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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 11th September, 1926.

"O God our Father, be with us and so attune our minds to the Spirit that we may indeed enter into those realms which Thou hast provided for Thy children. Grant that the consciousness may come that we are all as wayfarers on the journey of Life; that here we rest a little and there we work a little, that here we help another and there we wait for help to come to ourselves...

"Father of Love, imbue us with courage, give us that spirit of forging on, that realisation that as we belong to Thee, so our Home is not on this little plane of sense, but is in those conditions where Love abounds...

"O Christ, inspire us with something of Thy Spirit; teach us how to be humble, how to be faithful, and how to succour others, for without these gifts we are enchained. Give us that inward consciousness that the future lies open to those who strive, that our mistakes and our weaknesses can not only be overcome but worked out even as though they had never been. Grant that this great and mighty truth may penetrate into the minds of all those who call themselves Christians, and that they may pass on the good tidings to others...

"Father, we thank Thee once again for Thy generosity, for Thy unfailing compassionate Love, and we ask Thee to make us stronger and nobler, even as the spirit within desires...

"...My little children, tonight, before I commence on the subject of our little conversation, I want to ask you all to think not of yourselves, not of your own desires, not of your physical lives, but, as it were, to regard yourselves as a tiny screw in some vast, mighty machine - that which has been put together by God, to raise, to teach, and to give His children freedom of mind, freedom of spirit...

"Yes, and to carry that thought further, to think to yourselves: 'Though this great construction is of such importance, and, maybe, complicated in design, yet it is incomplete if that which I myself represent is missing'. Ah, dear children, that is Truth. The mighty Mind of God, our Creator, not only has provided a niche for each one of His many creations, but if the individual is occupied with other things, that which He has thought out and brought together for the benefit of man - that is incomplete.

"A great and wonderful vision is opened before you all as I speak. Think not of this little life of today, but, from that greater self within, send back your memory over the past, and try to realise something of those many different experiences in which you have not only participated but which you yourselves have made your own; experiences which will not have to be repeated for lessons have been learnt.

"Yes, my children, not only the past comes into our contemplation when we think of that wonderful word 'Life', but the present and the unending future... Today, perhaps, bound your eyes may be because the body holds you fast. Today, maybe, your ears fail to catch that quiet Voice of the Spirit, guiding, directing, teaching and inspiring; but this stage of bondage is but for a space, and because it is hard to bear and because so many misunderstandings arise, so, dear children, in the by and by, you shall look back, and the life on earth - those experiences which went so hard - shall be written down as gain.

"And as I speak, so I call on countless others. You, little ones of my heart, are as it were under the wing of my love, but love with us has a mighty power, and by will - through the grace of God - we can send our rays of love far beyond the earth plane into those conditions where love is almost unknown. Unknown, dear children, because those who gather there can find within themselves no bright beam of love for others, and so they remain in that which represents to you twilight of thought, twilight of feeling, twilight of understanding.

"And there, you and I, as missionaries of the Most High, we take our gifts of love and understanding, and, by the grace of God, here and there one shall listen, here and there one shall respond; and you, my little ones, can say to yourselves: 'Tonight I have been used by God'.

"And, in passing, dear children, I would explain that sometimes I raise my voice far louder than is necessary in this little room, but the necessity lies far afield, lies in those conditions where only arresting tones can penetrate at all. As it were, like a bullet sent on its way by a gigantic force, so my teaching - this Christ teaching - has cut its way through dense materialism, through those states of sadness, through those clouds of weakness. Aye, like a bullet, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God's Name has been forced where before it had found no entry...

"Here, too, you see your portion. Evening by evening, I find my children waiting to do their part; and their part, when spiritual sight is their own, shall be seen in something of its magnitude... Yes, hidden from you now, yet you, by your dedication and your concentration, have been used by the Lord God of all to help those of His children who have bound themselves and know not how to get free...

"And this brings me to the subject of our talk tonight. Instructed by the Holy Master, I seek to explain something of all that mighty truth which is implied in: 'The Release of the Divine Within'. I seek to portray to you, in the language of your little world, a little regarding what you are and what, one day, you will become.

"Remember, dear children, that though, to each other, you represent a physical body, gifted with a mind which thinks and has the power to act, yet to me and to your Father God, you are Spirit; and the body in which you function is as a garment which you have folded round you, protecting that which is all-holy within.

"Therefore, in contemplating Life, in considering the part that you yourself have taken on, remember always that you are Spirit; that this earth in which you live is but a temporary stage of your development, and that that time is coming when, free from the things which bind, with powers unknown to you at this stage, with a freedom of thought and of action, you will see not only yourself, but those you love, living in an environment which is nearer to the spirit's desire.

"Yet, forget not this: That that condition after you have passed through the gate of physical death, that is but one stage further on. It prepares you, even as this, for the next development - that next form of growth, when the powers you possess shall be enhanced; and this goes on and on until that glorious time comes when we are not only the children of the Lord God of all, but we are fit to name ourselves as such...

"So simple it is, yet man has made these truths so complicated. So simple the journey: The starting off from God, gifted with His powers - in degree; travelling along the road of experience; losing here and gathering up there; showing courage over this, aye, and failing over that. And yet, in spite of the mistakes, in spite of the betrayals of the purer self within, so tonight, little children, we listen to God, listen to His teaching, seeking to obey, seeking to understand something of the glory of it all.

"And then, I would touch more nearly on that which you name: 'Experience' and that which you name: 'Temptation'. I have taught you ever that the man or the woman who seeks evil, who casts aside his holy heritage in order to gain experience, is committing an act of folly, is retarding his progress in a way no words can express. And I have told you also that the man or the woman, who, watching the weaknesses of others, find within their minds only condemnation, such as these have much to learn.

"Keep this question clear. That understanding of the frailties of others, the desire to save - ah, that must be there, before you can rightly name yourselves Christians, for Christ came to save the world.

"Yet, my children, should you ask me: 'How can I understand if I have not fallen myself?' Then I answer you: Take care, take care - the enemies are around. This argument is the most subtle one ever conceived, ever thrown across the world by the spiritually ignorant who have been used by the enemies of the Saviour...

"Children, here we come to that which you name: 'Temptation' - and this provides the clue. Think you to yourselves like this: In your world, those inexperienced, those who are young in years, are protected, are given very light burdens to carry; they are watched over by others; they are safeguarded because of the unconsciousness within, children in understanding; and there are many, aged in years, who are children in understanding. All around, their lessons lie unheeded - they scarce have begun on the first. Oh, what waste of time, what incredible folly - to have the precious gift of the physical experience and then to throw away the very purpose of its possession. These have what you call 'level lives'. Things go well with them; the day brings no danger, apparently, and the night is safeguarded from evil... The world's point of view.

"My children, those very conditions are charged with danger, a danger you cannot grasp until spiritual sight is your own - the danger of letting opportunities slip by, the awful waste; days passing away and nothing to show in regard to the release of the Divine within.

"Oh, my children, never wish to be such as these, for centuries must pass before they can reclaim that which they have so carelessly allowed to slip away...

"The soldiers of God - what is their part? Ah, you know it well: The trials of daily life, those so-called blows which rob you of this and separate you from that; and then, as the courage grows, so the enemy gathers up its strength and advances - yes, to try your strength.

"You see, that those who are as children in understanding, unconsciously to themselves, they are working hand in hand with the destructive forces; they are putting up no opposition, they are not thwarting any of their plans; and, so it seems to the unwary, such as these are curiously free from temptation. But they know not of what they speak.

"So I would lead your thoughts into the direction of Truth - Truth stripped of the fallacies of the world, Truth undressed by the deceptions of the mind of man. Tonight, I pronounce - directed by the Saviour who loves us all - tonight, I say that the tempted are the strong ones; yes, the tempted are the strong ones - but only do they remain strong if the temptation is fought and overcome.

"My children, find out where you stand and ponder over your position. Of necessity, as you progress, so that same spiritualising, the development, that growth must be tested, must be tried, to discover how deep are the foundations - whether it has been built on rock.

"And so, as we progress, the tests get more extreme, the temptations, of necessity, must be fiercer, for we are no longer as children in understanding, we have donned the armour of Christ and as soldiers we fight His enemies, fighting until they are overcome...

"Oh, keep your vision clear. Get these points firmly embedded into the mind of the body, for their importance cannot be overestimated. I say to you all - and some of you have suffered greatly over these tests - I say to you all, that as you climb the hill to God, so you must be prepared to face fiercer and fiercer temptations.

"But oh, my little ones, be not disconcerted at my words, for lo, within you there is power, there is strength, there is holiness, there is that which can overcome those sternest forces which are pitted against you. Within you is God, part of the Lord God of all, part of the One who knew no fear, who flinched not at temptation, who shrank not from suffering or from those many pangs associated with growth.

"Within you is the tool which releases that power and lets the Christ fight for you. Temptation - ah, it is as a gift. Tests - they are the badge of honour, for only to the strong come they in their full strength.

"You see, dear children, that all along the journey of life, your Father and Mother God has provided for every need, for every incident, for every experience, which could come to any one of His children; but man has forgotten, he has forgotten from whence he came, who is his Parent, what lies in front.

"Man, in his ignorance, in his stupendous vanity, has built but for today, for the little earth life, has refused to remember anything of the past and has refused to contemplate what may lie in front. Bound by his sureness in himself - as he understands self; bound by his confidence in that tabernacle of flesh, which is at the mercy of Nature in a thousand forms, which one moment can be strong and full of vitality and the next can be inert, lifeless, useless for evermore.

"That mind and that body, which has been assumed for a certain purpose - the acquirement of experience - that is regarded as all-sufficient; and in their folly they say: 'Let tomorrow take care of itself'. But, tomorrow has been built up by today, even as today and its carelessness was built up by that which lies behind...

"Oh, my children, be practical in the spiritual sense; let not your thoughts be led astray by this one or that, but listen to the Voice of Christ, listen to the Truth He came to teach, and remember that Christ said: 'He that hath seen me hath seen the Father'; 'Before Abraham was, I am'. Oh, listen to Christ, for only Christ can release that which is bound; only God has the power to call out that which is holy within; and without Christ, without your Father, what are you? Of what avail is life? For what purpose are you here?

"Yes, as you go your way, think to yourselves: 'No more do I regard myself as physical, no more do I regard myself as belonging to the material world, for within me I feel and know there is that which is all-pure, all-holy - something of Christ within, and I am a custodian of that which is Divine'.

"So, my children, thinking thus, your attitude towards yourselves and towards those in your vibrations will be completely altered, entirely changed, for what applies to you applies to this one and to that. Strangers they may be, placed in environment different from your own, but in them there is Christ, there is God; and in the by and by, they too - when their little cabin of flesh has long been forgotten - they too, as Spirit, will work for God.

"And until the Divine within is, in a measure, released from the bondage of the past, is, in a measure, given a free hand, so you cannot work for God in the Christ way, because the understanding is not there. You have not been tested, you have not been tried, and how can a vessel so unprepared pour out the Waters of Life to revive others? No, clay you are and clay you remain, until that which is of God within you is in a measure released...

"And, children, in regard to this, there is a mighty hope, an unlimited joy, for because you belong to God and there is something within you of the great Creator, so without the media of others you can contact with God on the instant; at the moment of desire, the Divine within is communing with the Great Spirit who overrules us all.

"In your own hands it lies, in your own hands. Climb you must, if not today then tomorrow; if not tomorrow then in that far time to come. Postponement only erects more barriers, more difficulties still; putting off only makes the lessons harder to be learnt. So arise you, lay aside your reluctance, lay aside the disinclination of the mind of the body, and say to yourselves: 'As a child of God, I will hold on to God; as part of Christ, so I will take the Christ part'.

"Aye, and as the Divine within is released, so the enemies may come in their thousands and tens of thousands, but protected by the One who loves you best, in your peace of mind, in your sure confidence in your Father, so you will continue untroubled, unsaddened by the foes which lie on either side...

"Oh, remember this: The tiniest child who thinks of her Gentle Jesus with love, is stronger than the strongest power of evil. The tiny child who fondles her doll with love, protecting it from imaginary dangers, safeguarding it from the assaults of others - that child is demonstrating that the Christ Spirit is stronger than the fiercest foe who would strike at Christ direct...

"These truths we ponder over in the quietness of our own vibrations, and as we think, so the consciousness comes: How like is this to God. How like my Father and Mother God, the All-seeing One, the All-Compassionate, the All-Understanding; the One whose love never fails, the One whose love cannot be destroyed, the One who, even during those periods when we have completely forgotten Him, still pours down upon us His unchanging Love.

"So my children, I will leave you for a while, but I want once more to underline the purpose of these evenings, and why this most precious gift has been bestowed:

"Is it not to further the release of the Divine within you? Aye, is it not to release the Christ within those who read these records? Ah yes, and again I send your minds out over the spaces, and I ask you: Is it not to release those who are prisoners indeed, those who have forgotten that once they were pure and holy and wise, those whose thoughts have emerged not from that little circle of self? Is it not to these that we should go chiefly, for we understand in degree, we understand that these are so helpless, so incapable of raising themselves, so entirely ignorant that they are in bondage at all? Is it not trebly important to go to these and give them what they have lost - the imagination to realise that they can be changed? And as they pass through those many stages of development, at last to force the conviction into their minds that they are the children of their Father God, that within them is Christ, and the Christ within, in its anguish, is crying out for release...

"Thus it is, my children, I bring you back to work - work for God, which is service to others; for, as you know, the great law of the Spirit is this: That only by helping others, can you help yourself; only by raising another out of their weakness, can you yourself be strong; only by freeing those who are prisoners, can you enter through the gates of revelation, enter into that full free life of the Spirit.

"So, my children, our direction lies here: Working for God in the Christ way, in that way laid down by the Saviour of mankind, who came not to save the few, not to save only those who loved Him, but to save those who had not the strength or the will to save themselves...

"Yes, the Light of the World - of all those many realms and conditions which were put together for the benefit of His children - the Light of the World bids us hold up our little light as well, so that the stranger, so that the one who has lost his way, seeing it, may say to himself: 'A friend stands there'.

"And now, my children, I will leave you, but hold fast to these conditions, for Christ has blest us much tonight, and the Beloved of us all is with us, giving that which only He can bestow. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...I hope you'll excuse me, but the boy will wait, he is coming later. As a matter of fact, I want to talk to you all - I'm a stranger - about something which we have in common, and that is in regard to the manipulation of our gifts. In the grand old Book, the gifts of the Spirit are narrated. Amongst ourselves in the world, we also have a list of gifts but they are rather different. First of all we put the mind, and then we put executive power, and then - although sometimes we pretend that it doesn't matter - we put possessions, our money, our goods and chattels; and we say that given these and a fairly strong body, we've got the earth in the palm of our hand.

"Yes, and then the scene is changed, and gathering up our luggage we set forth for pastures new. And you would be surprised, friends, how many people, on their death-bed, reckon up their assets. The debit side they try to forget. They say to themselves: 'Well I've never done anyone an injury; I've treated my wife all right, and I let the children have their pleasures; I've paid my debts, and, when I could, I helped another'... Quite a decent record, and not one that anyone can despise.

"But, as I said, the scene is changed, and all that which we think we have a right to take with us is laid out, and we see then with that sight which cannot be deceived. We see, first of all, how we deceived ourselves, and then how we deceived others, and then how God took both those deceptions and somehow found treasures, which He has stored for us... I think you'll admit that when that consciousness comes, it is about as humiliating as anything could be.

"I remember when I was a boy - and as a boy I had a fertile imagination - I remember going over my prospects; and to the young, that word 'prospects' more or less takes up the whole of their horizon. But, in considering my prospects, it never once dawned upon me as to those prospects when physical life was over. I thought to myself: To be a success is not only an achievement, but it is necessary to leave my mark on the world at large. Yes, that was something to be striven for, and, if good luck ordained, to be attained.

"I suppose I was an average boy; I know I was a very average man. I looked on those who comprised 'my neighbours' and my business friends - a very mixed lot they were - and I did notice that often the most successful seemed to be the least happy. And I have a vivid recollection of going into the home of a clerk of mine when he was ill, and seeing there a curious medley of love and anxiety, of tenderness and fright.

"Oh, of course I thought about these things, but I explained them as most men would explain them: It was Life - and there I left it.

"A few seasons passed and I got much that I longed for; I attained. Yes, and on the top of that attainment a little crown was placed - that was public honour; most desirable to have.

"And again the scene was changed. After some years of work and effort and thinking and contriving, not only for myself but for my country, I passed away. And I remember that - by good fortune so I thought, by God's mercy as I saw later - that very soon I awoke. I had slept barely three months, and when I awoke, I was standing on a high hill; as it were, the ridge of a mountain was clearly outlined on either side. And I looked back over the past - at the boy, at the man and at the so-called statesman; and, like Napoleon, I sat down and thought.

"You see, friends, stored away in some corner of this mind of ours, in the majority of men there is that secret ambition to be in their little corner a Napoleon; but mark you this, St. Helena is not included in the programme.

"Standing on my hill, I looked back over the past which was laid out before me in curious detail - the people I had known, the deeds I'd done, the things I was not quite satisfied with, and the hopes which were never realised...

"Well, I'm just going, but I want to underline one thing and that's why I'm here tonight, a stranger, absolutely unthought of by any of you present. In regard to that desire to be a Napoleon: Look at it in the Spirit way; don't despise it, say to yourselves: 'A conqueror I can be and a conqueror I will be'.

"You see, the conquering of the world, as you've been told before, is rather a puny thing in comparison with the conquering of your lesser self. By God's mercy, consciousness came to me very quickly. I always was a worker, and work is not only second nature to me now but it represents myself. And I've gone back and where possible I've rectified, and where not possible I've built something else over that which I wish hadn't been there... We are allowed to do that, you know; and because that something else reflects a fragment of God's Mind, in time - not at once - in time, the other thing will pass away.

"I want you all to read between the lines; to hold tight to that thought - that when you are free, the past, like a map with every single thing included, will lie before you; and what you failed to do when on earth will not only seem as a flaying process then, but holds you. You will have to go back and make that map as the stronger you within intended, before you can turn away from the past, throw back your shoulders and breathe in the sweet breeze of the future...

"Well, I'm going. It's Cecil Rhodes, and I know I'm a surprise. I came this evening because, Mrs. Moyes, you were not too sympathetic towards me. I understand. I know that now I've got your regard, and I want you to believe that those things you didn't like in my life - well, I hate them too.

"Goodnight, and thank you for your attention, I'm coming again, of course, and you are going to help me to grow, and, in turn, please God! I shall help you to see more clearly the meaning of life, its purpose, and the great almighty plan... Goodnight...

Note: Cecil Rhodes was 'recognised' by someone present soon after he commenced speaking, but the medium was unable to get any clue as to his identity.

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, this evening has been brought through to a wonderful conclusion, and I use that word in its spiritual sense; a wonderful conclusion because, on all sides, attracted by your wish to serve, are those others (of the twilight planes), strangers to your physical mind, but linked to you as your brother, as your sister...

"So tonight, ere we close, I give one word to them, I say: Have no fear for Love is all around. From Love you came, to Love you are bound, therefore why fear you? What can cause misgiving? Within you all, fettered it is true, is that part of God which He has bestowed upon you. Then reach out and grasp God's Hand, and all, all will be well.

"And now, my children, I speak in tones of deepest understanding to those among you who have sorrowed during the past week. I give a word of cheer; I show them that God's gracious power cannot be withheld; I show them that though the mind of the body may have faltered from the task in front, lo, the spirit within is strong, and - ignoring the complaints of the mind of the body - goes on, out of twilight into the radiance of revelation.

"Thus, dear children, I speak to you all, for these clouds must pass over the sky which represents your life - they are but tests. Then raise your eyes and see not only the silver lining to the cloud, but, just above the cloud, the Sun which represents your God.

"So we part, yet we are linked together for ever and for ever; so we gather up our gifts, and so, instructed by the Divine within, we pass on those gifts to others. For that which we hold for ourselves, it fades and dies away, but that which we pass on, it grows and expands; for that is the miracle of God's Love.

"And now, dear children, I bless you in His Holy Name, I ask you to hold fast to faith, to be certain as to the plans of the Most High; to recall once again that He is your Father and Mother God, and you are of Him, treasured as His children. Then with peace, with quietness of heart, with a firm purpose, continue on the pathway of life, realising that you are companioned - and that Companion is the Master Himself...

"Peace and confidence and love - the blessing of God has been bestowed. Amen.

"Goodnight, my little ones."

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