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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 28th June, 1925

"O tender Father of us all, grant tonight that indeed we may contact with the things of the Spirit; grant that the world and all it represents may be laid aside - not because the things of the world are evil, but because they seek to come in between Thee and Thy little children...

"O most understanding Mind of Love, guide us and direct us and keep us from all harm. Grant that the greater vision may come and that we, acting under direction, may lead others out of the twilight into the full Light of revelation - of that glorious revelation of Love unlimited - Love, Love, Love!

"Most tender Saviour, give to each one tonight just what they need - Thy grace, Thy help, Thy benediction - and grant that we, strengthened and recharged by the power of the Spirit, may go on and conquer all those forces which seek to hold us back...

"Into Thy Hands once more we commend ourselves; and we know that Thou art able to bring us through, because faith and trust are here tonight... Father, we thank Thee - thank Thee with grateful, humble hearts that Thou hast permitted this gift to be used so freely in the honouring of Thy Name... Amen...

"...My little children, all of you here, be heartened - all the dear ones who have been gathered into my love take comfort, for the dawn is at hand. Take comfort in the thought that you have listened to the Voice of the Spirit; that you have been asked to take the rough hill path so that others may follow on, may emancipate their real selves, may be free from the earth and all it represents... My children, rejoice - rejoice that God is able to use you; rejoice that the Father is able to use the minds and bodies of His little children.

"Tonight, meeting together in this sweet way, there is much to talk over, and I want you all to concentrate on the object which we have in view - that is the breaking down of the barriers between the world of the flesh and the world of the Spirit.

"I want you to lay aside desire - those natural wishes in regard to your dear ones - and to offer up your hearts and minds as a contribution to this most important task of pushing aside that which intervenes between you and what is your right: Communion with God, and those gathered together under His Love - those who are working, it is true, under slightly different conditions - but working with you, and you with them, to proclaim God's Love to a blinded world, to a world immersed in its own pursuits, chained by its possessions, imprisoned by the many destructive desires of the flesh...

"Oh, my children, thank God indeed that you can put these things in their place; thank God that that most terrible awakening, when free from the body, shall be taken from you - that the remorse which burns and burns will be, in great measure, saved you when you walk in the Gardens of the Lord...

"Tonight, dear children, I want to speak to you about: 'Power' - power in its physical sense, and that great and mighty power which is a gift direct from the Most High.

"In your little world, physical manifestations of power are on every side. Machinery, you think, has come into its own. All those many inventions of the mind of man stagger the majority by their scope and their conception. Yes, dear children, but have you not thought of this: That in regard to motive power, as man learns more so he lays aside the cumbersome parts; that as the inventive side - the inspirational side - of the physical mind gains its freedom, so man sees that the greatest results can be brought about by the simplest mechanism.

"Is there not a lesson in this? Go back on the history of the past. Each invention was greeted as astonishing evidence of the power of physical thought; yes, and with apprehension too, for man saw - or thought he saw - danger lying side by side with that which he had brought into being...

"And then the next stage - the getting used to what was marvellous once on a time; and then the mind of man seeking fresh fields to conquer, striving and struggling to express something of the knowledge cabined within that which you call the 'sub-conscious' mind.

"Yes, all around you are evidences of this. Daily, fresh news comes - maybe from afar, maybe close at hand - of the domination of the controlling power of the mind of man...

"Ah, dear children, in this simple illustration lies a tremendous lesson for us all. It symbolises in detail the spiritual processes of man; and I want you to come with me in thought while I attempt to show the parallel.

"Is it not true that those who gather unto themselves the tools of the mind, pass through many stages, adding and adding to their knowledge; and when they have drawn in all that the world can teach, then the spirit within wakes up and takes control? If this does not happen during the physical stages, it must take place when that obstructing body is laid aside.

"Think of it how you may, the man who seeks but to make his own the knowledge of the world, irrespective of the wisdom of the Spirit, in time must retrace his steps, throwing off this, casting aside that, until he comes back again to simple things and simple faith...

"Yes, in illustration today, you have it worked out in a crude form. The more man knows, the more he finds he can dispense with; and sometimes he is staggered by the simplicity of the greatest inventions of all.

"That is the lesson which all must learn. Just as I described to you that 'Evolution' was based on 'Involution', so indeed, dear children, you will find with the journey of the spirit that much furniture - much that impeded - was gathered as it went through its varied experiences; but as it learnt, as it got free, as it responded to its God, so this and that was laid aside. And you can tell the experienced soul by its simplicity - yes, by its faith and trust in God as its Father.

"The knowledge of the world, good as it may be - and I have told you often that it plays its part in the training and in the disciplining of the physical will - good as it may be, there is something which is infinitely better: The wisdom of the Spirit which brings peace, which brings not only knowledge but revelation of the purpose of your lives.

"Oh, my children, be not deceived. Power there may be in the physical world of a kind which is stupendous to the mind of man; but in that same physical world there are resources untouched, there are gifts, there are powers waiting to be used in the service of mankind. And, dear children, only those who are faithful and true, only those who are humble and pure, only those who put others first and self last can be trusted with the things which are of God.

"Yes indeed, these gifts have mighty power, and because this power is so great, the shadows - playing on the physical mind of those who would make them their own - seek to induce them to put them to a use God never intended, and suffering comes inevitably as a result during the earth life, and greater suffering when the soul is free - when the soul stands by its Christ and sees what has been done...

"My children, the highest only is for you. Those gifts which even daily are being made more nearly your own - these gifts must be guarded as holy indeed. That which surrounds them is as straw to be thrown aside; that which can protect them comes from within and not from without.

"Hearken you then to my words of warning, given with love, with a complete understanding of your lives, of your aims and your desires - listen to my words of warning: Keep to the simple path, keep to the straight clean path which leads to God. Never mind the intellectualities of physical life. In God's sight these are as nothing; and when you are free, you will find indeed that they but burlesqued the knowledge which was made your own as you followed the Voice of God and found Him.

"The warning is two-fold, and the warning is for now and all time: Keep free from everything which comes between you and Christ. Remember that in Christ there is power, there is opportunity, there is a revelation which can never be fathomed. Yea, I go further than that - I say that in the Name of Christ alone there is a power which can dominate and control the fiercest forces of darkness there may be. Pride - that consciousness of self and of mental advancement - all these are the subtle temptations of those who are out to destroy; and, dear children, must be faced as such.

"Ponder o'er my words. Without Christ you would not have the power to raise your hand; without Christ no thought could flit through your mind. Think of the world's conception of power, and then remember that without Christ this little world could not be.

"Until man knows his Source, until those governed by their physical minds can realise to whom they belong, so the road goes on and on, so dissatisfaction and sadness keep step with them, so they wander round the mountain and the heights are never reached.

"Cannot you see how I long for my children - how I long for all those bound by physical thinking - to be free? Waste, waste, waste - seeking for what can never be attained, they turn their back on the Promise, and so - although God's Love never changes and never fails - they shut themselves off from the brightness which is their own.

"Yes, think of the power of the Spirit; the power of the Name of Christ; the power of the protecting care of The Father. In the simple narrative which His disciples, those who loved Him, put together with much care and thought - in that simple narrative, you have all you require to reach the highest... 'Let not your hearts be troubled for I will send you a Comforter' (John 14:16). Those words ring out again and again: 'I will send you a Comforter' - the Comforter which shall give you all knowledge, all joy, all peace; and the power of the Comforter is in your presence tonight. Gather unto yourselves that which is so freely offered, and thank God that as little children - children in simplicity - you can come, you can ask, and you can receive...

"Remember, there will be others who will try and lead you into complicated paths of thought, but tonight I tell you for your guidance that the words of God, given in those days of old: 'Love God and your neighbour' (Matt. 22:36-40), are all that is necessary to give you your hearts desire when the body is laid aside and you receive, consciously, the blessing of Christ...

"Keep this thought fixed firmly in your mind - humility, simplicity, faith and trust in God...

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a little while; but there is one who would speak - a stranger to you all - yet one whose memory has been loved for many a long day and year, and it is God's will that tonight he should push aside the centuries and address you as brother and friend...

"Keep the peace, hold on to holiness, and indeed God's blessing on this evening, shall be shown to you all..."

(Others then spoke...)


..."Dear friends and comrades in Christ, indeed only by the grace of God could I demonstrate my presence here tonight and the influence I have been allowed to have upon your lives...

"Speaking of those ancient records brings in my name (Acts 6), for there - so lovingly narrated - my little part, so short, so brief, is enshrined in a setting of which it was altogether unworthy... They called me Stephen, and many a young heart has thrilled at the story of the boy who was honoured in dying for his Master.

"Tonight, I want to speak to you about that marvellous privilege which was my own. Young as I was, the protection which was all around me was amazing in its completeness; and truth to tell, dear friends, I did but little - everything was given to me; and during that last incident which has been held up as heroic, well, there was nothing heroic in it at all.

"My love for Him who gave me so much - the joy and the peace and the happiness which filled my soul - ah, that was a million times stronger than any pangs of the physical could be. I saw Christ! I saw that which was worth ten thousand deaths to reach; I saw - in miniature, it is true - the reflected glory of God, and then was centred in the Light which never fades...

"Oh, my dear friends and comrades, never think again that Stephen was great, that Stephen did aught but the merest to express his love; and as a lesson to all, I would tell you that it was far easier to 'die' for my blessed Master than it was to live for Him after that physical death had taken place. Then my struggles began, then I realised the inner truth of that saying: 'Live for Christ - live and demonstrate your love for Him'...

"You who know that 'death' does not divide, you who know that the physical experience is not interfered with - you can enter into the meaning underlying my words that I found it far harder to live for Christ than to die for Him, in those days of old.

"I want you all to think of me with love, but for ever to turn your mind from that trivial incident; to try, instead, to enter into my thoughts and feelings as I watched others - bound by the body, surrounded by enemies, hemmed in on every side - as I watched and worked with them through their long experiences, which they, out of greater love, had taken on in their Master's Name.

"You see, dear friends, the spiritual view? Yet I would not underestimate the value of the little story as narrated by those who loved me. Again and again it has inspired the young, it has been used as the turning point when danger lay close at hand. Again and again the story of the boy has enthused not only the young but the old - and because of this it has done its part.

"But to live for Christ is the test, and that is the message I have been asked to give tonight: to turn your thoughts ever from the dramatic to the prosaic; to influence you to see things as they are: That the life of work, of laying aside self in its many deceptive forms, that the life of effort and of consecration, is indeed the Christ life, indeed it expresses the ideal. And, thank God - after my body was laid aside - so He permitted me, so He helped me, so He helps me now to live the life which expresses something of the Christ Ideal...

"This is my message to the world - one day to be given out broadcast, one day to be read, one day to be listened to as Truth: That though to die for Christ may be sweet, to live for Him is His desire; though to demonstrate in definite action your faith by so-called martyrdom has its part in influencing the minds of others, it is the life which is the test.

"It was the life of The Master that has held Him in the hearts of His children, and will for ever and for ever... Live for Christ, dear friends and comrades - live for Christ.

"And now, Farewell..."

(Note: When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued.)

"...Well, my children, I am not going to keep you longer tonight because many seeds have been sown in the physical mind, and it is wiser to let them take root before others are planted therein.

"You see, dear children, we are all such old friends - old, old friends, that we can be perfectly frank with each other. And so I tell you tonight that this little meeting here, and the drawing in of one so kind and sincere as our brother (Mr. Morris), was planned away back in the past - in that 'past' which you have completely forgotten and will not recall until the body is laid aside.

"Then I would say a word to Louise. My child, those who are in your charge have been gathered in by the Spirit of Love. Let their souls grow under God's direct care, and when their desires are to come closer to Him - whatever that form may be - then with thankfulness open the way. I could say much to you in regard to these charges (Barbara and Mary) but the future will reveal inch by inch, and you cannot go astray if you keep Christ in your heart and home. The future is fair indeed.

"It was my express desire that my child (medium) should come here, that the peace and the harmony should heal up some of the wounds caused by the necessary training for this work.

"Some there are who have said to you: 'Take care of these instruments of God' - take care indeed. But no one can stand between them and the experiences which the spirit has voluntarily undertaken, yet all can do this: Love and sympathy can heal the deepest wounds that the evil forces may make. Yes, that sweet companionship, when harmony holds chief place, can do God's work direct. And, in the measure that you - and remember this responsibility lies before each one on earth - that in the measure you contribute to the healing of the heart and mind of another, so in that measure are you nearer to God...

"Children, there is this I would put into words: Those of the world scoff at 'service', scoff at the idealism of others. They hold fast that which they have wrested from the earth, and to thousands they stand as examples of success - success!

"My children, when you come here, you will see this truth laid out in all its beauty of design; you will find that even from the merely practical standpoint, such as these blundered indeed. They gained only that which passes away; they lost that greatest possession of all, the love of their fellow beings. Yes, when you come here, you will see, and rejoice that you allowed yourselves to be directed aright.

"Service to others, while it brings its happiness to the individual - to the one who gives and the one who takes - this act of service builds up round those cabined in the physical body a guard, even of the bright throng who represent Light itself...

"My children, think of this; think of this in the most practical way you can conceive. On earth there are many forces out to strike you and yours; yet, at the same time Christ offers you perfect and complete protection; but ere this protection can be made your own, so from that which is within, the response must come.

"When Christ taught 'Serve your neighbour', He not only thought of the sorrowful amongst His children, but also He knew that to the one who 'served' that the peace and the joy and the companionship of the so-called angels of God, would - as a direct result - gather to the bestower, and remain with the bestower, so long as the heart and mind belonged to Christ.

"Don't you see, my children, how marvellous is the Mind of Love, how simple are those spiritual laws by which it is ordered that you cannot give one thought of help to another without gathering to yourself help a hundred-fold stronger in return.

"And now I leave you, I bless you in the Father's Name with purity of motive, with holiness of purpose, and with a love for humanity which indeed shall bring you over the threshold of things Unseen into the revelation of God's Love for all - out of the 'mysteries' of birth and life into those greater simplicities of serving Christ...

"This is the blessing bestowed by the Father on His little children, because seeing not they went on; and though faith may have faltered by the way, the will held firm and God's Love was manifested to those on earth.

"Goodnight, my little ones... rest in peace, rest in peace..."

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