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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 10th August, 1924.

"O Spirit of Light, we draw near to Thee rejoicing that the gloom of the physical mind can be laid aside, that we can enter into Thy Presence - into Thy Presence, when darkness is no more.

"O great and loving and understanding Father, grant that the bonds of the physical may slip from us this evening, and that we may indeed enter into the Spirit - the Spirit which is ours by Thy gift and which Thou hast made our right.

"O Heavenly Father, give unto Thy little children that insight which makes all things clear, that will pierce the clouds of misunderstanding and enable them to for ever live under the Light of Thy Love.

"Christ, Saviour, King, as we speak we know that we are being lifted up in thought, separated from the world of flesh, and linked with those bright ones who are ever able to contact, through Thy Grace, with Thy loved - and loving - children on earth...

"There is that space which, it seems to some, cannot be spanned; but we know, O Father, that in Thy Hands everything is possible and that Thou hast thrown across distance and conditions, time and limitations - Thou hast thrown across all these the bridge of Thy Love on which Thy little ones, bound or free, may cross and recross to each other again and again.

"Father, we thank Thee - thank Thee humbly and with true gratitude - thank Thee for all Thy understanding of the needs of the physical mind, its loneliness, its isolation, and its longing to be in the Centre of Love, which means - as all must find - with Thee, in the Realms of the Spirit.

"Thy blessing, O Christ, is descending upon us as we watch and wait. Grant that we may be given the strength to hold that blessing close, so that no evil may intervene and rob us of what is Thy Divine will...

"It is accomplished - the sealing of Thy children unto Thee - the Cross not as a symbol of sorrow but that of identity with the Most High...

"...My children, it is well this evening that we meet in this way, and I think before our little time together is finished, you will agree with me that it was well that God allowed us to meet and to have this sacred communion tonight. Each one shall be conscious of a blessing - a blessing which, as the days pass on, shall grow in strength and in power - and you shall see for yourselves the Love, the Divine Love, which is even now enveloping and sheltering your lives in a way impossible for you to understand.

"(To Dorrie) My child is not to worry over her task; she is to leave it in God's Hands and be certain that the help provided will be sufficient to carry her through - carry her through into happiness - because she writes for God.

"And now, most cherished of my heart, I say tonight that beauty and gladness and light and holiness are in this room, and you, by your thoughts - by your efforts to keep the harmony intact - you have brought into your midst that which no human being, while still bound by the physical, could bear to look upon.

"Here we are, banded together in aim, in thought, in wish - and what is it all about? It is that inmost craving which comes from the recesses of that bigger, greater, nobler you within; that longing to be used by the Most High - to be a suitable weapon for carrying on His work - and to add your little quota towards the enlightenment of those who still sit in darkness - who, because they love darkness, have no power to raise their eyes to God's countenance, when darkness would be no more.

"Yes, my children - and I think you will agree with me at once - it is a great calling, a grand calling; and you shall find within yourselves the strength and the courage to go on.

"Here it is that we touch upon that important question of: 'Growth' once more - growth, dear children, in this sense: That you are daily growing more in the likeness of that bigger, nobler you within - which represents, in miniature, the greatest Example of all.

"Yes, it is all a question of growth when the heart is in tune with God - a question of expansion, of development, of unfoldment - and you, whether you realise it or not, are even now putting forth extra petals which shall, in time to come, be shown to have added beauty and holiness to your soul.

"I want you, dear children, to come with me in thought just for a little while, and I will attempt to tell you how this and that provides most valuable material for that time when the physical body shall be laid aside and you will stand clothed in robes of Immortality, acknowledged servants and disciples of the One who went before.

"Now, my children, you know that growth can be of two kinds - many more in detail - but two kinds which stand out in your minds as typifying growth itself. We will take first of all that which is the least pleasant to think about.

"My children have often seen the physical body of this one or that marred by a hidden disease - a poison in the blood - which produces in an outward, and sometimes in a visible way for all to see, that which is abnormal, perhaps grotesque, and always most distressing to gaze upon. Many wince as they pass those so afflicted, and sometimes the thought comes as to the reason for their physical disability - which in some cases but reflects their spiritual disability - and they wonder why it should be allowed to announce itself for all to see.

"Well, my children, I take this rather exaggerated example of growth first because of the repulsion which the average, sensitive person experiences when they gaze upon such a distortion of what was meant to be a beautiful covering for the spirit within.

"Of course you know that we, looking at you from the spiritual side, are not affected in the same way by physical blemishes. But I would have you understand that because they do not affect us in an unpleasant sense, it does not mean that we do not understand the pain of mind - in addition to, very often, the agony of the flesh as well - that we do understand what this means to the one concerned...

"And then I pass on from that to the growth that we do see in a very definite way indeed. My little ones, you have been told before that the soul is the outer covering of the Divine, which is all-pure, all-great, all-holy. Sometimes - it is terrible to have to put it into words - but sometimes the soul bears those same disfiguring marks as the physical body to which I have referred.

"I think you can follow me when I say that the malformation of the body is a trivial affair compared to the malformation of the soul - and we do see these in a way that you could not understand until you come here. But there is this difference: They do not cause that sense of disgust and shrinking which such offences of nature so often bring to you... One point of view is quite different because we know that there is no growth - there is nothing too loathsome for the Father to cleanse, and, finally, to obliterate.

"You see, my little ones, that in talking of growth, it is a one-sided affair to treat that word merely as the evolution of the child-soul to maturity. There is the other side of the shield - that bringing into being of what, to you, represents horror itself - but I would not have you saddened because of this. You know quite well that with the physical body sometimes, by the skill of the physician, it is possible to eradicate the trouble - if not, well you have the certain assurance that when the outer garment of the body is laid aside, the soul, perchance, is glorious indeed.

"The same applies exactly - although in a different sense - to those growths which, in some cases, are so firmly embedded in that holy tabernacle (the soul) that to the uninitiated it seems that nothing could make them whole again. Those who have set their wills and their love and their efforts on restoring and bringing back to loveliness that which is of God - these, dear children, are doing a work of such value and treasure to the Master, that no words can express it.

"But all are not called to this in a definite sense - that I have told you before - but I would also remind you that by your thoughts and by your prayers for those who have so sorely afflicted themselves - that by the power of these, you can, in a large measure, act even as a physician; and in time to come the patient, so far renewed in strength, will rise up and continue the work himself.

"Hope - hope everywhere, and the word despair does not exist once spiritual sight is your own.

"And now we will get away from the sad side - and it is not only sad to you but is very sad indeed to us - we will get away from that to the growth which, even in its earliest stages, is so exquisite to witness. I want you, my little ones, to take a much broader view of this subject than you do at present. I find that even after my continual reiteration of the truth - I find so often that your troubles and your pains are regarded as a penance imposed upon you by the Creator. You say - or you think: 'Well, I have done that and this is my punishment', the implication being - you cannot fence it - that God, seeing your misdeeds, lays the hand of censure upon you and the punishment as well.

"I am going to fight this ever and ever - I am never going to rest until I force it upon your physical minds and understanding that the Father does not act like that. It is growth, it is you, my dear children - the real you - tightening the reins, trying to keep the physical self from roaming too far to the left or to the right.

"I would emphasise the remarks of last week - I would insist that you consider it in all its magnitude of possibilities - that 'Examiner' of self. You are not going to escape lightly, either now or then, because the 'you' within, being strong and valiant, has very little sympathy with the weaknesses and the evasions to which the physical mind is so prone...

"Now, that sentence gives an impression opposite to the one I wish to convey. It seems that I am attacking the physical you as an enemy, as a truant, as the culprit - and yet I have told you before that when you see things as they are, you will know that the physical body has brought you treasure of such great worth which it would be almost impossible to acquire by other means... I am speaking of those who wish sincerely to find God.

"Yes, Christ and 'Examiner' are very different personalities. You are protected by His Love and His understanding and His Fatherhood; but with that great Examiner of self, there is nothing to stand between your judgment - judgment and condemnation as well. You see, dear children, that it is a great responsibility - this duality, this combination of the spiritual with the physical - it is a great responsibility in this sense: That you are answerable to yourself for what has taken place.

"How often have you it illustrated even now. More and more do my children flinch from their consciousness of having failed the best within; more and more do those stabs of self-reproach make themselves felt when, heedlessly, they have hurt another. This is but a faint representation of what is going on in reality, and that is why, when people come here, those who have eyes to see are anguished for the time being over their shortcomings and over the betrayal of the Light within.

"My children, I said they were 'anguished' - and so they are until Christ has healed the wound. And there you get the point to which I have been leading you: That Christ stands aside from the blows - from that anguish of mind and spirit - stands aside in this sense; that He is unconnected with it, except to soothe and heal the torture which the knowledge and the realisation of His love brings to all.

"Oh, try, my children, to make this thought the foundation of your daily life and when, as must happen at times, little or big things go wrong, place the source in the right direction and say at once: 'Yes, I know I have done wrong or I have been foolish, but Christ is trying to comfort me all the same'.

"You are growing fast in many ways. It is, perhaps, with tears that the growth is being brought on. But those tears, dear children, shall be turned into joy unimaginable, because the period of suffering is so short, so light, in comparison with that which it produces and those good gifts which it gathers unto the soul.

"Tonight, in speaking of growth, I have treated the subject from a somewhat different angle; and yet each point of view is in harmony with the other. You are out for big things, and the greater, nobler you within intends to do its part thoroughly, and to see that its physical counterpart shall do the same as well. And that is the whole thing in a nutshell: You are out for big things.

"And then comes that wonderful, compensating thought: That because you are out for big things, you attract to yourselves, whether here or during your daily life, you attract to yourselves not only beauty and brightness, but power and support. There are around you those from the bright spheres who have travelled far and know what it is all about. They have thrown in their lot with you, as you would say, and whatever happens - be the day calm or the night dark and stormy to your physical minds - they are there, immovable, and will see that right is done, that right which the stronger you has suffered so much to make its own.

"You are bound for a far shore, so it seems to you; but, by the miracle of God's love, that far shore can be brought to you and the waters in between dried up, even as the river of old.

"Oh, be not despondent of time, of method, or of waiting. The waiting is not as you think, and God is overseeing all those details of your physical life which, remember, were framed - were chosen by you - in order to fit in with the great pattern. Yes, God is overseeing all, and you shall find, as I have said, that the golden shore - the Land of Promise - shall, by the miracle of His love, be forced towards you. And you, safe and secure, shall step on to its permanency, and know that faith has brought you through.

"Ah, my children, I can carry you with me as I stand thus in your presence, but you ask yourselves whether it will be possible to keep the same attitude of mind when we are separated by physical sight and understanding...

"Now, I have a message for you all. I say that the growing stages have reached the point when, if you exert just one more effort of will, you shall find yourselves secure in faith for evermore. Be watchful, dear children, of the straying thoughts - that is your only enemy now. And I say that if you bar the gate of your soul to those intruders, you shall find yourself established in a faith so strong, so all-enveloping, that God's work will be carried out in a way hitherto undreamt of by you all. And in like proportion so will the happiness come - so will the happiness come.

"You are only safe when fettered to service, because you have reached that state of development when the desires of the flesh are superseded by the longings of the spirit within to find expression and expansion. Great, great has been your need during the past, and great, great has been the succour at hand on every occasion. Great, great will be your desire to rise and to contact with Heavenly things in the days to come; and great, great shall be your opportunities, because God has said: 'Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you' (Matt. 7:7, Luke 11:9).

"That is my message tonight from the Most High, the Tender Father, the Loving Shepherd, the Understanding Christ. Take it and make it your own possession and cleave to it with might and main..."

(Others than spoke...)

of the R.C. Reparation Order, Spain...

"...I thank my God that my prayers have been heard. I am a stranger to you all, but my name has been mentioned to you in connection with one who is far away (Ethel, the medium's sister), and you think that this applies equally in thought and in sympathy...

"It is Mother St. Agnes. I give you this name because you will then understand what a wonderful thing it is that I should be allowed to speak to you in this way.

"I found, when I came here, that Love - Love so stupendously greater than ever entered into my consciousness - that Love held the reins of government, and it only needed for one to go to the Feet of dear Jesus and ask to receive blessings - blessings and comfortings so rich, so numerous, that I could not go on... You see, great generosity stifles petitions. We - and I speak for those of my sisterhood - we just lay at the Feet of Jesus unable to ask what had been in our minds, because we saw all the gifts that lay there on either side without even one word being said; and among my treasures, Mrs. Moyes, I found this jewel of service - this jewel of service to my fellow men and women.

"I loved the dear Lord Jesus during my earthly days, but I see now that, in many ways, I did not understand Him. I got caught up in a maze of the representations of others and they hid Him from me - but only slightly. I know that now - yet, in a measure, they hid His Love from me - hid it, and in turn I rather veiled it from those I sought to serve the most.

"I am changed, so changed that my dear child (Ethel) would hardly recognise that imperious woman in what I am now. Humbly I follow where others have gone before - in the greatest humility you could imagine - and I want you all, in thinking of me, to remember this: The great revelation which was mine as I stepped into the glorious day of God's love.

"I had, unconsciously, worked my bit of the pattern - perhaps in a way that showed too much self-will in it - but when I came here, seeking mercy, mercy from the dear Lord, all I found was reward beyond anything that I could have conjured up for the greatest saint that ever walked the earth. At His Feet I knelt for sentence - and at His Feet I learnt His Love.

"Oh, if I could only tell you just a little of what the life of self-denial produces in this wonderful, glorious Land of God. If only those upon earth could have the faintest indication of what little sacrifices produced, they would pray for the opportunity to be given them. And I find now that my work for God - yes, Christ said it was for Him - that my work for God is going to be carried on now so that I can bring the other half of service, together with the half I did give, and make it complete in His sight as well as in my own.

"My work is now in the busy streets, amongst the poorest of the poor, and I have chosen it myself. I have chosen to take the Cross into the evilest dens of human mistakes so that, in time to come, I may do that which was spared to my body - live with them, share of their days and nights, and yet be undefiled...

"No, that is wrong. You see, in coming back in this way, a little of the old habit of thinking came as well. I wanted you to know that of my own choice I am with those who, from the earth point of view, are morally and physically perverted. But we who walk among them see only this: That the hideous can be turned into beauty, that vileness can be changed into holiness, that self can be laid aside in the service of the Master, and that this will be the end - yes, and the beginning as well - the end of mistakes and the beginning of understanding. And I, so sheltered from the world, now plunge myself into, as it were, the dustbin of the world, for love of my dear Christ.

"Oh, how I would like this message to go forth to those who knew me and whom I tried to influence by my prayers. If only they could know how God has crowned my wish for service, and has given it into my hands to make those efforts during my earth's experience, complete and perfect and a gift worthy of the One to whom it belongs.

"Mrs. Moyes, remember me and wish me to come again. I have been working hard since I left the earth, in making myself familiar with your ways of thinking, of acting and of speaking; and it is to your city (London) that I have been allowed to come and to minister in His Name..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my little ones, it has been a happy evening, hasn't it? - with so much peace on either side. And I want you to know that, from our point of view, good work has been done. And I am going to strengthen the cords of my control more and more so that my child and I may be able to work together in perfect unity, when good results will come as a matter of course...

"Tonight I will close on just underlining what that dear boy has said to you on the question of 'birthdays'. He has got it right, and instead of that word 'milestones' on the journey of the spirit, will you try and substitute the word 'birthdays', because you will see at once it changes the whole complexion of the thing.

" - 'Milestones' - a very good word itself - brings to the mind weariness, effort, strain, and the knowledge that when one is passed the road goes winding on and on, until innumerable milestones lie behind. It takes the heart out of one to contemplate those which you have already passed.

"Now in regard to birthdays - the birthdays to which we refer - that has a more joyful sound altogether, because they are little birthdays which lead on, as you have been told, to the greatest birthday of all. And I want you to regard each experience, both mental, physical and spiritual, as a birthday of the soul which will enable it to gain the necessary strength, and also to gather to itself the inevitable happiness of going on and on until the glorious end of physical life - when you are born into the Life of joy, of perfect harmony, and of unity with your Father.

"This is the thought, the last, I leave with you tonight: To so reconstruct your thinking that it will indeed seem to you, and to others, that each experience passed through has been a re-birth - renewing and adding holiness and power to the soul - which shall equip you and make you ready for all that which awaits you in the Land where the Light fadeth not.

"Courage, dear friends. Ah yes, but change the word again to this: 'Gladness', because you are getting on so fast, joy in the knowledge that each step nearer to Christ leaves sorrow farther behind and contentment takes its place; contentment in the realisation of all those countless millions who have trod the path before you, of those who are treading it with you, and an added comfort to recollect that even you - by so going forward - are making it easier for those who, as yet, are far behind.

"Yes, look at the thing how you may, there is joy on every side and greater to come.

"I bless you in the Name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit - bless you in the Name of One who is Love Divine, unlimited and for ever. And under His blessing you will rest secure, preserved from all that would offend, and heartened and strengthened to go on, on towards the Light, the Light which cannot be dimmed, the Light of revelation which illumines all the by-paths of physical experience, and makes you realise your at-one-ment with the Master.

"Goodnight, my little ones."

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