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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 24th September, 1927.

"Into Thy peace, O God, we enter by Thy Love. Take that which is our real self and bind it closely to Thee, so that Thy little children may be conscious of all the protection which is around, may be conscious that because of that close tie, the enemies must depart, leaving that which is Thine own, safe, bound to Thee...

"O Christ, instruct as to all the strength from which we can draw; give unto us that illumination of Life beyond the material, beyond the physical, and teach us how, though fettered by much, we can cross the threshold of things seen, and be conscious of the mighty wealth of doing and wisdom which Thou hast prepared for Thy children.

"We commence our work tonight with humble hearts, seeking ever the highest, putting all else aside and asking that Thou wilt take us and mould us according to Thy Holy Will. Father, in faith and trust we commend ourselves into Thy most loving care. Amen...

"...My little children, when the lark soars up into the heavens and thrills you by its song, something has taken place in that which you recognise as your self, for, at that moment, you too have soared. You, at this stage, are bound to physical things, inasmuch as you are in a tabernacle of flesh. Your life, to a certain extent, is controlled by the lives of others; you speak of circumstances and environment, and there are some, who, with a sigh, feel that they are indeed at the mercy of their environment.

"Yet, my little ones, oh, remember that incident of the lark. Although you may be restricted by material conditions, never forget that there is that within - the Divine, all-pure, all-love - which enables you, when the opportunity presents itself, to soar - even as the lark - out of things physical, above the clouds of misunderstanding; and as you soar, by your thoughts and desires, you are, as it were, throwing out on the atmosphere that which is the sweet music of the Spirit.

"Children, all around you in daily life, there are symbols in the mundane things, symbols of some great spiritual fact. The majority, because they are bound by the earth view, take the day, and it represents very little to them beyond the irksome task, the disharmony and the irritation imposed by others. They go to their rest at night thankful, as they express it, to have a little peace, a little freedom which they can call their own.

"Little ones, these moods attack even the strongest, and remember this: That as you develop, so, of necessity, your conditions present a greater test, a greater strain on the patience, for the grown man and the grown woman is not content to learn the same simple lesson as the child in its first school. No, a certain amount of maturity is your own, and as you expand, as that which is your real self dominates the weaker self, so your conditions present something more difficult, something which calls out a stronger resistance still.

"But I would not have you as those whose eyes are holden. The trivial task, the little things which 'go wrong', so it seems to you - aye, the rising in the morning, the donning of fresh garments, taking that nourishment which keeps the physical tabernacle in its right condition, the work, the passing among one here and there, the compassion, those many unvoiced prayers: What does all this illustrate to the far-seeing one? Physical, some of these acts may be, but their significance is spiritual in very truth. It is building or destroying. Oh, remember that. You are builders or you are destroyers, whether you are conscious of it or not.

"And so, my children, having drawn in your thoughts, I wish to speak to you about that which, one day, you must understand, for it concerns your self. I wish to speak about: 'The Beginning of Things', perhaps more nearly as relating to this little earth, for at present you find it well nigh impossible to send that which you name your imagination - that which is in fact spiritual memory - to send that beyond this little earth and what has been portrayed as to its beginning.

"Yet, I am here to enable you to have bigger thoughts, wider feelings, a grander horizon both of the mind and of the emotions; and so I would take you in thought to that which represents to you: 'The Chaos of This Little World'.

"In the Sacred Record it is narrated that there was neither night nor day, nor was land, as you regard land, in existence. In a few brief sentences, it is described as a condition of confusion, and I want you to be certain that this was literal fact.

"But first of all, try and think of this, and I have touched upon the point before: Little ones, you are familiar with the idea that when the body of flesh has played its part, you will pass out into your own 'place', those conditions built up by your life on earth. This, indeed, is spiritual truth; yet, forget not that the Father, because He is the Father, expects not from His little ones more than an hundredth part of that which is. That which is contributed by you is as a fragment compared to the contribution by the Lord of all, for your Father and Mother God preserves, transforms, expands, gives life to those efforts of yours, which, at times, seem almost too much to be drawn from you.

"Therefore, when you pass out of the earth stage, with delight you will find that little things represent big gains; that your conception of beauty is infinitely greater - and I speak now of beauty in the spiritual sense, not that alone which pleases the eye or comforts the mind - I speak of the beauty which is the splendour of doing, those bright rays which you send out from yourselves, for the most part unconsciously, when another is in need; you call it sympathy.

"Little ones, those thoughts, those tender feelings which you have had, they are gone, so you think, but any thought that has a fragment of God in it lives on for aye. And so when you leave the twilight of the earth conditions and pass into the radiance of that which is of the Spirit, the regret will come that you did not do more, for God has given you so much...

"Yet, my children, tonight I must fetter your minds to the point we are discussing. The conditions beyond the 'grave', as you name it, are built up by the individual, and that accounts for those many grievous planes of twilight and darkness about which you have learnt a little.

"Those who imprison themselves upon earth, take their prison-house with them, and the gift of the sun - which indeed is a symbol in miniature of the great Spirit of Love - that sun is no more, for they are out of conditions which represent physical light, physical sunshine, and are in those built up by their thoughts, by their weakness when on earth.

"Could you but see it, selfishness is as the darkest dungeon, horrible in every sense there could be; and the selfish - those who had no thought for others, those who vented their cruel wills upon the victims in their vibrations - they pass into, literally, a dungeon which holds them fast.

"I underline the point that the conditions in the next stage are built up by the individual, yet, everything which has a fragment of God in it comes under the miracle of the Creator's Love; and in that time, dear children, you will find a harvest beyond your physical minds to conceive.

"Holding this thought in mind, I take you back to that which I name the chaos represented by this physical world, and its slow evolution over the ages.

"Now, think you as to this: I have laid down, because it is God's truth, that the earth represents one short stage of development alone. You, bound by many restrictions, find it impossible to think of millions of years in connection with this little planet; but, my children, in order to portray something of 'time' - that word so little understood by you - I have to emphasise that those millions of years represent but one stage, the stage which is designated by you as the material; and the earth stage, as I have said before, is as the plane of temptation.

"Remember, dear children, that in the 'before' stage, many were less evolved than they are today. And also recall that the free-will of the individual is never interfered with; yes, in every stage there are those who squander their opportunities, who turn from the Light to the darkness of self, and the next stage - which was meant to represent a higher development - denotes instead a step back, something lost, not something gained...

"Little ones, this truth I am instructed to impart: This physical world of yours, with its chaos, was built by the thoughts, the actions of God's children, in that 'before' stage which I have touched upon in the past. Keep your vision clear. Remember that I have laid down that out of the little so God creates much; therefore, that which represents something untouched by God indeed was chaos, and indeed represented a 'night' of blundering and misunderstanding.

"Go back to the parable as narrated in the Sacred Record, and there, laid down so clearly to those who have the will to learn, is that most beneficient act of the Creator, which, in a measure, took chaos and moulded it into something resembling order.

"Never forget, dear children, that this simple fact relates to all stages, to those innumerable experiences through which you have passed since. As a thought of God, as something of Himself - all-pure, all-wisdom - you started on your long journey, yes, even as the circle, and, as it seemed, getting farther away from the great Source until the point was reached when evolution was commenced.

"But I have instructed you that though I use the circle as an illustration, yet, however far off it might appear you were from God, the Father and Mother God filled the circle, and at every stage poured upon His children the Light of His countenance. But alas and alas, we were turned from Him and we saw Him not...

"Oh, listen and learn, for these things, these facts, make all things clear. Out of the chaos of that built up by the sons and daughters of All-Holiness, so the Creator - because He was always Father and Mother combined - so the Creator, out of His Love, parted the waters, gave life, gave beauty.

"Yet, my little ones, forget not this great comfort - that had there not been those in the past, had there not been yourselves in that stage before, who clung to something which represented the Divine, so the Creator could not have wrought that beauty, that which delights and has delighted the countless thousands who have passed through the earth stage. Yet, the very riot is representative, the confusion is a symbol of the blunders of the past. Yes, but remember that this again is a sign of the unquenchable mercy of the Creator of all.

"So, my children, I want you, in thinking of that which you name prehistoric man, to see for yourselves how perfectly it all fits in. I have told you that man was created in the likeness of his God, but that likeness was marred, aye, covered by this, buried by that; and there were those who had strayed to such an extent that they were even lower than the beasts of the field. Not God's will, but the will of His creation. Not God's will, but the result of the abuse of the free-will of the individual.

"Yet, see again how God's mercy has been shown. My children, in this room, gathered out of that far past, are those, who, when upon earth, resembled something lower than the beast. Tonight, they are here restored, in a measure, to something of the likeness of the God by whom they were created. Oh, confuse not my meaning. They have much to do but they have striven, they have suffered over the past, and could you see them with the eyes of the body you would name them as the bright fairies that you have loved so well. Aye, they demonstrate something of God.

"Little ones, in regard to those who came in later years into the tabernacle of flesh, remember, that according to the equipment - and I speak not of advantages in your sense of the word - according to the spiritual equipment of the individual today, you may know how much that one strove in the before stage, or how much they allowed themselves to be swayed by others.

"And this accounts, in part, for the different appearance, during the ages, of the physical tabernacle; but forget not this: Again I remind you that any stage can fail to play its part if the temptation which it represents is not grappled with and overcome.

"And so it is that there are men and women in bodies, perhaps pleasing to the eye, with a physical equipment which reaches a high standard judging by the world's view, yet, such as these literally desecrate the name of man or woman. There are those lower than the beasts of the field, there are those lacking the elementary instincts of the animals or the insects.

"What think you? Is it reasonable, is it according the perfect order of Divine laws, that when that man or woman lays the garment of flesh aside, they will still be beautiful to look upon? Nay, by their lives, by their thoughts, by their unholy desires, so the garment is framed, that next garment in which they will find themselves; and there are countless thousands who represent something more terrifying than that which you name prehistoric man.

"Children, cannot you read within my words the real message we must give forth? Cannot you see how history is repeated again and again? The awful waste, the unnecessary anguish, the terrible bondage that the children of God impose upon themselves...

"One point in passing I would explain, if explanation is necessary. The formation of the garment, whether of man or whether of beast, was according to the conditions which obtained in the physical world. In that which you name the organs, that which you name the frame, of necessity there must be similarity; and even in the flowers there is that which represents the lungs.

"Oh, the folly of man's thought. Out of their limitations, so they seek to limit and restrict their God... The garment which will be your own when you pass hence, when all pass hence - whether into denser conditions or into finer - that garment is attuned to those conditions; that garment is more material, as you use that word, or more spiritual, according to the record of the past.

"My children, cannot you read the message of the earth? 'Out of Chaos, Order Came'. Cannot you read the message of your life? 'Out of Chaos - Order, Divine Order'.

"Little ones, so much lies within my words which I must leave to you, individually, to probe and penetrate in thought. I am here to bring you on, to teach you how to cast off your own chains. Alas, I cannot learn your lessons for you. Each one must make them their own in their own way. Please God it is the Christ way.

"So, my little ones, in pondering on the Sacred Record and the simple statements therein, take these in the sense they were intended. They represent a great spiritual truth in symbol, and they are applicable to every stage, to every state of development... Out of the chaos of the acts and the thoughts of the children of the King, so the King, because He is Father and Mother too, brings that which represents something of order.

"And, little ones, as you go on, so your consciousness of order must grow and grow. Upon the earth plane some seek to build up that which they name method and system. Again it symbolises a great spiritual fact - the marvellous order of Divine laws, the wonderful provision and protection which is around each one, even, dear children, in that which you name the darkest plane. But alas, God cannot give when His children will not take. That is the tragedy which surrounds the mighty Mind of Love...

"So, my little ones, think within yourselves; put that which you name the life of today, the life of yesterday, put that under the microscope of this fragment of wisdom, of truth, which I have passed on, and a mighty revelation will, in part, be made your own.

"And forget not that which I have imparted before: The spirits who had to wait for a suitable physical garment before they could take the earth stage, those spirits have worked upon the earth, some for generations. And perhaps at this late date, so it seems to you, they come into a body of flesh and they shed on all sides a reflection of the purity, the compassion, and the understanding associated with the Christ. They have gained their experiences through the ages, working with this one and with that; and could you see that which is the individual within the garment, you would know that, all unaware, an angel was in your midst...

"So simple are God's laws, so profoundly wise. And remember that each one has an equal chance with the other, each one can draw from the same Strength, the same Source, but many forget; yet, God forgets not them, and out of their desire to be strong and not weak, out of their prayers to be pure and not impure, out of their compassion, the help which they render inspired by the Divine within, so such as these, even if they forget their God, are demonstrating their God to others...

"Oh, my little ones, enlarge your vision, stretch out and claim something of those mighty gifts which can be made your own. And forget not the symbol, the illustration in this and in that as you pursue your way through the weeks and months. Are you building? Are you destroying? What of the next stage? You understand that which the last has produced...

"Out of the deep love which is in my heart, I speak to many - many beyond your comprehension. I say to each one: Look up, not back. I say to those who have blundered so in the past: Forget not that within you is something of God, something of His great creative power. Arise and build for tomorrow, and remember that each grain gathered by you is, as it were, turned into a brick by the One who loves you best.

"Many, when the physical life is ended, pass into a chaos indescribable in words; yet, they have the message of the earth that out of chaos order can come. And the bridge-builders today, those who open up this country and that, who turn the little track into the safe short road over which others may travel; those who harness Nature for the good of man; those who use their minds to contribute to the beauty so sadly needed by all - these but illustrate a great spiritual truth, they are taking that which once represented disorder and chaos and bringing it into use. An example of order in its Divine sense.

"This then is the message of the earth, this is the message of the individual: Out of that which is incomplete, nay, confusion itself, so, by pursuing the path, by effort, by hoping, by seeking, and, above all, by loving, confusion is brought into harmony - and harmony is of God...

"And so, my little ones, I leave you for a space. Remember ever that these evenings are solely for God's purpose, for bringing the possibility of His will to be done on earth. You - in the measure that you contribute of your earnestness, your holy zeal - you are bringing that nearer to accomplishment; you are building out of the confused and restless thought of the world, a measure of stability, for the only things which remain are the things which are of God. Another law of Divine mercy, so far-reaching, aye, illimitable in its scope, that only Love could conceive, only Love could ordain a gift so great. And now, my children, I will go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Sisters and brothers, it is your very humble servant, Francis of Assisi, and this night I come, by Divine intervention, to speak to you all, and to gather in those who seem perchance as strangers, yet the word offends.

"In time past, sweet friends - and the world of my day represented much that is hidden from you now - in time past, I was as a man with many lessons unlearnt, with folly like a chain of withering flowers upon my shoulders. Yet, the scene was changed, and that which rested upon me, aye, upon my heart, was the sacred Cross... Still do the memories assail me but I must push them far.

"Tonight, dear sisters - and I am loved, praise God, by each one – tonight, I come into your presence to give out of my little store of experiences, something, albeit of little importance, something which may help you during the daily round. The past, as relating to the man whose name is so freely used today, the past of that man is known to all. At one time the things of the world, its treasures and its possessions, they were strewn across my path, yet the man within was starved, for the bread of Life was missing.

"Yet, a vision came to me, when disturbed as so oft I was, during the hours of darkness, a vision came to me as I walked under the dusky sky. It was as the story of the past. I looked me for the stars; the night was dark yet I watched, mutely raising my heart to God, across the horizon there seemed as an outline of a form that was man and yet not man. I watched entranced, for sorrow had been near my heart, and it seemed to me that perchance the symbol there represented the imperfection which was my own.

"And as I watched, so the thing - a man yet not a man - slowly changed before my eyes. Strength came into his limbs, the darkness faded, and, as the rays of the moon fell across that which was vouchsafed to me, I saw even as an angel of God, but the angel saw me not. The angel was looking upward, ever upward; yet, as he looked, so the form seemed to descend, and, as the descension took place, once again the brightness clouded and then dimmed; and at last upon that which you name a balcony, something stood - it was the hideousness which had caught my eye in the darkness of the night...

"I pondered as to the symbol, and I prayed for the light to come, but nights passed ere a response was made. Then one stood behind me whose voice I loved so well, instructing me thus: The form, which was a man yet not a man, symbolises that which man has lost. The restoration of the brightness shows again what man was meant to be; yet, even with those whose thought and heart reach out to God, even with such as these, they fall from brightness into shadow, from shadow into darkness, if the welfare of themselves comes first...

"What a lesson for this one who, it seemed to me, had been redeemed from the depths of hell itself! And the truth, like a ray, penetrated my being. I thought of Christ the Blessed One, and search my memory how I might, I could not find one incident where the Master was concerned for Himself, even for the soothing of that which was the God within; and illumination broke upon me.

"Gain I the grace of God to lose it thus? And so, sweet sisters, I gathered up the simple garb, the bowl and those things which might be used for others, and took the common way, the way amongst the people, the masses of my time. And had it not been for this, the name of Francis would have been lost, swallowed up in the ocean of time.

"This is my message to all those who read these words: Forget thyself but strive for others. And remember this: Mistake not the mighty purpose and the plan. If one here or there claim for themselves the individual guidance of this one or that, speak to them out of the experience which you have bought. The servants of the Master work for all, yet with some they are more in evidence. Because, through this instrument (controlled medium) I can speak, does it signify, in your language, that I am far from you when she is absent? Thus we demonstrate upon the earth plane the universal spirit, which, in perfection, was shown in the Holy One Himself. As the instruments, so we come in outward guise, yet even as I speak, by the grace of the Lord God of all, I can call to one in a far distant clime, and give them that which they need, be it help or comfort, strength or wisdom. Such is the law of God.

"So, little ones of Jesus, ponder on the path that you will tread. If the thought comes: 'Myself I will protect so that hereafter conditions glorious may be mine', then remember the tale of Francis, and the angel who fell into the darkness that was beneath...

"We are one, yet we are many. We err, perchance, the heart and mind betray, but in the measure that we safeguard another, so the betrayal is obliterated from the past. Thus I speak, and I entreat you all to listen. My life on earth, what held it, what did it avail if not to be as a line to others? A line even as a hair of the head, which, if it had not been made secure in God, would have fluttered and been lost to sight.

"The things of the earth, its treasures and its possessions, I saw their worth. The things of the Spirit - the gentle heart, the obedient will, the stretching out to save - such as this is as a Kingdom, a Kingdom of Grace, and the Holder, the Bestower is our God.

"Keep the links fast, for I am always within call; yet 'honour' me not by admiration, for that brings a suffering you cannot grasp. But honour me by understanding, and out of your understanding so I shall shed across your path a little light, a little hope, a little faith, and thus God's work is done.

"Farewell, and take the blessing which is bestowed upon us all, yet we shall meet again. As promised in the past, vision and vision shall be put into words, for the children here have struggled on in faith, and a 'sight' of another kind, a grander kind, has been purchased by the past. Farewell..."


"...It's quite an old friend, it's Florence Nightingale, and perhaps I ought to apologise for bringing so many of the British Army with me. You see, dear friends, we get our impressions through in a way which is peculiarly our own. Had I laid upon the mind of the instrument I use 'Florence Nightingale', then Florence Nightingale must come another night; and so God's ways are used to bring about His gracious purpose. (The room was full of soldiers before we commenced. W.M.) I have links here, many, many links here, many, many links, links with you and links with those who love you; and tonight, Mrs. Moyes, if you will forgive me, I will speak to the strangers present because, why we have much to do. (Lady Gait and Miss Stephen).

"My dear children - and you seem as children, for I have had you, as it were, under my wing for many years - I want you to translate in your own minds the history of my life. Many translations have been given, all too kind, but as I am free and I see things now, this is what is borne upon me. Amongst my kind there were many who were wed to the things of the world, and I recollect that with my own friends friction was caused. My life and theirs should have been the same. One said: 'Why make yourself so conspicuous?' And another: 'What ails you, are you ill?' And still another: 'Come to grips and overcome this strangeness before it leads to madness'. And in my room I used to sit and chuckle. I know now, but it was hidden from me then, that I had companions in plenty, those who never thought me strange, those who stimulated me and not chained. And then the laughter died away, for some of those friends I loved, and I saw it was the parting of the ways...

"In looking back over my life on earth - and that body seems mine once more; I can feel my hair and even the curve of my cheek - in looking back, the one thing that dominates all others is the miracle of the saving Grace of God. Why should I have had the call, and all the many others be deaf and blind? Why should I have heard the call? And, my dears, when you are free, that thought will be echoed in your mind; you will ask yourselves: 'Why?' And the answer will come: Because, in the dim and distant past, by little fragments of effort, you had purchased your great possession. The spirit within, if not free, yet was yearning and struggling for freedom. And I want you, because we understand each other well, I want you to remember to keep on the constructive plane.

"You know, dears, there are a lot of people who have big thoughts. The artist in his studio seeks to reproduce something of the beauty within on the canvas without. In the measure that he strives, so he is transforming the canvas of that next garment which he will wear. Do not confuse this - it is not according to the beauty reproduced in the picture, but according to the faithful effort and the dedication to the highest and the best. And, Mrs. Moyes, I want that for our dear Louise (Miss Owen), she will take it as from a friend to a friend.

"Therefore, when I come like this, I must construct. It is no use my being here and thinking how much I love you all, and how I long to help you. I must build, I must work. My love must be real love, otherwise it has no strength at all.

"So, my dears, I want you to remember that the constructive plane is the plane which all pilgrims choose. You see, so many of us honour God perhaps in their thoughts, we pay Him reverence in the houses dedicated to His Name; but the thing that counts - the only thing that counts is: What did we do for the One who has done all for us?

"That is my little message to you and to all. The little things, not the big things, the constant things not the intermittent things - that is the life well lived, and that is the life which brings to us our powers, our gifts, and a freedom and a liberty beyond your comprehension now...

"The old crowd is here. I cannot pass on their names for there are too many, but they ask me to remind you that I am not only linked up with my own generation, but the British Army regard me as a mother to itself. Those with distinctions and earthly honours, those in authority, and those who took orders, they are as one. Sometimes the positions are reversed - the Tommy of his day, who took the hard road, which was the short road into 'Kingdom Come', he has got an authority which is staggering to himself. But they tell me that's 'all-wrong'; they ask me to pass on their message and I will. They say: 'Like baa-lambs we are gathered round'. And the watch-dog? Well, it is myself. I am rounding them up, I look to my Master and He points to the upward path, and the sheep respond to my voice, with never a thought of the valley behind. Up, up they go. They are the baa-lambs and I am the dog who runs behind...

"Goodbye, dear people. I am loath to go, but we shall meet again. I want to talk to you of little things and holy things - the thoughts that women have and which the best type of man understands. Yes, it is good to be here in this little home, because God has blest it.

"Goodbye, and think of me in your prayers..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children all, the power has been gifted in so lavish a manner that those you love in many numbers could speak, but having regard to the work entailed over the record, so, my little ones, we accept what Love has given, and we thank Him with grateful hearts that He has bestowed in such overwhelming measure.

"This night, once again, is an illustration, a symbol of those Divine laws which control and protect your life. You gather here in faith. Out of that faith, large or small as it may be, so you attract the greater faith of the many who took the earth way in a far-off time. Their faith was won even as you seek to purchase yours - by putting faith to the test. Faith that is untested is as a cloud which passes not away. Faith which is tested may resemble a cloud, even as of rain, but lo, by the use of that mighty gift so the power comes, and after the rain is the blue of the sky, and the sunshine which revives...

"This is a prophecy, this is a promise from God. I but pass on that which is held for the future. Put your faith to the test, and if the cloud envelops, still have faith, for the sunshine shall wipe out of your consciousness for ever the memory of pain.

"This evening you have met together in faith; this evening you have not only purchased a gift of the Spirit, but you have laid down the foundation of further greater, grander revelation in the days to come...

"Walk firmly into the Light. Heed not the calls of this one and that. In the Light is the Presence, the Christ, and Christ is not only your God but your Creator. And as you advance, so the garment which represents yourself shall be changed; and as you climb so something of the radiance of Love shall fall upon you and be claimed as your own...

"I bless you with greater faith, the faith that is not of the mind alone, the faith which is of action, that faith which the Master showed for all to follow.

"Goodnight, my little ones; rest in peace."

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