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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership).

"MY children, although we meet under somewhat changed conditions, I want you to believe that when the heart is dedicated to God so the power of the Holy Spirit is bestowed. Could you see things as they are, at this moment you would know that around you there is even as an army of helpers. They come from all conditions. Those with the wisdom, those who took the hard path in times long past, those who lived in humble and obscure homes, yet faithfully did their duty and sought to release the Divine within; and many from other climes, those who were different from yourselves in outlook and in environment, aye, and many from the dark planes; they all have gathered in to give or to take.

"Never forget this: That God opens all conditions to all His children. If there are those who prefer that which is antagonistic to the Light, if there are those who prefer the desires of the lesser self, they bar themselves from the peace and the joy of Spirit conditions. God's law is that each so-called sphere of development shall be open, waiting for the aspiring soul to make it its own; but the individual holds himself a prisoner by that bondage which he has drawn to himself over the past, and we wait and we work and we pray for the release to come. So when I tell you that gathered into these conditions there are those of all grades of development, those who love the Christ, those who are almost strangers to Him and what He represents, then remember that we are missionaries. If we meet together only with the Bright Ones, the Wise Ones, then indeed we should be throwing away a priceless opportunity, throwing away the great gift of service which God holds out to us. And this is my subject tonight - The Great Gift of Service.

"Little ones, as I have underlined before, upon the earth plane there are those who quite unconsciously are doing the Master's work. Some, if you named them Christians, would smile, they would say: 'I make no profession of any religion at all, but I have some feeling, some sense of decency.' I use earth words to express an entirely earth condition, for these I have in mind are, as it were, blind as to their real value, as to what they are creating, aye, as to the loveliness within. For many are kind, many seek to lighten the burdens of another, many are compassionate to those in distress, many are toilers, uncomplaining toilers. Because of their particular environment they know not God as a loving Father and Mother, and they reject that aspect of the Godhead which presents Love as a ruler and dictator.

"There are many such as these, and I would but add that when they pass into the light of revelation, and when they look back and see how Christ ministered to them, how the messengers of the Most High guided their steps, then anguish will assail them, for they were so free and yet so bound. They will cry: 'What can wipe out this ingratitude of mine; how can I forgive myself for all that which I forgot to render to God?' - for before them will stand the Christ, and in His eyes they will read not condemnation but love and a great and mighty compassion. These, as it were, will beat themselves with the thongs of remorse, and their wounds will take long to heal. They are our brothers and sisters and it is our work, our privilege, to bring to them something of the greater light, to show them that even though their lips may deny the Christ, by their acts of kindness, of service to others, in a measure they are demonstrating Christ to their little world. Aye, a mighty work lies before the children of the earth plane in regard to such as these.

"And then I would take you on to a different kind of Service which is open to you all; for in a measure you have knowledge of things spiritual and you desire to do the Father's Will. Oh my children, cannot you see that God has provided countless sources, innumerable channels, by which and through which man can draw back that which in the past has been cast away? I speak to those who find themselves in a somewhat restricted circle of activity, and I tell them, because it is God's truth, that by thought they can do great and mighty things.

"Think you as to this: Sometimes the circumstances of physical life forbid working for Christ in a so-called definite way. The mind and the hands are occupied in bringing in that which supports another; or, again, so many calls are made upon time that the desire within to be as an instrument of the Most High seems offered and then snatched away. For such as these I have a message of infinite hope. I say: By your thoughts you can draw in those who have been banished from love and light over years uncountable; literally, you can be missionaries of the Most High; you can create strength and beauty and power. And if you ask me how this can be done, then I answer: It is by simple means, by the way Christ laid down Himself when upon the earth plane.

"Little ones, think in this wise: As you wake recall to mind those many who awaken to sadness, to physical pain or to mental distress. Here, placed within your hand, as it were, is healing power. You need not be conscious of the guides or of the messengers around you, you need not go amongst those so afflicted; but in your own room you can stretch out the helping hand to others and they can grasp it, although the physical mind may be unconscious that the act has taken place. For you are Spirit and they are Spirit; the physical body holds but for a space and the laws that govern it, again, are governed by the laws of the Spirit; and God has linked all humanity together, whether upon the earth plane or whether in those countless conditions which as yet are hidden from you.

"Oh, ponder on this and make a compact with yourself that at once you will commence to build. As you awaken, send out thoughts of healing, thoughts of courage, thoughts of joy; and I say, under the direction of the Christ, that indeed a brother or a sister shall feel that sweet influence and make it their own.

"God rules all things, and though countries, conditions and the centuries may divide, the laws of the Spirit work on unhindered by man's doubts or by the blindness and the bondage within.

"Then, my children, as the hours go on and toil claims you, think not that this work for God need be put aside. Remember that the simplest task well done is creating power. Aye, and what is power? How can I explain to you who have seen so little of the joys and the beauties of the Spirit, yet I am bidden to attempt that which is nigh impossible.

"As you grapple with the work of the day, whatever that work may be, however uninteresting, however humble, however repugnant to the mind of the body, you can - because you are Spirit, sons and daughters of the Most High - you can create that beauty which shall never pass away, and which shall be presented to you when the body is no more.

"For have I not said that the planes of the Spirit, so-called - the beauties, the harmony, aye, that which is beyond your comprehension at this stage - that all this, by the law of God, was built by effort, by humble people taking the hard road, by the weak in body seeking to bear their pains with endurance, by the lack of rebellion, by the giving out of harmony, of peace and of love to others?

"Oh think of it! These things you do so unconsciously are creating Heaven itself. I tell you, because it is God's truth, that in man's hands, aye, even though he be bound by a body of flesh, there lies something of the Creator's power.

"The child who seeks to learn the simple lesson, the old man who, out of love for those around, complains not over weariness and pain, the student who, as he works, seeks to find something which will benefit humanity, the mother as she hopes her child will be protected during the day - all these things so common to you, they, under the mighty provision of the great Creator, they are building up that which is Paradise itself, for God passes on to His creation His own gifts, and He made this law so that man might have hope for evermore, that he should do and build even as God Himself.

"This is not blasphemy; it is indeed a symbol of the generous heart of our Father and Mother God. Only one thing holds man back and that is the chains with which he has bound himself - the chains of self. Aye, once more I remind you that in the measure we can tread the Christ path, so in that measure we are demonstrating the God within; and, again, in that measure so the gifts of God can be our own.

"What am I holding out to you? Revelation in part! Thus the Master says to you and to me: Come up higher and take those things which are of Me.

"Cannot you see, dear children, how the knowledge of this one spiritual law could entirely revolutionise the conditions of this little plane, could turn earth into heaven? If only those who refuse to suffer knew the truth, what a volume of power could be created moment by moment; for forget not that the Divine law which rules our lives is that of service to others. You cannot think a pure thought, a love thought, without immediately creating around you beauty and love and purity; but that is not for yourself. You had the strength to think that thought, to do that deed, and within your power it lies to go on sending out those vibrations and increasing the loveliness around. But that kind thought and the power it represents is wanted desperately for others, for those who indeed are entombed in self.

"Oh, remember that minute by minute you can build Spirit conditions for others, that you can put in your corner of Heaven; aye, and that which has been so produced can, in turn, induce others to create another portion of that which you regard as the realms of bliss.

"These aspects of service are overlooked again and again. During the sleep state you are as free men, free women, and then the Spirit can work out its holy will. Those who are bound by self they, by desire - for free-will cannot be interfered with - they pass into the conditions of their desire. Sometimes those conditions are far less evolved than these (the earth); sometimes, indeed, they enter that which represents a den of thieves; and when they awaken, ah! those hours so spent represent a loss too great for you to understand. But those who want to rise, again by God's most merciful law, they can soar and they do soar, and many talk and walk with those who are as the angels of God.

"Yes, each condition, each so-called plane, is open to everyone; but only in the measure that the individual desires the sweetest and the best is the sweetest and the best made their own. And this relates not only to the sleep state but to the waking hours of physical consciousness as well.

"Ah, little ones, it may be that at times the toil of the day or the day's events seem hard, distasteful, so unproductive; but if that which you have to do is done to the best of your ability the Bright Ones work with you, doing with you that which is distasteful to the physical mind.

"God is God, yet He is Father and Mother first and foremost, and the Christ, in order to impress the mind of man, took the bowl and the cloth and bathed the feet of His companions, aye, He bathed their feet so that man might remember that that is the God-attitude towards the beloved of His heart.

"Can you not see how clear the path is, how open, how glorious, how charged with power? Men speak of the Cross; they know not of what they speak. Sorrow may come close, weariness may be apparent, but the shouldering and the carrying of the Cross is building up Paradise and the beauties and the joys of the Spirit which shall never pass away.

"That is moment by moment taking place. Oh, think not of reward or compensation in some far time ahead. Moment by moment so the pilgrim is reaping what he has sown, aye, and the harvest has been blessed by the Master; and even as the story of the loaves and fishes, so that which is little is turned into that which is great; and hour by hour man is creating and is showing in his environment signs of the God which is housed within.

"So, my children, I come back to those many who are drawn into my love, and because I know and because the Father has revealed it, so I urge you all to quicken the pace, to rest not, for the resting stages are the dangerous stages, to stretch out that which is your real self and to clasp the things that never pass away.

"There are countless thousands who are building on that which has life alone for the short earth stage; the things of the Spirit which remain are overlooked, unrecognised. It is for these I am asking you to work, to pray and to think; for lo, through the grace of God miracles can be worked and shall be worked by you if you are faithful to your trust, and the trust is to do God's work by thought, by act, by aspiration. Indeed, my little ones, by the desire to serve so you shall throw the saving line, the life-line, to those who, as it were, are drowning in the bog of self. I am looking upon many so placed. As I speak thus I see a multitude, and this multitude represents but a grain of sand compared to the great shore of individuals waiting for release.

"In the dark planes, in the twilight planes, so souls struggle and fight with each other. They sought for possessions during the stage before, or they sought for power in order to control others, and, alas and alas! they have fettered to themselves that which represents the power of those who are arraigned against the Christ.

"These things may be pushed aside by the so-called wise, by those who cry out of the ignorance within: 'This is but fable.' But one day they must face facts as they are, and they will see not only that I have not exaggerated the truth but there are no words that can portray the truth regarding the horrors man builds up around himself. Yet, my children, forget not that within them as well as within you there is God, and one day they shall be restored to the likeness of their Maker; but time unthinkable must elapse before this takes place. Yet you can shorten the journey for you can show them the straight clear way. Oh what a gift is ours, what a privilege, how great is God, how wonderful are His plans! To think that you can work out His will, can call upon His power, His strength, His resources, His light, His love, His peace - call upon the gifts of God by right. You are His children and you can save those who at present are far, far too weak even to desire to save themselves. Therefore, once more the call goes forth: 'Workers are wanted. Choose, for time is fleeting.' Missionaries must go into those conditions and seek for the lost, shepherds are wanted to lead them into the one true Fold. Can you not feel within how great a joy can be yours, what honour has been bestowed upon you? God, the Creator of Life, asks for your help, aye, for your help, and you, out of the release of the Divine within, answer: 'Aye, Lord, I come quickly.'

"Children, I want you to remember this: That in the Father's sight all are equal. If I am as an elder brother, how then was I able to attain that privilege, that gift? Through the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If you are a little nearer to the Light than those around you, how then did you extricate yourself from that which held? Only by the power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

"Think of this and never let the thought pass from you: That in all conditions there are those, children of God, waiting for their great inheritance. They know not, many of them, that they are 'waiting,' but God has ordained that each one in time shall have the best.

"Again I say, forget not what is within your power. You know the Christ message, you have grasped something of the Truth. Oh, pass on to others that which in time shall save them from their lesser selves. We are all messengers from the one great Master, yet as I use that word 'Master' it is taken from me. All messengers of Love. Love has need of you and you have need of Love.

"I bless you with understanding of the gifts and the privileges that can be your own, and I bless with the courage to arise and use that which you have for the furtherance of the mighty plan. The Holy Spirit is with you. Hold close to that which is of God. Farewell."

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