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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 24th April, 1926.

"O great Creator of all things, grant that tonight we, Thy little children, may be inspired by Love; and grant that as we listen to the teaching that Thou hast vouchsafed to give, we may indeed regard Thee not only as our God but as our Father in every sense there could be...

"Loosen the bands which bind the physical mind and make it possible that Thy children may be able to penetrate into those things which are of Thee. Help them to come as children to the Fount of Wisdom, to put aside all that appertains to the world and worldly things, and with patience and understanding to take that which Thou hast offered so freely to those who seek.

"O Christ be with us this evening as always, and grant that each and every one may feel Thy Presence - helping, guiding, releasing, and linking them with Thee.

"In faith we commence our work, and we know that as Thou hast promised, so the power will come - the power to penetrate into those things which are real, and to dissociate ourselves from the unrealities with which the physical mind only deals.

"Father, Thy blessing we ask and we know that as we ask we receive... Amen...

"...My children, tonight it seems to you that I have thrown open our little circle to those who perhaps are not so closely linked to you as you are accustomed; but oh, my children, listen to me while I explain: The physical mind, governed by its limitations, shrinks from this and that, but since we first met together in this sacred way, I have spoken to numbers past all physical comprehension. Therefore, you will see that it is rather late in the day to be distressed when those still cabined in the body are invited to come and share this privilege, which has been given to us by God direct.

"Anon, as we go on, I will more fully explain how my words can penetrate into those spheres which, as yet, are hidden from your comprehension. Tonight, we have other work to do, and I invite all those many whom you see not, those who are beyond your physical consciousness, to gather close and to partake of the Bread which Christ Himself has provided.

"Children, I have warned you before that much lies in front; I have told you that God has prepared for war against weakness, ignorance and despair; therefore those who are on Christ's side have not only to find out where they stand but have to look to their armour, for they will be needed, everyone.

"It seems to you, as you pursue your daily way, that life alters little; the same tasks to be done, the dawn which comes so regularly, and the night which falls without variation - so you think - except according to season. Always the same, nothing to disturb the level, nothing to interfere with the steady course of events.

"And yet I tell you that this indeed is but the surface, and if with the eyes of the spirit you could see as God meant man to see, you would find forces and powers culling power from the great ones who have gone on before. These forces, these powers are not only needed, but they are essential for the revelation of God's truth to man.

"But some may ask: 'Is the heart and mind of man ready for this fuller revelation?' And I reply, instructed by my Master, that the mind of man is not ready, but we have to prepare it so that when the seed falls, it will take root. And out of that which once was wedded to the earth and all it means, so the sweet blossoms of the Spirit will rise and shed their fragrance over others...

"My children, the missionary work for God at this time is even more important than ever before; and this missionary work not only must be done but it shall be done, for God has spoken. Then what is your part? Prepare! - and again I say: Prepare!...

"Children, tonight we will talk for a little while on the subject of: 'Persecution'. And I want, ere we part, for you to have gathered in the spiritual aspect presented by that word.

"Persecution - aye, that has gone on on a scale impossible for the mind of the body to grasp, but not as you think, not as you think. My children, so naturally your thoughts go back to those who first took the name of Christ as their own, and there are many in reading the Sacred Record who have flinched - aye, and who have marvelled - at the endurance, at the capacity for suffering, shown by those who loved their Holy Master and their God. And it seems to you that the opposition presented to this great Truth is but a faint reflection, similar in parts, but only a faint reflection of all that which those pioneers of old suffered for Truth's sake.

"My children, it is obvious to all, that were it not for opposition, were it not for that same persecution, Christianity today would be a thing unknown, buried by the ages which have passed. That is a point which must be forced upon the physical mind of man. Their knowledge, their spiritual liberty today, is due to those who were willing to suffer in the long ago...

"Yes, dear children, as you have been told, persecution to the missionaries of God is as a ladder, and as they climb so the sense of 'self' falls from them, and in their consciousness of Spirit they not only despise the pangs of the flesh but indeed are centred in a joy which cannot fade.

"This is the aspect of persecution as viewed by you, and I remind all, that were it not for the opposition presented in this latter time, so those who are Spirit, in the sense of Spirit, would have been barred from speaking to you in this way.

"That is another point which is not recognised for what it is worth. In the beginning, when the consciousness came that the void presented by 'death' could be bridged, these, because they had not suffered, because the preparation was not there - these crossed, but indeed found only those who were removed from earth conditions merely by the loss of the body itself. Their thoughts, their instincts, their pleasures were of the earth; and those who came in touch with such as these were affrighted by what they found.

"Then, dear children, on the foundation of that suffering, so the conditions which separated man in the body from man in the Spirit - so these were overcome; and the link was love, and, again, the link was faith. Oh, remember that there is no true love until it has been bought by suffering - it is the test of love... How much, how much are you prepared to suffer for that same love?

"And so, dear children, as time went on, the realisation came that before the barrier erected by the thought of the ages in regard to death, before the barrier could be struck down with safety, preparation must take place; and this preparation - the work, the effort, the pure desire, the willingness to wait, aye, that patience which has broken the will of many - this must be there in order to penetrate into those realms which are Spirit. And forget not that I have taught you that there are, alas, millions separated from the body who, as yet, have not penetrated into those realms which are Spirit...

"Children, here we come a little closer to the real meaning of that word 'persecution'. The opposition to this great revelation of God's Love, that has been as a stepping-stone on which the children of the earth have reached out and clasped hand with those who know their God.

"This opposition - you place it where it rightly belongs - as something that teases, something that thwarts, but not more serious than that; the persecution to which I refer is of a far subtler kind, and this goes on, dangerously so, because of the unconsciousness of the victim.

"Children, you know full well that when, within the heart and mind of anyone, the desire comes to soar, to be free, to grasp that liberty which is rightly their own, so immediately the enemy advances. And what would you? Does the pilgrim climb on the efforts of others? Is the pioneer carried to his destination? Nay, think you again. Only and solely by the persecution of the unseen forces, can you stand one day and look down on the valley beneath. It is commonsense, it is the only reasonable way of attaining that which has no price...

"I speak with sympathy and with a love impossible to put into words, but I emphasise again and again that those who wish to be as the children of God in aspiration, these must be prepared not only for persecution by the powers of darkness, but, literally and actually, to come to grips with them, for Christ's sake...

"And, here again, dear children, we get a little nearer to the true meaning of persecution. Everyone created by God - His children, adopted by Him away back in that time when indeed they were made in His likeness - within each one was that gift of Divinity, of perfect Holiness, of perfect Purity, of perfect Love; and equipped with the gift of free-will, so man started on his long journey of experience, and from the moment when that free-will was used adversely to the Perfect Mind, so the persecution commenced...

"Oh, my children, think you like this: Spirit you are - body you may be at this stage - but Spirit you are, and through the uncountable aeons of time so the persecution of the God within has gone on, unconsciously perhaps, but with a fierceness impossible to express. Cannot you grasp my meaning, cannot you see that you yourselves have persecuted Christ from the beginning - that Christ, that God, that Divinity which is within?...

"Here you see how persecution - viewed under the light of the revelation of God's Love - how persecution changes its aspect, how immediately your mind passes on from others - from those who suffered, from those who made you suffer, and, taking a broad circle of review, comes back to the starting point – yourselves. And man has persecuted the God within with a savagery, a ferocity, with which no persecution committed by another in the body could compare.

"Here you see things as they are, and here and now you are brought face to face with responsibility and all that which lies beneath the responsibility, because you are Spirit. So, dear children, think you like this: As you wend your daily way - and, remember, that this physical existence is but one short stage of the myriad of experiences from Holiness back to Holiness - as you wend your daily way, think to yourselves when you fail the best within, that once more you have struck that which is Divine, once again you have hindered it from its rightful freedom - that free gift of God which, by disobedience, by turning from the Light to the darkness, you have withdrawn from it for a while...

"My children, when you think of trouble, when you think of those deep griefs which cannot be forgotten, cannot you see what the spirit has in view? - what it is fighting for, what it is determined to regain, how it sends back the mind of the body over its tracks, forcing it to relearn its lessons in order to retrieve that which was once its own?

"Here we come to Reality, here we come to Truth as God meant man to understand Truth; and here we see how it is that God, being Love, withholds His Hand and allows His little children to suffer now and again during this stage of discipline, so that in the sweet by and by, He can restore to the spirit that loss which it ever mourns.

"And mark you this: Because there is perfection within, so the spirit suffers and suffers by that which is so alien to the Perfect Mind, so alien to its consciousness of its sonship and daughtership and partnership with the Great Creator, to whom it is not only bound but from whom it came, and to whom it must return in unity before that peace which is of God can be its own...

"So, my children, you have before you not only a gospel of hope, but a gospel of explanation. You have it in your grasp to go to this one and that - whatever their troubles, however great their sufferings, and you can say to them that it is but retrievement, it is but the Divine within, fighting to regain that which in the long ago was thrown away, it is but the spirit in command.

"And in regard to the troubles which have beset your path - the disappointments and all those things which went so contrary to the mind of the body - ah, here you see God's Love at work; for, remember, that of necessity, God must be on the side of the spirit.

"How could that which is Love, join in the persecution of that which is your real self, that which is your only self once the entanglements are shed and overcome? Oh, my children, here you see how God works for us - for you and for me, and there is not one pang which you have suffered which Christ has not shared, because it was to be more like Him that the suffering was taken on, because it was to prove your love for Him that you chose the rough road and forsook that which appeared so pleasant.

"And, here again, you have your comfort in the linking up of your experiences with Christ, and though they may appear in miniature, yet remember that He was God and He shouldered the burdens of humanity in order to prove to the doubting mind of man that his God understood. Yes, in the linking up with Christ, think you like this:

" 'Am I sorrowful?' - The Master knew sorrow in all its many phases.

'Have I gone hungry?' - The Master starved - aye, remember that.

'Have the enemies of the body pursued me from point to point?' - Children, not only at Calvary but long ere that, Christ suffered those physical enemies, not merely in the tabernacle of the flesh, but, by reason of His sensitiveness, it was impossible to escape from the physical torture of others...

'Am I lonely on the path I am treading?' - Think of the loneliness of the One who only understood.

'Have I false friends?' - Christ stood alone on that day of trial.

'Have I to sacrifice my loved ones in the way of relinquishing them for a little while?' - Children, when Christ stood before His accusers and saw what was in their hearts and minds, He suffered an isolation which you, divided from your loved ones by that little stream called 'death', will never know.

"My little children, some there are who, when trials come, are able out of the strength within to view it thus: As a little sacrifice for Christ's sake - but I bid you think again. Is it not a little sacrifice for the sake of the God which is within - giving to no one but yourself? Yet, because the wish and the will was to make that 'sacrifice' to the Beloved, so indeed the Beloved takes it in that wise, and again to you that added credit comes - the great gain and treasure which no words can portray.

"Oh, think you within, and think you not without. Call upon that which is all-knowledge, gifted to you - though bound and fettered by the physical mind it is true - but gifted to you and waiting for its release... Again I say: Think you within, and then you will approach your Creator and ask Him for direction; yes, and receive it without an intermediary of any kind... The childlike faith, the childlike trust, the childlike love - that makes the communion between God and His creation complete...

"And now, I speak to the stranger present (Dr. Vanstone), and tell him this: Instructed by my Holy Master, in love I speak, and I entreat that in love my words may be considered.

"Friend, there is within you that which is Divine, as you know full well. You have brought with you as your equipment, many talents, which you have used, and some which you misunderstood for a little space of time. The Father asks this from you because He is fighting for that greater self which is able to grasp things as they are: The Father asks of you not only the service that you render now, but a constructive work hitherto untouched...

"Commune within and not without, and you will be guided into the path of sacrifice - which, remember, is gain for self - into the path of sacrifice which indeed will find you at the end of the physical journey centred in the Light which never fades, and with regret put behind in the consciousness that you heard the Call and you answered...

"Of one thing beware, and that is of that same mind of the body. It has led you hither and thither, but the Spirit never let go, and using one person here and another there, so the enemies of the darkness were forced back, but at times the struggle was great.

"Those whom you love in the Spirit - the one who has guided you, bids me speak with emphasis. At this stage, more hangs in the balance than you can grasp, and again I say beware of the mind of the body; for there are gifts which the physical mind regards as its priceless tools, which can erect barriers between you and the Father, between you and the simplicity which is absolutely essential before the Father can bestow those blessings upon you which is His desire...

"By God's will you were gathered in; again, by God's will I speak thus to you, yet remember this: That love and watchfulness - a watchfulness that you have not shown over yourself - that deep watchfulness of love enjoins me to point out the way which indeed shall lead to revelation - not revelation as you have regarded that word in the past, but the inward revelation as to God's purpose regarding your spirit - the consciousness that you can rise to heights hitherto undreamt of, for the power is around...

"Beware of the mind of the body, and seek the simplicity of the child, and all, all will be well. And as you lessen the persecution of the spirit - which goes on, although unconsciously to the mind of the body - when you have lessened that persecution, so you shall know a joy which no shadows of the earth-life can quench...

"My children, as you know, I speak not in this personal way except when the Master directs; yet, each word I have addressed to one, oh, apply it to yourselves. Think within that great as the prospect opened to the one of experience, even you can reach those heights as well. Aye, and the Master calls you up, and while He calls, provides that strength, those helpers which, though the way seems steep, will enable you to achieve the spirit's desire and to reckon of no account the pangs and the reluctance of the physical body...

"The highest, the best - the little children of the Light are not called to the second best... Of God, from God, returning to God, and in the sweet by and by, pure, perfect - even as the One who sent you forth, even as the One who has suffered with you every inch of the way, and will never leave you for ever and for ever...

"And now, my children, I will go, yet give out of your sympathy and your understanding, for tonight is a night of work, and the mind of the body takes second place..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Comrades, a welcome I ask in the Name of my Master. It is he who was the messenger who went before; and tonight, by God's generosity, I am led into your presence to speak of those things which are of a time which seems olden to you, but which, as I stand here, come back as yesterday.

"Unworthy though I was, I was used by the Great Father, to - in a measure - prepare the way. I blundered, I misunderstood, but God, because He is Creator, took the fragments of my efforts and gave me a peace that nothing could take away...

"I am instructed to speak of that same persecution - yet, think you not I regard it thus. I am instructed to tell you as well, that during those days of imprisonment, a glory was centred round me which turned that dungeon of filth and darkness into Heaven itself. Mark you well, as I speak, that which I would convey: The Master walked the earth, and I, John, no longer free, I waited for the word of reassurance which was all I wanted to complete my happiness. And the word was given - that is written in the record of those times - but what is not written is that which changed the whole aspect of my conditions.

"Christ was free, and, so it seemed, I was bound in conditions which, to you, would indeed represent horror - I was bound, but as night fell and all was still, the Master came and we talked together. This I am instructed to give out to a doubting, blind and foolish world: That as night came and sleep fell upon the watchers, so my Master shared with me the loneliness and the horror of the night, and the loneliness and the horror were turned into a glory and a splendour that it is impossible to convey...

"And when the hour came for my release, I stepped out of that which represented sorrow and betrayal by friends, into permanent glory, which that knowledge and understanding of Christ had brought me while still bound...

"Comrades, speaking thus in these curious conditions, to people not of my time and not of my thought - so it would seem - one thing alone fills my mind: In reading of John and of what John did, reverse your opinion. Go back on the events of that time, and instead of placing John in the wilderness, see him centred in a revelation, in a companionship, in an unspeakable unity and harmony with those who were indeed the real messengers of the Most High.

"Can you not see how, when I speak, the whole aspect of my life is changed? I look back and I marvel how it was that such a one could be so blessed... That sweet company out in lonely places, that treading the same path of those imbued with power - those who had seen their God - and then the little resting awhile with the physical liberty taken from me, and, in exchange, the personal companionship of Christ...

"That was my martyrdom, that was my persecution, and in humility I bow before my God.

"Oh, take from these few halting words the message which they bring. Work for God, suffering - all those many things connected with a life of service - these are but joy once the true vision has come... I pass out of your presence in this way, conscious of two things: Of the magnitude of the generosity of God, and the inexplainable privilege which was mine to be chosen as a messenger to prepare the way for the One we love and adore - the Christ, my God, your God, the God of our fathers, the God of the generations yet unborn, the Creator of all things, who laid aside His power and took man's form so that man should never say his God could not understand.

"And now we part, yet in the days to come, I return; and though I have laid aside that gift of speech which was mine when in the body, yet in its place, I have taken up the gift of friendship and the gift of understanding, and next time with love we shall meet and part, and again and again in love we shall meet, according to God's will...

"Farewell, friends, and forget not how Christ shared with me that which man called my persecution... Farewell..."

Note: While this spirit was speaking, the medium was shown a small well-like place encircled by a deep 'step' of stone. Although quite dark, she could see the damp and dirt. Again the vision came, and this time she saw two figures sitting on the stones, the One explaining and the other listening; and the Light from the One completely covered the other.

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we will draw this evening to a close, but I want you all to go back in thought to that same persecution, and to remember this: That as the days go on, so it has been ordained that the Light of revelation shall be spread, and so it has been ordained that those cabined in the body shall be chosen to work for God; and you and I and countless others, we are as willing tools, willing tools - I speak of the spirit, I speak not of the restricted mind of the body. I emphasise, again and again, that the spirit within, which has seen its God, is conscious of Reality, has penetrated into those things which are Holy in every sense there could be; and the spirit has chosen the steep path, has chosen the hard path.

"Yet, forget not this: That the harder and the steeper the path, the greater the power to bring and to bind to you for ever that joy, that peace, that sweet content which will never pass away...

"So, my children, ponder within and pray for the release of that strength which is your own; pray that the understanding of the mind of the spirit may penetrate the mind of the body, and all will be as God intends...

"In the Father's Name I bless you. I commend you to His care, and together, aye, companioned by Christ, you shall rise to those spiritual heights which once were your own... God's blessing, the blessing which is the strength and the will to do; the revelation which the Holy Spirit has bestowed and which awaits for your acceptance, awaits for you to be sufficiently roused to take and take again that which is of God...

"And now, my children, I leave you, yet I am instructed to say that, in thinking of God, never forget that He is your Father and Mother combined, and to Him you are the little children of His Heart, cherished and loved beyond all expression... Goodnight, my children..."

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