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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 2nd March, 1924.

"Saviour Christ, we praise Thy Name, praise and thank Thee for all Thy goodness and loving kindness; praise Thee that before faith and the wish for service all barriers are down, and thank Thee that those of Thy children who have passed beyond the physical stages, may come to the threshold of the earth and meet with those they love - that nothing is strong enough to interfere with this perfect companionship, which has received the seal of Thy love, and which is open to all who will prepare their hearts and minds for this holy communion.

"Saviour Christ, we praise Thee, we thank Thee, and we ask that Thy blessing may rest upon us all; that the four corners of our physical minds may be gathered together, shutting out all that interferes with our spiritual comprehension, and making room for the mind of the spirit to grow and expand - and in growing, to step beyond the borders of things seen and tangible, and to contact with those which are felt only by the soul within.

"O God, lift up our minds, separate them from all that would fetter them down, and grant that each one may enter literally into the Great Silence and be made one with those in the Realms of the Spirit.

"Saviour Christ, it is Thy will that we should go forward, nothing fearing, daring all because of the promise - the promise of protection and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Give us courage, faith and determination, and that vision of Thy Love which shall be the greatest impetus of all, so that we, with hands outstretched towards that Love, may feel the strength which we now lack, and may go onward and upward until the veil is rent in twain...

"...My children, the peace of God is on you all. Let that peace so rest upon your spirits, that fear and worry and the thought of tomorrow may slip from you, and that you may contact with that which is of Him. Holiness only can meet holiness, and the heart and mind must be prepared again and yet again in order to hold that peace which is of the Spirit only.

"Never look back - never ask yourselves why this should be, or why that faces you in the future. Be certain instead that what is is best, not only best so far as the moulding of your characters are concerned, but best so far as your happiness lies during the days you journey on the physical plane.

"With the children who try to find Christ, nothing can go wrong - no force of evil is strong enough to strike aside the protecting Hand of the Saviour. You are secure - secure in a way you little understand, secure because to the best of your ability you have gathered up your wills, the desires of the earth, and your sorrows too, and laid them just as they are at the Feet of Him who is your Father.

"Oh, my children, pause and think ere you allow the shadows to misdirect you, hearken to the voice of the Spirit, send out your minds over the earth-barrier into the Land where sorrow is unknown and get your guidance there. For you should know that suffering on earth is joy and freedom and happiness hereafter, and that the pangs of the body and depression of the mind are but the white steps which lead you upward and ever upward, until the moment of revelation comes and you find yourself face to face with Christ, and all is forgotten in the joy of the Lord.

"My children, evening by evening I try and draw you nearer to the things of the Spirit, because all unaware, those which relate to the material cause you suffering only. You are not akin to these things now. You seek them ever and ever again, but the peace - the inward peace for which all must strive - is absent. Look to your weapons, turn over the basket of your mind - see what is of utility and throw the tangles hence, out and away.

"Retain only the things for use, and - mark you - the necessary things for use in your world are closely allied to the tools of the Spirit. Set the house of your mind in order; see that no corner or cranny hides desire, for that will bring you pain, because it is the setting up of the physical will against the call of the Divinity within which intends to be obeyed.

"Children of the Light: Often have I called you this, and sometimes to those so shrouded by the clouds of earth, it seems almost a mockery. Light, light everywhere beyond their horizon, but darkness on the planes in which they dwell. This darkness is the testing process - it is even as the fire which finds out the weakness in your armour; it is the sifting of the wheat from the chaff; it is the separation of the weeds from the flowers; it is the dedication of the heart and mind to God.

"All these things have from the beginning of time been worked out in darkness, in the solitude of the wilderness, in the isolation of the soul. Yes, so it seems to the sufferer, but I would have you reverse the picture entirely. The darkness is only there to try your courage; the agony of the fire is but the creation of the imagination to see whether you flinch from suffering to that degree that you turn and flee from good.

"All the storms and turmoils, these, dear children, are only there to your suffering minds. Could you but step free of the physical - free from the thongs that fetter and tie you - you would see that the darkness was but a myth; that not only was the light over the horizon, but that the Light of the World Himself was by your side, helping, strengthening and lending tender Hands to undo that which binds, so that the children who would love and serve Him might be free to enter into the Peace, which only pain can bring. You are one with that Light which defies not only the powers of physical darkness, but even the great exponent of darkness itself.

"This, dear children, is simple fact, and I entreat you to try and get the spiritual vision, when sorrow could strike you no more, when the darts of evil would be seen in all their powerlessness, and when courage and endurance would present no difficulty, because of the Tower of Strength by your side.

"There is so much to do, so much preparation needed in order to fit the hearts and minds of the children of earth for the revelation of the great Truth. It is time now that that preparation was put in hand, for when the Spirit comes, to the unready it will mean anguish inexplainable - it will be as the golden gates closed to their longing gaze, because the only key which can open the gates of the celestial spheres is faith and patience and the capacity for long suffering.

" 'I am the Door', said our Lord, but before the Door is reached this path has to be traversed first. Steep is the climb, and the way of the traveller is beset by ills because he looks to the left and to the right, and once you take your eyes off the Master, so sorrow intervenes and progress is retarded.

"Let all take notice: That there is one way and one way only to happiness and freedom, and that is the way of earthly experience - taken while in the physical body or, if God wills, to come back after the physical tabernacle is laid aside, and to help to bear the burdens of another. None can escape the upward climb.

"The clever ones who think they have evaded the judgment of their own spirit, find to their cost later on, that not only have they to take the rough hill-side, but by their evasions have built up many obstacles which are against the Divine purpose and which exact much to cast aside.

"Oh, my children, if you could but see the vision glorious - to look back over the past with its sad days and its bad days, and to see the winding river of Light which bore you on - on into that great sea of God's love, when revelation of the things that will be - bought by the things that have been - shall be thrown open to your wondering gaze.

"Again I raise your eyes unto the hills from whence cometh your help. There, dear children, shines the sun of God's love and understanding, and when you cannot feel the Saviour by your side, just raise your eyes to the sun which shines over your sorrowful, sin-laden world, and in that sun visualise the protection of the Father. At night the stars bear witness to Him, and the wind that blows cold and rough, cannot shut you off from that. Now and again, perchance, the clouds drop low and hide these outward signs of the Divine mind, but even then you have within the Voice which speaks and tells you: 'Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world', and that reassurance should hold you fast until the clouds break and the blue of God's heaven is revealed once more.

" 'To the patient watchers' - yes, in that phrase you have your explanation, and you have your assurance of the future - to the patient watchers the Star has come, and that Star, which is God's Truth - the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the minds of those upon earth - this shall remain for ever, revealing itself in added beauty to those that know, and allowing itself to be discovered again and again by those who have sufficient desire to seek the lonely hill-side and wait for the sign to come.

" 'Patient watchers' - Yes, my children, although you would call yourselves impatient watchers, yet I say that because the patience held good in the degree that you did not turn back, in God's sight, you are the patient watchers to whom the gifts of the Spirit should be bestowed in the measure that you can hold them.

"Fling off the grey garments of grief and reclothe yourselves in hope, and faith, and love. Go forward outwardly and inwardly, children of the Light, and follow the guidance of the Master. It is enough to wish for spiritual wisdom, for that wisdom to come. It is sufficient to ask for holiness, for holiness - which is the gift of God - to descend upon you. It is, in God's sight, a sign of purity to wish to be pure - and that shall be demonstrated in the days to come.

"Again I say, look to your tools and cast aside the rubbish of the physical mind. Like a warrior ready for battle, go forward, and as you progress, with the Name of Christ upon your lips, I say that that which represents devastating forces shall prove even as the phantoms of the night, which the first streak of the dawn disperses for the whole grand day - the day which is God's day, and the open plain which is that of the spirit only.

"And there gathered to your sides - sensed sometimes, it is true, but mostly unaware - there are vast concourses of your friends, or those who wish to be your friends. And still further off, those who wish to be counted even as the followers of your friends. This mighty army from the spiritual spheres are gathered around you, and loneliness should be impossible because of the sweet companionship on either side.

" 'Onward we go for still we hear them singing - Come weary souls for Jesus bids you come'. There I leave it because, with the children of Light, there is no night, no twilight - only re-awakening day which beckons ever to its side the brightness of other days, until at last all is blended into the glory which comes from God, and then you will be able to echo from the depths of your very soul: 'God's way was best - was best!' ..."

(Others then spoke...)

(Late President of the Psycho-Therapeutic Institute...)


..."I bring back with me tonight the scent of violets - beautiful violets, so big and so fine that as I held them in my hand, I marvelled at the mind of God which could conceive of so much beauty and fragrance combined.

"It is Mr. Lonsdale, and I gave this little introduction so that Winnie might know it was me. Last time I brought sadness with me - I could not help it; things were too keen and memory all too sharp. Tonight, and when I come again, you will find me changed. I pray God that I may grow bigger - that I may be able to look at self and say in very truth: 'You have no part of me now - we are separated for ever more'.

"Tonight I want to say a few words about healing - spiritual healing - which is really the only effective way of making good the inroads upon the physical which all experience, sooner or later. It is my great pleasure to use the gift God gave me, to carry on the work which I started amongst one and the other when upon earth, and I want Mrs. Moyes to know that as she was my patient then, so she is my patient now, and through the willingness of God, I am able to pour into her system much of that vitality which has been remarked upon again and again.

"Do not misunderstand me - there is no credit attached to me for this. It is my gift from God - a most precious possession and, as the custodian of the gift, I have to render an account of my stewardship.

"But what I want to say tonight is on rather bigger lines than the purely personal to our little band of workers. I want you all, if you will, to try and develop in you something of the same power. To many it may sound absurd, but you do not understand the immense resources of the Spirit within you. The majority have never tapped those resources at all, and there the jewel lies, covered up and undamaged it is true, but of what use is a jewel of so magnetic a power, if it is unknown and its power never called into being? It is indeed like the buried talent, only much, much worse than that.

"Here in you all, in every living creature that has soul-consciousness, the power to heal others lies in an unlimited degree - unlimited, because as that soul-consciousness develops, so are you able to draw upon the Fount of Strength which never is exhausted and never can be, because it is of God.

"It is not a difficult task that I am suggesting. I want you, in your daily life, to commence to put it into practice in the most commonplace way there could be, as you go about your tasks. If among people, you have plenty of material to work upon: That person is tired; another is sorrowful; a third is shut in by doubt and misgiving; and a fourth, may be, is evil in intent.

"Turn to your treasury within and think thoughts of help and uplifting, of purity and of grace - and I say that through the wonderful power which God has created, those thoughts can be used by us over here to build up that which is missing and to make good that which is faulty in construction.

"And then for those whose lives are so shut-in that only on occasions are they brought into contact with others: You can do your part just the same as the rest. Send your mind over those that you know. There are some, surely, that lack physical strength; some that are hard-set by difficulties and trials. On these pour the balm of your thoughts and commend them to God. That done, one more link is forged which unites them to the Spirit and, moreover, you are building up around you conditions which baffle all description.

"When we pass out of the body, in looking back over the past, it is an enormous consolation to recollect the thoughts of love we sent out, and may be, those we were lucky enough to attract to our own direction. Sweet and fragrant as the English violet, these thoughts come as comfort and a benediction, and when you are free from physical restrictions and see all you might have done and did not do, then the remembrance of little services - of the joy created in another's heart - these you wish to wrap round you in order to forget - to forget that which you failed to do when the opportunity was put within your reach and, spiritually blinded, you turned aside.

"Teach others what I have tried to tell you tonight. Let them gather unto themselves this joy, which is not only held in trust for the future, but has the power to build up brightness all around in the present. Yes, it is a big truth but so few can take it in.

"I am often among you and we are united in the closest way there could be, in the Spirit... God has been so good to me that I find it hard to refer to those wonderful strands of love that bind us all together unto Christ for ever more... Goodnight."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

..."Well, my children, it is certainly very cold upon earth, and as Winnie is quite chilled I think I had better bring this evening to a close, but I want to tell you this: That you, my children in Christ, have been constructing - all unconsciously - many little bridges from your world across to ours. If you could see these little bridges you would think you had wandered into Fairyland - but they are there literally, only in such delicate pattern that the world could not produce them if it brought all its resources into conjunction for the purpose.

"Now, my children, I only mention this because I want you to grasp what thought means. You see what can be done unconsciously? Spiritual constructions of exquisite beauty are brought into being by what? By your wish to get into contact with the spheres which lie beyond the physical and the material - not much more. You cannot take in much more than this. Try how you will, all you can visualise beyond your own plane is, as it were, a bright edge of that which belongs to the Spiritual.

"Now, let me carry this a little further. Unconscious thought can create what I have described. Now think for one moment what conscious thought and definite effort can bring into being. The power is unlimited.

"The next stage is this: By the dedication of your lives, you create bridges from the Seen to the Unseen; and by determination and by purification you can get the strength to traverse these bridges yourself. At this stage, those from the Other Side cross on what you have built up.

"Now, you see the difference? Is it not worth the struggle? True, it is a great privilege that those who have passed unto God can come back and demonstrate their presence in this way, but I say it is incomparable to the privilege offered to those while in the physical body - that of throwing aside space, physical limitations, and the million entanglements of the shadows, and stepping free and untrammelled into the Realms of the Spirit.

"When you get a little further on I have much to unfold before you, but I cannot do it until you bring into active use those hidden resources within you, and I say that now is the time to act - the time has passed when you can leave everything to us; it is now that you should find yourselves.

"I have built up around you suitable conditions. I have trained your minds and have done my best to curb your wills. This was the necessary preparation for your emancipation; and I have told you the next step.

"Of course, it needs courage and, above all, determination and patience. Without the strong staff of patience you cannot get anywhere; and you know the way to get these weapons - by prayer, by dedication, and by watchfulness over self. I do not say accomplish this, but I do say strive and strive again, and God will make good that which you failed to do yourself.

"I will leave you now. You should feel very happy indeed because God has chosen you, and because God is using you to manifest His love and the blessing which rests upon humanity; for Christ, in coming into the world, lifted us from our sin and shame, and He, by demonstrating purity and endurance and faith, brought those same gifts within the reach of us all.

"God calls upon you to arise and to follow in the steps of the Crucified - not unto the Cross but unto the Gate of Revelation, when sorrow is no more and the joy and peace and love of God is enshrined in your hearts and minds for all Eternity.

"Goodnight, my little ones. There is love all around you, above you and even beneath your feet, could you but see it. Love gets in everywhere, and nothing - nothing - can shut it out."

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