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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 17th December, 1927.

"Almighty One, we thank Thee with grateful hearts that Thou hast bestowed upon Thy children the gift of vision. Grant that the light of the mind may so grow that the physical may hold them not. Teach Thy little ones how to progress along the path, out of the difficulties, out of the complications, out of the disappointments of daily life; to rest on Thy peace, and to draw to them comfort and the gift of revelation which awaits them.

"Oh, inspire us to be strong. Let not the perplexities of the day nor the prophecies regarding the future cast a chill upon the hearts of Thy little ones, but rather let them take it as a precious opportunity so that they can show that they are Thy children in very Truth. Send down the power this night, O Father, and grant that each one may feel that the Holy Spirit is not only helping them but releasing the Divine within, so that they, in turn, may demonstrate the truth which is of Thee. We thank Thee, O God, and we commence our work this night with confidence in Thy Love. Amen...

"...My children, when you see in a darkened sky the first faint star, unconsciously, something within responds to it. You look up, the star symbolises light; and light, hope; and hope: God - that the Eternal Father is watching over you. This night, I want you to endeavour to make your own something of hope, even if it be but as a little star in the great wide heavens above the earth.

"Yes, life appears to the majority so vast, so complicated, and they themselves so small. Opportunity, the gifts and possessions which seem so tempting because of that which they would enable the individual to do, these perhaps are not for you. You watch others who can say: 'My ambitions have been worked out in part if not in whole'; or there are those in your surroundings who, perhaps, have happiness of a higher quality than your own.

"You wonder, and the chill comes: 'My efforts, my hopes, my prayers, what have they produced?' And to those who can see but little beyond the physical standpoint, to them I say: They have produced something which neither the earth nor the power of darkness can snatch from you; they have produced a measure of patience, a measure of endurance, and, because you are here, I can add, a measure of faith as well. These things are of God; they reflect, in miniature, the qualities of the Christ Himself. Yet, the Master said to those around: 'Be thou perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect'...

"Oh, my little ones, I know how hard this sounds, how impossible to you, how that which you represent has tried and struggled; and yet, again and again, you are conscious of failure, conscious of choosing the second-best. But the Master bids me say: Fear not but hope always, for out of the very failures and the rising up, so, in time to come, you shall be perfect, in your degree, even as the Father is perfect, and shall love, in your degree, even as God loves you...

"Tonight, dear children, under the guidance of the One who loves us best, I am directed to speak to you on that which I name: 'Science and Religion'.

"And I want you to come with me in thought while I pass on, through this instrument, a few fragments of Truth. These I leave for you to expand, to develop, and, please God, to make your own...

"That word 'Science' has hypnotised countless thousands over the past, and today its power is stronger than ever. To some, there is magic in the very sound. They seize the parchment pages of their day, passing over the great mass of so-called intelligence, and with eagerness they read that which comes under the heading of science.

"But how few understand even the earth meaning of that word? What is science, what does it represent? It is the gathering together of 'facts' relating to any given subject, the testing of those facts, and, perhaps in time, the proving that the statements are facts and not suppositions.

"But remember, dear children, that that which you name science has had to alter its boundaries again and again. This relates to everything without exception, for man works with a limited mind, and, for the most part, a bound consciousness. When you are free, it will seem to you as this: Like little children, those of the earth, confined beneath the ground, searched hither and thither for light by the aid of that provided by themselves - the artificial light in their hands.

"Yes, that represents the so-called facts which have been garnered out of Truth. Here and there, a sudden gust from the Unknown quenches the Light, but man, with patience - a gift Divine, forget it not - man relights that which is in his hand, provides more fuel for that which is his mind, and goes on again...

"But there have been some, who, after many years, look back and find that instead of getting nearer the light which is of God, they have penetrated more deeply into the earth itself - and why? Is it not plain? What is it that keeps man chained to the things of the earth? Is it not the bondage of the Divine within? Is it not that the god he worships is either his own intellect or the intellect of others?

"Science progresses in spite of checks, according to the earth point of view, but, in the progress of science, what about the individual, what about the man or the woman, who, literally, have given themselves to that which they seek to uncover? That is the point: The science of the earth, which relates to penetration into knowledge to bring out that which is of utility to others, all this is good; but man, because he has forgotten his Source, has, in many cases, fettered himself to the past by chains which it will take anguish to sever.

"Science - such an attractive word, so applicable to that which is the development of things physical. But what of that science which has the power - the only science which has the power - to release the great creative Spirit within?

"My children, in your lives, day by day, hour by hour, laws are put into operation; you are culling from that which you know not, powers uncountable in the earth language. Each vibration is governed by a spiritual law; each thing you do, each thought you have, has a history and a future, again, controlled by spiritual laws. What of this science? What of these facts which never, through eternity, will have to be revised?

"I want you, as it were, to lay out before you the value of the science of the earth and the true science of Spirit-life. I want you to face, as men and women, the relative importance of these two gifts, one so abused and the other scarce recognised at all. I want you to face courageously that given forth from the mind of man which touches upon God's laws, which disputes 'miraculous' power, which challenges even the Holy Spirit itself.

"I want you to think of those in high places, the ones who have the ear of the people, who, as it were, have put their whole weight upon a science whose roots are physical alone. These men - some of them acting as representatives of the Great and Holy One - these men claim that they are supporting Truth, that they are scattering the superstitions and idle tales of an ancient day.

"My children, the little ones who come to you through this instrument (trance medium) and speak, they know more of true science than the greatest of such as these. The little ones, in their unconsciousness, could portray to the wise of the earth 'secrets' so staggering that the whole system of thinking which prevails in this time, would have to be re-established on that which is truly fact.

"Again and again you hear of the struggle of the 'intellectuals' to bring religion into harmony with science, but I say to such as these: Get your science correct before you attempt what is now impossible. No, the struggle will go on but, in the end, aye, and with the individual over the years, so it will be that science will be re-thought out, rewritten by that which is the Truth itself.

"Oh, my children, I bring you back to Christ again and again. All who gather here may take it that for ever shall I bring them back to the Saviour of the World. There are many who know this Truth, who fly from teacher to teacher seeking for knowledge; and there are those who pass on that which is only the knowledge of the earth, but which exists - and refuses, for the time being, to be rooted out - in another plane of existence. You call it the mental sphere, and the mental sphere holds within its grip millions of souls whose spirits are still fettered by that drawn to them over the past.

"There are many on earth who say: 'Feed my mind, for there is that within which demands nourishment'. They have yet to learn that the mental plane in any sphere, at any stage of the life's journey, is grades lower in development than the lowest spiritual condition, and indeed to some it represents a bondage terrible to behold.

"There are those free from the body who 'come back' knowing not Christ, and pass on that which is attractive to the physical mind, but in the measure that they influence their listeners, in that measure they are farther from the light of revelation.

"So, my children, think not, when I say that I preach Christ, Christ, Christ - that this is in the nature of the slightest apology. It is our glory, and that glory shall take my little ones, when the body is no more, into conditions surpassing their sweetest dreams...

"But I bring you back to the Sacred One as He trod the earth way in humbleness of heart and poverty of attire, and I bid you think of the 'science' revealed and expressed by the Master, by the One who is the Redeemer of all worlds.

"There were those around with trained minds, skilled in subterfuge, with all the arts of a cunning impossible for you to grasp; and they plied the Stranger with questions as to this and as to that. Yet, God, as Christ, having bought by His purity during His earthly sojourn that wisdom which is of the Great Source - the Master displayed not His knowledge, although it would have been child's play to have met them on their own ground, and to have beaten them point by point.

"But this temptation, so oft applied, was gently pushed aside, and the Master, in His grand simplicity, gave forth statements as to this and that, and because they were based on the science of the true Life of the Spirit, they were unanswerable then, unanswerable today in spite of similar enemies, and will be unanswerable throughout Eternity. The Truth, unadorned, has nothing which can be taken from it; the wisdom which is everlasting, simplicity itself, can stand the test of every age, every individual case, and still remain untouched by man, or by those who have become less than man through the disregard of the simple injunctions laid down so gently, so tenderly, by the One who is Love Itself...

"When you are free, dear children, you will be taken on many journeys, through countless conditions, and you will find for yourself that the words of Christ are unassailable. Yet, remember that words, however perfect, however accurately they express Truth, their life is limited if they are not linked to an example of that which they illustrate. Never forget, without Christ's life - His thoughts, His many sacrifices - that even those sweet words long since would have taken their flight out of the memory of man.

"And then there is this, and I would underline it, for so many forget. There are those who have said: 'I follow the teachings of Paul', or, again: 'My church is dedicated to the apostle Peter'. Oh, think of this: What of Paul and what of Peter? Would their words have lasted if it had not been for the anguish they endured? So when you speak of your adherence to the statements of this one and that, say to yourself: 'Am I willing to live as Paul lived?' 'Am I willing to do as Peter?' That is the test. To set up a temple and to claim allegiance to those who have gone on before - the pioneers - and, as it were, to fight for the word and yet be unwilling to live the life of the man who spake the word, this, dear children, is the fault of the science instituted by the mind of man.

"Today, there is sorrow in the land. There are those who feel that that which is their 'religion', as it were, sways to and fro over a deep precipice. To such as these I say, whatever their views, whatever their beliefs: Seek the science which is accurate not only by earth standards but by the standard of the Life which lasts for ever...

"Go back over the past to the divisions and the discussions. Here the explanation lies, and it relates to every age. How far has the individual, the 'church', or the institution - those who call themselves Christians - how far have they travelled from that which the Christ gave Himself?

"In the Sacred Record, impossible to be misunderstood, is Christianity - that which is of the Christ. All the furniture, all the embellishment which has been built up around that word 'Christianity', is an illustration of the falseness of science as it relates to the earth. Hearts are sore, many minds are bewildered, but the courageous one will face the fact that if each church, each body built up to honour the Creator of all mankind - that if they, or their controllers, had followed the Christ, today such things as controversies and divisions would be unknown.

"Go back to the science provided and given out by the One who is all in all to us - the Christ. But the time will come - slowly perchance, because man is bound and, as yet, has little inclination to get free - but slowly the individual will come back to the perfect science given out by Truth Himself, that which can stand the test of any state, of any condition.

"So, my children, let your attitude ever be this: Call not yourselves by those names which express divisions and discussions, say not: 'I am this or I am that', but only: 'I want to be a child of Christ, I want to get a little nearer to the One who loves me best'.

"Those who fight among themselves by words, and allow rancour to come between them and peace, one day they too will stand free, out of the wood of misunderstanding, and look up and receive something of revelation - the revelation of God as Christ, of the Perfect Mind from whom emerged or was transmitted those many laws which govern you and me and all the rest; the One who created that which is the science relating to every living thing - aye, and to things inanimate as well.

"Housed in the Almighty Mind is the wisdom of all creation, but He comes to us as the gentle Christ, the compassionate Friend, the understanding Bestower of Truth, which, little by little we can make our own. And you, my children, have no cause or reason to speak of that which you name 'religion' apart from Christ. Christ is the Source, the beginning and the end, and we, as His little ones, thank Him for that measure of illumination which has been made our own.

"And now, my children, I leave you for a space. Remember, each one, that these evenings are for work - God's work. Those who come, speak not only to you and those who read their words, but beyond and beyond again, so countless thousands, unseen by you, have been gathered in by the Shepherd who has sought for them over the ages, and, at last, they have found within, the will to be drawn back into the Fold. This is our gift, bestowed by the One so kind. And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, just a word in closing. I want you to remember that when the Master sent the ones who loved Him so well out amongst the masses, into strange paths, He bade them keep the faith and, beyond that, to leave everything in the Hands of God.

"Oh, never forget - and I speak to many - never forget that by placing God first, so the material, so the physical shall be replenished as the need arises. To those who are disciples in very truth, such as these live simply, and they turn from that which represents anything beyond the necessities of mind and body; the true disciples of the Master live as the Master laid down, according to their responsibilities in this same day.

"To each one I say: Take comfort in this thought. Your Father knows what you require, Christ understands that sometimes anxiety over material things comes between you and consciousness of His Love; but the Great Provider, the Great Protector, will never fail. Therefore seek, oh, seek to give up the physical will, and to trust; by effort, to conquer the difficulties of the day; by prayer, to offer up yourselves, holding nothing back, to the One who gave you life.

"So I bless you with confidence in God, and with that sturdy determination to take God at His word; to do the next thing and the next, certain that as the days go on so what is best for you will come to you; for by linking up with God, all else is included, and anxiety is the work of the destroyers themselves...

"With confidence in God, with a will given up to Him, so I bless you; and may the Holy Spirit force into your minds that God's ways are not only best, but sweetest, and hold a gladness which, in the little tomorrow, shall be made your own, if you keep faith with the Divine within...

"Goodnight, my little ones, and remember that these evenings were planned in the distant past. Does it not illustrate the far-seeing Mind of God? Farewell."


Note: On Christmas Day messages were given by Eli, Hiawatha (healer), Mrs Philip Goddard and Mrs Herbert. Eli laid his hand on each one and blessed them. His message is included at His request:

25th December, 1927


"...A stranger, yet a friend. I too, out of the past, emerge into the present. In an olden time I was a priest in a temple dedicated to the worship of the Lord God of all. My name is familiar to you because of the child Samuel, who, answered to the voice of God, and came to the old man who bid him ask God's will.

"This night, the curtain of the past has been drawn aside, for I would speak, and I would that my words could be sent over the earth and through the spheres. I entreat that those, who, in a measure, are free, should listen with intentness for the voice of God. Like that which is an unfettered breeze it shall pass over the spaces, yet those who are antagonised from His will hear it not.

"This night, in your presence, the old man of an ancient day comes, and through this instrument gives warning and reassurance as well. To each one I say in love: Listen for the small sweet voice of God as it passes through the vibrations. Great things are pending, and each one that is found asleep must, by anguish, awake to the opportunity that is lost.

"This day, I come amongst you for the first time; a stranger but a friend, and I bless each one. Fear not for the day is near at hand. I bless this child (Dorrie), and I bless the man (Ralph); I bless each one who is gathered here...

"There are many, many: By the child is the father (Mr Moyes) who has been won back out of dimness into Light, and the Light shall lead onto the glory which never fades... There, standing in the place of the Zodiac, is the Master whom we serve. In the corners, in the heights, in the depths, each and all show familiar faces. The past has been merged into the present, and the present provides an open gate through which those of another day can pass.

"This night I speak, yet I have been here oft before, and the one who was the solace of my declining years (Samuel), he walks with me, the one who heard God's voice and answered: 'Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth'...

"Over the past so, like waves, sweet memories rise... To the faithful again the direction is given: 'Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth'. And the great and mighty One answers: 'Feed My lambs, feed My sheep'. And a few more strands of the pattern are worked in...

"There (pointing) stands another, familiar to you all - the wise man who brought the simplest gift to the Babe in the manger. That wise man has given wisdom to many. Forget not that the only gift that we can take to the Giver of all things is the love and devotion of our hearts...

"Over the hills, so the armies are rolling up, out of the Heavens, so the hosts are advancing. All is ready. Hearts may ache and the physical garment may bring its pangs, but that which is a healing will take place, for the purification through the suffering of man has begun...

"Farewell, my children, yet remember ever that even those divided from you by uncountable generations can find admittance here. Through the past, by the past, so the instrument I use has been prepared.

"Farewell, and remember that the words I give forth tonight are directed by a sight and a comprehension which is of the Spirit alone. The voice of God shall pass across the world, and the watchers will answer: 'Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth'. Farewell."

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