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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Chichester, on Sunday, 7th September, 1947

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"MY CHILDREN, my heart is full of love as I come amongst you in this same way; and my mind is taken back to the days of old when the faithful few gathered together in the homes of those we knew and eagerly sought to learn that which the Master had given forth.

"Many were the questions asked, and some of the thoughts expressed showed that those concerned were growing up, and I want you to try to visualise the training which was essential so that when the time came of test and trial the individuals concerned would have sufficient faith to stand firm, to face persecution, and to be able to attune the mind so that the horror of a violent death would not turn them from their purpose. I speak of these things from time to time because you today find it very hard to understand the state of mind which enabled a young girl or youth still to hold on to their purpose in spite of the beatings, in spite of a rigid authority, and a cruelty that was profound.

"But today I want to speak to you about a subject which concerns each and everyone, it concerns all those in this little world of yours and it has shown results on millions who have passed into the Greater life; and the subject is this: 'Invalidism After Physical Death'.

"Now many of you think naturally, that with the shedding of the body there is the shedding of the ills of the body. This is true, but I ask you to go a little further - the shedding of the ills of the body does not mean necessarily the shedding of the ills of the character of the one concerned, and many people, on awakening in the Spirit World, are aghast to find that they are still invalids. You who have nursed the sick, you who have laid the tired hands in a form of prayer before the body was lost to sight, you may find it difficult to build up in your minds the effect of the earth life upon that new life which is entered - the effect of remembrance.

"So today I have come by the Will of God to speak to you on very practical lines. The mere fact that I lived centuries ago does not alter that which is of the greatest importance - my understanding of earthly conditions today.

"It may seem strange to many that one accustomed to life in the East can come back and use the physical body of a woman to give forth the truth left as a trust by the Master of all Life, and there are some who question as to the language that I employ.

"But I want you to remember that when you pass into Spirit Life, according to the effort you have made, so will be your mental powers and your illumination, so will it be possible for you to adapt yourselves to the changed conditions you find there. You will pass among many of other nationalities, and it will seem wonderful to you that you can understand that which they say; not only have you then earned the gift of tongues but what is equally important, you have earned adaptability of mind so that you can understand the different tongues of others.

(Acts 2, 4)

"This point was not brought out in the Scriptures as we should desire. There were those who had contacted with God through the sacrifices they were prepared to make to follow in the steps of the Master, and released in them was the gift of tongues. They could speak to those of many nationalities who gathered together at times of festivals and feasts and other religious ceremonies. But the fact that they could speak to these in their own tongue should have been linked to the equally important fact that they could understand the language spoken to them by those from other parts.

"So when it was made known to me that the great privilege would be my own to return as a missionary to the earth plane, I sought to adapt myself to the necessities I should have to meet, and for a time unthinkable to you I walked with those of your race, unseen by them, unwanted perchance, but I watched the workings of their minds. I learnt the habits of their lives, I understood after great effort the intricacies of the laws which govern this particular part of the earth plane. Had this not been so I could not have received the Master's word to go forth, as it were, into the wilderness and to find those who would listen unto me. With grateful thanks to the Most High I underline my joy that there have been so many drawn into the Mission I came to spread. My love is over each and everyone, and because of this love I have come today to stress that word (invalidism) which you associate with ill-health.

"There is much being done to heal the sick, but there are some bodies which as you know cannot respond to the balm given by devoted workers. There are the old; the body is worn out, the faculties are waning, and the time will come when at last the Spirit within will give up the encumbrances associated with the earth and pass into a new state.

"But here we come, my children, to something which is of a very serious character, the fact of remembrance - remembrance of many things, remembrance of the care of others, remembrance of authority, remembrance of earthly treasure, remembrance of the deference paid because possessions were their own. All these memories survive physical death and they represent either a great barrier to happiness or a great asset; but it depends entirely on the one concerned.

"And you who suffer from the ills of the flesh, who realise that never again can you claim that which is regarded as 'good health,' I want you to be certain that if the body is troublesome now and will be unto the end, there is something of so gigantic a character which will come out of physical weakness that you will feel, when you are free, that every pang was worth while, that every wakeful night has brought to you a greater wisdom through the patience exacted through the strain on the nervous system.

"You may say to me: 'Is it God's Will that there should be so much suffering, that the physicians should be able to do so little when it means so much, when there are many who could work hard in the Master's service if only they were strong, if only they were not invalids?'

"So we come back to the point of: 'Invalidism After Physical Death', and I want you to think on these lines because, drawn into it, there is that which represents fatalism - 'it is no use struggling, it is no use trying, evidently it is my lot; I was predestined to disease, predestined to unhappiness!'

"All these things, my children, may be true from a material point of view, but when you are free from the flesh you will look at them from a totally different aspect; you will find that fatalism is something which has been twisted by the mind of man. The mere fact that you have a weak and painful physical body is not accounted for by your 'fate,' it is explained entirely on purely material lines - that those of your own kind in past generations did not observe the laws of health; those perhaps of your own generation, through ignorance or through obstinacy, did not do their best to build up a strong body for you during your childhood days.

"So much is put down to God's Will, but these things were never the Will of God; they are merely the working out of the will of man - man who has abused the gift of free-will, man who wanted to carve out his own road, man who thought that he could claim independence without facing the penalty which was inevitable when independence was abused.

"Then in regard to 'predestination' and those who have lives of trouble, I know it seems that some force is arraigned against you, or your loved ones who have suffered for years when their natures should have brought the greatest good to themselves. In the darkness of the night perhaps you question God's Love, His awareness, His interest in His children upon the earth plane.

"Yes, the majority of people while in the flesh go through these mental experiences, and I want to reassure you that from our point of view those thoughts are not 'wrong'; they are simply the result of wrong teaching, they are merely misunderstandings. You were not meant by your Father to drug your minds, you have a right to question this and to question that; the point is that there are so few to give the right answers. Today many unseen by you have gathered together in this little sanctuary of peace so that you may learn and, in learning, the impulse may arise within to go amongst those who also suffer through misunderstanding and to give them the comfort which the knowledge of Divine Law brings always to the seeker after truth.

"You can understand that after physical death there are many changes which take place. There are those who suffered acutely through the earthly stage who find themselves young and full of vigour, beautiful in form as well as beautiful in mind, and they find to their great surprise that they can be chosen for positions of leadership. Also, they perceive something which demonstrates for all time the law of justice - that there are many who had strong bodies and able minds when upon the earth plane, yet because they used their minds and bodies entirely for their own benefit, they awaken in the World of Spirit to find themselves as invalids. Gone the gift of strength with the loss of the physical body, for they forgot to build up spiritual strength, and so the next vehicle which they wear - which bears resemblance to the physical body but is a travesty of that body - that vehicle seems to be without the power to do or the strength to allow the one concerned even to search, when the darkness might give place to light.

"I ask you as you review things today and as you think of those who have seized power over the generations, to clear your vision of the conception of earthly fame. There are some people who voice their displeasure because those with so-called famous names return to humble circles and give forth their messages, seeking to relieve their minds by demonstrating the justice of Divine Law in regard to themselves. They are inspired to come back in this same way.

"Gone their earthly fame, but what remains, or what did remain until it was worked out, was this: the effect of vanity, the thoughts associated with the desire for notoriety or for the plaudits of others. Many a man and many a woman, famous when upon the earth plane, come back to warn those in the flesh so that they shall not be deceived by earthly things. Stripped of that which meant so much to them, robbed of a beautiful physical body, freed from material possessions, they stand revealed to themselves and to those around, and 'fame,' beloved, is the last thing that many of them see that they deserved.

"There are many famous in Spirit Life, but they are those who kept to the road of duty, who shouldered their burdens, who never had any influence except upon the lives of those they loved, and that influence was entirely on constructive lines. They passed out, some perchance on a workhouse bed; but the younger ones remember them, and in times of temptation or of danger, there comes as a light in their darkness the thought of that one so strong in purpose although so weak in body, so rich in the treasures of the Spirit, although so poor in so far as earthly things were concerned.

"So I want you to realise that whatever your lives you are the arbiter of your own fate. God has predestined you for happiness, to be as an angelic being, to have power and grace, to be able to work miracles. That is the real meaning of predestination from a spiritual standpoint. But man has the gift of free-will!

"When the body is no more, if you desire it, you can be taken through planes or conditions where there are millions of invalids, some who appear to be almost in a coma, others crawling about in various stages of deformity, many bearing resemblance to a distorted form of animal. I bring in these points, horrible as they may seem to you, because they are realities, and because it may be possible that one you know may find himself or herself among those invalids in the darkened planes.

"Many operations have to take place after physical death; but, as you know with the physical body, there are some who cannot be operated upon for the disease has gone too far, and there are others who refuse to have operations because fear holds the mind of the body; and so, my children, many methods are tried and tested and many experiments are made, because, as you can understand, God's Home is incomplete until these invalids regain something of health, health of mind, health of their soul, health of the vehicle in which they take their way - the body which houses the Divine within.

"It is a gigantic subject and I can but touch upon it in fragments tonight, but when you listen to the conversation of others - the men and women who seem to revel in the narration of diseases, whose minds are for ever upon their own complaints, who analyse each pain and long for a sympathetic listener - when you find such as these, dear children, give them the word of warning before it is too late, because remembrance is something to be reckoned with in the World of Spirit, and many souls who have suffered while in the body find that it takes much time and much effort to free themselves from their invalidism when the body is no more, for in the aura these thoughts have taken root, because self was paramount; self governed their lives.

"And I want to give a word of commendation to those who nurse the sick, to those who have to listen day by day, and often night by night, to their complaints - those whose 'rest' is very often destroyed because the ones concerned have not linked up to God, when Christ, the Great Healer, could heal their minds, and they would be able to regard their ailing bodies in a different light altogether.

"It is not resignation, it is not renunciation, it is 'understanding', which allows a man or a woman stricken in body to give up their will, not to fight day by day and hour by hour against the relinquishing of the flesh, but to hold themselves ready as one to be set free, as a captive who even now hears the key turning in the lock, and knows that soon the door will be opened and health and sunshine and peace and joy await them for evermore.

"My children, time is fleeting, but it is my part to stress this point ere I take my leave, for you all know invalids and those who by their attitude of mind are bringing about a state of invalidism, and you know, too, the despair of the doctors, the healers and the nurses. They are working against something that defies their greatest sacrifices, they are working against the operation of free-will, for with many the only interest in their lives is their complaints, and their demand for sympathy is as a parched desert asking for the dew of Heaven.

"And you, dear children, who have suffered, you who have had hard lives and yet have not railed against God, I bid you focus your minds on tomorrow - the tomorrow of time, when in the World of Spirit you will see the operation of Divine Law and you will find that in spite of everything going against you, so it seemed, angels were walking with you, and the results are wonderful to behold.

"Free from the sad memories of the past, free from the bondage of the flesh, free from the pettiness of the human mind, those conditions of revelation are open unto you which you can bear; and as you grow in strength, and as your endeavour increases, so further gates into revelation are opened; and this Law of the Spirit shall be worked out until you reach those spheres of Light, when Divine power can be culled from the great Christ Himself.

"Now I would come amongst you to bless, and there are many here, unseen, who were bound by the limitations of the body, and yet when they passed over they were able to break their bondage, although they knew so little.

"Why was it, my children, that such as these, taking their way upon the earth plane - blundering, stumbling on the way - how was it that such as these found themselves free from their earthly encumbrances when the change called death took place? It was because within there was a crude sense of duty to God and their neighbour. They were, as it were, children of Nature; no education of the mind was possible to them, but they had their own laws, their own creeds, their own codes and, because embodied in those codes and those creeds was something of the law of love, God swept away their ignorance, swept away the follies of the past, and such as these, as you know full well, come back amongst you, strangers so far as the earth life is concerned, but welcomed by you as healers of the flesh and inspirers of the mind; and blessings rest upon them.

"All those who return to you and name themselves guides and healers, they have devoted years and years, in your definition of time, to learning the way of life of you upon this tiny portion of the earth plane. You love them, you seek to obey them, but sometimes you wonder about them. Wonder no more, for God's Law is the law of equality! In the degree that such as these suffered and yet did their little best according to the Light that was their own, they were as free men and free women, and they come back to show love towards those who come from the stock who tore away their homes, who sold their lands.

"Children, I bring in this point because I want you to know that when you are free from the flesh you, too, will be inspired to go to your enemies, to those who cheated or persecuted you, to those who robbed you of the ones you love best; and by the releasing of the Christ Spirit within them, to bring such as these back into the Fold, to heal either the bodies of the flesh or those astral bodies in which they find themselves, which represent far greater torture than the physical body could ever mean to any soul.

"Yes, it has been wise that we should meet together in this same way, wise that sometimes we should go, as it were, into the highways and by-ways, to leave the great crowds and to draw together a few souls, seeking to pass on Divine Truth, knowing that many will read the words and, if they are keyed to the vibrations of Spirit, will make them their own and be as truth-bringer unto those around.

"So I bless the workers, and I say unto them that in the degree that they have done aught to destroy the invalidism of the souls of others, so will be their own enhanced strength and, so will be their powers in the next state of being.

"God gives - He waits to give, yet only the few, my children, are ready to take; but tonight there are many gathered in, seen and unseen, and they shall be the takers, for in their heart and mind they want to act and to think as the children of Christ and the inheritors of the Eternal Kingdom. So in His Name - the Light-Bringer of all worlds - I bless you, and I ask you, when we have parted in this sweet way, to remember the words entrusted unto me and to take upon yourselves the responsibility of bringing health to others during the earthly day.

"Farewell, my little ones, but when sleep holds the body this night many of us will meet again, and those who are sick and those who are in pain during the physical consciousness, shall taste of the joy of health and spiritual well-being. Farewell."

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