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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 15th March, 1925.

"Thou, dear Lord, hearest our prayers. Thou answerest the petitions of Thy Children, both on the earth plane and in those many spheres which are numbered among Thine own; therefore, tonight we meet together in thankfulness, in the wish to learn and the wish to serve. Send down upon us Thy power, O Saviour Christ; grant that Thy little children may enter into the peace which is of Thee...

"Father, guide us, steady us, remould us so that we indeed express something of Thy thought. Take away the earth impressions, block out the noise of the busy world and bid us enter into Holiness; and in Holiness to learn something of Thy wonderful purpose, of the plan which even now Thy children, unconsciously, are working upon...

"O God, we ask these things in simple faith and trust. We come to Thee as children in understanding and development; and we know that ever, as Thou extended Thy most compassionate love to the little ones who gathered to Thy knee, so we also shall find in Thee tonight, and always, just that for which the heart cries out - the satisfaction of those longings which the mind cannot express, those inspirations and aspirations which concern the Spirit alone...

"Father we thank Thee. Teach us how to be grateful, teach us how to pass on the good tidings to others - for Christ's sake... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children, and I am going to say at once that I am very glad to see that others have listened to the Voice of the Spirit, and have come, instinctively, to that which teaches them a little more of the Mind of God, of God's wonderful thoughts towards His little ones cabined within the physical body.

"Oh, never think that because you wander here awhile - outside, it seems to you, the range of things celestial - never think that more than that infinitesimal part of you remains outside. You cannot think one thought of unselfishness, one thought of self-discipline, one thought of God, without immediately entering into that which is of the Spirit.

"Never think that the Father waits for the physical experience to lapse before giving you of His gifts. Remember that He said: 'Come unto Me', and in coming the gifts are vouchsafed...

"Oh, my little children, if I could portray but once something of the tender Heart of God, you would indeed feel that the material things of the life which you now live are as naught; you would feel that being in touch with Him you could let all else go by.

"Some of you have thought a little on my words. I told you that when Christ came into my physical life, what the world had to give, or what it had to take away, was as nothing - nothing to me (See Address: "Zodiac's Life on Earth", 1st March, 1925).

"And why was this? Simply, dear children, that, as I tried to explain to you before, my real self - all that felt and thought - was free, free from the tempestuous conditions in which I was placed, free to commune direct - the spirit within with the Parent Spirit - not above, not beyond my physical reach - but companioning me, by my side, accessible at any moment - mine, mine to call upon for strength, for endurance, for all that sweet peace in which my soul was bathed.

"And that is the position of man today, but he heeds it not. Again and again you have it laid down in your scriptures - plainly and with no reason for twisting its meaning - you have it laid down that God is amongst you, with you all, in you, and you of Him... Oh, my children, tonight I ask you once more to stand free - free from these entangling thoughts, free to grow, free to be, and free to act.

"This is the future, this is what lies before you in a way impossible for you to grasp now; the life of service, which is of joy, which is of peace - that life which knows no ending, which can defy physical death - for it shall come to you and you shall know it not. This is the future, and it goes on for all eternity, because you are linked to Christ - Christ, who never rests, who never grows weary of helping, strengthening, calling His children on and on...

"On earth valuable time is wasted; on all sides you see your fellow beings pursuing that which is but an echo of the real. But when this brief experience is over, then they will have to go back on their tracks, and, with sorrow and with suffering, rebuild, re-create, remould as the spirit within directs.

"Yes, there is much that lies in front, but tonight, for a few minutes, I want you to think of Christ. On other evenings we have taken various subjects which have raised queries in the physical minds of one or the other; and, as time goes on, I intend to deal with all these questions, with all those debatable points, in order to clear a space - to clear the vibrations so that the mind of the spirit can be free. It is impossible for you to understand the things which are of God while these teasing queries remain unanswered; but, mark you, I do this for one purpose only - to prepare, to attune your minds so that the Greater Wisdom may find a lodgement within...

"Tonight, then, we will take the highest and the best and the sweetest - we will think of Christ: Christ, not only in those days of old, living amongst men, teaching, helping, healing - but Christ, the same Christ who was from the beginning, and will be unto the end. For, as I have told you before, the Lord God Jehovah was, and is, the same Gentle Shepherd who was slain by man.

"But think you, my children, of this: Christ said: 'For judgement I am come... that they which see not, might see' (John 9:39) - and I want you to consider this statement in its true aspect. You have it on record that the Saviour also said that He came: 'not to judge the world but to save it' (John 12:47), and that stands for all time.

"Christ, God, the King of Kings, came into our midst with a simplicity, with a love past all understanding - came not to judge others but to be judged by us. And those who had eyes to see, those who had tried to cleanse their sin-stained hearts, they saw the Divine, they saw that which was Tenderness personified, Tenderness demonstrated as never it had been before... God came into the midst of mankind for judgement - judgement by the children which He created - saying to them, saying to you, to the world at large: 'Look at Me, examine Me, judge Me, because you belong to Me and I belong to you!'

"Children, the physical mind finds it impossible to grasp such exquisite humility. The physical mind, so glorying in its own petty powers, cannot understand that the One with all-Power, the One who created everything, who thought out the marvels of this and of that - those marvels which, dear children, you know little about and of which man, as a whole, is entirely ignorant, the glories and the wonders which are of the Spirit - the God who made us all, the God who gave us Life, who has endowed us with His Spirit, part of Himself - that He came down to earth, and before His children submitted Himself for judgement, so that they who were blind might see, that the voice of the spirit should be heard, should answer, and break free...

"Children, as you know, Love Divine, past all understanding, was, by the few, deemed deserving of death... Listen and take it in; visualise that scene yourself - not the agony of the Cross, not the torture of the body, but the anguish of the Spirit within, the anguish of Love refused - the anguish of seeing His little ones bind themselves to the forces which are of darkness.

"Here you get the true representation of the Crucifixion, before which the physical suffering seems as nothing. God crucified by those He came to help, to heal, and to save from their lesser selves. Love - understanding Love - spurned and despised.

"This is the real lesson of Lent, this is what I would have you ponder over - for then you will see that it is in the power of humanity to crucify God again and again. True, the physical body is no more, but, as you know full well, Christ is bound to you, walks with you through your physical experiences, suffers with you - indeed is anguished when you turn from Him, not understanding the gift which is held out...

"That is the lesson of this season of sacred memories. Christ came for judgement - and Christ is judged by you all during your daily life. Is He worth following? Is He worth fighting for? Is His Love worth having? These are the questions put to each one again and again. The Lord God of all waits - waits with that exquisite patience, waits for man to judge Him and to say: 'This is my God Whom I adore!'

"Yes, dear children, the days go on, time is flying fast; thousands pass over spiritually unawakened, totally ignorant of the duty they owe to the Divinity within. And then, when they have laid the body aside, they see and they understand. Not at first, it is true. You cannot turn your eyes from Love during the physical journey and then, when that is o'er, look at the Divine. No, the eyes are chained to the earth, the evil which they have sought, deliberately, has closed them in; and because they preferred the darkness, when the Light was all around, so they must wait - wait until the stifled desire of the spirit within gains strength to assert itself once more.

"Children, you know that I have told you often that Christ's love is around the lowest, the weakest, those who have betrayed the Spirit most. The Father and His children are never separated, but the child turns from the Father and heeds Him not. Yet you must know that time so wasted takes much effort to make up; that death, the death of the body, changes you not at all - in this sense: That where your desires are, there do you go. Each goes into 'his own place', and that place is being built up, point by point, as the thoughts, as the actions, as those worst emotions surge through the mind. They are there to be faced, to be conquered and to be overcome; and that which was not done when the opportunity was offered, during the earthly experience - then, when that time is over, he who was blind has to learn to see... Changed, and yet not changed when the physical body is no more...

"Yet I have a word of infinite comfort for those who have tried and have failed again and again. To those I say: As you have striven, as that greater 'you' within longs to soar, to be free of the cloying thoughts that seek to hold you back - as the desires, as the aspirations - so you shall find, when the garment is laid aside, that you step free into that which you longed to be...

"That is the pilgrim's progress; and so, dear children, I want you tonight, as always, to get back, back to the Christ way of thinking.

"First of all, in your mind, to build up a portrait of The Beloved - yes, of the One who understands you best, the One who loves you whatever you are, whatever you fail to be. Get before you that Image of Love, and then call out the spirit of God which is within - and you can do it, by thought. You can do it in your daily work, in the most mundane tasks which make up your lives. All that is necessary to contact with the Divine is just the wish - just the thought: 'God hold me, God keep me.'

"Prayer is thought, remember that. You were told to pray, to withdraw from others and kneel in prayer. This, as the Father knew so well, was of aid to you in raising the mind from those multitude of physical distractions; but with the soul who knows and who recognises his Saviour, he can contact with the Divine on a second's thought...

"Remember that whatever you do, Christ is by your side, Christ is there to help you, to guide you and to restore; and if this one thought is stored in the mind - 'God', or 'Christ', or 'Master' - just the one thought - then the communion between you is complete... That is prayer, prayer penetrating into those Realms of Holiness which represent God - 'my Father', 'my Saviour', 'my Beloved'.

"Children, there is one other point which I should like to speak about tonight. It is in regard to the quest which is in front of you all. I am not speaking of physical conditions just now - I am speaking of those journeys which the greater mind takes when sleep claims you, or even during the busy day when your thoughts travel off on their own.

"I want you to know wither your steps are trending - what is the task which lies before you in regard to the spiritualisation of that which must be allied to the spirit within...

"Children, it is a little difficult to put into words, but I have to tell you that a 'trinity' lies before each one in regard to the expansion and the development of your own individuality.

"In order to be used by God after the physical body has been relinquished, in order to do that pioneer work - that work which allies you to the peace and the joy which is of Him - in each man and in each woman there has to be a 'trinity' of development.

"It is as this: In the days to come, when you will see with the eyes of the spirit - there, contained in you, must be the perfect man, the perfect woman, and the perfect child.

"Now this statement may seem a little confusing, but wait and I will explain:

"You see, dear children, in the God-Mind there is completion; and yet, endowed with a physical body, of necessity your characteristics are those associated with the masculine or the feminine, as the case may be...

"At once, you see that, to a certain extent, during the physical experience you can only develop along the line of the characteristics which you possess; but, and this must strike home to all, there are certain characteristics which, more or less, are reserved for the man or for the woman; and, of course, with the child, there are those gifts of the Spirit which are lost or submerged as the years go on.

"Some there are who have noticed with disgust, that woman is inclined to show tendencies which are rather masculine than feminine; and, again, the accusation is brought against man that he, in some respects, is losing that manliness which marked him off from the woman...

"Let not these things distress you. True it is that human nature mistakes the guiding path, and takes the wrong road which brings pain in the end. Yet I would tell you this: That if man would choose to emulate those higher qualities of tenderness, of sacrifice, and devotional love, which the woman possesses - he would find that he was growing nearer to the God-ideal. And if woman, instead of aping those characteristics which so often indicate the lesser side of man - if woman would focus her attention on his strength and stability, his courage and the executive power to act in times of need, so she too would grow nearer to the Divine within.

"You see, dear children, where I am leading you. This is the meaning - the purpose of God's plan in linking men and women together; but how humanity as a whole has marred that plan!

"Yes, each should draw strength from the other - that is the ideal. And although certain qualities may be associated with a feminine or a masculine body, yet, through companionship, each may catch the reflected light from the other; when, seeing its beauty, they long to make it their own...

"And then we come to the child. My little ones, after you have traversed far, after you have experienced much, then it will dawn upon you that there is only one thing which can give the finishing touch to that which has been brought together by much labour, by much discipline of self - the purity, the faith, and the trust of a little child.

"That lies before each one. Though their minds may be saturated with the material things of the physical world, that is their quest, and what has to be, and will be accomplished, although aeons and aeons of time may elapse before it is done.

"Think you of this... There are some things which go too deep to be put into words. As you know, I saw Christ - I was with Him, I listened to Him, and I loved Him as I never knew it was possible to love before. And then, when my body was laid aside, I entered into those sweetnesses, those inexpressible joys which are part of the vibrations which He pours out upon us all. The power and the glories and the wonders - I mention them not, because once you have seen something of the Love of God, then you have got the highest and the best.

"Think over my words, and let the spirit within guide you and teach you and lead you on. God will help you - He will never cease in His efforts to break down those last defences of the physical mind; and once these are laid low, so you too, little children of my heart, will enter into that peace which passeth all bounds... And so I leave you..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...It is Chambers, Mrs. Moyes. I haven't been for a long time, but I have been busy, although not quite in the way you think. I've come tonight just to say a few words, because not only do I like to be with you but there are two others here who I'd like to remember me in this way (Mr. Goddard and Mr. Hall).

"It is a bit difficult to start at first... The one you call 'Zodiac' - well, I mustn't say anything, but I can't quite get a grip over the conditions he has left behind.

"Mrs. Moyes, there is one thing I'd like to clear up in the beginning, and that is in regard to the different mediums I use. It seems to you - and I can understand it - that I should have chosen the better part if I had kept to those who love me and those I tried to teach. Well, I can imagine that it is hard for anyone who is on earth to get inside another's feelings; but it is impossible - once you have passed out and seen - to stop working, working, working! Yet you should know that although we may go hither and thither, our heart and our love is not changed because of this.

"But what I have come to speak about tonight, is the attitude of my colleagues in the Church.

"It is a sore point with some of those who are working for the spreading of this Truth... I don't mean you, but in looking round I see that so many have that heart-sick feeling, the feeling that the boat is loaded and anchored on the mud because those who have the power to release the stream - the free stream - and to float the boat, are withholding their hand...

"You must remember that I speak with a certain amount of feeling over this. I suffered in a curious way when I was attempting to ram this Truth home myself. Do you know, I suppose I hardly went to one Church where the Vicar didn't say: 'Go gently with your theories, Chambers, go gently!' - and it was with that ringing in my mind that I got up to preach.

"Mrs Moyes, you won't misunderstand, I know, when I say that there were hundreds who came in from outlying villages, trudging weary miles in order to hear my message of hope - to be assured that their 'dead' still cared for them, still thought of them, and that they had not lost them so long as physical life remained.

"Don't think I am judging others but you do see the position in which I was placed. With this Truth burning in my heart and mind, with the longing to tell them and to comfort them, and to bid them to tell others, so that bar was thrown across the free stream of my thoughts - 'Go gently!'

"I have been listening to a lot of talk just lately, I have been to the Congress and I have stood by one and the other. I have followed the discussions - the ins and the outs and the outs and the ins - and then I watched the shaking of hands and the departure of each one to his own home and parish...

"But I want you to know this: That these men thought they had done a good day's work - and because they thought so and wanted to do the right thing, so that is stored up for them. But as those in the Spirit see things - well, it nearly broke our hearts. All the words, the words, the words! - and the starved spirit of the world crying in vain for bread. I said, Mrs. Moyes, 'for bread' - the bread of Life-Everlasting!

"And then I come back to myself - I always come back to myself: 'Why didn't I do more - why didn't I do more!' - and in that cry you have the tragedy of my life...

"They too, when the vision comes, when they see with the eyes of the spirit - they too will be tortured, even as I have been tortured; and all the Love, the power, and the beauties over here, cannot take away this agony of self-reproach...

"I yielded not to others to this extent: I spoke, as you know, of the Truth. But the shadows, using the thoughts and the speech of those I admired and respected, were for ever pointing out imaginary dangers - pointing out that it was not wise, that there were unbalanced people and they might suffer!

"And I was influenced - thinking I was 'guided', being very much on my own, and feeling that perhaps God might regard me as exceeding my duty; for, after all, who was I to get up and try and teach the world!...

"You can see the methods the shadows use - the subtlety, the accursed subtlety of it all!

"You can't do much more than you are doing; and you can't force people into the safe path which will take away half of the compunction later on - you can't do it - but you can try; and that's my little message tonight. And when you are free yourself, you will be able to look back and see that because the Light had managed to creep into your minds, so you spoke of that Light to others; that because you had been taught something of the things which are of God, so, in turn, you tried to show others where beauty and holiness and peace and freedom lay waiting for them.

"For you who are here tonight, I have one word and that is this: You have been given a chance - not to escape the wrath of God because that never existed, nor the purgatory built up by the cruelty in the physical minds of men - but to escape, in some measure, the agony of facing Love, Love and perfect forgiveness, knowing that you have not even done your best to deserve either one or the other.

"Mrs. Moyes, don't be sad! I'm not sad really, although I suffer, it is true. But these few words will tell you why it is that I go on and on, why it is that I lose no opportunity - that I must speak and speak again, trying to do something of that which I wanted to do when I was on earth, but was held back by the shadows.

"I have told you before, that if I had my physical life over again, I'd go out into the public market places, into the busy street, at the cross roads, and whether I was howled down or not, I would tell the people something of what lies before them; tell them not only that their loved ones are all around them, but that they are torturing those loved ones by their evil ways - torturing those who have passed out of physical existence - because where love is, those who remain behind cannot think or act evilly, without striking the ones linked to them, who see and who know.

"One more word: Ralph, tell my colleagues that I came tonight, that my happiness, so far as gifts and conditions are concerned - that that happiness is as complete as anyone could imagine - but tell them also my point of view...

"God help us all to be strong, and, when we have seen the Light, never to drop our eyes again. That is all.

"I am not sending a message specially to Kate or to Nellie, except to remind them of the past and - what I said before - the work which lies in front; work with mind and spirit, by prayer and by suffering - the work which lies in front! That is holding me fast - to make good, to build stronger, to keep closer to my Saviour, Christ, who has led me through and is teaching me how to grow... Goodnight..."

(After all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we must not strain things too much. We have had a long and useful evening and I want you, as you go your separate ways, to remember that it is the Spirit which called you together, and that it is the Spirit that ever and ever again bids you put your ideals one point higher up.

"That is what man so often forgets. In talking to himself and to others against this principle, he says: 'Ideals are not practical in a practical world!' But I say that when the physical life is ended, the children of the earth will see that the most practical thing in their lives was their idealism; for that stands while the things of the earth pass away...

"Children, there are many on the earth side who have sought to gather to themselves much that is desirable, much that delights the heart and the mind and the eye; but when you stand free in the Spirit, you will realise that these possessions were as dross indeed. 'Not as the world giveth, give I unto you' (John 14:27), but those priceless gifts - the knowledge and the understanding of the Mind of God.

"Remember: 'Render unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's' - to the world the work of the world; and unto God the thoughts, the dedication, the sanctities of your heart and mind. For only by this process, by following the narrow, steep path up the mountain-side, can the vision glorious be your own.

"These are my closing words - used once before tonight: To the prepared mind the vision comes; to the disciplined heart the love which is of God. There you have the thing complete, unity with the spirit within - that spirit linking itself, forged to the Divine Father-Spirit, whose love is everywhere in your lives, whatever state or sphere or condition you may be in; that all-Pervading Love, that Holiness, that Sweetness, that inexpressible Peace - linked to the Father as sons and daughters, linked to the Most High. That is the gift, that is the free-offering made to you and to all. Then arise in heart and mind and take that which is your own.

"God bless you all. May His peace rest over you, banishing misgivings and misunderstandings. May the consciousness of something of His wonderful love penetrate into your physical minds, turning all the world into sunshine and brightness and joy... Amen.

"Goodnight, my children."

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