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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 13th March, 1927.

"Divine Spirit of Peace, be with us tonight, and help us to enter into the Silence, and there to find not only Thy mighty Love but something of the Truth which Thou hast preserved for Thy children.

"O God, let it never be said that these, Thy little ones, fail the task at hand, that they hold back because that which they name the desires of the mind stand between them and Thy holy purpose. Grant that to each one the revelation may come that in laying aside self in its many deceptive forms they are feeding the Divine within, they are giving that which is of Christ - cabined in the physical body - a chance of life, making it possible that the future may not only be charged with power, but the past may appear even as a line of Light to those in darkness.

"Most tender Saviour, Thou who understandest the shrinking of the heart and mind of these Thy children, bound by a limited vision, let the strength come so that they may be willing instruments in whatever branch, in whatever way Thou deemest best, placing themselves at Thy service and holding nothing back.

"As those who wish to work as well as think, as those who wish to construct as well as to build in fancy, we commence our task tonight, asking that Thou wilt take that which represents our real self and bind it unto Thy Holy purpose; so that on looking back we may find that tonight marks one step farther on, out of the physical into the spiritual, out of the limitations of self into that wide continent of service for Christ.

"Father, we thank Thee for this mighty gift. Amen...

"...My dear children, this evening we have come together to put one more brick in the foundation upon which we and countless others must mount before the door of revelation is opened to us. It seems to you, my little ones, that over the years you have sought to follow the Voice, you have done the next thing, you have in a measure laid aside the things of the world, its pleasures and its distractions, and because of this, tonight I tell you that together we are placing another brick in that foundation on which others may mount to find that realisation of Spirit which God intends.

"Yet, dear children, if that past effort were absent, if this evening you came as strangers to this great Truth, how could I say to you that the foundation was sufficiently in evidence that the promise can be made that on that which has been brought together, others will mount and find God?

"There is around you Love and that which you name effort; above you there are the wings of Peace, and beneath your feet there are those blossoms which can never die. These things, dear children, sweet to look upon, ah, so desirable to the heart and mind, they are here for one purpose alone: They represent the wherewithal which will enable you to be used as instruments by the great God who rules us all.

"You have and you hold, but only to pass on to others. You take of those finer gifts by effort, you purify the mind to that point when the vision comes of something of the Christ purpose. This, dear children, is the essential equipment not only of the pilgrim who wishes to find eternal rest, but of the pilgrim, who, by going forward, is showing the road to others - aye, and waiting for them - and, in the waiting, gathering that extra strength which shall make the next span of the journey in front seem lighter and sweeter.

"So tonight, dear children, I ask you all, as those who wish to help in the spiritualisation of humanity, to give out of your best, to put aside anything and everything which may interfere with the purpose and the plan of this evening.

"Last time we met together in this way, I spoke to you - just passing on a few fragments of knowledge, a few drops, as it were, of the Ocean of Truth - I spoke to you on that which I named: 'Life after Death', and tonight it is the will of the Beloved that I carry on, in a way that is possible, the instruction from the Holy One which has been laid down for the children who gather into this room, evening by evening, in order to get nearer to holy things.

"So tonight, dear children, I would talk to you on: 'The Next Stage'. Yes, the next stage after the spirit has laid aside the tabernacle of flesh.

"And I want you all, in thinking of this great subject, to be certain of this: That those who wish to follow Christ, who in any measure have sought to serve their God, that such as these have experienced conditions similar to physical death, again and again, before the actual severance takes place.

"Therefore, the real you is well acquainted with what must happen. No strangeness, no sense of unfamiliarity is possible, because the spirit so often has extricated itself from the physical, and, rejoicing in its freedom, has gone off on that work which shall remain forever.

"But, little ones, I would speak in a practical way. There have been many who - in thinking of this severance, of the laying aside of that which to them represents their all - there have been many who have been filled with dread, who have been sore distressed, and have fought off that which they name 'death' by every means in their power. 'Life at any price' - that thought rings through their heart and mind. They know not that they are cleaving to death and are shrinking from that which is Life indeed.

"To such as these - and there are many - I speak in tones of great reassurance, and I tell them that even those who minister to the sore stricken and render that which you name the last service, that such as these have observed, again and again, that as physical death approaches, so the horror, so the reluctance, gradually fades away, and the last hours of what is regarded as 'life' are filled with something which resembles peace to them, and to those who watch and wait.

"That, dear children, is a simple fact, and I want those who are strangers to this Truth, to try and grasp that this is but one example of the provision made by their Father and Mother God.

"The Next Stage varies according to the life of the individual and, again, according to the attitude of mind. There have been those under stress of the physical, who have left the body and yet have returned to the flesh, and have told of that period of severance, and they all speak of consciousness of the link between themselves and the body, yet though the link remains, there is a separate existence, a power to think, unhindered by the body; they regard the body as still part of themselves, but separated by that which they know not.

"Children, how many there are, who, when the final severance comes, stand in the room where the act took place, bewildered, aghast, or curiously detached, and watch the preparations made for disposing of that which once represented themselves.

"Such as these, because they have the courage to watch, because they have the courage to take that first stage of self-revelation - in the sense that they can see and feel and understand what others think about them, how far the love went or, alas, how little love they were able to call their own - because such as these take that painful experience at once, so that, in itself, is an indication of their future. They get their direction, they see the weak links, they see the work which must be put in, and before the body is covered from sight they start to retrieve, to construct, to make good that which is missing.

"These, dear children, by slow and painful processes, are able to do a mighty work for God, in spite of their faults, in spite of their frailty, for they seek to retrieve the past by the simple method of service to others, in the present. Out of their pains, so the healing comes; out of their courage, so they gain that wonderful gift to be used as instruments by the All-Mighty One in the days to come, instruments in full, yet by their efforts, already they are instruments in part...

"Children, there are those others, as you know full well, who pass out of twilight into Light, pass out of the pangs of the physical into the powers of the Spirit, who are greeted not only by those they love but by the One who loves them best, and receive from their Saviour the gift to save others, in turn.

"These children of God - who have passed out of childhood in the childish sense - these children of God have not only left their mark upon the earth plane, but even as the body is discarded they demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit at work. The child they leave behind, ah, no severance is there. The same watchfulness, the same tender care, goes on unbroken in its sequence, for they have gained the gift of Everlasting Life without that period of sleep which represents loss and wasted opportunity, and that has to be retrieved when consciousness returns.

"Little ones, the stage after physical death is fraught with much, and all those who come to the portal - that dread portal which opens out, so many think, into darkness, into the terrible Unknown - such as these not only can find reassurance during the earth life, but as the threshold is reached so it lies within their power to leave on the minds of those they have left behind a vision of Life Eternal, a demonstration of God's Love at work.

"You, my children, have this responsibility laid upon you, and I speak tonight in a comprehensive sense: I say that each one who has known Christ as their Saviour is called upon to prepare the ignorant for that experience which cannot be evaded. You know not the damage that can be done:

"Think you to yourselves, of the coming of a soul into physical life. So much depends upon the knowledge of the one concerned, the one who carries the young life; and, again, still more responsibility rests upon those who minister to the one who is giving the gift. Yes, dear children, ignorance is responsible for much that causes the tender heart of your Father and Mother God to ache, for through that same ignorance some of His little children find fastened to themselves a burden double in weight - yes, and often carry through the physical stage a sense of injustice and alienation from the Lord God of all over that which is their portion.

"I ask you, dear children, is it reasonable that an All-Loving God - One who is charged with feeling in a way impossible for you to understand - is it reasonable that your Father intended that so much suffering should be connected with the giving of life, and with the bearing of that life which is associated with the earth plane? No, it is idleness, or selfishness, or weakness, which accounts for that which seems so tragic to those who, in a measure, understand.

"Yet, again I remind you that out of tragedy, so God brings gigantic gain; out of the crooked bodies, so the soul wins a freedom which otherwise would have been impossible in that short stage. The Father-Heart is anguished over that which His children have to bear, over the unnecessary pangs, over those bodies which are indeed a cross throughout the years of physical life. And this applies in a far more serious way to that birth into the Next Stage of experience - that emerging again out of the physical into fresh conditions, into that which has been built up by the life already lived.

"Yes, dear children, damage is done, the purpose and the plan is thwarted by the dense ignorance, by the wilfulness of those who refuse to learn the simple lessons connected with the passing out of one condition into another. The ones who might have known but refused to know, these are responsible for much; and when their time comes and the body is no more, they will look on those who once were their flock and see what has been done by ignorance, see the burdens which are there through lack of preparation, through the absence of the warning.

"And so, my children, I speak to the teachers and the guardians, I speak to the healers and to all who have the ear of the people, those to whom the masses turn for knowledge and instruction, and I say to them:

"Do your part now before it is too late. Prepare the minds of the ignorant for their next birth, for that stage which lies beyond the physical; for many - so unprepared, so chained to the things of the earth, so wedded to the material, to the acquirement of this and the hoarding of that - many pass out into an imprisonment, into a confinement most terrible to behold.

"And those who were older and wiser - the guardians, the instructors upon the earth - these suffer ten thousand times the pangs of a mother giving physical birth, for they know that had they done their part, had they had the courage to learn so that they might teach, then those newcomers into fresh conditions would have found themselves upright and strong and beautiful, instead of maimed and awful to gaze upon because of the marks of their thoughts, of their past, upon that body in which they find themselves after physical death.

"That is the Truth, God's Truth, and one day it must be faced by all. The time comes when evasion no longer is possible, when those clothed in self-satisfaction - in the certainty of the opinions built up by their limited experience when on earth - when such as these are brought face to face with Truth, for they pass among those maimed and deformed in a way you cannot grasp, and many look upon themselves and find they are less of a man than they were, that holiness seems to be absent, and that the earth, in its most repulsive sense, is marked all over that which they wear...

"This, dear children, is the Truth; for although God is All-Love and All-Mercy, the Father has given the individual free-will, and that gift cannot be interfered with in any stage, through any experience.

"Those of the earth who are earthly in their thoughts, in their desires - who cleave to that which they call their possessions, passing by others in need, who cling to their comforts and make the body their god - they take their desires with them, and, as it were, on the landscape of themselves, the marks remain until by service, by the elimination of self, they can restore that beauty, that holiness, those powers which once were their own.

"My children, I would not sadden you but you are missionaries of the Saviour, you are being trained for that great and mighty work of redeeming others, having been redeemed yourselves. And so I speak to you and I speak to countless others, and I tell them to beware, for when they pass hence, anguish must be their portion when they look upon those so bound, when they know that perhaps if they had spoken, things might have been different, that such as these in a measure might have been free...

"Little ones, when we see God's Love at work, when we look around our conditions and count our many gifts, no satisfaction comes to us because they are ours, for on either side we see, with spiritual sight, others in torment, and in their suffering imposing unspeakable suffering upon those in their vibrations.

"This gift - the freedom of the body - it is ours, God's good gift; but what of the others? Can we rejoice in our freedom when there are slaves who are all around? Think you, dear children, could you take happiness - although bound in a physical body and hemmed in by a restricted mind - could you rejoice because you had, when you saw those who were destitute even of your lesser gifts?

"You would say to yourselves: 'I cannot forget that poor tortured one, the one who was blind, the one who was crippled, the one who was stricken in mind and body. I have my happiness but I cannot forget'. And the spirit within would instruct you how to act. You would look over what you had and you would say: 'This I can spare, they need it more than I do. This one is thirsty, that one is hungry; I will take of my gifts to them'.

"And as the thought comes so joy, like an everlasting fountain, surges up within you, for Christ is directing the thought and the act, and in your ministration the greatest joy of all is made your own. You look on the gift which is truly yours, and, in passing it on, it becomes more beautiful, greater in power, enhanced in value, and you leave it with another, thanking God that you had it to give, and that, in turn, it has brought a measure of comfort to one who was sore distressed.

"I speak to the good, I speak to the pure, I speak to those who have tried to follow Christ, who have taken up their cross to the best of their ability, and I say to them that though their birth after physical death will be glorious, though they will find on every side delight and delight again because the Divine, in a measure, is released; so their gifts will not hold them, so they will take up their spiritual equipment - that cloak of peace, those garments of joy, and the sceptre of power - and pass, by an act of free-will, out of that perfect harmony into the disharmony of others, out of that built up by their own strength, by their own fights, by their own endeavours and labours, pass into those terrible slums which exist in very truth in the stage which is the next beyond the earth experience, those conditions which have been built up by the heedless, the careless and the frail during their life on earth.

"This, dear children, must be faced, although my heart shrinks at the thought of bringing to you, my little ones, that which causes distress to dwell upon; but I say to you, and to all, that in your hands you have the wherewithal to, in a measure, prevent those awful pangs which follow after physical death, those pangs of the next body - that bondage, that blindness, that dumbness, which holds countless thousands who followed the world's way and forgot their God.

"One span further on in the missionary work tonight, one span further on; and you, my children here, have no cause to feel aught but gladness, for you are strong enough to face that which is Truth. The ones who have reason to mourn are those who could have known but turned from the closed door of wisdom, for they found not within themselves either the effort or the desire to open that which God meant should be forever cast away.

"That door, dear children, has been built up by the free-will of those on earth who have said within themselves and have taught others: 'So far can we go and no further; God has forbidden this and God has forbidden that'. Whereas the Lord God of all, from the beginning of time, has called to His children to come up higher and learn those things which are of Him.

"That door, dear children, is there through the ignorance and the self-pride of those upon the earth; and because that door has remained closed so long, so millions have passed into Life and have found the next stage more limited than this, have found the darkness greater than the darkness of your winter day.

"The Truth is God's gift to all, and that door must not only be opened but it must be battered down forever, for only sight and understanding can arouse those bound to the earth and earthly things, only understanding of consequences can strike off the chains of self which bind so many. And until there are those strong enough, pure enough, brave enough, to attack that door, to bear the bruises, the strain and the toil, so the door - though it may be ajar to some - remains formidable between the children of the earth and the revelation of the Life to come.

"You see, my little ones, how great a work lies before us all. You can understand why I say that it must be upward and onward, why I point out that the resting stages are the dangerous stages, for every minute there are those - who should be the attackers - who are building up accumulation and accumulation before that door, making it less easy to approach, making the obstacles greater to be overcome.

"But wisdom lies beyond, and the toilers, the constructors, the doers of the Word, they are hard at work, and God as the Saviour works amongst them. It is He who is directing you, it is the Great Redeemer who, by His grace and by His unlimited Love, will show you how to dispatch this, how to trample down that; and as you strive, so, dear children - though the door between the masses and revelation still remains - as you strive, so the power of God shall give to you that which is your spirit's desire, and the revelation shall come - that which you can bear, that which you can grasp, and a little more.

"And when you pass hence, still your work will go on, but you will work from the other side, calling to those who work from this, and that which lies between you, in time - by effort and concentration - will be overcome. But before that, you shall call to them and they shall answer, and the links will be complete.

"That is the next stage when the body is laid aside, but oh, dear-children, that glorious prospect cannot come to pass unless, during the dreary days on earth, during the uncongenial toil, you carry God's Truth in your heart. You must be prepared, you must be tried, you must be tested, you must be proved and proved again; for it is holy work that you are called to do, it is the Saviour's work, it is work that shall make more difference than you can grasp...

"Though the fields are white for harvest, the labourers are few (Luke 10:2). The fields with their ripe corn remain untouched, untended, and the corn, blackened by the sun of material things, at last crumbles to the earth, and is trampled into the soil... The fields are white for harvest but the labourers are few.

"This, dear children, is shown in all its gigantic responsibility when the body is no more. Then you look round on those on earth, and on those greater numbers who are chained in the next stage, because, when in the physical body, they forgot to seek God, and you will see how great a part ignorance played; that there were countless numbers who could have done better, who could have been stronger, who would have grasped the cross had they known, had they been rightly instructed.

"And then, dear children, as I told you before, those with the gifts, those with the powers, are inspired to use their gifts and their powers as Christ uses His gifts and His powers; and, in turn, when the miracle of God's Love has been wrought on the one you tend, so likewise the inspiration will come to him, and this goes on forever.

"Thus the next stage is turned into a possession which can never be taken away. It is the Home which is ours, it is the citadel of Peace, for the next stage, dear children, depends upon the individual. It can be all-holy, all-pure; it can be sweet in part and sad in part; it can be twilight, and it can be utter darkness all around.

"Not until man understands, will it be possible to eliminate that which causes anguish to the looker-on; the bondage and the imprisonment, the terrible bodies and the still more terrible minds.

"God's will is that the next stage of each life, each of those countless lives, should be sweet and bright and happy, but man's free-will cannot be tampered with, and as he chooses so the choice remains. But remember this: That such as these are ministered to, worked for, prayed for, wrestled with unceasingly, and the time comes when, through the power of God's Love, man's free-will is blended into the Father's will and all, all is well.

"And now, my children, I will leave you. I do not wish the sadness to remain but I want you to take from my words a mighty encouragement for the work in front; to feel that because you have been faithful, so God has found you fitting instruments for His use; because you have been taught and because you have tried to learn, so you have this gift to pass on to others, to prepare them, to give them warning, to protect them from their weaker selves..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, dear children, although perhaps I left with you a sense of strain and great responsibility, you have seen something of the Love of God at work, something of the happiness, something of the sweetness of freedom. So, when you pass on this Truth, present not only the shadow-side, the sad side, but turn the shield and show the wonder of a life lived for God.

"The next stage can excel the wildest dreams of anyone upon the earth; the next stage can represent to everyone that which to them would seem as perfection. But because of their gifts, because of their mighty treasures, so the spirit within will send them off on their quest, seeking for the lost, restoring to those who have cast away their precious gifts, healing the frail, passing on strength to the weak, and in this holy work demonstrating in very truth that Christ governs their heart, governs their mind, and directs their steps.

"My children, in the Name of Christ I bless you with the courage to endure both the great and the little, for His sweet sake. In the Name of the Father I call out from within that mother-heart, that Divine instinct to comfort and solace others. In the Name of the Holy Spirit I re-dedicate you to this sacred work for God, and I say that the blessing is all around to be passed on to others.

"It is upward and onward, climbing and climbing; yet, only can we climb by helping others to climb as well... In the Name of the Holy Spirit I re-dedicate you to this sacred work.

"Good-night, my little ones, and let reassurance illumine the path in front, for all is wonderfully well..."

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