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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 27th November, 1926

"Almighty God, Thou who hast bestowed upon Thy children the gift of Divinity, grant that we may respond to Thy generosity with the generosity which is within us. Teach us to be more discerning; grant that the shadows of physical life may not hang between us and the glory which Thou dost represent.

"Oh, help us to understand the meaning of Life in its wider sense; give us the willingness to lay aside the things of the world, its many attractions and the intangible temptations which assail those of the earth at every point; teach Thy children how to be strong, how to be firm, and let them not forget to be tender as well. Break down the barriers of the physical mind and let the warmth of Thy Love recreate and recharge them, so that they may lay aside all else and pour out their love and understanding on others...

"As little children we come to Thee, and we ask Thee to give us of wisdom, of that Truth which one day all must know - the Truth which in its fullness is a demonstration of Thy mighty Love. Help us, O Father, to be valiant pilgrims on the road of life - we ask it in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen...

"...My children, once more we are together, and once again is the Love of God shown upon earth. Yet, tonight, I ask you to still more pursue that retreat of the Spirit, to detach yourselves from physical things, and, with faith, with determination, to call out from within that stronger, truer, wiser self, which, over the ages, has been engaged in a struggle too comprehensive for you to understand, a struggle of so varied a character that today you have reason to thank your God that, as His children, you gather here with a firm belief in the gift of the Holy Spirit, doing your part to set into activity the marvellous power which is stored within each one.

"So, tonight, I speak to you all, drawing you by my love and understanding, away from the shadows of physical life, a little nearer and a little nearer still to the brightness which God's Love represents.

"Children, it has been ordained that I speak to you upon that which I would name: 'Prophets and Prophecy'.

"And I want you to follow me in thought, for I must lead you one step higher up, otherwise I have failed in the mission which has been given to me by the Beloved of us all...

"Yes, the prophets and their work, the prophets and their persecution, the prophets and their failures and successes - all this is familiar to you who read the Holy Scriptures. There in the Sacred Record, from the beginning of history, so there has been the individual, who, bound though he was in a tabernacle of flesh, proclaimed that measure of Truth which it was possible for God's servants, who were free, to force through the instrument at their disposal.

"The prophets of old - they did a mighty work. They spoke to a people for the most part blind to the things of the Spirit, and the message they had to deliver was absolutely contrary to the desire and the inclination of those who listened. Yet, though some of them were destroyed - a far greater number than you can understand - though some were destroyed, there were others who were able to force home their message over the years, and that which they spake has, in part, been preserved for your learning and for the learning of all the generations which followed after.

"This you know full well, yet, dear children, it cannot be overemphasised that, in that far-off time, those who were named prophets were far greater than they understood. Scarce a one grasped the meaning of what he spake; scarce a one knew how wonderfully that which was prophesied would be fulfilled. And you have an illustration in those distant times of what has been worked out ever since - that according to the instrument, to his capacity for sacrifice, to his will to be used by God, so that which he spake had a greater measure of Truth in it, a greater wisdom was revealed. And this must be so - this must be so.

"My children, have you ever thought how wonderful a thing it was that those who had never had the Christ aspect of God presented to them, yet were conscious of the Love of God, yet were prepared to sacrifice their little all in order to show the great and mighty Jehovah that they were obedient children?

"And mark you this: Fear alone does not produce in the human construction the desire to strip one's self of all that is held dear. No, fear is grudging - it gives, but only under compulsion. Love is generous, love delights to give of its best, love takes no denial but pours out itself. So render honour where honour is due. Go back on the Sacred Record and ponder on the lives of those of old, who loved God far better than many today who profess to serve Him and who know the comfort of the Love of Christ.

"And then, dear children, I take you on a little further to those brief days when Our Lord trod this little earth, when He had to search for tools that He might use, and, so it seems to many, had to choose some that were unsuitable, so crude, so blunt, so seemingly unadaptable to that mighty mission which they were to carry through to such a glorious end. Think you of the Master and think you of the men; and again, think you of the tests which these men - so unskilled in the things of the world, so unused to responsibility - think of the tests to which these men were subjected by Christ Himself...

"Have you ever considered, dear children, when that which you name 'trials' of faith have come your way - have you ever considered their position? Of necessity the Master was forced to speak in parable, for they were not ready to handle or to hold the Truth as the Truth was and is. Can you not, out of your understanding, think of the many constructions put on this phrase and on that expression, and how, as time went on, disappointment followed disappointment, and at last, though the Cross of Calvary long since had disappeared, these men were brought to the foot of the Cross and were given strength to withstand?

"My children, it must be so - it must be so. No other course can give you of experience, except in part. The time comes when faith must be tested to the uttermost; the time comes when each servant of God is brought up, stripped of the embellishments of physical life, all that furniture which surrounds the individual, and at the foot of the Cross receives - ah, treble in return.

"At the time, perchance, this cannot be seen. Where would be the test if it could be seen? You cannot bargain with God, and the spirit within is conscious of it; and the physical 'you' is bound to call upon that greater strength which is Divine, which has been possessed right through the past and which will never be taken from you - the physical you has to call upon that strength, that faith to wait and to wait...

"My little ones, there has never been a prophet yet who prophesied the Truth, who has not been through deep and dangerous waters first. There was never a man or a woman who could speak of the things of the Spirit as they are, who has not first fought many a terrible battle and suffered many a grievous defeat. It is the purchase price, it is the only way.

"Right through the ages there have been those who have named themselves prophets, and who have taken God's Name in vain; yet, as the days have passed and as the years have been gathered up into the mighty yesterday, so the world has seen what they were and how false they have been. You cannot deceive longer than the working out of the Divine plan. For a little while, the physical eyes and the physical mind are blinded to the truth, but I say that the time comes when the prophet stands in his deceit before the watchers, for he sought to give out without first enduring that which is essential to release the power within...

"I speak to many - I refer not only to this branch of the Truth - I speak to the teachers and the preachers, whatever their form of religion may be; and I say - because God bids me force home that which is fact - I say that in the measure that they have not suffered, so the Truth has been withheld. They speak but words, and the life is absent; they prophesy in part, but lo, as they approach the sacred threshold, the world comes in between and they give out of the darkness which is their own environment... This must be so, and again I say this must be so.

"Let all those who take upon themselves the role of prophet, first look to their tools. What wounds bear they? If they be without wounds, let them turn to their lessons and learn them first; for that which they speak, instead of revealing God, will misrepresent Him, will cover or veil the beauty of His Mind, will mislead the unwary and will cause them - and themselves - that pain which it will be hard to endure when the body is no more...

"My children, ponder within yourselves. There are some who say: 'I am not strong enough for the higher road'. Ponder within yourselves, for I say, because it is the Truth, that one day in this condition or in another, those heights must be scaled by you; and the waiting, the postponement, only doubles the burden, only erects more barriers still; it is using up even that spiritual vitality which you possess at this stage.

"Do you want the second best? Can you not understand that the second best, when chosen, leads back to the third and the fourth and the fifth? Ponder within yourselves. The teachers of the children of the earth are faced with a responsibility, which, at this stage, is hidden from them. The teachers of the children of the earth, one day, must face reality and their God; and anguish will assail them to see what tools they represented, to see their opportunity, the priceless possession which might have been theirs, but the world and the flesh came in between. They chose the easier course, little anticipating that the so-called easier path is the hardest one of all...

"Yes, my children, these are solemn words. How can I stand in your midst knowing the Truth, with a vision that goes forward and goes back, and not pass on the warning, not put you on your guard?

"Those who prophesy regarding the things of the world - the acquirement of possessions, how to avoid those experiences which may bring them pain - these are prophets not of the Most High but are the spokesmen of those just beyond the physical plane. For once a man or a woman has penetrated into Spirit, they know that sorrow, that going without, that sacrifice, is the way to God. They know that the evasion of trouble, the extricating of the individual from responsibility, that that is not only hindering them on the path but, literally, it is thwarting the purpose for which they came into the physical world.

"I speak to all wherever they may be, and I tell them to take care. The way which is safe, the way which is pure, is the way of faith. My children here have been asked from the beginning to question not the material things of their lives; and, because of this, so the Holy Spirit shall be bestowed upon them and their work in a way, at present, beyond the comprehension of anyone on earth...

"The way of suffering is the short steep way to God. You cannot serve God and mammon, and I say that those who use this sacred gift for the things of the earth are not only seeking to serve God and mammon, but they are misusing the gift of the Holy Spirit, so generously bestowed upon them by God.

"So, my children, read not in my words harshness and criticism of others, but only love, only the warning which must, one day, be grasped in the fullness of its significance.

"The Spirit of God is for the revealing of the things which appertain to God; and had this been understood in regard to this sacred communion (spirit return), long ere this the Holy Spirit upon the earth would have been seen in a way which would have staggered humanity. Had the shepherds taken the hard road into wisdom, today this little world would be cleansed in a manner you scarce can grasp. Had God's Voice been listened to, so sorrow in the sense of sorrow would be known no more. For out of the fellowship of the spirit which is within, so each one would bear the burden of the other, so the lessons of the earth-stage could have been learnt without tears, so the pains of the body would have been seen for what they are, the purchase-price of power in the days to come; so you, my little children, would be conscious of no barriers between yourselves and the ones in the Spirit that you love so well...

"God speaks again: The Tender Shepherd asks once more: 'Lovest thou Me?' The Tender Shepherd entreats His flock to follow Him out of the valley, when, by the preparation which the climb represents, each child of God shall speak the Truth which is within them, and shall prophesy that greatest truth of all - the Love of God.

"Oh, think you within yourselves. To a sorrowing world, to a world blind to things as they are, is not the greatest, the sweetest prophecy of all, the Love of God, the understanding compassion of the Father, the unchanging companionship of the Beloved Himself?...

"Oh, think you within yourselves that you, and all the world, have it in your power to give out to others the prophecy that one day you, and they, free from restrictions, in an unlimited freedom, will commune with the saints and work for God. Ages may pass, conditions may change, but the Love of God is the possession of each one.

"The Love of God is the explanation of Life, the Love of God is the interpretation of the future...

"So, my children, just outlining something of all the wonderful truth which lies within that little word 'prophecy', I ask you, as you go your separate ways, to commune within yourselves in this wise: To face life squarely, to count up that which you call loss - which we call gain - and to grasp the Cross, to grasp the Cross.

"And because God has gifted me with vision, so I say that the time will come when you will go back on that act of yours, and see and understand that you gave not, but you took - that that which the world calls 'sacrifice' is the greatest treasure of all... Out of your little, you sought to be generous, and the all-Generous God showed you, in turn, what generosity could represent.

"And now, children, I will leave you, but I ask you to hold fast to the peace which is in this room; to remember that through the Love of God, you have crossed the threshold of things material and have penetrated a step or two into that which is Holiness itself, gifted by the Father to His listening children, for Love's sake.

"And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)

(Once of the R.C. Reparation Order)

"...It's Mother St. Agnes, Mrs. Moyes, and I've been allowed to come - only for a few seconds, Dorrie - to speak about something which has not entered your minds, and that is about Emmie Rusher. She is quite at home with God. Yes, and although her sister cannot understand it, it will help Winnie, and you as well, to know that Emmie Rusher is not only in God's Home, but she feels that Christ has recompensed her for all things, and in all ways. (A nun who passed over a few days ago).

"And then I want to speak to the stranger present (Miss Mawby). You see, dear sister, my life was very different from yours. As a child of sixteen I entered a convent, and gave up my heart as well as my life to God. Far away from this wonderful city of yours, out in sunny Spain I lived; the sun of the world was excluded from my life, yet the Sun of God's Love shone down upon me with an ever-growing radiance.

"We used to pray for those who never prayed for themselves; and we used to do penance for those many who did not know they owed a duty to anyone but themselves... I smile now, because we took ourselves so seriously. You see, Mrs. Moyes, we didn't understand God very well. We loved Him and we longed to serve Him, and because of our wish to make a sacrifice, so the Father treated it all just as though it were essential - essential that He should be conciliated by us for the misdoings of the careless crowd.

"But what I want to say to the stranger is this: In your life, my child, there has been a good deal which has been withheld. In my life, had you known it, you would have said that almost everything had been withheld. And because I am much older than you are, and because I've seen God's Love at work, I want to impress upon you that we are never without those things which the heart and the mind cry out for. And you will see, before the body is discarded, that not only are God's ways best, but they are the sweetest, and far happier than those which, at one time, represented the sunlit path to you...

"My little treasures, as you know Mrs. Moyes, were all laid at the Feet of Our Blessed Lord. And the Holy Mother, to her I told my difficulties, and I felt her sweet and loving influence for ever round my life; and as physical death took place, there by my side the sacred Mother stood, and when my spirit was released, she took me to her dear Son because, in my own mind, I thought it must be so. And I found that the Son was the Father and the Father was the Son; and I found that the Holy Mother, because she suffered so much on earth, had the power to mother the world.

"So God's ways are made clear, and so what once represented barriers of thought, barriers of approach to the Eternal God, they were broken down; and I can go to anyone of any country or of any religion, even those who have never known our Blessed Saviour, and can be as a sister, as a mother, as a friend, because I've learnt how Christ gathers His little children to Him and bestows upon them an equal portion of His Love...

"That is all, and I thank you for your sympathy and attention.

"Goodnight, Mrs Moyes; and the blessing is all around..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, the little one I allowed to speak to you has done God's work, for she has brought a little illustration of the sunshine of the Spirit World. I want you to remember always that God's way is joy, that He delights to see His children happy in the right way; and those who have the will and the strength to wait for the right way, then they shall marvel at the length and the breadth and the height of God's Love.

"So, my children, read from this that the highest and the best allows the Father to demonstrate His Love amongst you in a way which is impossible if the second best is your choice. Remember that the Great Bestower withholds nothing from His little ones, but it is you who are unable to grasp those precious gifts, for until the Divine within is released and released and released, so, my children, it is but the little things that you can hold, and the great wide treasure of the Spirit remains outside your vibrations...

"God limits no man, but man limits himself in a way which grieves the Tender Heart. So ponder within, and let the Holy Spirit have its way; and out of your wisdom pass on of that wisdom to others; out of your experience cheer the faltering ones and show them what lies in front - that God's way is joy and peace and power.

"And now, my children, I will leave you; but to my little Margaret (Mrs. Hoare) I speak ere we part:

"Child, from that which has been given tonight, not only read your comfort, but take it as a prophecy for the days to come. The waiting stages have been hard, but God blesses those who can find within themselves the patience to await His will...

"God bless you all with understanding, and with a spirit that will not be satisfied with anything below the best. God bless you with courage, with vision, and with that sense of communion with Him when the world and all it holds will seem as naught.

"Goodnight, my little ones... Rest in peace."

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