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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 5th October, 1924.

"O Holy Spirit of Divine Love, we thank Thee, as Thy little children, that Thou hast so extended Thy Gracious care that we meet together tonight in peace and harmony and in the happiness of the Spirit - even though that may be veiled to some at this moment.

"Father, we thank Thee for all Thy good gifts, for the wish to rise, for the determination to keep on, for the desire to be as Thou wouldst have us be. We thank Thee that ever and ever again, in spite of the world and the call of its many attractions, that we are able to extricate ourselves from them, and to fix our attention on finding Thee...

"O God, knowing our weakness, our frailty, knowing that we wish we could rise above the physical self, help Thou Thy children tonight. Grant that indeed they may feel free for this short time when we meet together - that they may be free to enter into the gladness and the holiness of Thy Presence and in the Presence of the Master - Who having been man Himself, understands in detail the bondage of the body. In the Presence of Thee, O God, our Christ and our Redeemer, we are cleansed and made pure once more...

"...My children, this evening there is a real blessing resting upon you all, and I want you to be able to take full advantage of it and to make it your own possession as completely as possible. Therefore, let yourselves rest in the thought of unity with the Divine. Put aside all cares, all worries, all misgivings of the future - and rest in the thought that you are as children gathered into the enveloping folds of Divine Love, and there you can remain, serene and confident that nothing can separate you from that which is your own.

"My children, in quietness, in contemplation of the things of the Spirit, we can go on. We do not want to be distracted by the more showy kinds of the demonstration of spiritual power. We do not intend that the music of the earth shall interfere with hearing the music of the spheres. We have no time to dally over this theory or that - to explore one channel which seems to lead into the Light and then, finding ourselves blocked, to return to seek another... No, we have our path laid down before us in distinct outline with no confusion of signs.

"In quietness, in contemplation of the things of God, we are going to purchase that spiritual wisdom which the world cannot give, nor the realms outside the earth. You have been told again and again that the call to rise and to hasten your steps has come to you. Some of you have queried with great seriousness your suitability, your capacity, even perhaps your wish to answer the call, which, even to your blinded eyes, shows a steep and a long hill to climb.

"These things, dear children - the thoughts that pass through your minds - they are part of the campaign, part of the equipment, and will provide the necessary tools which later on will be needed to surmount a difficult spot.

"From the beginning I have never deceived you. I told you all that the hill was long and steep, that the enemies were manifold, and that you would grow weary by the way. But I told you too that the protection would be complete, that the Messengers of God would keep step with you, and that the greatest precipices of spiritual downfall should be crossed on the bridges already provided by what you call 'the past'.

"You see, dear children, that although your hearts may fail you, that although the sense of loneliness comes again and again, although even fear itself makes you pause, and the voices of the valley sound deceptively sweet to your tired minds - in spite of this you go on because the call has come. I want you all, from the youngest to the oldest of my children, to take comfort in the thought that everything that will happen - or could happen - has been foreseen by us; and even at this early date are the barriers of protection firm, immovable and complete.

"You should know - for you have been told very often - that the weariness you experience, the sense of strain, and of wondering whether you can continue in the path laid down, comes entirely from the physical and not from the spiritual side at all. You must be aware that it is part of the plan of the shadows to endeavour, by that constant dripping that wears away a stone, to use such means as this to deter and dishearten you in the work that lays in front.

"My children, because of all these things, all the disappointments of the past, the delays, the sinking of hope, and the gathering together of the fragments of courage - because of this, and only because of this, I am able to say tonight, to tell you as a direct comfort from the Master who understands - that in His sight you have done well, and you shall find the strength to do better still in the days to come.

"Could you but grasp even the fringe of the meaning which lies underneath this message of Love, you would, with hearts full of joy, cast care aside, and resting on the sure support of His Grace, not only go on but also would lose the sense of anxiety, of strain, and of doubt over the material details of your earthly life, and those still more anguishing thoughts of your unworthiness to be the chosen servants of the King, acting under His direct guidance - for so it is that you are placed.

"Tonight, then, dear children, having prepared your minds a little, I will pass on to the subject of: "Purification", because some of you are ready for this now.

"As you can imagine, the processes of purification are manifold. It is not a thing that can be done at a blow, even by the strongest spiritual giant there may be. No, as with all things of a spiritual character, it is the slow evolutionary stages that produce perfection at last: The putting together of little things, the multitude of details, those comprehensive yet infinitesimal thoughts which flit through your mind, seemingly to possess the life of a moment's duration only. It is the minute yet persistent wish for self-control. It is in the pause for guidance. It is in that watchfulness over self, the desire to detach yourself from the world and the calls of the sense-body... It is in these things, and countless others, which are going on unconsciously in your spiritual mind, gathering grist for the unceasing mill of the Spirit.

"Here, dear children, you get in rough outline, the first processes of purification - and as you go on they do not change, except outwardly, because, as I have told you, it is a matter of slow growth, that gathering together of forces which provides the strength to throw off the material cords that bind. It is in the building up, not only brick by brick, but atom by atom.

"Thus you see that the processes of purification can't be hurried - there are no short cuts to that. Yet, at the same time, you can grasp that the processes can be seriously delayed by those who wilfully turn from light to darkness. The processes cannot be hurried it is true, but they can be worked out as God intended without curb or hindrance - worked out by you all in that harmonious, unbroken sequence, which signifies God's laws in everything, both in your world and in the Realms of the Spirit.

"My children, I am talking perhaps of something that at the moment is a little beyond your grasp in the way of taking it in, and so, of necessity, the chief impression on your mind is the stupendous nature of the journey before you, which it seems to you, you commenced with very little preparation indeed.

"In talking of the things of the Spirit, it is impossible to avoid giving the impression of immensity, of something which is beyond the finite mind altogether. But immediately you have the cheery reassurance that God is patient - oh, so wonderfully patient - that He doesn't expect His little children to be able to learn all their lessons at once.

"No, with those who 'cram' - as you call it upon earth - you find that in most cases that the subject so entered upon soon escapes the memory, and, for the most part, can be ruled out as not having been learnt at all. It is by the study of a lesson that it is made your own; it is in the use of your powers of thought over the subject under attention that makes you retain, both now and in the far distant future, a pretty accurate remembrance of what you have learnt.

"The same applies precisely to the things of the Spirit, and all you are asked to do - indeed it is better to act in this way - is to peg away at the task at hand. Yet perhaps in expressing it thus, I give an impression that it can be got through without much care or thought. Here you get the great difference between the speed or the slowness of the purification.

"It is quite possible for the simplest tasks, for the most trivial things in daily life, to be largely instrumental in the speeding of the purification of the soul. Unfortunately, it is the world's point of view that only the big things count and only the public things that matter. When people come here, they have to completely revise their impressions of the things of the Spirit and the things of earth.

"I want you to get these things in their proper place and in their right perspectives. It is no use during the evolutionary stages, to fix your mind, as you do - almost desperately - on attaining the highest point in one particular direction. The attainment of that is the ideal; and by fretting and abusing the physical side of your mind, you won't be able to make that coveted treasure your own - however much you try.

"And yet the wish to reach the highest counts a lot - a tremendous lot. But remember that in the purification stages, things have got to be level - level and thorough in every direction, in order that you may pass on from one stage to the next.

"I speak with great sympathy. Most of my children have what they call a 'weakness' of one sort or another, and because it happens to be in regard to something they dislike intensely - which, by the way, should tell them immediately that it is not of them in the sense they think - because that weakness calls up so much self-reproach, I feel very sympathetic towards them; and I tell them not to worry in the way they do, but just to scan their lives in broad detail - for by putting forth effort and concentration and always the wish to rise, they shall find that almost automatically, or perhaps I had better say 'unconsciously', that weakness falls behind and can be forgotten for ever more. The strength gathered on the whole, has made the levelling up possible, and as a natural consequence this and other kinds of frailties are as a retreating army which has been defeated and overcome.

"There is much, dear children, that I might touch upon this evening, but I am going to leave things at this stage. You have been told that in the future calls will be made upon you in various directions, and tonight once more I give a little warning: I ask you to conserve your forces, to seek to get the upper hand of your physical minds, to try and govern your thoughts and not to allow them to master you, to show that because you are linked to the anchor of Christ, you can be steady and still and quiet when the occasion demands.

"It is most important that you should have this firm hold on your minds - you cannot set out for any battle without the necessary equipment. But I say that all the equipment that you will ever require can be attached to you now by the observance of the little things, by the harnessing of the powers within for a definite given purpose, and by the seeking of self-control in all matters and in all ways. Because later on, that same self-control is going to be used by God to further His purpose in the raising up and the establishment of humanity where it should be, and must be, because it is His will.

"Now, my children, I must leave you for a little while, and I want all your attention because my child is curiously tired tonight. I use that word because it is purely a weariness of the body, and not of the mind or the soul at all. You get the difference - and it would seem to you that being of a physical character only, it would hamper us practically not at all. Yet are we not dealing with physical laws? Am I not using the physical body, the voice, and many organs which you would think I need not trouble about?

"And so, for the time being, because we work hand in hand with nature, I shall want all your help tonight in order to lessen the strain, and to show at the end of the evening replenished strength instead of a lower vitality still. We have done this over and over again, but we do it by legitimate means and not by a wrong exercise of the power lent to us by God. We do not go contrary to those most beautiful laws which He has thought out and put into being for your sake, dear children, and for mine - for our spirit's sake, for the working out and the purification of that which is not allied to Him..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Queenie has brought me tonight because she thought it would be a better introduction. It is May Crane, and you promised that I should come. I am so happy to be here - it is perfectly lovely in this room, and they say I may try to describe it to you.

"There are over your heads beautiful sunset clouds, as it were, in festoons. These are shutting you in - into the circle of the Spirit... Can you follow me when I say that those beautiful clouds are like - they are like looking into the Infinite, as expressed by the sinking sun? They are symbolical of the beauty which more and more is being wound round your lives... I'm sorry I can't do better but do try and understand that when people are dedicated to service, they are not only protected but have the power to attract to themselves conditions which are not of the earth at all - they are purely of the realms on this side.

"And then there is this - but I am hard-pressed to describe it: There are the lines of light which connect you direct to spheres of love - from which your great leader comes, as you know. These connecting lines of light, dear people, are charged with such spiritual power that if you understood spiritual laws you could not only control and command yourselves, but also would have that authority over others.

"There are many, many more things which have been brought into this room tonight. Don't think that the flowers are absent or that the beautiful canopy of peace - which you have had described before - has given place to the clouds which I have tried to portray. It is impossible to give an impression of such things as faith, hope, joy, truth, sincerity, and the other qualities which belong to the Spirit - it is impossible for you to understand how they are manifested.

"I'll try again - what these attributes look like in their spiritual manifestation. You see, to you they are characteristics; to us they are living forces with separate individualities, colours, expression, expansion, outline - everything denotes something that exists in definite form. All these things are here tonight, and young as I must seem to you, it has been given to me to try and put into words what I see.

"You heard just now about the way in which children are privileged. This is an example. And because I am still young and inexperienced, I thought I could express much better than I am able to, the beauties in which you are enfolded. It seems so sad to me that people upon earth should only see the bleakness that is around, and miss all that exquisite beauty of detail of everything by reason of physical sight and the restrictions of the physical mind.

"And now I want to send a message to my dearest mother and father. I want them to be certain - as I know they are in their hearts - that I am their child still, in the house, in their lives, and doing all sorts of little odd jobs for them which I know I should never have thought of if I was still in the body. Will you tell mother too, that I tried to describe the things of the Spirit, in order that she might know a little of what her thoughts are building up - what she is drawing to herself by right, and what God's blessing is going to be turned into when she comes here.

"But that I cannot touch upon - these descriptions of beauty are only faint reflections of what is being built up by the individual soul over here. I should like mother to understand that I have - because I am a child perhaps - I have been taken through the most marvellous gardens and lands, in order, they tell me, to try and train my mind for passing on symbols of beauty to those who are upon earth. Will you tell her that I am studying very hard indeed, and it is all for one purpose - to be able to describe to those who it seems are in prison, the glories of the freedom which is just outside.

"Tell mother, and my father too, that not one prayer, not one thought in regard to me, is not a reality on this side; and because her thoughts so often have come God's way, she is going to prove to herself that not only has God the Father's Heart, but that in everything His ways are best - best and sweetest for us, in a way it is impossible to understand until we come here.

"And then I just want to say one word to you who are strangers, or so it seems to you. I should like you to think of me with the others - with Ethel and Edie and Betty and, of course, Queenie, who brought me through tonight. And also to remember what was said the other night: That when you are asleep we play together in the most beautiful gardens you could imagine. Margaret and Dorrie, you are always there - and you are so glad to forget you are grown up in the body. How we do enjoy ourselves.

"It is quite true, as Grantham said, that it seems impossible that we shall ever grow up. Here youth is no barrier to progress; often the young ones know as much as the older (in regard to years) - and, as I said in the beginning, they seem privileged in this way: That those who really are experienced, from a spiritual point of view, try and bring them on and let them do things which, from the world's point of view, would seem absurd by the fact of their responsibility.

"Tell motherthat, like all the others, I am changed and yet not changed. Ask her to think of me as a little girl in play, but as a woman now in her capacity for love and protection - which like all things on this side will grow and grow - as she will see herself when she comes here and traces back what grief has brought her, and how sorrow is always turned into joy.

"I hope you will let me come again because it seems to me that I belong here, knowing all the others so well and being adopted, as it were, by them. Goodbye..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, as usual we have tried a few experiments tonight, and I think on the whole we may say they have been successful. From our point of view they have been very successful indeed, but you are prone to look at things from the limited, yet superlatively critical attitude of the physical mind.

"Tonight, meeting in peace, we part again in this sense - not only of peace but a little farther on towards the goal of understanding. And I want you to be quite certain that at the stage you have now arrived at, with much effort and much strain, that nothing will happen in your lives now that is not a direct means for advancing you on towards that fuller comprehension, when - as you have been told before - you shall see life as it is, and grief in any form will be unable to touch you.

"Remember just one thing: That as you strive - aye, and as you hope to get on - so the Father sends the power. If you could only grasp this literal fact it would save you much - if you could only realise, all of you, that when you strive, as a natural consequence, so the extra power is given and can be used by you.

"Ponder upon these things and of that greater, wider life which lies just outside your limited, smaller existence - and thinking, so shall your emancipation come, so shall the less strong ones find within themselves that dominant courage, so shall the stronger - imbued with the Spirit of God - force their way through the remaining difficulties. And free from narrow sympathies, free from the judgment of others, free from all those little things which hold back the pioneer, free from the earth - they shall no longer seek God and yet seem to miss Him - they shall seek and find, they shall knock and the door will not only be opened, just 'opened' to them, but shall be flung back and no power shall be strong enough to close it again.

"To God then, once more, I commend you. Hand over your lives, your thoughts - all that represents yourself into His loving care, and you shall find peace and confidence and the sun of His beneficent goodness shall shine down upon you for ever more... Into His Hands I commend you... Amen."

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