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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 12th December, 1926.

"O most gracious Father, we come to Thee tonight realising how mighty Thou art and, above all, how understanding of the needs of Thy little children. Grant that we may learn our lessons, that we may be conscious that this life is a preparation for the Life to come; and imbued with something of the Christ-spirit, we may fulfil our destiny - that destiny, ordained by the spirit within.

"Help us to help ourselves; grant that the veil which hangs between us and self-realisation may be thinned, in the measure that we can bear it; because only by knowing ourselves, free from the physical, can we be used as instruments in this sacred work...

"O Christ, be with us, guide us, direct us, and help us to express something of the beauty of Holiness, something of the joy of a life of service to others. Incline our hearts not only to keep Thy laws, but to understand more of the Divine Mind, to be able to grasp a little more of the purpose and the plan, and what we are called upon to contribute ourselves. Let it be that we can give up our physical wills and be directed only and entirely by that which is of Thee within...

"We ask in faith and we are certain that as we strive, so the response will be forthcoming. Amen...

"...My little children, I greet you tonight in the Name of the Holy Master, and I ask you, for the sake of the Divine within, to put aside all thoughts of the world and to come into the silence, and to learn something of that wonder which the Spirit would teach. I ask you to lay aside your troubles, to lay aside your sense of loss, to lay aside those wonderings which assail the mind of the body, and to try and contact with Spirit.

"You see, dear children, when you come into this little room, as it were, you discard the garment of the body; for long - as it would seem to you - long before my voice is heard amongst you, so that which is Divine within is seeking to prepare itself for this holy communion.

"If sight was your own, you would observe a strange miracle taking place. It would seem to you that the tabernacle of flesh grew smaller and smaller; that the aspiring spirit within threw out its rays, and that you were something greater than you understood.

"The physical body - to those who love God - has a repressive effect. Those with perception, are able to catch a glimpse, now and again, of the beauty that is stored therein, but the owner, for the most part, knows it not; the owner is conscious of restriction, of limitation and of a longing to be free. Yet, as that longing takes place, your freedom also is being expressed in outward and visible form, but the physical eyes are blind, and so sorrow comes rather close.

"My little ones, I have told you oft before that you are Spirit, and that that which you wear - so cumbersome it seems to some - that which you wear is for a purpose. It imposes a necessary discipline, yet it leads to a freedom absolutely inconceivable to those on earth.

"We meet in peace and we shall part in peace and love. Tonight, it has been ordained that I lead you on a further pace, out of twilight nearer to the Light, out of spiritual misunderstanding nearer to that wisdom of God, which makes all things plain.

"Thus it is I speak to you on a subject which concerns humanity as a whole, but one which, as yet, seems far beyond the reach of the majority. They neither want to pursue the upward path nor do they wish to be troubled as to the future, as to the unlearnt lessons, as to the 'waste' of thoughts towards higher things. And I choose for my text: 'Contacting with God'.

"It seems to some that those of the world not only have no desire to contact with their Creator, but indeed, all their desires and their hopes are focussed on the things of the earth, on the acquirement of possessions, on the snatching of brief joy. They know not, and they care not, as to the linking up of that which is pure within, with the great Source, with the Divine Mind, with the One who loves them best.

"Yes, dear children, but you would remind me of the numbers who frequent a place of worship and who make a real effort to get into touch with Holy things; and you say, for you have seen, that there are many who have this desire, yet fail to attain the fulfilment of their desire, and spiritual loneliness is their portion. They are estranged from the world in its worldly sense, but they have not been able to link up with God. They have laid aside its many diversions and amusements, they have applied their minds, they have surrendered their wills, yet, still the sense of nearness to God escapes them.

"These things, dear children, cannot be brushed aside. It is my purpose to take all that which, as it were, casts a slur on Divine Love, and to show you and others, for your comfort, that God is not only mighty, but God is so infinitely understanding that He has called out from one here and there a strength and an endurance, which, when the body is no more, shall give them their spirit's desire.

"Yes, those of the world look round with critical eyes. They see this one and that sore beset by that which they name trouble. They look farther abroad and they see, so it seems to them, that right sometimes is conquered by wrongs, or, perhaps, in their own vibrations there is one curiously suggestive of Spirit, marvellously like unto that which they name the 'angel-aspect', and this treasure, this gift - so much needed to purify a materialistic world - this gift is gathered like an early spring flower, and is numbered amongst them no more...

"Children, I have taught you ever that God's ways are not as man's ways. I have taught you ever that the spirit within you is ambitious because it sees and understands. I have taught you ever that the strong soul takes the hard road, and the weak soul gathers to itself the comforts and the ameliorations of physical life...

"You see, dear children, there is this point which, as yet, has scarce been considered, even by the thoughtful ones. In the world today - in all days - the tendency is to give to the evil forces and not to withstand, not to overcome. But this little life is one brief stage only, and so the few - those who are strong, those who want to help God - they take treble their share - and why? Ah, my children, is it not plain to you that holy influence, that spiritual power is needed in greater measure when the majority are unwilling to climb?

"Cannot you see that if mankind is to be brought back to that sonship and daughtership to the Holy One, so then, unless time unthinkable is to be wasted, those who have God in their hearts - by which I mean those who have fought and struggled during the stages before the physical life was commenced - these valiantly, oh, so gladly, take the heavy load in order, ah, in order to provide the necessary power to help the weak ones and to mitigate that hindrance of the Divine plan.

"But some may ask me why this is necessary when the Great Father is All-Power. My little ones, God indeed is the Creator, God indeed is the Controller, but the purification of humanity lies with humanity inasmuch as God cannot interfere with man's free-will. And so, my children, I tell you - those amongst you who have chosen the difficult path, who love God and seek to show it by service, and yet, again and again, miss that direct contact with the Father - I tell you, for the comfort of the physical mind, that you have taken on the burden of others, for Love's sake - for Love's sake...

"Yet, my children, it would not be God's will if I left things there. You have been told that as you strive so the doors shall be opened unto you, that as you seek to climb so helpers - stronger and stronger - shall be there to lend their aid. But, my little ones, if this were seen and understood in its mighty significance, what could you create? To climb on the strength of others, certain, conscious that they will provide the effort for you - ah, how can that bring into being the power which others require?

"Nay, little ones, it must be as this: Here and there, those with a valiant heart not only take the steep road, but they bind themselves, inasmuch as it seems to them that they travel almost alone. Yet, by their pangs, by that definite holding on to faith without sight, so, my children, they are creating a power and a reality for the weaker ones who, as yet, are disinclined to put forth any effort at all.

"Yet some may say: 'But is this fair?' My little ones, you could not have climbed one step had it not been for the pioneers who went on before. They climbed without sight as well. They climbed in despair, yet they faltered not. They looked round and saw that their friends were no longer within their reach, but still they went on. A voice within cried: 'What is the use? The path is unknown and even those who love you have deserted you!' But the spirit knew best, and the spirit claimed the mind of the body and the limbs of the body, and said: 'Go on!'

"Little ones, to contact with God is very difficult to some and strangely easy to others; yet, as must be apparent to all, that sense of isolation is a burden treble to any other which the pilgrim has chosen to carry. But so long as the faltering heart does not keep back the aspiring soul, so it is pure gain, not only gain for the individual, but creating a power which will grow as the days go on, a power to be used for the one great purpose - to lift those who cannot find within themselves the strength to rise...

"There is another aspect which the Father bids me underline, for at times, it is forgotten in the strain of daily life. You see, my little ones, that because, at times, it is not possible to hold on to the definite, positive, actual companionship of Christ, because, at times, that escapes the individual - it means, ah, what does it not mean?

"It means that the Saviour not only saves but, literally, ministers every step of the way; it means, dear children, that by the mere fact of the loneliness, so you have drawn to you the sweetest Companion of all. And we, who love you well, we stand back, for the One who is greatest does the work Himself during that period which, at other times, He has dedicated to us...

"So the infinite Love of the Creator is evinced once more, and the work which lies in front of each one is this: To explain the meaning of Life to those who are so bound by the things of the earth; to take to this one and that, explanation, the solution of those riddles, the laying out of the purpose and the plan, demonstrating, by the power of the Spirit, that sorrows are joys, that losses are gains, that 'separation' is the closest communion that could be imagined; and that one day they - with sight, free from the tabernacle of the flesh - will not only see this as Truth, but come back to those who are blind and do Christ's work on earth. And the time, dear children, is coming - in the far tomorrow it may be - but the time will come when with explanation in the hands of mankind, not only will good seem as good, but even that which appears as evil will be shown - because it has passed through the Hands of God - to be 'good' as well.

"And this fact I want you all to gather in and make your own: At times, dear children, those of the world, fettered to material things, they strike at this and they seek to destroy that; and those who have done their little best, who have been missionaries in part if not in full, these suffer, because that which they thought would help mankind has been covered with the cloak not only of criticism, but of a venom far-reaching in its effect.

"To all such as these I speak, whatever their missionary work may be, and I say that it is not enough for the aspiring pilgrim to take these onslaughts with patience and to refrain from hitting back; I say that God calls them to higher and better things, that God calls them to proclaim their faith in His Love; to say and to believe that: 'Even this bitter blow, even this unwarranted attack, will be used by the Almighty One to bring that which I treasure - a greater gain than if the enemy had not struck'.

"I say to those who have worked over the years, who have striven to spread God's Truth, that it is not enough to take these attacks with patience; they are called upon to proclaim their faith in a living, acting, mighty God.

"Oh, my children, let not this apply merely to the large and important things of life. Many of my own children have been struck, again and again, by enemies so numerous that they have not been able to provide sufficient armour to ward off the blows. To the spectator it has seemed hard, and the thought has arisen: 'Where is God?' And I answer that God is by their side, helping the valiant spirit to achieve its great and holy purpose. And again I say to them: Wait, only wait - for God, because He is God and Love combined, will take the very venom of those estranged from Him, and bring the victim a freedom, an advancement, and a power, beyond your consciousness now...

"Yes, my children, you can understand me when I say that in your sorrows you are contacting with the One who has borne the sorrows of creation, from the beginning, and will until the end. The joys of the earth, because they are concerned with the earth and worldly things, they make barriers; for the individual, concentrating on that which so soon passes away, wants none of God - the toys in their hands satisfy, and Christ is ruled out by their free act of will.

"Yet, when the clouds gather and they are conscious of the helplessness of their position, they look round for friends, and those of the world who once held out the hand of friendship, pass them by on the other side, and fear seizes the heart of the lonely ones. This, dear children, is our chance, for in their extremity, at last, they think of God - at last, they remember the One who loves them best, the One who has cared for them, worked for them, suffered for them, over the ages which have passed - at last, they remember God.

"You see, dear children, how sad a thing it is that only sorrow should be associated with the One who is Perfect Joy; how sad a thing it is that God and trouble only should be linked together! Yet you, my little ones, are going to find that all this can be changed, for having endured sorrow, having gone on in spite of the failure of the ones who should have stood shoulder to shoulder with you, in spite of the forgetfulness of those who promised to protect you, you have gone on; and the time is near at hand when the darkness of the valley of suffering shall give place to the radiance of the joy of the Spirit; and the happiness which has been earned - which was given up by the free-will of the physical mind - shall come back like a mighty wave, a gift from God.

"Yet, my children, I must bring you back to the daily round and to your great part in this sacred work; and tonight, by direction of the Holy One, I bid you consider your position.

"Here, in this little room, stranger and friend alike can enter in, and not only find comfort, but contact with God. And you, dear children, by that direct contact, are making it easier for others to approach All-Wisdom and receive solace and guidance in return. And this privilege, this gift, cannot be appraised in the language of the physical world, for you are lending your aid directly to Christ, you are providing a refuge where the weary and the sorrowful can get their explanation, and with lightened hearts continue the upward way, spreading the good news and praising God that they - so blindly, ah, so unconsciously to the mind of the body - that they have chosen the best...

"My little ones, each time, by your faith - aye, and still more, by your work - each time you make it easier for another to contact with the Father, so you are lending your aid to God, so you are bringing into being a strength and a power which shall grow for ever; and so, indirectly, or directly, you are doing your part to cleanse the world.

"But oh, let not self in any form come nigh. Self as self weakens the power, for the spirit is unconscious of self - its whole horizon is taken up with others; and when self, in any of its many deceptive forms, looms up as a cloud on a sky of beauty and brightness, it obscures the sun. This, my children, has to be observed in the little things and the big things of daily life.

"You cannot reach perfection now - ah no, the Father does not expect it - but you can be on your guard, you can be watchful, you can be prayerful, when that elusive form of temptation seeks to draw near; you can remember that God's way is not that way, that God's way is the building up by work and effort, in quietness, in the little things, in the purchase of peace for others, in the constructing out of fragments a spiritual foundation on which others can stand.

"God's way is the simple way, ah, is the way which the Master trod Himself. Oh, let not my warning be overlooked, for God's ways are not as man's ways, and God works in secret places, God draws power from obscure corners, from the hovels where the valiant soul tries to make the best of the horrible conditions which surrounds it; from the weariness of the body, from those outcasts from the world; in little things, in that which is hidden from the curious gaze of the unthinking crowd. There God works, there the Spirit has full play, for the world and the Spirit, they are as forces for ever at battle, and temptation in a million forms, often in the guise of holy desire, knocks at the door of the physical mind and is bid to enter in...

"When you are free, dear children, you will find that your unknown deeds are there in the place of honour; when you are free, to your amazement you will find it will be the unchronicled thought, the compassion, the simple acts, the wish, the unvoiced prayer, which will have built up your Heavenly Home.

"That is the way of the Spirit, that is the way of the Most High. Oh, think you within yourselves, and let not the view-point of the world blind you to spiritual values, for by direction of the Holy Master Himself, I say that the time will come when these words of mine tonight, will come back to you over the years, as Truth...

"In little things, in quietness, in concentration, so, dear children, those conditions which are Spirit are built up. And when you are free, with what joy shall I take you and show you the ones who did God's work best on earth - the toiler, the tired mother, the uncomplaining father, the patient child racked with the pains of the body who tried to think that God's ways were best.

"These are the jewels of Heaven; and the mighty ones of the earth, ah, where are they? In the measure that self stole in, so their great deeds are as dust, leaving no mark behind. The Christ way is the only way - the succouring of the weak, the tending of the physical needs of those who have not limbs themselves, the lifting up of the wavering heart, and the daily toil, the unpleasant task - that is the way to God.

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a space, yet ere I go, I want you to believe that, tonight, you have contacted with God as God is; that tonight in these holy vibrations - never forget, gifted by the Great One Himself - that in these holy vibrations, you have touched holy things, you have learnt at the Master's Feet, for I speak naught but that which the Saviour instructs; and He bids me to give one extra word to the stranger present (Mrs. George):

"Child, there have been many thoughts and many longings which have not found, so it seems to you, an adequate response during the days of physical life. I ask you to believe that tonight is a symbol of God's Love for you, His precious child. I have told you spiritually, and you have read the written word, that the way of the pilgrim must be difficult, must be surrounded by that which the physical mind would were absent; yet, tonight, I tell you this: That that which is Divine within has chosen, voluntarily, the hard, rough road. I remind you that this little life is fleeting, and that there are those in the Spirit who are praying that you may be strong, that the valiant heart may be your own.

"Choose, ah, choose aright, for God has much in store for you - many gifts and many possessions - but He cannot give them except in the measure that you are prepared to take; and the preparation is effort and more effort; the preparation is the lowly heart. God blesses you in your aspiration. Let the blessing reach the fullness of completion by arising mentally, physically and spiritually, and resting not until the earthly veil is drawn aside...

"And now I go. We have work to do this night, and work comes first. The desires of the heart give place to the desires of the spirit within..."

(Others then spoke...)

(Preacher and voluminous author on Universal Reconciliation)

"...Good evening, ladies. It's Farrar, and I know I can count on a definite welcome from at least one. 'Farrar and the Life of Christ' - what a privilege! Mrs. Moyes, it is curious how things work round. As a student of Theology, I found much which caused me misgiving. It seemed to me, even in those days, that altogether too much emphasis was put upon observances...

"I know this is a ticklish question, and a very real objection comes up as to what you are to eliminate; and this war is waged: Some want vestments, some want candles, and some want that ritual, so-called, which seems to lead into an unending avenue, piling up the furniture as you go. And then - and I think this is quite reasonable - there are those who say that by a bare and undecorated Church, you are paying less honour to God than you would to a visitor...

"You see, dear friends, we've got to lay aside our prejudices. The man or the woman who calls herself, or himself, Low Church, they are aghast by the 'popery' which creeps in even their own Mother-Church. On the other hand, others brought up with a certain amount of embellishment, they are equally horrified at the bareness and the ugliness, and the absence of honouring God in an outward and visible way.

"And when they come Here, into what you call the Spirit World, what happens? Well, they build their altars and they build their churches, and they try to carry on exactly in the same way as on earth. But somehow the old zest dies away, and the things which interested them once so intensely, lose their significance; and, just the same as on earth they think, or try to think, what has gone wrong, where is the weak link!

"And then those who have sight and understanding get their chance; and they are led out of their churches, away from their altars, and are shown that instead of being in realms which are Spirit, they are still chained to the earth and earthly things. And when they've got over the shock, then they are taught that the worship of God is not bounded by anything of the world at all, but the worship of God is in going back to those on earth who are hard-pressed, and in lending their strength, yes, in sharing their burdens.

"I suppose you ladies would be highly amused if I told you that I was a very domesticated man. I thank God I am. I have learnt a number of things which were entirely hidden from me when on earth, and, what is more, I've enjoyed it.

"It seems to me that the yeast working in the dough has never been fully understood in its spiritual significance. Many a time I've done the drudgery in a small home, but I've had the sight - I've seen what the day produced; yet my day with the worker produces for me only a quarter of what their day produces for them.

" - 'Farrar and the Life of Christ' - I sometimes ponder over this with an amazement which I cannot portray to you. First, at my audacity; and yet, Mrs. Moyes, you will believe me when I tell you that it was with humbleness, and with an overwhelming love, that I put my pen to paper. I wanted to understand Christ a little better, and it seemed to me - and I think it is a very practical course to pursue - that if you want to understand a subject, it is a great help to collate your thoughts and put them down in black and white. Ah, cold print shows the weakness in our armour, in our equipment; but as I wrote, I grew a little bigger - thank God - I grew a little bigger...

"When I was free, and I was taken to my Lord and Saviour, I was aghast at the remembrance of my presumption; but I found, my friends, that God didn't take it like that. Incomplete - absolutely incomplete as it was - so even the words were used to complete something in my life which otherwise would have represented fragments.

"I must not keep this young lady too long (Dorrie), but I should like to underline that the mere fact that I tried to understand my God, has helped me to interpret His directions in something resembling the correct way; and my daily tasks are amongst those in slum-land. Many a time I've been round with one of those hawkers in your streets, yes, and have not found it in my heart to criticise even their crudest thoughts. And at the end of the day, I've thanked God for service, I've thanked God for the physical discomforts, I've thanked God for the heartaches, because, why, in those little things I am buying my understanding of Christ.

"I'm sorry to have stayed so long but, of course, we are old friends, and Westminster and Canterbury make many links, as you can imagine.

"My last word is this: Christ in the little things of life; Christ in the little acts of life; Christ in the details, in the waking up and in the sinking into sleep - just Christ. Furniture, embellishment, anything and everything of the world, in its worldly sense, is out of place; there is no room if you love Christ, for His way was amongst the common people, His teaching was for the common people; for, those who had the things of the earth, were occupied in another way.

"Goodnight ladies, and with your kind permission I will come again. I have much which, it seems to me, possibly might interest you, and to express myself in these conditions is not only a privilege but a definite source of help. You help me by allowing me to come, and tonight I've been shown that I can help you - not in the big things but in the little things of daily life... Goodnight..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, as I foretold, the peace has not only remained but it has been added to, in a way that only God can explain. I want you all to commune within yourselves and to find out where you stand and what you are prepared to do. I want you to fight and to strive for that precious contact with God, but I tell you that the only way to hold that contact is by passing on the possession to others. The only link between us and Christ is service to others; the only way we can worship God is to do His work on earth, or wherever we may be.

"This sacred communion, it is for one purpose alone - to link you to your Father and Mother God. Those who speak to you through the power of the Holy Spirit, if they do not bring you closer to holy things, then, my children, it were better for them, as well as better for you, if they had stayed far from you. It is a responsibility which cannot be shirked. This power, gifted by the Almighty Father, is for the purification of the heart and mind, is for the acquirement of wisdom; and wisdom in its highest form is love, but what is love if it does not bestow itself on others?

"Love for God, love for those who know not God, ah, that shows that the spirit can understand; that shows, in a measure, that the veil has been thinned; that shows that God has found you suitable tools to carry on His sacred work...

"My children, I want you all to face truth and the facts of daily life honestly and bravely; to take up your cross, not as a cross but as a gift, and to be willing, ah, willing to follow not only the hard road but the road which is the way into wisdom, into conviction - the Christ road, which one day must be followed by all.

"Ere we part, I send one word to my children who produce these records. I tell them that because they are willing to work during their hours of necessary rest, the Father has accepted their willingness as the accomplishment itself. They can, with perfect assurance, give up their task for one week and meet me here to receive not only commendation but further guidance for the days to come.

"God bless you all with understanding, with the courage to realise what is the purpose of physical life, what is your part in the great and glorious Plan... God bless you with understanding and with a desire to reach the heights regardless of all else, regardless of the world and that which represents temptation, covered up by those who are out to wreck...

"God bless you with sight, with comprehension, and with the Christ-spirit - which is the greatest blessing of all.

"And now, my children, I go. The Father has gathered you in; the past recedes, the present will be added to all the yesterdays which have gone, and the future is charged with power. Amen..."

(Note:    No circle will be held at the weekend Dec.18-19)

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