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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 17th March, 1928.

"O God our Father, Thou who hast bestowed upon us the gift of Eternal Life, grant that Thy little ones may be able to rise to a true sense of their privileges and responsibilities. Teach us, as the children we are, that we are Thy sons and daughters, that our destiny is not limited to any plane, to any sphere, but that the journey's end is that perfection from whence we started our experiences in order to make us fit to have that which Thou holdest out.

"O God, be with us in so definite a way that we may be able to feel upon us the power of the Holy Spirit, aye, and sense the sweet companionship of the Saviour - the One who loves us best, the One who has sought for us over aeons of time, the One who holds us fast in spite of the enemies of destruction, the One who has given us that which is of Himself...

"To Thee, our Father and Mother God, our Saviour Christ, we come in faith, certain that Thou wilt give us that which is the blessing - consciousness of our link with Thee.

"Father, we thank Thee for all Thy many gifts. Amen...

"...My children, this night I have called you together - and the call comes from Love - to speak to you on that which concerns you vitally at this time, and still more vitally in the days and years to come. You must remember that although some of you meet as strangers - so far as your physical mind is concerned - that each one is linked together not only by the fact that you are sons and daughters of the Most High, but by the fact that you have learnt together, you have suffered together in that state when the physical is in abeyance.

"The sleep state does a mighty work for God. There are links made there which are held intact not only over the years of physical life, but over a long chain of experiences in other 'planets' or conditions, where you learn something as to the great meaning of Life.

"You, who are gathered here tonight, knew each other not only in the state before the physical but long before that. And I would reassure you, for in these days thought is confused, so many misleading statements are spread; I would underline once more that you were created in the image of the great controlling Spirit, and to that perfection you will return in time to come.

"That which you name scientific theories, these, for the most part, are concerned with the earth plane alone. The mind of man, as yet, is fettered, and though the physical mind may represent a tool-house, at the same time very often it is akin to a prison-house, for man in his vanity turns not to God, the humble heart is absent, the dedicated spirit is not yet released.

"And so, in place of Truth, man builds up for himself that which is a travesty of the Truth, and because a sufficient number upon the earth plane arrive at much the same conclusions, so certain statements regarding man's history, man's destiny, are accepted as Truth itself.

"But I bring you back to the only One who was able to give forth Truth untouched by the world. Many have aspired to Truth, many have sought diligently for Truth. They have it in part, but that which is Truth has to be passed through the physical mind, and the physical mind is clogged by much. This is not always the fault of the individual but the result of the accumulation of the past - the thoughts sent out by the great majority which have a damaging effect, for they cloud that which should be a clear and clean vessel.

"The great Truth-Bringer - the Christ, our God - through His sufferings and through the withstanding of temptation, He only gave out that which was the Truth untarnished by the physical mind.

"But God, because He is Love, has made it possible for those not bound by physical restrictions, to come amongst the children on the earth plane and to give fragments of Truth, yet so oft those fragments are not prized. Man prefers his own theories, his own deductions; and as the Truth-bringers in the past were discredited, despised and persecuted, so those who, in this same time, are Truth-bringers through the power of the Holy Spirit, they, by the majority, are ignored, for man prefers the earth way; the way of the Spirit represents too steep a path...

"Tonight, my children, by direction of the Holy Master - who blesses us as we are gathered here giving out of ourselves in the measure that we understand the gift of giving out - the Master instructs me to speak on that which I name: 'Earthen Vessels'. And I want you to come with me in thought while I take you back once more over the past, long before any narrative of life upon this plane could be given for the instruction of mankind, aye, long before this world was used by God to bring man out of that which was the bog of self, on to the firm ground of service to others.

"I take you back to that stage when the enemies of the Spirit seemed to have gained a great and decisive victory, when the holiness within was in that which was far less developed than the earthen vessel in which you function at this time. In those early days before evolution was reached - when the lessons and the experiences and temptations had proved too strong to be battled against - so in that time the garment which covered holiness, wisdom, purity and love, was terrible to look upon, aye, that which you name the lower creations represent beauty in comparison.

"I force this upon your minds for it is God's Truth. The children of the Most High, created in the image of the Divine, they turned from Love, they sought for 'power' - the power that has proved the downfall of each one in one state or another. The love of power caused that which you name war in the heavens; love of power causes continuous warfare in that which you name the dark planes; the love of power in this stage of partial enlightenment, that has done a greater damage than all the other weaknesses put together.

"By that weakness fell the angels; and you, my little ones, were as the angels of God, and, in time, you shall return to that same state with the added gift of individuality - that most precious possession of experience which only can link you to God in that at-one-ment which the Father and Mother Heart so desires.

"The tabernacle of flesh, the garment which you wear now, what does it represent? It represents at one and the same time the greatest loss and an inconceivable gain. But remember that God controls, by His Love, even the work of the destructive forces, and out of that which seems as loss, through the suffering entailed, through the curtailment of true liberty, so the All-Compassionate One draws out gain for His little children, covers over countless mistakes and retrieves and reconstructs that which we cast away.

"Cannot you grasp something of the great importance of what I am trying to portray in the language of your little world? Limit not your view to the earth stage, or to the stage before, or to the stage which follows. These are but three among countless conditions, and countless garments of varying density have been worn. So, in the future, that which holds you now shall be cast aside, and, as you look back, the body - and more especially the physical mind - will appear as a dungeon, something that shut you off from the sun, from the revelation of God's Love, from consciousness of the powers housed within, from the realisation of the generosity of the One who gave you being...

"Children, somewhat older in experience I may be, but, as I stand in your presence, so my life on earth seems as the little yesterday, for I have kept my links with physical things over the centuries; for how otherwise could I come among you and seek to help and guide and comfort you over that which your life has held and holds at this same time?

"When I functioned in my earthly vessel, around me there were those with bodies strong and comely to look upon, who had many gifts of the mind; but, at this same day, there are some still in bondage and their outer garments represent that which you would name horror, for they polluted the physical body, they used the gifts of the mind to block out God, and although the Redeemer has sought to draw them back into the Light, there are those who still prefer the darkness of self.

"For mark you this - and this is a spiritual law impossible to be evaded - the only way of retrievement is by service to others. You may think good thoughts, you may build beautiful things, but that beauty remains as beauty only for the earth stage if it brings not help to others. This is a law of the Spirit, and it has operated since our creation in the likeness of our Maker - that we draw to ourselves that which is of God only by giving out from ourselves to others.

"My life on earth held that which you regard as sorrow and suffering, but oh, the gain. When the physical garment was cast from me, what of my pangs, what of my tribulations? Joy unspeakable was my gift. For only out of the pangs, out of the giving of that which you are to others, can the earthly vessel be cast aside for something finer, something less holding of the Divine within.

"You, at this stage, dear children, have a most precious opportunity. There are some who have found the body irksome; there are many in this little world - through the weakness and the bondage of those who went before them - who say in all sincerity: 'My body represents something that I long to forget'. To all these I speak - to the blind, to the lame, to those stricken with sore disease, to the children who entered the earth stage fettered by many disabilities - to all sufferers I speak, and I bid them rejoice, for great things are held out for them in front.

"God is not mocked, and though man may seek to mar the plan, though man may torture his fellows and condemn the generations to come to agonies unspeakable, God rules by love, and out of that which has been borne, out of the disappointments, out of the losing of love, out of the withdrawal of the sight of the beauties of nature, out of the aching mind and the heavy heart, so the earthly vessel is cast aside for ever and the children of God are able to represent something of their Divine inheritance.

"And such as these carry their light into darkened places, for forget not that suffering in one stage does not mean that the gain so bought remains if the law of the Spirit is disregarded. By giving of that which you have to the bonded - to those so terrible to look upon - so the next garment again is abandoned, and terrestrial bodies give place to spiritual bodies; aye, garment after garment is cast aside, and, at last - at last - the children of God can hold out their hands to their Father and the likeness between them is complete...

"My little ones, I have taught you ever, never to commiserate with those who have taken the hard road, but always with the ones who seek to find God by easy stages. I have taught you ever that if that which you wear at this stage has strength - and forget not that it is the Father's will that the body should represent strength and bring its happiness - that if you are strong, you have the wonderful opportunity of helping the weak; and if you are weak, then out of weakness so God's strength can be shown in perfection.

"I say not to you: Your troubles are heavy. But I clasp your hand and claim you as brother and I remind you of my gifts, of the joy which filled my being when I passed out of 'death', out of the earth body into life, gifted with powers which to me, at that time, seemed stupendous - ah, so expressive of the generosity of God.

"You have your choice in any state, at any time of your development, and forget not those pitiable ones who pass out of the earth garment into something which represents a bondage too great to be explained. You and I and all those who are seeking to follow in the Master's footsteps, we have had a long journey and there is still a gigantic journey in front; but once we have seen God in the sense that we have grasped something of the purpose, something of the plan, so each mile represents greater freedom, fuller appreciation and an extended vision.

"And if suffering is our portion, no longer does it represent something from which we shrink, but we grasp our burdens as our possessions, for we know that without our burdens our protection is incomplete.

"What of the Master, what of God, who came in unspeakable humility to dwell among His children in an earthly garment, subject to earthly laws, aye, at the mercy of His own creation? What of His burdens? Yet the earth stage represents but a second of time to Him. Over the aeons our Father and Mother God has endured with His creations in every stage, in every condition, that which His creations were going through. For no life can come but from All-Life, and All-Life cannot separate Itself from the lesser life, but out of the anguish, out of the pangs of our God, so Life is brought to us.

"And though some of you shrink from the idea of a tortured God, God, because He is God, recognises and claims the sufferings of each one. For remember this - and this is a fact which has not been brought forward to the minds of men - the great God of all, when He commenced that which you name Creation, He bound Himself by the same laws as those He set into being. How could Love do otherwise?

"How could Love be Love if the One who had the power surrounded Himself by that which fenced off that which His creations must go through?...

"You cannot grasp it. No one, not even those who have progressed nearest to perfection, no one can grasp the breadth and the depth of the Love of our Creator. But as we penetrate, step by step, into Truth, as a little more wisdom within is released by our experiences, so consciousness comes as to something - a fragment - of the Love of God, of the mighty scheme of Life, of His stupendous generosity, and, above all, of the humility of the One who holds all power...

"So, my children, look not back upon the past, and say not to yourselves in regard to the present: 'My lot is hard, difficulties surround me' - but recognise them as your gifts, and thank the great Spirit that He has brought you through and has given you the strength to take that which, in comparison with others, may seem a hard road, a steep hill to climb.

"You are among the fortunate, and God has in store for you that which no tongue can tell; yet, one day the eyes shall see, one day the greater mind shall seek to grasp that which Love has built up for you, for out of your lesser love you tried to show your God that you wished to follow the path laid down...

"And now I leave you for a space, yet methinks that the one who has come so far (Mr. W.G Evans, Wales), perchance would wish me to address a few words to him direct, although there is another who would speak to him out of the love which he has for that which is the greater self within.

"My brother, in time long past this choice was laid before you, and through the grace of God you chose aright. The choice was this: The slow stage of development during the earth experience or the more rapid. You communed within, you looked forward over the future, point by point, and you turned to the one who sought to help and guide you and you entreated that he would be by your side throughout.

"That promise has been kept, but forget not this: That in the earthen garment that you wear, so is housed certain gifts. For the most part they have been put to God's use, yet in one portion of the physical mind there was that which we name numbness, but, according to the promise made to you before the physical garment was donned, that numbness has given place to life; and through your trials, through your disappointments and your sufferings, through the loneliness and the stretching out, so, when the little earth life is o'er, you shall look back and say with joy: 'Though I blundered, though I misunderstood, the promise has been fulfilled'.

"That is the message I pass on to you by instruction of the Beloved, the One who understands all natures, all temperaments, the One who takes our littleness, and - by the miracle of His love - not only turns it into greatness but into that which shall never pass away...

"Thus I leave you, yet we meet and converse in that which you name the sleep state, and these words of mine are the fulfilment of another promise, binding in God's sight. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Brothers and sisters under the Lord God Jehovah, I come into your presence feeling, as I speak, something akin to distress, yet I am assured that ere we part so we shall be indeed as the children of God, linked together under the One who comprehends the temptations of the past...

"It is Joseph the carpenter, the one of Nazareth; and as I speak in this strange body, in these unfamiliar conditions, so once more the past is present. I am an old man, and around me there seems trials and testings almost too great to be borne. The pains of the body they vex me sorely.

"I look upon that which is my family, I love them but the times are hard; they are as so many mouths to feed; I am an old man, what can I do, with this so imperfect body? I look upon that which is my wife, her patient brow, and I remember all that which she strives to do to bring in food to the little home...

"My children disagree amongst themselves, distress is in the air; anger seizes my mind and I strike one here and there, and then I tremble, for I look upon that which was not my child and I read in His eyes compassion, which is condemnation to my tortured mind. And my anger rises again: What have I done that I should be so sore beset? Is it not enough that the body tortures, cannot I have peace? And all the time God dwelt in my humble home.

"I passed out of the earth garment long years before that time when Jesus commenced His ministry amongst the children of men. When I awoke I looked down upon that which had represented so much torture to me, and the physical garment seemed as something withered and grotesque. Who was that man? And a voice answered: 'That covered thyself'. Then I looked at that which I regarded as myself, and, to my great astonishment, I saw a straight man, health in my hands, health in all my limbs, and I marvelled at the graciousness of God.

"This, perchance, may amaze you, but God understands human frailties and that which my life held for so long; and because I had protected the child-wife - the little mother - because I gave a roof to that which was the Christ, because I took upon me the agonies of the body to, in a measure, wipe out the bondage of the mind, so the All-Holy One gave me back a hundredfold in return. That is the past.

"I feel that I could not speak on aught else without first having made clear the nature of that same Joseph, the man who was chosen to fulfil God's Holy Purpose; for although horror held my heart and mind when the truth was known, I found that it was part of the training, part of the moulding, part of the temptation - that the One who was to save the world should be brought face to face, day by day, with the trials of my little home..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, this night of quiet converse is drawing to a close, and I want you to realise that although in these conditions - built up for a special purpose - we cannot allow questions to be made with the physical voice, yet that which is in your minds is carefully noted by me, and as the Father wills, so the queries shall all be answered.

"When this, my child, is among those in the home and the conditions are less rarefied than these, so many can come and talk and you can exchange the views of the earth for the truths of the Spirit. But, when you pass hence, that will seem as the dawn compared with the light of day; for I, a servant of my Master, carry with me that which is of the Master, and while I am amongst you guarding, with others, these conditions, so that Holiness which is of God - the power of the Spirit unblemished by the earth - that is bestowed by the One who seeks by every means to draw His children nearer and nearer to Him.

"So, picture yourselves during these short hours, free from the physical, bearing greater resemblance to that which the Father ordained, showing the light which is within, the beauty of effort, the glory of service; and if that which you name the scales could be torn from your eyes, you would say to each other: 'We are Spirit in garments of Spirit, the earthen vessel has been laid aside'...

"The last thought I would leave upon your minds is this: That you are master of your destiny, and your inheritance is that which is held by God Himself. Within you is all-power, unlimited strength, wisdom, holiness; how then will you fetter or will you release that which is the greater self? One day you will see it even as I see it now, and in the measure that you allowed the things of the earth or the things of the mind to keep you out of the sweet liberty of the Spirit, in that measure so sorrow will claim your heart, for you had the Truth, and God for ever calls His children to higher and holier things...

"I bless you with consciousness of that which you are and that which God wills you shall be, consciousness of the gift of the great Divine within, of the Christ, the Holy Spirit, the redeemer of others, the Constructor under the Great Builder of all things - for you, little ones, as sons and daughters of the Most High, are of God Himself, oh, forget it not...

"And now I leave you; yet, each one, gathered in so, that means they are linked to me and I am linked to them - not only at this same time but over the past, for God weaves the lives of His children into the pattern and each one is moulded into the Holy Plan. Farewell."

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