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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Monday, 6th July, 1925.

This meeting continues on from the previous evening, Sunday, 5th July, 1925, from the Address entitled: "Spiritual History - The Three Eras"

"O God, we thank Thee with humble hearts that ever we can come to Thee, and that ever Thou holdest out the Arms of Love to gather us in, when the past is forgotten and hope and faith and trust take its place.

"Grant that we, even as little children, may meet together, asking and knowing that we shall receive, for Thy grace is sufficient and Thy Fatherhood knows no bounds, neither is it hindered by the things of the earth...

"Into Thy Hands we commend ourselves, and we ask that Thou wilt fill in the weak places and that we may grow in strength and courage as we go on... Amen...

"...My children, I thank you all for obeying my request, and I thank you too for many thoughts of help, all of which have been used to their utmost; and these prayers shall be shown to you in the happy days to come as producing power of so great a character that indeed you will marvel at God's Love.

"Children, it seems to you somewhat strange that more help is not forthcoming when there are those among you who are willing to submit themselves to the guidance of the Spirit.

"Well, dear children, these thoughts arise merely because you are still bound by the physical aspect of things. Tonight I will tell you, that had it not been for this work for God - which my child had taken on in the Spirit - had it not been that the severity of the experiences she has gone through were for work for God, then I tell you, quite frankly, it would have been impossible to keep the enemies of the physical at bay in the way we have done.

" - 'But' - you exclaim - 'See how pressing they are!' Yes, but again I repeat that had it not been for this work, my child - and your child - would not be in the physical body at this stage.

"You see, dear children, how wonderful are God's laws? Some there are, swayed by the world and its conceptions, who have urged and entreated - nay, who have commanded - that this precious communion should be abandoned because of the strain entailed on the one so used. Yes, they knew it not, but they were being used by those destroyers who have not allowed one avenue of attack to be overlooked.

"In this there is a lesson for all. Thousands who are working for God are also harassed by the enemies of the flesh, yet they work on - not in spite of these enemies, but because the work they do comes under the heading of Service, and so in a gigantic way they are protected from that which would strike them to the earth itself.

"On all sides there is suffering, yet again and again it is noticed that the weakest survive when the strong of body pass out. This is experienced in a way so revealing that I gladly bring it in this evening.

"You know, dear children, that among your own friends there are those who strive and strive, who again and again return to face the enemy and prevail in a way which cannot be rightly estimated until spiritual sight is your own. These, dear children, because of the strength of the spirit within, call to their side those who fight for them, those who are indeed of God - and these bring His protection with them.

"It was necessary to give this little explanation, and now I pass on to the subject we were discussing last night.

"Children, in regard to the custodians of the Truth, I have something to say - and I hope those who read these records will try and realise that I am seeking to portray a little of the Father-Mind towards these who have voluntarily sought to represent Him during their daily life.

"You see, dear children, that in many cases - nay in all cases - the spirit is far and away more ambitious, more spiritually ambitious than the most ambitious physical mind could be; and so right through the ages there have been those who, anyhow, have set out to do their Master's Will. Some, perhaps, have found that the enemy was too strong, that the world drew so close, that it could not be fenced off as effectively as they hoped... Children, God understands all hearts, and as God judges not so I entreat those who will listen to judge not these themselves.

"And then, dear children, I turn your attention to all those earnest ones whom you have met and whom, in many cases, you have loved as well. These indeed represent the Truth, not only to the best of their ability, but in a way which has brought God's blessing upon them. To such as these I speak - and there are many in this room tonight. I speak also to those still bound by physical restrictions, still hampered a little by the body which - against their will perhaps - sometimes makes barriers between them and all they wish to be.

"When they come here, all will be so clear; and they will find that because the wish held good to be true to God, so indeed God has worked out that wish in fact, to remain for ever more.

"In regard to those who listen to them - well, dear children, teaching spiritual things is not an easy task. Unconsciously, or consciously, the physical mind has built up certain conceptions of the Truth, and if anyone seeks to interfere with or to broaden the boundaries of their thought, they are met at once with a veiled or definite hostility, which so often does its destructive work. I mean, dear children, that the one who would teach, that the one who has vision of something of the magnitude of God's Love - that he is checked and he retreats back into his shell, keeping his gift to himself.

"Then, dear children, that other aspect has to be met and faced. Some there are who cannot portray either the story of Christ's life on earth, or the wonderful teaching He gave so simply, so beautifully, for use in all ages, for all times. They have not the faculty; and there are countless numbers today who, because the shepherd is inarticulate, so they stray.

"Children, I am fully aware of the responsibility of this remark, yet even in your little experience you know that this is so; and tonight I must say that those who gather together to worship God, to hear His Word - that these have a right to expect that the interpretation of the Word should be given in a way which will reach their hearts and minds.

"Now, dear children, we have got to keep our balance of thought. Most of those whom you have loved so much have possessed that gift - the gift of portraying Christ, the gift of opening the door of revelation - perhaps in varying degrees, but, believe me, it is something when anyone has the perception and the strength to open that door, even if it be but an inch.

"Children, the gift of speech is a weapon - it is a tool which cannot be overestimated because of its influence on the minds and characters of others; and when you are free, you will see that the foundation of that gift was solely and entirely the power of the Spirit.

"Now mark you, dear children, I am fully conscious that there are many who possess eloquence - who indeed are rich in expression, whose words throb with life and meaning - and some of these use it not for God's work. Yet remember 'service' has many branches and channels, and the one who uses his gift of speech towards the betterment of the world, towards the righting of a wrong, he indeed is using that gift as God intended.

"But those who desecrate the gift - ah, these are building up for themselves much sorrow and much suffering when they come here and see the purpose of the bestowal. They sought not to uplift but rather to drag down that which was truth and holiness and purity and faith.

"Yet, dear children, forget not my previous words - that all the various attributes and abilities of the mind are indeed but manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and as such should be treated as sacred indeed...

"I come back to the sheep who have a shepherd to guide them, and yet that shepherd finds it almost impossible to put into words the way they should go. To those shepherds I speak with so much love and understanding, and I tell them that if they would put even half the reliance on the spiritual mind which they place so readily on the physical, indeed they would find that the Holy Spirit - the gift of language - could be used by them with the liberty of an unlimited Source.

"And then, dear children, I want to speak to you about those edifices which are held in such high estimation by all, not only you who love your churches but even by the spectator who has no personal interest in the Faith they represent.

"Well, dear children, I have something to say to you which perhaps will come as a surprise, and yet being your most loving teacher - not your schoolmaster, remember that - but being your most loving teacher, I am anxious that you should get the spiritual view of as many things as is possible.

"There are, in your little country, buildings and ruins, which, in your eyes, are regarded as sacred trusts; and while I can enter fully into your attitude towards that which stands for so much in religious life, yet, dear children, it is my duty to tell you that sometimes you err a little in regard to this.

"Yes, there are those, on passing through precincts which are hallowed by memories, who have felt that indeed they were on sacred ground - and so they were, but not for the reason that they think.

"Children, has it ever occurred to you to pause and think - when examining the old and lofty walls, when in mind measuring the girth of the great columns which support those roofs of workmanship both beautiful and rare - has it ever occurred to you to think of those who put the stones together?

"Yes, I know that he - or they - who designed that edifice which brings such joy to the senses, I know that he gets full measure of rightful recognition, but tonight I want you to think a little about the workers - about the humble workers who put it together with so much labour, so much weariness, so much heartbreak and despair.

"For, dear children, in the days when those magnificent edifices were built, labour was not as it is today. In those times of long ago, the life of a man who was a toiler was reckoned but lightly indeed. I do not speak without due consideration when I say that many of those buildings which you revere so much, contain in the very stones themselves, stories of hardship entirely beyond your imagination.

"So, dear children, you will see to what I am leading your thoughts. Those buildings are indeed hallowed by time, hallowed by the prayers which have risen from them, hallowed by the sacrifices, by the devotional thoughts, the aims and the aspirations of those who worshipped therein, but most of all - yes, most of all by the labour, by the suffering exacted from those humble, forgotten, unnoticed workers who indeed have enshrined, not their names but their lives in the stones which remain...

"Oh, dear children, try ever and ever again to get Christ's view of human life. I do not say turn from your admiration of that which is old and rare, but I ask you to give your attention to what is far older, and far more precious, than anything the material world can produce.

"Yes, on all sides you have examples - in the cradle where the baby lies, in the man, in the woman, in the child who plays so carelessly by the wayside - ah, these, dear children, are old and precious indeed. Physical standards have no place, but the spirit within each one has toiled and worked and suffered right down through the swelling waves of time, long, long before the oldest erection ever found a place...

"Keep your vision clear; but before you can have a clear vision there must be that readjustment of values so that you may understand how God regards things, so that you may understand the spiritual aspect of life - that which God has sought to reveal since creation began.

"You see, dear children, I am taking nothing away but I am turning your attention to what is infinitely greater in value, infinitely older in history, that which cannot pass away - the journey of the individual soul, the quest of the spirit - that which is within you, which is within me, which is within the beggar in the gutter, that which is in the tiny babe who has experienced but one hour of physical life...

"My children, as we go on we have much to talk over together, and I am instructed by our Master to tell you tonight that in His sight the things of the earth are indeed as dust, which as time goes on, inevitably, must be blown away; and that His jewels - that which He holds most precious of all - are His children, and it is these which He watches ever and ever to guard and to protect.

"I think there are some of my children who will be able to take from these few words just the little hint I am anxious to convey. Yes, love the house of God, but remember that your greater love belongs to humanity; that those who passed with you up the long aisles were infinitely greater in importance than the treasures which you admired so much.

"And because of this, I led my children away from the big and the grand (Canterbury Cathedral) - I took them into the humble village church, and there from the lips of one who had simple faith they heard God's message direct. Cannot you see the beauty of simplicity more and more? There in the little church, free from all that adornment which forms an essential part of worship to some - there in his poverty of attire, he showed the richness of his mind and the power of the Spirit at work.

"Children, search how you may, you cannot find a grander or a greater subject than the Love the Father has for His little children, who understand Him not. Right from the heart he spoke, striving with might and main to get his message home; and there are those of you who can witness to the fact that the message went home in very truth.

"Yes, keep your vision clear, but remember that before this clear vision can be your own, there must be a mighty readjustment of values, there must be that inner conception of things spiritual and things physical without which indeed Christ's view is veiled...

"Children, there is one other little point in connection with this. I want you to realise that the things of the world are so dependent upon man; I want you to see for yourselves that however ancient an erection may be, that it is within the power of those who possess it to destroy it or to entirely alter its character.

"Yes, and in this there lies a lesson which shows you that the things of the earth are impermanent while the things of the Spirit remain for ever more. In your own brief experience, you have seen what was once an old ruin restored; yet the word 'restored' is incorrect for many reasons, because that which is of the earth - which has crumbled away - is not brought together again, but something which bears a resemblance to it is put in its place, nothing more.

"When you are building character, when you are training the thought of the young, you are indeed putting together something which can never pass away. 'Oh', but you say: 'People forget so soon!' Again you are thinking only with the physical mind, while I am speaking of the mind of the spirit; and I say that not one thought planted in the mind of another, not one pure thought created shall ever pass away.

"In the hands of each one of you there lies a power greater than possessed by any Pharaoh in the days of old; in your hands lies also the capacity to leave your mark - not in the confines of the earth, but indeed in the Realms of the Spirit - to leave that which will be remembered long after this little earth has passed away.

"Little children, keep yourselves from idols, but read not into this anything but the hand of protection. So easily the physical mind fastens on this and clings to that, while all the time the real treasure - that which is of infinite value - is overlooked.

"God understands the human heart and mind; but the next stage, dear children, is this, and it is of so gigantic a character that I am evermore anxious to prepare you evening by evening as we meet together in this sweet way... God understands the human heart and mind, and He waits - yes, with unending patience - He waits for His little children to understand a little more of what is in the Father Heart and Mind.

"Oh, keep this thought ever before you - that because you are His children, you have a right to understand what is in the Mind of God. Then you will be able to do, dear children, what has never been excelled by anyone: You will be able to instinctively, whatever subject comes under your consideration - you will be able to see it in its spiritual sense, you will be able to see beneath the physical aspect the Mind of God at work.

"Yes, keep your vision clear... (words missed)... but remember that until your conception of values is brought into harmony with the Christ view, then indeed you travel on a circle, returning to the point from which you started without having explored any of those beauties which lie above and beyond you, as well as around you, everywhere in the physical world...

"My children, I am pleased with you all tonight, and tell my little secretary (Dorrie) that I counted her here as well.

"My child (Margaret), I want to say a word to you which will comfort and reassure you as to your part.

"The thought has come to you that you are not being used to supply the missing vitality in the one (medium) you love so well, and that thought I intend to answer once and for all time.

"God knows how to use His own, and again and again from you has been taken for her that which only you could give; and you have been told that when it is a question of service a hundred-fold is given in return. Thank God, dear child, that He can use you so easily and so effectively, thank God that you belong to Him in every sense there could be.

"And now I speak to my other child (Mrs. Moyes).

"Annie, sometimes it seems to you that your place is a little on the outside because neither the writing nor the speech is through you; but God looks at things in a way so entirely different from the physical. I put it thus because you argue within yourself that 'facts are facts.'

"Well, dear child, when you come here, you will find that physical 'facts' are not facts at all; and that is a little point which I pass on to all my children, hoping it will help them in their upward climb. You see, the only things which are real, which are permanent, which will remain, are those connected with the Spirit - those which are engraved in the Spirit World itself. Fear not, and have courage over everything. Is it not feasible, Annie, to you, that after so long a journey, after so many encounters, the victory must be great indeed?

"And now, dear children, I leave you for a little while, but I do not intend to tax the strength of my child for too long a period tonight, and yet it is essential that those appointed to speak at this stage should not be held back.

"Ask God to help and strengthen you so that you may help and strengthen the one who is used..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Well, dear friends, I have been allowed to come tonight because I am an old companion of your childhood. No, I'm afraid you cannot recollect me as such, but indeed we have passed many hours together - hours which have held their tears, perhaps, which had their sad thoughts, but hours which indeed contributed their part towards the growth of that which was imprisoned within.

"I was an old man when I stepped out of twilight into the most amazing Light you could conceive, and there I found my friends, many who called me by name, many who were linked to me by the most beautiful ties of the Spirit...

"Now I think I've roused your curiosity enough so I am going to divulge that I am that careless old man whom you call Longfellow...

"(To Mrs Moyes) Thank you, dear friend, for your welcome.

"Happiness is mine tonight in such measure that I scarce know how to put my thoughts into words, yet I have a message to give; and you must notice that I speak with great freedom where I had no entry before. Again, the working out of those perfect spiritual laws. Because the one I use loved my simple words, because at times that which I put together had the power to distract her, so is God's recompense to me, and tonight I speak with no barriers, no obstacles to hold me back.

"Dear friends, you have been told that gifts of the mind are manifestations of the Holy Spirit. When we pass out of physical life, great is our surprise, and very humbling is the truth as well...

"Those little children of our mind, of which perhaps we were unduly proud, these we find were not our own at all - they were lent to us. Yes, we were given the capacity for remembering something of the beauty of the Spirit World to which we retreated with so much joy during the hours of sleep.

"And there is another thing which I would make quite clear. Dear friends, when I passed out of physical life, I found amongst the many who crossed my path the ideal of those I had created in character...

"Have I made that clear? On earth we talk of 'imaginary' characters. Such a thing cannot exist in the earth sense of 'imagination'. In the spiritual sense, yes, it is true; but there are few who realise that imagination is memory of what they have seen and heard when their body was wrapped in sleep.

"Distorted mine might have been, but when I passed out I found the counterpart of he whom you love so much - that same Hiawatha, yes, and the child (Minnehaha) as well.

"Oh, cannot you see how this alters all physical conceptions? Cannot you see how misplaced pride of self is under the light of revelation? Like little children, we glory in our own 'creations', but when we are free, with shame we see how faint a conception of the real we managed to hold. Just as some choose characters from daily life and, with readjustments, present them in the pages of their books, so in greater measure we cull our ideas from the great World of the Spirit...

"Nothing is original save God. Oh, how little, how foolish is man; how patient, how big is God. That was my first thought when I came here, and that thought goes deeper and deeper into my soul. To think that we - out of our puny brains, hemmed in by limitations too intricate, too manifold to attempt to describe - to think that we, with that organ, could create something which had never been thought of before!

"And then the reality - yes, the seeing and the knowing how we, on our travels during the sleep state, now and again, managed to bring back a fragment - often a mutilated fragment - of someone or something that had been shown to us. And this explains quite simply how it is that some create characters which are really evil. There in the book, in the play, vice and evil are portrayed in a vivid manner indeed. Sad, oh, sad is this; it but indicates where they have wandered, where they have spent their time when God's gates were open to them...

"Oh, my dear friends, if I have helped one soul tonight my gratitude will know no end. It is my privilege - a gift direct from the God I worship and adore - that tonight I should tell you something in regard to how things stand and how those on earth create for good or ill - write on the memory of another soul that which will help or, alas, that which will degrade.

"Yes, love my Hiawatha for my Hiawatha loves you. Is it too great, too big a fact to take in at once? Then think it over and it will appeal to your reason by the very simplicity of the explanation...

"The mind of man - so limited, so crude, so base - yet because man is God's child, so he is gathered into Light and beauty while the body remains, in sleep, on the earth to which it belongs.

"And then I should like to give a personal word to the one I use. I know you will excuse me if I touch on something which is rather personal to myself as well. Because, in those simple words I put together, I tried - in my limited way - to reveal something of God, so when I was free the fullest revelation that any could wish was mine.

"Yes, so the story always runs, so those - in whatever way they choose to express God's Love - so those bring unto themselves revelation beyond my powers to express; and there is comfort in this for you all. Because the way has been so troublesome, I am anxious that this comfort - given by the old and dearly-loved companion of her childhood - that this comfort should sink into the deepest recesses of her mind...

"I shall come again - yes, I shall speak to you all in this sweet way, telling you, as we go along, a little more of the reality of the things of God, a little more about that exquisite Source from which all thought must come, and to which all thought returns, inevitably, because it is its home...

"Nothing is original save God; yet because He is God He showers on us gifts innumerable, gifts unlimited in their power, gifts by which we, puny as we are, can represent something of the Divine Mind to others.

"Oh, gratitude to God, gratitude to the Giver, gratitude and love for ever and for ever.

"My friends, I'm afraid I rather let myself go, but over here that is not considered bad taste - as it is on earth - and so no apology is necessary, especially to you, for we are linked together - we are all linked together - and as you have been told before, that chain of Love is held by God.

"Goodnight, dear friends, and may you be as happy as I am happy in speaking to you this evening - for no happiness could be greater, no joy so akin to the joy which is of God... Goodnight..."

(Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, it is time that we said 'Goodnight', and yet the reluctance is on both sides this evening - we want to grow in thought together more and more. Yes, and because this is so, God has ordained that that wish - which springs from the Spirit itself - shall be granted without limitation and in a way which only the Father could put into action.

"There are many things which arise in my mind as I stand here in the body of my child, but, dear children, for the most part they must be left, for another occasion. Yet there is one thing more that I am wishful of saying. It is in regard to those who have found that life's experience has not only swept overboard much that was undesirable in the heart and mind, but also has destroyed, in varying degree, those attributes which are part of their spiritual equipment.

"Well, dear children, it is so easily understood when looked at in a practical way. I lead your thoughts to those who have been through fierce and violent physical pain. Some of the more experienced among you will recollect that in those cases, the effect is almost terrible in its character. I am thinking at the moment of those pangs associated with child-birth, and I use this illustration because it more aptly describes my meaning than any other.

"It is a known fact that sometimes after a terrible physical struggle, the mind of the patient - by which I mean that centre of feeling, of thought, and of emotion - when the mind of the patient seems in a state of atrophy, and when love is in the union, anguish indeed has been caused to the one who loves her best. It seems to him that love has grown cold, that the tie between them has been destroyed, that all those happy memories of the past have been swept away by the tide of pain which, apparently, has had the power of obliterating everything else...

"Children, when you come here, you will see that there is a simple explanation, which if rightly understood by those on earth, would save much misunderstanding, much agony of mind.

"Of course, it is purely physical. Now, I want you to understand the meaning I wish to convey by that word: "Physical". The body and the nerves - all that capacity for sensitiveness which is bound up in the human tabernacle, those resources of strength and nerve power - these, by the drastic nature of the suffering undergone, have been exhausted to such an extent that only numbness remains.

"My children, I want you to carry this illustration a little further - to apply it to those in your own circle of friends who have been brought up against destructive forces, who have come face to face with the more serious troubles of physical life. Grief has an equally definite effect as the severe physical pain to which I have referred; and it is a common expression among you to say that this one or that appears 'stunned' by grief.

"Now, dear children, let us be practical, let us look at things as they are, free from the limitations which the shadows try so persistently to force on the physical mind. In the case of physical pain those who are in charge know that it is only a matter of time; they are fully aware that the resources of nature can replenish what at the moment seems entirely absent.

"And so it is, the forces of nature - or rather God working behind and through the forces of nature - can restore, can bring back to the normal, not only the strength of the physical body but what is even more important still, the depth and the strength of the feelings as well.

"I want you - all of you - to bear this in mind, I want you to count upon the power of love more and more, and when there has been undue strain on the physical mind or body, to be content to take love on trust for a little while until those whom God has sent to help are able to do His work in the way intended.

"There is much underlying this message tonight. In the world, as you go on from day to day, you will be brought up against such as these, and I want you to dismiss the thought of their coldness and to be certain that the numbness - which not only tortures them but has the power to strike others - will pass; and then winter will give place to spring, and that spring but indicates that the full beauty and light of summer is in promise for the future.

"Open your hearts to such as these, for indeed they need your help and sympathy in a way no words can express; they need your patience, your understanding, because, remember, although it may not be apparent to you, they are struggling to get free from the icy water which still holds them - struggling to reach the shore because there they will find warmth and security, there they will find the necessary strength to continue on their way.

"And now, dear children, we must close. I ask you to have faith in the thought that we shall meet together again in happiness, and I am sure tonight that you can all say that that faith has been justified up to the hilt...

"God's peace be with you; God's hope lighten your path; God's Love close you in, giving you comfort and courage, because, though the hill has been steep, the summit is well nigh reached – yes, the summit is well nigh reached... Thank God and praise His Name, because out of the depths He has lifted you up and set you in the Light which never fades...

"Goodnight, my children."

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