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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 11th December, 1927.

"Most tender Shepherd, grant that these of Thy flock may be so gathered into the Fold, that the shadows of physical life may be powerless to quench the joy that is within. Help them to be strong in the spiritual sense, grant that despondency and fear regarding physical and material things may be swept from them; that they, in faith, as the little children they are, may come to Thee in confidence and feel the blessing of the Father upon them.

"Oh, instruct us, guide us, control us, so that we, being instruments for Thy holy work, may cast light into darkened places, and bring joy where only sorrow once held a place.

"To Thee, O God, we commit ourselves, and we thank Thee that Thou hast provided this opportunity and that the grace and the power is all around. Amen...

"...My little children, this night once more we meet together in the Name of God, and I ask you to go back over the past and to recall that time when it scarcely occurred to the physical mind to prepare, or to go out to meet God as He is. There are many who frequent the temples of today through custom, through a traditional rule. They enter and they pass out again, conscious of a duty done. But how many realise that they have come in contact with a personal individual God - a God who looks upon them and blesses them? Yes, blesses them, even when they forget to ask that blessing from Him.

"Many worship a God built up, for the most part, from conceptions by the physical mind of man. What is that God like? And, above all, is that God one who can be loved and revered? Many, many confess, that in the past the God they sought to obey appeared to them as some mighty Ruler, the Controller of destinies, and the one, who, in time to come, should execute judgment upon them. One, alas, that they shrank from meeting; indeed, they would postpone to time interminable that hour when they should stand before the Creator of Life and be dealt with according to the record of the past.

"This conception of God is widespread even now, and tonight, once more, by command of the One who loves us best, I ask you, and the preachers and the teachers, to speak with courage and conviction, to say that such a one exists only and solely in the imagination of those bounded by the restrictions of the physical world - that imagination which is memory, the remembrance of those equally bound as themselves. The Divine within is so crushed that it is impossible for it to transmit to the physical consciousness any true conception of unbounded, illimitable Love.

"And so, dear children, because each one here is an instrument - though some in greater measure than others - because each one is a tool of their Master Christ, I am instructed to take for our consideration the old, old problem of: 'Finding God'.

"Finding God: Now, little ones, go back over the history of the past to those ancient days, when those of the earth set up images which they revered and regarded as gods. What were these children like? I am referring to those who were bound by material things, the many who could not think of 'might' unless it was associated with possessions and earthly power.

"These, out of their bondage, took the treasures of others, little or great, and in connection with this, persecution of a most savage kind was centred upon the helpless. Their sheep, their cattle, these were wrested from them, although they represented the bare sustenance of physical life. But money, or that which represented the coin of the day, was needed in order to put together something which could be named 'a god'...

"My children, confuse not this. That which has been writ as to a 'jealous' God has been misrepresented over the years, because man judges his Creator by his own inclination and tendencies. In order to build that which was the graven image and to deck it with ornament, the poor and the defenceless were robbed in a manner that reflected the work of those from the darkest planes. And oft by the whip, the masses were driven, at stated times, to take still further gifts for the conciliation of that erected by the hand of man...

"So foolish it seems to you, but judge not. Send your minds over those of today, to the many temples which are decorated and embellished at the expense of the humble worshippers. Those of olden time had not the gift of Christ; they knew not that the Lord God of all demonstrated in person that the way into peace, the way into joy, was the simple way.

"In these so-called enlightened times, that weakness of the past comes out again and again. God the Ruler, God the great Creator, must have sacrifice in the form of gifts and treasure. And yet, the Master spake and laid down in words impossible to be misunderstood, that the only thing that God asks from His children is their love for Himself and for their neighbour...

"Little ones, believe me, that many in that far past found God, even though it seems to you, that which was both ignorant and dangerous was forced upon them. Can you not see how the Creator - the One with the great Father and Mother Heart - how He blest those powerless ones as they suffered over that which was wrested from them? Cannot you grasp that the tyranny passed on by the 'brain' behind the graven image - that that produced, in the victims, the sweet flowers of the Spirit which bloomed never to die again? Cannot you realise that the toilers, who dragged by their bodies the great masses of stone in order to make the altars for the so-called gods - that these, out of their anguish, out of their bloody sweat, found God, found the compassionate Christ?

"Oh, be big: Translate the past, not by the present but by the Saviour Himself. Let no criticism or condemnation hold your minds as to this one or that, but, as it were, tear open the packing and see beneath, the grains of effort wrested from those too helpless to rebel...

"And so, my children, I want you, in thinking of those who set up idols, either of wood, of stone, or of that which you name metal - the precious gold of the time - to remember that although man insists that his will shall be worked out upon those around, there is another greater, stronger, more powerful than himself; and out of the blows, out of the poverty, out of the weariness and the torture of the physical garment, countless thousands, when the little earth life was o'er, found their God in very truth.

"And then, my children, I bring you on to those you name the wise men - the wise men who travelled far, and for what? For an idea, so man, would say. Guided by a star, they went on and on; and many in their time, and perhaps still more in number today, would laugh such as these to scorn. Yet, they followed the star and found consolation, for a prophecy which was tangible, covered up, yet held the Truth within its many folds. They went on, and at last they found their God in the little manger, guarded by those who were of the people, those who had very little power and still less of the possessions of the earth...

"Oh, think you, my children. We, who are gathered here, know our God and delight in the thought of the Beloved of our hearts. But there are many in your surroundings who have travelled not only for days and years, but for generations, and today they know not God; gods they have in plenty, and, indeed, ambition represents most faithfully the graven images of the past; ambition, built up on the anguish of others, and by ignoring the rights of those powerless to resist; and out of themselves, so it has drawn their most precious gifts; but the god of ambition betrays them in the end, even as the graven image in a time long past gave nothing when its worshippers were tortured unto death.

"This is the Truth that the Master taught and passed on to humble men to teach to others, yet the years have sped. Knowledge of all kinds seems to have come with an amazing rapidity and has changed the aspect of life all round; but the knowledge of the world in a great, great measure, has crushed in the wisdom of the Spirit, and men and women, daily, hourly, make their gifts to that which is of the earth itself...

"Little ones, I speak in tones serious, so it seems to you, and some perhaps will say they are over-stern, but I am fighting for the children of the earth, for I have 'sight', and I know what bondage after physical death can mean. I have seen these ignorant ones, anguished, crippled, blind and terrible to behold, because they sought not the God of Light but clove to the gods of darkness, and the darkness has closed them in.

"You have learnt and you are willing to penetrate, step by step, across the threshold of knowledge into the great wide continent of wisdom, but this privilege is not for you alone. It is a sacred trust and you dare not turn from it; and that is my position, that is why I speak in these so urgent tones. Each one, sooner or later - in this stage or in the next or the next - each one must find God himself or herself, and make the consciousness of the Fatherhood and the Motherhood of God their own possession.

"And how, dear children, can you help? How can I help, and all the bright ones who outline this little gathering? Is it not plain? Think of the Babe, the One you yourself would so long to hold; the little Child in the arms of Mary; that tiny form which represented the majestic humility of the great Creator of all Life; the One who laid aside His power and came as a Shepherd among humble folk, to teach them and to demonstrate in Person the only way to know God, as God is and was and will be for ever.

"So as we draw close to the anniversary of the birth of the little Child, here we get our direction, here is explanation of the Great controlling Spirit who is the Father and Mother of all creation on all planets, all spheres; aye, who is the Source of the life within the tiniest insect, over which His love is showered.

"We come back to the little Child in the arms of one who was but a child herself; and in the Christ, reflected in all its beauty, in that miraculous portrayal of illimitable Love, so we see something of the One who bids us obey Him and His laws; obedience to the great Divine so that the Christ within can gain its freedom; obedience to the law of the Spirit so that the great Parent can protect the individual from the enemies without. That is God in His grand simplicity - that simplicity which is more profound than anything that can be created or drawn out from the mind of man. In Christ we find our God...

"So, little ones, this night under the wings which are of Love, we take our gifts to the One who delights to come amongst His children, who showered on the individual in His surroundings a love that was perfect, an understanding that surpasses words to portray.

"And when the question comes: 'What is God?' or 'Who is God?', so gladly you can answer, out of the release within: 'In the Sacred Record, there narrated, are the sayings and doings of the Christ. That is God. God is unchangeable, unalterable; and the Christ of that time and the God of Isaac and Jacob was, and is, the same'. Yes, the Christ which drew the people to Him by the radiance of His smile, and the Lord God of all, they are the same...

"And as you step across the tiny threshold, out of the twilight of physical life into the glory of a perfect day, so, my little ones, you will find the same Christ, just as gentle, just as humble, and just as much at the mercy of His children as in that time when He was crucified upon the tree.

"This thought has not been faced or considered: Those bound by the world, brood upon their disappointments, their disadvantages and their pangs, but how oft does the individual think of the sufferings of God?

"Oh, my children, how blind have been the preachers and the teachers over the past. There, laid down in that Record, produced and preserved by the anguish of the instruments so used, there it is shown how man, over the ages, has tortured his God. But the many who instruct the masses, what say they? Is it not that God will come in judgment upon His people and punish them for the past?

"Compare these two impressions: One the truth which is of God; the other, a travesty of truth, born out of the limitations of the physical minds of those who speak.

"When the great Creator conceived man and all other forms of life, All-Wisdom knew that that which He had brought into being would torture Him over the ages which were to come. But have I not instructed that those who know Love, count not the pangs it brings, if Love can be served thereby? This is true of those in the physical garment. From whence comes that holy instinct? Is it not plain?... The Lord God of all, out of that which He is and was, gave forth Life, and the Father counts His sufferings as naught, if only Love can be served, and His creation can have His powers, His vision, His peace, His joy, in some sweet time to come...

"And this is absolutely consistent. I have told you that although suffering may come, yet sorrow can pass o'er you if you are bound to Christ. I have said that those you name the martyrs went to their release - that which the world calls their 'doom' - with peace triumphant in their minds; aye, and some with a joy beyond all expression. Had they not found their God?

"And does not the gift of God compensate for all else? In the measure that you know God and are bound to God, so the things of the world can touch you not. The cruelty of others passes you by, for the sweet recompense of Christ has been made your own, and where He is, joy keeps step with you and refuses to be lost; where the Master is, so the darkness of the physical is transformed by the radiance of the Spirit; when the Beloved speaks, fear is not, but that courage which is of the Source itself.

"By right we are His children and He is our great Parent; we are part of Himself and at will can draw from the Source qualities like unto Perfection...

"This is the Truth, and I speak, as always, under the direction of the One who loves us best. Oh, my children, glad news I bring this night. You have found your God, and having found, so you can go to others, strangers to Love, unconscious of what their Creator is like, and say to them, as those you name the disciples said of old: 'Come and see, for we have found God'.

"And with joy in your hearts you will bring them in. And can you not believe that joy is in the Heart of God as well? That you have been instrumental in saving Love from those extra pangs, that extra loneliness, that extra longing which the absence of that other child has meant to Him. That you, dear children, have it within your province not only to help your Creator, but to save Him from that measure of suffering and to give Him that measure of joy.

"Is it not like Love, is it not like the great Father and Mother God, that illustration of the coming of the Babe, the putting of Himself in the power of His children? Many, over the ages, have crucified Him again and again; but many - oh, hold this thought - many have brought to the Creator a gladness beyond physical comprehension, for they have turned to Him at last and have found in God the solution, as well as the solace of their life...

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a space, yet ere I go, there are those who have entreated me to give a message to the instrument who has been gathered in (Mrs Gladys Osborne Leonard, trance medium):

"My child, the One who loves you best has given powers unto others (guides) to use you for His holy work. Within your heart and mind, there is that which is named humility, and over that bridge so countless numbers have passed. Forget not this: There are those who take from you who have made you suffer; aye, there are many, who, if they could, would drain the physical life from you without a second's thought...

"Remember Christ: Is that not what the Master went through Himself? Therefore, let gladness permeate your heart and mind, for the Master has blest you in a way that will seem even as a miracle when you pass hence...

"The humble heart, the humble mind: The Lord God of all set the example both of simplicity and the greatest humility - a humility so comprehensive that it has been passed over by the mind of man. There is your link. The physical shall be ministered to by those who draw from All-Strength, and as I, with others, have been used in the past by the one (Feda: Spirit guide of Mrs Osborne Leonard) you love so well, to give strength, so, my child, it shall be my gift to be used and used again... And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Dear sisters and brothers, I come once more. It is Martha, and this gift tonight is for the drawing in of other links.

"When I was in your presence before ('The Three-Fold Mind' - 9th July 1927), a promise was made under the guidance of the Master Himself. It was that I should narrate, in simple words, that which was said to me as together we looked out over the fields. Perchance thou wilt recollect? I said that loneliness had seized my mind, that that which you name regret tugged at my heart; and, as I stood beyond the house, so the Master came and stood beside this so unworthy one. And the Master said: 'Why grievest thou, little sister?' And I answered that love had seemed to pass me by. He smiled upon me - I can feel it now - and then He said: 'This is the future', and before my eyes rose up a little scene. I knew not whence it came, but I will, this night, chronicle it for your enlightenment:

"Another Martha and another realm: The sweet flowers were there; the dryness and the dust so linked with my home was absent. I looked me into a fresh and growing field, where the flowers bloomed not for a day and then vanished, but where there were springs feeding the young life and giving both the green and the blossoms a beauty I ne'er had seen before.

"What is this, O Master? And the Gracious One replied: 'Thy home, prepared and waiting for thee'. And I looked me again and my heart leapt with joy, for there was another Martha, a sweeter, more beautiful woman, it seemed to me - myself and yet not myself; and around that woman the children played, and in her eyes there was peace and sweet content. I turned me to the Master: 'But how can this be so?' And He answered me thus, and I pass it on for those who read my words: 'By giving up, so out of that which is laid aside, in another world there is that prepared which shall bring sweet recompense in very truth'.

"Such were the words He spake, portrayed through the language of your country; and from that time Martha was a changed woman. I went me into the city, and I looked not with envy or longing at the women of my time who had their little families clinging about their garments, but even as I watched them so the picture arose and brought its comfort. And Martha went along the way of persecution, safe, through the protection of that which had been shown.

"These are but simple words. The women of my time, they were not skilled in speech, yet we were used to pass on that which the Holy One had instructed. And so my little message to the world of a day so changed is that by the giving up, so is drawn together that which is the heart's and spirit's desire.

"Oh, shut me not out, for having seen love and held it fast, so, from within, the love pours out; and I entreat that each one, sisters and brothers, should not pass me by. Think you what it is to us to be but a memory of the past; and then, in this way, so simple and so sweet, to be drawn back into a living being (full control), someone who feels and understands, someone who hopes and prays and loves.

"Oh, what a gift: The past has opened and we come back into your consciousness, knit by the tie of Christ, and each one claims the other. No one is a stranger, no one is unloved. Out of the past, with new life, so we are welcomed by those of today. You cannot know, you cannot grasp what this means to us. It is a gift above all price - to be alive in the memories of those we love so well.

"Farewell, yet I long to stay; the links are many and I draw them in and hold them fast. For once we have seen Love, so the hunger for love goes on and on; we must have love or we faint by the way.

"The Little Flower (Mary) is present, and she sends her greeting to each and every one. Thus is the purpose served and thus the blessing so richly descends. Farewell..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, just a few words in closing. This night you have been gathered in - and why? Because you have sought to find God; and, in your seeking, so you have contacted with the Saviour of mankind. Therefore, as you go your way, bid thoughts of apprehension or doubts as to the working out of the purpose and the plan - bid such thoughts depart, and let joy alone hold your heart and mind.

"Think to yourself like this: 'I have sought and I have found Christ, and out of that great possession so I can go to others and bring them in as well'... Never forget that the Fold of Christ is illimitable. Whatever race or creed, opinion or opposition you may come up against, remember that the Fold is open to all, and each one is called by God to join those others who have found something of the peace which God desires to bestow.

"This night, drawing upon the power of the Holy Spirit, I have passed on a few fragments of Truth. Your part is not only to ponder thereon, but to penetrate into the inner meaning of those truths and to apply it to the affairs of daily life. And because we turn to God and because we have found the Christ, so, my little ones, you shall be as missionaries, and the blessings lie all around. The blessing of peace and the blessing of love...

"The Master is here; He is drawing you to Him and binding you unto Himself for ever. The blessing of peace, the blessing of joy, the blessing of understanding - that is the Master's gift tonight.

"Farewell, my children, and remember that long before the physical body was donned, we were linked together by the will and through the mercy of the One who loves us best. Farewell."

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