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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 7th April, 1928.

"Mighty Spirit of Love, grant that these Thy little children may be conscious of that which has been built up around them for the furtherance of Thy holy work. Let each one during this short time that we meet together, let each one function as Spirit, banishing the world and those things physical which seek to make barriers between them and Thee.

"O God, take from us that which we can give, and make it possible that as the days go on we are able to give out from ourselves in greater measure, and so feel Thy blessing resting upon us, recharging us for the journey which lies in front.

"Christ, we come to Thee with humble hearts, conscious of that which Thou hast given us, hast done for us and art waiting to bestow. Let us arise in heart and mind and make the link between ourselves and Thee complete. We ask it in the Name of Love. Amen...

"...My children, when you came into this little room, could the eyes of the body have seen truly, you would have found awaiting you a mighty throng. This numbered far more than you can grasp; there were here those who love you and many who are unknown to your physical consciousness at this stage. In this little room, through the gift of God, there was gathered those who took the earth journey in the far, far past, and they were drawing power from the ones you name the angels of God.

"If I attempted to portray the beauty so expressed, then indeed, I am attempting the impossible; but I want you to take this as a sign, as a symbol of the generosity of our Father God, and to recollect that as you came along, looking forward to this quiet time together, that there were others, those who represent the bright ones as well as your loved ones, who also were looking forward to gathering you into their protecting care.

"These facts are ignored because, for the most part, there are only a few who have the courage to proclaim Truth; but if you had the sight which is sight indeed, you would know that when you entered a home where there were those trying to live the Christ life, even if it seems to them that they fail and fail again, so, in that home, you would find holiness. And, in your own homes, you can be sure that around you are the ones who call out the highest and most reverent admiration from you, for this is a law of the Spirit, a mighty provision of the Father set into operation in order to bring His children on.

"Tonight, it has been ordained that I speak to you on that which I name: 'The Evolution of the Soul'.

"And I want you, in thinking of the soul, to remember that the words I use, the phrases that I adopt in speaking to you in this way, that these are chosen solely because they portray to you that which is nearest to the truth. It is very difficult for us - and indeed the Master found the same obstacle when He was upon the earth plane - it is extremely difficult for us to portray spiritual things in the limited language of this little world; but because a thing is difficult it does not mean that it is to be abandoned.

"That is where so many, bound by physical restrictions, ignoring the teaching of the Master, make their great mistake. Certain truths are put before them, certain facts which have an entirely spiritual basis, and the one who listens, if they do not doubt, they are perturbed. They say to you and they reason logically so far as their outlook allows, they say: 'You are attempting to do the impossible'.

"Well, my little ones, I would remind you once more that with God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26, Luke 1:37), and because during the earth stage you are hampered and held by much, that simply means that for a little while you apparently fail to achieve your heart's desire. Yet, forget not that if that desire is holy, if it is associated with the things of God, then in the Life which is Life indeed it is accomplished, because your Father understands and wishes to bring you out of childhood into maturity, which expresses that the soul has evolved another span.

"My children, perchance I have wandered a little from the point under discussion, but it was necessary for me to put in that which I have said. I am attempting in physical language to portray to you something of Truth - the surface fragments of that which shall remain for ever.

"I do not want you to confuse that word 'soul' with the God, the Divine within. Evolution in regard to the spirit is an impossibility, for the spirit, being of God, is perfect; it cannot be involved or evolved, because it is part of the great God Himself.

"But, as I have told you, you went on a long journey in order to gain that which is experience; and, from the very beginning - long before that narrated in the Sacred Record - the spirit, the Divine, as it were, has been clothed in that which would enable it to assimilate the conditions and experiences which were necessary to bring about the completion of God's purpose for His children.

"So when I speak of the evolution of the soul, I want you to keep clear in your minds that the spirit, through all stages, is untouched, yet it is released or buried, it is suffocated or it is given the opportunity to express itself according to the way in which the lesser you is linked to the greater you.

"Little ones, in the far past you have had many garments, many bodies, and that of the flesh is but one. You, at one time, lost your resemblance to the Lord God of all, and, at one time, you bore a greater resemblance than you do at this stage, but in these facts there is a mighty hope, there is something so charged with the Love of God that you, in considering the past, find at once your direction for the future.

"I would speak tonight on the past in its relation to the happy time to come when that which holds you now shall give way to something finer, something purer, something which can do God's work in a more fitting and a more thorough way.

"You must remember that the Divine within could not function in any condition less than perfect purity, perfect harmony, perfect love, for those are its vibrations.

"Yet, if I speak thus, perchance you say to me: 'Does that shut God off from us, does His perfection make a barrier between Himself and the imperfections of other spheres and conditions?' And I answer you that from the beginning, away back over aeons of time, there was Christ, and Christ was and is the link between us and the Godhead, thought out, bestowed by the One who loves us best. Yet Christ and God are one.

"The Lord God of all, as I have told you before, in creating children to share His mighty inheritance, and in bringing into being that network of spiritual laws for the raising up, the protecting and the comforting of His little ones - the Lord God of all, at that time, bound Himself by that which bound His children. And so, from the very beginning, it was necessary that Perfection should be able to manifest Himself, aye, to work among and to companion those in conditions which varied in large or small measure from that which expresses Holiness Itself.

"Therefore, think on these lines, and tonight I am attempting to open another inch of the long furrow of knowledge which we intend to pursue: God - perfect - in order to follow the course of His children who had fallen from perfection, clothed Himself in a garment which, as it were, provided the connecting link, the bridge between Himself and His creations.

"The physical manifestation of God as Christ - as the Child, the Boy, the Man in His humble home - this, dear children, is the outward expression of a mighty truth which very few, as yet, have been able to grasp; indeed, it is an illustration of what took place at creation when the Lord God of all bound Himself by the same laws under which His children must work out their own salvation and draw to them, as a right, their Divine inheritance.

"So, my little ones, in order to portray something of the truth to you, I want you to think of Christ throughout the ages as the 'Soul' in connection with the great Eternal Spirit; and this will help you, for it will link you up at once not only with God as Christ but with God as the great controlling Spirit of all Life.

"Think to yourselves in this wise: The far-seeing One, the One from whom no secrets are hid, established from creation that of Himself which could function in other conditions than those of perfection; and as you turn back to the parable in the Sacred Record where it is stated that when man was turned out of the Garden of Eden, God went with Him, so you see the truth expressed, perhaps in another form, but nevertheless the same truth which I am directed to pass on.

"Man has had Christ from the beginning, from the highest through all the intermediate stages to that which you name the lowest, which you, my little ones, have never had to experience yourselves, for through the struggles of the God within, when involution had reached a certain point, as it were, the tide turned and you commenced to retrieve that which you had thrown away. And thus it is that you are here tonight and you desire to link yourselves more closely to things of God, to wrap around you the holiness which is of Him, and to teach others as to the joy and peace of folding that cloak around themselves.

"Yet, forget not that God is the great Parent of us all, and that however far His children may have wandered, however bound they may be, however alienated from that which is of Himself, God as Christ has sought for them and will seek until they have been drawn back into that which their Creator has prepared for them.

"So, my children, carry those thoughts on from those early stages - the many losses and the many gains, the many blunders and the many retrievements - and take from that which I seek to unfold not only comfort for yourselves but comfort in regard to those who have fallen away from the Light and who have no desire, as yet, to retrace their steps. For one day involution will stop and evolution will commence, and thence onward, though it will be many stumbles, many failures, slowly we shall draw them back and the Father's will once more shall be done, for Love conquers out of that which it is willing to endure.

"The soul of the child of God passes through myriad of experiences in conditions, planets, spheres - call it what you will - the soul of the child of God pursues its way until the glorious end is reached, which, again, is the beginning of the perfect Life and the peace which nothing can destroy.

"Oh, think you to yourselves: Is it not worth that which you must endure to claim so fair a future? That which you hold at this stage, does it not indicate the past? Could you understand, the mere fact that you love your God and wish to follow the path laid down by Him, that in itself indicates terrible struggles and untold anguish in the past. You cannot recollect these experiences for that is against the law of the Spirit. And I want to show you here how the individual brings to itself recompense and recompense again by striving.

"Those in the dark planes, terrible to look upon, in a bondage impossible for you to grasp, they, through their acts, have blotted out the remembrance of the brightness and the glory of that time when they were as the angels of God. That great gift, as well as all the intermediate stages, are closed to them. It is as something which never happened at all. Literally, by their wilfulness, they have built around them a prison through which no light can pierce except the light of God. But many, because free-will cannot be interfered with, many refuse the light of God, and though it shines upon their outer vibrations it reaches them not and their darkness is complete.

"Yet you, my little ones, have this rule reversed by the mercy of God. What you failed to do and for which you paid the penalty in the next stage, all that is hidden from you, and the Master speaks to you at this stage and seeks to reveal something of the glory which lies in front.

"Cannot you see how Love thought out this law, how Love controls this law, and, alas, how the individual punishes himself? For, by struggle, the vista of the future is opened, with its unending help, its beauty, its peace and its joy; but lack of struggle blots out the brightness of the dim past as well as the brightness of that future which it is God's will should be the portion of everyone.

"Therefore, my children, in thinking of the real self, the Divine within, that which is all-holy, that which knows not weakness in any form - keep the thought clear that that does not represent the soul, yet the soul, through the grace of God, in a measure, can portray the glory which is within.

"As you go on, pursuing the path, turning not from the Cross, steadying the will, training your thoughts to resist the suggestions of those who are more bound than yourselves - oh, as you do this, holding in your mind the glorious promises of God, then even in this stage you can portray to others something of the perfection which is within.

"And now, my little ones, I want to speak of those creations which are unfamiliar to you, of those in other planes who indeed are your brothers and your sisters, yet represent strangers in every sense of the word. I want you to think of these because, hereafter, you will work among them, and also with those who are more highly evolved than you are at this stage; yes, you will stand side by side with such as these and witness to your great delight that God is expressed in miniature by that which is yourself.

"Little ones, in regard to the human form, I would like to mention that the human form in its physical guise is, as we should say, a crude expression of the Spirit form, aye, of those who represent the angels of the Most High. Yet, I would take your thoughts away from the physical, away from that which is flesh and blood, for as I speak I am seeing around each one that which represents a nearer expression of the Divine than the physical body can portray. As I look at you, my children, I see reflected something of that holiness which has been bestowed and which, hour by hour, is being made your own possession for ever and for ever.

"The evolution of the soul of each one takes the same course, but forget not that the course is shorter or longer according to its struggles, according to that which is endured. There are those, as you have been told, in other conditions, who bear no resemblance to the human form but indeed indicate that which is repulsive both to the eye and the mind, and, still more, to that sensitiveness which one day you will understand as expressing something of the Divine within.

"Those in the dark planes are held by the past and the future is closed to them except for one great fact, one most merciful provision of the Lord God of all, and that is represented by those more highly evolved, nearer in their desires to the Christ, who take of their gifts and the light which is theirs, and go to the ones so fettered and seek to raise. But, forget not, that in order to do this the soul body has to be clothed with greater density, with something that is able to contact in a fuller measure with the cruder conditions into which the missionary passes.

"And so it is, my children, that if you could see yourselves in the sleep-state you would marvel as to two things: In the first place, joy would seize your being that you represented something of loveliness, something of purity, something of power. It is difficult to put these things into words but the light around you would be varied; the body, so-called, in itself would express that which you name transparency, and, again, from that would radiate that which we recognise as power. Yes, my little ones, in the sleep state, when you are free from the physical garment, you represent a spirit who is linked to God by love and by the desire to serve.

"Those who seek to save others more bound than themselves and in less favourable conditions, they gather up, as it were, cloak after cloak; yet the rays of power, because they are of the Spirit, are able to penetrate into that which is a lower and coarser condition. Shrouded from head to foot as in the garments of the night, so you wend your way with countless others and are able to penetrate - although a certain amount of suffering is experienced - you are able to penetrate into those conditions which indeed are darkness within and darkness without, in the sense that those who are there have so crushed the Divine within that it is as in the sleep of death. The cloak or garment in which they function is not as your own - to veil the Light, but has become even as themselves, with the spirit within bound, beaten, aye, life-less so it appears to those who forget that Life once given can never die...

"Yes, my children, when you prepare yourselves for the sleep state think of this, for great, great blessings rest upon those who are willing to forsake their own conditions of light, beauty and joy to do Christ's work in the way that Christ laid down and put into practice Himself. Think then of yourselves as happy pilgrims because you are used by Love. Hand in hand with your guides and protectors you go as strangers, yet as friends, to help on the evolution of those who, as yet, have no desire to arise in any sense, in any form.

"And you are invaluable links to those who have passed along the journey in time long past, for, my little ones, cannot you understand that as you penetrate into the Light, as you shed garment after garment, as you thin the conditions which block the Spirit, so it requires more effort and a greater accumulation of that which must cover the Divine within to enable you to go into those conditions so alien to your own, so far removed from that which you name Spirit.

"Thus it was that the great Parent set into being that most merciful of all spiritual laws - that each one, though bound, could be a missionary to another who was still more bound. And so it is, my children, that those you name the bright ones are for ever seeking instruments for God's work in planes that, compared to this one, are indeed as the nethermost point to which anyone could fall. You, little ones, and others, by your desire to serve when in the physical body, and controlled, in a measure, by the physical mind, you, my little ones, again are using others, countless others, as well as drawing your strength from innumerable ones who have that which is of God in a greater degree than you at this same time.

"Forget not - as you pass among those upon the earth plane, and, as during the sleep state, you work in conditions far from these - that you are not only benefitting by the law of the Spirit which makes service the only way, the only method of progress, but each one to whom you speak, each one you seek to raise, so - by the law which governs you and them - you are making it possible for them to evolve one point higher; and that which they have seen and heard they pass on to others in their own vibrations.

"Little ones, I am held by much; I am conscious that indeed it is difficult for those with the finite mind to attempt to grasp the infinite, the unending, the illimitable; yet, I seek to bring you on. I would not have you as children unconscious of your powers. The Father desires that you should know that within you, hidden from your consciousness so far as the physical is concerned, there are powers undreamt of by you, there are opportunities around you which, as yet, have not been used in the way the spirit within so desires.

"Therefore, tonight, I speak not to you as little children in the sense that you are responsible only in part; rather, I would show you what a great privilege is your own. And, at this time (Easter), which to those on earth and to those in the Spirit is so precious an opportunity, it is fitting to place before you that which can be not only your own, but can be the privilege of others.

"Think to yourselves in this wise - that those in the dark planes shall one day reach their Easter morn. Think of your own experiences and take comfort in the thought that, in the far past, you went through the wilderness, the garden and the cross, and that is why you at this stage can claim that you have reached your Easter, and that the future, like a great world, lies open before you not only to inspire, but to enable you to make yourselves, span by span, a little more like your God, a little more like the Divine within, which even at this time is sending out its rays of loveliness for the benefit of others.

"Yet, I must underline that every fresh condition into which we pass bears that which represents the wilderness, the garden, the cross and the resurrection - until the weaker self is overcome. And when the weaker self has been overcome, still, my children, we take these experiences over and over again, not for ourselves but with others. For, forget not, that during our days of suffering, during our times of loneliness, those others, strangers, they went through our pangs with us. And, still more, forget not that with each of His children so God, the great Parent, suffers too.

"Yet, the thought of repeating your experiences should hold no sorrow, should cause no pang, for, again, as you endure for yourselves and still more as you endure for others, so the evolution of the soul takes place, and the Divine within expresses still more and more of itself in the garment that is worn.

"My little ones, I must return to this subject many times to outline how within this truth lies indeed the key, the solution to that which you name Life, and in Life is housed that which you regard as hidden, as secret, impossible to be unravelled. Yet, this night, so I have done that which is the Father's will, I have tried to portray to you that the evolution of the soul is dependent yet independent of those above and those below, using these terms to indicate greater or lesser release.

"You, at this stage, are dependent upon those who are stronger, those who are further up the hill; yet forget not that they, in turn, are dependent upon others stronger still, and all draw their power from the great Source. Yet, each one is independent, in the sense that free-will cannot be interfered with. It rests with you, my children, and with humanity at large, whether you will minister to others, whether you will help on the evolution of your brothers and sisters who are more bound than yourselves; yet, again, even that independence is controlled by God's most merciful law, for in the degree you help not others so your own progress is retarded.

"Thus, my children, I leave with you this night these few thoughts, and I ask you to ponder upon them and to consider that which I am attempting to portray; for one day, one time, you will come back and seek to pass on this truth to others, and the same obstacles in your physical mind you will have to meet and grapple with in theirs. Yet, the power will be around you and around them; they will grasp a portion, and, perchance, they will overlook the mighty, that which is of God beneath, but the little they have grasped they will pass on to others, and in their time they will be used as missionaries of the Most High and will do His work.

"So I leave you for a space, but tonight you have been drawn together for a special purpose, and that purpose is concerned with the work in front. Preparations are being made on every side; instruments are required in a way you cannot understand, both on the physical plane and in those conditions which you enter during the sleep state, and you are wanted to still more reserve yourselves for the Master's work. It is not mine to urge; it is not mine to ask; it is mine, in the Name of God, to attempt to portray something of this great gift and privilege which you have won by the past, and which it is only possible for you to have because of the evolution of the soul which allows the spirit within, in a measure, to control. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Friends, once before I was allowed to speak to you in this same way, and tonight, as a great privilege, I have been gathered in as a symbol of the Love of God. I am the one you name Judas Iscariot, and, as I speak, before me is the Cross of Light.

"In the far past, now blotted from my consciousness so far as the pain is concerned, in the far past I was that which was evolved but I was bound. I sought the Saviour; I was permitted to tread the way with Him, yet there was that within which held me fast, and Judas, the man, stands condemned before all the world so long as the earth life shall last...

"Oh, think you again, that such a lot could come to any one. In the eyes of my fellows both on the earth plane and when I passed into twilight, I read condemnation, in the eyes of all except in the eyes of Christ. And, as I speak to you now, I feel upon me once again His sweet compassion when we came face to face, before that Easter morn, in conditions far from that in which the Beloved was slain. In that place which I had built up by my weakness (Acts 1:25), so the Master came, seeking one Judas who had betrayed Him and led Him to His 'death'. But I found not before me a judge, a condemnor, but One that was Love...

"Though the mercy and grace of God was all around me, it took long years, as you would say, before that which was within could gain its sweet release. And in my journeyings - for I was a wanderer, I could not rest - in my journeyings through a strange world, a world that held for me no peace, no light, no joy, so because there was a little strength to balance a mighty weakness, that one, Judas, at times, was used by God to do His work.

"I walked in the planes of twilight where it seemed love was not, yet when I found my freedom and went back over the past, even over the long journeys, I saw that the Love of God had companioned me all the way. And through my woes, through my deep despairs, through the anguish of my awful loss, so weakness was turned into a measure of strength, and the little strength that was mine became a mighty weapon which brought me, trembling and humble, back to the Master's Feet.

"These times long since have passed. There are those in the temples of today who, as yet, know not God as a God of Love, and Judas to them is among the lost, but Judas to you is among the saved.

"Thus I come at this time of memory, both sad and joyous, to give once more my little testimony as to the unending Love of Christ. When I was among you in this same way aforetime (trance control), so I told that which was my work, and in conditions no language can describe, Judas has worked; and because of his name, because of the history attached to the man, so Judas has been able to penetrate into darkness, and even though he was spurned by the weakest and the frailest, again, through the Love of God, Judas was used to save...

"This night, little sisters, think as to that which lies ahead. The earth life passes swiftly and the time comes when the long, long past is revealed. When that record is opened before us, there we read, again and again, narrative of betrayal, aye, unending illustrations of treachery to the God within.

"Yet, at this same time, it is of resurrection that I would speak. Through the Love of Christ, Judas walks with those who have the Light, and could your eyes pierce the gloom of physical things, lo, that which is myself expresses not only the mercy of my God but something of the Light which is of Him.

"I thank my Father that I have entered this little home once more, that I have drawn your thoughts to this one in a way that is the Father's will; and though the past and its memories seek to surge around, seek to fill my heart with a sorrow that is profound, as I speak so the Master once more draws the clouds away and, streaming upon me, is the Light of His Holy presence... Resurrection in very truth, and in that word lies the mountain of the Love of God...

"Thus I leave you, yet I pray I take your tender thoughts with me as I go. The one you love and think of as St. Francis (of Assisi), he has worked with me in conditions where those who know not God have condemned Judas throughout the ages. Judas has been there, but through the mercy of his God he has been there to save, for Christ, having saved him, has brought him to that stage when life is one long Easter, when resurrection is his gift for aye... Farewell..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, the conditions tonight have been a little unusual, and I should like to explain that when I have kindred souls, those who place God first, then I use that opportunity to extend the scope of our work among those who are hidden from you. This rule was put into operation by the Master Himself. When there was special work to do so He called together those who had the love, those who had the aspiration, and these, although they understood not, they indeed were used to bring about the Divine purpose, whether it related to healing or those other acts of service which you name miracles.

"And this brings me to a point which I would emphasize again and again - that though there may be those who can do wonderful things according to the physical mind and physical eyes, the most wonderful thing in the God-sense, the true sense, is bringing about the evolution of another soul.

"Keep your thoughts ever away from the spectacular, from the outward, from that which entrances the attention of the physical mind, and in the silence seek to penetrate into the inward, recollecting ever that the Voice of God came not in the thunder but in the stillness which followed.

"These things are only grasped in part. You work, you struggle, and perchance there are some who are conscious of disappointment, but the waiting stages give just that added power and strength so essential for the things of God, and in the pause which follows the disappointment, the miracle of Love is worked.

"Keep then before you the motive of this holy gift (Spirit-Communion or Communication), the purpose for which it was given, aye, the part of the plan which it works out. Those who speak to you in this way, one thought alone holds them, and that is to bring you on and to show you how to succour others.

"So then, my children, under the grace of God I bless you with the missionary spirit; by the power of the Holy Spirit I tell you that as you strive so you shall achieve; if you fail with one you shall succeed with another; and forget not the gratitude of your Parent who yearns over the wayward child, whose love follows the bound and fettered, the prisoners of self. Forget not that every time you wish to be used for such as these, so then you are bringing joy to the Father-Heart, and His blessing is upon you as you go along the pilgrim's way. We must remember ever that we are custodians of the Truth, instruments for the Holy purpose, for only thereby can we demonstrate that we are children of the Eternal Father, the unending Source of Love...

"Farewell. As you leave this little home, hold fast to the peace, for, again, that has work to do for our Saviour Christ. Farewell."

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