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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 9th October, 1926.

"O most gracious One, we thank Thee for this great gift, and we ask Thee to bestow upon us tonight the grace whereby we may understand. As little children we come before Thee, asking for Thy blessing; as little children we entreat Thee to allow us to enter into that state of Spirit where that which is holy within may be released...

"O Christ, guide us and guard us from our lesser selves; pour down upon us courage and hope and determination, so that we may go forward confident in the strength which comes from Thee... In ourselves we are as nothing, but we are conscious that we are the children of the Most High, and that the King loves to bestow upon His little ones those gifts which He possesses Himself... Make us more worthy, make us fit vessels to carry Thy glorious Truth.

"Father, we commend ourselves into Thy Hands, and we ask Thee to use us for Thy work this night. Amen...

"...My little children, this evening it seems to some that we are gathered together, as it were, by chance; but I have taught you ever that the plans of God are worked out as the Father intends when His children allow the spirit within to guide them. And tonight, I would put on record that there are those in this little room who have lent their aid - aye, more than their sympathy - they have lent their faith to the instrument I use... In the sweet by and by, a content shall fill their being, for they will see that all unconsciously to themselves they lent their aid to God.

"Children, in regard to this great Truth (Spirit Communion), there are the believers, there are the doubters, and there are the destroyers. Confuse not the doubters with the destroyers. Lo, here and there, there is one who, out of the release of the Divine within, proclaims God's Truth; and there are others, who, longing for that same freedom, hesitate and hesitate again; and those who companion them, in spite of their efforts, are unable to break down the barrier between them and the Spirit.

"And then, dear children, we come to the destroyers, and these, when spiritual sight is their own, will be anguished, for they have worked in that which will take ages to work out... Pray for them, for they need your prayers in a way no words can express. Pray for them, for the Lord God of all, taking from your thoughts that balm, will lead them out of the wilderness into the land of promise, but only after much suffering can this come to pass...

"Children, when you are free, you will see things thus: As it were, the children of the earth are buried in the confines of that which represents the material, and those who are free - the messengers, the guides, the missionaries of God - these dig and dig. Millions of channels have been made; and sometimes after much toil, lo, the one so bound catches the sound of a voice and answers, and all is well.

"But, dear children, there are many who are unconscious of their imprisonment, and they, instead of doing their part to weaken and to thin those barriers between themselves and their helpers, by their acts - and still more by their thoughts - they are throwing up more soil, until that which once represented earth is as hard and as impenetrable as granite.

"This, dear children, is no exaggeration, as you will see for yourselves in the by and by. Nay, in physical language I cannot express those barriers, those terrible barriers, which man, out of his folly and ignorance - aye, out of his disobedience to the Lord God of all - has built up between himself and freedom.

"Tonight, because the conditions have been specially prepared, I wish to speak to you on that which you name: 'The Redemption'. And I want you all to give your undivided attention, for what I speak now, one day will be regarded by the many as the Truth.

"You see, dear children, man, limited by much, hedged in by traditional thought, man has forgotten so much of that wisdom which once was his own. He has forgotten his Holy Heritage, he has misread - aye, because the mind was bound by the earth - he has misread the Sacred Record which has been preserved for his enlightenment; and yet so plainly it is stated, so simple is the story of God's Love.

"Children, I take your minds back to that parable which describes so faithfully the creation of man in God's own image; and there, for all to read, you will find that the temptation which brought 'sin' into the world was pride of mind and not weakness of the flesh.

"It is amazing to us that the representatives of the Most High so constantly overlook this fact. The temptation was power - to be as the Lord God of all. The weakness which followed and which grew in volume, came later. That which was man's downfall was his lust for power.

"My children, in re-reading that simple narrative, you will find that immediately that act of disobedience took place, then the Most High commenced His missionary work, commenced those most merciful processes of redemption, of retrievement, of restoring that which man had thrown away. And those who have the power to think uncontrolled by the minds of others, these see in the parable of man's fall, the whole history as touching the individual - the countless millions whom God, out of His Love, created and sent off on the long journey of experience.

"Little ones, I recall to your memory the sentence that when man was turned out of those conditions which represented pure Spirit, God went with him to protect; aye, in the measure that man would allow, God sought to guide him so that the past might be retrieved, so that the journey of experience might be shortened, so that the time might be hastened when, once more as His child, by desire, God could bestow upon him that gift of creating which he Himself possesses...

"Children, deliberately I used the simile of a tree for Truth, and also in regard to the gift of Creating, because in that first narrative, amongst all the other trees, two stood out in their intrinsic importance and sublime meaning - the two gifts to be made our own in God's good time. Had the tree of Life been sought, lo, the history of humanity would have been gloriously different; but held before us all was the bauble of power - power not purchased, power snatched at without the price being paid.

"From this, dear children, I lead on your thoughts to those many stories (in the Bible) so true in detail, so true in meaning; and you will see how, again and again, the Christ in God was revealed to man. How in spite of repeated disobedience - of the ignoring of those laws framed entirely for the protection of His children - how in spite of all this, God came, again and again, as the Redeemer of man, rectifying his mistakes, readjusting all those many conceptions regarding the wrath of the Creator, which had been presented to man - came to His children and showed them that the One they were asked to follow, to regard as their guide, was a loving Protector...

"And then, dear children, I remind you of the parable which was given by the Master Himself ere that which you name Calvary took place. I speak of the householder and the husbandmen (Matt.21,33; Mark.12,1; Luke.20,9). Did not Christ, in those words, proclaim for all time the Redeemer in God, the great Rectifier, the great Reconstructor, whom the children of the earth would not heed?

"My little ones, I implore you, because you wish to be as the Father intended you to be, I implore you to enlarge not only the boundaries of your own minds, but to set to work with renewed vigour to break down the barriers erected round the minds of others. Show them, reason with them, point out the many incidents in that far past when God came to His children as their Redeemer, when He took upon Himself their burdens, when He saved them as far as was possible from the effect of their mistakes.

"Point out to them that when Christ came amongst man, it was but another instance of the most wonderful generosity which any mind could imagine. That simple act of coming Himself - the laying aside of the Godhead, binding Himself as man was bound; enduring the same temptations, but as a hundredfold in comparison; experiencing the weariness of the casket of flesh, and that still greater burden of a mind free only so far as the Holy Spirit within was given its freedom...

"Aye, bound as man is bound, so the Lord God of all came and walked upon the earth, seeking to retrieve that which had gone astray, that which we had cast aside...

"My children, as I have told you before, in those days I too functioned in a physical body, I too mingled with the throng; I too saw - not the thoughts of man, but his actions, his trickery; and as I lived my days, so at last the Light was forced into my tortured mind. So oft we spake of the Messiah, so oft had we planned this and that; but, dear children, there was no one who imagined that Christ would come in the way He did. Those who were the priests - the custodians of the Truth - they took it as a matter of course that the Messiah would come to them, would issue the Truth from their altars, and cast upon them that added earthly glory for which they craved...

"Yes, and had that been so, the Crucifixion and the persecution which followed would never have taken place. Had Christ been as man in his selfishness, so He would have been received with that honour which the occasion demanded...

"But God, looking into the minds of men, read their treachery, and had to go far afield to find the simple heart, the faithful heart, through which He might be born into the physical world, and from which centre He could teach that gospel of Love which had been for all time...

"Children, I speak of that which I know, I speak of that which I saw. If Christ could have been bought, could have been linked to the Temple, then the Day of Calvary would have been unknown. If Christ had laid aside that mission of enlightenment, of the transposition of power from those who had abused it to those who did not know they possessed any power at all; if Christ had been non-resisting to the demands of those who, out of their minds but not from their hearts, had built up that which they called: 'The Truth'; if Christ had laid aside His tenderness and understanding of the poor, then, my children, there would have been many who would have been glad to claim Him as the Messiah.

"Oh, mistake not my words. Have I not told you before that the greatest miracle that could ever be performed was that of the Lord God laying aside His power and coming as a simple babe, hedged in by the same physical restrictions as the children you have held in your arms?...

"Yes, that miracle, one day, will be realised in something of its magnitude, something of its inexpressible Love.

"But, dear children, as the Master said, the husbandmen - the custodians of the Truth, they destroyed those who came before and they would not spare the King's son himself. Yes, that has been worked out in many ways where Truth is concerned. Over the ages, so the Lord God of all has sought to give to man that which would make a protection impossible to be assailed, but the great barrier between humanity and Spirit is the desire for power, is the absence of the humble heart.

"And so, little ones, in thinking of the Lord God, in thinking of His generosity, of His gracious humility when He trod the earthly plane, remember that that greatest gift was but one of a series; and God has never ceased to send among His children, redeemers - lesser redeemers - imbued with strength from the Great Redeemer of us all.

"Today, dear children, in regard to this little branch of the Truth which you and others are trying to plant in the hearts and minds of many, forget not those obstacles which surrounded Christ, forget not His example. His great suffering... I use not that word 'sacrifice' for where Love is, sacrifice is unknown. But remember the Great Example, and when there are those who turn coldly from you, gather up your gain, for, in miniature, you are suffering as God suffered when man refused Him and all that mighty revelation He would bestow.

"You see, dear children, there are many today who, if the Truth had come to them direct, who, if that power of sight and of hearing and of sensing were their own, would preach it far and wide. But the gift has come to others, the Holy Spirit has been manifested in curious places amongst, so it seems to them, unsuitable people, using blunt and inexperienced instruments.

"Yes, but again the Lord God had to look for the humble heart in order to reveal His Truth. Many there may be who have that extra development in the way of sight and of hearing, but what have they given out to the world? Is the world better or purer for their knowledge? Have they not rather fouled the vessel, and so instead of the Waters of Life, lo, that which has poison in it has been distributed instead.

"To all I speak, and especially to the representatives of the Most High. God chooses His instruments because those instruments are suitable for His work. It is not for them to lay down restrictions as to whom should be so blessed; it is not for them to criticise the bestowal of that gift which lies only with God.

"My children, much lies underneath these words of grave and serious import - words of warning, words which one day will be understood.

"God our Father is the great pioneer Missionary, the Saviour, the Redeemer of those who hate Him. He sends this one and that; He tries this method and that, animated by Love - aye, by that Love which holds in its folds a multitude of thought and of foresight for His little ones... God reasons with His children, brings into being that form of help and this tool of service, so that unconsciously to themselves, they shall, in a measure, be redeeming that which they have lost...

"Oh, think you to yourselves: How could a God of Love, over the ages, allow man to wander without endeavouring to save him from the result of his own acts? How little it seems, how indescribably ignorant does it not appear, that there are men and women who have preached that until Christ came as Man, man had no Redeemer, no Saviour in their midst!

"Children, I entreat you to do your best to enlarge the Spirit-consciousness of others, having once grasped the Truth yourselves. Show them that in the Sacred Record, preserved for them, is the redeeming Hand of God at work right from the beginning, as this will be until the end, which is the beginning again of that Life when sorrow is unknown because weakness has ceased to exist...

"This is the gospel of hope, and this gospel of hope, in time, shall break down those doctrines and theories erected by the physical minds of men. The Redeemer? They know not of what they speak. The Saviour? They have not understood its deep import...

"Little children, gather in the comfort which I bring to all. Your Father and Mother God understands the force of temptation, but He has gifted you with power; your Father and Mother God knows how difficult is the earthly way, He condemns not when you fail; He is your Redeemer, your Saviour, and your Consoler; He bids you try again; He bids you faint not nor be disconsolate, for lo, as you strive so the strength will come; and He holds out to you that which He was and is Himself - the gift of being a redeemer of others, the gift of saving those who are weaker still.

"For the Lord God of all delights to use His little ones, to bring them on, to entrust them with His holy power; for because you are of God, within you, implanted at your creation in time long past, was something of the Redeemer Himself, gifted to you to develop, to be put to use, ah, and to release in others that capacity to be as a redeemer in turn...

"This is God's Truth, and the Holy Master is here tonight blessing us as we gather together to learn and to grow. For, my children, it is as tender plants that we start, yet as time goes on, so, using the soil of the physical world, even that materialism, so strength comes to our roots, and by our resistance of imprisonment, the time comes when out of the earth glorious we rise, holding up that which represents our selves to catch that which our God waits to bestow.

"Oh, hearken you not to those who would limit the Lord God of all; hearken you not to those restrictions on Love, to that single act of redemption which has been handed out by man to man. You and I, because we listen to the dictates of the Spirit, we know that all have had their Redeemer, their Saviour; and we know that amongst even the weakest and the frailest, lo, the Saviour walks today, seeking to retrieve, seeking to restore; and out of our greater knowledge we give thanks to God.

"And now, my little ones, I will leave you. Hold fast to these holy conditions, for they have been put together only by that which you name suffering, but which we call joy. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...It is a humble servant of our Master Christ, once called Francis, now nameless because God wills...

"Brothers and sisters, with difficulty I use this instrument, but I have been promised that the difficulty shall be overcome, because many times have I been in these conditions but the channel was not opened before.

"I want to get away from the world side; I want to forget all that glamour which hangs over my name. I am a humble servant of the Holy One, and I have been asked to narrate for your enlightenment a vision which came to me in early days before Christ claimed my heart. I would not speak of the vision on the Mount, for that is known so well; rather would I tell - and I shall tell many in the days to come - of a vision which has not been chronicled, which I held within my heart, because God willed...

"Those who name me 'saint', they know not of what they speak. I so tempted, I so frail - interrupt not, brother, by your thoughts - I so tempted, I so frail. In those early days - when within my heart and mind a bloody battle waged - in those early days, so my God came to me in person.

"Strange how vividly those times come back. It was in the valley and night had fallen. There seemed a strange stillness after the heat and the clamour of the day. Alone I found myself beyond the city walls in the valley, or in that incline which led on to the plain...

"Brothers and sisters, have you known temptation? Brothers and sisters, have you known what it is to feel the devil within you? I think not, I think not in comparison. In those early days with that which you call: 'The world, the flesh, and the devil', I fought an unending battle, and at times it seemed to me that it was unavailing to attempt to fight again.

"I lay me down in the silence, worn with much thought and turmoil, I suppose I slept, yet it seemed to me that, at last, I was awake. There, at my side, stood the Holy One. Trembling, I got me down upon my knees for fear was in my heart, knowing that which was in my mind...

"A Gracious One - it was not the tortured brow, no marks of the terrible wounds did He bear - but a Gracious One, and looking down upon me He spoke thus: 'Son', said He so tenderly, 'I have prayed for thee'. I answered: 'Lord, am I damned indeed?' - for it seemed to me that if God had to pray for me all must be lost... But so sweetly reassuringly He spoke again: 'Remember thou not one called Peter? I say I have prayed for thee'. And then He was no more...

"Trembling, anguished, I lay upon the ground, for the evil and the weakness within laid upon me like a load of sin... I asked in my agony: 'Where is my help?' Again it seemed I awoke, and round me I saw a shining throng, and in the forefront five, with radiant countenance, gazed upon me... 'Five to help me?' I cried amazed; and then, once more, the Gracious One stood just in front: 'Nay, son, seven, thou hast forgotten thy self and thy Saviour'...

"Brothers and sisters, as I speak, the coldness goes right o'er me, that clutch upon my heart comes back - I, so unworthy, I so ignoble. And through the whole length of my life upon earth, and for ever and for ever, I shall see the gracious smile of the Holy One who came to me when all, it seemed, was lost.

"Brothers and sisters, when next I come, I will tell you further regarding that gift of vision which was mine. I will explain how even in my weakness I was shown that I could be strong, that even in those times of doubt how faith radiated the road which lay in front... Once known amongst the poor as the lover of the poor, now gathered out of his spiritual poverty into untold riches and possessions. Once bound by the chains of a temptation so fierce that you could not understand, then lifted up into that freedom which only God can bestow.

"I feel tonight that the past and the present and the future have been moulded into one glorious whole; I feel tonight, standing amongst those who suffered so much - those who survived so majestically, those who spread the Truth because the Truth was within - standing amongst the martyred ones, I feel that the past has been as a bundle of herbs, used for the healing of the souls of others; and, in the present, though flowers and tributes of honour may be piled upon my name, I thank God for the herbs of the past.

"Brothers and sisters, I must leave you to give place to another, but one word I would impress upon your minds: That the flowers of the world, beautiful, fragrant though they may be - they, to us, are as nothing compared with those sweet herbs of service which were given to us in a time long past, for only through those herbs can we work for the Master now, only through that healing power which we were allowed to pass on can we be healed ourselves, or can we now throw out over so many the power to heal the tortured souls of men, bound by their ignorance, unconscious of their plight...

"When thinking of me in the days to come, remember the herbs and not the flowers. God be with you all. He is with you in a way you cannot understand. God has been with me tonight and I shall come again... there is much I would say, but God's ways are best.

"Farewell - in love I say Farewell; yet in the by and by, we shall say farewell no more, for in that Home which the Holy One has provided we shall work together for the Master's sake... Work together for the Master's sake and for the sake of the Christ within, work together as redeemers under His Holy Name..."

(Note: Mr. Ernest Meads, who was present, said that St. Francis had spoken to him many times through other instruments.)

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...I do not intend to keep you longer, yet ere we part a few words more must be interposed.

"You, little ones - soldiers of Christ - have a wonderful chance and a wonderful work to do. Say not to yourselves: 'I am hindered and hampered on every side'. Nay, no barriers exist. By your thoughts, by your holy aspiration, so every second of your life you can create power which will be used again and again. Ah, limit not yourselves by the view of the world, by those restrictions of the physical body. You are Spirit, and enclosed within is that greatest gift of all - the gift of redeeming for others that which they have cast aside...

"So then, my little ones, if that active work for which you crave seems, in some cases, to be withheld, fret not, but think for God. To those others who are free to follow the dictates of the Spirit, a word I am asked to pass on, and that word comes from the Holy One who guides us all: Think not that you are bound in regard to the earthly plane, for lo, as you construct here so you are creating there; as you do the little tasks at hand, so you are bringing into your vibrations the capacity, the power, to build that which no man can name.

"Spirit - a word so charged with meaning. One representation has been gifted to those on earth, but when you are free, you will find that one expressed a myriad which lay within it - all manifestations of the Love of God, all revelations of His unceasing thought for us... As realisation comes, so you will render to God the things which are God's, and so God will bestow upon you those gifts which are of Himself.

"God bless you with that illumination which shall explain the past and the present, and light up the future. God bless you with love for love, yea, and love for hate. God guide you to minister to those who know not that sweet content which comes from the release of the Divine within, so that, in the by and by, you may see yourself as the saviour of others, through the strength of the One who has saved you. Amen.

"Goodnight, my children, and remember the strength and the power which is within..."

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