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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 1st February, 1925.

"O Divine Father of Love, Thy little children assembled here tonight thank Thee for all Thy good gifts, for Thy care, for Thy watchfulness, Thy unceasing patience. Help us, we pray Thee, to emerge out of our lesser self into the self of the spirit, which understands something of truth, of holiness, and of love. Grant that we may be able to yield ourselves up to the Spirit; to forget the world and its harassing details, to forget sorrow, and to forget those pleasures which sometimes attract so much - to lay aside that physical self in the effort, the determination to contact with that which is Divine.

"Father, although we seem to ask so much, yet we are but obeying Thy direction, we are but seeking to respond to thy injunction to know ourself - that self which Thou hast entrusted to each one, that self which ever and ever again Thou seekest to free, to unfold, even as the bud unfolds to the sun which shines above it.

"Saviour Christ, look down upon us with eyes that see beneath the surface the longings that are there, the wish to rise, the endeavour to reach out into infinity - to reach out and touch Love itself...

"Father, we feel Thy blessing is indeed upon us. Give us the grace to take of that gift, and may it strengthen and encourage us on our journey - the journey which we are determined to finish gloriously. With gratitude we raise our hearts and minds. Take from each one that which they have to offer, and grant that the power to give may grow... for Christ's sake... Amen...

"...Well, dear children, we meet in the silence of the Spirit. And I want you to so attune your hearts and minds that your undivided attention may be given to God - to banish thoughts that are not entirely of Him - for if you will endeavour to do this to the best of your ability, then I can promise, with so much happiness, that indeed you shall contact with Holiness itself. Offer then your hearts and minds to the One to whom they belong.

"Tonight the opportunity has been provided to discuss with you one or two of those points which cause difficulties in the physical mind - points, moreover, which are used directly by the shadows to, as it were, cast a slight shade between the spirit within and the Great Spirit to whom we owe our being...

"Children, there are many ways of finding God, as you have been told. There are many ways of following His teaching; and it is not necessary for me to emphasise the fact that he who wishes to do or to think aright shall find that when the physical body is laid aside, that indeed he worshipped God with a clean heart.

"Yet, dear children, it has saddened you - as well as those countless millions in the Spirit - to find, sometimes, that the full light of revelation, as it were, shines not directly on the person concerned, but at a slight angle.

"It is difficult for me to express in words my meaning, but think you of what you call 'astigmatism', as it relates to physical sight. You know that, in the eye so built, the light without fails to shine on a given point within; and, therefore, while the owner is able to see much - the beauties of nature, the glories of the sun, the moon and the stars - yet he knows, and you know, that although 'sight' is there, as sight it is imperfect.

"Children, there are some still cabined in the physical body who are in a similar position in regard to spiritual sight and understanding. The revelation - that magnetic beauty which shines upon all without distinction - that light from the All-Light is hampered by the fact that the physical minds of some are not quite in focus with it; and although many powers are theirs, yet the full splendour of illumination just misses them by that tiny fraction which differentiates between true vision - perfect vision - and that which is one stage less.

"Children, tonight, I am going to give you a plain statement in regard to the 'Immaculate Conception', as some name it, and the birth of He whom you name Christ.

"In the first place I send your minds back to a very early evening when we talked over together the character of Mary, the mother of Our Lord. I told you then that she had been prepared for this sacred use, that much experience, in the spiritual sense, was her own before she entered on her earthly journey.

"Now, dear children, I am not here tonight to argue or to try to tear down any theories or doctrines or beliefs held by others; I am here to make a clear and definite statement of facts as they were and are and will be for evermore.

"Mary was not protected from evil except by her own purity of heart, gained and fought for through those long periods of time which are beyond your imagination. It was because of that preparation that she was chosen. And, as I have told you before, the whole reason and purpose of that earthly experience undertaken by our Father God, was that man should never be in a position to say: 'God cannot understand!'

"In regard to the conception (of the Christ-Child), the purity of the girl and the part she played throughout: I state definitely that she was of God, in the sense that she had tried to follow the teaching laid down by Him - to get nearer in spirit to the Great Spirit. And although that I allow that her physical mind may have appeared limited indeed, you and I, dear children, know that independently of the physical mind and its powers, the soul within, unrestricted, can soar and can contact with God.

"It seems curious to us why the 'miracle' of the conception should provide such a stumbling-block in the mind of man. That the Creator of all - of those marvellous details of nature, of the heavenly worlds and constellations, of the secrets of so-called science - it seems curiously strange to us that the One who brought into being not only your little world, but those vaster, greater worlds and spheres and states beyond - that He who thought out the construction of the physical body in which Our Lord was carried - that this simple miracle, if you like to call it thus, should be considered beyond His power or imagination...

"My children, this is a very serious subject. It is a jewel which has been given to mankind: That priceless gift of God - as man - going through the same experiences as you and I, knowing and feeling just as the least of His little ones; Divinity taking on so simply, so wonderfully simply, those experiences with us on earth - that this should be discredited, that this should be ruled out of court as something which strains the powers of reasoning to breaking point, is hard to understand...

"My children, it is not easy to find suitable words with which to treat this subject. It is difficult for me to adequately express even a tithe of what this gift means - I mean the coming of Our Lord as an infant, in a home which was not congenial from many points of view, in an environment which meant a stern hold on the physical mind and physical will - not favoured by circumstances in any sense - that Child bearing all, overcoming everything, always with one thought in view: The revelation to man of Love Divine. Not of power, not of greatness - in the sense that the physical mind accepts it - but to reveal Love Divine, unlimited in understanding, in compassion and hope.

"And then there is another point which I would bring in here: Some of you think, or have thought, that humanity as a whole is not ready yet for the further gift of Truth which is even now being unfolded to you (in these Messages); but dear children, I ask you to go back on the life of Our Lord. In looking at things dispassionately, comparing the times then with the time now, you would be forced to say that the coming of the Messiah was even less opportune than the presenting of this further explanation of Truth today. I remind you that when Christ said: 'I and the Father are One', they stoned Him. Yet, dear children, you have only to look round and you will see that although those of His own generation and kind stoned Him for expressing Truth, little by little, slowly - yes, slowly indeed - that statement became an accepted fact by countless thousands, and it stands today.

"Today, my little ones, there may be some who, as it were, find their minds fixed not on the Light itself but on the reflection of the Light; yet for your comfort I tell you all, that, in the years to come, these same earnest seekers shall come back to the children of the earth and announce with joy that they have found the Truth indeed - the Truth as expressed in Christ our Saviour, God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit; One yet Three: Three but One.

"Children, there are those who cannot wait for the full revelation to come - I mean in this sense: I have told you before that the unfoldment of spiritual consciousness must, of necessity, be a slow process. I have told you that, in God's good time, the petals of the flower will be unravelled and the beauty will be complete. But the conditions of the physical world do not tend to promote swift growth in this direction, and some there are who cannot wait for the consciousness within to come - the mind is so active, so full of vitality that it has got to answer every question now - and that's where the mistake comes in.

"My children, there are many experienced ones on this side who never attempt to express a final opinion on any subject which has come under their attention, even though they may be gifted with spiritual sight. They speak with due reserve, as you have noticed again and again with your loved ones. Within them is the warning that finality can never be reached, and the only One who understands the beginning and the end is God, the Creator of us all.

"You see my point: That when it concerns great truths, or what you sometimes name as 'great mysteries', it is wiser to be silent - wiser in this sense: Not because the God of Love is injured or damaged by an open expression of these half-denials - but because, when fuller understanding comes, the one concerned, who was so anxious to get to the heart of things, will suffer in proportion...

"My children, when you hear the God in Christ denied, do not feel indignant for His sake, but send out your compassion to those who are held back - held back, remember, only by the construction of the physical mind, only by that tiny lack of focus - send out your prayers to them because, loving God so much, they will suffer when they come here and it will take all our love, and more, to heal the wound...

"You see, dear children, that we punish ourselves. There is not one thought which fails to come up to the highest which does not, even in your daily life, bound back and strike you ere it passes beyond your memory. This is a spiritual law - Love Itself - when you understand the principle underlying it. Only by the working out of that which is 'error' against the Divinity within, only by that process which you call 'cause and effect', can the soaring soul step into radiance when it is free from its physical bondage.

"Let that thought sink in and know, dear children, that because compunction comes for this or for that, when you realise you have failed your better self - that this is God's most loving way, so that the multitude of definite formations which, unconsciously, you have built by thought, that these may not have to be grappled with when your earthly sojourn is ended.

"Then I want you, dear children, in your daily lives, to bear this in mind - and it follows on quite naturally on my remarks last week in regard to a personal, individual Christ and Father - I want you to remember that as you are able to bring Light to others - or in failing to do this pray that the fuller Light may be born within - as you are able to reflect the Love of Christ to others, so, unconsciously, both to them and to you, you are demonstrating the Divinity, the Godhead of the Man of Sorrows, who was acquainted with the griefs of physical existence.

"That brings me down to the whole meaning and purpose of our Father God dwelling amongst us; that purpose of demonstrating to those on earth that Love stopped at nothing in order to express Itself, and to bring reassurance to the little children who wandered hither and thither in ignorance, or in spiritual loneliness.

"There is one other point which I cannot leave untouched, and that is in regard to the great and holy men who, by many, have been looked upon as God, or as an expression of God upon earth.

"There is not one, from the strongest to the weakest, who has ever helped another to live more spiritually who has not gained the direct blessing of God. And these great teachers who, to an enormous extent, influenced the minds and lives of their fellows - these great and holy sons of God have entered into unspeakable conditions, have gathered unto themselves those rarest gifts of the Spirit and are centred in Love Divine for evermore.

"As you know, theories and dogma and doctrines are swept over the borders by the strong wind of purity and holiness of thought, and in your minds you are perfectly right to give honour where honour is due. But there is one thing which I must emphasise tonight: Following on my statement that it is the 'life' that counts, then I ask you to take the life of Our Lord from childhood until the physical end, and to compare it point by point with those others - and you will find that Christ stands alone.

"I am not speaking of His miracles, of the power He had over the elements or over the wayward hearts of the children of the earth - I am speaking of that simple, patient life of service, that great Heart, that perfect charity and forgiveness, that perfection of Love - and I say to you all, dear children, that you have your answer there. Yet, in so saying, I belittle not the great and holy lives of others - the sacrifices, the stern self-discipline - they are, as I said, centred in Love Divine for ever and for ever. But there was One who was greater than these, greater and simpler too.

"Keep that simplicity definitely in your minds because it so expresses Love in its highest form - the Love that could strip itself of everything - everything that makes physical life bearable to a sensitive soul - and in poverty, in loneliness of mind, He trod His earthly way, shedding those imperishable flowers of holiness and tenderness. And when every prophet shall be forgotten as such, He who was stoned for expressing Truth, He shall remain enshrined - I do not say 'enthroned' - but 'enshrined' in the hearts of His children because He expresses Love - unlimited Love - and Love has to be answered by us all… yea, even by those who as yet know nothing of the meaning of Love. But so great is that Love that it shall draw them in and raise them up, for the patience of our Father God has no beginning and no end...

"My little ones, you will have seen once more that I am trying to express the inexpressible, that I am trying to describe that which baffles all description. But I pray God that He will, through that inner consciousness within, allow you to fasten on to something of the great and glorious Truth I am seeking to unfold...

"My children, I am loath to leave you, but there are others who are equally anxious to make their presence felt in this way, so with deep, deep love and perfect understanding we part for a little while - part, yes, it seems thus to you, but where my children are there gathers Zodiac, for you are my own - in Christ's Name I say you are my own. My little flock is precious indeed to me. I not only know you all by name - those names that belong to the Spirit - but your hearts and minds are as open books and there is not one tiny item which you could ever say that has eluded my tender and loving attention.

"Yes, dear children, the cords between us grow tighter and tighter, as was promised to me by my Father, away back in the dim and distant past. Yet in so promising I too had to wait for the fuller revelation of what this implied, because the Mind of Love not only gives but gives so lavishly that we cannot take it in. And so we leave it - leave it until we have grown a little more; but when we've grown a little more, why, we find that the generosity of God has grown greater still - and again we leave it. And this goes on forever...

(Others then spoke...)


"...I am quite a stranger but I hope you will bear with me for a little because, as you have heard before, there are many ties in the Spirit which, as yet, are unknown to you.

"This is a strange experience for me, but it is one which I have prayed for with faith for a long time past.

"Now, I was a simple man and I thought simply, thank God, where He was concerned. Out in those great vast spaces where silence could be felt and almost touched, I found that complicated thinking seemed strangely out of place. You know, when you are in the heart of nature, physically alone, in the sense that you are separated from your kind; spiritually alone, in the sense that there is no one to whom you can express those deep calls of the spirit within - then you come down, or, rather, come up to simple faith in God and in His beneficent goodness...

"I want to talk to you a little about simple faith... Perhaps it will help you more if I tell you who I was when in the body, although now it is of no importance at all.

"I was one who travelled far and found that for which I sought - peace and close communion with God. They called me Livingstone, and, it seems to me invested that name with romance and with honour - which was totally out of place; they were those who loved me well... I have put that badly. What I want to say is this: That the only thing worth remembering, once the worn-out body is discarded, is love - and there was love in the hearts of many who never knew me in the flesh. Since I came here, it has been my pleasure to go into that subject - the wonderful gift of the love of the unknown. It is quite simple, of course - it all comes in under the heading of 'The Ties of the Spirit'. We knew each other well; we were not strangers - it was spirit recognising spirit - and that's why I am here tonight.

"Perhaps this is a little aside from the subject of 'simple faith', but it is one of those things which are a direct expression of simple faith... (Unable to proceed)...

"...I am sorry, my friends, but the memories were a little too much for me, but I shall work through them by that same simple faith...

"When you are living alone in a strange country, you get very near to the heart of things; and there were times when, in my self-chosen loneliness, I was conscious of the sweetest, the most perfect companionship of all. In a simple way I called on Christ, my Master, and in an inexpressibly simple way He came and He supped with me and stayed with me until I was strong enough to go on without the visible Presence by my side...

"There is one thing that I wish to say tonight, and that is in regard to the missionary spirit which is within the heart of all those who are trying to find God. That missionary spirit led me far, as you know; it also led me into experiences and revelations of Divine Love about which I spoke not to anyone... It is difficult, in coming back into the body, to get away from the reticence which was part of my mental equipment in those days...

"There were times, as I said, when I not only felt Christ but I saw Him. There were times also when the Angel Throng - or what I thought represented the Angel Throng - when they so closed me in that I used to question whether indeed I was in the body at all...

"You see, my friends, that in coming back and speaking to you, who regard me as a stranger, I am in great difficulty over my message. Hard on my coming here are those memories pressing, and yet I wish with all my heart to banish them hence so that I can centre myself in the beautiful, glorious conditions of holiness which are in this room tonight.

"That was exactly my feelings during those last years of my physical life. There were those who would have brought me back to so-called civilisation, to that trivial, surface life, where to so many 'religion' - that precious gift of God - meant less than nothing. But all I wanted to do was to keep the companionship which I had found in the loneliness and silence - to hold that fast and to banish the remembrance of that false life for ever more...

"It is all so bewildering to me - to try and get my thoughts in their proper sequence, to express that gift of Love, that privilege - that precious privilege - of holding close communion with God, without the presence of a third person or any of the means which are used in this connection. That close communion was mine, and I tell you tonight, for your soul's comfort, that the only bridge I used was that same simple faith and trust in the living Christ.

"Now and again the thought comes to those most concerned in this work as to the limited resources at their disposal for getting on, for progressing nearer to the heart of things, for being used by God as an instrument for expressing His purpose. But, my dear young friends, these thoughts are destructive indeed - they come not from the bright spheres but from those spheres where twilight reigns. God has said: 'I am the Light of the world', and looking unto Him darkness is unknown...

"Search your Bibles as you may, there has never been anything said about... (Words missed)... just the simple injunction: 'Take up thy cross and follow Me' - which means each day, each new day, just the offering up of the will to the Father. That and that alone is the way to find God...

"In silent places, 'buried alive' as some would call it, seeking within my own spirit for the answer to this and to that, praying that God should guide me, should hold me, should keep me - I found that between me and the Realms of Light there was no barrier, no obstacle at all. Bondman I might be so far as the flesh was concerned, but free, free to penetrate into the things of the Spirit - protected, guided and directed, led by the Saviour's Hand - illumination was mine even while the tired old body and mind remained.

"I passed out fettered to Christ. To me it seemed like this: That whereas so many times before I had crossed the Threshold and returned, this time the infinite joy was mine of knowing that through that same door there should be no return again - no return. I was Home for good - the only Home I ever wanted; Home with the companionship of those I loved most; Home in the sense that there I could be myself - my real self - and could answer without reserve: 'Lead Thou me on!'...

"My dear friends, what I have said tonight is not in the least what I intended to say, so you will see how human we are. Yet in coming back like this, through another door - a most beautiful door to behold: The Door of God's Love - the need of the moment seemed to me just to give you assurance - assurance that faith and trust, without any tuition from the physical minds of others - faith and trust will lead you safe into the Promised Land, safe and secure. And what is more and what is better - as you will see when you come here - you will have shown the safe and sure road to those who wish to follow after...

"Next time, ah, next time - it is wonderfully cheering to me to feel I can say 'next time' - it makes us quite old friends as well. Next time, I hope you will be able to greet me with affection - with affection and with the knowledge that the missionary spirit, which was so part of my physical life - has grown and expanded; that still - in my small way - I am trying to show others where the true Light is and where God can be found... The missionary spirit never dies, because it is a gift of God. Only when we are free, it is free as well - to do and to grow in an unlimited sense. And that's where the joy comes in - that's where the joy comes in.

"Well, goodnight my friends, and don't forget me - don't forget. It has not been easy tonight and I am glad of it - I am glad that it has not been easy, because I have gained that little experience which will help me next time to overcome greater difficulties still... Goodnight..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we must bring this evening to a close because of the work of getting the records out, yet I would like to say here that God's goodness and power and grace is so gifted to us tonight that were it not for the question of lack of time, those who are in the Spirit could speak to you for many hours to come.

"I want you to realise more and more, the great privilege which has been entrusted in your care; to put aside all personal misgivings, and with patience and faith and complete trust to go on and on.

"To my younger children I speak in regard to one point, and that is this: It may seem to you that the process of advancement is slow indeed; it may seem that the gifts of spiritual sight, of hearing and of understanding, are being a little unduly withheld. Yet I remind you once more that when it is a question of obedient children and the Father, only the best is good enough.

"I think, now and again, you have had a glimmering of what this work is leading you out into; and I want to underline that brief impression tonight, I want to assure you that your development has not been held back, but is being expanded and strengthened in a way you little understand.

"I speak to all. I say it is that very development, that evolution, that emancipation out of the physical into the spiritual, which has gone on apace; and because, to you, there has not been much outward and physical demonstration of that which is within, have no fears.

"We build truly; we are going to make our foundations firm indeed. I am intent on building up the physical and the mental, of controlling the nervous system - of bringing these things into harmony and giving them vitality and full play. I am preparing for the future; I am making doubly sure that when those gifts of the Spirit are your own, that that which the physical body represents may be attuned, may be true to its trust.

"And then, as naturally as you emerge from sleep, so will you step out of blindness into sight, out of bondage into freedom, out of physical consciousness into spiritual consciousness - and from then onward - no obstacles - no obstacles that cannot be surmounted will lie on your path.

"You see, dear children, that those in the Spirit have to take long views. It is no use concentrating on any small portion of the training. We have got to look ahead; we have got to anticipate the efforts of the shadows, we have got to see that when the beautiful edifice is erected it is built on rock and not on sand...

"And so, dear children, I would leave you tonight with this last thought: That everything is working out according to plan - the plan which Love has put into operation. And because you wish to do your part, because you have set yourselves the task of providing certain threads which must be weaved in at certain places, so you shall see - in the happy days to come - that because you worked under guidance, you produced something far better, far more beautiful than had ever entered into your imagination...

"And so I leave you, hoping, praying, trusting, that you may feel the Spirit of God within you, and that you will arise and meet your new obligations, your new privileges - that perfect expression of the Divine gift - meet these things with simplicity and with humility, because, dear children, humility is so much of Christ that you cannot climb without it. Meet then the future with simplicity, humility, and gratitude - and God will reveal to you, so far as you can take it in, what it means to be a child of His, what it means to have chosen the steep hillside, what it means to be partakers of the glories that are on High - glories and powers and Love beyond description - that which the Father has prepared, only waiting and longing for His little ones to make it their own and to encourage others to try and do the same.

"The peace of God is with you. His patience and His faith are here as well. May these gifts of the Spirit enter your hearts and minds and fetter you unto Holiness for ever more - fetter you unto the Father, the Saviour, and the Christ, who lives but to see us happy and free; who is so removed from 'self' that self has ceased to exist in any form there could be - the Divine merging Itself, giving out of Itself, distributing, bestowing Itself in all directions. Yes, God experiences happiness only in the happiness of His creation.

"My children, you have all done well tonight, I thank you; and, while you thank God remember that this is work done by His instruction, work that in His sight is precious indeed... Goodnight, my children."

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