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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 10th March, 1928

"Most tender Saviour, Thou who hast shown all men how to suffer, grant that the consciousness may come that through the pangs of the body, the anxieties of the mind and the hostility of others, Thy children are one step nearer to Thee in understanding. Oh, grant that each one may be sure not only of Thy protection, but that what their lives hold is part of the purpose, part of the plan; that if sorrow creeps close so then it indicates the joy that will be their own hereafter; that if suffering is their portion, that it may be a symbol to them of the strength which lies in front.

"Oh, open our eyes, release our understanding, and give us that greater faith which shall make all things clear. We ask it in the Name of Love. Amen...

"...My little children, tonight I have come into your midst to, as it were, unveil just a tiny portion of that which you recognise as Truth. I put it in that way, for, when you are free, what you have learnt will seem as this: That on the pathway of life, here and there were signposts which gave you your direction; that now and again, someone who had trod the path before had come back to reassure you that you had not missed your way, that you were taking the road meant by your Father and Mother God.

"Truth to us is so mighty a thing and yet so delicate, in the sense that those of the world and of other conditions have it within their power to throw that which is ugliness and density over its loveliness. Thus, Truth is veiled for a space, and those who did and those who do, and the innocent as well, they suffer; but only through suffering can the coverings from Truth be removed; for it has been obscured by the free-will of man; not by God's will but by the desire of the lesser self within.

"I pass on this night a few fragments of Truth, yet I promise, under the direction of the Master, that when you are free from physical restrictions, with joy you shall perceive that that which you have learnt is true and came from the One who loves you best, for without the Master, without our God, no word could pass my lips or through those of the child I use. We are constrained by something which is entirely beyond the control of anyone in any sphere - we are constrained by the Holy Spirit. This is our gift and our protection, and we are helpless if that power is removed.

"But you, my little ones, I have gathered together for God's sweet purpose, and, in time to come, each one will go back on this evening and realise that indeed a milestone appeared on that which was the journey of life. Oh, remember ever that when you have your direction, your responsibility is to turn to others and point out that which marks the way, and to give reassurance over the road in front.

"Tonight, my children, by command of the Saviour, I speak on that which I name: 'Lesser Calvaries'.

"And though I address you, as I speak I have in mind all my many, many children who, at this same time, are beset by much, who feel that life - physical life - presents a problem too difficult to be unravelled, aye, too painful to be borne. But I speak to them in the Name of Love, and I tell them, for their comfort, that the bond between them and Christ, the Crucified One, is that much stronger through what they are undergoing at this stage...

"Lesser Calvaries: Some indeed seem a mockery, a travesty of that day when All-Love suffered at the hands of man. But I want you to come with me in thought away from the present, back, back into the past, to those times when civilisation was unknown, when mercy did not exist, when the weak perished in their hundreds, when the workers were slaves, when the little children were born into conditions which represented horror itself.

"My little ones, think of that time when history, as you understand the word, existed only in the minds of the few, long before the written word, long before man was capable or wishful of writing a narrative of the past. In those far times, by word of mouth - although speech was limited - something in the nature of history was passed on one to another in legend, in tales based on facts.

"These brought their solace, for, in those far times, there was naught else to distract from the day of toil, of watching and waiting, of trapping and hunting. The primitive children of men lived surrounded by danger in innumerable forms, they fought for sustenance, they were at the mercy of others like unto themselves, and many - aye, the majority - had not grasped even the elementary principles of fair play.

"Now think to yourselves: 'What does all that indicate?' There are many, pondering over the past, who have said to themselves: 'Primitive man had only just emerged from the animal. The so-called scientists of this time and the little yesterday, they have laid down certain lines of reasoning, and by deduction they say, and they believe, that in the stage before that included in history, man was as the animal, and much of the animal remained for centuries'.

"All this, dear children, I admit in regard to the animal tendencies of man, but I have told you before, because it is the truth, that God never intended man to be animal; God intended man to be as the angels, light within and light without, bearing resemblance to His own image, gifted with His powers. Yet man - as evidence shows in a way impossible to refute - man, in the dim past of this little planet, was hardly removed from the animal, and even today there are some who, at times, exhibit characteristics not only akin to the animal but lower in development than that.

"As I have underlined, this indicates how far man fell from his high estate. In the stage before and the stage before that, right back through the past - long before this little earth was used to serve God's purpose - the children of the Father forsook the way, and as they lived, as their desires, so indeed they became. The gifts of the spiritual mind, all that wisdom housed within, like Truth, became obscured and still more obscured, and, at last, was so buried that those created in God's own image not only lived as animals but looked as animals as well.

"Yet God is a God of mercy, of unlimited Love, and man, though he may deny his Creator, is still under the care of the One who gave him life. And so out of what man had done unto himself - out of the strength of the forces of destruction allied against him, out of the hunger, out of the slaying, out of the bodies torn by the animals who regarded man as their prey - so God drew together that which should cast some of the chains from His children, give them a degree of freedom and bring them back into a faint resemblance to the man and woman which it was the Father's intention they should represent in that far-off stage...

"Lesser Calvaries: My little ones, do you think it was nothing to the Father when those of His children - so defenceless, indeed without any means of repelling the enemies around - do you think it was nothing to the Father when His children were torn to pieces after a terrible struggle? Was it nothing to the Father when food was scarce, when the water failed? Ah, out of these lesser Calvaries brought on man by himself, so a measure of resurrection was made his own.

"This law applies to the time you name that of the Egyptians, and, again, to those times familiar to you because of that chronicled in the Sacred Record. These men and woman, perhaps beautiful to look upon, they, in the stage before the physical, had failed yet they had conquered, and so they came into this planet with gifts and disadvantage - gifts of the mind, of the hand, yet with bondage within.

"But these desecrated, for the most part, that which they had, and this stage would have been worse than the last except, again, for the mercy of God. For, my children, although some ignore it, this fact is worked out in many more cases than is known - the time comes when retribution falls upon the guilty one. Forget not that life abused, the laws of the body disregarded, the weaker self allowed to take command, all this brings a terrible penalty.

"Such as these, who had every chance, so it seemed, to demonstrate something of their inheritance, these, because the Divine within was shackled, turned from God, they ignored the Law, and many brought upon themselves agonies which you cannot understand; but, out of their pangs, so a little of that thrown away was rescued, and once more God's Love was demonstrated to mankind...

"And then I speak of the toilers, those who had very few gifts, who were beset by much, who had Authority above them - brutal, pitiless and determined. If you ask me: 'Does it mean that their past was less progressive than the others?' I answer: No, for the most part they had made better uses of that bestowed by God; and out of the release within, although the bondage might still be great, the spirit was able to control, and these, little ones, went through a Calvary indeed.

"How difficult it is to portray the past, yet, as I speak, it is all around me, and many out of the past have gathered close to you. In these days when life runs, as it were, upon a plain, it is not easy to present a true picture, a picture that will remain upon the mind, but it is necessary to try; for forget not that those who suffered in time long past, those who fell away from God, who sought the things of the earth and defied their Maker, these, each one, are brother and sister to you; and if they have learned their lessons and have emerged out of twilight into the Light, so they delight to help the little ones upon the earth plane to learn their lessons in turn.

"All - whether of the bright realms or of the darkest conditions - all are one under our Father and Mother God; we are His children and we dare not repudiate the weakest or the frailest.

"And then, my little ones, I bring you on to your own time or, rather, to that time which you can remember either through narrative or by personal experience. Many look back and sigh for the time that has passed. Again, there are others who say: 'Oh, let me forget; the past held sorrow and disillusionment; let me forget'.

"Now, think you as to this: In your own case and in the case of others, the time which represents resting or drifting, the gathering around you of the things of the world which minister to the lesser self - that time, although it may represent happiness to you, must indeed indicate to those with any discernment that very little could have been worked in.

"You ask me: 'Is happiness wrong?' And I answer: Happiness is the law of the Spirit; but the happiness of the earth and the happiness of the Spirit, how oft are they the same? Cannot you see that the resting stages are the dangerous stages?

"There are those who love to dwell upon their childhood. Life seemed sweet then, responsibilities were few or they were shouldered by others; many friends gathered to their hearth: 'We did this, we did that; oh, I wish I were young again'. Yes, there are always those who think in that way, but does not the exclamation give the explanation? 'I wish I were a child again' - a child in courage, a child in effort, a child in experience. When these are free and they look back over the record of the earth life, those fair days will represent failure, for the sunshine was of the earth alone.

"And then, amongst yourselves, you speak of those who have sorrow in the home. Pity wrings your heart over the little ones, over the lack of a mother's or a father's care; and you ask: 'Can this be God's will?' And I answer: It was the will of the Divine within the physical garment.

"Lesser Calvaries: Do you think that God, All-Love, is unmoved by the hungry children, by the little ones who know not the protection of a mother, who have not the understanding and the affection that they have the right to expect? Oh, think again. Many a child has not only carried the cross, but, according to its strength, has suffered upon the cross, yet only so that the resurrection might come...

"And then I speak of that which you name war, and I have taught you ever that strife on earth is merely a physical expression of the strife, the awful battle which goes on unremittingly between the forces on the side of Christ and those who would stamp His influence out.

"What of war in the past, in those times when the healers were absent, when man knew scarcely anything as to the mending of the physical garment, and nothing regarding the stemming of pain? Think of the wars of old, how the victims paid an awful price. Was it nothing to God that His children lay untended on the battlefield and died of thirst; was it nothing to Love when those so ignorant of that which you name surgery did their dreadful work?... Lesser Calvaries but Calvaries in very truth.

"Yet never forget - oh, spread it abroad - that you cannot have anything in the nature of a cross without the gain, without the new life which follows, by a law of the Spirit, with a precision that no force of evil can upset.

"My children, what of all those who have gone through life upon the earth plane beset by want, seeking ever but finding not; who are indeed the victims of a system built up by those who know not Christ? What of the poor? What of those condemned to a weak physical body through the frailty of the ones who were before them, who passed on, as a natural consequence, a garment which represents the wilderness, the garden and Calvary combined? Is it nothing to God that those He created to love each other, to help one another, that these have done to each other such terrible injury?

"But, again, out of the weakness, out of the work of the destructive forces - because God is God - so the pattern is worked in. God cannot control man's free-will but out of the suffering which results, so He draws His children nearer and nearer to Him, and instead of death there is resurrection and light and peace and joy...

"And so, my little ones, in thinking of your own lot and the portion of those you know, reverse your judgements, give God His rightful due. Man destroys, man seeks to shatter the plan, but Love dominates all along the line; and out of the pangs, out of the hunger, out of the many disappointments, the terror and black despair, something is brought to life which shall never die, and the power of the Holy Spirit is so around the individual that in the little tomorrow, yesterday is forgotten, and, with sight, he thanks his God for the pangs that he has borne...

"All through the ages there have been these lesser Calvaries, in the sense that no one was, or could be, so sensitive as the Beloved. Literally, He bore the burdens of His creation; literally, today the Christ, our Father and Mother God, bears the pangs of suffering humanity.

"We, as we take the earth journey, so oft find our lot heavy to breaking-point, yet it is as one portion compared to the Christ portion. But you know, for I have told you again and again, that each one can imitate the Christ by giving out sympathy, by entering into the experiences of others.

"Oh, think of this: There are, in the world today, so-called good men and women; but how much do they bear of the burdens of others? How far does intuition take them? Can they say: 'I understand'? That, little ones, is where the goodness of the earth and the goodness of the Spirit so little resemble each other.

"In the measure that the traveller upon the earth plane enters not into the lot of others, so is the distance in development between himself and Christ as He lived, even as you and I. Christ walked amongst the crowd and the crowd drew from Him love and compassion and understanding. There was never one who could rightly say: 'The Master could not enter into my lot'. Nay, if they but passed Him, that which you name their conditions were His own.

"Therefore, whatever the sufferings of the individual, it is a lesser Calvary than His. And think not that that word represents the Cross alone. Nay, little ones, Calvary was, as it were, spread over the life of the Master; and when you are free, I will take you back over incident and happening right from the time when the Babe was born in Bethlehem, and you shall see for yourselves that although man may name one incident the Cross, the shadow of the Cross was upon the Child from early years.

"Yet forget not that the Child was born under the star, and this explains much and it applies to all. Under the star of hope and love and promise, so each child of the earth is born; and if the star lengthens into the cross as the days and years go on, oh, remember ever that when the garment is cast aside, no cross remains, but the star of resurrection has been made his own.

"This is God's Truth, and that which I have imparted this night should not only bring comfort to you all, but, as I speak, so thousands and thousands from other planes have raised their eyes to the star of hope, and once more God has been justified for Love has followed them all the way...

"So, my little ones, I leave you for a space, but forget not your responsibility, which is to pass on truth as truth is; to go to the sorrowful one with a message of hope, to go to the outcast and give the reassurance of light and beauty and a home in front... And now I leave you for a space..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, when winter time is past, each one greets the spring with a sense of thankfulness, and those who know their God, they praise Him and thank Him for the beauty of nature, for the renewal of life, for the promise which has been fulfilled.

"So to you all I speak in these tones. I remind you that after the darkness comes the dawn, and the dawn is followed by the sunrise. After winter so the first hint of spring, and then comes that which you name the summer, with its fragrance, with its profusion, with its health-giving sunshine.

"These things, they represent that which is of the earth, but I am talking of the things of the Spirit. Though sorrow may have held you, though that which represents strain and trial may have darkened your path, never forget that because God over-rules all things, so the waiting time passes, so doubt and misgiving give place to assurance and confidence in the working out of the plan.

"You emerge out of your Calvary on to the Easter morn, and the Easter morn is but a symbol of that Life which nothing can destroy, for, indeed, it has come out of the pangs, out of the opposition, out of the treachery and denial. Suffering has redeemed that which has been thrown away, and, in its new garment, the freed self within is able to face that which lies in front not only with courage but with joy, not only with faith but with certainty, for the release of love within has revealed something of Love without, and you and all those who have taken the hard road, who have tried to keep close to Christ, shall say with conviction: 'Though I doubted, God has failed not'...

"I bless you, dear children, with confidence in the One who loves you best; I bless you with the realisation that God desires His little ones to be happy; I bless you with revelation as to the brightness, the peace, and the sweet content which is your portion if you hold fast to the One who has brought you through. If you place yourself fearlessly by the side of the Redeemer, claiming Him as your companion, so, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the night retreats for ever and God's day is made your own.

"Farewell, rest in peace, and pass on of the good news to others - the blessing which is protection, the blessing which makes all things clear. Farewell."

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