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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"MY little children all so dear to me, how can I explain the joy that fills my being to think that love brings you into this little home, that you are wishful to know more about the messenger sent by the Master to help you on the upward way. How can I explain what this means to those who are the servants of the Most High? But I tell you that the link between us has been blessed by Christ, Who during His earthly sojourn sought love and found it not except in the hearts of the few. Oh, cannot you understand that God has suffered through the lack of love of His creation, through the many misrepresentations of those who, as it were, sent Love outside their circle and only knew God as one from whom they shrank.

"Little ones, I wish to speak to you upon those things which are real, which are lasting and which must do their work over the ages to come. I pass on that which is the truth, fragments maybe, but those fragments harmonise with the great fount of Truth which is there waiting to be drawn upon by man when he can extricate himself from the things of the earth, from the thoughts and the influences of this little world and seek truth from the great Truth-Bringer. So, my children, I have been instructed by Love Himself to speak this night on the: 'Friends of God'.

And I want you to gather from my words that this subject has been chosen because you have come here in the spirit of love, and because by your lives, by that which you have sought to do, you have shown yourselves friends of the Great Creator. Think of this wondrous fact: That we, His children - so inexperienced in comparison with Wisdom itself - that we can be counted as the friends of God!

"I would take you back over the past through the pages of the Sacred Record, and there, guided by the Holy Spirit, you yourselves can put your finger upon the few, those of old, who were friends of God. Ah, my children, what was their portion? What is it that they have left upon the pages of the past? So ignorant, so inexperienced, so limited, they followed the instruction of the Most High, which came to them in the form of a Voice or of a Presence or of a Light. And these humble ones - though restricted in outlook - they stand out in history, one here, one there, as friends of God.

"Oh, think you of the conditions of that time when Moses sought to lead the bonded into freedom. Think of the prophets, how they were stoned, how they were cast into darkness, entombed beneath the earth. These, despised by man, were the friends of God. So come with me in thought while we turn the pages of the Sacred Record and find here and there one man, one woman, who tried, who would not be chained by the rules and the customs of the time; one man, one woman, perhaps over a period of many years. They had weaknesses, they were caught oft by the enemy, but in spite of their follies, in spite of their failures, when the call came from God they followed the direction and they, in degree, were friends of the great and mighty Being who sought to weave the pattern of the lives of men into something which bore resemblance to harmony and beauty.

"Oh, little ones, how oft the servants of the Most High have been overcome by despair! So much they meant to do, so little was done; their hearts ached, remorse tortured their minds, but in the measure that they desired to fulfil the holy plan, so when they were free they found to their amazement that God had finished what they had begun - friends of God.

"The outstanding names and characters in history draw from the reader admiration and veneration, but what of the countless thousands whose lives have left no outward mark behind? What of the women in that dark and dangerous time of old? What of the mothers? What of those left to struggle, to fight on in a loneliness impossible for you to imagine at this stage? The widows who were considered of no account, the women bent with labour both within and without the home. What of the millions who passed, as it were, into the great Silence, remembered only by those they tended, and by these perchance but for a little while?

"As I speak thus I see around me a mighty concourse; they bear upon their brows the Cross of Christ; yet these lived upon the earth plane centuries before the Master came. Who are they? And I answer: The patient toilers of a long past day, those who were the victims of others, those who had no voice in their lot or as to the portion of their life; those who wept not, for in their childhood the source of their tears had been dried up. Those whose bodies ached under the whip, those whose bodies were broken by the weights they had to lift; those whose minds - even the physical organ - were destroyed by the hardships that beset their path, those whose hearts were broken because they were bought by strangers and their children were sold to other strangers and they met not over the earthly span. Ah, what of these? Friends of God!

"Little ones, I feel as I stand in your presence that your hearts are linked to the love which pours out from me; that in imagination - that Divine gift of memory - you can send the compassionate thought to these, your brothers, your sisters, divided by generations of earthly time, separated by race and creed, even by the colour of the garment that was worn, yet your brothers, your sisters, and you and they by the link between are indeed known as the children of God. Yes, the multitude is around, yet they bear no sign of sadness. Joy is in their heart; beautiful within, beautiful without, they symbolise something of the glory of God, for they took the hard road and kept to the hard road unto the end of the journey upon the earth plane.

"Persecution, that awful stream of hate and venom, this followed them along the obscure way which they desired to follow; and even as they hearkened to the Voice, at times the river of hate encompassed them and they were dragged to their doom. But they were friends of God, and the Saviour met them as they crossed the little threshold between the half light into the real light, and from thence onward into the glory which never fades.

"Oh I bid you think of those, unknown, unnamed, the mighty procession that passed, as it were, through the pages of history and left no outward mark behind. What deeds they wrought! So mighty was the work they accomplished that men, bound by the earth vision, saw it not. So great were their tasks, so radiant the beauty they created, so marvellous the power, that those who followed after were able in a measure - through the strength that the humble ones had left behind - were able to cast off some of their chains from them and to pass on the message of peace to mankind. Friends of God, they are gathered into the Father's home for ever and ever. But their work never ceases. Merged into perfect joy and perfect love, that which they have is for use amongst others; and holding the vibrations of the Father's Home, they pass far from Spirit conditions, so-called, into other planes and spheres; yet that of the Father's Home they take for those who lie in darkness itself. These may know nought of the Father's Home, yet the Father watches over them, cares for them, loves them, and His friends, charged with something of His power, they take their friendship into conditions terrible in every sense, and through the power those in bondage are able to find the helping hand.

"How can I find words to pass on to you this glorious truth - that our Father and Mother God, the great controlling Spirit, the One with all Power, entreats His children to be His friends! God has many enemies, some of which are obvious to you and others who indeed are garbed in the sheep's clothing to deceive. And these impersonators, in the physical body and out of the physical body, they pass among the children of the earth, and here a victim and there a victim; but in the measure that the victim suffers so that means a little more freedom in the next stage, a little more light, a little more love; but for the enemies in the sheep's clothing a little less light, a little more bondage, alas and alas!

"Oh dear children, I call upon you in the name of Christ, and I say: Pause not, let nothing of the physical hold back your efforts, let no threat of persecution cause you to linger upon the upward way. For you - the greater self within - have made a compact with the Holy One, and the Divine within you is linked for ever to the greatest Friend that anyone could have. But with the presence of that greatest Friend in your life what is called out from you? Friendship in turn, and the true friend has no fear, the true friend is loyal and faithful, steadfast and determined; and out of our little friendship, out of that little emotion which we can give forth to the Great Bestower, so like a cloud of glory the friendship of the great God descends upon us - and henceforth fear, apprehension, doubt, misgiving, all this should find no place.

"Look around you; there are many who name themselves by the sweetest name of all, they avow themselves followers of the Christ, yet although these are the children of God by gift and inheritance, how oft do they prove themselves as false friends, as friends who fail in the time of greatest need, as friends who forget their obligation to the greatest Friend man has?

"Yes, I speak of many - whether they be as the shepherds or whether they be as the flock - and I say, because it is God's truth, that in the degree that self comes first and God's work comes second, in that degree they are not the true friends of Christ. The man or the woman who calls himself or herself a Christian and then shrinks from persecution, shrinks from the tyranny of the worldly-minded, shrinks from the taunts of those bound by self; aye, in the measure that the hard road is shirked, the road of service, the road of giving the strength that is their own, in that measure they fail the Friend of friends and prove themselves - to all who have the mind to understand - that they are false friends, not only false in friendship to the Spirit within, but treacherous to those who are weaker, less evolved than themselves. Little ones, the responsibility is threefold: False to the Great God, false to the God within, false to the God within those brothers and sisters who, as yet, know not the sweetness, the freedom and the joy of being linked to Perfect Love.

"So I speak to all who have suffered, and I am drawing in many at this same time, those who have found the enemies pitiless, immovable, thwarting them day by day; to all such as these I have a message of hope and of a mighty reassurance: Brother, sister, have no fear! The road lies plain before you, it is the same road that the pioneers of old took in their ignorance, overcoming their fears; it is the road which the Christ trod first and called to those who loved Him to follow after.

"What of the pangs, what of the weariness, what of the sorrow? Are they not signposts, are they not symbols to you all that the road upon which you travel is the right road, the Christ road? If upon the path you found that which was easy for the physical body, that which was soothing to the of physical mind, that which delighted the physical eyes, oh then upon your knees out of the instinct of self-preservation you must go, for indeed that is the path into bondage; but the road of freedom is known to all by its resemblance to the way the Master trod Himself. Loneliness, misunderstanding, weariness of the body, the hostility of those around; a little love and then a light; victories begun on the Cross and the peace and the glory of the resurrection! But forget not this: That Christ trod the way so that those who followed after might have a mighty reassurance, might be able to cast fear from them. For what did the Master say? That He would bear our burdens for us, that He would companion us, that He would lift us when we stumbled and fell, that He would send even as an army of protectors and the way should lead into that which no man can name, lead into the brightness, the Peace of God Himself.

"And so I come into your presence and I send forth beyond these vibrations a message of cheer, aye, an expression of love from Love. The Saviour calls to His bonded child: 'Little one, look up, friends are around; turn not from that which I send and bring but clasp My hand.' Yes, a little struggle, a little pain, a little weariness, a little disappointment, and then the gladness of seeing in the Master's eyes that He recognises you as His friend!

"This is the way, this is the path, this is the joy, this is the triumph which, in the name of Christ I hold out to all. Let not your hearts be troubled. What of the enemies arraigned against you? If those in this world and in the endless conditions around and beyond were arrayed against you and the Master was upon your side, you would be stronger than all, aye, even a little child would be stronger than all! So, then, take up your staff and forget not that upon the head of that staff is the Cross of protection, and go forward fearing nothing, hoping all things, and God's promises shall be fulfilled in a way that shall surpass your sweetest dreams; for God is the Lord Creator and He has asked for your friendship and you are linked to Him by that which you desire to do. With your hand in the hand of the greatest Friend of all, confidence should be complete. Stand and face your enemies, not in pride but in compassion, sending over them your protecting prayers, feeling the anguish that every child of God must feel for those others who have estranged themselves from such a One. Aye, standing in confidence - Christ confidence, Christ compassion - and by the power of your holy desire breaking their chains and proving yourself a friend of the God who gave us life.

"What of the obstacles, what of the difficulties, what of the enemies? Meet each one as an honour for an honour it represents, and in the measure that you seek to overcome so, my children, you are creating power to enable those weaker, frailer, to overcome in turn. God is not mocked and His angels have charge over you, but the way is upward over the rocks - not heeding the elements which the thoughts and the actions of others may represent - up the steep hill. And revelation lies not only at the top but because God is Love and God is your Father and Mother, revelation shall be found each span that is passed.

"So, little ones, reach out and clasp the hand of the Friend who loves you best, and oh! in clasping those tender hands give out of the friendship within, for God needs our love in a way I cannot explain, God hungers for the love of His creation, the great Father and Mother Heart is lonely when we forget Him or when we misunderstand His love for us. So clasp the hand of the One who loves you best and thank Him, out of the strength within, that He has given you the will to endure a little for His sake, given you the will to go on unto the end.

"I bless you with realisation, I bless you with courage and determination, and I say in the Name of Christ that you have brought joy to the Father-Heart, for God has asked of you your love and you, in the measure that you understand, have given out love to Him. The link is complete. His greatness makes up for our littleness, His mighty understanding bridges the gap between us and all He represents. The Father calls again and again: 'My children!' - and we answer: 'Our Father!' So, little ones, keep the faith and let the happiness within not only go out to others but proclaim the glory of a life that is lived for Christ. Farewell."

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