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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 18th September, 1927.

"O Christ, the Healer of all hearts, the Bestower of peace, we come into Thy Presence, and we ask Thee to lead us one step farther on. We dedicate ourselves to Thy service, and we know that as we seek to spread the Truth so also Thou art loosening the bonds which bind our minds, and out of that release so something of liberty sheds its beauty and its brightness over all.

"Grant that this great Truth - the gift of the Divine within - that it may so blend itself with the higher thoughts of the physical sphere that at last the consciousness may come to all that each one is a child of their Father and Mother God. Oh, help us to be patient, show us the way in front, and illumine the path on which we must tread, illuminate it by Thy Love.

"Saviour, Thou who knowest all things, receive us into Thy Presence this night. Amen...

"...My children all, when you meet together in this way, when you exchange thoughts as to this and as to that, are you conscious of the great unseen company which is around you? Are you conscious that in the raising of the heart and mind to those things which are of God, as it were, you are flinging open many bridges into conditions which, as yet, are hidden from the physical mind?

"Oh, take in this great, great truth, this priceless gift which is yours today - and all days if you will - that though you may be cabined within a physical body and severely restricted, within you is the unlimited, that which is of God Himself, and by your Father and Mother God you are called to arise and claim that which is your own.

"Little ones, I have instructed you that you had your beginning in God, the Lord Jehovah, the One who came as Christ to show man something as to his Creator. I have underlined that the great Mind of God - the only One who is original - created you, His children, and countless other creatures as well, each having their place, each receiving life from All-Life, each under the care of its Maker.

"But these creations, for the Divine purpose, have separate destinies, in the sense that they are separate creations; yet, you and they are linked together by the supreme fact that that which is the 'life' within comes from the one Source, the only One who has the power to bestow life.

"Children, in the world today, there are some who speak in tones of authority as to conditions, as to the thoughts of others, as to that knowledge which has been revealed to the few. Yet, should you ask them as to this Truth, so they will answer either that it is beyond their experience, or, more often, that it exists only in the fancy which is your own. They exclaim with sincerity: 'I cannot believe that which I do not understand'. Oh, the folly of such a statement. How much does man understand concerning himself? How much does man understand as to that which he names atmosphere, as to the soil which produces nourishment for the garment which he wears? How much indeed does man know about the putting together of the garment, and can he say what happens to that which was housed within when the garment is no more?...

"On every side, in every tree, there are 'secrets' hidden from the mind of man, yet he accepts that which he names knowledge concerning the life of the tree, and questions not. When the naturalist passes hence, with amazement he will see the processes of growth, looking from the inside out, not standing without and being able to penetrate but one inch within. When the biologist is sufficiently free from the chains which bind, he shall read for himself, in actual form, the history of the beginning, not only of himself but of the creeping things, aye, of innumerable beings which he did not know existed at all.

"I appeal to the commonsense of the thinker; I say to him: Pause before you rule out as non-existent that which you cannot understand; for around you, as you speak, there are, as it were, worlds of conditions, spheres of influence, and each one has the power to enrich or to impoverish, according to the degree that they represent the God of all.

"So tonight, dear children, following on that which I have sought to lay out in the evenings when we have met together in this sweet way, I would speak to you on that which I name: 'Individuality'.

"And for those present, who, as yet, may not have followed that which I have sought to impart under the guidance of the Holy One, from them I ask indulgence, for time is precious and I dare not waste time in going back and reiterating that which I have stated before.

"This evening, it has been laid down that I reveal, in a fragmentary part, something as to Individuality; and I want you at the outset to remember that you, the Divine self, were created in the likeness of All-Holiness, All-Power. Yet, as I explained, these gifts - so many in number - they were gifts, they had not been earned, and therefore, they could not rightly be called your own.

"So, dear children, in the creation of the counterparts, of the pairs - name it as you will - the all-seeing God, out of the mighty Love within, as it were, sent the one to the right, and the other to the left (indicating a circle). They had the same gifts, each was as the other; yet, in each, greater strength was vouchsafed in regard to certain qualities; the qualities were different but equally valuable, equally powerful one as the other.

"And so, as I unfolded, from the commencement of that long journey of experience, each could render to the other help, support, guidance - ah, that mutual service which can illumine any sphere, any condition, because service is of God.

"That, my children, was the beginning of that which you name 'individuality', and I ask you not to confuse this with the word which arises so freely in your minds, that of 'personality'. Individuality relates to the real self within; personality is as the garment which is worn at any period of involution or evolution, as the case may be...

"So I take you on and on, until we come to this brief stage of physical conditions, when the spirit is clothed in flesh. Can you not see that that very density which holds you, the limitations which surround you, that they denote something as to the past, as to the journey undertaken? Aye, does it not reveal to you the guiding Hand of God, that here and there, there is one who - in spite of all the blindness and the deafness which is associated with life upon this plane - that there is one, who, from the Source within, can break down barriers here, ignore obstacles there, and say with faith: 'I am a child of God, one of a vast family, and around me there are those unseen, sometimes unfelt, who took the steep climb; and now out of the power which is their own, minister to those who, as yet, are only on the borders of the consciousness which lies in front'...

"Oh, my children, what words can I find to express the deep import of the few who can triumph over the restrictions and the density of the physical body, and allow themselves to stretch out and contact with the mighty planes of Spirit? Yet, this was, and is, the Father's will in relation to all; and I want you to think of the development of individuality in the Christ way, not in the world's way, for that which is named individuality is used so oft by the possessor as a lever to raise to themselves the things of the earth and make them their own. Individuality is of the spirit, and individuality holds, in itself, a deep responsibility which each one, in a day to come, must face.

"Around you in the world there are those whom you call outstanding figures. 'Individuality' perhaps you say. Oh, pause - is it not merely that of personality, something associated with the garment of flesh which is worn, or with the mind of the body which is able to think out great schemes - those schemes in which self holds a prominent place? Are there not the orators, the preachers and the teachers, who are named great personalities? The politician, the man who holds the reins of government, he can sway the masses by his passion; but beware, how much of Christ comes into that influence - how much, how much?

"My children, within you all there is unlimited strength, but you have bound it, you have fettered it yourself, even as I did when upon the earth plane. Within you is a stupendous purity and holiness and love; yet, my little ones, there have been those over the generations who have thrown off unholy thoughts, thoughts of hatred. And thus it is that the spirit, in coming into this physical plane, to a certain extent, is at the mercy of the past, that past built up by others. Yet, condemn not these, but take care how you build yourselves.

"Children, one holy thought, one thought of Christ, could you but see it, as a spray of cleansing rain so it goes out on the conditions, and those conditions are sweetened and strengthened by that thought, that pure desire. In each plane, in each sphere, this law operates unswervingly, and it is Divine justice that weakness can be conquered by the wish to be strong; that that which you name 'evil' must be less evil as it contacts with good; that hate - and all that which lies within that seething mountain of fire - that hate must be quietened under the balm of love...

"Cannot you see how, even at this stage, your gifts lie all around? Cannot you see that in yourselves - little children in knowledge, little children in understanding compared to the great wisdom which is all around - that you, even though you are little children, can show something of the creative power of God? And that is the Father's will.

"Individuality passes through many states and conditions; it takes from this one and it gives to that; and God - because He is Mother and Father combined - God watches and cares, retrieves that which has been lost, restores that which has been cast away for its value was not known; and out of the simple things, out of the trust, the faith, and the desire to rise, so twilight is turned into light, and earth into that which you name Paradise.

"Oh, my children, keep your vision clear. Remember that whatever position, whatever possessions this one may have or that one may be without, you are equal, for within you all is the Divine spark; and, perchance, when the physical tabernacle is cast aside, you may long to kneel at the feet of the man or the woman who entreated alms from you. You cannot tell, you know so little, you judge in a measure by that which you see and your little experience upon the earth plane. But the self within is all-wise, all-love, all-discernment, and the individuality which you can show at this stage, will have its mighty influence not only here and now, but always; for such influence cannot die, it is of God.

"Little ones, this night I lay aside that which touches more nearly the mind of the body, for I find all around me not the treasure of thought but the treasure of doing those little things which become the great constructive acts. I find around me people of all climes and all conditions, many who took their experiences far from this little corner which you call your country, yet they are here - and why? Because they have heard the great call; because the Divine within constrains them to return and give out of that which they bought by effort to those so sorely in need.

"These are they who have purchased their individuality and made it their own. When in the body, many were despised, many were considered of no account; the colour of their physical garment made barriers insurmountable to those who seemed more highly favoured. But the wheel has turned, the garment has been discarded, and by their suffering, by their patience, by their lack of resentment, so they are here tonight as messengers of Light for evermore...

"Children, I am constrained to underline and underline this other aspect of Individuality, for when you pass hence, whether you will or whether you hide your eyes, there, impossible to be evaded, will lie the story of the past, not only your past but the past of those who were in your vibrations. And then your deep reverence will, for the most part, go to those who were among the obscure on earth, the patient workers, the tired workers, the tired mothers, the over-burdened fathers. These will seem as the 'saints' of God, for they took the hard road, the dreary road, because it was the road to Love...

"Little ones, you are wonderfully blest. You have a measure of freedom, something of that sweet liberty which is of the Spirit alone. As you go your way, let not my words pass from you, but look out on life with an illumined gaze. Get your focus right; think of Christ - the One who was despised and rejected of men, the One who was spurned by His own creation; think of Christ, and if one here or there say to you: 'You know not of what you speak', take comfort in the thought that to All-Wisdom that was said as well. It is a link between you and the One who loves you best...

"And then there are those who say they will not accept that which they cannot understand. Question such as these as to the nearest thing at hand; show them that they are deluded by the enemies which are around. Their individuality is bound and fettered by the traditional thought of the past; they are prisoners in every sense of the word, and their chains must remain for that time until they themselves, by effort, cast them from them.

"You who are gathered here, and the vast, vast throng without, each one has a gift beyond all price. You are part of the great God, the Almighty Creator, and within you is that creative power waiting to be released as you grow strong enough to handle and to guard.

"And as consciousness comes, the desire will be born to make that which you name your personality resemble, if only in a tiny degree, that individuality which is yours now and forever, and has been from the beginning. You see it in daily life. There is one here and there, who, in spite of the garment which is worn, out of themselves - the Divine within - testify to the great Divine without, and in the measure that they reveal God to others so the God within gains more freedom still.

"This is the message of the Holy One Himself, passed on through the instrument that I use. All-Love says to you, to me, to the outcast, to that which has been named the scum of the earth - to each of His creation: 'All that I have I long to bestow. Arise, little children, arise in heart and mind, and take of my gifts, for only in that wise can joy be made my own'.

"You are of Himself, and without that which you represent, perfect joy is unknown. Once you have loved, so a measure of understanding is poured into your mind. So long as the loved one suffers, you suffer in turn; so long as that other is imprisoned, what is liberty to you? Ah, love instructs and love reveals something as to the mighty Mind of God...

"Thus, my children, I leave you; yet, I must return to the subject of: 'Individuality' and continue my instruction regarding yourselves, your history and your future. You are called to pass on the good news to others, yet before you can explain, so the explanation must be given to you, and as you explain or seek to explain, so - take it as a promise from the Father - a little more and a little more illumination shall be made your own.

"The holy bond of service has the power to release within the great instructor, and as you give, so you shall take, for that is a Divine law, illimitable in its scope, unthinkable to you in its love.

"Thus I go. Hold these sacred conditions, for we work for God and the Holy Spirit is vouchsafed in a way you cannot grasp..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Sisters and brothers, it is one you know by name full well; yet, I hesitate to give that name, for I feel within me that perchance it may cast some little barrier between you and that which is myself, between the love I bring and crave to take in return.

"A simple woman I was upon the earth plane; many mistakes I made; how little understood I concerning my world or the knowledge which it held. It was the daily task, the tending of those I loved, and the holding on to the peace which I connected with the radiant one (angel) who spake to me and directed as to my lot...

"It is Mary, the child who was honoured above all by that which was entrusted to her. Think not that as I stand before you aught else is in my mind but humility, and that which you name much consciousness of all that I lacked. How little, in my childhood days, did I anticipate that which followed.

"Oh, forget not that I speak to you as a simple mother, as one who, when on earth, made grievous mistakes through the ignorance which held her mind, yet one who was deemed worthy to suffer for her God, one who was honoured by that which you name a broken heart...

"It has been ordained that I speak to you, sisters and brothers in love, as to the Sacred One who was in my life. Yet, how can I put into words, at this late date, the little things, the cares, the misgivings, the anxieties, and the anguish which followed? Rather would I narrate that which was my Child, and yet not my Child. I sought to protect His steps, I cared for that which clothed the body, yet, at times, it seemed that I stood without the chamber, a stranger trembling to enter in, for He that was there was mine and yet not mine; that One so dear, belonged to God.

"As I speak, so remembrance, like a mighty torrent, pours over me, and I am back again upon the earthen floor, thinking, thinking, thinking. My fingers fly fast; I am weaving the one-piece garment which my Lord was to wear; and as I work, so sunshine and shade follow one another so fast that I can scarce rejoice ere the tears fall from my eyes; yet, in the drying of the tears, so the sunshine comes again - that inner sunshine which had its source in a world far from the earth...

"That garment I weaved with my fingers, for the Holy One would give that which He wore to others with ne'er a thought for Himself, and mother-like I planned how I might hold the Sacred One to a promise to keep that which I had put together, and to give it not to another. Thus thought I - and it seems as yester'en: With my hands I will put together that which will protect; then I will go to my Son, and, out of His Love for me, because my hands provided, so I will exact a promise that it shall remain upon His body, and thus protect Him from the chills...

"So simple, so like that which you yourselves would seek to do. The loved One - regardless of that which was all-important in the clime which was our own - that One gave of His garments, all that was of worth, gave it to clothe another; and oft with tears and an aching heart, I saw Him loosen the sandals from His feet, passing them on to the crippled one, the beggar by the wayside, donning in place those which were rough and worn - ah, placing the Sacred Feet for ever on the hardest road of all...

"So, dear sisters, in your thoughts of Mary, think not of her as one of old and now enshrined in glory, but rather ponder on the mother, the mother who had a Son who was not her Son, the mother who stood without in understanding, yet always within in love; the mother who was to watch that which had been the Babe in her arms taken from her ne'er to return again...

"That was Mary, and as I stand here the roll of years has gone back. Strangely young I feel; that which was middle-age is forgotten. I am a child again, questioning, timorous, praying for the patience to wait for a response. And now the bright one stands before me. Trembling, terrified that some past misdeed had brought the punishment it deserved, I stand yet fall before the radiant form, and receive that which was my greatest gift - my greatest gift though one time (the Crucifixion) it seemed to sever life itself...

"Again the years have passed. I am surrounded by the women weeping and wailing. What is this? Soldiery are coming and those I love are torn from me... The way of the Cross, yes, of the Cross, but it leads to the Master Himself. Oh, forget not my words; let none deceive, let none betray. The way of the Cross leads to the joy which has no end...

"Smiling upon us all, the Sacred One gives reassurance. 'Lovest thou Me? Feed my lambs, feed my sheep. Little children, lovest thou Me?'...

"The purpose has been served. I come again into your presence, and, as the power is vouchsafed, so I will narrate little incidents of old, but I entreat you to expect not from Mary great discourse or eloquence of the tongue. Mary was a simple child, a simple woman, and, as I stand before you, I see it was my simplicity that brought me all my gifts...

"Farewell; yet, take not that in a sense of separation. Where I am loved there am I. Some call my name, my mother's heart responds; others look to me for this and that, yet as they speak, one of the past alone I represent. This night, as a spirit of the present I come into your midst, and I thank thee with a love beyond these feeble words, that in your hearts and minds Mary lives. Yes, Mary belongs to every age, every condition as sister, as mother to the race...

"Farewell, but oh, think of me with love, for love pours from my heart like an unquenchable stream. I yearn over humanity, and the great God of all has given me the gift of mothering each one. Farewell..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Children, just a few words and then we close. I want you, in thinking over these quiet hours, to commune within yourselves; to say and to see that each one has had their place - the place intended by God; and that you, in contributing of your attention and your aspiration, have provided these conditions in common with others more experienced who are around; that you have done your part and therefore are blest by God.

"Does it not indicate to you all that you have something of that gift of individuality? Does it not further reveal to you that the garment of the body is a garment alone? For when the power of the Holy Spirit is called upon, there are those who come to you, and although they use the same garment as that worn by this child (medium), yet they portray that each one is keyed to different vibrations of thought, of aspiration and of feeling - but all are keyed to the one great vibration of God.

"The body is as a tool, and, when you pass hence, another body - a little less dense, a little more sensitive, a little quicker to respond, a little more magnetic in its influence - will be your own. As you strive, so the bodies terrestrial are laid aside for the bodies celestial, and this goes on and on; and as the garments thin in density of expression, so the individuality is able more easily to demonstrate itself through that garment. And in the far future, held out as a promise to all, you shall be free from all that binds, and find yourselves - by aspiration and by experience - the sons and the daughters of the Most High.

"And thus I leave you. Peace descends upon you, the peace which is consciousness of the purpose and the plan. God's mighty rest gather you in, the only rest which is real rest - following the Great Example, tending the sick, succouring those who have fallen by the way...

"With the peace and the rest which is of the Spirit, I bless you in the Name of Christ, our Leader, our God, the Creator of mankind, the Creator of all that mighty range of Life which is hidden from your understanding now. I bless you with the Christ-spirit, the Christ-thought, the Christ-action, and the Holy One is ministering to you as I speak. Thank your God for all that He has bestowed out of His mighty Love...

"Goodnight, my children; we shall meet again."

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