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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 15th October, 1927.

"Beloved of our hearts, we draw close, asking that Thy blessing may be bestowed. Help us to realise the great privilege of this communion together. Let those free from the physical body aspire, and those bound by the physical body aspire as well, to reach the heights which are necessary to make the bond complete, and to enable the Holy Spirit to do its work.

"O grant that the truth may dawn upon all that in order to approach those things which are of Thee, holy desire, dedication, aye, and love must be there; yet, also instruct these Thy children that when out of that which they possess they give, so Thy Spirit is given in that measure which makes the protection complete...

"Father, to Thy dear Name we raise our hearts. Hold us close, push from us the world and the thoughts of the world, and draw us into the Silence, and allow us to take of that which Thou hast provided this night. We ask it in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen...

"...My little children all, you who have gathered tonight for this sacred purpose, have learnt the way of approach; and I want you, as the days go on, to concentrate still more on the way of approach to those things which are holy.

"Let your laughter be the laughter of the heart; let your speech be an emanation of that true self within. Yet, as the moments draw close for you to leave the plane of the physical and penetrate an inch into that which is of the Spirit, so then, my children, let the quietness of the Spirit dominate the conditions which are being built up around. I ask this for one reason alone: If you give in this way, then those who are free from physical restrictions can do much more to reveal to you God's truth.

"And while I speak of Truth remember this, and it has been written down the ages: The only Truth which is the Truth, is Christ our God. There are those who would seek to wear this mantle, but in the measure that they deny the Holy One, so indeed they are tearing to pieces that which they name the Truth...

"Little ones, I have told you before that great things are pending. Hidden from your physical eyes at this moment there is a mighty conflict taking place, and that war must not only go on but it must grow until strength triumphs over weakness, purity over that which is akin to self.

"So then, my children, you see that reverence ever must be the keynote of this communion together. As it were, those who realise that the barriers between the physical and the spiritual are thinning fast, such as these are even those who are breaking the road for others. Upon their brow is the Cross, the sign of dedication and of the only One who has the power to save; and such as these should be an illustration of the sacred message entrusted to their care.

"Yes, you all know this is true. Sometimes, perchance, forgetfulness steals near, but the wish to do as the Master would have you do arises and conquers, and so all is well. For your own sakes, I entreat you to approach that which is holy in every sense of the word, to approach it with that deep reverence which stills all else around.

"Little ones, my love draws you in and when I say 'my love', oh, think not that self holds my mind. I am here for what? Solely to portray in little measure something of the great, great kingdom of Love which Christ represents. Just as a messenger, I go in front and tell you what the Beloved says; and you, because of the message, greet the messenger and bid him welcome. This is how we stand.

"Oh, my children, pause not in your thoughts or in your actions but prepare, for great and mighty things are near at hand. Those bound by the world's view, hypnotised by that which is display, such as these look on the events of today, and they cannot read the meaning underneath. They push from them responsibility; they desire not to know that the Lord God is, as it were, advancing with His hosts; and such as these have much to learn in time to come.

"And now, my little ones, having drawn in your thoughts, I would speak to you, because it has been ordained, on that which I name: 'The Fulfilling of the Law'.

"When last we met together, I explained, in brief outline, why the earth was essentially the plane of temptation. I sought to fetter your minds to those many temptations which are ignored by the worldly-minded. I endeavoured to show you where the weakness lay. I entreated the teachers and the instructors to turn their attention from the ones who strive, and to give it to those who have never striven at all. I underlined that the unselfish, those who are preyed upon by others, that although these are compensated by God, it is against the Father's will that such things should be.

"And so tonight, dear children, I would touch upon that which is the Law of God. You all know the law of man, how elastic it is, how those who have the ability of the mind and are bound by the chains of self - how such as these control the law, and, again, evade the law in order to work out their own designs. God's laws they recognise not.

"And at this stage of our thinking, I would direct your minds to man's responsibility to those in his power, those perchance under his care. I speak of the animals, aye, of the insects, and, again, of the trees and flowers - that mighty conglomeration of life which you call Nature - Nature which can represent a beauty exquisite to behold or a travesty of loveliness, something menacing, terrifying to those, who, so it seems to them, are at its mercy...

"In regard to animals and creatures, the children of the Most High have almost entirely lost the power which once was their own. They can curb and control by the use of certain equipment. Because they have intelligence, they cage, they can entrap, they can kill, but the law of God was, and is, above all these subterfuges, these desecrations; the law of God was that man should, by love, control those who now are named the wild beasts of the forest.

"Children, that in itself indicates how far we are from the perfection from which we came and to which we must return. You look about you and you see those animals which you name domestic. The few are controlled by 'love', yet sometimes that love is more destructive to them than the whip. The love is unwise, it is weakening, it is indeed of self inasmuch as the future of the animal is not considered at all.

"To rule by love in the God sense, is to fight for the progress of the one so loved, to think in order to bring out in them the best and the highest. And in the animal, of whatever kind it may be, there is hidden, perfection - perfection according to that which you name the animal kingdom.

"Perfection, little ones: How then stand you in regard to this? Those who pursue the animal to trap and slay for pleasure, these are bound, aye, they are ignorant of the laws of God. They have not the excuse that they could not know, for in the Sacred Record, laid down for all to see, is that which is called mercy, that which is named love; and that man, out of his spiritual heritage, was given dominion over the animals, over the birds, over that which was in the seas, and that power remained until man forgot to control himself; and in the measure that self-control in the Christ sense is absent, so the animal, so the bird, is fettered to them by force alone.

"Oh, my children, when those who are the custodians of the Truth pass into the Light of understanding, and remember that their voices were dumb over these cruelties - over that which man inflicted upon that which was meant to be a help to him - when the Light comes and realisation as to the thwarting of the plan, aye, that disregard of the laws of God, so then even the ones who tempted may find within pity for their anguish.

"Keep your vision clear. I have instructed that the beast of the field, when cared for by man and destroyed as humanely as possible, that these beasts, because their carcases have nourished others, have fulfilled their part - a part associated only with the physical stage. They are that point further on in their evolution and nothing has gone contrary to the will of the Divine.

"But when on all sides, that takes place where the animal is the victim - the plaything of those who have the power - such as these are building up for themselves conditions which you cannot understand, mercifully you cannot understand...

"So, in your thinking, keep this thought in mind: 'That in a degree, I am not only responsible for the human lives under my care, but the time will come when the record will lay bare how much I helped the animals which were mine, how far I prepared them for the fuller life when the physical was no more'.

"You who are guardians, you who have had a child under your care, what has been brought out, what has been omitted from the foundation of that life which, in a degree, was built by you? Was it a foundation on which faith could rise, or was it merely as a plateau from which self in its many aspects spread out and poisoned the atmosphere?

"The fulfilling of the Law: You, each one, are responsible for yourselves - that you know; but, again, responsibility comes close over those in the growing stages, those too spiritually ignorant to be conscious of the purpose and the plan.

"My little ones, some of you have seen and others have had described the animals, the 'pets' in the next stage beyond the physical; and I would underline their part, for it is important. These animals, by their sufferings, by their neglect, by even the diseases which attacked the body of flesh, these have passed into something more loveable, sweeter to look upon. Within their eyes you would find a greater measure of that which you name intelligence - that intelligence, dear children, which is the life within, the life bestowed by All-Life which is imperishable, and even as with the human, so some have gained greater freedom than others.

"Heed not the ones who would instruct you contrary to this. In the Father's home are many 'mansions', conditions innumerable, uncountable even by ourselves, who have had revealed a measure of the universal, the eternal in the mighty Mind of Love.

"These animals work for God. Using that which is unlike, yet like ourselves, so the Good Shepherd, by that which is a Law of the Spirit, has ordained that animals can, sometimes, bring back the erring one when everything else has failed.

"And think not that the animals cannot help each other. In the flock, in the herd, the wise leader, by example, is 'releasing' the others, who at that stage are, as it were, in a lower state of development. These things go on throughout Nature, and in those planes which the children love so well - as the child (Yvonne) explained - the lion and the lamb are there together, and the little ones love the lion even as the lamb...

"Oh, think not that the mighty Mind of Love ignores the suffering of the beast, who, at one time, had the wide reaches open unto itself. You who watch such as these in narrow spaces, feel compassion, feel compunction; pity rises from your heart. What of the Father? Forget not that in the suffering of each of His creation, so the Giver of Life takes the treble part of the pain.

"You have your direction; open your eyes and shoulder your responsibilities. I say, dear children, that the man or the woman who deliberately tortures a flower, is that much farther away from the perfection which one day they must reach. The flowers, the shrubs, the trees, and the grass cultivated by man, that is fulfilling the law for this stage, but it does not include the torture of growing things, the burlesques and travesties of Nature.

"Children, the life within the daisy comes from All-Life. The life within the blade of grass, how can it be there without God? These things are naught to the careless, to those who are bound; but the drooping blossom, aye, the wild flower torn up by its roots and allowed to perish on the hot highway, is this nothing to God? Oh, think you again.

"My children, as I speak I know I am taking you with me, for each one has a faint recollection of the great and mighty truth concerning Nature and man's responsibility to it in its many forms. You are custodians, and if you desire and you have that which Nature gives in so lavish a manner, forget not to give out in return. The good gardener sows his seed in the soil of the earth, but his true endeavour - his judgement and his love of that which is growing - all that is gathered up, and it builds in his future home something which shall never pass away.

"Little ones, there are those who will say to you: 'Sentimentality comes close if you regard life thus'. I answer that they understand neither the meaning of Life or anything of the future, that future which cannot be ignored. You are spirits, and when the mind of the body dominates and controls, you wreak upon the flowers that which you would flinch to suffer yourselves. In that act you are denying the God within.

"The time must come when every one must enter into the vibrations of each 'kingdom', each creation, otherwise their experience is incomplete; and in that time as they take on the conditions of the insects, so, as part of those conditions, they take on the unnecessary anguish inflicted by man. Strange words, some may say, but they express the truth. Man was created in God's own image and was given dominion over all other creations, and this gift implies a gigantic responsibility.

"My children, in regard to fulfilling the Law, have no doubts. Say not to yourselves: 'How difficult is the path, how many complications arise!' All is clear. Can any man or any woman visualise the Christ ignoring the pangs of the insects, of the bird, aye, of all that mighty little life which is so common in the East? Nay, they must answer: 'Christ would not have done that which was the custom of the day'.

"So, my children, frame your life on that which is so direct. Be on your guard if any approach and advise you to add this or that to Truth. Furniture, embellishments, these obscure your spiritual view. The Master - His words, His actions - that is the Truth entire.

"My children, I want you not only to ponder within, but to remember that that which you know is there to be passed on to others. I refer not at this moment to that which you name 'communication', I refer to that which can be received by the minds of all: Their responsibility towards Nature in all its forms; and in the degree that they ignore that responsibility, so they are cheating the Divine within.

"You cannot do aught that is good for another, aught that is kind, without being doubly kind to the God within. And, again, irrefutably it is worked out, that you cannot, even by heedlessness or carelessness, bring suffering to another without hurting and thwarting the Christ which has been bestowed in your real self...

"So, my little ones, as it were, we take up tonight another part. We desire the big heart and the wide mind, which means we are not concerned for our own progress alone; we want others to share in the joy, the peace, the beauty, and the love of the Realms of Spirit. We are aghast to think there are many bound for years, in terrible conditions, away from the flowers, unconscious of sunlight - aye, without light at all. They were blind on earth and they clung to their blindness; and, when the body was gone, blindness was theirs in very truth.

"Oh, these facts tear our hearts. We want all to go forward as comrades into the Better Land, to feel the gracious smile of the Saviour, to hold in their hand that gift beyond all price - the gift of helping others. We want them to share in that which we have ourselves, otherwise our gifts seem to lose half their value.

"Oh, think not that the tenderness of the Beloved is not for all. It is for the weak as well as for the strong; it is for those who repudiate Him as well as those who love Him. But the weak and the wilful, they turn from the tenderness, and the light which is there is blocked by free-will from their vibrations. God gives but man cannot take. God loves, but man's hate throws up an impenetrable wall so that the love cannot be felt by him. Yet, forget not that God is God, and though man turns from his Saviour, he may be won by the animal, the insect or the bird, and out of that faint spark of consciousness, so the missionaries of the Most High gain their chance...

"Despair not nor let depression approach your minds. In time, one day, the weakest will be roped in by Love and drawn out of the darkness into the Light which never fades. That is the fulfilling of the Law. And if any say to you: 'The outcasts are determined to be outcasts, I can waste no time upon them', then pass on the Truth. Man gives up but God holds on. And in the measure that man forgets his responsibility to his brother or his sister, in that degree he has failed the Christ within, and in that degree he is farther off from the perfection which God means shall be his own.

"The strong, what of their strength if not to pass it on to the weak? Oh, when will man wake up? By holding his strength in reserve for himself, so strength dwindles into weakness, and that which was fought for and gained slips fast away.

"The fulfilling of the Law... Those who have sight shall lead the blind; those who have strength shall support the weak; those who are Christians shall take love - the love of Christ - to those who blaspheme His Holy Name...

"The fulfilling of the Law: Children, I could dilate upon this theme for days, but I leave it to your minds to ponder upon. Oh, grow within; realise the wisdom which is there; and, above all, never forget that the beginning and the end is Christ (Rev. 21:6). The wisdom, so-called, which does not come from All-Wisdom, that, in time, shall be proved before your eyes as foolishness itself. The one Source and the only Source of wisdom is Love. Without Love there is no wisdom. Wisdom, in its highest expression, is Love - and Love is Christ our God.

"And now, my little ones, I will leave you. Remember that in Spirit each one has made their little gift of service..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, this evening has been worked out perhaps rather differently than you expected, but God's will has been done; the law for this night has been fulfilled. So, my little ones, I want you to take this as a sign for the future. Unexpected things will happen. The things you reckon on as certainties will dissolve before your eyes, and things beyond your conception now will be worked in, all according to the Divine plan.

"Yet, this I must underline, that the Great Constructor is hampered and hindered by immature tools upon the earth plane. Oh, think of it - the Master-Worker hindered in His purpose of Love because the little children of the earth are occupied in another way; they look not up but down; they listen not to the voice of the Spirit but rather heed the inclinations of their lesser selves. Yet, in spite of all, in time, God's purpose will be worked out.

"Oh, remember that within the capacity of the individual lies the gift to bring nearer the working out of the purpose and the plan. Then hesitate not, dream not of big endeavours, but rather set to work on the little constructive acts, and lo, as you toil, as you pray, as you wish to do God's will, to your most joyful amazement you shall see the big endeavours just in front, waiting for the next step forward, waiting for that final effort to make the possibility of achievement your own.

"The fulfilling of the Law of God - that Law is service; and on that which is service, emancipation comes; and, out of your emancipation, so indeed you stand before your God as His sons and daughters. By that which you have suffered and overcome, you have purchased the gift, and although it is a gift and must be always, that gift, at last, is yours by right as well...

"The fulfilling of the Law of God - the raising of man from his bondage to, in due course, a being even as those you name the angels of heaven, those who are able to witness to something of the revelation which is of the Father alone - that revelation which the Christ-aspect interprets to us. That is indeed the fulfilment of the Law of the Creator of mankind...

"So, my children, I cheer you on your way. I say not to you that the path is easy and your burden light, but I say to you that your path can be easy and your burden can be light if you hold fast to the One who has trod that way before. Only Christ can work the miracle, only the Master can release that which is Divine.

"So tonight, in the name of the One who loves you best, I bless you with the consciousness of whom you are and from whence you came; aye, with a measure of understanding as to that glory to which you shall return... With consciousness of your real selves, I bless you in the name of Christ.

"Goodnight, my children, and hold fast to that which has been built up in this little room. It is precious beyond anything your minds could conjure up; it has been bestowed only by the grace of God... In this room tonight there is holiness.... Farewell."

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