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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 27th April, 1924.

"O Father of Infinite Love, we thank Thee and we praise Thee with our mind as well as with our spirit - thank Thee for all Thy tender care, for Thy watchfulness, and for the gift of vision. Father, we thank Thee, that Thou hast heard the petitions of Thy little children, and that Thou hast revealed Thyself to them in the measure that they can understand, and that Thou wilt withdraw the veil from Thy Love - ever more and more - until at last they are privileged to look upon that which few have seen while in the physical body, but which many shall see in the days to come.

"O God, give us strength, resource, courage and determination; grant that we may forge our way through the last lap of the forest of physical misunderstanding - that casting aside the brambles and branches that seek to keep us back, we may, with one thought, one purpose, and one aim, respond to the call, and find ourselves out in the open, free at last from everything that holds.

"O Christ, in asking these big, big things, we know that Thou only waitest to give all that we can carry, that nothing is withheld, nothing is considered too good, too great for Thy little children, and that as we grow ready, the gifts will be found there, waiting to be made our own.

"Saviour, Father, Tender Shepherd, we thank Thee for Thy Love, and for Thy understanding, and for all the power which Thou hast lent again and again to fight down the enemies of the Spirit that sought to destroy the fabric which has been put together with so much effort - and only by Thy Grace.

"In our hearts and minds tonight there is peace, there is unity and there is spiritual ambition - all put there by the Comforter, so that we may go on, renewed in faith and in courage, go on to triumph not only over the world, but over those much more subtle enemies of the Spirit - to triumph over sadness and discouragement.

"In Thy Hands we leave all this evening, confident that all will be well and that we shall be able, by Thy strength, to bring strength to others, and by Thy Love to heal the wounds in heart and mind - that Love which covereth all things...

"...My children, far away in the distance - so far as your physical hearing is concerned - there is a sound of music and of bells. At this moment, my little ones, there is a music in your own surroundings, and a chime which is so closely allied to holiness that I long with all my heart that I might be able to give you the capacity of catching its sweetness and its note of promise. I do want you to understand more and more how much is going on around you, of which you are in total ignorance.

"Think of it like this: In walking through a country lane, it appears to you that quietness and stillness is the order of the day. Now and again a little movement occurs, or a sound is struck on the silence, and you note it as something unanticipated and even out of place in the quiet serenity which abounds. And yet, as you can realise, when I point it out to you, that is purely the outward, and that which is able to be communicated to your senses.

"Now follow me in thought. In the dust under your feet, as well as in the green slips by your side, there in the hedges, in the ditches, above the ground and under the ground, work of a comprehensive nature is going on minute by minute unceasingly and without, as with yourselves, definite periods of rest.

"That is the comprehensive view, because in nature there is no cessation of effort or of labour at all. While the animals rest, the soil works on and the growth of the trees is not retarded because night is gathered in.

"And then in the fields this idea is multiplied even more. There is struggle, there is effort, there is a labour of a kind inconceivable to the physical mind; but nevertheless it goes on and, mark you, not in an inconsequent way - nothing is haphazard with the plans of God - but in a regular orderly manner; and although to you the seasons seem to change, the labour of the earth is unchanging - unchanging and unchangeable - because only by its efforts can man live.

"Oh, it is too big a subject to attempt to teach you in an evening like this, but I could unravel secrets to you of so staggering a character that I am afraid very little could be held by your physical minds... such is the wisdom of God.

"To your physical eyes there is the outward, and very often the beautiful; and to the eyes of the spirit there is that of which no man can speak - a network of arrangement, a most marvellous system worked out to perfection; to you, automatic, but to us, who see the far-reaching power of the Spirit - we know and understand that only the Mind of One could have conceived of anything so wonderful, and yet so straightforward and so simple.

"I give these few remarks in order, in a little way, to try and prepare your minds for what is going on in your daily lives. You, and the majority of people on earth, have an idea that these happenings - these wonderful demonstrations of God's love - that these are concerned mainly with life in the Beyond.

"It is, of all things, the most difficult to rid the physical mind of that invisible, but permanent and insurmountable dividing line between life and so-called death. Again and again you swing back to your early conception that this existence of yours upon earth is governed by laws entirely separate from those which are in evidence in the life of the Spirit.

"I want you to think about this most earnestly; I want you to try and take in more the real position of affairs. To use a crude illustration, it is just as though a child were taken blindfolded through a beautiful land of flowers, of colour and of changing scene, and the companion who walks by her side tries - so far as he is able - to describe what lies on this side and on that. Many questions are asked but his best powers seem totally inadequate to present the picture that lies around, and the child says: 'But what does that look like and how does this happen and why is that?' The questions go on and on, and the answers, as I have said, do not satisfy the mind which wants to know so much, and again and again, fretting under the restrictions so imposed, the child cries out: 'Take off the bandage and let me see for myself.'

"My children, I know it is hard for you - I understand so well the deep, deep longing that is within to see for yourself just a little of what God has prepared and has given into your own possession. This, little ones, will not be forgotten hereafter, nor in the days to come. Don't you think that he who walks beside the child longs too to uncover the eyes and to grant a request so natural? It is not easy for us, and yet you will see by and by, that it was but God's love which withheld from you the contemplation of the beauties that lie around.

"Physical sight and hearing is precious to those while in the body, but spiritual sight and hearing is the heart's desire of those who love the Lord. And the heart's desire, if it is worked for with patience and with confidence, will be granted in the end and, in some cases, 'in the end' is not at the end of life upon earth - it can be gathered in a long time before that if the dedication is there.

"I said in the beginning, that there was the music of the spheres around you, that there were bells ringing out upon the atmosphere - bells so allied to holiness that could you hear them you would indeed, in mind and in spirit, kneel in adoration before the One who had created that which, to you, held so much of Himself.

"Yes, my children, and I'll give you another little illustration. Outside there is storm, and a gale - what you would call a gale - is blowing, but in this room there is calm, there is peace and there is love. Another contrast, and yet all these little things which occur in your daily lives indicate some big truth and are a simile of what is taking place in the Spirit. And as tonight you are able to separate yourselves from the storm without, so, by the aid of the Spirit, you should be able to enter into the inner citadel of that which belongs to God, and to separate yourselves equally from the discords of daily life.

"Oh, my children, try and grasp more of what I long for you to make your own. I have told you again and again that to those who wish to follow the Master, not only is there protection, but immunity from suffering - held out, lavished upon you, in a way you cannot grasp.

"Soon, however, the realisation will come, and with the realisation will be the revelation as well, and then I can promise you - promise you with so much gladness and hope and certainty - I can promise you not only the peace of God, but that great, great Joy which is so closely allied to Him that it is impossible to think of His Godhead without experiencing the Joy which is inseparable from it.

"And now I will pass on to another subject. Tonight, dear children, you will find there are many whose thoughts are still lingering upon the resurrection of our Lord, and in the days to come their attention will be directed to the incidents which took place between that demonstration of the power of life over death, and the bestowal of the Comforter. I want you to go a step further this evening. You will recollect that last week I emphasised the fact that although Christ was seen after His burial, He was but an example of what had been, what was, and what will be - so long as physical life is necessary.

"Well, it would be incomplete if I left you there, and I want tonight to speak to you in regard to the public and visible descension of the Holy Spirit upon man. I want you to know this: That although God made Himself manifest in the body of Christ, yet from the beginning of creation God has been in the midst of mankind in as definite and in as generous a way as when Christ came.

"Cannot you grasp my meaning? How about the countless millions who lived and had their being upon earth, and passed over into the Beyond? Would it be like God to give to one group of His children that which had been withheld from another? Wouldn't it be rather more characteristic of the earthly parent, who sometimes finds it most difficult to distribute his love fairly, and his gifts likewise? This is the great difference between the Father of us all and those who, in order to work out certain experiences, take on the privilege of parenthood during physical life.

"My point is this: That God has never separated Himself from man in any sense there could be - but man made such barriers in between that, in order to demonstrate His Presence, Christ came into the world and has remained in your memories ever since.

"But make no mistake: God did not give Christ to you and to me, and withhold Him from His children before that time.

"Christ to us is the most accessible of all God's many manifestations of Himself; but don't you understand that Christ is God, and God was in the world always - that God, being God, chose those forms of bringing Himself in the midst of humanity which the conditions of the times made it most easy for the people to grasp?

"I want you to think over those incidents narrated in the Old Testament - how God was able not only to get through His will to man direct, but also to those who were willing to submit their minds and bodies to the necessary self-discipline; He was able to speak and to be heard by them as a natural as well as a spiritual fact.

"It is amazing to us that so many minds are able to rule out those direct manifestations of God, which appear in the records which you call the 'Old Testament' over and over again - and, remember, that for one incident narrated, countless thousands slipped through the sieve of the physical mind and were lost to posterity.

"In those times, it was necessary to treat mankind in a totally different way from today - and yet, as you know, human nature as a whole changes very little - but customs and traditions and environment must count a lot and, of course, the Father showed Himself to His children in the way which could be most easily understood.

"The people of that time were not ready for the revelation of God as a Tender, Compassionate, All loving Father, and so in order to save them themselves from that physical self - which was out, apparently, to destroy the finer self within - God showed Himself, in the main, as a Ruler and a King - as One who must be obeyed, and as One who had to be reckoned with if evil was sought for wilfully.

"And yet, as you know, the Jehovah of old was just the same Tender Parent, Compassionate Saviour, long-suffering Christ, as He is today.

"I do want you to get this firmly embedded in your minds: That although there may be different waves of civilisation, and the types of humanity so produced may change and change again, God is unchangeable, and the God of Wrath was the same Great Heart, the same Understanding Mind of Love, with Which we have been getting so well acquainted during these sacred evenings...

"I have had to take you rather a long way round, but the point which I wish to drive home is this: That although the Comforter was bestowed publicly upon man after the so-called ascension of Our Lord, that that Comforter has been with the children of the earth right from the beginning of physical life and, of course, long, long before that – always. From the moment that you and I, dear children, became separate individuals from God - right from that time was the gift of the Comforter your own and my own as well.

"It is a gigantic thought and it is not easy to make it clear; but even as God - in order to make His Presence felt upon earth - even as God manifested Himself in a physical way through Christ, so on the day of Pentecost was the Holy Spirit made manifest as a reminder to man, but it was not the first bestowal. There is no question of that fact for, as I have already told you, long before physical existence - right back in that time when God's thought produced humanity, was the comfort of the Holy Spirit accessible to all.

"This will not be easy for some to grasp, and yet, dear children, it should appeal to common-sense. Cannot you readjust it somehow in this way:

"Was not Moses, according to your records, imbued with the Holy Spirit inspired, a direct example of the outward manifestation of the Holy Spirit? There were many prophets of old who demonstrated the power of the Spirit in this manner - and in saying this I am not detracting in the smallest degree from the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit to the disciples and followers of our Lord.

"The gift of God in Christ: Man will never understand its magnitude, its selflessness, its essential God-likeness. We cannot take it in. We stand on the outer threshold of understanding, and have to fall back again and again on the old thought that, after all, it was God, and leave it there.

"The same applies to that outward and visible demonstration of the Holy Spirit descending upon men who, hitherto, had not shown themselves - from an outsider's point of view - as suitable receivers for so much grace.

"Oh, try and think on bigger lines. Cannot you see that what I am endeavouring to get through - instead of belittling the gift of the Holy Spirit - widens the borders of the Love of God in a way hitherto undreamt of?

"I want you to know that from the beginning of the history of man as a thinking individual, the Holy Spirit showed Itself; but, alas, in many cases was not recognised as such. The gift always has been there. God, Father, Christ, has never changed or altered, and you cannot divide God from the Holy Spirit - They are One. And, as you do not need me to tell you, God, being God, has and will - according to the necessity of man - has and will demonstrate Himself in the way most applicable to his needs.

"It is all so simple - in the sense that God works always on straight lines, that His children are equal in His sight, and that He does not bestow upon one that which He withheld from another.

"Unlimited, unstinted, with a generosity absolutely inexplicable to us, His gifts lie all around for man to gather up - and if the spirit within was given more of a free hand, those gifts could be attached to each one, and much, much suffering would be saved in consequence.

"And yet, my children, even here I want you to get the true position. Certain experiences are essential for the purification and the growth of that which has started off from God to become as pure as God in the end. But the processes are manifold, and progress cannot be unduly hurried - it all takes time, and God, in that process of purification and perfecting, suffers with His creation in a way impossible to describe.

"If someone struck a knife through your hand, because it was your hand and not your mind, you could not dissociate yourself from the pain. So it is with the Creator of all. Individual we may be, but we are of Him in the first instance, and it is impossible for one blow to reach us without it being registered in That which is the very Centre - the Centre of feeling, of thought, and of everything you could imagine in the way of nerves and sensitiveness.

"When you suffer, in that Centre is registered pain, not as you feel it, protected as you are by the physical body, but anguish which I cannot touch upon here because it is utterly beyond your imagination. I too am protected - not by a physical body - but by the protection which is the cloak of us all - the protection of the Love of the Father, who takes upon Himself the sharpest stabs of pain, and only gives to us that which our spirit can bear and longs to bear, because of the overwhelming desire within to be a little more like Him - to get a little closer to holiness, and to feel that indeed we are making progress, slow though that progress may be. Each pang endured is a gift - a gift, dear children, because it brings us just that space nearer to the One who bears the pain of all.

"Oh, do your best. Talk it out with yourself - not with your physical mind, but with the spiritual mind which does understand, although it is so hampered by the body. Talk it out within yourself, think it over and ask God that you may be permitted to grasp at least the fringe of this great truth - the truth which I am trying to teach you and which you, my little ones, are so earnestly trying to learn.

"In God's own good time that which is veiled now shall be made clear, that which presents difficulty now shall be shown to be of that same simplicity which governs everything which comes from the Father - that simplicity which, after all, is but another manifestation of the love and forethought with which He has planned and worked out everything for the raising up of man to power and to perfection. For that is the ultimate end of all, and which, as I see now, shall indeed be worked out down to the tiniest fraction - worked out because God is God and Lord of all - the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.

"God is God and Lord of all - never forget that. And now I will go..."

(Others then spoke...)


(Greatly hampered by violent slamming of a door – referred to later)...

"...God has heard my prayers... I am outside your range altogether, but by the mercy of God, I have forced my way through here tonight. 'Forced' is the only word I can use because the surroundings - those that fought against it - were innumerable, so it seemed to me, and my heart failed me even as the power was given...

"It is Scott, and I followed my friend and comrade, whom you call Shackleton, into your midst...

"Even as I speak I feel the stiffness of my hands - of that body which was literally petrified while the mind remained working within. But I don't want to talk about myself except to say how glad I am that I am here - here in evidence, although I have been with you many, many times, extending over a long period, so it would seem to you...

"Yes, the wind is fierce tonight, it is turbulent and destructive - to your minds - and I want to use the way in which I passed over as a little illustration to you all of how symbolical it was really, in a literal sense, of the position of every one who is out to climb.

"In that lonely hut of snow and ice, we were shut away from the world, although to me that did not seem to be the world in a physical sense at all; we were shut away from everything that represented life as we had been taught to regard it, and as the days went on, our bodies felt as detached from us as the world which we had left behind.

"Most of you have read about our experiences but, of course, those which mattered most were never chronicled, except in the heart of each one out there. But what I want to say is this - that to the pioneers, to those who hear the Call, hear it and answer to the best of their ability - the call to set out and discover the Unknown - to all these the time of isolation comes, the time when the world is ruled outside, and when even the physical body seems as alien to one's self. But after those times the vision comes. It came to me in a way so marvellous that it possessed my whole being.

"I would not have you think I died alone; I would not have the world think that loneliness was my portion. Those last hours seemed tragedy itself to you, but to me they were the greatest revelation of the power of the Spirit over everything that is physical that I could ever have imagined...

" - 'In the Silence the Voice of the Spirit is heard'... In the Silence I heard the Voice of the One who never forsakes even those who are on the outposts of spiritual life - who never forsakes and never lets go; and He, gathering up my physical distress, turned it into so rich a blessing that I was prepared, in some measure, for all the love, the beauty, and the brightness that is everywhere on this side...

"Try and take to yourselves - you who are out on this big journey of exploration into the spiritual while yet bound by the physical - take comfort from my own experience, and know that you too, in God's good time, will emerge from the coldness, the isolation, and the mental separation from the world at large - and find yourselves in a realm where the most perfect companionship and understanding prevail... And in that hour of revelation, you will indeed look back with amazement to think that the body or the darts of the world, could ever have touched you at all to give you pain - could ever have acted as a barrier between you and Love...

"I will not speak longer tonight as the conditions are strange and you are not used to me, but I want you to know that I, and a host of others, hope to come and will pray for strength to come, in order that you may be heartened on your way, and that some of the experiences which were individual to each one may be appropriated as incidents which will be of help to you. And each time this is the case, so the happiness will come to us for, as you know, God's ways are marvellous indeed. He gives first to us that we may help another, and then duplicates and triplicates His gift by making that passing on to another the means of bringing more to ourselves... Goodnight..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Dorrie, go quietly and shut the door and see that it is secured firmly.

"My children, that last message was just a postscript. I am sure you wondered why Nancy could not stay longer. She came by direction, and went again at the bidding of love.

"My children, I want you in thinking over this evening to remember the circumstances and the little incident in connection with it - the storm outside and the peace within; and then the interloper in the form of a disturbance; and then, by the direct intervention of your understanding Father, the dispatch of the intruder and the re-establishment of peace in this little room.

"I want you to take that as indicative of what will always happen. There may be - for such is life - storm and tumult without, but with my children, if the faith is there, there shall be a peace which nothing shall be allowed to interfere with. We shall have enemies to fight - those who wish to destroy our handiwork and God's handiwork too - but, as I reminded you in the instruction, God is over all, and if you, like children, take to Him your misgivings and everything else that concerns your daily life, you shall find - and I speak by direction - you shall find that the intruder of whatever nature it may be, shall be dispatched as expeditiously and as easily as tonight.

"Now, don't misunderstand me. I said it was by God's direct intervention that I was able to correct that which had been overlooked. Next time my little ones will not overlook it, but you are human and such details quite easily escape your observation. You had your example tonight, and really the only one who suffered was he (Scott) who has suffered so much, both consciously and unconsciously, for God. One who set out with faith and with hope, to bring within the reach of man the hidden and the undiscovered - and he found both himself, but could not pass it on in the way he intended - not at that time.

"Here is another little illustration for you: There is no desire, no pure or half-pure desire that sooner or later, is not put into execution. There is not one wish that is ever overlooked by the all-Seeing Father, and in time to come, he that spoke to you tonight, in conjunction with others, shall look back and see that not only did he uncover a little corner of your earth, but indeed was used to unveil something of that great, vast, unlimited continent of the Spirit.

"Let this thought go very deep because in it there is illustration of faith, there is justification of faith, and there is proof positive that faith in the end is made into certainty and into fact.

" - 'Let your light so shine before men'... Many in following their earth's experience, have been landmarks to others, and although the ways chosen have been difficult, they have indeed become as beacons to the stragglers in the rear; they have shown by their courage, their determination, and their regardlessness of self, to what man can rise, and how God can be demonstrated during physical life.

"And I say to you all - to everyone, both great and small in the world's estimation - I say there is not one of you who cannot do likewise. You may not be able to cross the unknown seas of the earth, or climb the mountains which have been thrown up by nature, you cannot do these things maybe, but you can do far, far greater - you can lead the way for others to follow, you can cross the bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds, leaving your foot-prints behind so that others may be influenced to do the same.

"Oh, there is a host of things you can do and - in the little as well as in the big - you are called upon to set about still more diligently that preparation and that discipline of self.

"It sounds rather hard to you after so much toil and strain, but I know you better than you know yourselves, and I say that having reached this point, the spirit within will never give you one moment's peace unless you continue the climb. You know it yourselves, and so my little ones, I close on a note of great hope and of great gladness too. I bid you once more to raise your eyes to the crest of the hill - to keep them from the valley beneath, and to be certain that as you climb, renewed strength and additional help will be available every inch of the way, and God is there to hold you lest you fall...

"My children, I have given you a silent blessing - silent to you but heard and answered by the Great Father of us all. Goodnight."

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