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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 25th November, 1923

"Father, Thou knowest the need; Thou hearest the voiceless prayer. Grant that the power may be forthcoming, and grant also that we, Thy children, may be gathered into Thy great and bountiful Love - that Love which never fails; that Love which understands everything; that Love which harkens even before the request is made.

"0 Saviour Christ, lift up our hearts, cast round us all that spirit of confidence, that spirit of holiness, without which this quiet communion cannot take place. It is indeed Thy will that the weak shall be made strong; that the weary shall be refreshed and that those who wait to announce themselves shall not only know not failure, but a success and a triumph over all difficulties, so that indeed all may say that God is in command, and that His power is stronger than anything either on the physical or on those planes of evil from which so many come to set Thy will at nought...

"In Thy Hands we leave it all - the misgivings, the broken faith, the sadness, the doubts of Thy Love and the blindness which shuts out, for the time being, the beauty and the glory of Thy Face.

"0 God, Thou understandest how the weakness comes and this being so that weakness - which is of the physical will alone - can be set aside and the wounds will be closed leaving no mark behind.

"Father, send down strength and power - much strength and power to make up that which is missing. Strength and power are of Thee alone. The strength and power of evil - though it may wound and tear the hearts and minds of Thy little ones upon earth - is powerless to touch the soul of the least who would follow Thee. Fight the good fight we will, and not lay our weapons down until we are victors over everything. In Thee is our security; through Thee we are able to step outside ourselves and in thus doing to gather closer to Thee, in Whom is all protection.

"Saviour Christ, it is enough, enough for the present need, and yet out of Thy generosity Thou hast sent such a supply, that we being filled with spiritual manna at this time, may also find afterwards much that will carry us on through the days of trial and strain which are to come.

..."My little children, today has been a test of patience all round, for some greater than others, but each of you have had to meet and contend with irritation in some form or other, and so tonight for your consolation, and to try and build up firmer conditions for the future, I remind you of our Lord's own words: 'In My Father's house there are many mansions'.

"This simple phrase can be taken in several ways and most of them are quite correct, because you must remember, Christ always looked at things with the big broad view, never the narrow restricted one of the physical mind, and when He gave that reassurance He was not only speaking of a happiness which is prepared for each when they leave the physical body, but also He was referring almost more directly to the Mind of God - the Father's house representing, so far as it is possible to do so, the Mind of the Father.

"Tonight I rather emphasise this point, because I want you to realise that God, being God, is not limited in any way whatever in His outlook over the earth and His children upon it. The same applies to those countless millions in the Realms of the Spirit and in the planes of darkness where, sad to say, many still wander absolutely adverse to turning their eyes towards the open gate and freedom.

"If God were like even the best man or woman in your world, then it would be impossible for Him to be the Father of us all. However broad-minded a man may be, unconsciously the physical mind runs on a carefully thought-out route, the result of meditation and putting his conception of things into definite order so that he may know where he stands. This is a very good thing to do - I am not criticising it, but the fact remains that directly you start to think in a groove, however pleasant or beautiful that groove may be by your own planting, it is impossible to take in the point of view of others who are thinking on opposite lines entirely.

"Now and again when we come to a nasty bit of the road, the physical mind puts up a very big fight indeed. It occurs with nearly everyone - not just undeveloped characters or those who think they have no faith - no, even the most advanced, with those whose faith has been tested again and again, here and there a rough piece of road is met with cries of anguish, which are wrung from them in spite of all their past experience.

"My point is this: I want you to understand that although these intervals from being under the direct light of God occur, the mere fact that you are conscious of darkness does not prove that that light has been removed. It is a curious thing how easily my children doubt the love and protection of their Maker. It is strange because I have told you so much about that Love. I am not denying that appearances belie the very words I use - they do; but appearances are very often masks put there by the evil to hide the good beneath.

"Yet 'In My Father's house there are many mansions' and each one of these represents His understanding of the multitude of points of view of His children. None of you come under the general rule; general rules do not exist on this side - they are most dangerous. Each one of you is understood by a separate portion, or compartment of the Mind of God. He does not take your actions and your thoughts and compare them with those of someone else. He does not say to Himself: 'If this one is able to do that, then the other ought to be able as well'. He does not say to you that because others have suffered more, then you are called upon to suffer, you ought to be more courageous. No, but He does say this - He says that if you kept a little closer to Him you would find it easier: 'Your spirit is venturesome; it is out to do a very great deal, and of course, I am on the side of the spirit and I must not encourage you to sin against it'.

"In saying this, dear children, I am trying to put into your language something of Christ's attitude towards your troubles at this stage, but because He is on the side of the spirit, that does not mean that He fails to understand the struggles of the physical - far, far from that. And because He understands so well, He wishes so much that you could hold His Hand tight and that He might not only be on the side of the spirit, but attract the physical to be on that side too. It can be done - not easily, of course, because it is one of the special lessons in the training for the higher life.

"Don't go back on the old way of thinking again, if you can help it. I say that because I know when things seem so overwhelming, it is possible for you to promise me, without any provision, that you will not hurt yourselves so much again. The old way of thinking, the old life, the old sad thoughts - these are worn out, they are not wanted now. They loom up like some unpleasant spectre on the bright horizon which is the future for all who have gathered together to help me in this work. Sad thoughts - they are not easy to conquer; memories, bitter memories - they are harder still; and suffering, especially physical suffering, has a way of sending its echoes back again from the past into the present, and that too is weakening to those who wish to climb.

"It is, dear children, entirely for your own sakes that I urge you to separate yourselves from this dark cloud of unhappy memories; it grieves us too, I will admit, but in this work the only grief that can strike us is that which erects barriers between us and those we love who are still cabined in the flesh. You see to us it matters a very great deal that you should be happy, not just resigned - that is a very poor sort of happiness - in fact, it is the sister of sadness itself.

"No, we want you to be happy. At once you say 'How can we be happy when everything is against us?' Even with everything against you sometimes you are conscious of a very great happiness indeed, as though, all unconsciously, you had strolled into a garden of brightness, and there you stretch yourselves and allow the soft breezes to play upon your wings. You are happy then and you ask yourselves why, and then the thought comes: 'I shall probably pay for this tomorrow'.

"It is not easy to explain. Those short periods of happiness are gifts from God to try and prepare you in a small way for the real happiness that lies waiting for you at the appointed time. Unless the contrast came you would not know it was happiness, because it would be your natural environment, and a thing that is there as a matter of course is seldom prized. You see that all around you in daily life, only in the case of those, you must remember that it is not often the happiness of the spirit, but rather satisfaction of the physical.

"And now I go back to my starting point - the many, many mansions in the house of God's Mind. I wish you could take in something of what this represents. You are conscious very often of separation from Him, or what you have learnt to recognise as Christ, but nothing, nothing, can separate you from the Divine Love which the Father gives so freely. Sorrow and pain and disappointment - these cut into your impression of what a Father's love should be like. You find it hard to reconcile the anguish that these things bring with the understanding Mind and Compassionate heart of the Father.

"Well, dear children, it is not possible to explain how these two things can be reconciled in a most minute way, because you could not take it in if I attempted it, and so, for a little while, the best I can do is to assure you again and again, that God is Love and that God's Love is around you now and for ever more. Nothing can pierce that Love, nothing can weaken it or do anything to it, for with each moment of time it grows stronger and brighter and more wonderful.

"Little children, even your bitterest thoughts are understood by us, even when your physical minds turn from us, as from one who strikes without cause, even that we understand completely. We knew that it would be so from the beginning, we are not even surprised, but we are saddened that you should suffer so.

"I wish I could do more – I have told you that many, many times – I wish I could do more. When you join us here, you will find that our power was infinitely greater and more extended than you had any idea of, and then, little ones, you will not wonder why we didn't do more, but marvel at the grace which came from God that allowed us to do so much.

"Last week, anticipating the dark period to come, I gave you a very hopeful forecast indeed. You admired my words, but you could not take it in, or if you did, considered that it related to something in that far future which has indeed become a thing of horror to you all.

"You see, I am placed in rather an awkward position. If I say nothing in this way, then immediately you take it that I too have abandoned hope of better times; if I tell you the truth, then, although you don't actually disbelieve it, you put it so far away as to be of no practical utility at all. The promises of the past loom up as proof, you think. My children, those promises even now are being worked out in such a wonderful way that only God could think of. Yes, when they come to pass they will have exacted a certain price. I am not forgetting the toll taken, but in their coming all remembrance of the sorrow and the weariness and the waiting will be forgotten.

"Again I venture to prophesy - I say that in that time you will all look back and marvel that the preparation took such heavy toll. That is the position of all who have reached the edge of the dark forest. Fearsome and winding and dangerous, it appeared then, but when you stand on the bright road of happiness, if you wish, you will be able to look back and see that the path you travelled was not a maze, but led you straight to your heart's desire; the windings were in your imagination only, and it is those windings that have brought so much suffering.

"Do I seem to scold my children? Not really, because you cannot scold anyone who has been mentally ill - it would be too cruel. Still you know quite well with invalids it is no use saying: 'How ill you are!'

"You always unconsciously suggest to their minds that today they are a little better and tomorrow will be better still, and they are, especially with illnesses of this kind. One bad day, or one bad week, and then the turn comes, and one fine morning, lo! the scene is changed, new hope, new courage, and the rising up again of faith. That faith had only been struck down by the owner; it was not destroyed or even damaged except for the time being, it lay like a flower level with the earth.

"You cannot kill faith - not really. It has to stand many storms and many buffetings which make it seem, apparently, rather weak; but don't you understand, dear children, that that weakness is purely a delusion? The weak cannot stand storms and buffetings - only the strong, and to say that faith has disappeared, or that faith is very weak, is a misrepresentation of facts. For the time being it is pressed rather close to the earth, but the first bit of sunshine makes it rear itself erect again, and each time it so raises itself, it is getting stronger, not weaker. If it were growing weaker, the time would very soon come when it would be powerless to separate itself from the earth.

"I have so much to teach you and the time is all too short - so much which would explain to your physical minds the need for the present discipline and training, which appears so severe. And yet you must remember that when in the past I have given explanations, they have satisfied the physical mind only for a short time. When the next 'blow' comes - as you call it - that instruction is forgotten by the physical mind, but never forgotten by the spirit. Even without these explanations the spirit would get the upper hand - it always does - but the sad periods in between take too much from my children. I want to save them from this more and more, but I cannot do it unless they are willing to co-operate in a definite way.

"Now, here is a challenge - I give it to you all. Next time the enemy approaches - that enemy of sadness - I can promise you that if only you will hold on steadily, even if mechanically, to the Name of Christ for one half day, I can make it impossible for that sadness to advance. I am not saying that you are to feel God for that half day, because when in that condition you are only conscious of His absence, but if you persistently keep the Name of Christ in your mind - it may be just parrot-fashion, but if you have the will to do this, I could save you always. It won't be easy. Some of you have tried it already, but it can be done; and think then what it means: instead of days of depression, why a tussle of a few hours and the enemy is routed.

"Next week I shall be talking to you on quite a different subject. Now, as always, I prefer to remove the brambles in my way; to tackle them boldly; to cut them down so that my children may go forward - anyhow for a little way - with a clear path before them.

"The Name of Christ - there is magic in it. It can charm anything and everything away, and this is where the magic comes in as well - it can also attract all the things of beauty and of gladness to you - attract them and fetter them to your side.

"Little children, try and remember more in the days to come the Loving Heart of your Saviour and the grief that your sadness brings to Him - to the Tender Father whose only wish is to lift you out of trouble and to place you on that high plateau of serenity with the spirit within. I leave it there...

(Others then speak through Miss Moyes)

Archdeacon Wilberforce...

..."I find it rather difficult to use the physical voice in this way - more difficult than I expected...

"I am a stranger to you all except by name... I am Wilberforce. The mention of my name by the one who has allowed me to speak through her this evening, gave just the added power required to come... It was difficult and I have been trying for a long, long time - not three Sundays, a very long time indeed.

"It is my great wish to use this opportunity to say to all: Prepare the way for the coming of the Lord; make the crooked places straight, and see that all is garnished and made ready for His Presence... It is not enough to prepare the heart and mind of yourselves; it is not sufficient to take this great truth as being sent to a few; it is essential that the eyes of the blind should be opened; that the spirit of the captive should be set free.

"How I have longed for this great opportunity - longed to be able to say that I have found the Truth - that Truth which was unveiled to me only when the boys I loved so well were falling in their youth and beauty upon the field of battle. These boys for me broke down the last barrier which stood between and, in trying to follow their spirits as they soared above, I too was able to detach myself from the earth and find the Father...

"It is the beginning of great things - even among you tonight. There is rising a great and mighty tide of feeling and that, translated into power, shall do its great and glorious work.

"Countless numbers are assembled here. With them you are as one, and with this combined force of the spiritual and physical worlds - in this God has found the tool that He requires.

"Yes, I have found those that went on before - found them and, gathered them to my side, and linked them in service unto this great work, which has its roots in this little room...

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I am not going to keep you much longer tonight because you are all in need of the fire, Winnie especially. It is a very cold night indeed, and a particularly unpleasant one - just the same as this week has been also a cold and unpleasant one in your minds. Never mind. November fogs do not last, and neither, thank God, do the fogs of the physical mind blot out for long the brightness of God's Face. It is sufficient for you to wish to love God for the protection to be complete.

"Start the new week by putting aside all the sorrows of the old; start the new day commending yourself to God and thinking: 'This day is going to be better than the last'. Do that every day, and if some of the days don't respond quite as much as they should, don't lose heart; still say 'Tomorrow will be better'. The days are going to be better in a way you little understand; better and brighter and more akin to the things that are of the Spirit, for sorrow has no place over here. We just gather up the gold that the mould of sorrow has brought to the surface, and with this treasure we go on our way rejoicing, regretting nothing, hoping all things, and, finally, reaping that which was sown in ignorance and in darkness.

"So God works out His plans and so we, as tillers of the soil, by our efforts, bring forth fruit in due season, but before the tree can produce fruit, it has to be cared for and watered and pruned, so that when the time of gathering in arrives, the fruit may be found sound and ripe.

"God bless you all and gather you under His out-spread Wings - these Wings which are even as the Great Comforter, embracing all things, both the good and that which could not quite come up to the standard of being good - over-reaching all and beautifying it, so that at last you see the God in it.

"Keep the flag high for a little while longer, and then you will find the standard on which it is hung so firmly embedded in the soil that it will not need a steadying hand to hold it...

"God bless you and comfort you and give you peace...

"I cannot leave you without one word of love - it should not be necessary to mention it, but you forget so soon.

"Goodnight, little ones, I will go now."

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