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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 8th October, 1927.

"Great Almighty Spirit, instruct Thy little children present that when they come with humble hearts so also the gifts are prepared. Oh, enlarge our minds; instil within us the consciousness of Thy Love, and make it possible that when we bring our gifts to Thee we may be certain that Thou hast made due provision...

"Thus we would follow, step by step, those injunctions which Thou hast laid down - the humble heart, the obedient will, and the determination to go on and on however many enemies may be on the path. Thy promise holds in this same time as in the days of old, that where Thy little ones walk in faith, there are Thy messengers to minister and to guide.

"And thus, O Saviour, we thank Thee. We acknowledge our unworthiness, yet we are certain that Thou wilt take us as we are and mould us to Thy Holy Will. In gratitude for all Thy loving kindness we commence our work this night. Amen...

"...My children all, we have in our midst the One who never fails. We have gathered into this little room those of old who proved that Christ could not fail, and together with all those you love and with the many more who love you, so we hand ourselves over unreservedly to the Holy Spirit - the Holy Spirit which dominates our hearts and minds. And, remember ever, that because you fail that which is the Divine within, yet your Father and Mother God makes good that failure if you turn to Him as a child to a loving parent.

"And so tonight I speak to you all, not as strangers but as fellow pilgrims, and I ask you, for this short time, to lay aside the things of the world, aye, and those concerned with the physical body, and as spirits to enter into the Silence, that Silence which is charged with wisdom.

"And I would tell you, because it is fact, that together we have journeyed far, and that which you have read (records) which I have passed on from Truth, that, in the sleep stage, you have learnt direct from me and others. Yet, during the time that you function in a body of flesh, so, by a mighty provision, it has been made possible for us to meet, and for you to have the opportunity of listening with your physical ears and physical mind to those things which are known so well by the Divine within, for they have been learnt at the Master's Feet...

"Little ones, this night I would continue that which you name my instruction, and the subject laid down is that concerning: 'The Plane of Temptation'.

"I have told you before that this earth, as it were, represents the plane of temptation, but confuse not my meaning. Each stage, all those many stages through which you have passed since you were created in the image of the Most High - all those stages have their temptations; but during that time when involution was taking place, so, for the most part, consciousness of the why and the wherefore, consciousness of the sacred being within, was hidden from you...

"Challenge not these words, for even today you see it on all sides, not God's will but man's. There are those functioning in a body of flesh, who, so far as the physical mind is concerned, are absolutely ignorant as to their Source, as to their return, as to their God, as to the Divine within.

"These alas, have wasted the precious gift of opportunity over the past, and this stage, which was meant to represent revelation by the fact that consciousness was there as to the purpose and the plan - this stage appears to such as these as a playtime or as something which must be got through with as little suffering, as little discomfort to themselves, as possible... Fellowship, comradeship, these things exist as words alone, and they pass out, taking with them not the gifts which a loving Father intended, but the chains of bondage and a past which must be worked out.

"Children, this world of yours with its beauty and its ugliness, with its transient joys and its great big troubles, this little planet can do for you what nothing else can accomplish in the same time. Yet, it is the plane of temptation.

"Again I remind you that with those who are bound 'temptation' does not exist; they merely follow their instincts; they take and they hold; no battle goes on, apparently, between the strength and the weakness within. Yet, in the earth stage, as ordained by the loving Heart of God, so consciousness of free-will could be man's portion.

"And while I am speaking of this I must go back, for there are many gathered in, and point out that that word 'temptation' has so sorely been misunderstood that, at this late date, the mind of man enumerates certain things alone and calls them 'temptation', overlooking the subtle ones which so often take the longest time to work out if they are yielded to.

"My children, you all know well that there are men and women in your vibrations who would shrink from committing the sins of the flesh, as the world names them, but such as these sin against the spirit and against the spirit of others, with no qualm of conscience. God's commandments have been put aside for man's; that which you name the Law lays down what man shall do and what man shall not do, but those who administer the Law know perfectly well that the individual with sufficient knowledge of the Law transgresses and transgresses again. Some are deceived; the world's values are not outraged, and this one and that go on their way, respected by their fellow-men.

"So ignorant is the human mind, so bound by its own conceit. But God is not mocked, and the man who defiles himself under the cloak of the Law or of the so-called religion of the day, that man is convicted unto himself.

"There are those in high places who would scorn to steal the bread or the jewels of another, but without a second's thought they steal from others hope and faith in God; they persecute the 'weak', and the victim, in his helpless position, out of the blackness which is around, curses his Maker.

"But again I say that God is not mocked, and man's way one day will be seen for what it is worth; for when Christ is outside the life by the will of the individual, so then the enemies of the Light dwell within that which is vacant ground.

"My children, take your own lives, each one of you. There is no one here, out of this vast crowd, who, in looking back, is not aware that temptation in a hundred forms drew close. Sometimes they fell, sometimes they conquered; but if the desire within was to be strong and not weak so the way lies open, and that which was done has been worked out, or will be worked out, and joy will dwell within.

"Yes, take your own lives, your childhood: What of your desires then? What of your home? What of those who had the guardianship of your body and the training of your mind; the companions of long ago - the ones who had a measure of purity and the others who tried to drag you down to their own level? Yet, tonight, as a demonstration of the power of the Spirit, you meet together under the Name of the Beloved, and the One who loves you best has gathered you in...

"Children, I want you, in looking round on others, to go very warily indeed. I have told you before that when you yield to that which is your weaker self, you are making defeat doubly certain for another. I have passed on the truth that when you fight - aye, even if in the end complete victory is not yours - that you, by your struggle, are sending out stability for others.

"Oh, think you as to this: Temptation lies on all sides, yet surrounding you, fighting for you, are those who fought and overcame in the past. Remember ever that when the spirit of another is bound or blind, you, by your sight, by your understanding, can bring to that other a measure of release.

"There are many here who fell, yet they struggled on. There are many here who were respected in their day, yet, when they were free from the body, they were chained to the memories of the body, and their failing was this: Children, have you ever considered the effect of your life, your way of thinking, your desires and your inclinations - have you ever considered the effect of these upon others? I speak now of the parent and the child, and those many in the past who took all from the other and forgot to give in return.

"You cannot say that the parents are to blame or the children are at fault in any generation, in any stage of development. The individual is responsible alone. Those parents who have darkened the lives of their little ones by their selfishness, by their constant demands upon the vitality and the time of their children, such as these - thousands of them - are listening to my words this night. During their sojourn on earth, there were those around who said to them: 'A good son, a good daughter, is yours'. And they, out of their spiritual ignorance, felt gratified at the truth of this, and they took and they took and they took.

"And, again, there is even as a multitude of men and women who regarded their parent or parents entirely as those sent to provide for, and to minister to, their every need. They used the home until they found conditions more to their liking; they forgot love, they knew not gratitude, nor cared they that hearts were broken in that little citadel which was once a home. These came to grief on the plane of temptation.

"Little ones, cannot you see - you who speak to and direct and guide others - cannot you see the responsibility imposed upon you? When such as these finished the short span of the earth journey, they passed into that which was literally the dungeon of self, and there they found around them the weeds of their own sowing, and an anguish which you cannot grasp was theirs, until, in a measure, they had retrieved that which had been committed...

"Say not to such as these upon the earth plane, whether they be parent or child: 'You have a good mother, you have a good daughter', but go to the guilty one before it is too late - too late to save them the agony which must come when they recognise what they have done.

"Children, this is but one instance of temptation in a subtle form which is ignored by so many.

"There are those who exhort the 'good' to go on and do more. God's will is that the preachers and the teachers should go to the ones so bound and endeavour to set them free. The unselfish, the many who, so far as the brightness of the physical world is concerned, have had that brightness turned into shadow by those in their vibrations, these are compensated by God. When this little span is over, they pass out into a brightness and a revelation that no words can describe. But what of the ones who took?... Each one here is a missionary under their Master Christ, there is not one who does not realise the seriousness of the position, yet this is but one of the many temptations overlooked by the vast majority...

"And then, my little ones, I pass on to those temptations which, in every sense, are directly against the Divine within: The broken friendships, the little deceits, the failure in time of need, the forgetting, the unfulfilled vows. That which you name the Law considers such as these the events of daily life, but mark you that to the Mind of Love it is of greater import for one of His children to have been betrayed by a friend, than for that other to have taken from them the adornment of the body.

"You, in this world of physical things, so oft forget that the material is material alone. What of the trampling on of the faith of others? What of the hindering of the spiritual progress of another because their sensitiveness was too great to persevere in face of scorn? But I say again that God is not mocked, and those who steal the faith or the aspirations of their fellow creatures, these, when they are free from the imprisonment of the physical mind, will look back and shudder over the past.

"Yet, my children, I would not speak in sorrowful tones, for you are workers, you are numbered among those who have tried to understand something of spiritual Truth. But forget not this: That your joy cannot be real if you pass among others and warn them not as to that which is fact, as to the temptations which lie on every side - the withholding of love, the standing back when the helping hand should be forthcoming. 'Altruistic!', some may cry. But altruism, even on the lowest plane of thought, is the greatest, grandest success of mind and spirit that any man could wish.

"So, my children, I would, this night, using the resources which are available - I would entreat you not to fix your eyes too far ahead, but, rather, to think of the present, conscious that the present, of necessity, foretells the future, even as the past provided that which is your portion now.

"You came from whence you know not, yet the Divine within has its Instructor and its memory never fails. You passed from stages of great Light into lesser Light, and now you are emerging out of the little into the great again. But the strong soul, the one with the valiant heart, takes the hard road, and on that road temptations in plenty lie all around. It must be so. The pioneers of old all testify to this same fact: That always the war went on. But, children, lend your prayers to the great, great mass who are conscious neither of battle nor defeat. These are the ones who are sowing that which must be reaped with tears.

"And then we come to the Master. What of His temptations? What of His victories? Aye, and what of His defeats? Oh, remember this: The Sacred One - the One who brought Light into the darkest places, the One who held Himself not back from that which represented horror in every form - that One was the only one who fought His many temptations and had the courage to fight until they were overcome...

"And it was as this: As one army retreated so another advanced. The One so sensitive to the thoughts and the feelings of others, was indeed as a magnet to those who, long since, had discarded a body of flesh, and they - in their ignorance and their hate - gathered to Him, and the battle went on both day and night...

"Children, have you ever considered the thoughts of the Master, when, in His loneliness - in that awful mental and spiritual isolation - He withdrew into the wilderness to come face to face with the powers of darkness, powers inconceivable to you at this stage? Can you visualise the gentle One, the tender One, the One so charged with love - His anguish, not for Himself but for all those fettered spirits, who, out of their bondage, forged fresh chains upon themselves?

"Oh, remember, that in the garden of that you name Gethsemane, the Master's tears fell not for Himself. Man so blind, so used to concentrate upon himself, man claims that as the 'human' side of that which was Divine. But think again: Was it not the Divine conquering over the human, as it conquered ever?

"Children, when you love greatly, you yourselves have experienced that love is stronger than pain - you with your little love. Oh, think you as to That which was Love Itself. Jesus wept, the agony in the Garden. He wept for the sufferings of those who loved Him; He wept to think of all that which must be worked out in time to come; He wept at the fate of those children under His care - their loneliness when He was 'gone'; and, again, how in turn those who wreaked their will upon them must suffer and suffer - some for ages - before the Light was won...

"Oh, think you, children, is it so strange, you who have known love? Think of those times when danger has come close to those you love. Aye, think of the animals, the dumb creatures who fight for their young though tortured by that inflicted by those who should know better, and, how in spite of pain, they have fought until physical life was gone. Instinct? Oh, ponder within. Is there not something of God in it, is it not indeed Divine?

"So strange it seems to us - thinking over the past and looking out over the future - so strange it seems to us that God, as Christ, has been so misunderstood. Condemn not the torturers in the long ago, for they had little vision; they only saw a stranger in their midst, one who attracted the crowd, one who had more power than themselves; and out of their primitive instincts and the jealousy that went hand in hand, so they slew Him. They had not the Record available to those who reject Him today, the Record of the sweetness, the patience, and the love of Christ.

"Yet, with the written word before them, some of His representatives misunderstand and misinterpret Him again and again. Out of their littleness they presume to present All-Greatness, and is it any wonder that the beauty of the Mind of God is scarce known at all?...

"Jesus wept: Love, tortured, in a way that we lesser ones cannot grasp; Love, tortured, found relief in that which showed Him as you and I - the bond of Man with man, aye, and still more the bond of God with the God within. But Jesus wept not for Himself but for others...

"Children, I ask you to send your thoughts abroad, far from this little spot which you call your country. Out in the East, in these so-called enlightened days, there is that which causes anguish to the Mind of Love. The suffering of a mass of people - the ones who are under the control of those more powerful in the body and free from the body: Such as these indeed demonstrate, in a way awful to behold, the plane of temptation which this earth represents. Yet, out of the sufferings of the victims, so there is built a fairer Land into which they will step when this brief stage is o'er. Your compassion goes out to such as these. God has blest that compassion and the Father has used it; but oh, think again. What of the rulers, what of the controllers? No such future lies before those so bound.

"This is your work, aye, with those even within your own vibrations. Commiserate not with the down-trodden, nor with the ones so sore distressed. I have told you before that the right attitude is ever that of congratulation - congratulation that the spirit within dominates to the extent that it has passed on that endurance which is Divine.

"But those who act within the law of the earth, outraging the Law of the Spirit, such as these need your compassion, your prayers, your work, aye, and your speech; for there are thousands gathered into these conditions tonight who can say, and justly, that there was no one to instruct. They followed the example of others. That which had been done for generations they did again, and now only by unspeakable anguish have they emerged out of the darkness which held them, and the precious years of opportunity left no sign behind but that of destruction...

"Little ones, I leave this subject for your minds to ponder over; I have but indicated a point here and another there, but relying on the Instructor within, you can pursue the path, and you can direct others as to those subtle temptations which the world regards as the inevitable conditions of daily life.

"And thus, my children, I leave you for a space. You have dedicated yourselves to service; therefore this night shall be marked by that which is the greatest honour of all - service to the Master, service to those who are the children of the Master, and service in a way you cannot grasp to that which is Divine within.

"And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Friends, it is one who loves you, and I come tonight, through the graciousness of the Most High, to speak to those others who have been gathered in. The children here, they love me well - I am allowed to say that, and it is my gift. It is that one you name Paul of Tarsus, and my presence is part of the purpose and the plan.

"Brother (Mr. Ernest Meads), I have something to say to you. In time past, I was a man who aspired to much. Before the vision came which changed my life, I aspired to this: To be a good citizen, and to do the will of those in authority, to make the country which was my own, a country to be proud of. I was even that man.

"Time passed and Paul was changed; yet, Paul's desires remained the same. Canst understand? Think you, brother, and I appeal to you because there are barriers of the mind between us, but it is the will of the Divine that they shall be no more.

"The past - and I cannot speak, even at this late date, without the consciousness stealing o'er me of all that which might have been done so much nearer to the spirit's desire - but thus I reasoned, and thus it seemed to me that the guidance came: The Saviour, the Great One who had been shown to me in so miraculous a way, His teaching, passed on through the mouths of others, indicated that all were His own. And so I thought and I prayed, and it seemed to me, in that far off time - when doctrine was the god of the people - it seemed to me that I must take in little measure that which was in the minds of the people, and, as it were, weave it into one great whole.

"Oh, think you not that I would not each one had been as the clean parchment on which only the name of Christ could be written, but much was there bound up with the past, covered o'er with the superstitions of the present, aye, and the weakness which was so apparent.

"So I took the material at hand and I sought to mould, I sought to build on rotten foundations. Knowing the thoughts and the training of such as these, I took, as it were, the old vessels, and with trembling hands tried to pour within the new clean waters of Life. Thus it was that many a vessel remained filled with the dust of the earth, and the precious water moistened but the top; yet, even so, by the miracle of the Most High, out of the moistening a few blossoms arose, and God's will was done, if not in whole then in part.

"There have been many, who, in pursuing that which I put together at so much pains - and I am instructed to impart that pains of many kinds were weaved into the words I wrote - there have been many who have taken the words of Paul and, according to the measure that they fitted in with their own thoughts, so they were used; and, again, so they were embroidered.

"Furniture of many kinds beyond my mind to conceive has arisen up over the words of Paul - and Paul has been anguished thereby. And because the guidance was of the mind and not of the spirit, so those same instructors forgot the words of Paul when they did not harmonize with the beliefs that were their own.

"This is where that man stands today. Oh, I plead for truth and I plead for justice. The teachers who instruct as to the words of Paul, let them take Paul's message as a whole, and God will do the rest... He will lighten the darkness which is within their minds, and they, in turn, shall spread their light on others...

"I have wrestled with such as these, I have prayed and I have worked. The message in the words, even as presented at this late date, the message of Paul is of the Spirit - the gifts and the privileges, the treasures and the joys; but many turn from that and give pride of place to that which Paul sought to build out of the inadequate material in the minds of those around...

"Oh, thou canst understand. Let no doubts enter or have resting-place concerning Paul's message and that which was the emanation of the mind he used, so oft o'er-clouded by the weakness of the body. But let all pass on - as it is the will of the Holy One - that which concerns the release of the Divine within, the emerging out of the lesser into the greater; aye, before the physical garment is discarded, the power can be poured through that garment, by the miracle of the Love of God.

"Farewell, yet give me of your kind regard, for we have worked together, aye, and suffered together; and when you are free in those conditions you love so well, as brothers we all gather together, and, under the guidance of one wiser than himself, so each one pursues Reality, and so wisdom, in a degree, is made our own. Farewell..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Children, there has been this wrought in tonight - faith and love. Search your minds: Could anything be more glorious to make your own? Faith and love. And that is the purpose and the plan of the sojourn on the plane of temptation. You come with your equipment, little or great, but each one can take away the greatest gift of all, and that can be purchased during the mundane round, the little things of daily life - that great and wonderful gift - faith and love.

"So, my children, this little time together is drawing to a close, and my last words to you all are these: That today there has been worked in threads unseen by you, but those threads are there by the will of God.

"Remember this, that however you strive, whatever your hopes, whatever your aspirations, there is always a grand 'beyond'. You conquer today but you rest not tomorrow; your overcoming means that you are taking quickly those experiences which must be made your own, you are taking them out of the strength and the release of the Divine within.

"So, turn not back because difficulties may be in front, put not your tools aside because the body craves for rest. The rest shall come, but the only rest which is real rest is doing the Master's will in the Master's way.

"Think of the Great Example; let not sorrowful thoughts come over that which has passed you by; but, rather, use your well of compassion for those who have taken and have forgotten to give in return. These are the beaten on the field of temptation; and though they live to fight another day, their wounds hold them and impede their progress. They gave to the enemy, and because of that, the enemy still has far too great a claim.

"What of the victors - the ones who fought and would not give way? Their wounds, perchance, are marked upon their hearts, but the balm is passed down and the memories of yesterday are burnt up even as the faggots upon the hearth. Tomorrow, there is fresh strength, greater opportunity, more enlightenment, and the companionship of those who know not fear. Therefore, go on and trust your God, and in your trust forget not to release within love for those who have been worsted in the fight...

"In the Name of the Sacred One, I bless you all with courage and with understanding of the purpose of the plan. Stretch out your real selves, to that which you name the Holy Spirit, and be certain that, as the impulse comes, so the power is poured down... The blessing of courage in the days to come.

"Goodnight, my children, and remember that we have been linked together long before this little stage of the earth. Farewell."

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