on the memory, not only during physical existence but still more deeply imprinted when that forgetful mind of the body is laid aside.

"Children, still we are only dealing with the physical - the physical in its highest sense, but that which is a step below those two grades which should follow so closely. I speak, dear children, of that wonderful capacity which is of the mind - that which is gifted to some and which has been developed by others - that power of throwing the bright rays of the mind over all within its circumference, and, by its knowledge and comprehension, training and guiding and teaching those who listen. Here you get something which can be entirely of the Spirit, and yet again, something which can be used to wreck those less cultivated ones who come under its influence...

"It is difficult, dear children, for you to get some of these fine points, yet cast your mind round and recall those who have been in your lives who, perhaps, were deficient in that same charm of the body - that 'fascination' which is so admired by those who are without it. Yes, you perceive that it is rather a great and wonderful thing to, by the power of the mind - aye, by the beauty of the mind - hold and bind those many others whose thoughts, maybe, have wandered untended during the years which have passed.

"Children, this is very attractive to you, I know - I know it so well. Unconsciously, you have singled out the 'second best' itself; and the man or the woman with the great and noble thoughts, with the capacity for expressing their thoughts so that others may comprehend them - these call out your love and reverence. You say - and you mean it - that the appearance of such as these is of no importance at all...

"Children, when you are free, you will see exactly how the slow unfoldment of the Spirit takes place. You will see that God ignores nothing, you will see that to the Divine Mind that which is of the earth can be used and is precious to Him, because it provides a link which leads on from the earthly to that which is of the Spirit...

"Oh, keep this point clear in your mind: That the physical body was never meant to degrade and never meant by God to be degraded by others; that the things of the physical world were never meant to hold us back, were never meant to bind us with thongs which cannot be cast aside. These things have come to pass but only by the disobedience, by the straying from the Light into those dark recesses from which it is difficult to return, because darkness has been sought...

"Children, I have told you that in each stage the unfoldment of the spirit goes on, and could you see with the eyes of the spirit the conditions surrounding those who use that individuality of the mind - use it to raise, to help, and to train - you would realise that it is the spirit at work, the spirit hindered a little by those hedges which physical life erect; darkened, as it were, by the memory of that teaching of a long past age; bound, without free action, because God is not fully understood - yet in spite of these things and many more, the spirit is working through the physical mind of the one concerned...

"And now, dear children, I want to take you one step further. I want to show you, if I can, how beautiful it would be - how beautiful it is in the few rare cases - when the spirit can work unhindered, unconscious of the mind of the body, in the sense of the restrictions it imposes. And in the so-called saints, the holy ones - in those who have been loved and revered by all who knew them - here you get the spirit working unimpeded; but, dear children, I would remind you that this state cannot come at once.

"Go back over the training of the disciples of The Master. As you read, so the consciousness comes that they threw off and threw off and threw off again, that which was of the earth, that which had been their heritage - that they had to be 'refined' before they could express the God within...

"Children, I come back to my first point - that of self-expression. Confuse it not with self-realisation, because these two function in a different way.

"Self-expression can be the most beautiful or the most hideous thing brought into being by man. As you wend your way, you are expressing some part or other of your real self, or, dear children, you are obscuring that greater self from expressing that which it has fought for and gained during the years of struggle.

"Self-expression - yes, I am speaking of that greater self which is of God. Here you get that 'intimate' link with the Great Father of all; here you are shown that between Love and yourself there should be nothing which could come in between...

"Self-expression - cannot you see, dear children, how you are indicating your real self as the days go by? Those who wish to rise, those who wish to serve, those who are compassionate for others - in this, veiled though it may be, you are expressing that greater self which is Divine...

"Oh, cast aside the earth conceptions. View yourself in this way alone: As something which is sacred in itself, as something which must be watched and guarded, which must be kept free from the earth, in its earthly sense, which must be unhampered by those delectable possessions of a world which must pass away - regard your 'self' as something of God, something which has been given to you and which in time to come, you will hand back to Him for His blessing and its second 'connection' - hand back pure and unsullied, washed clean by and through the experiences you have taken on, refined, cleared of the earth, spiritualised and spiritualised until it becomes Spirit itself, and then not only being of God but able to contact with God, so you commence the Life which has no end...

"Self-expression - and, dear children, as I have told you before, there is no power which has the power of love, there is no force which has the same strong force as love, there is no purity like the purity of love.

"Again I say: Reconstruct your ideas, throw away that which is antagonistic to the teaching of the Spirit within and without; and remember always that though, according to the experiences you are going through, you may express this or that, the real self must express God, because within you is that which is of Him; and, in time to come - though it may seem far distant to you - you shall express God because you have linked yourselves to Him, not only in spirit but in mind and in body...

"Children, the individuality of God has never been explained and never can be explained, because of its myriad aspects. But the individuality within you and within me - this individuality is growing and growing - and so you pass out of personality, which is connected with the physical, into that individuality which is not only of the mind, but of that mind which can be of the Spirit; and that, in turn, can be spiritualised into spirituality without any break at all... That which is individuality, by the processes of thought, and, most of all, by those processes of suffering, is spiritualised until it is made Spirit by the power of God...

"Confuse not these terms, which are used with so much freedom by those on earth. They are separate, yet they are complete; they stand alone, and yet as time goes on, they must be moulded into one perfect whole. The personality which is of the physical; the individuality which is of the mind, and, again, which is of the Spirit; and the spirituality which, in itself, is not yet Spirit, but is of that mind which strives after the Spirit.

"And when the topmost rung of the ladder of achievement is reached, that which is spirituality is made Spirit - pure, undefiled, charged with power, Love itself, expressing that which is God within and, in this expression, demonstrating God in the only way that we can understand...

"And now, my children, I will leave you. Just one word to my little secretary (Dorrie):

"My child, as you strive so you build, as that which is of the physical seeks to grapple with that which is of the Spirit, so you are creating - creating not only that strong staff which is your own so long as the physical stages continue, but that which shall be seen as a staff which will lead you into God's Presence when the body is laid aside. For the physical mind I say: Think then in the future not of the pencil with which you write but of the staff which that pencil represents; without it you would be forlorn indeed...

"And now I leave you..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...At last! It's MacQuade, Miss Goddard, and I thought I should never get through... It's awfully curious when we come like this, it's like - well, it's like plunging through a mist. I thought you'd like to know. When we come to gatherings in this way, we can see you all, but we see the spirit. At first it's like... well, it's like looking at little jets of gas in a fog. That's until we get acclimatised. It's curious - the effect of what you call 'the building up of the conditions'. Once the conditions are blended... that's not the right word... once the conditions are strained - you know, like you'd put a thing through a strainer - once that's done and we are worked into the conditions, then we can see.

"Funny, isn't it? It is an amazing thing, it's like slowly opening your eyes under water - it needs practice; but when the fogginess goes why! it is wonderful. By straining the physical conditions you lighten them, and the thinner the physical gets, the more the Spirit can pour in... Have you got it?

"You see, you've gained a wrong impression. When you talk of 'conditions', you think that those in the Spirit bring down 'conditions' and, as it were, plant them in your midst... It can't be done. It's like the sun piercing the fog and then, with the wind - which is as the power of the Spirit - yes, by the aid of the wind and the sun, the light comes.

"It's not in spite of the fog, but the fog has been dispersed - blown away. And then - just imagine it - that wonderful Light of the Spirit with its hundred thousand million colours and beauty...

"We don't understand anything about beauty until we get the comparison, and that 'comparison' is an education in itself... I mean like this: You take a daisy of your world and you take a daisy of the Spirit - perhaps one of those daisies that some little urchin picked and allowed to die. It seems cruel to you, but that daisy, by its suffering, has gone a step farther on... I don't know much, but I know that I've held these daisies in my hand, and you could think for a year over one daisy and not get to the end of it..."

(After all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I'm sure that each and everyone has felt drawn a little nearer to their Father and Mother God; and tonight, my little ones, there has been in this room a wonderful expression of Mother-love. It comes not from one but it comes from all, and I want you to give Mother-love its rightful place. I want you all to build up in your imagination - in that mind of the spirit which can, and will, remember - some conception of the great Mother-love which is in your lives.

"Those who pass on, laying aside the restricted mind of the body, meet, first of all, that type of love which so nearly expresses the Heart of the Saviour - that caring, thoughtful, prayerful, enveloping Mother-love.

"And I want you all to be certain that quite apart from your physical lives, from what is there or what is absent, that that strongest, greatest, purest Love is drawing you in - that Love which, separated from self, can banish sadness, banish those attacks of the shadows, banish the remembrance of physical pain, blot out the recollection of the pangs of the soul - that this Christ-Mother-Love is in your lives, standing even as a wall between you and those who would wreck...

"Children, it is helpful sometimes to symbolise these things - to give them concrete form - and I want you, tonight, to visualise Love as a strong, impenetrable wall, which stands between you and the valley from which you have climbed...

"And now, my children, I will go, but before we part I bring you back to my few words on Self-Expression.

"Within each man and woman, Mother-love must be created. Either now or in the days to come, that Mother-love must be there if you are to enter into those Realms of Peace which are in harmony with the Christ who came to show you God.

"Self-Expression in Love - and I care not whether it be a man or a woman, whether it be a child or whether it be one bent by the weight of years, self-expression in that Mother-love must be part of their equipment ere they enter in those realms which are Spirit indeed.

"And now, my children, I bless you in the Name of the Father. You have had bequeathed to you from that time when the spirit started off on its long journey of experience - you have had bequeathed to you God, and into His Hands I commend you... And as we pray together, so the Holy Spirit is releasing that which is of Itself within each one, so the Christ dominates and controls, so the Father of Love points still and for ever to the upward way, and so the little children of the Light, laying the burdens of the earth on to the earth to which they belong, answer the call and follow on...

"May God's Love give sight to the eyes of the mind, give strength to that inner consciousness, give illumination even while the body binds. God's Love is within you and God's Love shall make all things plain.

"And now, my children, Goodnight. Rest in peace, in harmony, and in understanding, because each and everyone has contributed of their best this evening... Goodnight."

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