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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 28th May, 1927.

"O Heavenly Father, lead us into the Light. Grant that Thy children may feel upon them the rays of Thy Love. Help us to be greater, to be purer, and to have that courage which is inherited from Thee, our Father God. Bestow upon them a measure of understanding so that they may push aside all that which comes between them and Thy holy purpose, and demonstrate that they are Thy children in very truth. Teach them how to lead others, how to put aside the domination of the mind of the body and to focus on those things which remain for all time - to focus on the freeing of themselves from that which binds; and, again, to concentrate their energies on giving freedom to those others who are bound.

"As Thy instruments, O God, prepare us; as Thy instruments, O God, cleanse us; as Thy instruments, give us that faith which nothing can overcome. We ask it in the Name of Love. Amen...

"...My little ones, this night we are gathering in many who, as yet, seem divided from you by conditions, but as we go on, I want you ever to get away from the limited circle of your personal friends; I want you to include those in the world who are of the world, yet still are children of the same Father; and I want you to get beyond these, to throw out your sympathy upon races which are foreign, as you name it, and still to enlarge your consciousness and the love of your heart.

"Remember that boundaries are of the physical alone; remember that the mind of the body, because of its limitations, perforce deals with the present, with the things which are close at hand. But the spirit within is Divine, and the spirit, because it is part of God, is not only vitally interested in all creation but, indeed, gives out of itself and takes back in turn from all creation; yea, those many creations as yet hidden from your understanding.

"You are Divine, and the Father and Mother God over us all loves each one equally; His care is not bestowed on that one or this in greater measure than the other. You are Divine by inheritance, and you are called by God to try and imitate your Source, rise to your responsibilities and to get that wide, wide vision which, one day, must be your own.

"Yes, my children, there are many gathered here tonight to listen to that which the Master passes on through me, as medium, and through the child I use, to you and to them, as mediums in turn. There is the great responsibility, the great joy, the great conclusive and inclusive plan to which each one must contribute their part, if not now then under other conditions - conditions more difficult, because postponement allows the destroyers to erect between you and your spirit's desire that which must be overcome, circumvented, aye, cast aside by the strength which is within.

"To all the many whom I have gathered in, I speak in tones of love and that deep encouragement which comes from the Father Himself. I tell them that it is never taken from them. I tell them to brace themselves for the struggle which lies in front; to be confident that all around them is power, definite, unlimited power, so that they may get back, so that they may retrieve that which, over the past, they have allowed to slip from them, for they listened to the voice of man and were heedless as to the Voice of the Spirit.

"Yet, my children, by the fact that they have the desire to listen, so indeed are they awakened in part, so indeed their vision has grown beyond themselves and their self-centred interests. They have responded in part, and they, as well as you, my children here, are putting into practice a great spiritual law, which means restoration to the individual in the end. You and they are led by the Spirit. Yes, and this night I am instructed to speak to you concerning that most precious gift and privilege, that which, in time, all respond to; for because of the Divine within, so the Power without is irresistible, and at last the pilgrim raises his eyes and seeks to find his God...

"So tonight, my little ones, I speak upon that which I name: 'The Guidance of the Holy Spirit'.

"And I want you to send back your mind over the past, to that which you name spiritual history, and to call out of your remembrance those of old who were led by the Spirit and accomplished that which has left its mark on time, that which has been an example and an assurance to all those who followed after.

"Led by the Spirit, although the physical mind bound them, although the conditions of their day represented an imprisonment of thought - aye, an imprisonment which you, my little ones, cannot visualise because conditions are so changed - in that far-off time when our father Moses was led by the Spirit, think you as to the difficulties which lay on either side; think you as to his thoughts, ah, as to his ignorances, as to that tiny view of God which was his own.

"Yet, because that which was the real self strove to keep in touch with the great controlling Being, the Lord God Jehovah, so, my little ones, it was possible for him to demonstrate for all time that even the prisoner can be free, that there is that which has the power to triumph over everything of the world, its traditions, its immovable rules, and to demonstrate God's Love so that others, still more bound, may see and rejoice.

"Moses was led by the Spirit, yet that does not indicate that the way was either easy or that decisions, grave decisions, had not to be taken by him; decisions that caused the heart to ache, that filled the mind with misgivings; but he heard the Voice of God speaking in the silence, and he obeyed; he went on by faith and by faith alone.

"You, my little ones, in reading the Sacred Record (Bible), as it were, you stand and view the complete picture. You see how everything fits in; how when the need arose so the power was given as well. But Moses was a lonely man, he was grappling with that which ever escaped the mind of the body, and the mind of the body - as evinced today - built up before his gaze innumerable horrors and failures and punishments which never came to pass.

"How like is this, through every age, with every pilgrim! When the test has passed, free from your misgivings, you look back and exclaim as to the wonder of God's Love, as to His mighty protecting care; but as you walked, inch by inch, not knowing what the next day would bring forth, oh, how different an aspect was presented! Then a solitary soul stretched out to a far God praying for guidance, asking that mistakes might not be made. And, all the time, the enemies of the One who loves you best were throwing across that sensitive fabric of the physical mind the suggestion that God would not interfere, and that all the chances were that the worst would come to pass...

"Aye, think of Moses without the Sacred Record which lies open before you and from which you can read how faith brings its response, how in the darkest hour God intervened and the danger was averted. These old and trusted servants of the Most High have never been understood as they deserved; indeed there are those, so blind to things as they are, who put that record of their acts under the microscope of the mind which is limited in every respect, and they judge them, criticising this act and that, pointing out that had they done something a little wiser, a little worthier, how much better it would have been...

"Oh, my little ones, can you not understand how each one of us not only sees this, but how regret has tortured us because we failed that which we longed to accomplish? But it is the will of the Master that I present to you the conditions at that time of trial; and one such as Moses was fettered in a way it is difficult to portray, yet he listened to the Voice of God. But the Voice of God merely passes on certain instructions and leaves it to the individual himself to put in the pattern which surrounds.

"And thus, over the ages which have passed, so the blunders occurred and so the mistakes were made; but where the heart was true, where the desire was to do as the Father commanded, so the Lord God transformed even the errors into a mighty gain, and by the suffering they imposed upon the individual so that individual got nearer to the One he sought to emulate in little part...

"Yea, go back on the Sacred Record and ponder and ponder again on those you name the great ones of old; for they were not only as you in this age, but they were fettered and restricted in a manner which, in comparison, makes your conditions seem as freedom itself. Yet, they were led by the Spirit. And how did this come to pass? They withdrew from their counsellors as well as from the throng, and upon the hillside or in their lonely tent they abased themselves before That which they so little understood. They asked for guidance and the Voice - mark you this - the Voice gave them that which was necessary for the next stage.

"My little ones, those of the earth, bound by the earth view, they seek to turn this and that into symbol, where no symbol exists. These of old, in their extremity, faced by overwhelming responsibilities, surrounded by an anguish of physical suffering incredible to you in this time, they went to God and they listened for the Voice, and God spake through those who are His 'angels', His servants, His missionaries upon the earth plane. And thousands, led by the Spirit, passed out of the land of bondage into that which was meant to lead them into the Promised Land...

"Here, a great lesson lies for us all, and each in turn must learn it, for the way to God is the same for every one. The time comes to those of the earth when the spirit within is sufficiently released to call them out of the crowd, out of worldly things, out from the desire for praise, out of that longing for possessions. The spirit calls: 'Arise, take naught with you, but seek and find your God'. For though God companions them, the lack of experience within makes it impossible for the contact to be made on their side, and they must seek, they must take the steep road, and by that learnt, by that put in and thrown aside, at last the consciousness comes of the God within and its link with the great controlling Spirit of all Life...

"Children, to all the call comes to take the desert journey, to leave the so-called pleasures of the world and its transient beauties, and to withdraw alone, into the wilderness, so that they, each one, may find their real self. And the first stages, as I have described before, seem easy and very near to the heart's desire; but as the journey goes on, so the pilgrim misses much to which he had become accustomed, so the surroundings seem full of unseen enemies, and loneliness assails his mind.

"Yet, he is led by the Spirit, and he goes on and on. And in that sojourn in the wilderness of earthly experience, which, literally, must be borne by those who want the highest and the best, so you find slipping from you all that which once composed your life; and very often it is a cold, hungry, and a weary soul who, at last, cries out to his God: 'Help me or I fail indeed'. But in that hour of test and trial so the Voice comes: 'Be of good cheer. Lo, I am with you always'. The Voice, the Voice, even a Voice in very truth...

"My little ones, I would encourage you, yet, in order to prepare your minds so that you can prepare others, I seek ever to give you the vision which is the capacity for getting inside the lives of others; and I urge you and urge you to go back on the Sacred Record and to try and put yourselves in the place of this one and that. For lo, a miracle was worked with these early ones, even as today miracles can be worked if the desire is there...

"Led by the Spirit... My children, I want you all to widen and still widen your activities as well as your interests in regard to this great Truth. I want those who read the written word to come to grips with themselves and to ask - and to refuse an evasive answer - to ask themselves: 'In what measure am I led by the Spirit?'

"There are countless numbers who say that they are willing to obey the Voice of God; there are those who preach and teach, who hold in their mind the comfort that God has called them and that they have responded, in turn. But the question arises: In what degree has this response been made?

"Can they not understand that the tests put to those of old have not, as yet, been taken by them? They see that justification of faith laid out in words, with its example and glorious promise to all; but many ask for the justification first. Faith fails because that which they name evidence of the fulfilment of faith has been withheld.

"But that is the way to God, that is the way the Spirit has led and will lead through all time. No test would lie before such as these if, side by side with the question, the answer lay ready to hand. No, the Spirit instructs, the Spirit urges the bold path, the steep path, the brave path, and the test is whether the pilgrim will take it and trust to God for the rest...

"Yet, in these times, to aid and encourage, so the experiences of others are preserved to play their part. But can you not see how great were those of old who knew not Christ - those whose conception of God was of a great and powerful, aye, and a pitiless Ruler - when the need arose? These were humble folk, diffident folk, those whom the world would judge as the least suitable instruments for the work at hand; but they were led by the Spirit, and left on the record of time a written manifestation of the love and protecting care of the Father for His children...

"My little ones, you in this little room have sought to respond. Many and many a time, by the instruction of the Holy Master, I have passed on guidance as to this, as to that, and many and many a time, the physical mind rose in fierce rebellion; but you were led by the Spirit, and the pattern was worked in as God intended. And by the pangs caused - yea, on the very foundation of pain - so, for others to see, faith arose, as it were, out of the earth, and spread the glory of its blossoms, not only upon you and those in your surroundings, but on many who, at that time, were unknown to you, but known by us and known by God...

"This is the way that each pilgrim must tread; and I send out my loving desire to the preachers and the teachers once more: I ask them to put themselves in the place of those servants of old, and to answer the question: Would they, could they have done the same? Many will reply: 'No'. Many - all unconsciously though it may be - are controlled by the mind of the body; and before faith is exhibited, that which they name evidence of the certainty of its just justification must be forthcoming first.

"Yet, all around them, whatever grade of spirituality they may have reached, are the guides and the helpers - God's servants, His missionaries who are free from the body, and they seek to release their charges from that which binds. They wrestle with them during their waking hours; and during the sleep state when the spirit is released from its confinement, such as these not only commune with the guides and helpers, but entreat them to fight on, to never give up the struggle with that mind associated with the body which they wear during the earthly span.

"Yes, my little ones, each man and woman, each child, is an instrument, is a medium for some other one, and the nature of that mediumship, the character of those in their vibrations, that is governed by the individual himself. The power to influence is decided by the measure in which he has been led by the Spirit, decided by the degree he has forsaken the things of the world, its treasures, its toys, aye, has thrown off the many chains which the earth represents.

"Each one - although they may deny it, repudiate it - each one is literally an instrument of another, sometimes of one weaker than themselves, who gain a hold in an unwary moment; yet the fight goes on between the strong and the weak, and the time must come either upon this little plane or in some other condition, when the pure and the holy will be listened to in preference to those who seek to give that balm which the lesser self so insistently demands.

"I speak - directed by our Father God - I speak to those who call themselves Christians, who, in any measure, are doing the Master's work, and I entreat them, for the sake of the Divine within, to put their faith to the test; to act, led by the Spirit, and not to wait to find out first whether the protection will be complete.

"By that attitude, they are making the protection incomplete, for they have turned to the lesser and forsaken the greater. The protection can only be complete when the desires of the mind of the body are laid aside, and, as the children they are, they ask to be led by the Spirit; and in asking, make their gift of faith to God and withdraw it not during the process of the test.

"That is the only way to make the protection complete and the unity between the child and the Father. What the Father has, He longs to bestow upon His child, and while the storms beat round and the destroyers seek to do their terrible work, so the Master stands side by side with the sufferer, sharing his burdens, aye, in that treble part, encouraging and soothing, but always pointing onward, always inspiring to be brave. Thus linked to Christ, the gift of faith is made for all time, and, to the individual concerned, comes a power and a peace past all description in the language of your little world.

"Led by the Spirit - not into the easy path, not where the body gets all it longs for, but where the spirit is ministered to, the spirit within which is of God...

"My little ones, more and more I urge upon you and all to hold not back that gift of faith to God, yet you must be tested. Some of you, in the past, have been tested almost to breaking point, but this night you stand with a measure of sight and look back over that which has been, and you know that in your hour of need the guidance came, aye, and the protection. You were led by the Spirit, and although disaster seemed imminent, yet God overruled the events and their menacing aspect, and a mighty gain was added to you all.

"That past - what does it teach? Confidence for the present and the future. Yes, you may be timorous as to the next step and the next; you may shrink from that wider area which is opening before your unwilling gaze, but the lesson of the past is a reassurance for the present, and the fulfilment of the promises of God, they shall exceed all that your imagination could conjure up...

"Led by the Spirit - and as you progress, so the density of the physical envelope will be dispatched, portion by portion, degree by degree. And you shall hear the voices of those who are the instruments of God, speaking to you - speaking only and solely through the power of the Holy Spirit. And the voices will say: 'Do this!' 'Nay, do not do that!' But no explanation will be given; no explanation, for if the explanation comes, so we rob you of your greatest possession - faith in action - that faith which links you to God.

"Yet, in that time, so your freedom will be brought about that what the voices direct - the Voice of God passed on through those who work for Him - what the voices say, that will you seek to accomplish.

"And as you go on, so the pattern grows beneath your gaze; and you turn to others and urge them to show faith in turn, having cast aside self in its many deceptive forms. You say to them: 'See what has happened to me? Blindly I acted, knowing not what lay in front; and God has brought to pass this gain for me and others - the peace, the quiet content, which is the greatest gift that anyone can have'. You say to them: 'Oh, be not fearful but seek the highest, answer to the best, and be certain that God will do the rest and that the protection will be complete'...

"Led by the Spirit up the steep hillside - once the wilderness is passed - into the Land of Promise, into the Light which never fades, into the Love which is unlimited. Bound to God by that which you strove to do; linked to the Master by that experience which is now your own; and then, blest by Him, retracing your steps to help another. And so on during the ages which lie in front, and all the while you are getting not only nearer to God in Love, but nearer in likeness. You were led by the Spirit, and the Spirit took you Home to the One who loves you best..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Good evening, my friends. It's John Bunyan and it's a very long time since he was here before. Mrs. Moyes, perhaps you can guess why I have been permitted to obtrude my humble presence into this gathering tonight...

"To you all I seem to belong to a rather far off time as regards thought. You see, when I was a boy, it was a very narrow and a very stiff road, and, if I may be allowed to say it, a very unpleasant road which led to God. I remember distinctly, as a youth, struggling with my inheritance, looking out on the countryside with its beauty, with all that wealth of Nature, and trying to reconcile the curious God we were told to worship, with the loveliness created by Him. You see the point, my friends, don't you?

"It's a remarkable thing how the physical mind can quite contentedly run half-a-dozen ponies at the same time, all out of step, and most of them going in a different direction, but it grapples with the group. And I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the majority, in my time, could build up in words and in their fancy, a God unlovable in every respect, and yet acknowledge that the wonder of the Spring flowers, the loveliness of a tiny child, the glory of the Autumn tints turning the whole countryside into a bower of beauty - they could harmonise in the physical mind all that with the God of punishment, the God who meant to exact the last farthing of the debt that His children owed. The generosity of God in gifts, and the inexpressible meanness of His actions towards the individual - it's curious, isn't it?

"I am very glad to be here this evening, for coming back into a body (full control of medium) is like a spiritual bath, because, my dear friends, some of us are a little apt to forget how great are the restrictions of the physical and how limited was the mind that we used; but, thank God, I had my visions. Visions, yes - they were regarded as blasphemous excesses of an uncontrolled mind. It is as well today to remember how those who called themselves by the sacred Name were able to reconcile their savage criticism and their still more savage acts, one toward the other, with the Great Father they considered they represented.

"My dear friend - I speak to the stranger present (Mrs. Fisher): It is for a purpose that you have been called into the active side of this most sacred work. I do not wish to dwell upon my own experience, yet in my upbringing and your own, there are similar points, but I had my visions and you, my dear child, can have your visions as well; yet it's no use having the gift of vision, or even the desire for the gift of vision, if we do not make an attempt to materialise that 'vision' during the earth life.

"Your parents are here, and although it was hidden from the instrument I use, more than a little Light has been brought to them through their forbears. Can you understand? Rigid we may be - and we are - but when the body is laid aside, we find there are many doctors, good and pure physicians, and they endeavour to make our maimed mind straight. And because of this, there is always a chance of the bound becoming free, of the rigid becoming a little less rigid.

"And what has happened, my dear child, is this - and it is the same in physical life: The moment the individual sees an inch beyond his former view, he calls out to those around: 'Look!' Some refuse, others out of curiosity make an attempt, others again love to think that there is something beyond their own restricted outlook. And the moment that other has caught a glimpse of a little wider Truth, they, in turn, in great excitement call to others. And it is precisely the same when the body is laid aside.

"That is a point which perhaps, my child, you have not considered. When that separation called death occurs, the love ties, strong or half-strong, have a great controlling power, and those who are released from the body yet bound by the view of the mind of the body, they are drawn back. Therefore, the wider the outlook, the greater the love, the purer the ambition of the one on earth, so that introduces the one in bondage - though free from the body - to a little of the liberty which lies outside their prison walls.

"In this way, missionary work on an enormous scale is going on; and, Mrs. Moyes, you will appreciate that in my time and before my time, there were many who were, so far as their opinions were concerned, as in a vice. They passed out, satisfied with their own views and dissatisfied with the views of others; and the next generation and the next - sometimes three generations had come - before the vice which held those early ones could be released.

"For you must remember that I am speaking of those who were not led by the Spirit, but indeed led by the views of their little day, held by the spite and the venom which existed between religious sects; and the attitude was that if they had the power to decide, countless millions would be swept into destruction for evermore.

"And these called themselves 'Christians'. Never has greater cruelty been worked, greater hatred stirred, than by those who thought they had found the only way to God, and credited the Great Spirit of Love with the same meanness and cruelty which they possessed themselves...

"My dear friends, I am afraid I have been rather, well, not a bit like myself. It's the remembrance, you must excuse me. I am filled with an intense desire to help you all; and I want you, in looking out on those who are perhaps narrow-minded in your own vibrations, to pray for them; yes, not to condemn but to pray that the iron gates of their mind may be opened and that, in turn, a little of God's Light may shine in; that they will arise and follow the guidance of the Spirit, out of the greyness of that ignorance of holy things towards others, and the capacity of putting themselves in the place of others.

"Yes, in time, they will be led to those high and holy things, if not in this world of 'sense' then in that next stage; and, in turn, they will come back and try and release the minds of others...

"Thank God I had my visions... Before me now is that vision - sweetest, dearest of all - the vision of the Christ who led me out of the valley, through a wilderness which was lonely in a physical sense - perhaps lonelier than you can understand - led me out of the wilderness into the City Beautiful. And there, at His Feet, I received His blessing direct... The sweetest vision of all: Our Saviour Christ. His Love is streaming upon you, and His hopes are going to be your hopes; and together the great army advances to conquer the weakness and the misery of the physical world...

"Well, my dear friends, I repent and then I lose myself again, so I think I'll say 'Goodnight'. Next time I come, there are several points I would discuss, and I hope that amongst your many friends poor old John will find a place, poor old John... As I spoke, I felt a wave of beauty and sweetness sweeping over me; it was a love-ray from the one whom Jesus loved - the great John who sends down to little John something of himself. There is a parable in that as well.

"Goodnight, dear friends, and I am greatly indebted to you all..."


"...It is one you least expect; you call me Mary, Queen of Scots. I come tonight in answer to my most fervent prayers. Will you tell the child (Marjorie Rowe) I tried to use, that God has blest her for her part in giving me this opportunity to make myself known to you as a struggling soul, as one who has found the greatest consolation in waiting upon those on earth who are in sore distress...

"It is difficult for me to speak because I am conscious of an acute pain in my head. It seems to me, as I stand here, that, after all, the fact of my physical death must have been a dream. I am here as myself, yet I am taller than myself. In my hands - how shall I name it? - it seems as if I hold a little world in my hands. During the earth life, I held nothing that could remain... On my fingers - I feel them now - there were heavy bands, yes, the rings which are so associated with the sorrows of the earth. I am thankful to tear them off, and to hold in my palms the little world which we call Service - ah, in my hands now is the little world of Service...

"Oh, dear sisters, bear with me, for I fain would collect my thoughts. I think of a medley of curious things, of ivy clinging close to thick and rather terrible walls; I look out on the sky and great clouds seem rolling up and soon the little patch of blue above me will be blotted out... Symbolical of my life on earth.

"And then that fades away, and my mind, it throbs with the thoughts which pass through it in so bewildering a procession; and the pain in my head makes me feel: 'Oh, peace, where is peace in this terrible world?' And my garments, they drag me down.

"And then I pass away from all that vexes and causes the heart to ache, and I am out in an open field and all birds are singing above me. A moment I look with apprehension to see if enemies are nigh, but a hand rests on me, soothing my fears. The body has been laid aside, and on that simple field I come into a kingdom which nothing can take away - the kingdom of freedom.

"Oh, my dear sisters, can you enter into any conception of what that word Freedom means to those who are but the chattel of others, those who are but a pawn in the great game of life? Can you grasp that even with the most ambitious, at times ambition wears the aspect of grey grief instead? Many such as myself, have looked out upon the common folk, at the child holding to its mother's skirts; and in spite of the rudeness and crudeness of their existence, have longed to change places with them and be free of the burdens which crush the spirit down.

"The women of today, passing over, as it were, the bones of those who went in front, the women of today are free - thank God they are free - and I speak as one who knows not only imprisonment but a bondage never to be experienced by anyone in these so pleasant times. Yet tonight, my message must contain this: That in that word, so sweet and fair - Freedom or Liberty, as you will - in that lies a responsibility which one day must be faced, one day will exact its price.

"So to the women in their joyous freedom, I, as one bound in every sense there could be, I speak to them, and I ask them to pray to God that they may use the liberty of their physical life to prepare them for the glorious liberty which is held out to us in the Home prepared by God Himself.

"Oh, to the girls, to the girls I speak: Take care, you dear young things, that the liberty of today shall not mean the bondage of tomorrow; for the liberty of today is a physical expression of the liberty of the spirit which God means us all to enjoy...

"I am free. My heart is full of love for all those I am permitted to serve. The regrets, they are dead; the sorrows, they are joys; the pains, ah, my gains in turn. Wilful and foolish though I was, God held me fast, and He has taught me the sweetness and the happiness of a life of giving and not of taking; a life of helping and not of thwarting; a life of humility and not of power. The crown which rests upon us is that bestowed by God, and the crown rests upon us all because the cross has been held and borne...

"My dear sisters, I will go. I feel strangely out of acquaintance with myself, yet seemingly it is another birth, and I hold out my hands to that other self and I pray that God may never let me lose her, for the other self has seen over the hillside something of the work in front...

"I would that you might love me but so little can I offer in myself, yet love calls to love, and in the Spirit no barriers are between. I shall come again if it is the will of the one (Zodiac) who guards the gate through which I came. Farewell..."

(Note: Some months ago this Spirit sent a message through Marjorie Rowe saying she wanted to speak to us, but as she did not come at the time we had forgotten her. She brought very vivid remembrances of her death, her dress and general earthy conditions.)

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, dear children, in this room tonight you have had a demonstration of the peace and the sweetness of God's Love. Let it rest upon you like a benediction for tomorrow and that which lies in front. You have been called, you have responded; and you know what your mission is: To minister to others so that they, in turn, may hear the Voice and answer: 'Christ, I come'.

"This, my little ones, is the purpose of our meeting together in this sweet way, and this is the almighty plan: That each one, in the position in which they find themselves at any stage, can work for God, can be used by Him, can be mediums through which the power of the Holy Spirit can be passed. And you are called to those things which indeed are true and which have been frustrated over the past. Truth was man's gift from God, but many preferred that which the mind of the body instructed, and so, as time went on, the gift of hearing the Voice of the Spirit was lost - lost by the great majority; but the few, by dedication, retained the gift.

"To everyone the gift is possible; to everyone it is God's will that the sight and the hearing which is of the spirit should be released. Then turn to the task at hand. Keep your eyes on the Saviour, the Redeemer of us all; ask for guidance; separate yourself from those many desires connected with physical life, and God will lead you into happiness both of the spirit and of the mind of the body; into peace both of the world of material things and of those realms which remain for ever.

"This life but prepares for the next stage. The love you take, the love you give, it is a faint reflection of that wonderful gift of Love which is the portion of all those who strive, all those who have desired to hold close to God; that is the portion of everyone, when the body is no more. Then tend the plant of love. Give of yourself to it, and in return it shall bring a balm and a fragrance to your real self which will be worth all the world could give or could produce; for love is of the Spirit and its life is never-ending...

"I bless you with understanding, with that deep understanding which makes the journey in front one of joy and not of pain; I bless you with a right conception of love, through the grace of the Beloved; and the Master, the Lord God of all, has endowed you with that Love which is of Himself. So hold fast to the thought that through, and only through love, can you walk with Him. With understanding and with that great love which Christ had for humanity at large, I bless you in the Name of the Most High.

"The past is justified by the present. The promises of God have been fulfilled, and as we go on, you shall see an extension of that fulfilment beyond your orbit now, yet true and immovable as the promises of God are in all time, you shall see how the Father interprets that which He has promised and the generosity of His unlimited Love...

"Goodnight, my little ones, and be happy in the way that lasts."

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