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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"MY children, I come into your presence to speak to you on that which touches your lives so closely that you scarce can grasp it, but around you is a World of Spirit. Around you there are those conditions, those peoples who at this same time are hidden from your consciousness.

"Little ones, come with me in thought while I seek to pass on the message of the Christ. Oh listen and learn! I could not speak in this way were it not for the power of the Holy Spirit. There are those who come into earth conditions who seek to use an instrument and do so in part; yet what emanates from the instrument is that which is hindering to the progress of man, and I say unto you in regard to such as these - both the instrument which is used and the one who seeks to use it - that they are piling up for themselves suffering in time to come, for the gift is Holy, and because it is Holy should be treated with the greatest reverence and respect.

"If messages are sent and are poured forth from an instrument which reflect not the God-mind, the Christ-attitude, then I say unto you that the instrument and the one who used it, ah, better for them that they had not entered the physical existence at all. So then I draw in your thoughts and I lift them up above the earth, above material things, aye, even above those you love so well, and I place them as an offering - a little offering - to the One Who gives so much.

"Tonight, dear children, commanded by the Master - the One Whom it was my privilege to walk with and Who blessed me when I too lived my life upon the earth plane - following the direction of the Christ I speak to you on that which I name the Great Surrender.

"Your minds, perchance, go back to those in the little yesterday who gave their lives for their brothers, those who were called the soldiers of the king. Ah, many such as these were not only soldiers of an earthly king, but they were the warriors of the King of kings, and they have entered into conditions of brightness and peace undreamed of by you at this stage. It was indeed the great surrender, but think along these lines, for I say unto you that the time must come when men and women will be called upon to forsake their toys, aye, and even to give up the tools of the mind, those tools which stand between them and the Christ-work. The time will come when the individual - those with a measure of sight, with a measure of understanding - will be called upon to give up, to make the great surrender.

"Oh, how easy it is to talk of sacrifice when sacrifice is afar off! How easy it is for those in security to send out others to fight and to withstand the anguish of the physical garment! How easy it is for those comfortably placed to say to the toilers, to those who have not the necessities of life: 'Be of good cheer, tomorrow will bring better things!'

"Little children, there are always those who preach and those who act, always those who think and those who try to set into being the noble thoughts that possess their minds. I say unto you that if the Master in walking the earth plane had done naught but think great thoughts, even great love-thoughts, then He could not have been called the Saviour of the world. Nay, little ones, when you pass out of things seeming into reality, you will be astounded to find that that which you called work and effort represented but a fragment, but a shadow of the work and the effort which abounds in those realms which are truly Spirit.

"Yes, I must prepare you and I must warn you. I say that coming upon this little earth plane troubles, in numerous forms, must be met and overcome, and I tell you that the time is now for the preparation to be hastened, to be put in a way hitherto undreamed of by yourselves. The only way to prepare, the only way to build up a foundation which will enable you to say and mean when trouble strikes the earth plane: 'I am secure,' is by training yourselves at this same stage to make the great surrender.

"Oh, I know how your thoughts go out to those you love so well. I know, as I speak, that the little children who, as it seemed, were torn out of their mothers' arms, that the little children have come back in their hundreds to bring you their gifts this night. For there are those here who have known sorrow and grief in many forms and anxiety of the mind, and so the little children bring you their gifts, they bring the sweet flowers of forgetfulness and they lay them before you.

"You may say unto me: 'They are not my children', but I say unto you: We are all one great family under our Father and Mother God. The little ones do His work in His way, and thus they pass in and out amongst you this night, and they will leave behind sweetness and peace, simplicity and that love which one day man must make his own.

"And now I come to yourselves, to the great surrender. Oh children, those who answered to the call of duty, they have reaped what they have sown. Some went because the greater self within demanded the sacrifice; others went because authority commanded and would not be withstood. Yet I say unto you regarding those forced into the fight that in the measure that they did that which saved another, that which healed another, in the measure that they sought to bear the burdens of the weaker and the frailer, oh, they have reaped a harvest, a harvest second to none; for the mighty Mind of Love takes even the reluctance, when the reluctance is forced down, and creates something which shall never pass away.

"They are here as well, many whom you would call strangers, but the word 'stranger' is unknown to us. We are brothers and sisters, some a little older, perchance, some a little younger; but the age or youth is marked only by the experience undertaken, by the suffering endured.

"So then, think a while as to the great surrender, for indeed you must build truly, you must build firmly, for great things are coming to pass. In your daily life, in the little things as well as those which seem so important, oh, think to yourselves: Here am I, a traveller on the long road which leads home to God; shall I remain a traveller or shall I become a pilgrim?

"And mark you this: In time, either on this plane or in one of those conditions beyond the earth, each one must emerge out of the traveller stage and become a pilgrim; and the pilgrim, with the staff of faith, with the Cross upon the brow, little by little - oh, these things cannot be unduly hastened - little by little trains himself to make the great surrender.

"I come back to your daily life, to its trials, its irritations, and all that which at times causes the heart to ache. Within you here are two who function upon different planes, who are keyed to different conditions. There is the Divine within you and there is the lesser man or the lesser woman. Now, which of these two shall dominate your lives? Choose, make the great decision; oh, seek the full surrender!

"As you awaken sadness perchance seizes the physical mind, you remember the uncongenial task, the conditions which seem so out of harmony with that which you love; yes, as you awaken so these thoughts come creeping back, and many there are who dread the coming day. To such as these I speak, for the mere fact that life presents a problem is indication that the traveller desires to become a pilgrim, and that those who love the Master seek to gather close. I say unto them: As physical consciousness returns, raise the heart and mind to the One Who loves you best. Say not within yourselves: 'I wish this day were passed.' Say rather: 'Father, use me according to Thy Holy Will!'

"Little things, perhaps, but only by observing the little things can the time come when the great surrender is made. You cannot grow in an hour. Nay, over the long past so the Divine within you has fought and struggled for its freedom; aye, a past unknown to you, my little ones, for long before this earth plane came into use for God's purpose you, as spirits, functioned in other conditions, other planets, if you will, but names are nothing to us.

"Over the long past, so thousands of lives you have had; yet one life only upon the earth plane in a physical garment. Yes, in the past, before the physical garment was ready for you, so as spirits you walked with others imprisoned in the physical, and you learned with them some of their lessons, and that is why you are here tonight. In a measure you are trained; in a measure you understand; in a measure you have illumination. But think not that that understanding and illumination must pause here or there. God holds out to His children revelation in a form so gigantic that the physical mind cannot grasp it, but there are some who shall witness great and glorious things ere the body is cast aside; some, but only those who endeavour to make the great surrender.

"So, my children, bear in mind this great and wonderful thought: The Master - the Source of Wisdom - has opened the gate and bids you enter in; but the only way to cross the threshold of things seeming and to pass into reality is the way which the Master trod Himself. Aye, little by little, relinquishing the physical will. Oh, think not that God would have you as puppets, as echoes of that which He has laid down. Nay, the gift of free-will will never be taken from you, but as you seek to give into the safe-keeping of God your physical will, so a miracle takes place. Self-will gives way to something glorious, something charged with power. In handing the lesser will into the safe-keeping of the One Who loves you best, so as a result - coming back to you in strength a thousandfold - is the free working of the Divine will, part of the equipment housed within.

"Oh, little ones, my words sound urgent and perchance a little stern, but I am fighting for you. I have been sent into your presence to pass on warning; yet underlying the warning is a great and glorious hope. I have been sent to you to entreat you to prepare, to walk warily, to overlook your equipment and to seek to make the full surrender. For the time is coming when those governed by their physical minds, chained to the conditions of the earth plane, when such as these will be as straying sheep, without one to draw them back into the safety of faith and trust in God.

"In that time, so the few - alas, it must be only a few, for only a few will listen to that which God has sent - only the few will be able to stand free from the turmoil, the tumult of the earth, and look up and see the Master and gain assurance direct from Him.

"So I come back to the boys and the men who have passed on a little span, the ones who left so much sorrow and desolation behind. Little ones, through that endured they purchased something of courage, the great courage which comes with illumination, and they speak to you tonight, ah, through your hearts if not through your minds, and their message is: Prepare, prepare, for great things are coming to pass!

"Yet as I speak so laughter reaches my ears and lightens the heaviness of earth conditions. The boys and the men who gave up their little all in the name of duty, such as these among themselves are laughing, throwing out upon the vibrations something of their brightness, something of their joy. Oh, cannot you see that when the little earth life is over it must be either joy or sadness, laughter or tears? Aye, in the measure that those in the physical body hold back, in that measure so the laughter is quenched, and the anguish is great.

"Children, the gifts of the mind are precious only in the degree that they are used for God's work; the gifts of the hand are precious but if the hands are used to deal destruction to others for the sake of the material gain which comes, ah, better that that man, that woman were without the hands which were used by the destructive forces.

"Sweet it is to look upon the beauties of nature, sweet it is to raise the eyes to the heavens, to the blue and the sunshine, to catch the note of the free song of the bird; ah, all these things are precious to us when we walk the earth plane. Compassion for the blind, oh, compassion for those who are lame! But I say unto you that the eyes of the physical body which look out upon their handiwork and see that which is a travesty of God's love, that which is a denial of the purity and holiness which is man's rightful inheritance, ah, better that that man, that woman were blind.

"Again I say, sweet it is to feel the breeze upon the face and form; sweet it is as the hills are climbed to feel the warm blood coursing through the veins; but if the footsteps take a man or woman away from God, better that that man or woman were lame, crippled from birth; for what is sown in carelessness must be reaped in time to come.

"Cannot you see that when God says to His children 'make the full surrender,' when the great Father and Mother God entreats us to obey His most merciful laws, that these things in themselves are a manifestation of unlimited love? The Master calls: 'Follow Me,' and those bound by the earth say: 'No, the road is too hard; I would have my comforts. I would have my ease.' But when the call comes to you and to me: 'Follow, follow!' so the Christ is holding out to us powers and gifts, a joy and a peace which the human mind at this stage cannot grasp.

"Oh, try and make this truth your own. In the measure that man seeks to follow in the footsteps of the Master, in that measure so the power comes; and miracles shall be worked, for this is the promise of the Most High. The Master as He passed among the crowd healed, restored, recreated only by the power built up around and within through the great surrender, the surrender of His will to the Godhead from which He had separated Himself for a span.

"Aye, little ones, Christ is God! Because His children should never be in the position to say that God could not understand the trials, the temptations, the sorrows and the pains of physical life, so the Great One of all separated Himself from His Godhead and came as man to save man from his folly and weakness; and when the Master turned to that which He named His Father, oh, it was to that Godhead from which He had separated Himself so that He could traverse the earth as man then and today traverses the earth. So it was that the Christ went through weariness, despair and innumerable temptations, yet through the great surrender, through the elimination of self, through the release of the Divine within, so the power came to raise the hearts and minds of countless thousands not only in earth conditions, but in many far more bound; aye, and in those a little further on so far as evolution is concerned.

"Christ - God - came as man, limited as you are, limited as I was in time long past; and those in a physical body, in the measure that they make the great surrender, can do as Christ, for God has promised.

"Between us and unlimited power lies that which appear as obstacles too great, too formidable to be surmounted. Those obstacles have been built by self, yet through the gracious provision of the One Who loves us best, because we built so we can destroy, we can clear the path, and from the hands shall come the healing power of Christ. And there shall be those who shall bless our name, who shall exclaim to others: 'Now I know there is a God of Love for through one of His servants I have received my sight!' But forget not that restoring sight to the physical eyes is as nothing in comparison to removing the blindness of the mind.

"So then while I speak to you in this same way, oh make the link firmer with those who love you well, who are laughing and throwing out on the vibrations that which is as a chain of joy, each link representing something overcome, something relinquished. As a mighty chain so the sweetness of their joy is thrown out over all; they call to you to arise, to respond, to put aside sorrow, to put aside sad memories, and to be as happy warriors, soldiers of the King of kings, pilgrims willing to take the hard path, pilgrims showing the way, aye, beating out the way so that others, weaker, will have direction, and by the strength created shall arise out of that which holds and take the hill which leads to God.

"Oh, little ones, there are those among you who can respond and those who, in a measure, cannot respond. Cast not my words aside for I say again that great things are coming to pass. Those who are weak today will be weaker still; those who seek to be strong shall find to their amazement that a courage, a response and an initiative akin to spiritual equipment shall be their own.

"So then let the past be past, let the present be constructive in the Christ sense; build for the future and ere you leave this temple - and a temple tonight indeed it has become. a temple where those of old have gathered in and where the bright ones, the wise ones gather close to give of their strength - in this temple make the great decision - the full surrender. The full surrender which is the surrender of the lesser so that you may take and hold the greater; the surrender of the foolishness of physical life, of its toys and trumpery possessions, and the taking of the gifts of the Spirit, of the powers which God meant should be your own.

"Thus I pass from you, yet if I left without underlining that you are well known to me so I should leave upon your minds a false impression. Little children, I know your weaknesses and I know your strengths, and I say unto you - because I have that wisdom, that vision bestowed by God - that the weakness can be torn out and strength only hold your heart and mind. I know your inclinations and I know your holy aspirations and I say unto you, through the grace of God, that one day, one time you must be perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect, for you are a fragment of His Holy Self.

"So then gather together your resources, and of all that which lies outside your spiritual equipment oh, make the full surrender; and the gifts and the powers, the peace and the joy, all this shall be as a hedge of protection, a protection not for yourselves alone but to pass on to others.

"So I bless you, and I entreat that on this night, on this day when power is granted in so great a volume to release the bonded minds of the children of the earth, that on this day you will seize that which is your right, that which is your great and grand inheritance, and give that which is yourself unto the safe keeping of the One Who loves you best. I bless you with the will to give up; I bless you with the valiant heart and the understanding mind; in the name of Christ, our Saviour, I bless you with the pilgrims' spirit. In days to come there shall be some who shall look back upon this quiet hour and thank their God that, out of the release of the Divine within, they sought to make the great surrender. I bless you with understanding in the name of our Father and Mother God.

"Master, grant that the messengers Thou hast sent may be able to gather close to these Thy little ones and give them of sight, aye, of that revelation which Thou hast promised. Oh, teach us how to give ourselves into Thy most tender care. Father, we thank Thee. Grant that in time to come we may be better instruments, brighter lights, that we may manifest something nearer to Thy great Love.

"Little children, that which is as a cloud of rosy light is upon you all - the peace which is holiness, the glow which is effort, effort for Christ our God. The cloud is upon you all, and the Holy Spirit this night has been vouchsafed for the work that lies in front. Farewell."

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